Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rights for Jews

"Did Alleged Russian Agent Fail Spy School?" (Baker).  Baker suffers from a sad terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, so can't draw the obvious conclusion that she is not a spy, any more than an American professor posted to Moscow for a few years, and debriefed by the State Department on his return, is a spy.  It is standard operating procedure, accepted by all sane governments, for foreign offices to attempt to gather intelligence from their ex-pats.  See Roberts:  "The Arrest of Maria Butina Is Another Hoax".

"Forget Trump: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Still Running The Show With Russia" (Fein).  'Owning' an American President isn't doing Putin much good!

"Zuckerberg On Denial and Being Wrong" (Atzmon).  The important part is in the second half, noting that the JQ is always set up to be a 'debate' amongst factions of Khazars.  Goyim, I  . . .  An excellent example is the case of BDS, whose terms, as Atzmon has noted, have been subtly changed to pose no threat to a Khazar ethno-supremacist state in the Middle East.  The 'opposition' is always controlled.

Tweet (Alex Emmons) (for example, goyim, racial segregation in the US is 'rights for whites'):
"If you've ever wondered how today's media would cover openly segregationist laws, you have your answer. From this morning's @nytimes:"
"New assault on Corbyn aims to ban criticism of Israel in Labour" (Winstanley):
"A leading pro-Israel lawmaker is being investigated by the Labour Party for allegedly slandering Jeremy Corbyn as a “fucking anti-Semite,” The Electronic Intifada can reveal."
Note all the tweets defending her which lead with a Holocaust reference!  Anglin, from 2016, having some fun:  "Corbyn Wins, Vows to Build Gas Chambers and Immediately “Cleanse Britain of the Ratfaced Kike Filth”".  It is striking how vitally important Holocaust worship is in blocking these obvious traitors from being permanently and summarily kicked out of the party. They are not just traitors to the party, but to the entire country, as their clear intent, for their vile supremacist reasons, is to block Corbyn from being Prime Minister, thus making this a real-life current example of the kind of behavior that has gotten Khazars in trouble as long as they have existed in gentile countries!

"A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria - Part 1" and "A Brief History Of US Covert Action In Syria - Part 2" (Van Wagenen).  In these days of The Clarification, we shouldn't be surprised at where Assholia finds its allies.  Note that all of this occurred under the reign of the most progressive man who has ever lived, Barry the Good (not to mention Elegant).  I like how when Kim Kardashian complained about anti-Armenian genocide, some Khazars at the Daily Beast called her a "sex tape vixen/reality TV starlet/entrepreneur" and implied she is too much of a bimbo to have an informed opinion on geopolitics.  It is remarkable how easily they get away with that kind of slurring when the actual nature of the 'rebels' in a Yinonizing civil war is inconsistent with the Official Story.

See also "Elizabeth Tsurkov on the failings of Syria’s “rebels”" (Cobban). Who knew that human organ eaters and head loppers weren't popular with their victims?

"The False Prosecution of Dzhokhkar Tsarnaev" (Roberts).  Quoting from "THE PROSECUTION OF DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV IN THE BOSTON BOMBING CASE" by John Remington Graham:
"During the trial, after I had looked into the case, I wrote an opinion, stating that, in light of known FBI-gathered evidence, there was no probable cause to charge Dzhokhar. Drawing from fragments at the scene of the explosions, the FBI crime lab and the indictment against Mr. Tsarnaev, and also the major news media, stated that the culprits were carrying black backpacks, filled with heavy pressure cooker bombs, at the time of the explosions, yet Dzhokhar in particular who was charged, not to mention his deceased brother Tamerlan, was shown in a still-frame photo from a street surveillance video used by the FBI to identify the suspects, carrying a light-weight white or silvery bag over his right shoulder only minutes before the explosions. It so happens that there were widely published photos at the time, these still available, showing men in paramilitary gear, wearing black backpacks which perfectly matched the black backpacks projected by the FBI crime lab, but these individuals were not questioned by the FBI."
Unfortunately, he continues into 'crisis actor' musings which are unnecessary and don't help his case.  The key point is that the backpacks of the brothers, as seen on surveillance photos, were the wrong color, and not big enough to hold pressure cookers.

"Ecuador Reportedly Preparing To Hand Assange To UK In "Coming Weeks Or Days"" (Durden).  "Ecuador’s Agenda: Squeezing and Surrendering Assange" (Kampmark).  Is the delay due to fear of what might be in the file that will be released on Assange's arrest?  He'd be wise to have some stuff in there that would put Moreno in jail for the rest of his sorry life.  We can wax poetic about 'press freedom' and the true nature of journalism all we want, but people like Pompeo just don't care.  In fact, one of their main goals is to make sure true journalism is over by making an example of what happens to people like Assange.

Friday, July 20, 2018


"Trump is not Putin's puppet and here's why" (Dobrokhotov).  The European market for gas.  "“I think the European Union is a foe,” Trump says on eve of Putin summit" (Stewart):

"“Well, I think we have a lot of foes,” Trump said when asked by CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor about who he thinks America’s biggest foe is, globally, right now. “I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us is in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe. Russia is a foe in certain respects. China is a foe economically, certainly they are a foe. But that doesn’t mean they are bad. It doesn’t mean anything. It means that they are competitive.”"
When Trump says 'foe' he means commercial competitor, and he regards the job of the US President as working for the top American CEOs to improve their business prospects against foreigners.  He didn't really get anywhere with respect to Russian gas and Nord Stream 2 due to two problems.  First, his 'donors' want to keep NATO as a Zionist army but his central bankers are telling him he needs to start to cut military spending, with one way to do that to get Europe to chip in more for NATO, but coming on too strong on the NATO arm-twisting left him with no chips left to play on gas.  Secondly, European plans are too far along and too connected to Russia to do a 180 now.  A US gas play needed to start at least five to ten years ago, during the time Barry was swanning around spending all of his time as President basking in the glow of being Barry, with no time to worry about gas (to be fair, the fracking gas surpluses didn't exist a few years ago, but Barry's experts should have told him it was coming and he had to find a big place to lay off a lot of it).

The bottom line is that Trump isn't acting like Putin's puppet on the most important issue at hand, and if Putin has anything on Trump, it isn't working.

"Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Snuff out Europe’s Independence" (Gorka). It is fairly fucking outrageous - and a convincing indictment of the current American policy of conducting warfare by sanctions - to sanction somebody for not buying your inferior product!

"You've Heard the Hysteria About the Trump-Putin Summit. Now Consider the Facts." (Sirohi).

One way to understand US politics is that the 'donor' model works better for Republicans than Democrats, as it does not reveal massive contradictions in the Republican set of policy positions.  The McCarthyism of current Democrats is simply amazing (the phony outrage over McFaul reminds me of even earlier American history - 'Remember the Maine').

Thursday, July 19, 2018

I hope my peers have the moral courage, as I sure don't

"A walk on the wild side as Trump meets Putin at Finland station" (Escobar):
"Trump knew he had nothing to offer Putin to negotiate on Syria. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) now controls virtually 90% of national territory. Russia is firmly established in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially after signing a 49-year agreement with Damascus.

Even considering careful mentions of Israel on both sides, Putin certainly did not agree to force Iran out of Syria.

No “grand bargain” on Iran seems to be in the cards. The top adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, was in Moscow last week. The Moscow-Tehran entente cordiale seems unbreakable. In parallel, as Asia Times has learned, Bashar al-Assad has told Moscow he might even agree to Iran leaving Syria, but Israel would have to return the occupied Golan Heights." (!)
"Chomsky on the Trump NATO Ruse" (Falcone)  If his accurately depicts Noam ('bitch', please!), he has a remarkably unsophisticated view of Trump - on a level like that of Bill Kristol - compared to that of, say, Korybko or Escobar.

