Thursday, March 22, 2018

It's over

"Trump replaces H.R. McMaster as national security adviser with John Bolton".  Well, that's it for Trump.  Everybody always takes the shekels.


"Four days to declare a Cold War" (Meyssan).  Conspiracy theory on crack!:
"The British government and certain of its allies, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia.

Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the « moderate rebels » in the Ghouta. The conspirators’ intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of its capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of its Presidential election. Had these manipulations worked, the United Kingdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the Presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.

However, the Syrian and Russian Intelligence Services got wind of what was being plotted. They realised that the US agents in the Ghouta who were preparing an attack against the Ghouta were not working for the Pentagon, but for another US agency."
See also:  "Under a false flag, UK attempts three chemical attacks in the Ghouta".  It is clear there is a plan to attempt Yinon again through a false-flag chemical attack in Damascus, to be publicized by the British intelligence PR gang (White Helmets), with Nikki setting up the American 'response' of bombing Syria, but the prediction of the attacks by the Russians, coupled with the discovery of the chemical weapon labs of the human organ eaters, and the disinclination of Trump and the Pentagon to take the bait, has meant that the Khazar plans remain unfulfilled.

Two tweets (Donald J. Trump):
"I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also). The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing....... .....They can help solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran and even the coming Arms Race. Bush tried to get along, but didn’t have the “smarts.” Obama and Clinton tried, but didn’t have the energy or chemistry (remember RESET). PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!"
"Did British Police Find Putin's Passport at Scene of Salisbury Poison Attack?" (Snopes). Snopes doesn't seem to realize that this is very woke fake news, riffing on the passports conveniently found at the sites of various conspiracies, passports which allow for the false-flag attacks to be pinned on the intended patsies.

Massive attacks

"Massive Attack on This Blog" (Murray).  A demonstration of displeasure, I guess.

"The Deep State Breaks Surface" (Murray), linking to "SCL – a Very British Coup" (O'Hare).  This pops up just when we're seeing the 'behavioral change program' involving May and Johnson and support for WWIII based on a false-flag chemical attack, with a guy in charge who used to make phony al-Qaeda videos in Iraq (just while the British Intelligence White Helmets are hard at work in a similar program in East Ghouta!), and a board of directors consisting of Upper Class Twits of the Year.  This is much crazier than the tin-foiliest hat-wearing conspiracy theorist could come up with!

A snake for a son-in-law

"Saudi Crown Prince Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”" (Emmons/Grim/Swisher).  Excellent stuff.  Before he had his security clearance yanked, Jared was an avid Presidential Daily Brief reader, from which he got the CIA info on MsB skeptics in Saudi, then told MsB the names when they had their famous private meetings, and MsB promptly arrested them and tortured them in what was called an 'anti-corruption' clamp-down!  I wonder if this was the last straw in yanking Jared's clearance (at the very least, it would have dried up a lot of CIA sources, not to mention making relations of the Americans with post-MsB Saudi Arabia very vexed).  The article goes on to tie the Qatar problem to Jared's personal financial problems.

A monkey for a son

You have to find it funny that the Cambridge Analytica investigation was supposed to be an attack on Trump but immediately backfired and took out the Democrat's man, the vile and crooked monster Zuck. 

"Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As "Social Media"" (Durden).  "Face it: Cambridge Analytica story proves Facebook doesn’t give a toss about privacy or democracy" (Ryan).  "The Ultimate Guide To Freeing Yourself From Facebook And Keeping All of Your Data".

The more we find out, the more spectacular the backfiring of Russiagate.  "Funny, When Obama Harvested Facebook Data On Millions Of Users To Win In 2012, Everyone Cheered". ""It Wasn't Russia," It Was Obama-Based Social Media Mining That Beat Hillary" (Lapinski)

"What did the Salisbury physician mean by “no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning”?" We've got this constant tension between making the alleged attack as bad as possible - to get to WWIII - and not scaring the civilians too much by leaving the idea that their government is incapable, or unwilling, to protect them.

I'm guessing you won't see pictures and videos and mass phony wailing in the asshole pro-terrorist media about this attack (or, most likely, if you do it will be blamed on the Syrian government!):  "Syrian "Rebels" Massacre Civilians In Rocket Attack Days After Assad Drives Himself To Ghouta".  Of course, we're told the Syrians have to exercise restraint and leave the terrorists be so they can advance Zionist goals.

"Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village" (Patel).  "Israeli town halts property sales after realizing most buyers were Palestinians" (Nassar).  "Chief rabbi cites racist comparisons between 'negroes' and monkeys" (in response to the usual anti-Semitic whining, he points out that he is just commenting on actual Jewish religious texts on the vital issue of how many trees to bless, so it's ok then):
"The halachic question revolves around whether to bless one tree or at least two and in this context, Rabbi Yosef offered examples of other blessings, for example the blessing of "strange creatures" that evoke attention or repulsion, rather than aesthetic pleasure.

“Someone who sees strange creatures blesses them,” he said. “You see a negro, bless him as an exceptional creature. Which negro? When his father and mother are white and he comes out black.” The rabbi emphasized that “not every negro needs to be blessed” and that it only applied to a black person who was born to white parents.

Elaborating on the halachic matter, Rabbi Yosef continued: “You go around in the streets of America, every five minutes you will see a negro. Do you bless him as an ‘exceptional creature?’ However, he should be a negro whose father and mother are white.

“We don’t say a blessing for every negro … He needs to be a negro whose father and mother are white … if you know, they had a monkey for a son, they had a son like that,” Rabbi Yosef continued. "So what will you say, that there needs to be two negroes? No, but this an example that the Gemorah (commentary on the Mishnah, the Oral Torah) gave. So the same applies to trees.”"
"American actor attacked for supporting BDS.  Dersh's long memory (the long vindictive memory is one of the reasons the Khazars are universally loved wherever they go).  The incumbent governor who she's trying to primary is simply spectacularly awful:  "It's not all that crazy to think Cynthia Nixon could be the next New York governor".

The mystery of the Jew York Times and Wars For The Jews: "Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times" (Bacevich).

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Makes you think

"The Red Sea 2015 “Secret Yacht Summit” that Realigned the Middle East" (Hearst).  It is difficult to understand how these fine details could have been confirmed.

"Saudi Prince Bandar bin Khalid Commits Suicide".  They've got the wrong Prince Bandar (!), and the video footage is of a drunk in Atlanta (!), but it is still interesting that another Saudi prince was suicided while MbS was on his world tour.

"Who Are These Mysterious ‘Activists’ Calling for Boycott of World Cup in Russia?"  Sorositis.  It is funny just how important Yinon is to the Khazars.

"US War Plans: Kurdish land bridge to Israel?" (Krohn).  Absolutely no evidence for this yet, but no doubt an optimal Khazar plan to restart Yinon using the Kurds, something that Trump seems to be wisely resisting by simply doing nothing.

"Afrin, Ghouta and the post-IS scramble for Syria" (Landis).  Much more fact based.

"Déjà Vu with British Poison Allegations Against Russia" (Madsen):
"Much more than circumstantial evidence suggests that Berezovsky, Glushkov, and Patarkatsishvili were murdered by exiled opponents of the Russian government, who also happen to be kingpins in the Eurasian-Israeli mafia that uses Britain as a major base of operations. Britain is favored by these criminal syndicates because of the close working relationship they have with British and American intelligence agencies, as well as with Soros, who maintains a residence in London."
"Dodgy Dossier Two" (Andrews):
"Watching Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in action over the last couple of weeks has been physically painful. This is someone who was almost unknown until he started appearing a few years ago on a popular news quiz on TV, in his capacity as a journalist. He was popular on the show because he appeared to be a likeable buffoon, someone else who had been educated in one of Britain’s most elite schools and yet who appeared to be as thick as two short planks. No one could take him seriously, yet somehow he has now obtained for himself one of the most important and powerful political positions in the country. Whether he’s insulting Europe, China or Russia with his “laddish humour” or his even more worrying attempts at being serious, watching Johnson at work these days is a bit like watching a bumbling clown playing around with matches at a petrol station – whilst you’re trying to top up your car with fuel."
Gab (End Cultural Marxism):
 "Sweden to ban all religious schools - except Jewish schools. Makes you think.

