Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Shabbat scare

Sailer on the marching orders of the JYT:  "NYT: "Trump’s Border Stunt Is A Profound Betrayal Of Our Military"".  The funny thing is that this bizarre thinking is automatic - of course the American military can only be used to fight Wars For The Jews.  What else would you do with it?

It is completely clear now that the 'invasion' was a Republican stunt, replete with hat, and not a Soros stunt.  It seems to have worked.

"The Egregious Lie Americans Tell Themselves" (Bacharach).  One of the more obvious costs of all those Wars For The Jews.

"The Only Regime Change That Is Needed Is In Washington" (Giraldi) (on James Jeffrey, a spectacular pos even by Washington neocon standards):
"Actually, the only regime change that is needed is in Washington and it would include Jeffrey, Bolton, Haley, Pompeo, and Miller. And while we’re at it, get rid of son-in-law Jared Kushner and his claque of Orthodox Jews, Jason Greenblatt the “peace negotiator” and David Friedman the U.S. Ambassador in Israel.
None of them are capable of acting to advance any American national interest, which they wouldn’t recognize even if it hit them in the butt. Once they are gone the U.S. can bid the Middle East goodbye and leave its constituent nations to sort out their own problems.
Jeffrey’s ridiculous prescriptions for the Syrians and Russians are symptomatic of what one gets from a team of yes-men who have latched onto some dystopic ideas and pursued them relentlessly, blinded by what they believe to be American power. Someone should tell them that their antics have made that power a commodity that is dramatically depreciating in value, but it is clear that they are not listening."
The bizarre notion that the law applies to Khazars: "Registering Israel's Useful Idiots" (Giraldi).

'Terrorism':  "Blundering American ambassadors unmask the ‘War on Terror’" (Boyajian). On the strangeness that has occurred once the Israeli stinktanks decided that the fear of 'terrorism' had to replace the fear of commies as the main motivation of the goyim.

Another example of human beings working out peace while the 'Americans' seethe in the background, ignored as much as possible:  "Execution of Inter-Korean Summit Agreement in Military Sphere" (Asmolov).

"Afghanistan Takes Center Stage In The New Great Game" (Escobar):
"What matters most for China is Afghanistan becoming part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). That’s exactly what Chinese envoy Yao Jing told the opening session of the 4th Trilateral Dialogue in Islamabad earlier this week between China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
 “Kabul can act as a bridge to help expand connectivity between East, South and Central Asian regions,” Jing said.
Pakistani Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said: “The Greater South Asia has emerged as a geo-economic concept, driven by economy and energy, roads and railways and ports and pipelines, and Pakistan is the hub of this connectivity due to CPEC.”
For Beijing, CPEC can only deliver its enormous potential if Pakistan and India relations are normalized. And that road goes right through Afghanistan. China has been aiming for an opening for years. Chinese intel operatives have met the Taliban everywhere from Xinjiang to Karachi and from Peshawar to Doha.
The China card is immensely alluring. Beijing is the only player capable of getting along with all the other major actors: Kabul, the Taliban, the former Northern Alliance, Iran, Russia, Central Asia, the US, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and – last but not least – “all-weather” brothers Pakistan.
The only problem is India. But now, inside the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), they are all on the same table – with Iran and Afghanistan itself as observers.  Everyone knows that an Afghan Pax Sinica would involve tons of investment, connectivity and trade integration. What’s not to like?
So this is the ultimate goal of the ongoing Moscow peace talks. It’s part of a concerted SCO strategy that has been discussed for years. The long and winding road is just starting. A Russia-China-driven peace process, Taliban included. Stable Afghanistan. Islamabad as guarantor. All-Asian solution. No Western invaders welcome."
"Media Ignores Damage Stone’s Recovered Emails Do To Mueller Probe" (McNicoll):
". . . none of the reports mentioned that the messages Stone unearthed from an old telephone on Wednesday essentially end a line of inquiry that had become a central focus of the Mueller probe.
Mueller’s interest in Stone is based on the notion Stone received advance notice of the Wikileaks revelations from Russian sources, establishing a near-direct link between the Trump campaign and Russians seeking to influence the election.
The text messages Stone produced establish he learned what he knew of the Wikileaks revelations from Credico, a New York City radio host, who, according to Stone, got the information from Margaret Ratner Kunstler, a lawyer for Wikileaks and a close friend of Credico.
The Daily Caller, a conservative website, grasped the importance of the story.
“Stone, 66, reluctantly told the House Intelligence Committee in October 2017 that Credico was his back channel to WikiLeaks and Assange,” wrote Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller under the headline “Bombshell text messages support Roger Stone’s claims about Wikileaks Backchannel.”
“But he has claimed that he did not know the source or content of the Clinton campaign emails. Credico has adamantly denied being Stone’s conduit, saying in numerous interviews over the past year that Stone was lying.”
Credico has denied being Stone’s source for the information, and the two had engaged in what Ross called a “he said, he said” battle. Stone said Wednesday the texts, which his lawyers were able to obtain off a phone he stopped using in 2016, “prove that Credico was the source who told me about the significance of the material that Assange announced he had on Hillary.”"
The Clintonistas have been crowing that Stone was going to jail - "Roger Stone Is Running Out of Options" - but now it appears they'll have to try to get their revenge on the much less interesting Credico, who also did nothing wrong - "Roger Stone Contact Credico To Meet With Mueller Team After Thanksgiving".

"In Hollywood, the stars are out for the Israeli army" (Weiss/Miranda).  Thanks to shekels from both Saban and Adelson, not to mention the general 'Hollywood' corrupting!

"Malta 'identifies masterminds' of Daphne Caruana Galizia murder".

"Operation Temperer Exposed: UK Army's Secret Plan For Martial Law If 'No Deal' Brexit" (Durden).  Complaining about May's demonstrated utter incompetence is 'terrorism'.  It is still difficult to determine if this whole charade is intended to lead to a do-over referendum - following the normal practice of ignoring the will of the people in those few times when they slip up and allow it to be expressed - or whether May is legitimately this stupid.

