Monday, January 22, 2018

Russia shop

"The CIA Bull In Glenn Simpson’s Russia Shop" (Helmer).  This is very good, clear in a way you don't normally see.  Note that, just as you would expect, Trump is getting no help at all from his Republican colleagues in the IC attacks on him, with obvious questions passed up (and related is the strange disinclination to release even parts of the FISA memo).  Everybody is afraid of the IC.

Simpson had trouble marketing his Russia-bashing product until Trump came along.

"Was Lynch coordinating with Comey in the Clinton investigation?"  Note how Strzok directly connects the necessity of clearing Killary of her email problems to the Trump ascendancy!

Trump created all kinds of strange rifts in the American power structure, and we're finding out about this due to ongoing turf wars between the NSA, CIA, and FBI.  In particular, CIA attacks on the NSA/Pentagon, using various owned 'journalists', has revealed a lot of shit.

"Does This Man Know More Than Robert Mueller?"  It's complicated.  I see Greenwald, the Intercept, and Snowden as CIA (sometimes disguised by mild attacks on the CIA), which means they oppose the New Cold War/WWIII, not for reasons of sanity or pacifism, but as the liberal side of the CIA perceives the New Cold War as a strengthening of the Pentagon at the expense of the CIA.  Everything is a turf war, and sanity sometimes creeps in between the cracks.

Cleft stick

"FEATURE: Why it is laughable the Kurds blame Russia for the predicament they find themselves in northern Syria" (Antonopoulos).  The conspiracy theory that Russia and Turkey cooked something up after the Kurds refused to listen to reason (the headline is the opposite of the content).  Everybody counts on the fact that the Americans will commit just enough to cause problems, but not enough to solve them.

"WAIT, WHAT?! Kurdish forces choose to stand alone, then blames Russia for the Turkish invasion of Afrin" (Antonopoulos).  The Kurds had a clear choice, Russia-Iran-Syria or the Ziowahhabicans, and they chose wrong, no doubt whatsoever because their leaders have been bribed and blackmailed, as usual.

"US caught in a cleft stick in northern Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Russia-Iran-Syria simply ride out the geopolitical realities to success, while the US, under the wise leadership of slumlord President Kushner and the help of some bribed Kurds, bets the farm on hopeless Yinonization.

Do the Kurds in Syria seriously think there is the slightest possibility that the Turks will permit a Yinon-style Kurdish statelet next door to Kurdish areas of Turkey, where it will serve as a constant provocation towards the creation of Greater Kurdistan and the consequent destruction of Turkey?  The Kurds have fought so bravely and are now being betrayed by crooked political leadership, just like in Iraq.

"Is A “Great War” on Israel’s Horizon?" (Salt).  Unless you believe in some weird mystical shit, the Khazar murder and land theft project in the Middle East is so preposterous that it has to blow up at some time, and that time is approaching.

"Manhattan DA raids Newsweek headquarters".  Jang.

"Palestine, Israel, the US, and How the South Pacific Countries Are Selling Their Votes" (Vitchek).  Canada is known as the Palau of the North.  We write that on the paper bags we all wear on our heads to hide our embarrassment at our beshekeled 'leaders'.

Wtf?:  "Teachers who commit certain forms of sexual abuse allowed to keep their licences".  Very Canadian to protect the 'rights' of the kinder, gentler, poetic pedos.

We've reached the clumsy cover-up stage of 'it's not the crime, it's the cover-up':  "FBI "Loses" Five Months Of Text Messages Between Anti-Trump Agents".

It's Trump's day-to-day work in the Koch trenches that ensure he won't be impeached:  "Trump Sets Records for Seating Federal Judges".  This is also the direct result of the tragic and evil Democrat decision to try to force Killary to a Presidency.

"Four For Friday - It's About "Time" - A Himmmm Blind Item"  (CDaN).  This is about the most notorious of the alleged Hollywood pedos, Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon, a constant figure in the gossip blinds for preying on under-aged female actors in children's programming, but interestingly pulls Summer Redstone into the story to explain why he is so bafflingly untouchable.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sincere Regrets

"FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks" (Webb).  Omidyar, Greenwald, Snowden, and censorship through 'curation'.  It is not a coincidence that no actual, normal, human beings end up being sheltered by this paternalistic protection, but only the lowest-of-the-low institutions and operators for these institutions.

"How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy" (Giraldi):
"There is a growing consensus among many observers in Washington that the national security agencies have become completely politicized over the past seventeen years and are now pursuing selfish agendas that actually endanger what remains of American democracy. Up until recently it has been habitual to refer to such activity as the Deep State, which is perhaps equivalent to the Establishment in that it includes financial services, the media, major foundations and constituencies, as well as lobbying groups, but we are now witnessing an evolutionary process in which the national security regime is exercising power independently.

