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"America Is About To Feel Like A 3rd World Nation" (Welsh).  We really should retire 'third world' 'developing nation' and other such terms which may have made sense in the 60s, but are just confusing now.  The sad thing is that there will certainly be dramatic negative change for many people, millions of people, but the overall picture can and will be well hidden by the (((media))), in the same way (((they))) hide this sort of problem now.  One of the worst things in what Soros is doing is that he sucks up all the potential revolutionary energy into partisan politics (never Trump), but is using that energy to promote Biden, a slightly more polished and possibly less boorish version of Trump, with many characteristics which are much worse.

"The Open Society and Its Giant Enemies" (Atzmon).  Comment by AnonStarter.

"DNC Appears Ready to Sideline Progressive Standout Ocasio-Cortez at Upcoming Convention" (Higgins).  Kasich, but no AOC!  Classic Dems!

"Trump antagonizes GOP megadonor Adelson in heated phone call" (Isenstadt).  Trump's not knowing, and not getting a tattoo of, the actual number of shekels is the ultimate sin.  "Trump’s quarrel with mega-donor Sheldon Adelson could be good news for Mideast peace" (North):
". . . anyone who follows the Mideast recognizes that a Trump-Adelson rupture could have two positive consequences right away:

* Trump could now be less likely to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s hope to illegally annex up to 30 percent of West Bank Palestine.

* Trump could also be less likely to let Israel sucker him into starting a conflict with Iran.

This mildly optimistic scenario is based partly on a revelation in the memoir of John Bolton, who served as Trump’s national security adviser before turning against him. Bolton says that the U.S. was all set to launch air strikes against Iran in June 2019, but Trump called off the attack at the last minute, concerned that it might kill 150 Iranians. Bolton (who Trump appointed apparently to please Adelson) was disgusted, but the episode may show that the president has to be prodded into using violence.

The brief Times mention of the Trump-Adelson disagreement raises an interesting question: why didn’t the paper consult Mideast experts and draw some conclusions about the rupture’s possible impact on U.S. policy? Adelson’s warmongering pro-Israel views are no secret; he has even called for “an atomic weapon” to be fired at Iran. If a mega-donor connected to say, Big Pharma, broke with Trump, the Times would surely connect the dots. But somehow the Israel factor goes unreported.  
(P.S. Politico is also reporting about the Trump-Adelson disagreement — and also making no mention of its potential impact on Israel, Iran and Mideast peace.)"
"Susan Rice vs. Kamala Harris: At Least Harris Didn't Murder Gadaffi" (Sailer).  I thought Harris was a lock, but it appears Biden is steamed over the zingers Harris released against him during the nomination campaign.  This person will almost certainly become President, and that monstrosity will set up 46's 47's easy win in 2024.

"NYT: Remember What We Told You About the Peaceful Protests? Well, Never Mind ..." (Sailer).

"The Future of US Politics: PoC vs. Zionist" (Sailer).

"A Huge Wall Street Scandal Just Exploded In Kentucky" (Sirota).

"These Executive Orders Make No Sense" (Studebaker):
"Consider the President’s order to renew the federal unemployment supplement at a reduced value of $400 per week. The people collecting unemployment are spending all of their money on essentials. By taking a third of their income, the President is effectively proposing to cut their consumption by a third. This means that in the middle of an economic cataclysm, tens of millions of Americans will suddenly reduce their consumer spending by a third! Those businesses that have survived coronavirus to this point need every penny of that money to stay alive, and many more will shutter if the benefit is cut from $600 per week to $400.

But that’s not all–the President’s order mandates that state governments pay $100 of the $400. If the states don’t put up the $100, their citizens lose the whole $400. Many states simply don’t have the money to contribute $100 per week to all their unemployed. States are seeing dramatic revenue shortfalls because of collapsing economic output. They don’t have the money to maintain their extant public services, let alone take on new obligations. Unlike the federal government, state governments cannot purchase their own bonds through quantitative easing. They can’t print their way out of trouble. So if this order comes into force, many states won’t take part, and that means that many citizens will lose their federal unemployment supplement through the misfortune of happening to live in states in financial trouble. The President’s executive action offers no aid to state governments–even though the states have asked for hundreds of billions in aid. It’s one thing to refuse to offer aid to the states. It’s quite another to demand that they shill out even more money they don’t have. If the federal governments wants to encourage fiscal responsibility on the part of the states, it should be helping the states make ends meet instead of giving them new obligations they can’t meet. 
So some of our unemployed will get a diminished, rump federal supplement. Others will get nothing. It will all be decided by which states they happen to live in. And in the meantime, because the executive action doesn’t provide aid to states, massive revenue shortfalls will continue to force the states–many of whom are constrained by formal balanced budget requirements–to cut schools, infrastructure, police, and pensions. These cuts will, of course, create more unemployment and further strangle economic growth."
Very topical!:  "Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface" (Blumenthal).

"Insiders say Justin Trudeau doesn’t want an election. He wants to seize the moment and push through bold change" (MacCharles) (noting that The Star is often just a PR outlet for the Liberal Party):
"The thinking goes like this: the pandemic exposed major social and economic inequities when it comes to child care, long-term care for seniors, women’s ability to remain in the workforce when schools are shut, the lack of social safety net backstops for precarious workers, and the disproportionate economic and health impacts of the virus on Black people and other minority communities. And so now is the time, with the cost of long-term borrowing so cheap due to historically low interest rates, to address those inequities for the longer term, sources said.

One said there is an “opportunity for us to think big to think about child care, to think about how we can accelerate the transition to clean energy and how we can fight climate change, how we can help vulnerable people, how we can root out discrimination and level the playing field for working people and on all the progressive ideas that we’ve talked about and made progress on but in a different context. So can we actually present a big vision? I think we can.”

The Star is not identifying the sources because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

One insider with knowledge of the prime minister’s thinking said Trudeau is not looking at provoking a fall election with the economy still in a crucial “restart” phase, but he is looking toward the “recovery” phase. That source suggested the more likely option is a budget in the new year that would lay out the bolder plan. 
Opposition parties could choose to vote non-confidence in such a plan and trigger a vote. But sources said Trudeau is not aiming to trigger one with a plan that would not win support. They pointed to how in a minority position the government has been able to advance most of its big-ticket pandemic programs."

We hit a cell and now we hit the dispatchers

"Who Profits from the Beirut Tragedy" (Escobar).  Attention to the details of the supposed conflagration leads away from 'accident'.  Who gets to rebuild is a good test: if China rebuilds as part of the New Silk Road -  a horror show for Khazars, as it would be a terminal to Europe for a communications-trade line from Iran through Iraq and Syria - reform will be working in Lebanon.  If the IMF and the usual corrupt companies and banks are brought in, the same old corrupt group in Lebanon will have prevailed, and life will continue to deteriorate.