The ((( Bonnier Family ))) owns much of the media in Sweden and supports the 3rd world invasion of Sweden."
"Triggering War. A Manufactured “Catalytic Event” Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again?" (McQueen). Khazar scheming, shekeling, and warmongering for its Empire are accelerating, but wokenness is also accelerating - which one will prevail?  It is a battle, literally, to the death, by nuclear apocalypse.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Of a type

"How They Sold the Iraq War" (St. Clair).  Excellent.  Warmongering as an advertising campaign.  Of course, we ought not to forget that the main warmongering was generated by the (((mainstream media))) lies amplifying the PR of the (((stinktanks))) like (((PNAC))).  It is funny they and their (((masters))) are calling for WWIII at the time of the anniversaries for the Iraq war and the My Lai massacre.

Murray continues his unique - and it should trouble us that he's the only guy actually interested in the truth of what happened - work:  "Boris Johnson Issues Completely New Story on “Russian Novichoks”" and "Boris Johnson Attempt to Refute My Sources on Porton Down the Most Hilarious Fail" and "Portonblimp Down – A Tale By Boris Johnson" and "D’un Type Développé par des Menteurs" and "Porton Down Scientists Under Extreme Pressure To Confirm Nerve Gas As Russian" and naturally, "On Being a Dissenting Voice in 2018" (note (((who))) is attacking him!)

It is hilarious how much trouble they are having with the Official Story, but troubling that the fact they are obviously lying seems to make no difference if the (((media))) is consistent in its warmongering:  ""No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury"" (Moon).

"Russiagate Comes to England" (Giraldi):
"And to throw out a really wild possibility, one might observe that no one in Britain had a stronger motive to generate a major confrontation with a well-defined enemy than Theresa May, who has been under fire by the media and pressured to resign by many in her own Conservative Party. Once upon a time suggesting that a democratically elected government might assassinate someone for political reasons would have been unthinkable, but the 2016 election in the United States has demonstrated that nothing is impossible, particularly if one is considering the possibility that a secret intelligence service might be collaborating with a government to help it stay in power. An incident in which no one was actually killed that can be used to spark an international crisis mandating “strong leadership” would be just the ticket."
"‘Silenced’? Ukrainian Military Pilot Accused of Attack on Boeing MH17 Found Dead".

"Former French President Sarkozy Arrested "Over Campaign Financing"" (Durden).  There must be some deep intrigue here, as this is the kind of enforcement of law that never happens.

The very definition of irony when a WWIII nuclear (((warmonger))) dies of radiation exposure:  "Cancer, George Monbiot and Nuclear Weapons Test Fallout" (Busby).  Where the hell did I put my tiny violin!

"Brennan, Venality and Turpitude" (Leupp).  "Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared" (McGovern).  There is a very distinctive courtly language of the imperial court in Washington.  It is in the way they always talk, so we don't notice it.  Trump pays little attention to it, but it is striking - the sour note of desperation - when one of the main courtiers fails to speak in the usual measured tones.

"Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel" (Durden).  Naturally.  I wonder if we'll ever see a world where obvious self-serving traitors like May, Johnson, Brennan and Clark are appropriately punished for it.

"US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond" (Pieraccini).  I'm still getting the very strong feeling that it is the Pentagon that is the Resistance to the (((warmongers))) (except for some spectacular traitors like Clark), and a large part of this is coming out of the US-Russian military liaisons necessitated by their proximity in Syria.

"Will Syria be the Battleground for All-Out War Between Russia and America?" (Magnier):
"ISIS has been reduced to a small pocket under US protection in north-east Syria. Actually, this area situated east of the Euphrates is today ISIS’s safe haven and it is therefore forbidden for Russia and the Syrian governmental forces to strike the terrorist group. Previous attempts resulted in the US heavily bombing local forces and their allies.

However, Russia has given enough time to the Syrian government to gather its forces, strike al-Qaeda and clear various enclaves, limiting the control of al-Qaeda and its allies to the vicinity and the city of Idlib, around Damascus (al-Ghouta and Yarmouk) and in the south (Daraa and Quneitra).

The Syrian army managed to divide the Ghouta areas despite the frenetic anti-Russian campaign mounted by mainstream media and the failed US attempts at the United Nations to stop the war on al-Ghouta and to keep this enclave as a sore thumb at the back of the main capital Damascus.

The US’s anger at the Syrian-Russian attack on al-Ghouta needs to be made clearer here: the US occupation of al-Tanf Syrian-Iraqi borders aimed to create a launching platform for its military operations towards Deir al-Zour in the north and al-Ghouta in the east. The US plan was to occupy the city of Deir al-Zour and al-Qaim north-east and the capital Damascus. But Iran went around the area where the US forces were positioned, isolating these in the al-Tanf pocket, and made a qualitative leap to liberate Deir al-Zour and al-Qaim by defeating ISIS forces, who withdrew towards the US area of influence east of the Euphrates.

Moreover, Al-Ghouta is a clear demonstration of the US’s failed plan to attack Damascus. The strategic military planning and link between al-Tanf and al-Ghouta was possible had the Syrian Army and Russia not intervened on time to surround it and attack jihadists to force these to surrenderer and pull out to Idlib. The US thought to create a real menace against Damascus and at least  prevent the parliamentary and presidential elections due next year. By controlling Ghouta, jihadists were supposed to keep up the pace of bombing to render the Syrian capital “unsafe”.

The US and the International community tried to stop the battles of al-Ghouta to no avail. This prompted Washington to exercise its favourite hobby of imposing sanctions on Russia, without succeeding in stopping the Syrian army (fighting without its allies – except Russia) from recovering its control over Ghouta. The answer came immediately from Moscow by bombing Daraa and hitting al-Qaeda’s area of influence in an indication as to where the future theatre of military operations is expected to be.

Again, events are moving very fast: the US response came quickly through its UK ally when Britain took advantage of the poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergey Skripal in London to accuse Moscow of being behind his assassination. The message here is clear: all means are legitimate for the control of the Middle East, specifically Syria.

Israel followed by demanding the return of  the UNDOF troops, withdrawn in August 2014 following the abduction of 47 UN peacekeepers by al-Qaeda (the ransom for their liberation was paid by Qatar). The Israeli demand coincided – I have learned from well informed sources –  with the gathering of forces of Syria’s allies, including Hezbollah, in Daraa, in preparation for future wide scale military operations. The US considers that the battle of Daraa is directly against itself and its Israeli ally, especially as it is party, along with Russia and Jordan, to the agreement to reduce the escalation there, to serve Israel and secure its security in southern Syria."
"Cambridge Analytica And The Manipulation Of People" (Debs is Dead at Moon of Alabama).  "Obama's Former Campaign Director Makes Bombshell Claim: Facebook Was "On Our Side"" (Durden).  Everybody was doing it, but CA was, at least for the one election, better at it (and specifically better at recognizing the importance of the rustbelt states, although it is also possible that the whole thing turned on Clinton's neurological problems and her physical inability to campaign in the key last days).  Of course, the Ukrainian prostitute honeypot offer is going to sink CA.

"Finally, Some Good News" (Roberts).

"Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet?" (Gorka).  I'm still struck by the consistent pattern that the PR campaigns are always too late!

"BBC Accused of Photoshopping Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat to Look More ‘Russian’" (Zhang).

MbS's visit to the US is for two weeks!  Who does that?

"Jagmeet Singh should ask, ‘What would Thomas D’Arcy McGee do?’" (Geddes).  I'm firmly convinced that Canada is less of a shithole than most other places directly because of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, who was assassinated for it by religious nationalist terrorists - exactly like the nuts we're supposed to be sympathetic to today! - in 1868.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Big Russia lies

"On Not Being Refuted" (Murray).  Gets (((specific))) at the end.

"Russian Double Agent Reportedly Poisoned Through BMW Air Vents As 38 Others Sickened" (Durden).  This is at least the third major iteration of the Official Story (for the first two, see here).  My general advice is, once you pick your lie, stick to it, as the Maxwell Smart 'would you believe  . . . ' does not add to your credibility.  The latest story seems to have been created to improve business prospects in Salisbury!:  "Salisbury, Skripal and Novichok – A Local View from One of England’s Revered Cathedral Cities" (Docksey).

"Boris Johnson Issues Completely New Story on “Russian Novichoks”" (Murray).  Theresa issues carefully qualified statements and Boris straight-up lies, immediately amplified by the (((media))), without the qualifications.  Does Boris think this service is his path to being PM?

"First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW" (Murray):  "The public should ask why.".

The (((media))) is 100% in line with the anti-Russia Khazar lying program.   More of this could well lead to its intended result, nuclear WWIII within the next ten years with millions of lives lost.  I can certainly see the survivors creating summary courts with immediate painful public executions to deal with these warmongering 'journalists' and politicians, and if I survived I wouldn't even consider lifting a finger to stop this.  What these monsters are doing is the single worst possible crime.