, , ,

Raimondo believes that something like a civil war is coming, with the war party Establishment fighting to defend its privileged global order while many other Americans seek a return to normal nationhood with all that implies. If true, the next few years will see a major internal conflict that will determine what kind of country the United States will be."

"NSA "Sincerely Regrets" Deleting All Bush-Era Surveillance Data It Was Ordered To Preserve" (Durden).

"The FISA Memo Is All The Ammo Trump Needs To Take On The CIA" (Luongo).  It would be nice to see some push-back, but tragically mistaken post-9/11 increases to the power of the IC mean that everybody is too terrified of the power they wield, putting them beyond any possible Constitutional control, meaning that the United States is literally beyond hope.   A dying dictatorship ruled by psychopaths, fortunately, for the rest of the world, incompetent psychopaths.  It doesn't help that one of the two major parties is fully along for the ride.

"US caught in a cleft stick in northern Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Other than the big mistake of shooting down that Russian plane, Erdoğan has proven to be quite cautious and crafty, while consistently talking like a madman.  By attacking an isolated Syrian-Kurdish town isolated from the main traditional Kurdish areas, he makes his point to the Kurds without actually having to directly confront any major power, especially the Americans.  It is difficult not to see some kind of Turkish-Russian-Iranian plan at work.  I worry that Syrian Kurdish leaders are too blackmailed and bribed by the Americans and Khazars to get the obvious message.  As always, the only possible stable solution to keep everybody moderately happy and alive is an integral un-Yinonized Syrian state, with some kind of minor federal powers for the Kurds (control over education, language rights, that sort of thing).  As long as slumlord/settler President Jared is in power, and paid-off Kurdish leaders make dumb choices, that is not going to happen.

I see a considerable amount of cleverness and flexibility amongst the anti-imperialists outside the Empire, but literally no hope for those trapped within the Empire.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Massive headache

"Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, sources say".  If they get away with this comical nonsense it will be an excellent demonstration of how corrupt Canadian politicians and police actually are.

"False report about a Muslim woman in hijab being attacked in Canada?" (Angry Arab).  Doubt?  The family has profusely apologized for the whole mess.  She's eleven years old.  What are you going to do?  This isn't like the ubiquitous story of rabbis spray painting swastikas on synagogues, or the Mossad arranging for phony death threats to Jews, both false-flags in order to get more government money and sympathy for murder and land theft in the Middle East.  I'm guessing she decided to take the thing off, got caught by somebody who could tell her parents, and made up an extemporaneous story to explain herself without realizing how far, in the current virtue-signalling climate, this sort of thing can go with politicians and 'journalists'.

"Canada to reconsider Extradition Act in wake of Diab case" (with details of the filthy, filthy role of Conservative minister Rob Nicholson, who I hope is enjoying his shekels):
"Some countries Canada extradites citizens to do not return the favour.

Canada has extradition treaties with more than 30 countries, including Cuba. But those that will not extradite their own citizens include Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland. Canada allows extradition to each.

(France, in but one example, has for four decades refused to extradite film director Roman Polanski to the U.S., although he pleaded guilty to an unlawful sex act with a minor in California, and then fled the country to evade punishment.)

The low bar for a requesting state, and high bar for an accused, leaves Canadian courts with their hands tied once the extradition ball starts rolling.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger, who granted France's extradition request in 2011, was blunt in his assessment of France's case, saying it was "very problematic" and drew "suspect conclusions."

"The prospects of conviction in the context of a fair trial seem unlikely," Maranger predicted."
and (!; my emphasis in red):
"Nicholson's letter also dismissed the fact that Diab's passport did not show travel to France at the time of the bombing. The French, he pointed out, alleged that the bombers travelled on false passports, "thus making Mr Diab's 1980 passport corroborative of France's allegations against him."

In other words, the lack of any evidence in Diab's passport showing he was in France, helped prove he had been there at the time. French judges ultimately determined that "consistent evidence" backed Diab's claim that he was in Lebanon sitting exams at the time of the bombing."
Two simple rules:  1) no extradiction to any country, like France, with a completely corrupted (or beshekeled) judicial system, and 2) no extradiction to any country that refuses to extradite back (the 'Polankski rule').

"SYRIA: Tillerson’s Schizophrenia and Neocon-Approved “Assad Must Go” Policy" (McAdams).

""You Are Now Entering the American Sector" (Will Syria Be Partitioned?)" (Shamir):
"Americans never leave voluntarily. Whenever they come, they try and stay forever. They came to Philippines in 1898, and they are still there, despite many demands to get out. They came to Cuba in 1898, and they still stay there, despite many promises to leave blood-soaked Guantanamo. In 1945, they occupied Germany and Japan, and they are still there, only their puppets change. They came to South Korea, and they still stay there. They conquered Afghanistan in 2001, and they are still there.

Among many colonial powers, the US is the exceptional one by its stubborn stickiness. It is easier to get rid of a chewing gum that got stuck to your sole than the American presence.