Note the reference to Bibi's obscure tweet.  If this is a reference to the virus, why does he specifically refer to Hezbollah?  Escobar wonders if Bibi wasn't setting up a gloating tweet to celebrate the bombing of the port, but had to back off with the enormity of the destruction.  Of course, it is the enormity of the destruction which would lead to the big profits for the corrupt, plus the complete economic destruction of the whole country.

There is considerable discussion at Unz on the strange abandonment of the ship, and the theory that it was abandoned as part of a larger plan to get its contents into a warehouse in the port (see here).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In case it wasn't already glaringly obvious before, the US is trying to carry out a "color revolution" in Lebanon to remove Hezbollah from the government 
This has been Washington's goal for a long time. Now they're exploiting the chaos to push regime change 
It's not even subtle"

Friday, August 07, 2020


Tweet (Brian Castner):
"Re: the fireworks news confirmation, an important distinction that Dr Lance alludes to here. Fireworks don't "set off" AN. But fireworks can get AN burning, which makes it much more sensitive to shock and likely to explode. More details here(HT
The blacksmith - I think the proper term now is 'smith' - theory: "The Beirut Explosion: Who Is Responsible?" (Magnier).

I'm still feeling a gap between the possible sources of triggering, and the second explosion.  The fire might have been enough, but what was the fuel for the fire?  It wasn't the fireworks, as we can see them going off after the fire starts.  If it was a welder/blacksmith accident, what did he accidentally set fire to?

We're at the point where it suits everybody to call this an accident connected to bureaucratic negligence.  In particular, Lebanon is in no state to start a new war, even if Hezbollah will win it.

Transitional justice measures

"The Anger Campaign Against China" (Romanoff).  Jews versus Germans, the techniques of which are now being applied by Assholes against China.

"US Senators Reportedly Threaten German Port Operator With ‘Financial Destruction’ Over Nord Stream 2".

"Document exposes new US plot to overthrow Nicaragua’s elected socialist gov’t" (Norton).  "Transitional justice measures".

"Plunder, me hearties! Plunder! Yo Ho Ho and a barrel of oil!" (Lang).

Nice headline!:  "Elliott Abrams, convicted of lying about Iran-Contra, named special representative for Iran" (Watson).

Each passing day brings new levels of depravity for Assholia and the Assholian people.

"Will Beirut’s Port Explosion and Economic Crisis Spur Mass Migration from Lebanon?" (Baumann).  I suspect Israel had the port sabotaged for some time in preparation to use the explosion as an attack in a planned eventual hot war against Lebanon (southern Lebanon, with its water, isn't going to steal itself), but Bibi, looking to change the subject from the current protests against him, opted to use it now.  Weakening Lebanon weakens Hezbollah's ability to defend the country from attack, so this is exactly the kind of plan the Khleptos would have drawn up.

"Why Antifa Is The 'Keyser Söze' Of Social Unrest" (Turley).  "Minneapolis Announces Plan To Replace Police Officers With Thousands Of Heavily Armed Social Workers" (The Onion, though it is currently indistinguishable from what is actually going on):
"Sheila Bickford, a family therapist in the city for the past 30 years, told reporters her words would carry more weight now that she could enter counseling sessions outfitted with body armor, a ballistic helmet, a riot shield, and a shotgun loaded with less-lethal rounds. 
“You definitely get people’s attention when you touch down in front of their home in the Child and Family Services chopper,” said Bickford, referring to her division’s UH-60 Black Hawk military surplus helicopter. “They can either listen when I tell them codependency takes a toll on the well-being and quality of your relationships, or they can get knocked down and kicked in the head until they are completely unresponsive. It’s the easy way or the hard way.”"

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Feast on her fees

"The US, Israel and Beirutshima" (Taxi).

It's worth considering that the only enemy of Lebanon promised to attack Lebanese civilian infrastructure just prior to the explosion, and lo and behold that's what happened.

"Donald Trump Appoints Elliot Abrams As His Iran Envoy" ('Hunter Wallace').  This is going to go well!  It's almost funny.

"Google and the John McCain Cover-Up" (Unz).  Search engine experiments prove the CEO of Google outright lied to Congress.

"Who Is Robin "White Fragility" DiAngelo Anyway?" (Sailer, at his snarkiest):
"Eventually, her black competitors in the diversity racket will likely figure out a way to get her canceled so they can feast on her fees. But until then the money is good, finally."
"Saudi hit squad was sent to Toronto to try to kill former intel official, lawsuit alleges" (Quan) (the shocker is unanticipated competence in Canadian immigration officials):
"“Carrying two bags of forensic tools, and complete with forensic personnel experienced with the cleanup of crime scenes — including an instructor in the exact same criminal evidence department as the forensic specialist who dismembered Khashoggi with a bone saw — the Tiger Squad Defendants attempted to enter Canada covertly, travelling on tourist visas and seeking to avert the detection of Canadian border security by entering through separate kiosks,” the court document states.
But the group didn’t make it far.
It is alleged that when Canadian border security officers asked them if they knew each other, they lied and said they did not.
“On information and belief, shortly thereafter, during secondary screening, Canadian officials found a photo of some of the Tiger Squad Defendants together, revealing their lie and thwarting their mission.”"

The big one

"smoky fire, then ‘fireworks’, then the big one" (Niqnaq).  Yeah, I've got this giant pile of a potentially highly explosive substance.  It can sit in a pile for decades without incident.  It is basically safe and stable, unless there are specific triggers.  Oh, let's store some fireworks in the same place.  What could possibly go wrong?

There were two blasts, the first one, which was basically a fire, and the second one, which did most of the damage.  What exactly was the initial fire burning?  The fireworks appear to be going off, but those minor explosions do not seem to be enough to produce that much smoke.

'Negligence' is still popular:  "The Beirut sea-port explosion" (Kadi).  Some people thought they heard Israeli planes buzzing around, but that's dismissed as Israeli planes are always illegally buzzing around Lebanon!

This is actually an excellent reason to wonder about Israel's role:  "HRW chief jumps to blame Hezbollah for devastating Beirut blasts – and backpedals immediately".  Utterly outrageous, even by Roth's classic Khazar graceless standards, and you have to wonder if this was part of the plot.  The classic Zionist false flag has a Zionist-committed crime ascribed to a Zionist enemy, in this case Hezbollah, with the added benefit of pushing a teetering Lebanon over the edge, making it an easier target for the inevitable Khlepto land theft attempt.

I note that this ambiguity is part of Zionist plotting.  Immediately deny involvement, but then have Israeli officials leak statements that Israel was actually involved.

"Israeli square bathed in Lebanese colours in rare show of support over Beirut blast".  "Israel, destroyer of Lebanon, poses as its savior" (Nassar).  The phenomenon of the primitive Khazars mocking the suffering of their victims.

"Hezbollah Linked To Stockpiles Of Ammonium Nitrate Uncovered In Europe: Report" (Durden).  Here's a handy hint - whenever you see 'report' in a headline, it is to partly distance itself from obvious Zionist propaganda.