"Israel’s nukes, not Syria: Man kicked out from Trump-Putin summit says AP misquoted him".  The (((media))) started to make a big thing about this - that dictator Putin kicking a journalist out! - until it came out what he was going to ask!

The Clarification is becoming awfully clear:  "Trump’s Treasonous Traitor Summit or: How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New McCarthyism" (CJ Hopkins). It is difficult to imagine, but there was a time when this type of meeting would have been the cause of considerable celebration, particularly on the left.  Part of an accurate comment by bevin:
"Frum of course is actually from Canada, the son of a successful real estate speculator and, I believe, dentist. His mother was a CBC news ‘presenter.’ His sister if I am not mistaken is an appointed Senator. Naturally he has strong feelings about foreigners interfering in US elections."
"Israel passes controversial 'Jewish nation-state' law". The Rubicon, with no turning back. They can no longer claim to be a 'normal country', but have now irrevocably proclaimed themselves to be a racist supremacist state.  They should now have permanent 'outlaw' status.  As a bonus, defining themselves as 'Jewish' completely excludes the phony-conversos, the Khazars, just as it should be.

"Leaked Netanyahu Tape: We Made Trump Cancel The Iran Deal" (Durden).

"Russia Plans $50 Billion Investment In Iran's Oil, Gas Industry" (Paraskova).

Mueller's just another Washington grifter:  "I’m the Reporter Mentioned in Mueller’s Indictment. Why Hasn’t He Spoken to Me?" (Stranahan).  He was in a hurry to get this material out before Helsinki, so who cares about minor details like proper investigation or getting the facts right?

"Ocasio-Cortez “Evolves” Her Position on Palestine to Please Zionist Democratic Mega-Donors" (Webb).  'Donors'. The problem is that an inability to pass even this simple test is also a good indication of whether you are a real socialist or just another grasper in politics for the shekels.

"Las Vegas hotel seeks immunity from lawsuits by shooting victims".  The resent series of revelations that both the internal security and police gave Paddock, or whoever actually did the shooting, all the time he needed to do his job, makes this even more outrageous.  Trying to latch onto some Homeland Security exemption is particularly rich when you remember that the main purpose of the shooting was to build up the business of installing x-ray security machines in places like casinos and hotels, to prevent gun-toting 'terrorists' from committing similar massacres.

"Columnist’s Suspension Highlights Boston Globe’s Poor Marathon Bombing Coverage" (Henry). 'Journalists' don't get into trouble for making stuff up - the (((media))) accepts that as the job.  The problem here was the all important lack of authenticity, pretending to be 'one of the guys' on the front line when he was not.

Another unsolved murder, this one 25 years old, apparently solved using familial DNA:  "Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe arrested for 1992 killing of schoolteacher Christy Mirack".  There must be some nervousness in the community of murderers that, even if you have managed to stay 'out of the system', you might be caught based on the DNA traces left by your relatives who have had no reason to be shy about their DNA.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

US - Russia - China

I'm starting to think the China hacking story is second stage US IC manipulation.  It suddenly pops up, both from Lang's IC source, and from Page (also IC), right after Trump gets back from Helsinki.  Anti-Trump derangement is at a fever pitch, with the usual suspects calling Trump no less than a traitor.  On the other hand, some analysts are stating that Trump is actually carrying out big American strategic plans, attempting to weaken China by separating Russia and China.

Korybko realized how it was going to play out months ago:  "What The US Really Wants From Russia".  This makes the New Cold War anti-Russia hysteria, expressed in large part through Trump Derangement Syndrome, just part of the larger exercise to soften Putin up to be receptive to some kind of American IC deal - you pull back from China, and we'll tone down our anti-Russian rhetoric/sanctions.  Trump is playing the uncharacteristic role of being the well-meaning diplomat, coming to Putin as a man hounded by his own IC, just like Putin, and with a deal that will get the hounders off both their backs at the same time.  Is the entire purpose of Trump Derangement Syndrome just to set Trump up as a better negotiator with Putin?

I note that this analysis makes the whole Pissgate/Russiagate/Steele/'hacking' story just Washington political theater that nobody of importance takes seriously.  It is a way to prepare Trump to advance American interests.  It is winding down as it has served its greater American purpose (but a 180 degree shift to blaming the 'hacking' on China is a breathtaking demonstration of the low regard which the American IC has of Americans!).  Note that Trump-as-traitor is not intended to weaken Trump's hand, it is intended to strengthen it.

"The Coming American-Russian Alliance Against China" (Kazianis).

"Helsinki Talks - How Trump Tries To Rebalance The Global Triangle" (Moon).

Entous, an obvious US IC asset, was the vehicle by which the Russia approach was greased into the American consciousness, putting the whole idea, improbably, on MbZ.

Note how Israel finds itself in the odd place of being a cog in the US-Russia understanding due to the dramatic backfiring of Yinon, and the sudden realization that it can't win a three-front war.  "It’s Official, “Israel” Is Now a Joint Russian-American Protectorate" (Korybko).  "Israel Pushed Heavily for Trump to Meet with Putin" (Marshall).

The funny thing is, all of these machinations are about five years too late (as usual, we can blame everything on Barry's fecklessness).  Russia has firmly and irrevocably signed on to the Chinese/BRICS New World Order, or what we could call 'The Future'.  America is a rapidly failing mess with no future.  Putin will, of course, be diplomatic (as always) and polite, but the ship the American's are trying to board has already sailed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

China and the emails

"FBI: Lisa Page Dimes Out Top FBI Officials During Classified House Testimony; Bureau Bosses Covered Up Evidence China Hacked Hillary’s Top Secret Emails".  "Page confirmed China penetration of HC e-mail." (Lang).  Was Awan working for China?  This still doesn't make any sense.  Why would all these American IC guys cover up for China?  Awan got what looks like some kind of plea deal, pleading guilty to some ridiculous much lesser charge of lying on a credit application.  Will that arrangement still stand?  Or maybe Awan had nothing to do with any of this.  If so, the focus comes back to Killary's absurd supercilious negligence and wrongdoing about guarding her emails.

Right words

"Ocasio-Cortez hedges criticisms of Israel– ‘I may not use the right words’" (Weiss).  Note how the education process continues right in the middle of an interview, as she is guided to the 'right words'!  'Occupation'.  'What did you mean by that?'  I'm sure Schlomo is at the doors of the studio to hand out bags of shekels for appropriate responses. See also:  "Kike Vermin Sacha Baron Cohen Mocks the Fact Americans Will Do Anything an Israeli Says" (Anglin).

"A Tale of Two Poisonings" (Giraldi).  "The Magic Of Novichok - Deadly Agent Found In Perfume Bottle" (Moon).  A perfume bottle with BZ in the red bag is not bad tradecraft, but disposing of it by throwing it away on the ground, where some junkies can find it and OD, is not.

"Report Details "Ocean's 11"-Style Mossad Raid Inside Iran To Steal Nuclear Secrets" (Durden).  The self-congratulatory back-story to Bibi's prop pile of documents supposedly proving an Iranian nuclear program, delivered in a steaming pile, as you would expect, by the Jew York Times.  One way to know it is all a lie is that the operation was a success, which never happens when the Mossad is involved.  Also (it must be in the style book):  "‘NY Times’ uses old tricks to distort Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza" (North).

"Editorial - China hacked Clinton's e-mail" (Lang).  No. China's on Assholia's shitlist, so the American IC wouldn't have ignored it.  You are looking for a country that is allowed to spy on Trump and Clinton.

