Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Enormous pressure

Even by the standards of Christian fruitcake politics, the Bolivian 'Guido' is a real nut:  "Bolivia Coup Led by Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader and Millionaire – with Foreign Support" (Blumenthal/Norton).

"VIVA EVO! Morales Overthrown, But Bolivian Socialism Will Endure" (Vltchek):
"There is absolutely no way to reason with these people. They cannot be appeased, only crushed; defeated. In Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador or in Bolivia. They are like rats, like disease, proverbial symbols of fascism as in the novel The Plague, written by Albert Camus. They can hide, but they never fully disappear. They are always ready to invade, with zero notice, some happy city.
They are always ready to join forces with the West, because their roots are in the West. They think precisely like the European conquerors, like North American imperialists. They have double nationalities and homes scattered all over the world. Latin America for them is just a place to live, and to plunder natural resources, exploit labor. They rob here, and spend money elsewhere; educate their children elsewhere, get their surgeries done (plastic and real) elsewhere. They go to opera houses in Paris but never mingle with indigenous people at home. Even if, by some miracle, they join the Left, it is the Western, anarcho-syndicalist Left of North America and Europe, never the real, anti-imperialist, revolutionary Left of non-European countries.
They don’t need the success of the nation. They don’t want a great, prosperous Bolivia; Bolivia for all of its citizens.
They only want prosperous corporations. They want money, profit; for themselves, for their families and clans, for their bandit group of people. They want to be revered, considered ‘exceptional’, superior. They cannot live without that gap – the great gap between them and those ‘dirty Indians’, as they call the indigenous people, when no one hears them!"
If the people of Bolivia can't clean this mess up quickly, they will suffer decades of unspeakable suffering.

"Bolivia: The OAS and US Help Overthrow Another Latin American Government" (Flores):
"It should be noted that the 2008 coup was neutralized in part because of the role played by UNASUR, the Union of South American Nations. This regional bloc has been severely debilitated in recent years as a direct result of State Department pressure and the willingness of right-wing Southern American presidents to give up on long-term regional integration plans for short-term political benefits. The decline of UNASUR and CELAC (the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States – another target of the State Department), coupled with the OAS’s bias, leaves the region with no credible multilateral organization.

This is important, because the only way forward for Bolivia is to hold new elections, which will require independent electoral observation. Given that the OAS is unfit for such a role, the region should insist that the United Nations send an electoral mission. It is the only body that can carry this role out in an impartial manner.

Bolivia is at a flash point and measures have to be taken to reduce tensions. Its legislature must be allowed to function normally, which in practical terms means that  the safety of MAS legislators and their families must be ensured. A gesture for MAS supporters would be to reinstate the president and vice president of the Senate and the president of the Chamber of Deputies (should they desire to be reinstated); all three resigned under duress during the weekend of the coup. Only then can the legislature decide whether to accept Morales’ resignation. Finally, the MAS presidential candidate, whoever that ends up being, needs to receive guarantees for their safety and assurances from the international community that a MAS victory will be respected."
 "With Just Weeks To Decide, Hillary Clinton Claims 'Enormous Pressure' To Run For President" (Durden). There is no hurry as the superdelegates are going to pay no attention to the primary voters, and the field will still be so crowded with losers that the first ballot won't matter.

"The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier" (Murray).  This is all a bit off.  The White Helmets are still very much in play, having been just recently re-funded, and Turkey - still a major supporter of Islamist nutjobs in Syria, and with the Erdogan family personally greatly enriched through oil deals with ISIS - would be the last place to want to reveal connections between the White Helmets and jihadists.  The wife popped up with an anti-depressant story to lead us to consider suicide rather than assassination, looking like she might have been prompted by somebody who wanted to hide the assassination (could be the assassinating country itself, or somebody wishing to make it seem that retired assets/agents don't just retire to inevitable assassination).  US, UK, Syria, Russia, Turkey - there are lots of groups either not a fan of his work, or fearing he might spill the beans about his work (as amazing as it might seem, he might have had a conscience, and his depression, if real, might have led him to think he would feel better if he confessed).  The bottom line is the world is a much, much, much, much . . . much, much, much better place in his absence.  Seeing these pure assholes go helps assuage the pain of Bolivia.

"Narrative Managers In Overdrive After Death Of White Helmets Founder" (Johnstone). "BBC backtrack on their own fake news as claims regarding Istanbul death of White Helmets co-founder are deleted".  After the 'overly-refreshed' Boris wreath-laying cover-up, the BBC is having a rough week.

I'm not going to let it be said that the 'journalists' in the (((media))) don't have mad skillz.  Synchronized lying should be in the Olympics.  "MSM Adamantly Avoids The Word “Coup” In Bolivia Reporting" (Johnstone),  "The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup—Because US Wanted It to Happen" (MacLeod).

Bibi, staying out of jail:  "To save himself, Netanyahu is going to war with Gaza" (Konrad).

"This Olive Tree in Bethlehem Has Stood for 5,000 Years – and this Man Is Defending It" (Hammad).  Trees so old that they were alive when the people we call Palestinians called themselves Jews, and there wasn't a fucking Khazar around for thousands of miles.  That's why these 'anti-Semitic' trees have to go!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fire magicians

"Cornering and Strangulating Iran Has Backfired on Israel" (Crooke).

"The Houthis Are Preparing for a Planned Israeli Attack on Yemen" (Abdulkareem).  Striking Yemen to make it look like they are doing something against the Iranian 'threat' without fear of reprisal is just the typical chickenshit Khazar move I would expect.

"Audios Containing Details of Alleged Coup Plan & US Involvement Emerge Amid Bolivian Crisis – Report".

Tweet (Jeb Sprague):
"The US coup connection Officials who forced #Evo to resign worked as #Bolivia's Mil.Attachés in DC. The CIA often seeks to recruit Attachés working in DC. 2013: Gen.Kaliman served as Mil.Attaché 2018: Police Com.Calderón Mariscal was Pres. of APALA in DC"
Tweet (Mark Ames) (that should be (((Aryreh Neier))), a big part of the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights'):
"Aryreh Neier, founder of Human Rights Watch @hrw “The concept of economic and social rights is profoundly undemocratic… Authoritarian power is probably a prerequisite for giving meaning to economic and social rights.” (Taking Liberties)"
Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"Literally every military coup in recent history had been said to be about “restoring democracy” and many of them were also proceeded by street protests. This is the narrative of every coup ever. It’s not an insightful take, it’s pro forma language and has been for over 70 years"
Remember that The Nazi is cheering on a Pinochet-style violent military coup to replace an elected leader, who also happens to be the most successful truly progressive politician in the world today, so she's topped even herself in utter venality:  "Canada welcomes results of OAS electoral audit mission to Bolivia" ('we note the resignation . . . '!!!). "Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia’s President" (Engler).  The people of Bolivia people shutting down every foreign-owned mine in the country (permanently would be even better) - along with a general strike against capital generally - until this coup is fixed would be an good answer to The Nazi.

Morales tweet (it's hard to believe that The Nazi and Morales are both considered to be politicians, but then again I guess there are people who go so far as to consider The Nazi to be a human being).