Tweet (Louis) (Employee No. 1 of Globo-homo-Rothschild-o shows up suspiciously quickly, offering to 'help' fix the problems largely created by France):
"Macron already being in Beirut making demands and *clearly* seeking to benefit from this tragedy politically (and likely economically) is really obscene."
A bit more on the JQ:

  1. "How Seth Rogen’s serious concerns about human rights and Zionism have turned into dispiriting Jewish shtik" (Weiss) (full retreat);
  2. "Facebook's Fact-Check Board Gets a Lot of 'Likes' From Soros" (Attkisson);
  3. "World's Biggest Landlord Buys World's Biggest Genealogy Website" (Novak).

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

For what it's worth

"Breaking: Israel Bombed Beirut" (Silverstein).

"Why Israel Is Probably Not Responsible For The Beirut Explosion" (Peck).  Very qualified conclusion.

Science versus Hallucination

"Lebanon SITREP: Letter from a Lebanese friend".  It does look to have been started by a fire, which could of course be sabotage, but is more likely an accident (Israel would know where the Lebanese store their piles of very explosive material, so you never know).

Tweet (Seyed Mohammad Marandi):
"The first Iranian field hospital in Beirut will be up & running before noon today Beirut time
The distribution of Iranian aid to our Lebanese sisters & brothers began an hour ago 
If the American regime has any decency, it would end the painful sanctions on Lebanon now"
"The Circle Of Death: Bankrupt Companies "Unfile" To Receive Government Bailouts, Then Immediately File Again" (Durden).

"Raytheon Makes Deal to Make Iron Dome Defense System in US" (Ditz).

"Why Laos, Vietnam & China Have Beaten the Virus and India, Brazil and the U.S. Have Not" (Prashad).  Science versus Hallucination.

"New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe" (McCarthy):
"But this much we know: In the stretch run of the 2016 campaign, President Obama authorized his administration’s investigative agencies to monitor his party’s opponent in the presidential election, on the pretext that Donald Trump was a clandestine agent of Russia. Realizing this was a gravely serious allegation for which there was laughably insufficient predication, administration officials kept Trump’s name off the investigative files. That way, they could deny that they were doing what they did. Then they did it . . . and denied it."
There has been a lot going on with Russiagate, hidden behind the virus crisis:

  1. "Is Strzok Memo The Rosetta Stone Of Obamagate?" (Miele);
  2. "Trump wants Christopher Steele, UK spy behind ‘Russiagate’ dossier ‘tried and thrown into jail’";
  3. "What Did Comey Know And When Did He Know It?" (Widburg);
  4. "FBI Knew Steele's Russia Research Connected To Clinton, Dems From Earliest Interactions" (Solomon);
  5. "Even the CIA Thought the Steele Dossier Was Crap by Larry C Johnson";
  6. ""British court rules against Christopher Steele ..." just the news";
  7. "British Judge Orders Christopher Steele To Pay Damages To Russian Bankers Over Dossier Lies" (Solomon)
  8. "Finally Demystified: Identity of Secret Source for Steele Dossier Against Trump Сonfirmed" (Burunov);
  9. "Steele's "Primary Subsource" Was Alcoholic Russian National Who Worked With Trump Impeachment Witness At Brookings" (Sperry);
  10. "Declassified: Christopher Steele's "Primary Sub-Source" Was His Own Employee; NYT Russiagate Propaganda Shredded By Strzok Comments" (Durden);
  11. "The "Primary Subsource's" Guide To Russiagate, As Told To The FBI" (Felten);
  12. "Pangs of conscience or howl of an empty wallet? Steele claims he never meant for infamous Russiagate dossier to go public";
  13. "“Irreparable Harm”: How The Flynn Case Became A Dangerous Game Of Legal Improvisation" (Turley) (you know things are seriously crooked when Flynn's judge decides to go completely off the reservation and start making law up in order to avoid letting him go);
  14. "Turley Blasts Media's Willful Blindness To Obama's Criminal Spying".

"U.S. Cold War China Policy will isolate the U.S, not China" (Benjamin/Davies).  "Russia, China keep the ‘dragon in the fog’" (Bhadrakumar).  "Despite the Hype, the US has no Allies against China" and "Russia Foils the US Policy of China’s ‘Containment’" (Sheikh).

"“I Could Live With That”: How the CIA Made Afghanistan Safe for the Opium Trade" (St. Clair).

"US Ambassadors as Lead Performers at a Political Circus" (Platov).

"It’s the healthcare system, stupid" (Frank).  With a detour on how the same prairie populism won in Saskatchewan.

"Can Israelis Broaden Their Protests Beyond Netanyahu?" (Cook).  No.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The groomer

Maxwell, the groomer:  "The Seduction of Virginia Giuffre" (Neuburger).

"Prince Andrew Allegedly Lobbied U.S. Prosecutors To Give Jeffrey Epstein A Sweetheart Plea Deal" (Mieka).

"I Was Wrong: Congress Isn’t Cowardly; It’s Evil!" (Sjursen).

"Is a Second Trump Presidency a Lesser Evil Than a Biden Presidency?" (Scofield).  The gap between Biden and Trump is so small, with Trump in important ways to the left of Biden, and lacking Biden's ability to sneak up on you, that it's not worth wasting a vote on Biden given that it will upset the chance of a real progressive Democrat Presidential candidate for decades.  Thus, powder dry until 2024. This makes perfect sense except for 2 problems:
  1. if 46/47 runs (on the wild assumption he hasn't been assassinated at his home by a Soros thug by then), he wins (two terms of frat-boy Republican rule, leavened with a little common sense, and a disinclination to follow the Khazar plans for farm animals); and
  2. it assumes there is some degree of failure which would convince the Clintonistas to allow a progressive nominee, and we've learned that such a degree of failure doesn't exist.
Tweet (Daniel Riley):
"for some WEIRD reason its almost impossible to find this clip of Bill Clinton today *explicitly* making it clear that Clyburn & Obama + DNC Establishment coalesced to destroy Bernie Sanders. They’ve been saying it’s a ranting raving conspiracy theory.
He straight up says it."

Monday, August 03, 2020


"Hillary Clinton Was Right About The Deplorables: Pandemic Edition" (Boehlert).  Clintonistas really love that word.

"Renouncing White Privilege: A Left Critique of Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”" (Barber).  "Review of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility" (Joyce).

"Are the Democrats Plotting a ‘Maidan Trap’ for Trump at ‘Peaceful’ Portland Protests?" (Bridge).  If Trump doesn't hurry up and start to fire into those Portland crowds, Soros will have to hire more thugs to do so.

The liberal history of Russiagate:  "Russiagate, Nazis, and the CIA" (Urie).  Steinem.