It is difficult, but not impossible. The Vietnamese did it. It took them many years, five million of their own dead, fifty thousand dead American soldiers, ruination of their economy, destruction of forests, cities bombed, My Lai burned and raped, but they succeeded in dispatching the Yanks home.

The Lebanese did it. Just one successful suicide driver had got through the gate of the Marines’ encampment, and killed over two hundred Marines. The US gunboats bombarded unprotected Lebanese villages in the mountains, but afterwards the Yanks sailed home.

The Somalis did it. They downed a couple of Black Hawk helicopters and in a single day-long battle killed two dozen of America’s best. Afterwards, the Americans went home.

The question is how many dead bodies will Trump need in order to understand that there is no place like home, and that American presence in Syria is unwelcome. The Israelis will be upset if the Yanks leave. From the Israeli point of view there is nothing as good as an American military presence in Syria next door. But President Trump was elected by the Americans, and he has to make the right choice, the sooner the better."

"Trump versus Wolfowitz" (Stryker).  Not mentioning that this policy was ginned together not for American national interests, but purely for Zionist (Khazar-supremacist) interests.

"US military to maintain open-ended presence in Syria, Tillerson says".  "Tillerson denies US plans to form Syria border force". President Jared keeps ordering Rex to say stupid anti-MAGA settler-slumlord things, which Rex then tries to walk back, leaving American policy indeterminate.

"Drifting sands: America's strategy in Syria" (Bahzad).  The problem, as always, is that it is impossible to have a 'proper strategy' if you keep fighting wars, not for your national interests, but because your crooked politicians are bribed and blackmailed by Khazars.

We're now in opposite land, where Republicans are outraged at the IC abuses of the FISA court, and Democrats say it is no big deal:  ""Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"" (Durden).  More of The Clarification.

Wow!:  "The less-mentioned lives of Mrs. Krim" (Cobban):
"Mrs. Johnson, meanwhile, was suffering from what was described as a massive headache, and stayed in Texas."
"A Foreign Policy of Sticks and Stones" (Feffer).  The best thing I've read on this issue.

"Chinese Engineer's Mysterious Disappearance Suddenly Takes On Geopolitical Significance" (Dorsey).  Tens of billions of dollars turning on whether the ISI will phone up their terrorist pals and get this guy back!

"Bret Stephens in NYT: “A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews”" (Sailer).

"Swiss Town Denies Passport To Dutch Vegan For Being "Too Annoying"" (Durden).

Thursday, January 18, 2018


"UK Government Denies Failing To Protect Nuclear Scientist Stabbed To Death In Suspected Kremlin Hit".  "The Man Who Knew Too Much".

If you didn't suffer from Putin Derangement Syndrome - connected directly to those warmongering for WWIII - one immediate question would pop to mind - if Putin is going around killing all these people, why is British intelligence and the British establishment going so far out of its way to cover up all these deaths?  Think about it - the scientist who identified the polonium that allegedly killed Litvinenko was immediately sent on an unrelated (?) task at the same Russian faculty that they claim was the source of the polonium, then came home and almost immediately suicided himself in a suspicious way.  All these deaths look exactly like MI6 cleaning up its own messes (which completely explains all the cover-ups).

If you read the second piece carefully it appears Puncher became aware he had erred in the frame-up of Russia for Litvinenko, thus requiring MI6 to remove him from the picture before he talked. That makes him just another honest scientist, like David Kelly, killed by British intelligence to remove a dangerous loose end.  They've now even got BuzzFeed to false-flag it!

Also don't forget all the dead Russian diplomats.

Looked and sounded classy

"US Policy Toward the Levant, Kurds and Turkey" by Joshua Landis.  Perfectly sensible advice but it doesn't advance Yinon so President Jared won't go for it.

The best thing about all this is that President Jared just isn't very smart, so all his clever ideas directly from the settlers are going to backfire:  "‘He wants to kill us’— Gazans fear for the worst as Trump severs aid to Palestinian refugees" (Kabariti).

"Trump Admin Commits to Forever War in Syria against Iran" (Cole).  The specific orders from Tel Aviv to President Jared on the blue and white hotline would be to block perceived Iranian influence in Syria by whatever means are still available, no matter how insane.

"The US-Assisted Evacuation of IS Militants from Syria – a Rerun of Operation ODESSA" (Minin).  Excellent analogy.

"In words and deeds: the genesis of Israeli violence" (Baroud).  The Khazars have been remarkably consistent over time.

Tweets by Esha on simply the most progressive man who has ever lived, the sainted Barry.  Also:
"You mean the good old days under Obama who dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 countries in a single year and nobody really gave a damn because he looked and sounded classy while doing it?"
"Inspector General: Awans Used "Unauthorized Access" To Transfer Congress' Data To Stolen Server" (Durden).  You have to love that they physically stole the server in the middle of the 'investigation'.