"US-UK “Crime of Aggression” against Iraq (2003). War Was Not Conducted in “Self Defense”" (Comar).

"AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork".  "Kushner Cos Accused Of Filing False Documents With NYC" (Durden).  Not complying with an obvious 'anti-Semitic' law created specifically to interfere with the legitimate business of Chabad slumlords!  We're hearing about this solely as a result of inter-Khazar rivalries over getting credit for building the Zionist Empire.

"Opium production in Afghanistan reaches record high".

"Jane Mayer, the New Yorker, and the Art of the Big Russia Lie" (Giraldi).  See also Moon.  By 'progressive' they mean (((progressive))):  "She is a great-great-granddaughter of Emanuel Lehman, a founder of Lehman Brothers."  Lehman.  Just what you might expect, amusingly on point!

"Ex-FBI Assistant Director: There Was A "High-Ranking" Plot To Protect Hillary; Brennan Leaked "Weekly"" (Durden).  From Fox News, so it will be dismissed out of hand, but this is the basic, and consistent, conspiracy.

"Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia: Top Three Stunning Admissions From the Top U.S. General in the Middle East".  The Pentagon, of all places, is the only remaining bastion of sanity in the American government (it is the Pentagon that is refusing to fall for the Syrian false-flag gas attacks, and refusing to start dropping bombs on Russians in Syria, despite the constant blasts of hot air from Khazar-property Nikki).  Besides Trump's basic common sense, the main reason that a lot of the Khazar directives have not been acted on is the refusal of the Pentagon to do treasonous and stupid things.

This is completely, 100%, backwards!:  "Deconstructing the sacking of Rex Tillerson" (Bhadrakumar).

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"“led him into” “quagmire” “contributed to”"
"Exclusive - European powers propose new Iran sanctions to meet Trump ultimatum" (((Rothschild))).  Part of the general (((media))) pattern:  "How The New York Times Is Making War With Iran More Likely" (Wright).

"The Myth of a Neo-Imperial China" (Escobar) - "China, Russia, Iran and Turkey".  This inevitable geopolitical connection is leading to the expression of contradictions, part of The Clarification (see the stuff on Mayer above).

Sunday, March 18, 2018


May's current attack on Russia is disturbing solely for the reason that it seems to have so easily fooled so many people.  As part of The Clarification, it allows us to add to our list of utterly untrustworthy low IQ individuals (mixed, as always, with the usual Khazar treason agents).

""Russia Did It!"" (Martenson).  Solid analysis.

Also very solid:  "Syria: The Horrible End Versus the Endless Horror" (Shields).

This is hilarious:  "(BBC - 15 March 2018) The trouble telling aid workers and foreign fighters apart - the Virginian" .  I suggest a Breathalyzer that can detect human organs.

"Guardian Rips-Off Goebbels - Fascist Propaganda For Better Anti-Russian Smears" (Moon).  We're in a period similar to the time before the illegal American attack on Iraq, where the neocons (well, Khazars) were laying down the PR basis for the attack.  When they feel they are ready we'll see some kind of Israeli false-flag, and then the IQ test of whether we're collectively stupid enough to fall into WWIII (so the Khazars can build their empire without Russian interference).

"SYRIA: Conversations with Camille Otrakji on Eastern Ghouta and the Future of the Region" (Beeley).  Once Assad solidifies the Syrian government's hold on the 80% (which has already happened), the Syrian state can just wait out the Yinonized 20%, as the Yanks and Turks uselessly fritter away money and lives until they put their little tails between their legs and give up (see:  "Trump Asked Saudi King For $4 Billion So US Troops Can Leave Syria").  The Turks are the bigger problem, but extreme Turkish violence against Kurds in Syria, and possible (ironic) conflict with the American Yinonizers, will eventually cause the Turks big Kurdish problems within Turkey, the kind of existential threat which will cause the Turks to wake up.

It is funny how Turkey is already de facto out of NATO - another weakening of American power due to Khazars and their shekels - with most American planes moved to Jordan.

"Canada Struggles as It Opens Its Arms to Victims of ISIS".  ISIS is America's only real remaining ally (along, of course, with al Qaeda, famous for something that happened on 9/11), and a big, big favorite of the Khazar NYT, but there is still the need to virtue signal by pretending to care about the victims of ISIS!

"The Skripal Case: Stakes Up?" (Fomine).  WP helpfully lists the three things, but it is all really about Syria (the other two are on the list to hide the obviousness of the Khazar attack), and Russian success at blocking Yinon in Syria.

"The UK Blames Russia for the Spy Poisoning: It’s Time to Set Our Emotions Aside and Look at the Facts" (Gorka).  Of all the towns Skripal could have chosen to live in he picked the one in the center of the British chemical weapons industry.

"The Puzzling Putin-Trump Relationship".  Typical embarrassing low IQ junk from WhoWhatWhere.  What a waste!   More of the same, expressly on-the-nose tied to Syrian false flag attacks blamed on Assad and Russian assistance at de-terrorization:  "From Dead Spies to Dead Syrian Villagers, Russian Denialism on Chemical Attacks" (Whitaker).

Reminder of the Litvinenko frame-up:  "Litvinenko and the Demise of British Justice" (O'Neill).  In this series of odd deaths in Britain the only one I can see Putin doing, based simply on common sense and motive, is Berezovsky, described by British authorities as a suicide.

"The US Warns Damascus over the Use of Deadly Substances: Blaming Others for One’s Own Sins" (Savitsky).

"Israeli Parliament Endorses Final Version of “Jewish Nation-State Bill”" (Cook).  It is always amazing what the chutzpah (and shekels) of the Khazars lets them get away with.  The basic problem is that any semblance of modern human rights law in force in the world is utterly incompatible with the Khazar violent racist group supremacist state.  Another part of The Clarification.

'Hello, Newman' news:  "Kenneth Marcus, Trump’s nominee for civil rights, has a long history of working against them" (Ayoub/Agnew/Tobin).  The most striking thing, particularly given Khazar self-congratulation over how many of them are liberal and progressive leaders, is how much Zionism has forced the Khazars into stereotypical American anti-progressive and racist positions, as we've seen with recent pronouncement from Dersh (you're not supposed to notice).

Saturday, March 17, 2018


The CIA is hard at work - just imagine the kind of threats they can make! - massaging the Haspel biography:  "On the Gina Haspel torture story: fake, but inaccurate".  Note how they get the story 'withdrawn', even though the essential fact that she's a psychopathic sicko hand's-on torturer remains true.  At the end of the day, the only person who went to jail is the whistleblower John Kiriakou.

"Trump Slams "Sanctimonious Comey" After Sessions Fires FBI's McCabe A Day Before Retirement" (Durden).  Excellent!!!  The first real message delivered to the traitors.  I imagine McCabe will now be rewarded with a stinktank job, but traitors down the line may not be so lucky.

"Sherman investigation initially focused only on Barry’s wife Honey as a murder victim".  Note how The Star swallows whole the laughably ridiculous story provided by the family.  Honey's murder by Barry will forever remain 'unsolved' as any chance of an honest police investigation is over.  Just in case you have any doubt how much power these people have.

"A source emailed me his life’s work. Then, he ended his life" (Korte).  The 'murder-suicide' of the US expert on Presidential pardons.

"Syrian War For Dummies - Three Versions" (Durden).  Some of us are getting really, really tired of Teh Stupid.

"Liberals, Conservatives Worry About Korean Peace Threat" (Shupak).  Not to notice, but it seems to be mostly a Khazar concern, just as you would expect, peace  being very 'anti-Semitic'.

"Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West Ready to Attack" (Vitchek).  There is something striking about the fact that the Khazar propaganda is always so late, we cycle through this series of baits for larger wars which are never taken up, allowing the Syrians to de-terrorize before anything is done to stop them.  So much solid good can be done simply by ignoring the whining for a while.

"Letter to the Z Man" (Quinn).  'Anti-Semitism' is their carefully crafted term, which is silly as the targets aren't even Semites, and we're not 'anti', just open minded to the dangers of unchecked violent racist group supremacism.  I like 'Khazar skepticism' as an appropriate term.