"Vice Horrified to Learn Men Don’t Care About Women’s Opinions, Just Trying to Get Laid" (Bieber).  Only for the word 'wokefishing'.


"Boston Marathon Bombing Death Sentence Vacated by Federal Court of Appeals" (Roberts).  "Trump calls for new death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber".

"Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea".  Lots of historical background.

"Kansas Should Go F--- Itself" (Taibbi):
"As Bernie Sanders told Rolling Stone after the 2016 election, when the small-town American saw himself or herself on TV, it was always “a caricature. Some idiot. Or maybe some criminal, some white working-class guy who has just stabbed three people.” These caricatures drove a lot of voters toward Trump, especially when he began telling enormous crowds that the lying media was full of liars who lied about everything.

After 2016 it became axiomatic that the Trump voter, or the Leave voter, was – without exception now – a crazed, racist monster. As detailed here multiple times, ruminations on Republican voter behaviors became not merely uninteresting to pundits after November 2016, but actively taboo. By 2020, the official answer to What’s the Matter with Kansas? was Kansas is a White Supremacist Project and Can Go Fuck Itself
Frank in 2004 wrote about how confused Midwestern voters were, watching TV images of the beautiful people of the time. Movie stars and hedge-funders donned ribbons in support of animals or the “underprivileged,” while spending huge sums on pictures of Jesus covered in ants or on crucifix-shaped popsicles that supposedly were comments on “fanaticism and violence.” This, while factory towns were basically being moved en masse to China. 
Imagine the reaction in these places now, to editorials in the New York Times instructing white liberals to cut off their relatives (by text, incidentally) until they donate to Black Lives Matter, or a CNN tweet instructing “individuals with a cervix” to start getting cancer screens at age 25, or to widespread denunciations of Mount Rushmore as a “monument of two slaveholders” when visited by Trump, after those same outlets praised its “majesty” just four years earlier."
"The Wages of Woke" (Lehman).

Tweet (Andy Ngô):
".@WesleyanCollege expelled a white student weeks ago for "racist social media" but has now reinstated her after an appeal revealed the woman was a victim of a hoax. Apparently, someone repurposed a photo of her & added fake racist text over it. #HateHoax"
"Facebook bans French comedian Dieudonne for anti-Semitism".

"How Iran and Hezbollah trapped Israel into staring down 150,000 rockets on its border that it can only counter at a terrible cost" (Prothero).  Israel, the hostage.

Some push-back to the primitive Khazars:  "Unite sounds warning over Labour antisemitism payouts" (Savage).

"Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with teenager in London, says former Royal protection officer" (Gillard).

Overworked monke news:  "PETA Lies About Thai Coconuts Exposes Western Fake News (Again)"

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Long past

"The New Puritans" (Shamir).  Besides being completely clueless about #metoo - it's about power relationships, not flirting - he has a list of completely innocent people:   Jerry Sandusky, Larry Nasser, Donald Sterling, Richard Fuld, Bernie Madoff and, of course, Harvey Weinstein, goyim.    Then he tell us that the Mossad has nothing to do with Epstein-Maxwell.  I'm starting to think Shamir's history of being an 'anti-Semite' was just producing credibility for this important career-defining moment when the operations of the Mossad and the MEGA Group required protection.

"American Exceptionalism" (Hoenig).

"Drug War Disappearances and Murders" (Hornberger).

"America Chooses a New Mideast Policeman" (Taxi) (and comments).

"US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era" (O'Neill).  As we sadly learned through the #Russiagate proceedings, there are a lot of seemingly non-retarded functionaries in Washington who think the Fat Fuck sounds sane.

"The New Fight to Hold Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers Accountable for the Opioid Crisis" (Lennard).  Funding the damage payments for losses from from OxyContin by making more Oxy and getting more people hooked - how fiendishly Khazar!

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Mystery deepens

"Austria Confirms OPCW Report on Skripal Faking by the British – Vienna Exposes Financial Times Lies and Cover-Up" (Helmer).  Helmer's taken a story about a barcode on a document, which shows the uncontroversial fact that the document was a copy belonging to the Austrian government (the unmentioned context being the fact that the now absconded Wirecard COO somehow got access to these documents from sources in the Austrian government), but then takes some kind of leap that the OPCW report shows that the Novichok wasn't Russian.  Unless Helmer somehow has access to these documents, I don't see how he makes that leap.

"Disinformation about "Disinformation" reaches new heights (or lows)" (left i on the news).  They keep repeating this technique of decrying the existence of obscure, possibly Russian, internet sites that almost nobody reads, and somehow suggesting this is Putin's nefarious plan at Assholian election interference.

"The Pleasures of Depopulating the Earth" (Romanoff).  Eugenics and mass murder.

Michael Tracey on riot damage and The Narrative.

"Bizarre Conspiracy Theory: Richmond Mayor Continues to Claim Riots Started by White Supremacists" (Anglin).

"Multiple Tor security issues disclosed, more to come" (Cimpanu).  The CIA's 'secure' browser.

Hero:  "17 Year Old Tampa Teen Among 3 People Charged With 30 Counts For Recent Twitter Hack" (Durden).

Trump's been off his distraction game lately, but makes a spectacular return to form:  tweet (Lawrence O''Donnell):
"It worked. Trump’s nonsense talk about delaying the election dominated the very few reporter questions Trump allowed at his briefing. That was exactly what Trump wanted.
Nothing about the worst collapse of GNP in history."
"Mystery deepens in death of professional poker player found burned" (Dale) (also).  CDaN.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Wall crumbles

"Racism, Sexism, Classism: The Necessary Incoherence of “Mainstream” Ethical Debate" (Media Lens).  Do you really mean it when you abjectly take a knee in the morning, but every afternoon send the bombers out to turn brown and black people into a pink mist?

"The Voice of America: Inside The Psyche Of A White Female BLM Rioter" (Sailer).  "Portland’s Wall of Moms crumbles amid online allegations by former partner, Don’t Shoot PDX" (Hardgrave).  Is it racist for white people to hijack a black movement?

"UK government refuses to release information about Assange judge who has 96% extradition record" (Kennard/Curtis).  It's like they got her out of the witness protection program, or, more to the point, something out of a spy novel.

Funny time to bring this up:  "The Bologna Massacre, the ‘Strategy of Tension’ and Operation Gladio" (Wilkins).  Given (((who))) is behind much of the current unrest, I'd be more worried about something like this.