Tweet (MSNBC):
"Brian Williams: Do you believe we'll ever see Julian Assange on American soil, say nothing of inside an American courtroom? Fmr. CIA Dir. John Brennan: Yes."
Tweet (Ben White):
"In the last 24 hours, three positive campaign developments: 1. Airbnb removes Israeli settlement listings. 2. Quakers become first British church to state it will not invest in any company profiting from Israeli occupation. 3. Canadian Federation of Students endorses BDS."
"Jewish Students Applaud Canadian Federation of Students’ BDS Resolution". Bearing in mind that BDS is a Khazar trick . . .

"Trump’s jaded view of two world wars" (Madsen).  This is Madsen at his absolute worst, contentless, evidenceless #Resistance-style drivel, but he may be inadvertently pointing to the fact that on a deep level, Trump is indeed woke, and realizes that these celebrated wars - celebrated by exactly the people who want to use them as the template for the next one - were rackets.

That rascal Putin, weaponizing friendship and playing a new angle:  "Is Russia full-on supporting Hamas?" (Abu Amer).

"Netanyahu’s Ceasefire Is Meant to Keep Gaza Imprisoned" (Cook).  Cook uncharacteristically falls for the Israeli spin on the 'botched' Israeli commando mission.

"The Reason for Killing Iranians" (Hornberger).  'Regime change' from within.  You have to remember that this might be a trick on the Khazars, who have paid lots of good bribing shekels for a real war with American boots on the ground, but are being pawned off with (extremely) unlikely hopes of a new Iranian counter-revolution.

"Ecuador’s Soft Coup and Political Persecution" (Correa).  The South American pattern of getting the extreme right-wing government you want by extremely unconstitutional measures, so outrageous that people are taken aback, and flat-footed in responding, by the fact they had the nerve to try it.

"Report: Saudi royals turn on king's favourite son after killing".  Qatari mischief?  No, it's Rothschild mischief:  "sources close to the royal court told Reuters news agency".  Also:
"Senior US officials, meanwhile, have indicated to Saudi advisers in recent weeks they would support Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz - who was deputy interior minister for nearly 40 years - as a potential successor to King Salman, according to Saudi sources with direct knowledge of the consultations.

Amid international outrage over Khashoggi's murder, dozens of princes and cousins from powerful branches of the Al Saud family want to see a change in the line of succession, but will not act while King Salman - the crown prince's 82-year-old father - is still alive, sources said.

They recognise the king is unlikely to turn against his favourite son, the report added.

Rather, they are discussing the possibility with other family members that after the king's death Prince Ahmed, 76, uncle of the crown prince, could take the throne, according to the sources.

Prince Ahmed, King Salman's only surviving full brother, would have the support of family members, the security apparatus, and some Western powers, one of the Saudi sources said."
"El Al diverts flight after religious passengers cause uproar over Shabbat scare".  The riots were to get the planes to crash - or at least land! - before sunset, so all would be well.  Given everything that is done for them, it much be a bitch to mange that level of entitlement.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Unable to control your sadism

"The Iranian Albatross the US Has Hung Around Its Own Neck" (Crooke):
". . . the future axis of conflict in the region will not be as Trump and PM Netanyahu had hoped. It will be focused not on Iran, but will rotate towards a further round of conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood and its patrons – Turkey and Qatar. Some Gulf states are more frightened of Islamist Muslim Brotherhood dissidence within their emirates than they are frightened of Iran, which has no history of external state expansion. These anxieties are driving – and represent – the new regional re-alignment.
And these Gulf states, the UAE and Saudi, are fearful that Turkey – the old Ottoman imperial political power, and seat of the Islamic Umma – might just succeed in usurping Saudi Arabia’s Islamic credentials – as diminishing Saudi’s position as being no more than an inept Custodian of Mecca and Medina (the Turkish press is full of such claims). This would strip the Gulf of much of its significance and value to Washington. 

And whilst the Gulf has made its turn toward a quasi-secularism to please the West, Turkey has been quietly vacuuming up what there is of the Gulf’s discarded Islamic credibility in the form of a MB-style, ‘soft’ Islamism – and a very explicit neo-Ottoman revanchism, fueled by Turkey’s sense of being victim to a conspiracy led by Mohamed bin Zayed, the US and Israel.

Thus, the axis of the coming conflict is more likely to be that between a fearful Gulf, and an increasingly assertive Turkey, bidding for the leadership of the Islamic sphere. As for Iran, it can contemplate these events with sanguinity: Saudi being pressed to end its campaign against Yemen -and end its siege of Qatar. And, additionally, this new regional dynamic will only serve to push Turkey and Qatar closer to Iran.
None of this can be countered as promising for Mr Trump. Turkey will ‘lead’ on embracing the Palestinian cause (with Iran and Qatar in the rear), and MbS will lack the credibility or standing to lead any new ‘war’ against Iran after the disaster of Yemen, nor be able to coerce the Palestinians into capitulation in the face of the ‘deal of the century’. Even his near incapacitated father, as well as the al-Saud family, understand Netanyahu’s strategy to bury the ‘idea’ of a Palestinian state – and in any event, Bibi’s strategy is likely to be overtaken by internal politics, as Israel struggles with the implications of Lieberman’s resignation."
Long American interpretation of Iran and Soleimani, based, of course, on coarse falsehoods, but by a sophisticated analyst who is not stupid (note how much time the author spends on rationalizing some of the nonsense):  "Qassem Soleimani and Iran’s Unique Regional Strategy" (Soufan).  Although it may seem like the Americans haven't got a clue, useful information is available to them (particularly from non-neoconned professional sources, which still exist, even if deeply buried within the Pentagon).  They can't act on it because  . . .shekels.

"After Lebanon 2006, Syria 2011 And Iraq 2014, The “Arab NATO” And A Sunni-Shia War To Revive" (Magnier):
"All wars initiated or supported by the US establishment – from the occupation of Iraq in 2003, the second Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, the regime-change in Syria in 2011 and the occupation of a third of Iraq in 2014 – have failed in their goal of stoking the fire of sectarian war between Sunni and Shia in the Middle East. The failure of this strategy has pushed the US establishment towards two new options: the first, of using media to reveal Saudi Arabia’s intention to harm the Iranian economy and assassinate its military commanders. The second is to promote and advertise for an “Arab (Sunni) NATO Army”. The goal is to keep the possibility of sectarian war alive.