"What If Bannon Is The Architect Of The Whole Bannon-Trump Fight?"  "Steve Bannon refuses lawmakers' questions under 'White House instructions'".  "Bannon in the Chair" (Marshall).  'Flubbed'?

"The Literati’s Scourge of Putin and Trump" (Sniegoski).  Gessen has one problem with Putin, her perception that he is too close to traditional Russian religious leaders and thus has the wrong attitude on gay rights, but that issue wouldn't get her any traction, particularly in the United States, so she has constructed an entirely mythological view of Putin as dangerous imperialist totalitarian.

"KAL 007: What the U.S. Knew and When it Knew it" (Husseini).  Note the ad for 'Zero Net Migration'!

The worst!:  "The Cotton Doctrine: More Wars, Less Security" (Preble).

Predictable spin on Hello, Newman news:  "Senior Democratic Staffer: ‘We Do Not Care About Anti-Semitism’".

"Photographer starts petition against OxyContin billionaires".

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dropping the taboo

"It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo".

The tragic fact of the matter is that the same tiny group of racist violent supremacists are mongering for wars in Europe, Iran and Korea/Japan that the world simply can't accept. We have to choose between the Apocalypse and this vile group of supremacists.

"French publishing house suspends printing of WWII-era anti-Semitic essays".  Céline was a medical doctor and humanitarian - not to mention one of the greatest writers of the 20th century - who worked in the slums and saw who was causing the great suffering of the poor, the slumlords (people exactly like Jared Kushner and his ilk).  He wrote based on what he saw, so we can't possibly be allowed to see it.

Speaking of President Jared, the first settler/slumlord President of the USA:  "Abbas confirms Trump tried to sell Abu Dis as Palestinian capital, in ‘Oslo is dead’ speech" (Deger).  Miraculously, Abbas has suddenly grown a spine.

"Monbiot Is a Hypocrite and a Bully" (Cook).  Just like Chomsky, the technique is to build up a reputation on other grounds, and then apply that reputation to advancing violent racist group supremacism.

"BBC Betrays the Most Basic Journalistic Principles When It Comes to Syria" (Salt).  The shekels are flying so hard that both the Guardian and the BBC are willing to give up what little is left of their reputations on a propaganda war that is going nowhere!

"Hassan Diab, Canadian university professor once charged with terrorism in France, is back in Canada":
"Diab's supporters in Canada have long argued that he should never have been extradited to a foreign country on the basis of evidence that would not have stood up in a Canadian court.

Judges in France ordered Diab's release on at least eight occasions before he was finally set free, but under the French system prosecutors were able to keep him behind bars by appealing those release orders on grounds that Diab was a flight risk and public danger.

He remained imprisoned despite the fact that he did not match a fingerprint left by the perpetrator of the Paris bombing in 1980, and could demonstrate that he was in fact sitting exams in Beirut at the time it occurred. Both university records, and the stamps in Diab's passport, backed his claims.

But Diab remained in prison even after a judge ruled there was "consistent evidence" he had not been in France at the time of the bombing.

His wife, Rania Tfaily, was seven months pregnant at the time of his extradition. Diab had not met his three-year-old son outside of a prison waiting room until his return to Canada yesterday.

Diab's supporters said the case has exposed the flaws of an extradition system that denies Canadians accused by foreign governments of the rights and protections they would enjoy if accused by their own.

"Canadians are liable to be extradited to a foreign country not on sworn evidence," said Diab's lawyer, Don Bayne. "A foreign state need only submit a written document signed by a foreign official claiming 'we have a case against this man.'"

It then becomes the responsibility of the accused person to demonstrate that they should not be extradited.

The Ontario judge who ordered Diab sent to France, Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger, said at the time that France had presented a "weak case" that was "unlikely" to result in a conviction.

But the final decision was taken by Rob Nicholson, then justice minister in the Stephen Harper Conservative government. He could have refused the request, but chose instead to sign off on it, beginning Diab's French prison ordeal.

Today Diab's lawyer thanked Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and other staff at Global Affairs Canada "for their genuine and impressive support to a Canadian who never should have been extradited."

Bayne added that the case should lead to a complete overhaul of Canada's extradition system.

"Now is the time for the justice minister, indeed the prime minister, to order a complete review of the Extradition Act and procedures that led to years of injustice for an innocent Canadian," Bayne said.

"How could Canada have extradited a Canadian to France when France never, never had a case against Dr. Diab fit to go to trial? How? Because of Canada's Extradition Act, of the procedures it enables to strip Canadians of liberty unjustly. This Canadian was extradited on overwhelmingly unreliable evidence yet every Canadian court allowed this to happen.""
Obviously, no one should ever, under any circumstances, be extradited to France, a country whose judicial system isn't up to the level of a joke.