He would laugh it off

Tweet (trappedpatriot):
"So they screwed up bigtime on the redactions for the Ghislaine Maxwell release today. You can literally copy and paste the redacted pages into notepad and read them. Check out document #143 for a great example. #Epstein #Maxwell"
The trick works (I'd like to think it is not a mistake but some direct action by a court employee who is tired of all the lies).  From document #143 (a deposition of Maxwell where her lawyer instructs her not to answer most, but not all, questions:
"Q. Did you ever tell Johanna that she would get extra money if she
provided Jeffrey massages?
A. I was always happy to give career advice to people and I think that
becoming somebody in the healthcare profession, either exercise instructor or
nutritionist or professional massage therapist is an excellent job opportunity.
Hourly wages are around 7, 8, $9 and as a professional healthcare provider you
can earn somewhere between as we have established 100 to $200 and to be able to
travel and have a job that pays that is a wonderful job opportunity. So in the
context of advising people for opportunities for work, it is possible that I would
have said that she should explore that as an option."
"Bill Clinton Went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island With 2 'Young Girls', Virginia Giuffre Says" (Villarreal).  "Newly Released Records in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Reveal Correspondence With Jeffrey Epstein" (Klasfeld).  "Here Are The Top Highlights From Ghislaine Maxwell's Unsealed Court Records" (Durden).

Speaking of the old perv, here's Bill, inadvertently damning the Black Misleadership Class, and thus suggesting that John Lewis is simply one of the greatest monsters in American history (remember, Lewis really, really, really took the shekels):  tweet (Aaron Maté):
"Speaking at John Lewis' funeral, Bill Clinton disses civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture): "There were two or three years there where the movement went a little bit too far towards Stokely. But in the end, John Lewis prevailed.""

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Special treatment

Ha!:  "BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell Flight Logs / Document Release JUST DELAYED By Judge".  "Inmates Claim That Ghislaine Maxwell Is Getting Special Treatment In Jail (Shocking) And Past Court Documents May Be Unsealed Next Week" (Michael K).

"The Unconscious Is Wiley’s Discourse" (Atzmon):
"Wiley’s comments didn’t trigger the desirable, if heated, debate because Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power. Every means that serves this cause is considered legitimate. Interestingly, the disabling of speech is so extreme that one can’t find out what it was that Wiley said that was so offensive. His tweets were initially removed by Twitter and as his twitter account is suspended.
Every news outlet in Britain and beyond has told us that Wiley’s tweets were horrid and anti-Semitic but no one dares to provide an example. It seems we are not even allowed to know what it is that we shouldn’t say. Possibly the censorship is even more sinister, they don’t want Wiley quoted only to find out that a large number of Brits, possibly including prominent Jewish voices, actually agree with the gist of Wiley’s statement."
"Anti-Zionist Writer Alain Soral Jailed, Jewish Lobby Overjoyed" (Durocher).  As we've seen with the Diab case, the French 'justice' system is a Zionist-controlled farce.  I'm also not keen on a system which lets you pick somebody up, and come up with the charge sometime later.

"US Republican political figure Herman Cain dies of COVID-19".  Probably caught it at a Trump rally!

"Flag Removed from Saint Johns Bed and Breakfast over Confederate Confusion".


"Trump's Federal Intervention In America's Liberal Dystopian Cities Is Long Overdue" (Korybko).  We're in a strange period where Trump wants to be seen as doing something, taking the role of the paternal figure guarding his country, while not doing so much that the riots are completely suppressed, as that would remove the perceived danger - as seen from the white suburbs - and thus the narrative that Biden is too dangerous to be trusted to lead the country.  Watching this play out between Soros and Trump is like watching two scorpions fight.

They're getting desperate!:  "Minneapolis police say 'Umbrella Man' was a white supremacist trying to incite George Floyd rioting" (Jany).

"How Bad is the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act?" (Pierson).  It's nice to see political priorities so clearly defined.

Tweet (David Sheen) (on the obscenity of Rogan pretending to be shocked at finding out there were Palestinians living on the Khazar-stolen land):
"Seth Rogen blocked me on Twitter 6 years ago when I tweeted out this article by Katie Halper, criticising his support for Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza. Didn’t even tag him in the tweet! 🙃"
"Clash of Civilizations, Revisited" (Escobar).  On the Dugin-BHL debate.

"Beautiful Hagia Sophia: Between the Sacred and the Profane; Turkey Is Condemned, While Israel Gets a Pass" (Halaby).  "Israel turning mosques into synagogues, bars".

"Hagia Sophia: Clash Of Civilizations Or Reassertion Of Civilizational Identity?" (Korybko):
"There will, however, inevitably be far-reaching consequences after what happened, the most obvious of which is that India and "Israel" might exploit it to justify superficially similar moves pertaining to the Babri Masjid and Al Aqsa mosques respectively. In addition, it can be expected that certain forces in the West (whether institutional, organizational, or grassroots) will revive the "Clash of Civilizations" narrative, which could contribute to further dividing and ruling the Eastern Hemisphere on an identity basis and thus eroding the multipolar integrational progress of the past decade in ways that suit American grand strategic goals. That scenario isn't inevitable though since the reciprocal reassertion of Christian civilizational identity wouldn't necessarily be a divisive development the same as its Muslim iteration doesn't have to be either. 
For instance, Russia, Poland, and Hungary have been moving along this trajectory in recent years, though not at the expense of Muslims (despite how it's perceived by some abroad) but for the benefit of the vast majority of their largely Christian state-forming people. That process has occurred in parallel with the one that's sweeping the Mideast, and both of them can be said to have resulted from the decreasing appeal of US-led "liberalism" during that time. No value judgement is being made about either of them since all that's being done is pointing out objective observations. Ideally, the reassertion of civilizational identities can lead to a "Convergence of Civilizations" rather than a "Clash of Civilizations" via the flagship project of China's Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and its expansion across Eurasia as CPEC+."
"Pressure for Sanctions Against Turkey Increases as Tensions with Greece Grow" (Antonopoulos).  Just recently, Erdoğan has lost his characteristic caution (his actions have always been in marked contrast to his constant bombastic words), and has gone off full barreled in all directions.

"Freedom Rider: Let the movement be radical" (Kimberley).  This is shockingly wrong, from a usually reliable writer.  Once Soros is done with his political meddling to get rid of Trump, he'll just stop funding the thugs, and the whole thing will disappear, taking BLM with it.  Just watch!  Oddly, as the white nationalists gleefully keep pointing out, this keeps happening, with the original civil rights protests and the first iteration of BLM having been taken down for the same reasons (a combination of the unrest having served Khazar purposes, and black leaders speaking too candidly about the JQ.

"Soros'd - The Chicago Tribune Union’s Depraved Assault On John Kass" (Glennon).

"Nicholas Kristof: Who Are You Gonna Believe? The NYT Or Your Lying Eyes?" (Sailer).

Tweet (Josh Marshall) (I guess I'm always going to be shocked at the Clintonistas trying to turn critical diplomacy into a bad thing - it's why Trump, as bad as he is, is still the only possible choice when faced with Biden):
"Trump appears to be speaking with President Putin about every 2 weeks this year. At least since March. Completely unheard of aside from with an ally during some sort of on going crisis."
Abrams seems to have reached out to Maduro, but doesn't want anybody to know.

"What happened —and didn’t happen— at the Israel-Lebanon border?" (Hasan).