"Ali Abunimah: Israel Versus Russian Media Influence":
"What the Michael Flynn indictment showed, or the plea deal or the proffer – whatever it’s called in legal terms – was that Michael Flynn had talked to the Russian ambassador on behalf of Israel. What all the papers and the reporting show is that he had done this on behalf of Israel at the behest of Jared Kushner, who was doing it at the request of Binyamin Netanyahu. This Israeli interference was to try to undermine the policy of the sitting administration at the time, which was still the Obama administration – this was during the transition – in order to undermine the Obama policy of allowing – of course, Obama never had the courage to stand up to Israel, really, certainly not to vote for a resolution on Palestinian rights. But the Obama policy was to not veto it and to let it pass, and so to kind of give it a wink.

What Netanyahu wanted to do through Jared Kushner was to undermine the Obama administration policy. The evidence of the collusion is right there for all to see. What was so interesting, what came out in the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury as well, which again was filling the airwaves for a couple of minutes or days or weeks, or however long a news cycle is now, was that Steve Bannon said right there in Fire and Fury that the entire Trump administration policy on Jerusalem, on Palestine, on Israel was from the very beginning dictated by Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel billionaire, the casino billionaire, who now wants to pay for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. Basically a total privatization, outsourcing, of U.S. foreign policy to a pro-Israel oligarch.

Nobody has found any Russian oligarch or billionaire who’s exerted anything close to that kind of influence on the Trump administration or any other U.S. politician. Sheldon Adelson is doing it to the point where he’s going to actually buy the U.S. Embassy. This is treated as something completely normal and unremarkable practically. Instead, we’ve got MSNBC going crazy about indictments of a few people at the troll farm in St. Petersburg – I still call it Leningrad – and who had zero impact on the U.S. election.

There are some serious implications to all of this Russiagate hysteria. I want to focus on one of them, because time is short. Actually the part that’s been relatively unexamined is that the Russiagate hysteria, which is being pushed by the so-called resistance and also by many on the left – unfortunately people go along with it because it’s kind of this easy no-cost way to oppose Trump – but it’s helping the Israel lobby in some very material ways. It’s reinforcing the Israel lobby. [Audience member asks “how?”] I’m going to just – give me a minute, I’ll get there.

Part of this Russiagate hysteria was to go after RT. It used to be called Russia Today, now it’s called RT. They’re just down the street. I was there at lunchtime, I gave them an interview. And as part of the Russiagate hysteria, they were forced to register under FARA – the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which, mysteriously, AIPAC has not done. This was generally applauded by a lot of liberals, a lot of Democrats. And, lo and behold, Grant mentioned this morning the Al Jazeera documentary.

The one that was done by Al Jazeera last year on the British/Israel lobby was very important. It showed the underhanded tactics. There was undercover film of an Israeli Embassy agent plotting to bring down a British government minister who was perceived as too critical of Israel. That he had criticized the settlements, so they wanted to bring him down. That plot, I don’t know how far they got, but Al Jazeera busted it with this undercover investigation. And the British establishment swept it under the carpet. But it’s very important for the public to know.

Then, back in October, Al Jazeera revealed that they had done a similar long-term investigation in the United States, an undercover investigation. We can glean some of the organizations that they have focused on because some of the names floated around. But the point is, they got into some of the key Israel lobby organizations. As Grant said, they’ve gone all-out to suppress this. Qatar reportedly promised top Israel lobby officials that they would suppress this film. Qatar has denied it. Who knows?

What we do know is that four months after Al Jazeera announced that the film would be broadcast very soon, it still hasn’t been aired. And what we know is that the Israel lobby and the pro-Israel members of Congress are now circulating a letter to the Justice Department demanding that Al Jazeera be forced to register as a foreign agent, and citing the registration of RT as the precedent.

So Russiagate created the precedent to suppress the Israel lobby documentary. We need to see that connection. We also need to see the connection that some of the top Russiagate pushers in Congress, like Sen. Ben Cardin – who is the main sponsor of the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, who claims to be against Russian interference – is one of the main proponents of Israeli interference in American politics in this way.

We also need to understand the bigger picture around the Israel lobby documentary, which is that Qatar and the Gulf states see the Israel lobby as the way to Washington’s heart. So when you want to show yourself to be the best pupil in Donald Trump’s heavily armed classroom, you suck up to the Israel lobby. Qatar is doing that in spades, with inviting – They just had the head of the Zionist organization of America, how do you like that, on an all-expenses paid trip to meet with the emir of Qatar. Alan Dershowitz, who came back singing Qatar’s praises and comparing Qatar to poor little Israel boycotted and besieged.

Another thing about Russiagate came out a few days ago in The Washington Post: that Jared Kushner, that four countries discussed how to use his business interests and business problems as leverage to pressure him. Four countries. Guess what? One of them was Israel, and none of them was Russia. So there’s quite a toxic mix going on there. But this morning Grant said that he thinks this is going to work, that we’re not going to see the Israel lobby documentary. Grant, I’m going to say I bet you’re wrong. One way or another, we’re going to see it. We have to keep up the pressure. We have to keep demanding sunshine on this Israel lobby interference – Israelgate, let’s call it."
"Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support!" (Atzmon).  Another in the long, long list of Khazar abuse of the legal system to advance their violent racist group supremacist interests, an abuse called 'lawfare'.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Exhibit Kh

Chelsea Manning is out, while Lame-o is dead:  "Hacker Adrian Lamo who turned Wikileaks' source Chelsea Manning in to the FBI dead at 37, says father".  No comment, yet, on whether this is yet another 'suicide'.

"Of A Type Developed By Liars" (Murray).  Also, irrelevant chemistry lessons.

"The Federalist: Judge Who Presided Over Michael Flynn's Guilty Plea, And Then Mysteriously Recused Himself, Was Friends With Peter Strzok; Strzok and Page Conspired to Arrange Dinner Parties Where They Could Talk to Judge Without Alerting Others to Their" (Ace of Spades HQ).  Never a non-corrupt moment.

Tweet (Chase Madar):
"This neglects how right-wing the Democrats are on foreign policy. Exhibit A is Beinart himself, an Energizer bunny advocate for the Iraq invasion, and for $3billion+/yr in US aid to Israel, hard-right positions by any normal compass"

Every single bone

"Besieged enclave of Ghouta on brink of falling to Syrian regime".  Translated from Guardianese to English, the people of East Ghouta are about to be liberated from being used as human shields by human organ eating terrorist monsters by a brave and heroic army that should win the Nobel Peace Prize for its noble actions.  The woke easily see how fucked up the world is when this obscene mainstream media spinning passes for reporting.

"Will Israeli policies change if Netanyahu leaves office?" (Baroud).  Part of The Clarification, not just an American issue.  Jews aren't going get any better - at least until Khazar political control over Israel is finished - but the woke need to really see them for the monsters that they surely are.

"What the Alt-Right Gets Wrong About Jews" (Anomaly - really?/Cofnas).  I girded my loins to be deeply disappointed, but this is an useful, if somewhat Khazar-centric, critique of MacDonald (by the way, and as an annoying aside, I assume the people claimed to have the high IQs are Khazars, and not non-Khazar Jews!).  MacDonald is smart as heck, but he comes at his attack from the almost comically stereotypical point of view of the deep American 'conservative', making his attack on the Jews just a battle of competing racist group supremacists, and thus much less interesting and useful than it might have been.  We really need a progressive MacDonald, not somebody who sits on his porch with a shotgun and a piece of hay in his mouth whining about guns, abortion, niggers, 'liberals', and 'cultural Marxism'.  It is particularly striking - and sad - how the Khazars have taught these fools - fools who claim to be hip on the JQ! - to spend so much time on Muslim hating.

"It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo" (Bausman).

"Shimon Peres and the “Shiksas”" (Diversity Macht Frei).

"NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh evades questions on Sikh political violence".  He answers the when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife? question by saying 'ah, I'm not sure I have stopped beating her'.  So a guy ostensibly running to be Prime Minister of Canada is basically admitting that he is a terrorist.  You don't come back from that - he's permanently radioactive waste for Canadian voters.  It's too bad, I had high hopes for the guy.  How quickly can the party replace him?

"WMD Lies Strike Again: The Skripal Incident" (Cartalucci).  Written, I assume, before the Novichok theory was shoahed under the weight of wet naps and 'she feels fine', but still a useful reminder that the liars have form as liars.

"Freedom Rider: Talking to North Korea" (Kimberley).  The problem with Trump is that he will always put his personal brand over the Empire, which is why they think he is so dangerous.

"French Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Saudi Princess On Assault, Kidnapping Charges" (Durden).  Read down for the part on MbS's mother, an indication that his rise is not without internal problems.