Ha!:  "Justice for Hassan Diab and the Unbearable Banality of Evil" (Deutsch):
Though there were a number of allusions to foreign involvement, it was not until September 2017 that Israeli interference was identified. In Canada and in France, two Jewish organizations that are unquestioningly supportive of Israel and particularly vocal about Islamic terrorism have relentlessly accused Diab of terrorism. B’nai Brith and Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre publicly demanded Diab’s extradition and his firing from Carleton University. Both organizations have members who have close ties with political leaders. As reported in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Wiesenthal Centre CEO Avi Benlolo called Diab “an accused terrorist mass murderer.”

On his website, Benlolo lists his connections with G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, Tony Blair. He accompanied former Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel along with a member of the violent Jewish Defense League. In a startling passage from the 2017 book The End of Europe, published by Yale University press, the author James Kirchick appears to uncritically suggest that the Jewish Defense League was crucial in preventing a pogrom at a Parisian synagogue in 2014 which occurred during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Gaza.

Kirchick writes that a crowd of several hundred people, chanting “death to the Jews” and wielding iron bars and axes, tried to break into the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in Paris. “Shimon Samuels, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, reported seeing Socialist Party politicians in the crowd” and that one eyewitness reported that, had it not been for members of the vigilante Jewish Defense League, ‘the synagogue would have been destroyed, with all the people trapped inside.’” Kirchick does not check the accuracy of this report. It was not widely reported, but other sources indicated that there were perhaps 100 protesters and they were not carrying iron bars and axes. Kirchick further implies that the red-green coalition in Europe endangers European civilization by minimizing the Islamic threat. It will be important to investigate the involvement of Israel and Zionist groups in Diab’s case.

"Researchers raise concerns as Twitter, Facebook seek role in Canadian election debates".  I think 'no' is the word you are looking for. "What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon?".

"Facebook blocks sharing of WSWS anti-censorship video".

"Bruce Sterling: YOU SHOULD HAVE README".  I don't get any practical help out of this, but I get the feeling that the market will provide part of the solution, with both FB and Twitter passing fads that are on the way out (to be replaced no doubt by something worse).

"FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved" (Durden).  Enormous amount of crooked Clinton connections, with McCabe the FBI operator throughout, making sure that various illegalities don't prevent the Clintons getting their claws on the cash.  The whole conspiracy is quite amazing!

Just some helpful advice for journalists' and virtue-signalling politicians - if a story sounds absurd and laughably implausible on the face of it, don't run with it until the facts check out:  "An attacker did not cut her hijab, police say. But why did the TDSB let the tearful 11-year-old face the cameras?".  Note that the original story has been improved hilariously to add more virtue-signalling and 'victim' pandering!

You can actually watch the shekels fall on a city, like some kind of rainstorm:  "After New Orleans City Council implicitly endorses BDS, officials say resolution was not about Israel" (Rubin).

"Apple censors Vic Mensa’s views on Palestine" (Abunimah).

"NYT’s Kristof Wrong, of Course—Democracy Threatened, Not By Trump, But By Totalitarian Left #Resistance. and He’s Part of It." (Kirkpatrick).  "Democrats and the End(s) of Politics" (Urie).

"Putin Plot? Democrats Ridiculed For Claiming Moscow Behind Chelsea Manning's Senate Run" (Durden). "Old, Straight, White Man".  I'll just leave this here:  "The Latest Anti-Semitic ‘Alt-Right’ Meme: ‘Fellow White People’"  To be fair, Greenwald does cover the real issues in the body of the piece.

"Brazilian Right-Wing Fell Hard For A Fake News Story About Venezuela, Provoking Diplomatic Incident" (Filho).  Usually The Intercept promotes this kind of imperialist scam, but Greenwald's connection to Brazil may play a role here.

The Canadian NDP seems to be rising out of its stifling Zionism under the asshole Muclair (but always remember that the new leader, who has bizarrely still not arranged to take a seat in Parliament, appears to be sucking on the same shekel-pipe):  "What Canadians can do for Palestine this February" (Khader).

Given that the UAE is clearly ramping up the war on Qatar, the timing of this call is interesting:  "Donald Trump thanks Qatar for combating 'terrorism' ".

"US creates rift among Russia, Turkey and Iran" (Bhadrakumar).  Yinonization of Syria still isn't going to work, but it will no doubt get a lot of people, mostly Kurds (who are utter fools to go along with this, no doubt with beshekeled leadership), killed.

"Were the people of Hawaii used as guinea pigs to test the public reaction should a US invasion of North Korea prompt the government of Kim Jong Un to fire off its missiles before they could be destroyed?" Identical reaction test in Japan.  It is clear they want to know how the domestic populations will react, and how other countries will react.

"New Charges Possible In Mandalay Bay Shooting While Mystery Shrouds Broken CCTV" (Durden).  "Camera/equipment malfunction", the mystery woman with a warning (watch the video), strange emails, the mystery silent shot that killed Paddock, 20 cruises to Europe and the Middle East.