Sanctions For The Jews news:  tweet (Max Blumenthal):'
"Alternate headline: “US escalates its war”"
"Founder of Foundation behind White Helmets Admits Fraud" (van Es/Stoffelen).

"JOHN KIRIAKOU: Hold the Halos".  I don't believe anybody thinks well of Horowitz - he's Deep Swamp.  Everybody's waiting for the Durham report in the hopes it reverses some of the damage done by the Horowitz cover-up.  Who the hell thought Horowitz would be an appropriate speaker?

Tweet (Justin Giovannetti) (no idea where they got the lettuce thing, but the fork use is right on, and not something that is usually noticed):
"This is a fantastic FOIA: The US guide to Canada.So many small, odd details are right. A few of them are very wrong. "All Canadians speak English"🤔 And I have no idea about this whole don't cut your lettuce thing."

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Onion influence

It should probably be Clarifying that the protests are supposed to be for black rights - yet you can see with your own lyin' eyes that all or almost all the protesters are young whites - and supposed to be peaceful - yet you can see with your own lyin' eyes that massive violence is taking place - but the (((media))) stick with their story as if the alt-media isn't taking videos of everything:  "The White Black Nationalist Color Revolution" (Hopkins).

One issue for blacks having to put up with having whites decide to fight revolutions in their neighborhoods is that a lot of the destroyed businesses won't rebuild, and these neighborhoods are already 'food deserts' where are are insufficient retailers already (I'm referring to the rioting cities where there are black people!).  Young white people have their own futureless problems, but you could see them latching onto BLM as a kind of white supremacist colonialism, which at the very least is ironic.

The weaponization of 'human rights':  "Human Rights Fraud from Ukraine to Nicaragua" (Sefton).  Roth is the most obvious example, but they are all in on it.  Tweet (Joe Emersberger):
"You have to marvel at the capacity of various human rights frauds -
@hrw @amnesty and @mbachelet - to stay silent or (if really pressed) issue the lamest possible objections to US barbarism towards #Venezuela"
There will be stacks of statueless plinths of Sir John A,, but this will be the last monument standing:  "Why is a monument commemorating a Nazi SS division still standing outside Toronto?" (Samphir).

Peak Jew:  "Labour anti-Semitism whistleblowers 'could drop legal action that could cost the party millions if it expels former leader Jeremy Corbyn'" (Carlin/Wilcock).

Note the last paragraph!:  "A unique note from the BND about European SIGINT alliances" (

"Why I decided to take the word ‘chief’ out of my CEO title to respect Indigenous people" (Roome).  The Onion continues to have a disproportionate effect on western culture.

Grandma the snitch

Barr is very slowly picking up the 'white supremacists':  "Antifa Jokes" ('Hunter Wallace'):
"An Antifa who caught on video throwing an IED at the federal courthouse in Portland was caught after his grandma posted a positive review of the body armor she bought for him online at Hibbett Sports."
Since they were so tricked at Charlottesville, real white nationalists have learned to keep a very wide berth from places where they can be made into patsies.

"Commemorating US occupation of Haiti" (Engler).  "Neo-Nazi Bad, Left-wing Israel-Critic Store Owner much Worse?" (Engler).

"False charges of antisemitism are the vanguard of cancel culture" (Zonszein).  Let me see, terrorism, 'facts on the ground', modern violent police and torture methods, cancel culture, most of identity politics, generally most of the shit 'analysis' from the Frankfurt School, pinkwashing, promotion of various immoral behavior, and mass social media, and other, censorship - what would we do without the Jews?  All their values are utterly antithetical to the main positive values created in western civilization (which is racist and must all be dumped anyway)

"The Israel lobby has spent $2 million to defeat Ilhan Omar" (Perkins).  "Sheldon And Miriam Adelson Gave Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC $25 Million" (Robillard).

No punishment, of course, as he didn't do anything 'wrong':  "Labour Politician Avoids Jail After Getting Caught with Huge CP Stash, Zoo Porn" (Anglin).

Monkey labor!:  "PETA-UK Scam a Warning to Trading With West" (Thomas).

"Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on ethnic cleansing, Seth Rogen says, but he’s afraid to tell other Jews" (Weiss).  I keep stressing that all these statements are tricks.  We have a convention that if somebody takes a strong position on an issue near and dear to them, we should take them at face value.  That does not apply when Khazars manipulate farm animals.  Note the last sentence:
"Oh and look, in 2014 Rogen signed a statement standing by Israel as it massacred hundreds in Gaza."
A righteous rant, from the current 'dissident voice':  "As American Society Crashes and Burns, the Cult of Neoliberalism Marches on" (Penner).  Will we ever see any kind of backlash against the 'identity politics' gang of thugs, or is everybody too terrified?

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Money power

"Is Netanyahu Wagging the Dog with Claims of Hezbollah Clashes (Which Hezbollah doesn’t Know about)?" (Cole).  All he political advantages - particularly changing the subject away from Bibi's corruption and incompetence - of a real war, with none of the risk of losing to Hezbollah (again).

"1st Deal with Iran under SHTA Has Gone Through, Swiss Government Says".

Tweet (Anthony Weir) (wtf, no (more) money for Israel?):
"$686 million in the coronavirus relief package to buy F-35’s. $1.1 billion for a P-8. $243 million for missile defense radars. $66 million for hypersonic missile defense. Scientists worry about airborne transmission of the virus—but I don’t think that’s quite what they meant."
"How a police spy’s stunning testimony threatens the official US-Israeli AMIA bombing narrative" (Porter).  Frankly, this just sounds like additional levels of bullshit (the whole thing is a massive clusterfuck, an excellent example of why, extremely rarely but from time to time, the farm animals have had to turn on their oppressors, as the nonsense just won't stop):
"Jose Alberto Perez, for his part, was wracked with guilt about having enabled the AMIA terror bombing. He had become an integral part of the Jewish community, studying Hebrew for three years, marrying a Jewish woman who was the secretary of an Israeli Embassy official and even taking the Jewish version of his Spanish surname, Jose. Within the Jewish community, he was known as “Iosi” Perez."
Ahem!  Also, the Andinia Plan sounds exactly like what (((they))) would cook up (it is exactly like the kind of long-term theft planning that we see over and over again).  I still think the Mossad did it as a false flag specifically targeting Iran.  Argentina should drop the matter entirely and tell the Jews to go fuck themselves.  In so many words.

"UK Labour party teeters on brink of civil war over antisemitism" (Cook).  Corbyn faced Pure, Unadulterated Evil and blinked (he wanted to be a 'nice guy', and I suppose he was told he needed the shekels), and look what happened as a direct consequence.  The Khazars are a very primitive people, and won't stop until they are dancing on the graves of their opponents (their opponents being anybody who poses a threat to their constant thieving).  Now, as a direct result of the blink, Britain probably has to suffer through 10 years of Boris incompetence and misery, tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths, and Corbyn himself will probably be forced from his beloved party.  Is there a lesson to be learned here (see also Argentina, above)?