Tweet (Sandra Cuffe):
"John Cobin got out of his vehicle and opened fire at a protest yesterday in Viña del Mar, #Chile. A protester was shot in the leg. Cobin, later arrested, is from the US, where he was a white supremacist group member. He's a fan of Pinochet. 2013 interview:"
Video of a CIA employee setting a man on fire (see also). "Hong Kong - "Marginal Violence" Fails To Win More Protest Support" (Moon) (and throw away the key):
"Taking a thousand or more of these misguided upper class students permanently off the street would dramatically decrease the violence."
Tweet (Matt Taibbi) ("Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire", from January 2017 (!), continues to plague the Clintonista/IC coup attempts):
 "The Buzzfeed piece @ChuckRossDC refers to here is trying to call conspiracy theory a Politico article that was sourced up and down (including named Ukrainian officials confirming key details). The technique I guess is to equate the word "viral" with fake or unreliable."
Boris was, as they say, 'unwell' - either still drunk or extremely hungover, not a good sign for a politician running for election trying to pretend to show 'respect' for the cannon fodder - so the BBC covered for him by using old footage of a time he was less 'unwell': tweet (Tory Fibs) (also):
"Today, the BBC used 3 year old footage of Boris Johnson laying a wreath in order to protect Boris Johnson from ridicule at yesterday's gaffes where he stepped out early, arrived disheveled and placed the wreath upside down."

Monday, November 11, 2019


This kind of thing is very rare:  "James Le Mesurier: British co-founder of White Helmets ‘found dead’ after Russian spy accusations" (Trew).  Debalconyization.  Note how the tendentious headline!

Every.  Single.  Time.  Tweet (Kenneth Roth):
"An important step against the disturbing tendency of leaders with diminishing popularity to steal elections to secure a new term: Bolivia's Pres Evo Morales promises new elections after "widespread irregularities" found in the just-concluded one."
Morales has massive popular support (for good reason, as he has advanced human development through concrete material advancements better than any living politician), so it's important he stays alive. This isn't over.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sad day

   "President Evo Morales Resigns Amid Right-wing Coup".  The military told him to.

Pin drop

Watch the video!  "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself", plus a stylish dropping of the Trump pin!

Added:  "Fringe Conspiracy Theorist Believes Epstein Just Killed Himself". I think instead of hello and goodbye we should use the all-purpose salutation 'Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself'.

Google 'Lavon Affair'.

The attempt at regime change in Bolivia doesn't rise to the status of color revolution, but is just the old fashioned thug violence.  Added (it is not clear how the obviously compromised OAS has any credibility, but maybe Morales thinks a big win would permanently deal with the coup plotters):  "Bolivia's Morales calls for new elections after OAS audit".

"'Sickening hypocrisy': Critics slam Israeli army Twitter post".  "Israeli Army slammed for Hypocrisy over Cancer Tweet, as Gaza Patients Denied Care" (Cole).  Such a nice people!  Why do 'haters' throughout the millennia and throughout time want to harm them?  It's baffling.  One of the things that makes people really mad is this maudlin, but insistent, self-regard.

"Report: Israel has ‘Stolen 90% of Jordan Valley’".

Tweet (Jonathan Cook):
"Eager to smear Corbyn's Labour party yet again, the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland threw aside journalistic caution and wrongly accused a Muslim candidate of antisemitism. He relied on a 'Labour source', 'reliable' only in the sense of sharing Freedland's antipathy for Corbyn"

Tweet (David Graeber):
"One reason I felt I could write the pro-Corbyn piece I did despite being Jewish is because being from NYC I don't have any family in the UK. That's literally how bad it is. People warned me: they come after your family."
Yinon news: "US Claims it Has Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Official Who Tries to Retake Control of Syrian Oil" (Germanos).  Also:  "Three Deep State Confessions On Syria" (Hoff).

"US increases funding to White Helmets who are persecuting Syrian Christians in Idlib" (Beeley).

"John Hannah is IMO a shill for Israel" (Lang).  And the first comment by catherine.

"Trump Declared Anti-Ukrainian Racist by Clownish Mainstream Media" (Kirby).

The details of the extreme wrongdoing by the same group of Democrat FBI agents involved in the anti-Trump coup attempts:  "Understanding What Sidney Powell is Doing to Kill the Case Against Michael Flynn by Larry C Johnson".

"Lebanon: Hariri Positioning Himself for a Comeback to Remove ‘New’ Hezbollah President?" (Jay).

PR news.  "CNN enlists help of fraudster Browder & Integrity Initiative ‘experts’ to fan Russia meddling claims in UK". "Integrity Initiative: Psywar Institute Defanged, But British Spies' Disinfo War Still Rages" (Klarenberg).

Nobody in the rest of the world is quite so stupid as to buy into the 'IPO' of Aramco, so MbS is just going to shake down some more Saudi princes to avoid the embarrassment of the whole thing failing:  "Aramco Taps Saudi Billionaires for Major IPO Orders" (Nair/Martin).

"Douglas Macgregor: America’s De Gaulle, Unheeded Prophet of Houthi Victory and Saudi Fall " (Sieff):
". . . writing in his book “Transformation Under Fire” published back in 2003, Macgregor had said: “The idea is to link maneuver and strike assets through a flatter operational architecture empowered by new terrestrial and space-based communications throughout the formation… Long-range, joint precision fires and C4ISR [Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance] offer the possibility to reach over enemy armies to directly strike at what they hope to defend or preserve. Precision strategic strikes closely coordinated and timed with converging Army combat forces would present a defending enemy with an insoluble dilemma.”
In an article in “Joint Force Quarterly” in 2011, Macgregor concluded that such “precision effects (kinetic and non-kinetic) using a vast array of strike forces enabled by the rapid and timely dissemination of information through net­worked ISR capabilities point the way to a fundamental paradigm shift in the character of warfare.”
Thanks to the lowly Houthis, supposedly reduced to the status of cannon fodder for Saudi Arabia’s hot shot F-15 pilots and the most expensive munitions the United States could sell to its Riyadh ally, that paradigm shift foreseen by Macgregor has arrived. Its effects will soon be felt all across Asia and Europe as well as in the more obscure corners of Arabia. We are about to enter dangerously interesting times."

Saturday, November 09, 2019


"Your Cartoon Special: #Epstein Didn't Kill Himself: Nov 8, 2019" (Snippits And Snappits).  "California Brewery Prints "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" On The Bottom Of Its Cans" (Fiala).

"Jeffrey Epstein's Brother Says There Were "Unexplained" Injuries On Shoulder, Wrist" (Phillips).  There is a bit of a rift between the Khazar security apparatus and the US Deep State, who broke the norms by offing a Mossad asset (assuming Epstein is actually dead!).

"Israel killed 222 Gaza protestors since 2018. Only one soldier has been indicted" (Sagiv).

Lite Zionism is probably the most hilarious movement of our time:  "The donor war inside the Jewish community (won’t end the occupation)" (Weiss).

"De Facto Collapse of Case Against Free Joseon?" (Asmolov).

"‘Reverse Pol Pot’: Berkeley philosophy lecturer slammed after saying rural Americans made ‘bad life decisions’ & should be SHAMED".  "UC Berkeley instructor calls rural Americans 'bad people who have made bad life decisions’" (Shiver).

"SAA/SDF cooperation against Turks is working" (Lang).

"Winter Is Coming: Castle Black, the Syrian Withdrawal, and the Battle of the Bases" (Turse).