The struggle for dominance between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been going on since the fall of the Shah and the victory of the Islamic Republic in 1979. Nevertheless, today’s level of direct confrontation in various parts of the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrein and Yemen) is unprecedented. This is partly the result of US efforts to throw gasoline on the fire of hate and competition between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

It is against the interests of the US establishment to see the Iran-Saudi struggle wane because that would damage the US economy. Trump said clearly that he needs Arab money in exchange for the protection he is offering, otherwise “the Arab regimes won’t last for one week”. Accordingly, a state of non-war or non-competition between Tehran and Riyadh would significantly reduce the billions of dollars in US arms sales to Saudi."
There is nothing even slightly 'American' about this, it is pure Yinon.  A massive war in the Middle Eat would permanently ruin the American economy, and, as has been made clear, the Saudi arms contracts are either illusory or not that important.  Just as with the nonsense of 'wars for oil', 'wars for arms contracts' is the lie told to protect the real scoundrels.  Manipulating the Sunni-Shiite divide, though, is real, and has been the keystone of Zionism for years.

"A Singularly Semitic Scandal" (Langdon) (a reverse #metoo, with bizarre vehement calls not to listen to the victim, and an amazing component of violent nepotism, what's not to like?):
". . . no-one has taken account of an obvious and important fact: all four of the most important figures in the scandal are drawn from a single tiny ethnic minority. This is a singularly Semitic scandal, because Avital Ronell, Nimrod Reitman, Judith Butler and Jacques Derrida are all Jews. Indeed, Ronell and Reitman are both “of Israeli heritage.

But that is not the only reason that the scandal is singularly Semitic. The unhinged behaviour of both Ronell and Reitman casts an unforgiving light on Jewish psychology and on the strong Jewish tendency towards both megalomania and malice. Bernd Hüppauf, a German academic who worked at NYU and was ousted by Ronell after giving her a job there, offers this assessment of his nemesis in the left-wing journal Salon:
Before I offered Avital Ronell her job, I’d had many in-depth conversations with her. She engaged my queries with what seemed like understanding. She said she’d throw herself into the building of an integrated study and research program. She promised actively to contribute to department research, conferences and publications. Once she had assumed the position, however, she broke all her promises. She did her best to sabotage the program. She pursued one goal: The work of Avital Ronell and Jacques Derrida must be at the center of all teaching and research. Instead of an academic program, we were left with boundless narcissism. Once she’d become the head of the German department, she had her secretary announce in a departmental meeting that in the German department no student’s written work would any longer be acceptable unless it cited Derrida and Ronell. …

The quality of teaching in the department unraveled. The carefully planned program of teaching German literature was ignored. Many students arrived in the department with minimal knowledge of German literature or history. The courses that were meant to correct this no longer existed. Now philosophy, from Hegel to Judith Butler, was taught. But multidisciplinarity quickly deteriorated into dilettantism. Students were encouraged to take philosophy seminars at other universities. Soon, students who had learned about deconstruction and feminism in Paris, but who had no idea who Gottfried Benn, Joseph Roth and Alfred Döblin were, were no exception in the department. As one student told me, “We study in a German department where French theory is taught in English.” …

Included in Professor Ronell’s instruments of domination was the absolute control of information. Information streams were strictly controlled, and a thick net was spun that captured and distributed them as she saw fit. At a department meeting Professor Ronell let it be known through her secretary that no member of the department would be allowed to make contact with any dean at NYU without her (Professor Ronell’s) explicit consent. Soon after that, there were no more department meetings. Information was exchanged only in one-on-one conversations. Whoever did not belong to the inner circle had no access to information. …

I have saved a letter from a student who was close enough to Avital Ronell to study her in detail. He was an older student who had completed training as a psychotherapist. He had wanted to write his dissertation under her guidance. After one year, he gave up, disillusioned, and left the department. I quote from an E-mail he wrote to Professor Ronell:

From my interactions with you and observing you 
in various settings, you give the impression that you suffer from a well-known mental illness referred to as malignant narcissism in a borderline structure … There are clear clinical descriptions of sadistic object relations. You may get some sense of why your criticisms of students are so often felt to be destructive and disillusioning: you appear to be unable to control your sadism.
Hüppauf also notes that “squeezing me out wasn’t enough for Ronell. … At a public event she labeled me an anti-Semite. Not that she actually believed this smear. But the accusation, once uttered, was not easy to unhear, and since it fit into her political calculations, she had no scruples deploying it.” No scruples? Devious manipulation and power-grabbing? Surely those are classic “anti-Semitic” accusations. That they all seem to be perfectly true makes no difference in the modern world. Typhlism [“the practice of turning a blind eye to essential but inconvenient facts”] rules, remember.
But Ronell didn’t win all that power and control on her own. Just as she promoted Derrida’s and Butler’s work and reputation, so her friends promoted hers. In other words, the scandal also reveals the ethnic nepotism that has allowed Jews to dominate and corrupt certain fields in modern academia. I would say that Derrida, Butler, Ronell and Reitman are all intellectual charlatans who owe their success to ethnic nepotism and imposture. Judith Butler and Jacques Derrida, two giants of the modern humanities, have contributed nothing to serious scholarship, but enormous amounts to obscurantismand logorrhoea. Derrida’s philosophy is obscurantism, but with a strong ingredient of ethnic interests. As philosopher John Caputo puts it, “the idea behind deconstruction is to deconstruct the workings of strong nation-states with powerful immigration policies, to deconstruct the rhetoric of nationalism, the politics of place, the metaphysics of native land and native tongue” (here, p. 200). In other words, it is a philosophy which is useful in subverting the traditional peoples and cultures of the West, a common theme in Jewish intellectual activism in the diaspora."

Sunday, November 18, 2018


"United States Budgetary Costs of the Post-9/11 Wars Through FY2019: $5.9 Trillion Spent and Obligated" (Crawford).  Hey, that land for the Khazars isn't going to steal itself!  Note that if Trump told Shlomo to schlep all the bags of shekels back today, and put a full stop to all the Wars For The Jews, even the ongoing cost of looking after the veterans - many traumatized by the horrors that they did to completely innocent victims, and many others permanently damaged by innocent people trying to defend themselves from their illegal/immoral actions - is incomprehensibly enormous, and won't end for decades.