"Putin Claims U.S. Intelligence Agents Funneled $400 Million To Clinton Campaign" (Durden).  Wow!, actual foreign interference in American Presidential elections, so you won't read much about it.

"Ukraine’s anti-Roma pogroms ignored as Russia blamed for far right resurgence" (Parry).

"Stormer, Volume 47: New, Unreported Fraud in the Mueller Investigation" (weev!).  Daniel Deriso, a Bernie staffer.

"Jared Kushner Still Can't Get His Security Clearance Issues Resolved" (Red Painter). I thought they sneaked that through in the afterglow of the embassy move.

"Use the America-Russia Summit to Bring Back Arms Control" (Cohen/Petro).  Trump could end up with three legitimate Nobel Peace Prizes!

"Saudis invite Mossad into the holy cities of Mecca and Medina" (Madsen).  The Saudis are more Jewish than the Khazars (who aren't Jewish at all).

"Franklin Lamb, Requiescat in Pace" (St. Clair).  He actually did more harm than good, and often appeared to be an Israeli asset.

"New Canadian Forces radar worth more than $200 million can't be linked in with NATO networks" (I just keep reading until I figure out the mystery - sometimes the usual corruption is just too obvious!):
"The Canadian Army’s newest radar system can’t be linked in to NATO’s air defence networks but the military says it won’t cancel the project worth more than $200 million.

The Canadian Army is just now taking delivery of the first Israeli-built . . . "
"Nicaragua: Terrorism as an Art of Demonstrating" (Anfruns).  Sorositis is causing an inexplicable unwillingness of the protesters to discuss with government officials the problem they are ostensibly protesting about.  So, so, so much like the Maidan!  Note the snipers used to trap a family in a building the false-flaggers set on fire!

"lol @ shitlib self-hating jews" (Anglin).  Some of the comments made about the Unz piece complain that all this weirdness is not in the worshiping experience of most Jews, which is no doubt true, but irrelevant (for further research, note the comments here and here and here and here).  What matters is that the people who are in charge of the bribing and the warmongering believe in the real khazarized Judaism, and the rest of the community is content to leave all the bigger issues in charge of the rabbis, who they think no doubt know best.  When you are dealing with a modern esoteric mystery cult, which is what the Khazar bastardization of Judaism is - they appear to have semi-secretly transformed a fairly simple and straightforward monotheistic religion into a weird mess of Khazar pagan ideas replete with various gods and Satan worship and bizarre rituals, only the last of which occasionally make it out intro public sight - it's the hard-core back-room stuff that counts.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Enormous disfavor

It is always inspiring to watch a young woman come to Washington and start the first tentative steps at building her shekel collection.  The ongoing story of 'The Visit'.  I give her six months before she transforms into Nikki Haley.

Wow!:  "American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion" (Unz).  A snippet (and the comments are . . . lively):
"Obviously, the ritual murder of Christian children for their blood was viewed with enormous disfavor by the local Gentile population . . . "
It looks like the Helsinki summit was two old pals getting together to determine how best to deal with the only important issue of our era, the protection of the Khazars from the Persians.

Hilarious recent history of football in Croatia: "The Woes of Luka Modrić: Croatia, Nationalism and Football" (Kampmark).

You know your military alliance against Country X is in trouble - or, perhaps, that the whole thing is a sham, and everybody knows it - if you have to keep asking the members of your alliance to stop buying weapons and service contracts from Country X!:  "NATO Summit Tells Member States to Get Rid of Russian Weapons" (Gorka).

"Majority Of Clinton Emails Funneled To "Foreign Entity"; When IG Told Strzok - He Completely Ignored" (Durden).  Pakistan, Britain, or Israel, or some combination?  Since Strzok and Horowitz and Comey and Clapper clearly really did not want to know which country it was, I'm guessing either Britain or Israel, or both.  Note also the two ignored whistleblowers.

"SYRIA: The White Helmet Exodus Managed by ‘Regime-Change’ Coalition" (Beeley).  Like the ISIS and al Qaeda fighters returning home after their atrocity vacations in Syria, these scum are toxic waste, about to be received with open arms by the countries which abetted the false-flagist war against Syria.  Tweet.

Another famous cold case, April Tinsley, dna-ed, and quickly:
  1. "Cold Case Heats Up";
  2. "Police release updated rendering of suspected Tinsley killer";
  3. "New forensic DNA analysis produces image of cold-case killer at large";
  4. "Suspect in Tinsley killing appears in court"; and
  5. "Grabill man charged with the cold-case murder of April Tinsley".
The dirtbag in question is generally considered to be as rotten as they come.

The parable of the map

"Fighting Fake Stories: The New Yorker Serves Up A Doozie" (The Polemicist).  Despite all appearances to the contrary, we're supposed to believe that Americans are good, well-meaning people, who are just a little under-informed, with the lack of information, or even being tricked by sneaky outsiders (often, quietly implied, by Le Merchant), being the sole cause of all the atrocities that occur in their wake..  A recent version of this is that most Americans, and the Democrats who represent them and 'American values', are good, but Trump is bad (but a temporary problem).  Since no discernible difference in effect in the real world is visible to the naked eye, and in many ways Trump's real-world performance seems preferable to Killary-Barry's, a lot of retconning is required to shape the facts around the Democrat narrative.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sudden concern for the law

"Collection of domestic phone records under the USA FREEDOM Act" (Electrospaces).  A story that went by without much notice, but when you think about it, it makes no sense.  Since when did the NSA dump data because of privacy concerns, or the law?  What if two terrorists were planning a terrorist act against Americans, wouldn't break under the usual American torture, and the only available evidence was on those phone records!  It's the stuff of NSA nightmares:
"In the public statement it is said that the massive metadata deletion follows from the NSA's "core values of respect for the law, accountability, integrity, and transparency" but outsiders speculated about other motives: were these records destroyed before the Trump administration could misuse them?"

Saturday, July 14, 2018

She went up to her apartment and then she jumped into the chute

Pretty obvious timing, it's essentially treason, but attempting to block peace and interfere in positive international relations isn't recognized as treason in Assholia:  "Mueller indictment ‘aims to spoil’ Trump-Putin summit – Russian Foreign Ministry".  "No Evidence In Mueller's Indictment Of 12 Russians - Release Now May Sabotage Upcoming Summit".

"Trump’s Trying to Save Brexit by Provoking a “Deep State” Coup Against May" (Korybko).  Trump subsequently walked this back, but it was a fairly obvious assertion of Trump's refusal to follow the accepted standard that allies don't interfere in each other's internal politics.  Of course, the background is that the American Deep State wants Brexit for purely selfish reasons, so that it can then 'save' Britain with a huge US-British trade deal on terms disadvantageous to Britain.

"A New World Order: Brought to you by the Global-Industrial Deep State" (Whitehead).  Marred by anti-Trumpism, when Trump is just a clarifier, a guy who can't, or can't be bothered to, follow the norms of obfuscation.

"Golden: Ruling Your World With the Sun King When the Grumbly Demons Have Been Driven Off In a Huff Unless That Pink Thing Was a Hello Kitty Chia Mindfulness Plante" (Tom Clark).  Comment by Hanford Woods:  "Jeez, you went into a cult and are surprised you got fucked?"

"Lessons That Should Have Been Learned From NATO’s Destruction of Libya" (Cloughley).

"The Ukrainian Diaspora Handler that Manages Ukraine’s Monsters" (Eliason).  The mechanics of how Ukrainian intelligence, and the Ukrainian diaspora, gets its propaganda directly into the White House.

"Meanwhile in Ukraine…." (Lee).  "Corporate Media’s About-Face on Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis" (Lazare).