"Rose McGowan: CAA agents were Weinstein’s ‘pimps’".

CDaN has a bizarre series of gossip blinds about David Geffen and something called The Church, allegedly his pedophilia organization which engages in things like mass infectious disease epidemics in order to obtain its victims (do a page search of 'The Church' to find the guesses)!  Also note this one, supposed to be about the 'suicide' of James Dolan!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It was, absolutely

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"We've got to understand that North Korea is holding onto these nuclear weapons because they think it is their only protection from the United States coming in and doing to them what the United States has done to so many countries throughout history."
Watch the clip!

Astonishingly ineffective

"What's Wrong with Liberal Jews?" (Giraldi) (on the spectacular deceit of lite Zionism; my emphasis in red and green):
"Some would argue that there is growing sentiment among liberal American Jews, particularly the younger ones, to dissociate from Israel and to condemn its behavior. To be sure this would appear to be true, and there are also numerous Jewish dominated “progressive” organizations that are highly critical of Israel’s current government. Many of them are astonishingly ineffective, suggesting that there is a certain ambivalence among the critics. This arises in part, I suspect, because they ultimately want to protect Israel as a Jewish state, only demanding that it somehow behave better and be nice to the Palestinians, but there is no likelihood that that will happen in the foreseeable future given the lack of any significant political party in Israel that would support such a development.

This process of rationalizing ultimately contradictory theses has been described as working from inside the Jewish bubble and is related to the politics of Jewish identity. Groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) do not really see themselves as Americans speaking to other Americans about the impact of Israel on the United States. Instead, they identify as Jews addressing worldwide Jewry over the issue of how to support Jewish supremacy in Israel/Palestine as a sine qua non of Jewish identity while doing what is necessary to avoid unpleasant consequences. The effect of this ambivalence from inside is corrosive, leading some to believe that Jewish gatekeepers will successfully misdirect grassroots movements like Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) to make sure that they do no real damage to the Jewish state just as they have already hamstrung groups demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

It has also been observed that Jewish liberals who oppose Israeli policies frequently have more pity for themselves than for the people under Netanyahu’s jackboot and their proposals frequently defer to Israeli interests. And sometimes there are personal interests at stake. Rebecca Vilkomerson of JVP, who was blacklisted by Israel and will be unable to travel there, is married to an Israeli Jonathan Lebowitsch, who is a Solution Architect at Checkpoint, a cybersecurity company with ties to the Israeli military. She is now for the first time living with a reality imposed by the Israeli government that is analogous to what many Palestinians have experienced since 1948, i.e. being unable to go back to the homes that their families have lived in for generations. And she is a Jew who has broken no law, dealing with a Jewish state that is proclaimed to be the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

Other groups like J-Street veer even further in the direction of compromise with Israeli interests, basically wanting a Jewish state that is less offensive to the international audience, with some kind of fantasy concordat with the Arabs that will make the issue of what kind of place Israel really is less visible. Some time ago, I attended a J Street sponsored talk by a retired Israeli general who was supposed to be of the “peace” party. His message: “Iran must be destroyed.”"

and (note how Giraldi ultimately doesn't get it, accepting that we're stuck with the anti-Semitism bomb and thus will have to rely on the hope that somehow ethical Jewish supremacists will suddenly appear to save the goyim):
"Why is all this obsessing over the paradoxical behavior of Jewish liberals important? It is important because American Jews are hugely over-represented in the places that matter: in the media, in entertainment, in politics, in financial services, in the professions, in the arts and in education. It has been my own personal experience that some prominent Jewish critics of Israel resent identical criticism coming from non-Jews and tend to use their resources to marginalize it, frequently alleging that it is motivated by anti-Semitism. That means that the goyim will never be able to shift the press or congress or the White House about how awful the connection with Israel really is, no matter what we say or do, but as soon as Jewish American liberals get on board and convince themselves that they cannot stand any more of the lying about Israel change will come. It is all about Jewish power in America, but this time as a potential positive force. Guys like Jerry Seinfeld will have to figure out that performing in Israel and playing around for a laugh at their counter-terrorist indoctrination centers that simulate shooting Arabs is not exactly acceptable. We might even get Hollywood on board to produce an honest movie about the plight of the Palestinians."
Here's what the thinking of an actual supremacist 'ethicist' looks like: "Ahed Tamimi should stay in prison because she might slap again — Israeli ethicist" (Ofir).

"Liberal Zionists can’t talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi" (North/Weiss).  The paradox is that you can read this at Mondoweiss and miss that Weiss is just a more sophisticated other-level variation on the same trick, with the various supremacists criticizing each other in order to create the illusion that they alone can solve the problem, all the while buying time to shoot more children in the face and steal more land. 

I see increasing fury about this in the world, but as long as we keep falling for their dirty, dirty tricks they are going to continue to succeed.