"‘Feeding a Bedouin’: Roy Oz and Israel’s outrageous racism" (Baroud).  Children's shows are different in Israel.  Too bad Mr. Rogers is dead, for he could drive slowly through an Assholian 'neighborhood' ghetto throwing candy out the window to the children.

"It’s time to uncancel Palestinians" (Brown).  They did it again!  Another 'debate' amongst the Khazars, and only Khazars, to decide what to do about those pesky Palestinians.

"How LGBT Nonprofits And Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping The World" (Bilek).  There's a reason I call it Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o.

"Ilhan Omar vs Jewish Money Power" (Striker).  One of the more (((obvious))) examples.

"Quincy Rides Again" (Giraldi).  They did what they could, but money talks.

"The Fork in the Road" (Crooke).  "The Great Reset Fraud" (Ehret).  The speed with which Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o/Davos crowd of monsters picked up the virus ball and decided to run with it towards a presumably pre-established goal is one of the backbones of the conspiracy theory that the virus was planned.  An excellent alternative reset is for the world to decide that anybody who has ever attended Davos should be summarily, and publicly, executed.

"July 26, 1950: The No Gun Ri Massacre, South Korea" (Mullin).  We'd think much less of the Assholes if we knew more about them.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Where might it lead?

"IDF says it foiled Hezbollah attack along Lebanese border; no Israeli injuries" Gross).  Israel seems to be fighting ghosts:  "Hezbollah said its fighters were not involved in any fighting along the border with Israel.".

"Washington's War on Huawei Continues" (Ulson).  Note that the real problem isn't Chinese spying, but the fact that Huawei equipment doesn't allow for NSA backdoors.

"Column One: The true story of the heartthrob prince of Qatar and his time at USC" (Ryan/Hamilton).  This really isn't all that bad, at least relative to the degree of bad behavior these princelings are famous for, and buried in it is the story of the last remaining honest professor in Assholia.

Tweet (Jim Killock):
"Track and Trace, no data protection impact assessment, where might it lead?"
"Putin had a dream to reset the world order" (Bhadrakumar).  What if China - really well run, with excellent scientists, experience with this kind of pandemic, and a head start - developed the vaccine in time to save Trump's election?  What would China get in return for saving Trump's bacon?  I'm not saying it is likely - the vaccine doesn't seem likely at all - but the possibility raises some intriguing diplomatic implications.

"Adams Meets Johnstone – The Monsters Are at Home Now" ('John Quincy Adams').  The new wars of the Assholian 'left', perhaps 'iWars', 'Smart' wars, the wars predicated on killing the 'monsters' that the (((media))) just created.  Needless to say, the ridiculousness of the 'left' response, or lack thereof, is completely Khazar, though the Assholes must bear their own moral responsibility for being led along like farm animals.

Even more intensely peaceful

Tweet (Eduard Dolinsky):
"Collective photo of the modern fans of Nazi SS Galizien Division armed with Kalashnikov automatic guns at the yesterday’s solemn ceremony honoring fallen SS soldiers near Lviv."
Tweet (James Taranto):
"It became even more intensely peaceful."
We're in one of those Clarifying times when the extremely violent and completely white protests are consistently described by the (((media))) - and yes, the ((())) are oh so relevant - as Black Lives Matter peaceful protests.

Immigration as politically stabilizing (presumably as the immigrants start with a relatively clean slate, without the history of festering hatreds):  "The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism" (Unz).  The comments are furious.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"ANOTHER ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACK: Muslims torch an Israeli synagogue for the umpteenth time; total silence from the Palestinian leadership #IfTheJewWasOnTheOtherFoot"
I can always tell, down to the minute, when Shlomo arrives at the back door with the bags of shekels:  "Keir Starmer hints at Labour retreat on Israel sanctions" (Winstanley).

"Biden Just Made A Big Promise To His Wall Street Donors" (Sirota).  Hardly necessary, given the history of decades of Biden in American politics, but his people have been talking to Bernie's people a lot recently, and there was probably concern that Biden might have caught something.

The Fat Fuck has been busy:  "Forget Putin, it's meddling by America's evangelical enforcer that should scare us" (Tisdall).  "Mounting US pressure on Europe to line up against China" (Symonds).

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Slipping power

"WALSH: I Looked Up Every Case Of An Unarmed Black Man Shot By Cops In 2019. Here’s The Truth The Media And BLM Are Hiding."

"UNCW Professor Mike Adams, forced to retire over a tweet, found dead" and "Facebook removes video that roasts Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell" (Harper).  "YouTube permanently disables independent journalism channel Press For Truth" (Parker).

"Texas A&M police say student who reported racist notes placed them there himself" (Surette).  I'm starting to think the Khazars ought to be complaining about 'cultural appropriation'.

Tweet (Ian Miles Cheong):
"Antifa militant and convicted pedophile David Blake Hampe was arrested in the early hours of Saturday following his alleged stabbing of a black Trump supporter in Portland."
"Two Teens Arrested After Paying Bitcoin to See Livestream Murder on Dark Web" (Zmudzinski).  CDaN.

"Williamsburg primary upset might indicate slipping power for Hasidic leaders" (Boigon).

"Ayotzinapa: Experts identify the remains of missing student" (Sherman). (Also).

"‘Cancel culture’ and the Israel lobby" (Haiven).  Just a few of the examples from Canada, a pen with electric fences to keep the farm animals in.

"A Canadian Wealth Tax Isn’t Controversial" (Prokop-Millar).

"How Ottawa is driving up the cost of infrastructure by listening to Wall Street" (McQuaig).  BlackRock.  Just another (((scam))) to fleece the farm animals.

"White Helmets’ founder reportedly confessed embezzlement of donor funds before death".  Tweet (leftworks) (also):
"Wikipedia editor "Philip Cross" removes reference to reported fraud allegation against White Helmets co-founder James Le Mesurier from @wikipedia six minutes after it is entered. Entering editor may have been preparing reference in the interim. 1/2"
Added (for the pronoun reference in the tweet!):  "Black Lives Matter Protester Shot and Killed In Austin" ('Hunter Wallace').


"Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley" (Webb).  Despite lots of Epstein-Maxwell publicity over the years, somehow the (((media))) has never has any interest in the Maxwell family, who are spectacularly Evil, and Zionist, across the board.  They seem to have a particular hold on Bill Gates, presumably thanks to Epstein.

"Bolton forewarns Israel on US policy shifts" (Bhadrakumar):
"Bolton comes up at this point with some practical advice to Israel to prepare for the uncertain times ahead. He told Israel’s Army Radio, “I think the next few months are an optimal time for Israel to act in its own national security interests.” Put differently, in the interim period from now, Israel should do what it takes to safeguard its interests.