"AIPAC admits progressives are deserting Israel" (Brown).  The usual trick, pretending there is actual resistance to the Khazar project from within the Khazar community, so the stupid gentiles will back off and provide the time for the killing and land theft.

I continue to admire her dedication to silly walks in all possible contexts, at the expense of breaking every single bone in her body:  "Now Hillary Clinton fractures her wrist after slipping in a palace bathtub during trip to India".

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lie improvement

There are some obvious public health - and failure to protect public health - implications to the Official Story of the Skripal attack (there were similar problems involving the Official Story of the assassination of Kim's brother, requiring similar lies), and sometimes wet naps just won't cut it, requiring a simply ludicrous extension to the lies (what happened to the two-part formula?):  tweet (Anabelle):
"The nerve agent that poisoned the Russian spy Sergei Skripal was planted in his daughter’s suitcase before she left Moscow, intelligence agencies now believe. "

She 'feels fine'

She 'feels fine'.

Long and messy

Gab (Radical Catholic):
"So, this is from three days ago, since deleted."
We don't, of course, really have a term for it, but this group supremacist nepotism is quite the racket, and we all somehow put up with it: "For Bari Weiss, Israel advocacy was both ideology and good career move" (Weiss).  They give each other jobs, and then spread the Khazar party line.

Ultra-related:  "A Very Jewish Scandal: The Newmark Affair as Paradigm of Jewish Corruption" (Langdon):
 "As you can see from the Jewish Chronicle’s story above, the JLC justified its silence by the Jewish principle of lashon hara, which literally means “evil tongue.” The principle tells Jews that it is a serious sin to reveal harmful truths about a fellow Jew unless doing so serves a good end, such as preventing crime or correcting misbehaviour. But that’s exactly why the JLC should have exposed Newmark, not least by reporting him to the police. He was a public figure who subsequently stood for parliament, asking for and winning the votes of people who did not have all the information they should have had about his character.

Would the JLC have protected a gentile who had behaved in the same way as Newmark? I find it impossible to believe that it would. I also suggest that the true motive behind the JLC’s leniency was not lashon hara, but the desire to avoid a shande far di goyim, “a scandal in front of the goyim.” Newmark’s behaviour evoked a classic anti-Semitic stereotype: that of the greedy, self-centred Jewish fraudster. Exposing his crimes would have been very embarrassing on that ground alone. More importantly, perhaps, it would also have shed an unwelcome light on the composition of the JLC, where Jews from supposedly hostile political traditions are happily cooperating in pursuit of shared Jewish interests."
". . . you will not see the Newmark Affair properly analysed in the mainstream media or by respectable academics. It will not be called a “Jewish scandal” and its specifically Jewish features will not be used to support a certain heretical conclusion. And what is that conclusion? Namely, that persistent aspects of Jewish culture and behaviour are very bad for British politics and for wider British society. Jeremy Newmark is not a unique anomaly or a rare exception: the dishonesty, selfishness and greed he displayed are both more common among Jews and more likely to be concealed by Jews from official scrutiny."
"Jewish Labour Movement reports “financial matters” to police" (Winstanley):
"Soon after, trustees met with Newmark, who then reluctantly agreed to step down over “health issues” – but only with a handsome payoff.

He would continue receiving his salary and “reasonable” expenses for three months as a “consultant,” which would then be followed by severance of another three months of salary.

Stephen Pack later wrote to Davis and other fellow trustees of his concern that “the true reason for [Newmark’s] departure will emerge, regardless of our attempts to keep it confidential.”

He agreed with Davis’ plan to pay Newmark with the additional three months of salary after his departure as “a full investigation would have cost at least that amount.”

Pack added that it did “not sit well to pay someone who has done what he has,” but that it was better than “a long and messy investigation in the public eye.”"
See also:  "Failed British politician hired by leading Israel lobbyist" (Cronin).  She had a soul, so they bought it.

"Gohar added that Facebook complies with “only” 85 percent of reports from Israel’s state attorney office."  "A new post containing incitement against Palestinians is uploaded every 71 seconds, the group has calculated."

"Seth Rich's Mom Cries As She Describes What Fox Did To Her Son's Soul".  I'm still anxious to see how spit balling possible truths about somebody else, who is (ironically) dead, gives you a cause of action to suppress free speech.  Fox didn't apologize for guessing that the dead guy might be an American hero?  That hardly seems worth crying over.  Also, Streisand effect?

"Novichok and Theresa May’s ’45 Minute Moment’" (TruPublica).  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice (or dozens of times with the same crap), shame on me.

"UN "reports" on casualties in Syria" (Angry Arab).

"Fake News Storm Clouds Gather Over Southeast Asia" (Thomas).  Cambodia and Thailand are woke, and are thus under a heavy attack of lies.

"Sex assault allegations force resignation of Quebec human rights commission head".  Ha!  "An introduction to the intersectional approach".

Ship of Fate

"The Novichok Story Is Indeed Another Iraqi WMD Scam" (Murray).  Definitive debunking.

The British 'response' was betwixt and between, not nearly serious enough if they believed their own bullshit.

"May blatantly misleads Parliament about Russian “terrorist” law".  May's statement is bizarre on the face of it, requiring us to believe that the Russian legislature is nuts.

From 2016:  "Britain’s secret assassinations programme and extended kill list".

"Lawyer Who Served as Christopher Steele's Back-Channel to Senator Mark Warner Reveals His Belief That Steele Was Being Funded by George Soros and Silicon Valley Tech Billionaires " (Ace of Spades HQ).

"“She Tortured Just for the Sake of Torture”: CIA Whistleblower on Trump’s New CIA Pick Gina Haspel".  Short video clip.  Sorry about the awful Goodman, but the interview is with John Kiriakou.  'Bloody Gina', whose sin is loving her work a bit too much. On the other hand, why not have a bloody-hands torturer running the CIA as part of The Clarification, reminding Americans of who they really, truly are?

"Gina Haspel Lied Us Into Iraq War II" (Horton).  Her paraphilia is expensive.  I note that it is Haspel's over-enthusiasm in the use of torture as an evidence-creating tactic that has screwed up the prosecution of 9/11 defendants, arguably indicating incompetence.

"What Critics Get Wrong About Kim Meeting Trump" (Van Buren).  If Trump pulls this off they should give him Barry's tarnished Nobel.  I'm serious.

"Realities On-the-ground in East Ghouta, Syria: We’ve Seen This All Before. US Supported Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons" (Taliano).  The story of the saintly human organ eaters using civilians as human shields, with their British Intelligence PR division fooling the stupid normies.

"Intel Committee Rejects Basic Underpinning of Russiagate" (McGovern):
"Here’s the key ICA judgment with which the House committee does not concur: “We assess Putin, his advisers, and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump over Secretary Clinton.” Not to be picky, but if House investigators have been unable to find enough persuasive evidence to convince them that “Putin’s supposed preference” was Trump, there is little reason to take seriously the ICA’s adolescent observations — like Putin held a “grudge” against Clinton because she called him nasty names — and other tortured reasoning in an Intelligence Community Assessment that, frankly, is an embarrassment to the profession of intelligence analysis.

I recall reading the ICA as soon as it was published. I concluded that no special expertise in intelligence analysis was needed to see how the assessment had been cobbled together around the “given” that Putin had a distinct preference for Trump. That was a premise with which I always had serious trouble, since it assumed that a Russian President would prefer to have an unpredictable, mercurial, lash-out-at-any-grievance-real-or-perceived President with his fingers on the nuclear codes. This – not name-calling – is precisely what Russian leaders fear the most.

Be that as it may, the ICA’s evidence adduced to demonstrate Russian “interference” to help Trump win the election never passed the smell test. Worse still, it was not difficult to see powerful political agendas in play. While those agendas, together with the media which shared them, conferred on the ICA the status of Holy Writ, it had clearly been “writ” to promote those agendas and, as such, amounted to rank corruption of intelligence by those analysts “handpicked” by National Intelligence Director James Clapper to come up with the “right” answer."

"Maidan Icon Faces Arrest For Admitting Current Ukraine Officials "Led Snipers To Central Kiev"" (Durden).  The false-flag Maidan snipers.

"Nikki Haley’s syphilitic insanity is a threat to world peace: #EscortWhoreOutTheDoor" (Poindexter).  The Huffington Post piece appears to have been shoahed, but see:  "Nikki Haley Affair Rumors Resurface As Blogger Alleges Steamy Encounter In New ‘Tome Of Love’".  "White House Blames Russia For "Abhorrent" Attack, As Haley Warns Of Russian Chemical Weapons In New York" (Durden).  The general thinking is that she is highly blackmailable by any group desiring war.