"Former British Ambassador to Syria: UK complicit in Trump’s Syria Oil Grab" (Ford):
". . . if Trump puts into practice his promise to seize Syrian oil production, that will constitute, according to authoritative legal experts, a violation of international law against ‘pillaging’ enshrined in the Fourth Geneva Convention and thus constitute a war crime. Any party complicit in pillaging, and that would surely include other parties in the Joint Task Force, even if only headquarters staff and not boots on the ground, could also be culpable. The British government might find itself challenged in a UK court even if no international court could be found willing to act."
"Supreme Court renders Lula imprisonment illegal" (Mier). "Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva leaves jail after judge's decision" (ridiculous headline, as the judge in question, obviously corrupt, had no choice, and the AP is obviously trying to downplay the complete illegality of his incarceration).

The 'whistleblower'! "Facebook Scrubs All References To Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella" (Durden).  "Whistleblower Attorney Bragged About Getting Security Clearances For "Guys With Child Porn Issues" " (Durden).  "Ukrainians Pimped Hunter Biden's Seat For Leverage With Obama State Department" (Durden) (an example of why this 'harmless' 'everybody-does-it' personal corruption is so dangerous).

"Inconvenient Truths" (Cohen).

"US Authorizes Tax Payments to Maduro Gov’t, Sanctions Five More Venezuelan Officials" (Vaz/Koerner).  Curious.  We're finally seeing the faint outline of a revolt of the capitalists, who are belatedly realizing that all the Sanctions For The Jews are actually costing them the ability to do business where they want to do business.

"Is Russia Right About US Shale Energy?" (Engdahl).  Permanently wrecking the environment to create a financial/banking crisis - genius!  Trump's main job now is to drag out the inevitable collapse/'too big to fail' bankster bailout until after the next election.

Friday, November 08, 2019


"A blue dot barely visible from New Silk Roads" (Escobar).  We're now in what is essentially a lost generation for India, because of the deep stupidity of voting in a supremacist government.  Modi is the kind of leader that stuns you when he does any little thing that isn't entirely stupid, and there is no hope of improvement.

"When is a Whistleblower, not a Whistleblower?" (Parsons).  It's hilarious/outrageous that the CIA, in order to market its coup, appropriated the term 'whistleblower', while simultaneously trying to torture Assange to death for assisting real whistleblowers.  Hint - if what the whistleblower is saying is exactly what his or her employer wants to have said, he or she is no whistleblower!

"CIA Chief Meets With King Salman Day After Saudi Twitter Spies Outed" (Durden). MbS is unhappy that the US won't fight the long proposed War For The Jews/Cryptos against Iran, and I wonder if Bloody assured them that everything would be fine once the CIA coup succeeds.

Who better to support a Ukrainian nationalist coup against Trump but another Ukrainian nationalist?:  "Deep State on the National Security Council: Colonel Vindman Is an ‘Expert’ With an Agenda"  (Giraldi).

"The Media’s Obsession With Personalities" (Lauria) (we tend to forget that, after the initial attempt to bluff and lie through the problem by claiming the emails were phony, the Clintonistas eventually had to concede that she and her campaign really were as awful as the emails revealed):
"In the end, though, it doesn’t matter if it were a hack or a leak by an insider. That’s because the emails WikiLeaks released were accurate. When documents check out it is irrelevant who the source is. That’s why WikiLeaks set up an anonymous drop box, copied by big media like The Wall Street Journal and others. Had the emails been counterfeit and disinformation was inserted into a U.S. election by a foreign power that would be sabotage. But that is not what happened.
The attempt to stir up the thoroughly discredited charge of collusion appears to be part of the defense strategy of those whose reputations were thoroughly discredited by maniacally pushing that false charge for more than two years. This includes legions of journalists. But principal among them are intelligence agency officials who laundered this “collusion” disinformation campaign through the mainstream media.
Faced now with a criminal investigation into how the Russiagate conspiracy theory originated intelligence officers and their accomplices in the media and in the Democratic Party are mounting a defense by launching an offensive in the form of impeachment proceedings against Trump that is based on an allegation of conducting routine, corrupt U.S. foreign policy."
"Trump rejects Israel’s request to fund Palestine security forces".  The constant whining of Khazars for the US to defund anything associated with the Palestinians has backfired, leaving Israel to pick up the tab. The Khazar plan has been to have the US and the Palestinians themselves fund the oppression and the obligations that Israel should have under international law, and, as usual, bribery/blackmail control over Trump has lead people like Sheldon to overextend their control over American decisions, just to show off that they could.

"The Epstein Story Continues to Unravel" (Rosen).  "Child Rape Stories Are Too ‘Stupid’ for ABC News to Cover" (Carlson/Patel) Imagine the chutzpah of a (((media outlet))) actually firing the whistleblower (or rather, having their fellow Khazars at another supposedly separate (((media outlet))) fire the whistleblower, which is so utterly outrageous I really can't comprehend it)!  And yeah, all the people involved in the cover-up for the Mossad have ((())), and they all work exclusively to promote Khazar supremacism.  Never has the JQ been more problematic.

This!!!:  "Assange lawyers’ links to US govt & Bill Browder raises questions" (Komisar).  Despite his brilliance, Assange has a history of being clueless about the dangers of the JQ, and it seems to be costing him his life with an intentionally flubbed defense.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019


"The case of the Occident is lost" (Schaller).  The funny thing is the hegemon and its vassals could still turn it around, but too many 'donors' (and yes, ((('donors')))) would have their oxes gored, so salvation is politically impossible.

"Bolivia: Leaked Audios Confirm Involvement of Opposition Leaders, Ex-Military and US in Coup Plans".  "Latin America: Is Canada Trying to Create Another ‘Illegitimate’ Government? " (Pagliccia).  The Nazi is practically in the American cabinet, the Secretary of Fucking Over Democratically-Elected Governments.

"A progressive surge is brewing across Latin America" (Madsen).

Being an Assistant Asshole is starting to wear on Canada's reputation (though note the hint that enough bribes in Africa might fix the situation):  "Trudeau faces another tough vote — Canada's bid for a UN Security Council seat" (Kent).  Fighting to get this seat is obviously just for The Nazi's personal ego trip.

"AFP Dedicates Half an Article Justifying Hong Kong Assassination Attempt" (Cartalucci).

"A Timeline Of Joe Biden's Intervention Against The Prosecutor General Of Ukraine" (Moon).  So amusingly corrupt, but the Democrats would somehow try to convince you that Biden's actions were withing the 'norms' of Washington political behavior, yet Trump's bungling attempt to get to the bottom of it, and the Ukrainian role in the attacks on him, was outside those norms as Trump got too close to the 'quid pro quo' threat that is always under the surface when an American President talks to any vassal, but is not to be said out loud.

"The Bonfire of the Democrats" (Lang).  I don't agree with much of this, but a lot of it would ring true with many 'centrist' American voters.

"Burn CIA and FBI to the ground? Start over?" (Lang). Some think it was similar thinking about the CIA that got JFK assassinated.

Hopkins gets 'Crossed':  "The Ministry of Wiki-Truth".

"Saudi Aramco's IPO Will Not Save Kingdom" (Luongo).  MbS's genius has reached the point of burning all the furniture to keep the house heated for a few more hours, and then having to look for something to sit on.  He's taking assets and using them, not for investment in the future, but for short-term funding of the operating costs of funding wars and bribing his people just enough to keep his head off the inevitable pike of justice.

"Newly-appointed West Bank settler leader vows to achieve annexation".  "Remembering Meir Shamgar, the chief legal architect of Israeli apartheid" (Weiss) (lawfare).  "Outrage after leaked video shows Israeli officer shoot Palestinian in the back" (Patel).  And yet somehow the irrational 'Jew hatred' is ubiquitous.  How can that be?