Monday, January 15, 2018

It was really repetitive

"Paper ballots protect against hacks, but other election cyberthreats loom".  Canada steels itself for that rascal Putin and his damned bots!

The UAE is trying to restart the war on Qatar.  "Qatar denies intercepting Emirati civilian aircraft".

"Prince Alwaleed Moved To Highest Security Saudi Prison After Refusing To Pay $6 Billion For Freedom" (Durden).  "Swiss Newspaper Reveals: Secret Military Cooperation Between Saudi Arabia and Israel".

"LAST STEP IRAN: What Our Recent Protests Were Really About" (Ghashghavi).  It should be no shock that Iranians know what is going on.  It is instructive that American 'journalists' treat Iran as if it was on the far side of some distant star, when they could fly in any day they wanted and ask questions.  As the Empire is destroyed by ZOG, the only people who can't be allowed access to the truth are Americans.

"Ahed Tamimi is the Palestinian Rosa Parks" (Love).  Israel is so utterly bad, so evil, that it is impossible for a moral and decent person to come to grips with the reality of it, even if the Jew-controlled media weren't also involved in a massive conspiracy to cover up for it.

"US media reverse Ahed Tamimi’s reality" (Brown).  As far as I can tell, Newsweek is an organ for David Jang, a quasi-Moonie evangelical Christian, which explains why it is so consistently embarrassing.

"New South Carolina Law Will Make It Illegal to Criticize Israel" (Striker).  With helpful illustration of King Zog.

When I first read this, I thought it was a parody, another woman incapable of hanging up the phone or walking to the door and leaving:  "Aziz Ansari Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Photographer" (is 'sticking his fingers down my throat' a thing?):
"“It was 30 minutes of me getting up and moving and him following and sticking his fingers down my throat again. It was really repetitive. It felt like a fucking game … most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points, I stopped moving my lips and turned cold.”"
You have to fear there is a whole generation of snowflake women incapable of running their own lives but very capable of whining about what they allow to happen to them.  Requisite apology:  "Aziz Ansari Issues Statement After Sexual Misconduct Accusation: ‘I Took Her Words to Heart’". I hope this at least produces some material for him.

"CIA and the Assassination of Leaders Overseas" (Platov).  Not to mention all the Russian diplomats.

The theory that it was a false flag attack by Syria or Iran to force the Russians to stay!!!:  "Who Really Attacked Russia’s Air Base in Syria?" (Iddon).

The Clarification:  tweet (Cow Eye Press):
"Not a Trump fan, but have to give him his due here: he is exposing America's essence in ways our best satirists could only dream. Enjoy the show while it lasts because we won't see performance art like this, on a scale this grand, for generations. #shithole #maga #artasspectacle"
"Bill Clinton Triggered, Denies Clinton Foundation's Haiti Funds Were Used For Chelsea Wedding"(Durden).  Given the way we found out about this, through WikiLeaks, there seems to be no chance that the substance of the story is wrong.  The Shithole, appropriately, funded Chelsea's wedding!

This is weird when you know, as we do, that Dean was the IC's insider whose job it was to set Nixon up:  "John Dean: Nixon ‘Might Have Survived If There’d Been a Fox News’".

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Menschian / mostly just depressing / Groyper

Just watch - the phony Hawaiian scare will now be used as an excuse for WWIII on the basis that Americans have a right not to be scared by bullshit, so the American government has to act to remove the plausibility of a North Korean missile threat.

It's almost as if Nash or Gillray or Rowlandson were still around, a new golden age of cartooning.

In case you are not keeping up, when Matt Furie made an intellectual property claim to Pepe, the alt right largely switched to Groyper.

Wikipedia has inspired various, superior, parody sites:  "Windians".

Stink tanks can't possibly win any argument on the merits, so they use their political power to shut down venues of dissent:  "Neocon Think Tanks Not Russian Media Are the Enemy Within" (Wight).

"Moby's "CIA Friends" Asked Him To Spread Word Of Trump-Russia Collusion On Facebook" (Durden).  'Menschian'!

"Democrat Senators publish a deeply disturbing and profoundly racist report about Russia" (Mercouris).  Dossier problems seem to have led to a doubling down on the McCarthyism.

"WSJ Calls For End To Trump Dossier "Silly Season" - Declassify It & Let The Public Decide" (Strassel).  Shockingly woke from the WSJ!