"NY Times: Are Jared and Ivanka Good for the Jews?" (Wallace).  Are they good for Americans?  Are they good for humanity?

"Justin Trudeau Conflating BDS With Anti-Semitism Is Dangerous" (Ghabrial/Razlogova).  It is quite a striking and unnecessary turn in his little speech, paid for with perfectly good shekels.

"The Intensified ‘Ukrainization’ of New NATO Member Montenegro" (Pavic).

"A Serb's comment on French policy in history - Jovan Pjescic", and its comments.  There's always a karma thing, eventually, in betraying your old friends.

"Barack von Obamenburg, Herr Donald, and Big Capitalist Hypocrisy: On How Fascism Happens" (Street):  "In some cases I have encountered, previously serious-seeming leftists have practically embraced Trump and channeled Moscow-hatched Caitlin/Diana Johnstoneite “red-brown” and “geopolitical” talking points [2] in the spirit of “the [nationalist]  enemy of my [globalist] enemy is [somehow] my friend.”" and "the Trumpenleft" (proving that this is, indeed, published by Counterpunch).

"Moderate Traffickers: Turkish-backed ‘Free Syrian Army’ Caught Smuggle Hashish in Ambulances".

"Bin Salman 'tried to persuade Netanyahu to go to war in Gaza' say sources" (Hearst) (I'm guessing this is Iranian propaganda, but it is good Iranian propaganda, and might even be true):
"Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attempted to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to start a conflict with Hamas in Gaza as part of a plan to divert attention from the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, sources inside Saudi Arabia have told Middle East Eye.

A war in Gaza was among a range of measures and scenarios proposed by an emergency task force set up to counter increasingly damaging leaks about Khashoggi's murder coming from Turkish authorities, according to sources with knowledge of the group's activities.

The task force, which is composed of officials from the royal court, the foreign and defence ministries, and the intelligence service, briefs the the crown prince every six hours, MEE was told.

It advised bin Salman that a war in Gaza would distract US President Donald Trump's attention and refocus Washington’s attention on the role Saudi Arabia plays in bolstering Israeli strategic interests.

It also advised bin Salman to “neutralise Turkey by all means” - including attempts to bribe Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with offers to buy Turkish arms and statements by the crown prince attempting to shore up relations between Riyadh and Ankara."
"A political analyst in Israel with knowledge of Israeli government dealings with Saudi Arabia, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, told Middle East Eye that Netanyahu was eager to help bin Salman and that it was "possible" that the Saudis had tried to persuade him to go to war in Gaza.

"But I don't think they succeeded," the analyst said. "If Netanyahu was acting upon some deal with bin Salman, he wouldn't have stopped after 48 hours, giving victory to Hamas and worse - in Saudi eyes - to the Qataris who just transfered money to the Hamas administration.

"It's evident that Netanyahu is eager to help bin Salman, but he is not ready to endanger, on MBS's behalf, the strategic asset that Hamas' rule over Gaza presents him.

"With Hamas in power and the consolidation of the division between Gaza and the West Bank, Netanyahu can continue with his primary goal: to prevent any option of an independent Palestinian state between the river and the sea. To achieve this goal, he is even ready to be humiliated by Hamas, as happened in the last round of violence.""

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Curious late entry to the rodeo:  "Is CIA leak of Bin Salman’s guilt in Khashoggi Murder aimed at Kushner, or Trump himself?" (Cole).  Actually, I think it is aimed at putting a leash on MbS.

The JYT keeps up the pressure with a nice little documentary: "Killing Khashoggi: How a Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded".

Peak Jewing:  "In first, US endorses Israeli occupation of Golan, votes against 9 anti-Israel resolutions".  Trump's unbelievable level of corruption has nothing to do with Russia, but the (((media))) will never mention it.

"Pompeo Reveals Trump-Era Confusion on Iran" (Maupin).  Pompeo is incoherent because it is impossible to describe the American position on Iran in terms of real American national interests, and he can't, of course, state the main reasons behind it, which are big bags of shekels schlepped by Shlomo to Trump and his Administration officials.  To a large extent, the point of #Russiagate is to hide the real high treason, which has been going on for decades, but has reached a fever pitch under Sheldon and other Khazar billionaires.

"How Trump’s Game of Chicken With Iran Could Weaken the Dollar’s Role as the World’s Currency" (Auerback).  Naked Capitalism always pooh-poohs the idea that world reserve currency status is in any jeopardy, so this is interesting.  Of course, loss of world reserve currency status would be the ultimate price to Americans and their empire of all those shekel bribes.

"Top Cheney Aide in Mueller’s Sights as Probe Expands" (Banco/Woodruff).  Investigating Zionist Central, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, would actually get to the real heart of the corruption.  Thus, this won't get very far!

"Middle East: Who is Actually Fighting Terrorism" (Mikhin).  The CIA seems to be rationalizing and consolidating its two terrorist wings, ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Ha!:  "US State Dept. Claims Assad Brought ISIS Into Syria, Admits US Has No Intention of Leaving Syria":
"Jeffrey opened his address by rattling off a series of lies – none of which were challenged by the mainstream media stenographer pool."
"Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Already Facing US Indictment"(Durden).  Almost certainly not an error but rather an attempt by somebody to warn Assange and his supporters.

From September:  "Speculation over fate of missing Dutchman linked to WikiLeaks" (Henley):
"A kayak believed to belong to Kamphuis, who advised governments, corporations, journalists and activists on information security, was pulled from the sea about 50km from Bodø on Thursday, police said, the day after an amateur fisherman found some of his belongings – reportedly including an ID card – floating in the water.

But mobile phone records show that 10 days after the Dutchman was seen leaving his hotel, both his work and personal mobile phones were briefly switched on – with German SIM cards inserted – more than 1,700km from the small northern town, at Vikeså near Stavanger."
"US, Britain Push Yemen Ceasefire as Tactic to Defeat Houthis" (Cunningham).

"Why Washington Blows Up over European Army":
"The irony is that now the French and German leaders are talking about setting up their own military defenses, Trump has blown a fuse.