"The Holes in the Official Skripal Story" (Murray).

"Woman who fell to death down trash chute was in middle of contentious divorce".  As one does, she 'drunkenly' fell down the trash chute.  Note the picture of the chute she 'drunkenly' fell down:  "Father of New York socialite who was found dead at the bottom of a 27-story trash chute believes his daughter was 'murdered' amid bitter divorce with her construction boss husband".  Much better:  "Woman Found Dead in Anthony Weiner's Trash Chute is Connected to George Soros".  "Lara Prychenko: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know":
"The building’s doorman told New York Daily News that she was a happy and pleasant person. “She went up to her apartment and then she jumped into the chute,” was the doorman’s guess about what happened."
"Syrian Army Raises Flag in Daraa, Cradle of Failed Revolution" (Abazeed).  Tweet (STAND WITH PALESTINE).

"Trump Threatens Iran with “Escalation;” Could it Spin out of Control?" (Cole).  The American terms, prescribed by Bibi (and MbZ), would be no less than regime change - literally rule by some descendant of the Shah! - so it is impossible to conceive of how this could be negotiated.

"Conspiracy of Silence: Israeli Government Still Covering Up Historic Atrocities".  One of the most interesting aspects of Zionism is how the Khazars, as a supremacist group collective, have managed to, and been allowed to (under threats of being slurred as an 'anti-Semite'), maintain a 100% stranglehold on all aspects of their vile history.  The only slight opposition to this is from select Khazars themselves, as part of the 'dialectic' to confuse the goyim into believing it is not as bad as it seems.  See also how they use lawfare, the Khazar control of the courts coupled with their massive financial ability to ruin any opposition, to stifle dissent:  "From Holocaust Industry to Judicial Industry" (Kara-Mustapha).

Also:  "NGO Gets Court Order To Seize Gaza Flotilla To Compensate Terror Victims".  The abuse of the legal system to further Khazar supremacist goals seems to be built into the Khazar mindset.

"Bizarre, Creepy Video Of Peter Strzok Smirking Goes Viral" (Durden).  There is something seriously wrong here, a mental illness issue.

"The Evils of Cultural Appropriation" (Lehmann).  Note how she casually slips Zionist into the list of groups unfairly targeted for the historical sins of others!  Comments by Carolinian and Watt4Bob at Naked Capitalism.  The indoctrination is relentless and insidious.  See also (ironies abound):  "Scarlett Johansson drops out of transgender role in 'Rub and Tug' after widespread backlash".  As with #meetoo, friendly fire in the Khazar culture wars is taking out their own troops!

Friday, July 13, 2018

We don't know for sure

"Pepe Escobar: China's Silky Charming Of Arabia".  "China and Africa" (Natsin).  Who could possibly have known that diplomacy and development would work so well?

"Don't Get Out of Syria" (Cafarella).  Goyim, I . . .

"Germans Actually Want US Troops Out Of Germany, Poll Finds" (Durden).  Who could possibly have known that people would object to the presence of an occupying army?

"Kushner Middle East “peace” plan involves a Palestinian sell-out" (Madsen).  Dahlan pops up whenever the Khazars need a helpful Palestinian traitor.

"New Legislation Will Allow Israeli Settlers to ‘Own’ Illegally Occupied West Bank Land".  It remains the most baffling mystery in the world how these sweet people keep finding themselves in trouble.

"Italy will not buy F-35s anymore, mulls walking out of existing contracts – Defense Minister".

"Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches to re-build sites in Syria." (Lang).  "A Two-Pronged Attack on Orthodoxy and Russia" (Jatras).  Fascinating tale of the convoluted liturgical conspiracies involving Ukraine.  It pays to increase your word power:  tomos and autocephaly.

"The 1943 Volyn Massacre and Ukrainian Nazis Today"  The Poles are reliably, some might say stupidly, anti-Russian (except when it comes to things like buying gas for themselves), but the enemy of my enemy is my friend must sometimes give them pause.  More complexity - the Poles have admitted hundreds of thousands - perhaps a million, and growing - of economic refugees from the failed state of Ukraine.

"Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu’s interview with Italy’s Il Giornale full version":
"Since US lawmakers and experts have been calling on the US government to clarify its strategy for Syria, our country is not the only one who does not get it.

In recent years during the continuation of this war, illegal from the point of international law, and even according to the US constitution, the official explanations for the presence of the US military contingent in Syria have been constantly changing.

I would like to recall that initially it was about defeating the ISIL, then about preventing re-emergence of the ISIL and now statements are being made about need to preserve military presence in Syria in order to deter alleged influence of Iran.

Therefore, it is hard to shake off the impression that the United States’ chief objective in Syria is to prevent the situation from stabilizing, to prolong the conflict and undermine the country’s territorial integrity by creating enclaves not controlled by the government on Syria’s borders.

In the areas controlled by the United States for years they have been training militants, who are actively fighting with the Syrian government army and receiving supplies of weapons and ammunition.

In addition, it’s not superfluous to recall that during the struggle of the US-led international coalition against ISIS, the territory controlled by terrorists only increased. Civilization and secular governance persisted only in a few pockets: in Damascus, the province of Latakia and partly in Deir ez-Zor.

At the same time, while declaring its ‘noble’ objectives and ‘good’ will in recent years, the United States has not allocated one cent of aid to provide real assistance to Syrian civilians devastated by long years of war. This applies even to the liberated by the United States and the coalition former capital of ISIS Raqqa, where munition and mortars left after massive bombardments by the “international coalition” still kill local residents. Every week, dozens of people are being killed, including children.

On the other hand, not a single incident involving civilians has been recorded after the Syrian troops’ operations to liberate various regions and localities. Demining activities took place there, people received food and construction materials they needed to resume a peaceful life as soon as possible.

If there is some basis for our American counterparts’ actions in Syria, it is too contradictory to be called a “strategy.”"
"Tulare County Sheriff’s cold case detectives say former Exeter police officer is a suspect in the murder of Jennifer Armour of Visalia" (Ellis).  It is a cliché to blame all the unsolved crimes on the latest apprehended serial dirtbag, but DeAngelo appears to have been so prolific, and had the additional cover for a time of being a police officer, that it is credible that he was responsible for many crimes that have been blamed on others or are still unsolved.