I used to listen to Brother Stair on the shortwave in the 90s (?), well before I was woke.  He's a major player in 'Christian Identity', highly marginalized now as it doesn't accept the contrived Jew-worship of the major part of the American Christian Right.  "Stair’s Way to Heaven" (O'Meara).

"Project Veritas: ABC News Anchor Amy Robach Was Gagged For 3 Years on Epstein Story!" (Batty).  The American (((media))) is just a branch of the Mossad.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019


"Brennan's Spy? New Theories Emerge About Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower" (Durden).  "Democrats, media silent over identification of CIA “whistleblower”" (Martin).  This CIA 'whistleblower' - ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! - is better than Trump could possibly hope for, so much so that the Democrats have already started to fade him out!

We keep inching closer to the truth that it was Ukrainian intelligence that was/is behind the attack on Trump/Russia, so much so that the latest Clintonista line is that it was Manafort, working with the Russians, that came up with the 'conspiracy theory' that Ukrainian intelligence was behind the 'hacking' of the Clinton emails!!!:  "Surprise: Trump allegedly got his Ukraine conspiracy theory from the Russia-tied criminals on his campaign" (The CIA Daily Bulletin):
"A trove of documents from Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation released over the weekend show that Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy theory appears to have been propagated by two top aides who were central figures in the special counsel’s investigation: Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. The conspiracy theory also was apparently fertilized by Manafort associate Konstantin Kilimnik.
The three of them appear to have played a role in convincing Trump that Russia did not actually interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, despite what both Mueller and the U.S. intelligence community have concluded, and that it was actually Ukraine."
"Manafort Spread Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Months Before 2016 Election" (Schmidt). 

The thing is, it was actually Ukraine.  I think the most striking thing about Russiagate/Ukrainegate is that there was real, criminal activity by Ukrainian intelligence, the American IC, the Obama Administration (the moves of Barry to interfere in the outcome of a future American Presidential election are nothing short of outrageous), the Clinton campaign (including Ukrainian-'Americans' like the Chalupas and CrowdStrike - and now Vindman - working closely with the Clintonistas to create the narrative), and the Bidens (the purest examples of corruption you will ever see), yet somehow everything has been turned on its head in the ongoing efforts to stage a coup d'état against Trump and re-start the Cold War.

Yinon:  "The White House Plan to Strangle Iran" (Giraldi) (also, scroll down for Sanctions For The Jews news):
"The real reasons for maintaining a U.S. military presence in Syria all have to do with Israel, which has long supported a fracturing of that country into its constituent parts both to weaken it as an adversary and to enable the Jewish state to steal still more of its land, possibly to include the sparsely populated oil producing region. Israel also wants a robust American military presence in Syria to prevent Iran from turning it into a base for attacks across the border, an unlikely prospect but one that has resonated with the U.S. Congress. Indeed, deterring Iran is the reason most often cited by both Washington and Tel Aviv for American interference in Syria, where it has no other actual interest apart from an apparent demented desire to remove President Bashar al-Assad."
"US Convoy In Syria Attacked By Turkey-Backed Militants: Russian MoD" (Durden).  The danger of big conflict with Turkey is what will eventually drive the Assholians out of northern Syria.

"Hiding the West’s ongoing neo-colonialism in Lebanon via blaming Iran (1/2)" (Mazaheri).

"Stephen Lewis and the NDP’s liberal Imperialism" (Engler).  Another reminder that the NDP is shockingly awful for what is supposed to be a 'socialist' party.  There is a massive disconnect between members of the party and its leaders, who are either blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Khazars or suffer under a debilitating ((('donor'))) problem

Can we get this in writing?:  "Jewish families will leave the UK if Jeremy Corbyn wins general election, Tory chair James Cleverly says" (Malnick).  Corbyn should buy a one-way ticket to Israel for every last one of them, and promise them instant deportation from their suffering of having to live amongst farm animals should he be elected.

"Dershowitz Wanted To Get Boies Disqualified… So Now He Has To Deal With Another Famous SCOTUS Litigator" (Patrice).

"Prince Andrew loses an aide" (Lainey).

Monday, November 04, 2019

The green light

"‘Seven whistleblowers’" (Cockburn) (my emphasis in red):
"That’s three whistleblowers. What about the other four?  Cockburn’s source says that at least one is nothing to do with Ukraine but instead was reporting a call between Trump and the Saudi ruler, Mohammed bin Salman. Specifically, the whistleblower is said to have ‘concerns’ about what was said on the call about the president’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner. Kushner himself is known to have a very close relationship with MBS. Cockburn has previously written that Kushner may have been what Cosmo would call an ‘oversharer’ when it came to MBS. Unfortunately, it’s claimed that what he was sharing was American secrets: information Kushner had requested from the CIA would (allegedly) be echoed back in US intercepts of calls between members of the Saudi royal family. One source said this was why Kushner lost his intelligence clearances for a while.
According to Cockburn’s source about the seven whistleblowers, there’s more. It is that Kushner (allegedly) gave the green light to MBS to arrest the dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was later murdered and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. A second source tells Cockburn that this is true and adds a crucial twist to the story. This source claims that Turkish intelligence obtained an intercept of the call between Kushner and MBS. And President Erdogan used it to get Trump to roll over and pull American troops out of northern Syria before the Turks invaded. Cockburn hears that investigators for the House Intelligence Committee know this whole tale and the identities of some of the people telling it. Whether any of is true is another matter but Adam Schiff certainly seems to be smiling a lot these days."
This makes a lot of sense. MbS is an impetuous fool, but murdering somebody associated with the Washington Post - aka, the CIA Daily Bulletin - makes it an American intelligence matter, and something for which MbS may very well have felt needed prior permission.