"What does Mike Pompeo as secretary of state mean for Israel and the Jews?" (Kampeas).  "Say Goodbye to America As We Know It" (Taxi).

"John Bolton seen more frequently around the White House" (Madsen).  For what it is worth, but with funny details on Bolton.

"Roundup: Jagmeet Singh’s past catches up with him".  The NDP had two excellent real socialists - truly superb life-long committed socialists - to choose from when they replaced the asshole Mulcair, so they, of course, decided to go the identity politics route and pick the terrorist instead!

"Art and history paid for to shape opinions about military" (Engler).  "St. Louis – Ship of Fate"!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


"Julian Assange: The CIA director is waging war on truth-tellers like WikiLeaks".

Various Jewish media outlets have been writing about Haspel for a while now (she's a notorious torturer), without gloating that she is Jewish, so I'm guessing no (for obvious reasons - ! - I always think that the CIA is relatively judenfrei), unless they are conspiring to sneak her in.  We may have to wait until after the confirmation to be sure.  As it is, she is at least a woman, a sadist, and a psychopath, so confirmation is guaranteed on the basis of intersectional identity politics.  Trump should get a award for this from the National Association of Women Torturers.

"Report: Tillerson Fired Because He Was Directly Undermining Trump's Efforts to Get Europe to Agree to Tougher Positioning on Iran" (Ace of Spades HQ).  "‘Someone is paying Trump to do it’ — Pompeo elevation shows neoconservative lock on foreign policy" (Weiss) (note the last paragraph on the lost bought conscience of a 17-year-old!).  "What Secretary of State Tillerson’s Firing Means" (Roberts).

"Man Cited As Trump's "Russian Link" Actually Works For The FBI" (Durden).  Sater, amongst many other things, the FBI's most important CI (which would seem to preclude him as any kind of credible anti-Trump witness).

Interesting comment by bwilli123 at Naked Capitalism on some South African short scammers working against AMD (particularly interesting as Intel has recently had some notoriously big problems which it crookedly tried to hide).

No sense of humor

"Krieger: "It's Impossible To Overstate How Terrible Mike Pompeo Is" (Krieger).  "Tillerson out and Pompeo in: ‘From Exxon’s CEO to the Koch Brothers’ most loyal lapdog’" (Conely).  "‘Bomb Iran & execute Snowden’: Brief history of Pompeo’s foreign policy rhetoric".  Koch-up.

There's a treaty protocol for dealing with these chemical weapon issues which May completely ignored as she is only interested in the PR:  "Russia’s statement to the OPCW in response to allegation of complicity in alleged Skripal poisoning".

"Novichok – toxic questions about chemical at center of Skripal saga".

"Tillerson Fired by Trump Hours After Blaming Russia for Chemical Attack in U.K." (Mackey).  Bringing the Tillerson firing within the Russiagate narrative, with Trump again treasonously standing up for his secret pal Putin.

Tweet (Kelechi Okafor):
"All jokes aside, I knew this country was a mess when that spy got killed and folded into a hold-all and news outlets told us that he put himself in the bag (that was in the bathtub) and padlocked it from the outside."
"How Zionist is the New World Order" (Guyénot).  Useless nattering about the 'Jews', when it is the Khazars who are the problem.  Citing Biblical history just plays into their identity theft game.

"Neocon Specter of John Bolton Looms over Trump White House" (Madsen).  The (((media))) is floating that name again, as (((they))) do.

"Why is NATO Air Force Moving from Turkey to Jordan?" (Vltchek).

"Venezuelan Opposition Protests Proposed UN Electoral Observer Mission".  The opposition is preparing for its loss.

"Former Black Panther Herman Wallace dies days after judge overturns murder conviction that saw him serve 41 years in solitary confinement".  Phony Black Panthers are topical, but 41 years in solitary means that somebody was really, deeply threatened by the real Black Panthers.

"Family of slain DNC staffer sues Fox News over retracted story".  The cause of action is a real stretch; the real story is that somebody is tired of hearing about the Killary assassination of Rich.

"US Political Meddling is Very Real, Spans the Globe" (Gunnar).  "National Endowment for Democracy".  Always led by the same ultra-Zionist, what a shock!

"The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller".  "American Jews need Israel to be safe — megadonor Paul Singer" (Weiss).

"What’s in Al Jazeera’s undercover film on the US Israel lobby?" (Winstanley).  "We Made A Documentary Exposing The ‘Israel Lobby.’ Why Hasn’t It Run?" (Swisher).  Everybody's waiting for it, but it appears it is being held up in a kind of protection racket while World Jewry promises to give Qatar its country back - restored from the MbS threats - in return for hiding it or emasculating it:  "Alan Dershowitz demands censorship of Al Jazeera Israel lobby film" (Abunimah).  Is that the real reason why Dersh has been in Qatar?

No sense of humor:  "Dem senator: Why is Trump silent on Putin blaming Jews for election interference?"

"Syria’s War of Ethnic Cleansing" (Cockburn).  Completely bizarre Kurdish propaganda which somehow equates the secular Syrian government in Ghouta with the Islamists in Afrin working for the Turks.  Just about every word is completely fucked up.

False-flag lab of the saintly human organ eaters.

"How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet" (Weir).  Jewtube.  We shouldn't be surprised - if we were truly woke we wouldn't let the (((bad guys))) constantly control the PR.

"ACADEMIC BLOODSPORTS: Slippery Jew Nathan Cofnas vs. The Legendary K-Mac!" (Garland).  Curious, as the official way to deal with MacDonald is to pretend he doesn't exist, a very successful strategy if (((you))) control all major media outlets.

Commie bros are at it again:  "New York Times celebrates Metropolitan Opera dismissal of James Levine".  Usually when I see inexplicable patterns, like commies versus metoo, or commies for pedobear, there is a twisted explanation.  "In Met Conductor James Levine Sex Charges, MSM Doesn’t Want To Say Victims Are Teen Boys" (Fulford).  "Did James Levine’s Sexual Predations Target BLACK Teen Boys?" (Fulford).

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Perfect villains

Tweet (Julian Assange) (I've combined two tweets into one):
"With Pompeo taking over State from Tillerson, we now have:

1) CIA taking over State
2) CIA/NSC/etc influx making 25% of 2018 Democratic candidates in competitive areas
3) CIA former heads, officers influx to NBC, MSNBC
4) CIA fake news journalist Ken Dilanian sheltered at NBC
5) CIA contractor Jeff Bezos ($600m in just one CIA contract) has already taken control of the Washington Post ($250m)"
I know I throw the word 'pyschopath' around too much, but Haspel [corrected] is the real deal, a pure psychopath under any medical definition. "Five Fast Facts About Trump's New CIA Director" (Miller).

"Trump Votes For Rexit - Torture Girl To Become CIA Director" (Moon).

"Trump fires secretary of state via tweet". There is some dispute about this (see the Moon update, and, as much of an asshole as Trump tries to be, I think he would treat the ex-CEO of Exxon with a little more deference), that perhaps Trump told Tillerson within the last few days (remember how he cut short his African trip because he was 'sick'), which makes Tillerson's very hard-nosed anti-Russia Skripal comments interesting (Tillerson has been thought to be more nuanced about Russia due to his history of oil deals with Russians).

Gab (Jared Wyand):
"Trump fired Tillerson. CIA Director Pompeo is new SoS. Gina Haspel is new CIA director. She's jewish. Countdown to grand scale false flag attack courtesy of CIA and Mossad. She ran a black site and has been charged by multiple courts as a result so perfect villain to take heat."
"Skripal case: Theresa May now demands Russia prove itself innocent" (Mercouris).

"Russian to Judgement" (Murray). Israel.

Silly walks

A scalp for Sheldon:  "Secretary of State Tillerson out amid clashes with Trump, to be replaced by CIA Director Pompeo".

"May Declares Russia "Clearly" Responsible For Spy Poisoning: "An Unlawful Use Of Force Against UK"".  An interesting development in that it has always been a third-party - well, ha!, Khazars - who do the false flag, and in this case it is actually a part of the British government itself.  The 'woke' are making terrible fun of May, while the mainstream media, exactly as you would expect, is running with the most extreme warmongering.

"Russia won’t respond to UK ultimatum until samples of alleged chemical weapon received – Lavrov".