Big-brain piece of the month (maybe of the year):  "Why Was Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down?" (van der Pijl) (strikingly straightforward timeline!; the commentators mostly hate it for its consideration of the deep politics rather than answering the question in the title):
"Still in Brazil before flying back to Moscow, Russian president Putin on the fringes of the football world cup finals also agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to pursue a comprehensive Land for gas deal. Its tentative provisions included normalising the status of Crimea in exchange for a massive economic rehabilitation plan and a gas price rebate for Ukraine. However, a special European Council meeting convened on the 16th could not reach agreement on whether the EU should follow the American lead this time, since countries with export interests to Russia and dependent on its gas, were balking. Instead, the Council stressed the EU’s commitment ‘to pursue trilateral talks on the conditions of gas supply from the Russian Federation to Ukraine’ in order to ‘safeguard the security of supply and transit of natural gas through Ukraine.’
The downing of MH17 on 17 July changed all that. As I said above, who did it and how remains obscure, although there are several pursued by people familiar with local circumstances, or revealed by insiders who know who which military assets were operating that day—but all that remains inconclusive. The official reports by the Dutch Safety Board and the JIT may be conveniently dismissed although the DSB rightly pointed at the questionable decision by Kiev to allow civilian planes to fly over a war zone. However, irrespective of the actual perpetrator, and whether it was an intentional act or an accident, there is no doubt about the West’s intent to exploit the event to the maximum.
Former secretary of state and then-presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a TV interview on the 18th called for making ‘Russia pay the price’ once its culpability had been established. Her to-do list for the EU included, one, ‘toughen sanctions’; two, find alternatives to Gazprom, and third, ‘do more in concert with us to support the Ukrainians’. The ‘Land for gas’ negotiations were shelved and on the 22nd Europe dropped the remaining hesitations when it underwrote the US sanctions targeting Russia’s role as an energy supplier. As Mark Leonard, founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, noted in a newspaper interview a year later, without MH17 it would have been pretty difficult to find sufficient support for the increased sanctions on the Russian economy’."
 "The downing of Flight MH17 also definitively sealed the fate of South Stream. Russian banks financing the project, led by Gazprombank, were hit by new sanctions, so that the necessary capital could no longer be raised internationally. Putin earlier had hinted at moving the transit of gas for the EU to non-European countries; in August, it was reported there was a Plan B in the works to export via Turkey. On 1 December 2014, during a state visit to Ankara, the Russian president announced that in light of Western sanctions and the refusal of construction permits in the EU, South Stream would be replaced by a ‘Turkish Stream’ pipeline, besides the existing Blue Stream link. However, in November 2015, a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian fighter jet over northern Syria, throwing relations between Moscow and Ankara into a deep crisis and entailing the cancellation of Turkish Stream. This was only overcome after the July 2016 coup attempt against Erdoğan, in which Russia sided with the Turkish president, possibly even warning him in advance. Since the F-16 that shot down the Russian jet was part of a pro-NATO unit based at Inçirlik airbase that took part in the coup attempt, the incident over Syria would appear to fit in a framework that may also have decided the fate of Flight MH17: a provocation to throw relations with Russia into disarray, but we don’t know for sure."
Part of The Clarification is that nobody - and least of all Trump! - still bothers to cloak the crass financial interests of the Assholian 1%, not to mention the supremacist aspirations of the Khazar bribers/blackmailers, behind platitudes like 'human rights' or 'international law'.  Trump visits Europe wanting to sell US gas to Europe, wanting to block Putin's successful interference with the building of the Zionist Empire, and wanting to slow down the steep and accelerating decline of American imperial reach.  Everything else follows from that.  At least with Trump, the Eurotrash can't make any plausible claim that there were sweet talked by a charmer like Barry into falling for the same old bullshit once again.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Most of what we wanted

"At Any Cost" (van Creveld)"
"Ben Gurion, original name Green, himself was born in 1886 to a lower middle class family in Plonsk, north of Warsaw. Much later it was claimed that, to become a top level Zionist-Israeli leader, one had to be born within 500 km. of that township. As he told the story, around 1900 the news reached his ears that the Messiah had come. He lived in Vienna, had a black beard, and, was called Herzl."
"World War I caught him in Constantinople where he had gone to study law. Unable to return home he spent most it in London and the U.S. Living in New York he and a friend—Yitzhak Ben Tzi, who later became Israel’s first president—spent some of their time writing a book about Eretz Israel. It was meant to show that, contrary to the views of many, the country was sufficiently large and fertile to serve as the Jewish homeland. Also that the Arabs—no one yet spoke of Palestinians—living in it were, in reality, the descendants of the ancient Jews and could therefore be converted back to Judaism. Whether this claim was seriously meant is hard to say."
"Already in the early 1920, Ben Gurion was determined that there would be a Jewish State, be the cost what it might. Already then he foresaw that the struggle against “the Arabs”—as yet, no one had heard of Palestinians—would be prolonged, tough, and bloody. Already at that time there was talk of the need to “evacuate” as many of them as possible to the neighboring countries. Meaning, since the Promised Land was considered to include not just the West Bank but territories east of the river Jordan, as far away as Iraq. He knew about the Holocaust at an early date and from that time on always felt terribly guilty for not having done more to save Jews, many members of his own family included. Not that there was much he could have done, one must admit

During the late 1940s he did more to instigate and support anti-British terrorism than most people at the time knew or suspected. He was something of a racist, believing that only Ashkenazi and not Sefardi Jews could build a state and often favoring “Western” immigrants at the expense of “Oriental” ones. He did not really want the 1956 Sinai War, but was pushed into it by his disciple, Chief of Staff General Moshe Dayan. He always kept in mind the possibility of one day occupying East Jerusalem and the West Bank; something which, his military advisers told him, would take no more than a couple of days."
"Teachers lose jobs for sharing anti-Israel views with students" (Klein):  "particularly obnoxious parents".

"What’s Happening in Nicaragua?". Nicaragua was a well-run country that didn't produce immigrants to the US, so of course the assholes had to try to shithole it with a color revolution.

Tweet (Harld 🇪🇺 ‏RCX) (also):
"It’s the Wrong Park! How the Ducks Raise Some Serious Questions in the Salisbury Poisonings" (Slane).  Leads credence to the idea that the second poisoning was a result of the victims stumbling upon material used in the attack on the Skripals (also, amazing that this big insight is coming out now from a keen-eyed reader).  I wonder if these second victims found a bag with some white powder in it, the rest of the BZ used on the Skripals, and snorted it, as one does with random white powders found in parks.  The second attack by British intelligence would have been so audacious - everybody noticed that the Porton Down proximity can't possibly be a coincidence - that it is plausible that this was, indeed, an accident, the result of sloppy work in the field.

"Nearly two decades on from Nato's deadly bombing of civilians at Varvarin in Serbia, the wait for justice continues".  Fisk has been on fire recently.  NATO.

"Trump’s Using Russian Gas Rhetoric to Control Germany and Support Poland" (Korybko):
"Trump’s Russian gas rhetoric therefore needs to be seen as part of the holistic Machiavellian strategy that it is in forcing Germany’s full capitulation to America and its eventual replacement in importance with Poland, which is driven by the President’s ideological affinity with the Warsaw-led EuroRealist model of nation sovereignty that he openly favors over Berlin’s EuroLiberal globalist one of elite control. Germany’s grand strategic position has never been more precarious since its reunification, and for the first time in a generation Europeans can realistically imagine a future without its dominance, albeit one that’s brought about by the US’ “readjustment” of its “Lead From Behind” approach to hegemonically “managing” continent."
"Why’s Iran so Desperate for Europe to Save the Nuclear Deal? Moscow-Tehran Relations" (Korybko).  Putin's run of success is causing all sorts of secondary problems.

"Will the Price of Oil Collapse within a Decade, Driven off Cliff by Electric Vehicles?" (Cole).A lot of electricity, but not all, is made out of hydrocarbons.  As with so many issues these days, we have to ponder whether the things that are happening strategically are as as a result of a big plan by big brains, or just the usual stupidity.

"Trump and Mexico Negotiating" (Sailer).

Peak Sailer:  "Surfer Privilege" - California was the Garden of Eden for even its most modest inhabitants until the darkies showed up and ruined everything.

"Hassan Diab: Nothing Less Than a Public Inquiry Will Do. Canada’s Complicity" (Weinroth).  You have to admit, though, it is hilarious to have a Khazar investigate a Khazar conspiracy, all the while with nobody woke enough to be able to notice.  A more obvious conflict of interest is to have the actual fuckwits determine if they are, in fact, fuckwits:  "Internal review of Hassan Diab's extradition tainted by conflict of interest, says lawyer".  They obviously should appoint Harvey Weinstein to get to the bottom of the Trudeau groping story.

"David Brock's BLINDED BY THE RIGHT Said Kavanaugh Called Hillary A Bitch, But Brock's Earlier Hillary Book Said EVERYONE Called Her That" (Fulford).