Completely knocked, and at sixes-and sevens

"The ‘War’ for the Future of Middle East" (Crooke):
",. . . what happened to Aramco on 14 September has shocked both Israel and America: the former Commander of the Israeli Air Force wrote recently, “recent events are forcing Israel to recalculate its path as it navigates events. The technological abilities of Iran and its various proxies has reached a level at which they can now alter the balance of power around the world”. Not only could neither state identify the modus operando to the strikes (even now); but worse, neither had any answer to the technological feat the strikes plainly represented. In fact, the lack of any available ‘answer’ prompted one leading western defense analyst to suggest that Saudi should buy Russian Pantsir missiles rather than American air defenses.
And worse. For Israel, the Aramco shock arrived precisely at the moment that the US began its withdrawal of its ‘comfort security blanket’ from the region – leaving Israel (and Gulf States) on their own – and now vulnerable to technology they never expected their adversaries to possess. Israelis – and particularly its PM – though always conscious to the hypothetical possibility, never thought withdrawal actually would happen, and never during the term of the Trump Administration.
This has left Israel completely knocked, and at sixes-and sevens. It has turned strategy on its head, with the former Israeli Air Force Commander (mentioned above) speculating on Israel’s uncomfortable options – going forward – and even postulating whether Israel now needed to open a channel to Iran. This latter option, of course, would be culturally abhorrent to most Israelis. They would prefer a bold, out-of-the-blue, Israeli paradigm ‘game-changer’ (i.e. such as happened in 1967) to any outreach to Iran. This is the real danger.
It is unlikely that the stirring of protests in Lebanon and Iraq are somehow a direct response to the above: but rather, more likely, they lie with old plans (including the recently leaked strategy paper for countering Iran, presented by MbS to the White House), and with the regular strategic meetings held between Mossad and the US National Security Council, under the chairmanship of John Bolton.
Whatever the specific parentage, the ‘playbook’ is quite familiar: spark a popular ‘democratic’ dissent (based on genuine grievances); craft messaging and a press campaign that polarizes the population, and which turns their anger away from generalized discontent towards targeting specific enemies (in this case Hezbollah, President Aoun and FM Gebran Bassil (whose sympathies with Hezbollah and President Assad make him a prime target, especially as heir-apparent to the leadership of the majority of Christians). The aim – as always – is to drive a wedge between Hezbollah and the Army, and between Hezbollah and the Lebanese people."
"We have noted before, how the US sought to leverage the unique consequences arising from two World Wars, and the debt burden that they bequeathed, to award itself dollar hegemony, as well the truly exceptional ability to issue fiat credit across the globe at no cost to the US (the US simply ‘printed’ its fiat credit). US financial institutions could splurge credit around the world, at virtually no cost – and live off the rent which those investments returned. But ultimately that came at a price: The limitation – to being the global rentier – has become evident through disparities of wealth, and through the incremental impoverishment of the American middle classes that the concomitant off-shoring brought about. Well-paid jobs evaporated, even as America’s financialised banking balance sheet ballooned across the globe."
"Saudi Arabia Launches Its Long-Awaited IPO Of Aramco" (Durden). In their own stock market - which is almost as good as selling shares out of the back of a van - as they couldn't find a legitimate stock market to take it!

August 10, 2019

I think the significance of the August Epstein event - whatever it was - has not been fully appreciated.  Epstein had so many horrible secrets on so many horrible, yet powerful, men that his life was in extreme danger in custody.  Everybody in the country was aware of it.  It was the subject of jokes and cartoons.  His jailers knew it.  You know the meme 'you had one job'.  They had one job, which was to keep him alive.  They didn't do it, and that can only be intentionally.

The CIA came up with the term 'conspiracy theory' to attempt to constrain speculation about the assassination of JFK, and it has been used ever since to mock anyone who questions the various Official Stories that let the inhabitants of the hegemon live with themselves.  That trick died on August 10, 2019.

"Jeffrey Epstein's Accused Madam Attended Secretive Jeff Bezos 'Writer's Retreat' Last Year" (Durden).

Sunday, November 03, 2019

International state banditism

"Growing Indicators of Brennan's CIA Trump Task Force by Larry C Johnson" (also):
"So what did John Brennan do? I am told by an knowledgeable source that Brennan created a Trump Task Force in early 2016. It was an invitation only Task Force. Specific case officers (i.e., men and women who recruit and handle spies overseas), analysts and admin personnel were recruited. Not everyone invited accepted the offer. But many did.
This was not a CIA only operation. Personnel from the FBI also were assigned to the Task Force. We have some clues that Christopher Steele's FBi handler, Michael Gaeta, may have been detailed to the Trump Task Force (see here).
So what kind of things would this Task Force do? The case officers would work with foreign intelligence services such as MI-6, the Italians, the Ukrainians and the Australians on identifying intelligence collection priorities. Task Force members could task NSA to do targeted collection. They also would have the ability to engage in covert action, such as targeting George Papadopoulos. Joseph Mifsud may be able to shed light on the CIA officers who met with him, briefed on operational objectives regarding Papadopoulos and helped arrange monitored meetings. I think it is highly likely that the honey pot that met with George Papadopoulos, a woman named Azra Turk, was part of the CIA Trump Task Force.
The Task Force also could carry out other covert actions, such as information operations. A nice sounding euphemism for propaganda, and computer network operations. There has been some informed speculation that Guccifer 2.0 was a creation of this Task Force.
In light of what we have learned about the alleged CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, there should be a serious investigation to determine if he was a part of this Task Force or, at minimum, reporting to them.
When I described this to one friend, a retired CIA Chief of Station, his first response was, "My God, that's illegal." We then reminisced about another illegal operation carried out under the auspices of the CIA Central American Task Force back in the 1980s. That became known to Americans as the Iran Contra scandal."
"Europe’s gas alliance with Russia is a match made in heaven" (Bhadrakumar)

It's funny - well, not so funny when you consider the standard Khazar practice is to run the (((media))) to lie in the specific way of only producing news that is Good For The Jews - that the big, shattering changes in the world hardly find their way into the (((media))).  The inconvenient real revolutions are hardly mentioned (while the (((media))) is full of stories about the fake color revolutions, so much so that you can use (((media)) coverage, or lack thereof, to separate the real from the CIA), the warnings from Pompeo to Saudi Arabia and even the Israelis that if they do something nuts with respect to Iran, they won't be backed up by American troops, and the huge loss of the hegemon in its plans to replace Russian gas with American gas . . . these changes are barely mentioned, at least in the US, yet these are the things that change the world.

Wars For The Jews, suckers!:  "First Images Of US Troops Occupying Syria's Oil Fields Stir Outrage" (Durden).  Again, as Assad himself noted, Trump is usefully Clarifying.  He did the right thing in agreeing to get out of Syria, then the shekels and Mega Group blackmail immediately landed, so Yinon was reintroduced, and Trump's talking points no doubt came directly from Sheldon's mouth.  It makes the hegemon look pathetic.

"Resistance report: Shameless Washington keeps occupying Syrian oilfields, while the Syrian Army enters several new areas to fend off Turkish aggression" (Mirzaei) - "international state banditism".

"Washington’s Belated Armenian Genocide Recognition Is Politically Motivated" (Antonopoulos).  The House, the most shekeled political body in the world, normally wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole, as it supposedly undermines the sanctity of the only possible genocide, the one featuring Khazars as victims - as has been noted by the wise and informed, the Armenian Genocide, a mass killing of Christians, was organized by Crypto-Jews in Turkey as part of their overarching program of anti-gentilism, in a very similar way to how many mass slaughters in Russia blamed on Stalin are just Khazars settling old scores with their unfortunate neighbors, and it is simply breathtaking the Evil (((these people))) have gotten away with over the centuries by control of the (((media))) and (((academic studies))) - but the Khazars lifted the ban specifically as a slap to Turkey.

"‘Astounded and heartbroken’: Rep. Ilhan Omar faces fallout over Armenian Genocide vote" (Arria).  This was exactly the proper vote for this stunt, yet Omar is going to be dragged through the Khazar mud for failing to demonstrate the proper reverence for the 'human rights' manipulation (just like the sudden phony concern expressed by the (((media))) for the plight of the 'betrayed' Kurds).

"The Mueller Report’s Secret Memos" (Leopold, etc).  Nowhere near as interesting as they would have you believe (though the quote from Bannon on what paying Stormy says about Cohen is superb!), but it is interesting to see the confirmation that the 'break' between Trump and Bannon was completely fake.

Argentina as the template for future success:  "The Age of Anger Exploding in Serial Geysers" (Escobar).

"Israel Plans To Assassinate Saad Hariri" (Taxi).

"OPCW Losing Credibility As Even More Revelations Surface On Douma" (Johnstone).  "White Helmets plotting to stage new chemical weapons incidents in Syria – Russian Foreign Ministry".  And even as many of them are safely settled in Canada preparing to open human organ bbq restaurants:  "Trump approves $4.5 million in aid to ‘White Helmets’ in Syria".