Evidently, the American contention is not about “burden sharing” of defense. If Washington was genuinely aggrieved about supposedly defending Europe at too much of its own expense, then Trump, one would think, would be only too glad to hear that the Europeans were at last making their own military arrangements, and taking the burden off Washington.

This gets to the heart of the matter about the real purpose of NATO and presence of tens of thousands of US troops stationed in bases across Europe since 1945. American military presence in Europe is not about “protecting” its supposed allies. It is, and always has been, about projecting American power over Europe. In reality, American troops and bases in Europe are more functioning as an occupying force, keeping the Europeans in line with Washington’s strategic objectives of hegemony over the continent.

Macron and Merkel’s vision of a European army is probably fanciful anyway, without any real prospect of materializing. How such a new defense arrangement would work independently from the 29-member NATO alliance led by the US seems unwieldy and impractical.

But the latest tensions between Washington and European leaders over military organization demonstrate the real nature of America’s relationship to Europe. It is about domination by Washington over Europe and has little to do with partnership and protection.

When Trump and previous US presidents have urged greater military spending by Europe the ulterior agenda is for Europeans to pay more to underpin American military presence, not for Europeans to find their own independent defense arrangement."
"NATO’s Military Buildup along Russia’s Borders is No Joke, or is It?" (Berger) (my emphasis in red):
"Most journalists seem to agree that this senseless and comic saber-rattling was reminiscent of a blockbuster movie shooting rather than a military operation.
For instance, Der Spiegel found it rather comical that on top of erecting a platform for 300 guests, Norwegian journalists were broadcasting every stage of Trident Juncture live. In turn, the New York Times would report that ‘Cold War’ took a new meaning for US marines at these military games that Washington deemed to be extremely successful.
Although it is true that success may be measured in different ways and forms, it was of little concern for NATO commanders that the tasked force started losing ships without the opposition even showing on the horizon.
For instance, in the course of the military games Norway’s KNM Helge Ingstad collided with an oil tanker and sank. A total of eight sailors suffered severe injuries, while the crew of 138 men was forced to abandon the frigate in a bid to save their lives. It’s curious that Helge Ingstad was equipped with the Aegis combat system that should have been transmitting data from other ships and aerial vehicles to increase the survivability of the ship by increasing the situational awareness of its crew. Yet, this system has somehow managed to miss an oil tanker.
To make the matters worse, a report released by the Royal Canadian Navy states that a ‘minor fire’ broke out in a gas-turbine engine onboard HMCS Halifax in the course of Trident Juncture.
Further still, the Harry S.Truman carrier strike group had to abandon their allies in the height of an imaginary battle as its commander, rear admiral Eugene Black got overly concerned with a storm approaching the Northern Atlantic.
One can only imagine that if Russian forces would make their presence in the course of the exercise, the consequences could be far more disasterous for the formidable force assembled by Washington in Norway."
 "The Donbass Dilemma" (Black).  More wrongvoting, the scourge of our time.

"Whose Money Stoked Religious Strife in Ukraine – and Who Tried to Steal It?" (Jatras) (watching the grifters grift each other reminds me of the novel by Cain, The Grifters):
"As reported by this analyst in October, according to an unconfirmed report originating with the members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (an autonomous New York-based jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate), in July of this year State Department officials (possibly including Secretary Pompeo personally) warned the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (also based in New York but part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate) that the US government was aware of the misappropriation of a large amount of money, about $10 million, from estimated $37 million raised from believers for the construction of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine in New York. The State Department warning also reportedly noted that federal prosecutors have documentary evidence confirming the withdrawal of these funds abroad on the orders of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. It was suggested that Secretary Pompeo would “close his eyes” to this theft in exchange for movement by the Patriarchate of Constantinople in favor of Ukrainian autocephaly, which helped set Patriarch Bartholomew on his current course.
[Further details on the St. Nicholas scandal are available here, but in summary: Only one place of worship of any faith was destroyed in the September 11, 2001, attack in New York and only one building not part of the World Trade Center complex was completely destroyed. That was St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a small urban parish church established at the end of World War I and dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, who is very popular with Greeks as the patron of sailors. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, and following a lengthy legal battle with the Port Authority, which opposed rebuilding the church, in 2011 the Greek Archdiocese launched an extensive campaign to raise funds for a brilliant innovative design by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava based on traditional Byzantine forms. Wealthy donors and those of modest means alike enthusiastically contributed millions to the effort. Then – poof! In December 2017, suddenly all construction was halted for lack of funds and remains stalled to this day. Resumption would require having an estimated $2 million on hand. Despite the Archdiocese’s calling in a major accounting firm to conduct an audit, there’s been no clear answer to what happened to the money. Both the US Attorney and New York state authorities are investigating.]

This is where things get back to Ukraine. If the State Department wanted to find the right button to push to spur Patriarch Bartholomew to move on the question of autocephaly, the Greek Archdiocese in the US is it. Let’s keep in mind that in his home country, Turkey, Patriarch Bartholomew has virtually no local flock – only a few hundred mostly elderly Greeks left huddled in Istanbul’s Phanar district. (Sometimes the Patriarchate is referred to simply as “the Phanar,” much as “the Vatican” is shorthand for the Roman Catholic papacy.) Whatever funds the Patriarchate derives from other sources (the Greek government, the Roman Catholic Church, the World Council of Churches), the Phanar’s financial lifeline is the ethnic Greek community (including this analyst) in what is still quaintly called the “Diaspora” in places like America, Australia, and New Zealand. And of these, the biggest cash cow is the Greek-Americans.

That’s why, when Patriarch Bartholomew issued a call in 2016 for what was billed as an Orthodox “Eighth Ecumenical Council” (the first one since the year 787!), the funds largely came from America, to the tune of up to $8 million according to the same confidential source as will be noted below. Intended by some as a modernizing Orthodox “Vatican II,” the event was doomed to failure by a boycott organized by Moscow over what the latter saw as Patriarch Bartholomew’s adopting papal or even imperial prerogatives – now sadly coming to bear in Ukraine.