NATO funding

I see some of the asshole commentators from Assholia are agreeing with Trump and complaining that Europe and Canada are freeloaders, not paying their fair share with respect to NATO.  NATO is an American proxy army.  Full stop.  It has no other purpose, and everybody knows that.  There is zero chance of a Russian invasion of Europe, and the mere idea is ludicrous.  One penny spent by anybody else on this monstrosity is a pure gift to the American assholes, who should be grateful for it.  Europe should tell Trump to go fuck himself.  If he wants to withdraw the US from NATO, please hurry up about it.

It is even worse than that.  NATO is not an American proxy army, it is a Zionist proxy army.  Rich Khazars bribe or blackmail politicians from Assholia to fight Wars For The Jews, and that's where NATO is used.  Its only possible purpose is to assist rich Khazars in illegally killing people and stealing their land, all to build their evil supremacist empire. When you get right down to the facts, NATO is a multi-billion dollar white elephant that exists so that rich asshole politicians from Assholia, just like Trump, can accept bribes from Khazars in return for wars.  Why would any sane and moral country provide any funding for that?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump Putin MbZ

"Israeli, Saudi, and Emirati Officials Privately Pushed for Trump to Strike a “Grand Bargain” with Putin" (Entous):
"During a private meeting shortly before the November, 2016, election, Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, floated to a longtime American interlocutor what sounded, at the time, like an unlikely grand bargain. The Emirati leader told the American that Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, might be interested in resolving the conflict in Syria in exchange for the lifting of sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Current and former U.S. officials said that bin Zayed, known as M.B.Z., was not the only leader in the region who favored rapprochement between the former Cold War adversaries. While America’s closest allies in Europe viewed with a sense of dread Trump’s interest in partnering with Putin, three countries that enjoyed unparallelled influence with the incoming Administration—Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E.—privately embraced the goal. Officials from the three countries have repeatedly encouraged their American counterparts to consider ending the Ukraine-related sanctions in return for Putin’s help in removing Iranian forces from Syria."
"Nine days before Trump’s Inauguration, Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a confidant of Steve Bannon, met at M.B.Z.’s resort in the Seychelles with Kirill Dmitriev, the head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, whom the Emiratis used as a go-between with Putin. (An April, 2017, Washington Post story that I co-wrote revealed the Indian Ocean encounter and stated that “the UAE agreed to broker the meeting in part to explore whether Russia could be persuaded to curtail its relationship with Iran, including in Syria, a Trump administration objective that would be likely to require major concessions to Moscow on U.S. sanctions.”)

Mueller’s team has also focussed on Trump transition-team meetings in December, 2016, that involved Emirati and Russian officials. One, at a New York hotel, was attended by M.B.Z., and another, at Trump Tower, was attended by Sergey Kislyak, then Russia’s Ambassador in Washington. During the December 1, 2016, meeting between Kislyak and Trump’s transition team, both sides wanted to discuss the conflict in Syria, and the Russian Ambassador proposed arranging a conversation between Michael Flynn, the incoming national-security adviser, and people he referred to as his “generals,” according to congressional testimony by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser. To prevent intelligence agencies from eavesdropping on the conversation, Kislyak proposed using a “secure line,” prompting Kushner to suggest using the secure communications gear housed at the Russian Embassy in Washington."
"Israeli officials lobbied for rapprochement between Washington and Moscow soon after Trump’s election victory. In a private meeting during the transition, Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States and one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest confidants, said that the Israeli government was encouraging the incoming Trump Administration to coöperate more closely with Putin, starting in Syria, with the hope of convincing Moscow to push the Iranians to leave the country, an attendee told me.

Like M.B.Z., Netanyahu made courting Putin a priority, particularly after Russia’s military intervention in Syria in 2015. The Israeli leader wanted to insure that Israeli forces could continue to access Syrian airspace, which the Russians partially controlled, to prevent the deployment of advanced weapons systems by Iran and its proxies that could threaten the Jewish state. A senior Israeli official declined to comment on Dermer’s message but said that “Israel does believe it is possible to get a U.S.-Russian agreement in Syria that would push the Iranians out,” and that doing so “could be the beginning of an improvement in U.S.-Russian relations over all.”

Separately, a former U.S. official recalled having a conversation after Trump’s Inauguration with an Israeli Cabinet minister with close ties to Netanyahu in which the minister pitched the American on the idea of “trading Ukraine for Syria.” The former official told me, “You can understand why Russia’s help with Syria is a far higher priority for Israel than pushing back on Russian aggression in Ukraine. But I considered it a major stretch for Israel to try to convince the United States that U.S. interests are well served by looking the other way at Russian aggression in Ukraine. Of course, Trump may disagree for his own reasons.”"
So much for the 'human rights' of Ukrainians, traded for a useless promise of keeping Iranians out of southern Syria!  It is also rather striking that the countries with abnormal access to, and influence over, Trump, are not Russia, which is instead part of the horse-trading scheme proposed by other countries which do have so much influence they can propose ridiculous schemes which aren't even well thought out.

Also (the cynicism!):  "Major Israeli Daily: Our Government Is "Arming Neo-Nazis In Ukraine"" (Dueden).

"Iran Sanctions Are Different This Time" (Cunningham).  You can almost see a path free to rational American decision making, but the Americans, under the strict Khazar yoke, can't follow it.

This scheming could work out fairly well, if Russia gets the sanctions lifted with no change in the status of Crimea (and is re-legitimized internationally by being allowed back into the G-7, er, 8), and presumably some side promise not to have the Ukrainians start WWIII - thus completely screwing the Ukrainians over.  Putin won't be able to deliver on any promises made on Iran, and everybody knows this, so presumably the Gulf/Khazar conspirators will be looking for some other concessions from Putin in the near future.  If jiggling in hydrocarbon production is required, Putin is your man.

"The sad fact is that the pretense of U.S. global leadership now consists of a basket of new “rules” that are both arbitrary and basically illegal supported by pretexts that are essentially fabricated."

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Were told

With the resignation of Boris Johnson, the murder of Dawn Sturgess by forces within British intelligence starts to look like part of a coup plot to replace May with Johnson.  Boris was all over the false-flag attack on the Skripals, to the point of outright and obvious lies, but was noticeably quiet about the British intelligence murder of Dawn Sturgess (he was actually in complete seclusion with his aides scheming his moves).

Tweet (colin horgan):
"key paragraph of Boris Johnson's resignation letter is the second one. the British people "were told," he writes, that with Brexit, they could do all sorts of things. they were. and it was Boris Johnson who told them."
"BREXIT - Still Not Gonna Happen" (Moon).  The argument that the Conservatives couldn't possibly be as incompetent as they are demonstrating, so there is a Remain plot afoot.  The problem is they would lose a re-referendum, for the same reasons as Trump, Brexit, Corbyn, etc, but magnified due to the obvious political shenanigans.

"Chief medical officer calls for decriminalization of all drugs for personal use" (Mathieu).  The people of Canada want it, but the pharmaceutical industry would lose its precious, precious profits, so 'more study is required'.  You don't ever see more obvious corruption than politicians and drugs.

"The Persecution of Rafael Correa" (Emersberger). We're in the middle of quite the world-wide roundup of all the main faces of dissent.  The 0.1% appear to be a bit shaken, and want to ensure everybody else is scared off.

"Jonathan Chait: Is Putin Trump's Peer -- Or His Handler? A Theory" (Madrak).  "New York Magazine: Kooky Kike Jonathan Chait Pens 8,000 Word Theory Claiming Trump’s Been a Russian Agent Since 1987" (Anglin) (Daily Stormer versus Crooks and Liars is never flattering for the latter).  Sailer ("Mental Illness").  "The Guardian’s Marina Hyde accuses actress Susan Sarandon of being Trump’s “asset”" (Walsh).  Greenwald's run-in:  "MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them."  Everybody they don't agree with is a 'Putin asset'.