The ongoing, and almost comical, (((media))) lying about Sanders and his popularity.

Tweet (Mark Amers) (this is exactly what 'swatters' do, hoping to have their target killed by trigger-happy law enforcement):
"DC police, acting on Trump-backed Venezuela opposition's bogus complaint, launched SWAT raid on home of American journalist @MaxBlumenthal critical of Trump's Venezuela policies. The warrant ID'd Blumenthal as "armed & dangerous"—a set-up for deadly force"
 Tweet (trappedinawrpool):
"Canada has military troops RCMP and CBSA agents based in Jerusalem under US command tasked with helping Israel enforce its rule over the West Bank. The bulk of our "aid" to Palestinians goes to fund this project"
"Hillary Cackles with Glee as She Recounts Killing Jeffrey Epstein with Trevor Noah!" (Batty).

Saturday, November 02, 2019

On your own

"Russia Isn’t Getting the Recognition It Deserves on Syria" (Ritter).  Well, maybe not from the (((media))) - but what would you expect from those liars? - but all informed commentary seems very respectful of Russian diplomacy, which stands in stark contrast to the striking American inability/unwillingness to negotiate anything (a problem which is starting to seriously weaken the hegemon's power).  Ritter provides a nice short history for those who forget that the latest win-win-win in northern Syria was not the only Russian diplomatic success.  It is also worth remembering that the Russians have taken protecting Syria so seriously partly because of the massive betrayal of the War For The Jews in Libya (a moral outrage of staggering proportions that is entirely on Barry/Hillary).

"Robert McNamara’s Infamous “Project 100,000” and the Vietnam War. A Premeditated Crime against Humanity" (Romanoff).  Is it too much of a conspiracy to think that the current sad economic/mental state of The Deplorables, and the complete failure of the US government to do the slightest thing about it (even under Trump, who still needs that support), is because the Assholians need cannon fodder that has no economic prospects other than enlisting to fight Wars For The Jews?

"Canadian peacekeeping mission in Ukraine 'Plan B' for Kyiv, official says" (Brewster) (comments are almost all woke!).  "Freeland touts Alberta roots in post-election speech that calls for unity" (watch out for those proud 'roots', Chrystia!).

"Times runs fake Browder story by acolytes Ben Brandon & Alex Bailin" (Komisar).  A few of the commas might not have been outright lies.

The magic of Soleimani:  "Iran Foils Plot To Oust Iraqi PM In Latest Sign Of Tehran's Growing Influence" (Durden).

"The Lebanese ‘Canary in the Mine’ Is Signalling Mid-East Trouble Ahead" (Crooke):
"This shift has been signalled in so many ways: the US non-reaction to the Iranian downing of its drone; the US’ non-reaction to the 14 September Aramco strikes; the red-carpet laid down for President Putin in Riyadh – that the direction of US policy ‘travel’ is plain. Yet, nothing signals it more evidently than Secretary Pompeo’s recent message to Israel, during his last visit: i.e. you, O Israel, should feel free to respond to any threats to your security, from whatever source, and arising from wherever. (Translation: You (Israel) are on your own), but please don’t escalate tensions. (Translation: don’t place our American forces as ‘pig-in-the-middle’ of your disputes, as we want the withdrawal to proceed smoothly). Of course, Trump doesn’t want Congress snapping at his trouser legs, as he unfolds this controversial act."

Friday, November 01, 2019

The unwise hegemon

The wise hegemon doesn't require of its vassals what they simply cannot deliver.

"Denmark removes final hurdle for Russian gas pipeline to Europe".

"Trump Loses More Than Just The Battle Over Nordstream 2" (Luongo):
"In the end, the Trump administration likely spent more money opposing this project than it cost Gazprom to build it, when you factor in all the other moves made to counter Russia in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and across Europe.
And the goal here was always to stop Nordstream 2 to retain some leverage over Russia by Ukraine in their negotiations of a new gas transit contract which expires at the end of 2019.
The same time that Nordstream 2 was supposed to be completed. U.S. pressure delayed this by a couple of months here as the pipeline won’t be ready on January 1st, but now that the permit has been granted there is no real leverage to play against Russia in Ukraine talks.
The gambit was to stop Nordstream 2 and then lambaste publicly, if not sue, Gazprom for not meeting its contracted volumes for delivery. This would bind the company down for years in more frivolous lawsuits within the EU while the U.S. stepped in, like the white knight, to keep Europeans from freezing to death.
Fortunately, for the world, that plan failed."
"If Nordstream 2 wasn’t the optimal solution to Europe’s needs blame the U.S. and the EU itself for forcing Russia to scuttle South Stream in 2014 and fomenting a coup and the subsequent failed state known today as Ukraine then as well.
We broke what didn’t need fixing. But the U.S./U.K. obsessions with blunting the rise of China and enacting revenge on Russia for not becoming a vassal state to Wall St. and City of London under Putin wouldn’t be appeased.
There had to be one last major push for central Asian chaos and Nordstream 2 was only of those major offensives, like Syria, the war against the Donbass, the invasion of Yemen and the isolation of Iran.
All of those projects are coming to their very rapid conclusion now. And the geopolitical map will be forever changed.
Nordstream 2 going forward means now that Ukrainian President Zelensky will come to a quick decision on a transit contract with Gazprom. He’s already accepted the ‘Steinmeyer Formula’ for settling the conflict in the Donbass.
He’ll meet with Putin and risk a coup by the Banderists to get this done. He has to or Ukraine will not survive.
After four plus years of stalemate on these issues, like Brexit, when crunch time happens, everyone folds their hands and cuts a deal.
Had somehow Poroshenko remained in power Ukraine would continue to sink into irrelevance as the U.S. would keep them on the same ruinous path out of spite and the vain hope of success in the future.
So the future of Nordstream 2 was written in stone years ago, as Poroshenko’s approval sank into the abyss.
Moreover, Trump has lost the whip hand over Merkel on energy which means a quick reversal of foreign policy positions with respect to Russia. Once the Donbass is solved and a gas transit contract signed/extended and Nordstream 2 completed, expect the EU to lift sanctions on Russia and resume normal trade relations.
The first two things will likely happen now before the end of the year. Sanctions will be lifted in 2020.
Had Nordstream 2 failed, none of these outstanding issues would resolve themselves in the next five years.
This is how important Nordstream 2 was to the future of Europe and it proves that a pipeline and mutually beneficial trade, more so any political union, is a more powerful weapon than all the tanks in the world."
"Ukraine plans more troop withdrawals in east ahead of peace talks" (Rothschild).  "Ukraine and separatist troops begin withdrawal from Luhansk town".

The hegemon never has a Plan B, as threats of war or economic devastation are always assumed to be enough.  Then that rascal Putin pops up again with that incomprehensible thing called 'diplomacy', and the hegemon has no answer to that (except more war).  In fact, I doubt there is a soul in the State Department who has the slightest idea of what diplomacy is.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The 'local population'

""Jeffrey Epstein Was Strangulated", Famous Forensic Expert Says" (Durden).  Barr is supposed to be investigating this, and the whole Barry/Clinton/IC/Ukrainian attacks on Trump, but since he's Deep State himself, nothing will come of it (except maybe some symbolic actions against a few of the worst FBI coup plotters).