Israel may have already begun acting on these lines. There is much speculation that the series of bomb explosions in Iran in the recent weeks in sensitive installations may have an Israeli connection — the July 2 explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility, a huge blast near the Parchin military site and so on. Equally, Israel has resumed its attacks on targets inside Syria. In the latest incident on Friday, Israeli helicopters targeted multiple Syrian observation posts in Quneitra in southwest Syria.  
The Israeli intention could be to provoke Iran and/or Hezbollah to retaliate in some form, which could be seized as casus belli to trigger a conflict."
Noticeable uptick in thug hiring by Soros:  "Soros Says 'Trump Will Disappear In 2020 Or Sooner' In Ominous Message" (Durden).

"Friends of the IDF Lobby Group Secures Forgivable US COVID Loans for Israeli Soldiers" (Diego).  Photo unrelated, as of course the murderers and thieves aren't going to thank farm animals!  Bigger picture:  "Israeli Proxies Profit from U.S. Coronavirus Funding" (Giraldi).

"US-Backed Coup Gov’t in Bolivia Suspends Elections for Third Time" (MacLeod).

Globo-homo-Rothschild-o is really pulling out the stops against Bibi/Sheldon:  "Several Arrested for Attacking Demonstrators at anti-Netanyahu Protests Across Israel" (Breiner/Shpigel/Peleg/Almog /Ben Zikri).

"War Crimes and War Criminals: Who Will Be Held Accountable?" (Giraldi).  "Q&A: UN's Agnes Callamard on drone strike that killed Soleimani" (Swart).  "The UN has found that the US killing of Soleimani broke international law. It’s right, but nothing will happen as a result" (Ritter).  "More Afraid of Int’l Criminal Court than it Lets On, Israel makes Secret List of its Officials who may be Charged with War Crimes" (Wadi).  "Israeli impunity is coming to an end" (Murphy).

"Exclusive: In Daphne murder investigation, money trail leads to Montenegro venture" (Grey/Borg).  You can see why 'journalists' love limiting their job to retyping press releases - the actual job is difficult and dangerous.

"Dams, Deaths Squads and the Murder of Berta Cáceres" (Perry). For Assholes who can't even imagine such a thing, a story of a real activist, and a real journalist.

Tweet (Louis) (Zenz is the equivalent, for China, of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the one-stop shop for PR hooks of both the (((media))) and Assholian officials):
"The source of this story is Adrian Zenz "senior fellow in China studies" at the absurd propaganda outlet, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation."
Remember when Kuwait used a professional PR form, Hill & Knowton, the spread the bullshit?  In the current climate, that technique lacks the authenticity of having some nut churn out the nonsense from his basement.  Unfortunately, Zenz is a huge step down from even the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which occasionally tries to get the basic facts right.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Climate of fear

"The Real War on Free Speech" (Cohen/Leifer).  The standard Khazar trick is to make up a claim of 'anti-Semitism' about somebody who in some way opposes the Khazar violent supremacist Project of killing people and stealing their land, claim that that 'anti-Semitism' creates a fear-ridden atmosphere which itself inhibits the free speech of Khazars, this requiring Cancellation/censorship in order to avoid Cancellation/censorship!  This would make no sense, and indeed would be laughable, were it not for the virtual Jewish Privilege Card, which allows (((them))) to Cancel just on the possibility of their feeling stressed over the speech of a Project opponent.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Americans for Prosperity

"Who is the Most Dangerous Fascist?" (Ford).  Good context for Trump's 'fascist' death squads, more like Assholian Presidential business as usual.

"The Bonus Army Protest" (Olson).  This reminds me a of a lot of things.

"A Headline That Perfectly Encapsulates Mainstream Liberalism:" (Johnstone).  I think the last Assholian bill to be passed, with the stones of the Capitol crumbling around the vermin, will be some kind of Pentagon budget increase.  The bonus is some performative identity politics.

"Trump’s Fatal Error" (Lazare).  Trump could have coasted to reelection as the savior of his country had he not had to take orders from President Jared.  It's funny how much history turns on bad advice from foreign traitors.

"Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell's sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre's defamation case within a week" (Bates).  Again, we've got this complex manipulation going on where people who want the stuff to be released, or at least the threat of release, are pretending to be against unsealing.  Unless this is just material we've already seen, it seems very unlikely that it will see the light of day.

"Catch and Kill: the Protection Racket Used by Trump, Weinstein, Epstein and Wall Street" (Martens/Martens).  The (((media))) has techniques to look out for some people.

Americans for Prosperity.  I think Barry feels his big failure as a President was not deep-sixing Social Security, though he tried.

"Brazil Exclusive: the Money Laundering Scandal From Hell No One Wants to Talk About" (Escobar).  There's this big understanding in politics that the really big corruption issues of the previous government are never properly investigated by the succeeding government.  That way, everybody gets a kick at the loot, without fear of going to jail.  Lula followed the norms, and his going to jail is a direct result of this strategy, when it turned out the extreme right wasn't going to follow the rules.

"John Lewis, civil rights icon, is also mourned by pro-Israel groups" (Weiss). He took a risky walk a gazillion years ago, dined out on it for the rest of his life, and hoovered up the shekels for decades, so he is an Assholian Hero.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mostly peaceful

"“Mostly Peaceful Protests” Continue In Portland" and "Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Addresses “Mostly Peaceful Protests”" ('Hunter Wallace').  The guy in the first Andy Ngô tweet in the first article obviously got too much starch in his shirts and was 'peacefully' registering a complaint.

This is the Trump side of the Trump-Soros war for the country:  "Is the Silent Majority Ready to Blow? by Larry C Johnson".

"Jewish Privilege?" (Sailer).  Also.  "Hold On, DeSean: Jews Sold Black Slaves in Philadelphia!" (NOI Research Group).

Thread by Jeffrey Sachs - not the bad Russian looting one! - on the original cancelees of Cancel Culture, those daring to make pro-Palestinian speech.  Cancel Culture is mostly Khazar Khulture.

"‘Canada cannot turn a blind eye’: Federal court says Safe Third Country Agreement with U.S. violates charter" (Keung).  Canucks just won't stop dissing Assholes.  Canadian Charter rights apply to everybody in the country, but this feels like an extension of Charter rights to those who would like to be in the country (though they finessed this by using in-country plaintiffs), based on the Canadian unconstitutionality of American actions.  Hmm.

The big problem of the spies funding terrorism (to make work for themselves): "A recent Federal Court proceeding revealed how flawed interpretations of law were secretly perpetuated inside the Justice Department and CSIS." (West).  You'd think you could just find the guilty spies, and their bosses, and criminally charge them, jail them, and throw away the key, but enforcing the laws of the country is just crazy talk.  See also:  "Reading Stabbings: Deliberate Product of UK Foreign Policy" (Cartalucci).

"That Viral Photo of Ernest With Jeffrey Epstein Is Actually Fake" (Novak).  A shame!