"Hardcore Hitler on Hitler in Helsinki" (C. J. Hopkins):
"Look, I’m not a fan of poofter humor, or the corporate media, or the so-called “Resistance,” but neither am I a fan of Trump, nor am I, technically, an employee of Putin. What I am is a student of propaganda, media manipulation, and mass hysteria, and though I experienced the roll-out of the War on Terror, and assorted other propaganda campaigns (like Obama’s “Hope and Change” routine, Reagan’s “Morning in America” schtick, George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order,” and Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” happy horseshit), I have never witnessed anything like this. Most of those other propaganda campaigns at least bore some vague resemblance to reality. What we’re experiencing now is more akin to the kind of behavior that goes on in cults … where people are conditioned to surrender their reason (and, ultimately, to conform their perception) to whatever paranoid official narrative the leader of the cult has invented, and eventually to direct their fear and hatred, not only at the cult’s official enemy, but at anyone who questions the cult’s “reality.”
If you believe cults work because people are gullible, or stupid, you need to do some research. Cults work because their members are gradually conditioned to detach from “society” (i.e., the social body that conditioned them as children) and conform to the social body of the cult. This conditioning happens systematically, often over the course of years. Scientology cult members are not introduced to the “body thetans” story the day they walk in. Nor were the Manson girls ready to butcher a house full of people for Charlie at first … it took months of orgies, acid trips, and other de- and re-programming techniques to get them to buy into his paranoid prophecy of Imminent Racist Hippie Apocalypse.
Which is what I find so disturbing, presently. The ease with which the neoliberal ruling classes have programmed millions of Western consumers to believe a narrative no less ridiculous than Scientology’s “body thetans,” Manson’s “Helter Skelter” … or take your pick of any number of other cult narratives. The speed at which they switched from the War on Terror narrative to the Putin-Nazi narrative attests to the power of the corporate media and the neoliberal propaganda machine, generally. It really is an amazing achievement. In less than two years, they managed to condition a significant portion of the Western masses to forget about “the Islamic terrorists” that they had been conditioned to live in fear of, and to transfer their fear and hatred to Trump, and Putin, and anyone who appears to support them, or doesn’t sufficiently hate and fear them."

"The Most Intolerant Wins: Nassim Taleb Exposes The Dictatorship Of The Small Minority" (Taleb).  Intransigent minorities get their way over flexible majorities, even where the upshot is clearly irrational.  We're seeing a bit of push-back these days from the asshole right, which push-back is called 'intolerance'.

"thank you merchant you truly are my greatest ally".  "USS Liberty Survivor Named US Delegate on Gaza Flotilla" (Lauria).  "Medical Aid for Palestinians founder, Dr Swee Chai Ang, to join Freedom Flotilla".

"Jews are Still Gloating About Murdering the Tsar’s Children" (Diversity Macht Frei).  'Visit' news:  "On Rabbi Andy Bachman’s Public Congratulations to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" (Rosen).

To be fair, they did come across as self-entitled assholes:  "Instagram’s Facade of the Perfect Life Has Made Us Lose Our Empathy" (Ginn).

Monday, July 09, 2018


I'm sure the Conservatives are glad for the distraction from Brexit, but this second 'novichok' false-flag attack, and consequent murder by the government of one of its citizens, must be about NATO, and the terror that the Putin-Trump summit might put an end to NATO, with repercussions both for careers and profits.  Trump has a history of falling for false-flag chemical attacks in Syria, and this murder is a desperate effort to put an end to the summit with some Trump petulance.  The second huge issue is that the summit might put an end to Yinon dreams of the Zionists for Syria, not to mention finally winding down the travesty that continues in Afghanistan.

"No Need For Nato" (Murray).  Note how in the rare cases when NATO actually does something - rather than sit around waiting for Godot - it is an unmitigated disaster.

"NATO’s Dead?" (Korybko).  Turkey, and Barry's little attempted coup.

"NATO Is Obsolete" (Whiton).

Sunday, July 08, 2018

An area thick with possibilities

"Nothing about the latest 'novichok' attacks adds up" (Coyle).  I'd quote from it, but it is all good.  You'd think a big part of chemical and biological weapons training, these days, involves setting up a false-flag attack, or even, one step more meta, managing a false-flag attack that has already occurred.  These might be exercises that, for political purposes, were turned into something more.  Maybe the relevant proximity isn't to Porton Down itself, but to the Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Added:  "UK: Dawn Sturgess dies after exposure to nerve agent Novichok".   The Brits are now being murdered by their own government for the crime of not taking said government seriously enough.  Boris and Theresa aren't capable of even pretending to keep their own citizens safe, and in fact are willing to risk lives to change the subject from their own incompetence and the stark contrast with Putin's successes, and you'd think that fact might be cause for political unrest.

Two autopsies

"All EFF’d Up" (Levine).  "Silicon Valley Will Not Save You from the Surveillance State" (Swanson).  It is probably time for us to stop assuming that the self-nominated protective organizations, funded by the Bad Guys, are actually going to protect us from the Bad Guys (duh!).  I'm not sure how we ever fell for this.

"The Creeping War against Iran is Still on the Cards" (Sheikh).  When Trump, against his initial best instincts, brought Bolton with him to Singapore, the upshot was that Trump had to cancel the South Korean-American military exercises (done so quickly as to surprise the South Koreans), and give Kim a still secret side letter no doubt containing promises of American sanity, all on the basis that Bolton's mere presence spooked Kim (Bolton was also prominent when Trump went ape-shit at the shambolic G-7 meeting).  Everybody in Iran knows who Bolton is, and that he is a paid employee of the MEK crazies, so this color revolution is doomed from the start, and we have John Bolton, and the peculiar inability if the Americans to keep him hidden, to thank for that.  Sheldon paid good shekels for him, and he'll be damned if everybody at synagogue can't see what he bought!  The assholes can't even be assholes in a competent manner anymore.

"The Mystery of Robert Knudsen" (Hornberger):
"If Knudsen was telling the truth, and there is no reason to doubt that he was, then it is clear that on the weekend of the assassination, he photographed a procedure that he believed was the president’s autopsy and that he was made to believe was the president’s autopsy but actually wasn’t the president’s autopsy. It is also clear that whoever convinced Knudsen to believe that he was photographing the official autopsy also swore Knudsen to secrecy by telling him that the entire procedure he was photographing was classified.

The mystery of Robert Knudsen is compounded by the testimony before the ARRB of Saundra Spencer. She was a U.S. Navy petty officer who worked in the U.S. Navy’s photography lab in Washington, D.C., in 1963. She had a top-secret security clearance and worked closely with the White House on top-secret, classified photographs. No one has ever questioned the integrity, professionalism, and competence of Saundra Spencer. As with Knudsen, it would be difficult to find a more credible witness than Saundra Spencer.

The reason that Spencer was summoned to testify before the ARRB in the 1990s is that the ARRB had learned that on the weekend of the assassination, she had been asked, on a top-secret basis, to develop autopsy photographs of President Kennedy’s body. Pursuant to the culture of secrecy and classified information in the military, Spencer kept her role in developing those autopsy photographs secret for some 30 years, until she was summoned to testify before the ARRB.

During her testimony, Spencer was shown the official autopsy photographs of the President’s body. After carefully examining them, she testified directly and unequivocally that the autopsy photographs in the official record were not the ones that she developed on the weekend of the assassination. She stated that the autopsy photographs she developed showed a large exit-sized wound in the back of President Kennedy’s head, which matched what treating physicians at Parkland Hospital had stated. The photographs in the official record show the back of Kennedy’s head to be fully intact. A large exit-sized wound in the back of the president’s head would, of course, imply a shot fired from the president’s front.