…and the Payoff

On top of the foregoing, it now appears that the State Department’s direct hand in this sordid business may not have consisted solely of wielding the “stick” of legal threat: there’s reason to believe there was a “carrot” too. It very recently came to the attention of this analyst, via an unsolicited, confidential source in the Greek Archdiocese in New York, that a payment of $25 million in US government money was made to Constantinople to encourage Patriarch Bartholomew to move forward on Ukraine.

The source for this confidential report was unaware of earlier media reports that the same figure – $25 million – was paid by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to the Phanar as an incentive for Patriarch Bartholomew to move forward on creating an independent Ukrainian church. Moreover, Poroshenko evidently tried to shortchange the payment:

‘Peter [Petro] Poroshenko — the president of Ukraine — was obligated to return $15 million US dollars to the Patriarch of Constantinople, which he had appropriated for himself.

‘As reported by Izvestia, this occurred after the story about Bartholomew's bribe and a "vanishing" large sum designated for the creation of a Unified Local Orthodox Church in Ukraine surfaced in the mass media.

‘As reported, on the eve of Poroshenko's visit in Istanbul, a few wealthy people of Ukraine "chipped in" in order to hasten the process of creating a Unified Local Orthodox Church. About $25 million was collected. They were supposed to go to the award ceremony for Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople for the issuing of a tomos of autocephaly. [A tomos is a small book containing a formal announcement.] However, in the words of people close to the backer, during the visit on April 9, Poroshenko handed over only $10 million.

‘As a result, having learned of the deal, Bartholomew cancelled the participation of the delegation of the Phanar – the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople, in the celebration of the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia on July 27 in Kiev.

‘"Such a decision from Bartholomew's side was nothing other than a strong ultimatum to Poroshenko to return the stolen money. Of course, in order to not lose his face in light of the stark revelations of the creation of the tomos of autocephaly for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Peter Alexeevich [Poroshenko] had to just return those $15 million for the needs of Constantinople," a trusted source explained to reporters.

‘For preliminary information, only after receiving the remaining sum, did Bartholomew finally give his consent to sending a delegation of the Phanar to Kiev … ‘

Now, it’s possible that the two identical figures of $25 million refer to two different pots of money (a cool $50 million!) but that seems unlikely. It’s more probable the reports refer to the same sum as viewed from the sending side (the State Department, the Greek Archdiocese) and the delivery side (Poroshenko, Constantinople).

Lending credibility to the confidential information from New York and pointing to the probability that it refers to the same payment that Poroshenko reportedly sought to raid for himself are the following observations:

  • When Poroshenko generously offered Patriarch Bartholomew $10 million, the latter was aware that the full amount was $25 million and demanded the $15 million Poroshenko had held back. How did the Patriarch know that, unless he was informed via New York of the full sum?

  • If the earlier-reported $25 million was really collected from “a few wealthy people of Ukraine” who “chipped in,” given the cutthroat nature of disputes among Ukrainian oligarchs would Poroshenko (an oligarch in his own right) have risked trying to shortchange the payment? Why has not even one such Ukrainian donor been identified?

  • Without going into all the details, the Phanar and the Greek Archdiocese have a long relationship with US administrations of both parties going back at least to the Truman administration, encompassing some decidedly unattractive episodes. In such a history, a mere bribe for a geopolitical shot against Moscow would hardly be a first instance or the worst."
"‘Unhinged’ Decorated Navy SEAL to Stand Trial for War Crimes in Iraq".

"Opinion The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel" (Sand).  While avoiding any mention of the Khazars.

Friday, November 16, 2018


"Everything You Thought You Knew About Western Civilization Is Wrong: A Review of Michael Hudson’s new book And Forgive Them Their Debts" (Siman).  "Reply to Danya Ruttenberg on Jews and Usury" (Joyce).

"Are Actions Against the Venezuelan Government Really About Oil?" (Foster). Oil is rarely the issue.  As we've seen so many times before, oil is the excuse made to hide other motivations.  The real issue with Venezuela is that its policies of not-hating/not-crushing the poor sets a bad example.  Canada has traditionally played a friendlier role towards the Americas than the Americans (it is kind of a good cop/bad cop routine), so the current mad dog approach to Venezuela really stands out.

"Trump’s Full Spectrum Assault on Palestinian Politics" (Feldman).  The old Zionist operators under Clinton or Barry managed a slightly lighter touch, but the current crop of people like 'Hello, Newman', President Jared, Bolton, Friedman, and many, many neocons throughout the Trump Administration, all going at full throttle, make it impossible to hide the shekeling.

"The Moral Fiber of Justin Trudeau" (Petersen).  Trudeau really is a shekeled piece of shit, but using Noam and Tim Wise to make your case isn't helpful.

"Federal government issues permanent postal ban on hate speech publication":
""We commend minister Qualtrough for her principled decision," said the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in a statement Thursday."
"Removing Billboard “Honoring the First Responders of Gaza” is Attack on Free Speech".  It is 'anti-Semitic' to complain about the murder in cold blood of first responders.  It is good to finally have confirmation of what 'anti-Semitism' means!

"Soros Responds To "Alarming" Facebook Exposé; Demands "Thorough Investigation"" (Durden).  “every Jew who hears the way George Soros is talked about knows the text beneath the text.”  See also:  "Pittsburgh" (MacDonald).

"Gaius Publius: Amazon Rips Off 238 Cities, States and Provinces, Then Builds in NYC and DC".  A big data-gathering trick (plus, of course, obscene grabbing of public money).

"Clapper Admits Gross Intelligence Failure on Iraq WMDs But Still Escapes Justice" (McGovern).  "The Filter Bubble: Owen Jones And Con Coughlin" (Media Lens).

Euro-trash news:  "European Leaders Have Lost the Will to Defend Western Civilization" (Bridge).  "EU Caving to Trump Pressure on Iran Sanctions, SPV ‘Alternative Mechanism’ Now in Tatters".

"Israel’s Mockery of Security: 101 Actions Israel Could Take" (Bahour).  The Khazars are so spectacularly evil they usually get away with it because no gentile can comprehend that such evil is possible.

"Is Israel Turning a Blind Eye as Israeli Scammers Swindle Victims in France, US, Elsewhere?" (Weir).  Again, the sheer magnitude, and the chutzpah, is beyond our ken.