"Fatal Quad: Who Is Assassinating Former MI6 Assets On British Soil?" (Fomine).  In looking for patterns you could include Lesin and the long list of mysteriously dead Russian diplomats.

"Viral Apologies and Jeremy Corbyn: Espionage Claims and the Failed Tory Campaign" (Kampmark).  In retrospect, these silly allegations against Corbyn appear to have been an attempt to hamper him in countering the false flag.  If he comes out strong, they'll say he's (still) working for Putin.

"Happy Perjury Anniversary, James Clapper" (Turley).  "The CIA takeover of the Democratic Party" (Martin).

I haven't mentioned the current status of the election coming up in Ontario as it is just too amazing to grasp.  Ontario could have its first - I think it is safe to say - hashish dealer premier.

"A Divided Syria: Hezbollah Withdraws Some Forces" (Magnier).  Obviously Hezbollah is getting ready for the anticipated Israeli land-stealing attempt.  I wouldn't assume Yinon has succeeded yet, given the general success of Russian diplomacy.

"Syrian Army Finds Chemical Weapons' Workshop in Eastern Ghouta".

"Russia to deliver S-400 air defences to Turkey in 2020".  It must be a rule of geopolitics that it is tough to stay in one military alliance when your most important defensive capabilities come from an opposing military.

"Who is dealing with the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times? Who is truly fighting DAESH?" From one of those local 'life' magazines, by the Turkish ambassador to Canada, on the moral imperative of fighting the business partners of the President of Turkey and his family!  You just can't make this stuff up!

"Why Russia’s New Strategic Capabilities Come as a Shock to the US Intelligence Community" (Giraldi):
"It is no secret that organizations like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have seen their basic missions change since 2001. An organization that used to pride itself on its ability to conduct classic espionage operations involving recruiting and running spies suddenly heard from policymakers that those skills were no longer in demand. Many officers who were made redundant or forced to retire were precisely those individuals who had cut their teeth on running operations directed against the old Soviet Union. They had the language and cultural skills necessary to collect information on Russia. With their departure, those capabilities also largely vanished.

Instead of spying, American intelligence agencies working mostly against what was broadly described as “terrorism,” used technology to locate potential targets and kill them. The CIA’s Clandestine Services, once the haven of its spies, became under President Barack Obama, a largely paramilitary operation focused on military solutions rather than espionage. This process was accelerated under Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan, who worked assiduously to reduce the influence of the former spies within the Agency. Brennan reportedly had once wanted to become a spy but was kicked out of the training program as “unsuitable.”

So, has America learned that its intelligence agencies are doing all the wrong things and that the national defense strategy is unsustainable because the Russian-American relationship is now on a new footing? Possibly, but it is perhaps more likely that Washington will avoid asking the hard questions."
"Hillary Falls Twice As Aides Scramble To Help Her Overcome Flight Of Stairs" (Durden).  I can understand slipping on worn steps, but if you look at the video it is clear she was actually trying to replicate some of John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks, and mad props are due for the effort.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wet naps

"Theresa May To Blame Russia For Nerve Gas Attack; "Full Spectrum" Of Sanctions To Follow" (Durden).  "UK to Roll Out Its Version of Magnitsky Act Amid Ex-Russian Spy’s Case – Reports".  Brits lack subtlety.  The cumulative effect of all these sanctions is to weaken the local economy, while forcing the Russians to be more creative, thus strengthening Russia in the long term while having no effect on Russian plans and strategy.  It's hilarious.

Not surprisingly, vague and sloppy with the Official Story:  "The Skripal Incident-Another Anti-Russian Provocation" (Black) and "Still no facts in UK/Russia double agent poisoning case" (Stevens) and "The Skripal Case: an open thread".

They needed to increase the perceived danger to the general public for PR purposes, but without causing a mass panic, so . . . wet naps, the 'duck and cover' of sarin/VR.

"Beware of Saudis bearing mega-city projects" (Madsen).  The lastest Palestinian mass transfer plan.  See also:  "Egypt moves $15 billion closer to Israel" (Karmi).

"" ... we have no idea, because we aren’t even seeking answers." Christopher Mellon" (Lang).  UFOs stopped appearing once video cameras in phones became ubiquitous.  Since they were a myth to cover military testing, actual evidence, or lack thereof, became a problem.

"George Nader, Cooperating Witness In Mueller Probe, Was Arrested For Child Pornography In The 1980s" (Grim/Swisher).  CDaN.

The perils of pretendianism when you are trying to run an identity politics scam:  "Warren: No to White House bid, DNA test; says heritage 'part of who I am'".

The Rothschilds turn on the uppity slum lords who are trying to take all the Zionist glory (note the illustration!):  "Jared Kushner appears to be in trouble".

Sunday, March 11, 2018

We Note Your Concerns

Max Blumenthal tweets - October 2013, and February 2018.

From 2016:  "Putting Ben Norton under a microscope" (Proyect) and "On Ben Norton’s career-changing metamorphosis".

Tweet (Neil Clark):
"The Kremlin would have known that Messrs Browder and Lucas were soon to address British MPs- urging tougher sanctions against Russia. So ordering the poisoning of #Skripal just 2 days before makes no sense- unless we believe Putin is a complete idiot."
"Russian Spy Poison Attack: Is Nord Stream 2 the Bigger Target?" (Cunningham).  Maybe, but it's way too late to cancel Nord Stream 2.  Support for additional sanctions is more likely.

"Syrian Trappist Nuns Say Western Powers and Factional Media Fuel War Propaganda".

"Belgium: 10 Billion Euros of Frozen Libya Assets Disappeared From Euroclear Bank".

"Newly Revealed Russian Weapons Systems: Political Implications" (The Saker) (comment by FB).  "2018 FIFA World Cup Russia", June 14-July 15, probably setting the timing for some nonsense from the Ukrainians.

"Watch: Colonel Says Israel Is Dragging The United States Into World War III" (Shahtahmasebi). 

"Pinning the Trail on the Donkey" (Ball):
 ". . . there’s a stalwart Constitutionalist to contend with in NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

A mere two days after the latter’s November 17 2017 trip to Trump Towers where it is strongly presumed he tips the cards to Trump regarding the building’s bugged status, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper are baying in the Washington Post for Rogers’ firing (see below). One of the pressing reasons given? Rogers’ ‘gruff personality’. The day after Rogers’ visit, Trump relocates his entire transition operation to Bedminster, New Jersey.

Thus Rogers’ termination is proposed in hurried fashion during the waning, post-election days of the Obama administration. Understandably, the President elects not to cloud his final days with an oddly-timed and controversial firing. Wisely (or not), he declines Carter and Clapper’s recommendation. The coup-plotters (for we are very much in a coup phase now) must content themselves with the hope that, between the media’s frenetic arm-waving, the future appointment of a Special Counsel Inquisitor by a compliant DOJ and a cooperating Comey at the FBI, soon-to-be President Trump can still be thwarted via impeachment, resignation or worse."
Really, really, really hard-core blood-pouring-from-the-fangs supremacist, just what you'd expect:  "‘NYT’ free speech advocate Bari Weiss reportedly helped bring down a Columbia dean over ‘intellectual heresy’" (Weiss) and "NYT’s Bari Weiss Falsely Denies Her Years of Attacks on the Academic Freedom of Arab Scholars Who Criticize Israel" (Greenwald).  "Review of Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism" (Fontana):
"The central reason Jews like Rushkoff and Barbara Spectre allow themselves to speak candidly about Jewish social engineering is because they believe that by manipulating predominantly non-Jewish societies they are doing the world a service — they are in fact doing God’s work. By undermining their host nations so as to bring about conditions of disunity, Jews like Rushkoff and Spectre believe that in performing this role of “a corrosive force” “breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people,” they are performing a mitzvah as part of their god-ordained task of tikkun olam. A mitzvah is translated as a ‘commandment’ but more commonly means a good deed done from religious duty. Rushkoff describes tikkun olam as “a poetic way of expressing the responsibility Jews have to ‘heal the earth.’[ii]"
"What is interesting is that Rushkoff subtly acknowledges the self-serving and contingent strategic basis of such practices, something Karl Popper, the Jewish philosopher of the ‘Open Society,’ never could. Popper in his The Open Society and its Enemies, expressed the same desires for a universalist, cosmopolitan, pluralist, liberal society, yet Popper rightly concluded that these values were largely the opposite of the Jewish religion, which according to Popper,[viii] and almost all students of comparative religions (e.g., Hegel) is a tribal supremacist ‘closed society.’ On the other hand, in Rushkoff’s deconstructionist, self-serving interpretation of Judaism, it becomes the wellspring from which ‘open society’ values spring. While Popper denied the very Jewish strategic basis of his viewpoint, conservative Jew Malachi Haim Hacohen, who is a foremost Popper scholar and critic, points towards Popper’s assimilated Ashkenazi Jewishness as the main source of his political viewpoint: Cosmopolitanism appealed to Popper and liberal Jews precisely because of their life in between cultures and their indeterminate identity. Claiming membership in an imagined cosmopolitan community, Popper rejected Jewish identity. “I do not consider myself ‘an assimilated German Jew,’” he told a critic of his Autobiography, “this is how ‘the Fuhrer would have considered me.”[ix]"
"Whereas Popper considered Judaism as a tribalist cult of a ‘closed society,’ Rushkoff seeks to re-interpret and thus salvage Judaism by imagining that the social engineering that Jews have been engaged in during modernity is actually the philosophical and moral foundations of Judaism itself. Jews are able to successfully carry out radical changes in society because of their internal cohesion, their sense of mission as Jews, while the changes they bring about are specifically designed to fragment the internal cohesion, the ‘we-ness’ of their hosts. The very success of the Jews working as groups of Jews undermines their stated principles of tolerance and plurality as inherently beneficial. Thus, the changes they established in immigration, desegregation, and integration can only be viewed as acts of subversion.