"The Oil Mystery Undermining An Aramco IPO" (Bobb):
". . . Saudi Aramco has not submitted to an independent audit of its reserves since 1980. Stated reserves have barely budged since 1998 according to the most recent BP Statistical Review of World Energy despite enormous production. One would think that 20 years of robust production would have had some downward effect on reserve numbers.
But even if reserves have in reality held steady, what’s left of the total oil resources under Saudi Arabia has been declining. (Resources are typically defined as original oil in place, a rather vague estimate. Reserves are defined as oil which can be extracted profitably at today’s prices using current technology from proven deposits. Reserves are only a tiny fraction of resources though reserves may be expanded through exploration and sufficient drilling.)
Why might investors be skittish about Aramco’s oil reserve claims? Back in 2011 diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks revealed that the company might not have the reserves it is claiming, though the diplomats misstated how much lower those reserves might be. But perhaps the biggest reason for the skittishness is that the company seems unwilling to make full disclosure about its reserves. That is almost certainly one of the reasons why the IPO will not be appearing on the New York Stock Exchange which has standards of disclosure that would require an independent audit of reserves."
"Saudi Arabia is $3.4B behind on its payments for Canadian LAVs" (Sevunts).  Canada is not only providing, but paying for, the tools of Saudi repression of its own people and the illegal war on Yemen!

The Blumenthal arrest: "Weaponizing Venezuela’s ex-ruling elite" (Levine).

"PATRICK LAWRENCE: A Sudden-Seeming Power Shift in the Middle East".  The Americans can't do diplomacy, and so have no answer to any diplomatic solutions other than more violence.

"Chilean Protests: A Revolt against Neoliberalism the Media Refuses to Acknowledge" (MacLeod) (my emphasis in red; we can use American (((media ))) coverage, or lack thereof, and the amount of lies involved to easily distinguish real revolutions from color revolutions):
"There has been comparatively little coverage of the massive movement in Chile. And much of it obscures what the protests are for, and crucially, what they are. Neoliberalism is largely absent in mainstream reporting of the protests; there has been no mention of the word or its derivatives in any reporting on Chile from CNN, MSNBC or Fox News, for example. Meanwhile Slate amended the title of an article originally titled “Chile’s People Have Had Enough of Neoliberalism” so the headline read simply “Chile’s People Have Had Enough”, removing all mention of the word from their reporting
The real driver in all this, according to a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, was not crony capitalism, but the socialist governments of Cuba and Venezuela, who are “playing a key role” in directing the movement. Piñera, it explains, was “forced to declare a state of emergency” to “protect property and life” from the “left-wing terrorists savaging Santiago and cities around the country.” Only a fool would believe these protests are organic, it explains. After all, “market policies have been successful” in Chile, so why would anyone be unhappy? The United States, however, sees a Russian hand directing the protest. Trump-appointed Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Michael Kozak claimed that the Kremlin has penetrated Chilean social networks and was circulating fake news in order to inflame tensions."
"Meanwhile Human Rights Watch, always quick to condemn leftist Latin American governments like Bolivia, Venezuela or Nicaragua for their transgressions, called for the swift prosecution…of the protestors. Its Director of the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, stating, “Prosecutors should also carry out prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations into serious crimes committed by demonstrators in recent days.” The full-scale crackdown and the suspension of the most basic civil liberties merely had Vivanco “worried” that “there has been an excess of force” from the government."
"US intensifies geopolitical struggle over Syria" (Bhadrakumar) (the Yinon-driven oil fields theft gambit is inevitably going to lead to further serious distancing between Turkey and the US, which is why it is not a sustainable MAGA plan, despite the massive shekeling of the last few days):
"Suffice to say, Trump’s plans for the oil-rich Euphrates Basin will seriously undermine the scope for any serious Turkish-American rapprochement. Turkey can only become more beholden to Russia and Iran in the making of post-war Syria. 
The noted scholar and author on Russia and Eurasian studies  Michael A. Reynolds at the Princeton University concluded an utterly fascinating essay recently entitled TURKEY AND RUSSIA: A REMARKABLE RAPPROCHEMENT:
“The inability, or unwillingness, of American policymakers to craft policies that take into account the fundamental security concerns and sensitivities of a country that has, for decades, been a key partner of the United States in the Middle East, the Balkans, the Black Sea, the Caucasus, and Eurasia must be central to any explanation of the current turn in Turkish-Russian relations. The mutual willingness of Washington and Ankara to rebuild their ties will be the key determinant of the future of the Turkish-Russian relationship.” "
Trump's current position is so ridiculous that even the stupidest normie is going to be able to see that this mess is entirely (((donor))) driven.

Despite all The Intercept material, Bolsonaro appears to be largely bullet-proof, but this particular murder seems to be causing him real concern:  "Supreme Court may investigate involvement of Jair Bolsonaro in Marielle Franco’s murder".

"The Failed FBI Plot to Paint Trump Doing Deals with Putin by Larry C Johnson".  (((Marshall))) was beside himself with joy in early misuse of Sater as a weapon against Trump until it turned out he was an FBI CI and the standard slurring of him as a Russian agent became too ridiculous.

"A Window into Jewish Guilt" (Atzmon).  "Hoax Alert: The Trump Swastika of Yale (2019)" (Semitic Controversies).  Guilt is a problem that psychopaths don't have.

Excellent, detailed discussion on the current state of lawfare in its birthplace:  "Israel’s new moves to ‘legalize’ the occupation" (Cook).  The 'local population'!  This kind of lawfare chutzpah is what got Shylock in trouble, and it is the main calling card of Khazars throughout history, and probably the single most important factor in why the often find themselves in trouble.  Letting them have an actual fucking state is sheer insanity, and must be corrected asap!

Hello, Newman!:  "U.S. Universities Bow to Pressure" (Giraldi).

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

He died like a dog

The Nazi behind the curve (I should really stop using Nazi as a pejorative, even though with Freeland it is a 100% accurate description, and though her consistent impulses come not from her profound Nazi heritage but from her Cecil Rhodes/globalist indoctrination, and LaRouchians aren't wrong, at least with respect to Freeland).  "Canada calls for new vote after disputed Bolivian election" (Dyer).  "Open Letter Calling on the Canadian Government to Stop Backing a Corrupt, Repressive and Illegitimate Haitian President" (Engler) (also here and here).  "Canadian imperialism in Haiti in the spotlight" (Engler).  "A Progressive Surge Is Brewing Across Latin America" (Madsen).  "Elections and Uprisings: Is Latin America Once Again Liberating Itself From The U.S.?" (Antonopoulos). Canada is behind serious recent attacks on the peoples of Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, Cuba, Brazil and, of course, Venezuela, and The Nazi doesn't even bother to hide it!

"We Now Have Mass Public Unrest In France, Spain, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador And Bolivia" (Every).  Anti-Globalist Revolutions versus false flag Pro-Globalist Revolutions.

"Colonel Testifying Against Trump in Hoax Impeachment Fiasco is a Jewish Refugee From The Ukraine" (Rogers).  Every, single, time!  The Democrat 'impeachment' show trial consists of a series of secret, but, of course, leaked, testimonies from a variety of 'worthies' consisting of their personal interpretations of the talk which Trump has already released the gist of, and which any American can read for his or her self.  No added value in any of these testimonies, just Clintonista PR.  In this case, we have confirmation from a Ukrainian intelligence asset of the basic story created by Ukrainian intelligence!