After Spencer’s testimony before the ARRB, no one came forward to challenge, question, or dispute the truthfulness and accuracy of her testimony.

What are we to make of Knudsen and Spencer?

There are two conclusions that can be reasonably drawn: First, the official autopsy of President Kennedy, which was carried out by the U.S. military, was fraudulent and, second, there is no conceivable innocent explanation for having carried out a fraudulent autopsy."
"EXCLUSIVE: Child porn charge against brother of Las Vegas gunman is THROWN OUT after his lawyer claims the case was 'prejudiced' because an LA deputy district attorney's daughter was killed in the mass shooting". Is the Las Vegas shooting actually part of a convoluted cover-up of a child porn trafficking ring?  The Official Story has taken quite a beating, and now this, with no part of the alleged reasons for the dismissal making any sense!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The brain is much more important

"Syria - OPCW Issues First Report Of 'Chemical Weapon Attack' in Douma" (Moon).  Tweet (Tim Hayward):
"Is it possible that the BBC TV News lies so blatantly about a report that is there for the world to read? It says OPCW confirms chemical attack when OPCW report explicitly states that it can not."
Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Liberalism at home, fascism abroad: US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, hero of liberals and Democrats, is more than happy to support the Israeli apartheid regime by accepting Genesis Prize backed by Netanyahu government and far right funders."
"Decision in Hassan Diab appeal delayed".  Don't you hate it when the big bags of shekels don't arrive on time?  I'm not joking - I'm sure this is the problem as the French bureaucrats and 'judges' in their 'justice' system have to delay their yacht payments.

"There should be a fully independent public inquiry to prevent any repeat of the injustice done to Hassan Diab" (the writers are Canadian political bigwigs):
"Documents obtained by the CBC and released on May 1 reveal that it was Canada’s Department of Justice lawyers who advised French authorities to come up with “new” handwriting analysis evidence against Dr. Diab when the case was on the verge of falling apart, and without justifying reasons, requested multiple delays and adjournments. Despite such activity, the Department of Justice senior counsel subsequently denied in court any knowledge of the plans of the French. He also had advised French authorities to send him fingerprint evidence on a document signed by the suspect to compare with Dr. Diab’s fingerprints as such evidence could be very powerful in getting Dr. Diab extradited. When the fingerprint analysis excluded Dr. Diab, the results were not disclosed to the court or the defence even though it was Canadian gathered evidence."
One good start would be to never, under any circumstances, even consider extradition of anybody to a country as Khazared-up as France.  What a fucking embarrassment!  And shouldn't some people in the Canadian Department of 'Justice' be in jail over this?

"The Alt-Right, the Ctrl-Left, and the Esc-Center" (Greer).  A devastating attack on American liberals, but the suggested way forwards sounds like libertarianism (close to the Silicon Valley politics we're always hearing about).  You'd think there might be some room to suggest a fixing of the left, as the problems faced by seemingly everybody now all turn on the fact it is the left that is broken.

I think the left is broken, not for deep doctrinal reasons, but because bring broken pays better:  "Canada’s NDP’s Claim to ‘Dialogue’ with Palestinians a Cruel Joke" (Engler).

Also:  "Right-wing, Fascist-supporting Tilt among Canada’s NDP" (Engler). The Clarification in Canada came from that asshole Mulcair, who made it apparent that the NDP was a fascist party posing as socialist. The tragedy is that most individual members and supporters of the party are well meaning, many even (secretly) woke, but the structure of the party leads to consistent asshole leadership.  Not to put to fine a point on it but, as usual, they have a 'donor' problem.  By the way, despite recent problems, don't believe anything you read suggesting that Trudeau is in political trouble.  Both main opposition leaders are terrible, with outright potshots being taken now at the completely ineffective Conservative leader, and the loud and proud terrorist-supporting leader of the NDP can't even be bothered to obtain a seat in Parliament.

The ways things are playing out, Trudeau's metoo problem is fixing his soyboy problem, making me wonder if ti isn't a Liberal trick:  "Chad Trudeau Says He Did Nothing Wrong When He Groped a Slut" (Anglin). 

"If the novichok was planted by Russia, where’s the evidence?" (Jenkins).  How did this make it into the Guardian?

"Was Imran Awan Spying for Israel?" (Bacon).  The logic is inescapable.

""Hurry The F Up": New Strzok-Page Email Reveals FBI Scramble For Dirt On Trump Campaign" (Durden).  They were fixated on finding probable cause for FISA warrants against members of the Trump campaign.  The FBI knows this is a huge problem for them, and has done everything possible to cover it up:  "Today Is The Deadline For The FBI To "Come Clean"" (Durden).

Goyim, I  . . .  "We already gave Syria to Putin, so what’s left for Trump to say?" (Ross).  Rabid blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist nonsense is so common in Washington as to be invisible, allowing Khazars to write the most amazing things without fear of being challenged..

"Trump-Putin Summit Flushes Out the Russophobes".  It's the lack of shame in warmongering, which in the past used to be at least slightly disreputable.

"When did Russia’s S-400 become the New Black" (Black).  Russia sells weapons because they avoided the American corruption culture of military procurement and built machines that work.  The irony is that the Russians had no choice but to get good at building weapons as their economy was so decimated by Yeltsin's decision to follow the helpful advice of the 'American' Khazar experts to turn the entire Russian economy over to thieving Khazar oligarchs.

The thing we keep seeing, The Clarification, is that there is no good will or effective well-meaning people in the world, just facts on the ground obtained by fighting for them.  Assad beat Evil because he didn't give up in the face of impossible odds and went out and killed it.  If the Houthis and people of Yemen are going to survive, the Houthis are going to have to go out and kill a big pile of the MbS/MbZ mercs.  Israel, The Beast (with its lovely people), is going to die under a hail of Hezbollah rockets, not by well-meaning 'liberal' Khazar BDS activists.  If Assange gets out, it won't be because of the numerous human rights issues, but because somebody manages to convince the assholes that more dangerous things can be done to them if they don't let him go.  The predominant role of 'human rights' campaigners - and they can't possibly be so stupid as not to know this - is to confuse the issue, and hope to prevent the abused from fighting back.

"NED Pursues Regime Change by Playing the Long Game" (Hunt).  Not a secret, they actually boast about it.

"Understanding the Conflict in Nicaragua: the Long Battle Against US Imperialism" (Stein-Della Croce).  "Nicaragua, unraveling a plot" (Arias Fernández).  With the current American obsession with immigration and the plight of children, it is hilarious that, until very recently, and due to the salutary leadership of the Sandinistas, Nicaragua wasn't a failed state 'shithole' under American influence, and thus was not an immigrant-producing country to the US.  You won't see this inconvenient fact mentioned by either American political party.

"Trump’s Regime Change: Soros-style" (Madsen).  The business model for Soros for decades has been to foment against a government or governments, while placing big financial bets against its currency.  Supporting color revolutions (cheap, particularly if the American government provides most of the funding), and talking up disruptive things like mass immigration, is just part of the currency speculation.  The mass suffering to goyim caused by this is literally of no concern to him at all.  Another thing, the Republican-Democrat divide means nothing to the Khazars, who will work with whichever goy is available to advance their supremacist interests.  The Barry-Trump switch was no problem at all.

Say what you will about Trump, but this is unarguably wonderful:  "Trump Goes on Nonsensical Rant About Elton John, Organs and ‘the Brain’".