The problem here is that Jewish tribalism and secular universalism are antithetical, and hence assimilated Jews, especially if they are conscious of maintaining their Jewishness, are involved in a kind of fraud and deception (or self-deception). Nevertheless, Rushkoff in the face of all prevailing evidence (which he himself acknowledges), writes:  “True enough, my entire premise is contradicted by the many ways our own myths and customs have always been profoundly steeped in racial and ethnic assumptions. There are as many warnings in the Torah to kill our tribal neighbors as there are encouragements to embrace them [actually it’s weighed quite a bit more to the killing side]. A good number of our most observant members ground their faith and pride in the Torah’s plentiful admonitions not to mix with other, lesser people”[xi]  Rushkoff explains the Jewish strategy: “Anti-semites are not entirely unfounded in their claim that Jews are behind a great media conspiracy… If there is an agenda underlying Jews’ dedication to expanding the role of media in people’s lives, it is to promote an intellectual perspective and the value of pluralism.”[xii] ‘Intellectual perspective’ as used here is obviously a euphemism for the values and perspectives of the Jews. “Media, then, at its best, is a form of mass education” meaning brainwashing. “The more interconnected a society, the more likely it was to engage in complex transactions requiring Jews’ service. And the more inclusive and tolerant a society, the more likely it was to include the Jews, too.” Is this not saying diversity is good because it is good for the Jews?[xiii]"
"Syria War: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Eastern Ghouta" (Khalek).

It's funny how the most obvious option is never even considered as part of the conversation:  "Putin’s Missiles: Deterring an American Attack?" (Shamir):
"Undoubtedly civilians have suffered in the Syrian war; however, there is a way to end their suffering. The rebels could lay down their arms and join the political process, like everybody else. There are plenty of Americans unhappy with the Trump regime, but they do not shell Washington DC; they hope for a better and different outcome at the next elections. Their example can be emulated by the Syrian rebels, and then, the civilians won’t suffer.

If that’s too much to ask for, they can let the civilians leave; and fight to the bitter end. But no, they do not let the civilians out; instead, they produce reports of civilians suffering and wait for the Mounties to ride in and save them."
"Assange Lashes Out: "Hypocritical Motherf*ckers... Remember How I Exposed Your Secret Deal With The Saudis"" (Durden).

"“We Note Your Concerns” – ABC News Responds to Accusations of Misreporting Syrian Conflict".

"YouTube's Crackdown Goes Beyond Alex Jones" (Zaitchik).  I'm finding the sudden, very public, simultaneous crack-down by various social media platforms to be very odd.  In some cases, these choices may in the future be seen as the beginning of the end, the first cracks showing that seemingly unbreakable monopoly positions did not prevent eventual insolvency.

Angry Arab:  "UN Panels explains that US bombing of civilians in Syria--unlike Russian bombing--cant be said to be war crimes" and "UN Panel explains why when US killed 150-200 civilians in a school in Raqqa it was not a war crime".  "‘Go back to Raqqa & bury bodies’: Putin calls for investigation into strikes on civilians in Syria ".

"Now we know why defense attorneys quit the USS Cole case. They found a microphone."  Read the whole thing - the judge seems to be losing his mind!

Still an FBI employee:  "Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence Of Clinton Server Breach" (Durden).

It's a choice week (read the whole thing), but I can't conceive of a swamp-dweller like Mueller taking Prince down:  "Roaming Charges: I Know Porn When I See It" (St. Clair):
"It appears that special prosecutor Robert Mueller is zeroing in on Blackwater chieftain Erik Prince for his role in a strange meeting last year in the Seychelles Islands. The January meeting involved representatives of the United Arab Emirates, a Russian banker named Kirill Dmitriev, and George Nader, a Lebanese-American fixer who, after being detained at Dulles Airport by the FBI,  is now spilling his guts to Mueller’s team. What was going on here? The speculation has been that the UAE, which has loaned billions of dollars to Russia for an infrastructure project, was setting up a back-channel communication between the Russian government and Team Trump, with Prince in the role of secret emissary.

But Prince dismissed this theory when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee in November. He told the committee that he had been in the Seychelles to meet with Crown Prince Mohammed of UAE, for whom he is setting up a private army. Prince denied that he was acting as an envoy for Trump and claimed that his meeting with Dmitriev, who runs the $10 billion Russian Direct Investment Fund, was little more than a chance encounter in the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“We chatted on topics ranging from oil and commodity prices to how much his country wished for normal trade relations,” Prince testified. “I remember telling him that if Franklin Roosevelt could work with Josef Stalin to defeat Nazi fascism, then certainly Donald Trump could work with Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic fascism.”

But Nader’s information (and perhaps that of Michael Flynn, who is also squealing to Mueller) seems to undercut Prince’s testimony, perhaps leaving the mercenary open to charges of perjury.

If Mueller can take down Prince, the whole investigation will have been worth it. Some may gripe that the offense is too petty and that Prince should have prosecuted for war crimes against civilians by Bush or Obama. True enough. But you take what you can get. This was a debate that I had for many months with Alexander Cockburn over Clinton. There were probably 100 crimes Bill should have been impeached for and lying to Ken Starr about getting blow jobs from Monica Lewinsky was the most trivial. But if Clinton had been convicted by the senate and removed from office in 1998 might the senseless and bloody war on Serbia have been prevented? Similarly, if Mueller nabs Prince, it may prevent his company from slaughtering more women and children."
"Israel propagandist Alan Dershowitz protested in Qatar" (Nassar) (see also:  "Gulf states in “race to the heart of the Israeli lobby”")
"Northwestern distanced itself from the event in a follow-up email. It stated that the university “is not hosting or sponsoring the lecture by Professor Dershowitz,” but rather that it was being sponsored by the Qatar Foundation in a Northwestern University auditorium.

The university added that an email from the Qatar Foundation stated “mistakenly” that Northwestern was hosting the event."
and (my emphasis in red; was he drunk?):
"An attendee who requested anonymity told The Electronic Intifada that Qatari police in civilian clothes were present at the event, monitoring and harassing students who filmed the walk-out.

According to the attendee, Dershowitz accused students who walked out of censoring him.

When asked by a student if he believed in the protection of minorities over free speech, Dershowitz responded by saying that “in Qatar, Zionists are a minority,” and in that case he does.

Dershowitz used his presence in Qatar to push anti-Palestinian talking points he has repeated for years, including blaming Palestinians for the failure of every peace initiative. “They have never missed a chance to say no,” Dershowitz claimed.

He also asserted that Israel has killed fewer people than any other nation in the world."
"Blind Item #4 - Scatter Like The Wind - Mr. Hedge" (CDaN).  Interesting comments, including on the identity of Mr. Hedge, who has been attacking Netflix accounting.

The tanks which were supposed to have 'fallen into the hands of' ISIS instead accidentally fell into the hands of anti-ISIS pro-Iranian militias:  "Made in America, But Lost in Iraq" and "Bombshell: DOD Admits $80 Million in M1 Abrams Tanks Ended Up With Iran-Backed Militias".