"Can Ukraine Create a Rift between Russia and Turkey" (Henry).  The Ukes are utterly useless at everything except one thing, which is intelligence-driven political ratfucking, at which they are world experts.

"Russian Diplomacy Threatens Western Imperialism in Africa" (Ulson). The Assholes only have a chance because leaders in corrupt countries can always be bribed to make spectacularly bad choices.

"Russian MoD Doubts Trump’s Announcement of Killing ISIS Chief al-Baghdadi" (a very, very odd place for CIA Employee of the Month for the last five years to hole up!):
"Moscow pointed out that it recorded no US coalition airstrikes in the Idlib area in northwest Syria on Saturday when the raid was held.

It also rejected Trump’s claims that Russian forces opened up the airspace under its control in Syria to American planes to facilitate the operation against the IS leader.

The ministry questioned the very possibility of al-Baghdadi’s presence in Idlib as the area is held by Al-Qaeda offshoot, Jabhat al-Nusra, who have always been mortal enemies of Islamic State."
"Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’" (Escobar):
"A crack forensic team carrying samples of the fake caliph’s DNA apparently does its job in record time. The remains of the self-exploded target – then sealed in plastic bags – confirm it: it’s Baghdadi. In the dead of night, it’s time for the commando unit to go back to Irbil, a 70-minute flight over northeast Syria and northwest Iraq. Cut to Trump’s presser. Mission accomplished. Roll credits.
This all happened at a compound only 300 meters away from the village of Barisha, in Idlib, rural northwest Syria, only 5km from the Syria-Turkish border. The compound is no more:  it was turned to rubble so it would not become a (Syrian) shrine for a renegade Iraqi.
The caliph was already on the run, and arrived at this rural back of beyond only 48 hours before the raid, according to Turkish intelligence. A serious question is what he was doing in northwest Syria, in Idlib – a de facto cauldron-like Donbass in 2014 – which the Syrian army and Russian airpower are just waiting for the right moment to extinguish.
There are virtually no ISIS/Daesh jihadis in Irbil, but lots of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, as in al-Qaeda in Syria, known inside the Beltway as “moderate rebels,” including hardcore Turkmen brigades previously weaponized by Turkish intel. The only rational explanation is that the Caliph might have identified this Idlib backwater near Barisha, away from the war zone, as the ideal under-the-radar passport to cross to Turkey.
The plot thickens when we examine Trump’s long list of “thank yous” for the successful raid. Russia came first, followed by Syria – presumably Syrian Kurds, not Damascus – Turkey and Iraq. In fact, Syrian Kurds were only credited with “certain support,” in Trump’s words. Their commander Mazloum Abdi, though, preferred to extol the raid as a “historic operation” with essential Syrian Kurd intel input.
In Trump’s press conference, expanding somewhat on the thank yous, Russia again came first (“great” collaboration) and Iraq was “excellent”: the Iraqi National Intelligence Service later commented on the break it had gotten, via a Syrian who had smuggled the wives of two of Baghdadi’s brothers, Ahmad and Jumah, to Idlib via Turkey.
There’s no way US Special Forces could have pulled this off without complex, combined Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian Kurd intel. Additionally, President Erdogan accomplishes one more tactical masterpiece, juggling between performing the role of dutiful, major NATO ally while still allowing al-Qaeda remnants their safe haven in Idlib under the watchful eye of the Turkish military.
Significantly, Trump said, about Moscow: “We told them, ‘We’re coming in’ … and they said, ‘Thank you for telling us.’” But, “they did not know the mission.”
They definitely didn’t. In fact, the Russian Defense Ministry, via spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov, said it had “no reliable information about US servicemen conducting an operation to ‘yet another’ elimination of the former Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the Turkish-controlled part of the Idlib de-escalation zone.”
And on Trump’s “we told them,” the Russian Defense Ministry was emphatic: “We know nothing about any assistance to the flight of US aircraft to the Idlib de-escalation zone’s airspace in the course of this operation.”
According to ground sources in Syria, a prevalent rumor in Idlib is that the “dead dog” in Barisha could be Abu Mohammad Salama, the leader of Haras al-Din, a minor sub-group of al-Qaeda in Syria. Haras al-Din has not issued any statement about it.
ISIS/Daesh anyway has already named a successor: Abdullah Qardash, aka Hajji Abdullah al-Afari, also Iraqi and also a former Saddam Hussein military officer. There’s a strong possibility that ISIS/Daesh and myriad subgroups and variations of al-Qaeda in Syria will now re-merge, after their split in 2014.
There’s no plausible explanation whatsoever for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for years, enjoying the freedom of shuttling back and forth between Syria and Iraq, always evading the formidable surveillance capabilities of the US government.
Well, there’s also no plausible explanation for that famous convoy of 53 brand new, white Toyota Hi-Luxes crossing the desert from Syria to Iraq in 2014 crammed with flag-waving ISIS/Daesh jihadis on their way to capture Mosul, also evading the cornucopia of US satellites covering the Middle East 24/7.
And there’s no way to bury the 2012 US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  leaked memo that explicitly named “the West, Gulf monarchies, and Turkey” as seeking a “Salafist principality” in Syria (opposed, significantly, by Russia, China and Iran – the key poles of Eurasia integration).
That was way before ISIS/Daesh’s irresistible ascension. The DIA memo was unmistakable: “If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).
True, the fake caliph has been proclaimed definitely dead at least five times, starting in December 2016. Yet the timing, now, could not be more convenient.
The facts on the ground, after the latest ground-breaking Russia-brokered deal between the Turks and the Syrian Kurds, graphically spell out the slow but sure restoration of Syria’s territorial integrity. There will be no balkanization of Syria. The last remaining pocket to be cleared of jihadis is Irbil.
And then, there’s the oil question. The “died as a dog” movie literally buries – at least for now – an extremely embarrassing story: the Pentagon deploying tanks to “protect” Syrian oilfields. This is as illegal, by any possible interpretation of international law, as is, for that matter, the very presence in Syria of US troops, which were never invited by the government in Damascus."
 "More Holes in Trump’s Claims About Alleged Killing of ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi" (Lendman).

"Al-Baghadi and the U.S. Special Ops Raid. Hurras al-Din Regrouping of Islamic State in Syria’s Idlib?" (Sadiq) (yes, it is worth noting, but is hardly even mentioned!):
"It’s worth noting that rather than fighting the Islamic State, the purpose of continued presence of the US forces at al-Tanf military base is to address Israel’s concerns regarding the expansion of Iran’s influence in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon."
Trump couldn't even be bothered to have the Chief Conspiracy Script Writer at the CIA write a new story:  "Hasty "Burial At Sea" & Other Baghdadi Raid Details Eerily Parallel To Bin Laden Death Mythology" (Durden).  "The Hero Dog’s Name is Still Classified!" (Anglin).

"WaPo Changes Al-Baghdadi Headline Several Times Amid 'Religious Scholar' Debacle" (Durden).

It appears that American authorities have decided to polish Blumenthal's reputation: "Will phony assault charge intimidate Grayzone editor? Unlikely." (Wilson).

"An Imperfect Bit of Statecraft" (Giraldi).  Essentially describing the Great Shekel Airlift of 2019.

"Slide In Life Expectancy For American Men Continues Amid Spike In "Deaths Of Despair"" (Durden).

"The communications equipment in Trump's Situation Room photo" (  Even if you are not into phone porn, read through to the section 'Was the photo staged?', which connects directly to the fraudulence of the 'kill'.