"New York Times Kowtows to Israel, Rewrites Gaza Coverage, As Israel Harasses Its US Critics".

"Saudi Young Woman Faces Death Penalty for Peaceful Protest".

"The DOJ Is Preparing To Indict Julian Assange" (Durden).

"Andrew Anglin Condemns the Neo-Nazi Wignats He Nurtured for Years" (Griffin).  I'm always impressed by the professionalism of Daily Stormer.  Not just the writing, usually miles ahead of 'journalists' (admittedly, not much of a standard to reach), but the illustrations.  Do you think Anglin is a US government employee?

Another wonderful result obtained as a result of asking the people whether they want to be screwed over or not (as usual, all the money and power was on the screw-over side): "Calgarians reject 2026 Olympic bid in citywide plebiscite" (Smith).

Russian diplomats have managed to get around the proposition 'the friend of my enemy is my enemy':  "India Chooses Russia" (Bokarev).  I don't think India has a very happy short-term future, due to the debilitating effects of Hindu supremacist nationalism.

"Trump said Considering Extradition of Turkish Cleric to Quiet Erdogan on Khashoggi Murder".  I find it impossible to believe that the CIA would allow one of its assets, one of many stored in the US for the rainy day when some asshole is needed somewhere, to be returned home to his victims.  You don't want to make all the other assholes nervous.

"Conspiracy Within The German Military Uncovered: Armed Groups Pose Threat To Europe" (Gorka).  This is the story referred to by West, which appears to have been suppressed long enough for Merkel to have a happy Euro-NATO-WWI day with  Macron and Trump.  This kind of thing is an issue everywhere:  "Neo-Nazis Want Canadian Military Training".  Of course, the Ukrainian military, supported by Europe, is largely, and proudly, neo-Nazi.

Bit of a hole in the Official Story:  "Where was Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey Poisoned?" (Slane).

"Navy SEALs, Marines Charged With Green Beret Logan Melgar’s Murder":
"There was an ongoing disagreement between the Green Beret and DeDolph over the SEALs’ professionalism, a source familiar with the episode told The Daily Beast. Melgar was upset with lapses in operational security, according to a source familiar with the investigation’s findings. DeDolph and Matthews, both members of SEAL Team Six, were soliciting prostitutes and taking them back to the safe house in Bamako, Mali’s capital city. As The Daily Beast reported last year, Melgar had found the SEALs skimming cash from a fund to recruit informants about local Islamist activity.
“The place ran like a frat house,” the source said.
Melgar was part of a six-man intelligence operation in Mali supporting counterterrorism efforts against al-Qaeda’s local affiliate, known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Melgar reported the violation to his chain of command, drawing the ire of the SEALs and two Marine Raiders, who were also on the team assigned to assist with counterterrorism."

Thursday, November 15, 2018

'Botched' missions

"Saudi-UAE alliance orders halt in Hodeidah attack amid peace push".  No, with their tens of billions of dollars worth of western arms, they were going to lose to a group of peasants with rifles, again, and they couldn't afford the embarrassment.

"Gaza truce holds but Israeli minister's resignation leaves government in turmoil".  'Capitulation' to Hamas?  No, that's not it, he had one job, to manage Russia, and he couldn't hack it, so he had to go.  Bibi's going to be able to squirm out of his own corruption problems, and his series of failures in the land thieving business that is his main job, by claiming that he's the only guy who can fix the 'existential' crisis that now ensues.

"botched mission"

"John Bolton Says "No Evidence" Implicating Crown Prince On Khashoggi Kill Tape".  "John Bolton Wins “Defender of Israel” Award From Zionist Lobby Group That Helped Appoint Him" (Webb).  One of the big bags of shekels schlepped by Shlomo came with a coupon for a free award.

Five heads to save one:  "Five Saudis Face Death Penalty Over Khashoggi Killing; Crown Prince Cleared" (Durden).

The hero of the #Resistance, your next American President:  "Avenatti Speaks After Arrest; "I Have Never Struck A Woman"".  Quickest Stalinesque Clintonesque airbrushing evar:  "Michael Avenatti Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges (UPDATE 4)" ("It wasn't too difficult to see this one coming."!!!).  "Brutal Wop Avenatti Releases Statements from Ex-Wives Saying He Didn’t Beat Them" (Anglin).

"America Has No Peace Movement – Blame the ‘White Supremacists’" (Giraldi).  Palestine is a 'queer space', and our eyes glaze over.

"Facebook’s Zuckerberg refuses (again) to testify before world’s parliamentarians" (Pinkerton).

"I'm really tired of the weaponization of our Jewish ethnicity by plutocrats."  Actually, we're all growing fatigued with the Khazars and their tricks, and they are not just pulled by plutocrats.

Years of experience

"Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis" (too many 'journalists' to list) (my emphasis throughout in red):
"When Facebook users learned last spring that the company had compromised their privacy in its rush to expand, allowing access to the personal information of tens of millions of people to a political data firm linked to President Trump, Facebook sought to deflect blame and mask the extent of the problem.

And when that failed — as the company’s stock price plummeted and it faced a consumer backlash — Facebook went on the attack.

While Mr. Zuckerberg has conducted a public apology tour in the last year, Ms. Sandberg has overseen an aggressive lobbying campaign to combat Facebook’s critics, shift public anger toward rival companies and ward off damaging regulation. Facebook employed a Republican opposition-research firm to discredit activist protesters, in part by linking them to the liberal financier George Soros. It also tapped its business relationships, lobbying a Jewish civil rights group to cast some criticism of the company as anti-Semitic.

In Washington, allies of Facebook, including Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate leader, intervened on its behalf. And Ms. Sandberg wooed or cajoled hostile lawmakers, while trying to dispel Facebook’s reputation as a bastion of Bay Area liberalism."
(pause for a link to an obviously paid-for article on how Zuckerberg can't possibly be removed!)

(and some typical JYT #Russiagate blather)

"In October 2017, Facebook also expanded its work with a Washington-based consultant, Definers Public Affairs, that had originally been hired to monitor press coverage of the company. Founded by veterans of Republican presidential politics, Definers specialized in applying political campaign tactics to corporate public relations — an approach long employed in Washington by big telecommunications firms and activist hedge fund managers, but less common in tech.

Definers had established a Silicon Valley outpost earlier that year, led by Tim Miller, a former spokesman for Jeb Bush who preached the virtues of campaign-style opposition research. For tech firms, he argued in one interview, a goal should be to “have positive content pushed out about your company and negative content that’s being pushed out about your competitor.”

. . .

“We’re not going to traffic in your personal life,” Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said in an MSNBC interview. “Privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty.” (Mr. Cook’s criticisms infuriated Mr. Zuckerberg, who later ordered his management team to use only Android phones — arguing that the operating system had far more users than Apple’s.)

Facebook scrambled anew. Executives quietly shelved an internal communications campaign, called “We Get It,” meant to assure employees that the company was committed to getting back on track in 2018.

Then Facebook went on the offensive. Mr. Kaplan prevailed on Ms. Sandberg to promote Kevin Martin, a former Federal Communications Commission chairman and fellow Bush administration veteran, to lead the company’s American lobbying efforts. Facebook also expanded its work with Definers.

On a conservative news site called the NTK Network, dozens of articles blasted Google and Apple for unsavory business practices. One story called Mr. Cook hypocritical for chiding Facebook over privacy, noting that Apple also collects reams of data from users. Another played down the impact of the Russians’ use of Facebook.

The rash of news coverage was no accident: NTK is an affiliate of Definers, sharing offices and staff with the public relations firm in Arlington, Va. Many NTK Network stories are written by staff members at Definers or America Rising, the company’s political opposition-research arm, to attack their clients’ enemies. While the NTK Network does not have a large audience of its own, its content is frequently picked up by popular conservative outlets, including Breitbart.

Mr. Miller acknowledged that Facebook and Apple do not directly compete. Definers’ work on Apple is funded by a third technology company, he said, but Facebook has pushed back against Apple because Mr. Cook’s criticism upset Facebook.

If the privacy issue comes up, Facebook is happy to “muddy the waters,” Mr. Miller said over drinks at an Oakland, Calif., bar last month."
and (the American public is being Jewed so hard here it is almost unbelievable!) (also note the ol' cartoon trick, also played hard against Corbyn):
"By then, some of the harshest criticism of Facebook was coming from the political left, where activists and policy experts had begun calling for the company to be broken up.

In July, organizers with a coalition called Freedom from Facebook crashed a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, where a company executive was testifying about its policies. As the executive spoke, the organizers held aloft signs depicting Ms. Sandberg and Mr. Zuckerberg, who are both Jewish, as two heads of an octopus stretching around the globe.

Eddie Vale, a Democratic public relations strategist who led the protest, later said the image was meant to evoke old cartoons of Standard Oil, the Gilded Age monopoly. But a Facebook official quickly called the Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish civil rights organization, to flag the sign. Facebook and other tech companies had partnered with the civil rights group since late 2017 on an initiative to combat anti-Semitism and hate speech online.

That afternoon, the A.D.L. issued a warning from its Twitter account.

“Depicting Jews as an octopus encircling the globe is a classic anti-Semitic trope,” the organization wrote. “Protest Facebook — or anyone — all you want, but pick a different image.” The criticism was soon echoed in conservative outlets including The Washington Free Beacon, which has sought to tie Freedom from Facebook to what the publication calls “extreme anti-Israel groups.”

An A.D.L. spokeswoman, Betsaida Alcantara, said the group routinely fielded reports of anti-Semitic slurs from journalists, synagogues and others. “Our experts evaluate each one based on our years of experience, and we respond appropriately,” Ms. Alcantara said.
(The group has at times sharply criticized Facebook, including when Mr. Zuckerberg suggested that his company should not censor Holocaust deniers.)

Facebook also used Definers to take on bigger opponents, such as Mr. Soros, a longtime boogeyman to mainstream conservatives and the target of intense anti-Semitic smears on the far right. A research document circulated by Definers to reporters this summer, just a month after the House hearing, cast Mr. Soros as the unacknowledged force behind what appeared to be a broad anti-Facebook movement.

He was a natural target. In a speech at the World Economic Forum in January, he had attacked Facebook and Google, describing them as a monopolist “menace” with “neither the will nor the inclination to protect society against the consequences of their actions.”

Definers pressed reporters to explore the financial connections between Mr. Soros’s family or philanthropies and groups that were members of Freedom from Facebook, such as Color of Change, an online racial justice organization, as well as a progressive group founded by Mr. Soros’s son. (An official at Mr. Soros’s Open Society Foundations said the philanthropy had supported both member groups, but not Freedom from Facebook, and had made no grants to support campaigns against Facebook.)

Definers also circulated research about other critics of Facebook, such as Diamond and Silk, the pro-Trump social media stars who had claimed they were treated unfairly by Facebook.

In at least one instance, the company also relied on Mr. Schumer, the New York senator and Senate Democratic leader. He has long worked to advance Silicon Valley’s interests on issues such as commercial drone regulations and patent reform. During the 2016 election cycle, he raised more money from Facebook employees than any other member of Congress, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Mr. Schumer also has a personal connection to Facebook: His daughter Alison joined the firm out of college and is now a marketing manager in Facebook’s New York office, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In July, as Facebook’s troubles threatened to cost the company billions of dollars in market value, Mr. Schumer confronted Mr. Warner, by then Facebook’s most insistent inquisitor in Congress.

Back off, he told Mr. Warner, according to a Facebook employee briefed on Mr. Schumer’s intervention. Mr. Warner should be looking for ways to work with Facebook, Mr. Schumer advised, not harm it. Facebook lobbyists were kept abreast of Mr. Schumer’s efforts to protect the company, according to the employee.

A Senate aide briefed on the exchange said that Mr. Schumer had not wanted Mr. Warner to lose sight of the need for Facebook to tackle problems with right-wing disinformation and election interference, as well as consumer privacy and other issues.
As horrible as the JYT 'journalists' are, this has been one of the most enlightening revelations of concerted Jewish herding of the goyim I have ever had the pleasure to read. In particular, note the quintessential Khazar move of paying somebody to link protesters to Soros, and paying somebody else to play the 'anti-Semite' slur!!!