The best of the best on #Russiagate:
  1. "Did President Obama Read the ‘Steele Dossier’ in the White House Last August?" (Smith);
  2. "The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”…." (sundance); and
  3. "Did Glenn Simpson Lie to Congress?" (Smith).
I wonder why Smith is so uniquely excellent on this issue while normally being a crude Zionist propagandist.  For example:
"For if the FBI and Department of Justice used a piece of opposition research paid for by a political campaign as evidence for a warrant to intercept the communications of a rival campaign—and the questions asked by congressional investigators suggest they did—then we are now living in a very different America than the one that generations of civil libertarians and small-government conservatives alike desired to maintain, and which large majorities in Congress have repeatedly voted for. The DOJ, the FBI and perhaps the CIA would be embroiled in a scandal likely to have long-lasting and sweeping consequences for intelligence collection, national security, and the safety and privacy of American citizens, to say nothing of how it will demoralize federal law enforcement, which will appear to be mired in partisanship and political corruption.
Even more disconcerting is the increasing likelihood that the Steele dossier was used as a platform for a Russian information operation, which successfully managed to leverage nearly the entire American press corps and sections of the security bureaucracy toward the goal of encouraging Americans to rip their own country apart."
See also:  "Politicizing Steele’s Raw, Unverified ‘Intelligence’" (McCarthy).

"Neo-Nazi behind Daily Stormer website Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer 'is of Jewish descent, his mother says'".  Weev's extreme technical prowess is what has kept The Daily Stormer on the internet during the unprecedented multi-faceted attack against it.  The interesting issue is whether the fact that so many 'neo-Nazi' leaders turn out to be Jews is some kind of weird 'self-hating' psychology, or an actual conspiracy to create a fake enemy to complain about.

""We Know Who They Are": Putin Claims "State Provocateur" Behind "Terrorist Drones" In Syria" (Durden).  The list would be the US itself, or Britain (working out of Cyprus), or Israel.

"Venezuelan Food Company Caught Burying Alive Millions of Chicks".  There are some interesting issues concerning the class cohesiveness of the 0.1%.  Big Venezuelan companies are so concerned about removing socialism that they are willing to forgo considerable profits as part of the conspiracy.  "Western Journalists Threaten Venezuela" (Emersberger).

"Trump Turns on Pakistan" (Margolis).  As usual, Zionism clearly interfering with real American national interests.

"Great Moments in Google: “American Inventors”–Almost All Black" (Sailer, from September):  "Bing’s list is more fun than Google’s, which is mostly just depressing."  This kind of thing should give us all pause, as we automatically assume the objectivity of search results.  The algorithms are powered by peanut butter.

'Shithole' Haitians are still being punished for having the temerity to revolt in 1804!:  "No Regrets for Making Haiti a 'Shithole'?" (Sanders).

"Blind Item #9 - Trafficking" (CDaN).  Note the link to Aangirfan in the comments (and other surprisingly woke areas of discussion), as gossip crosses paths with our kind of stuff!

"Why is Qatar being blockaded and isolated?"  Note the author!!!  This is completely out of sync with the usual pro-Saudi, anti-Muslim-Brotherhood slant of current Zionist PR.

"Liberal Zionists can’t talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi" (North/Weiss).

"NOTHING FUNNY: Disgusting Pictures of Comedian Jerry Seinfeld at ‘Anti-Terror Fantasy Camp’ in Occupied West Bank".

"How anyone who questions the White Helmets narrative became victims of the Guardian propaganda machine" (catte).  Monbiot is lower than whale shit, just another vile supremacist hiding behind another issue, in this case environmentalism.  "Request to Guardian for response & right of reply to Solon White Helmets article".  "The Guardian, White Helmets, and Silenced Comment" (Hayward).

"The Persecution of Julian Assange" (Roberts).  White hat.

"Two party system".

"And Then They Came for James Franco … " (Sailer).  The standard cynical conservative comment on many of these revelations (which isn't to say that it is wrong - see also):
"It’s that second movie I signed a contract to do full nudity in for you that was really exploitative. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me for not going to the NYT earlier."
Professional 'feminists' are creating a complex guide to male-female relations based on body parts and geographical location (after you pay for three martinis you may graze the knee in the bar), while somehow completely ignoring the power relationships that surely are the real heart of #metoo.  "What the actual fuck is this."  Were I a conspiracy theorist I'd almost be inclined to think they were intentionally hiding the real issues.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


It is obvious that whoever wants WWIII, now upset that the two Koreas have decided to talk things out, arranged for a phony missile scare and, perhaps underestimating Trump, assumed he would take the bait and 'retaliate', thus starting a real WWIII.  I sure hope patriotic Americans are aware of what traitors within their midst they are up against.


This is one of the most egregious and outrageous examples of Khazar manipulation of governments and oppression of human beings that I have ever seen:  "Updated: French courts drop terror allegations against Ottawa prof Hassan Diab"  and "'We're all at risk': Hassan Diab's lawyer on what's wrong with Canada's extradition system".  These goddamn fuckers have had a completely innocent man in jail for years because it suits the Pure Evil narrative of their supremacism!  We're all at risk as long as we tolerate rule by Khazars!

Note that Trudeau, who swans around in a cloud of Bronfman shekels, and who has done sweet fuck all to help Diab, is now trying to appropriate some credit for this!

Exactly the same trickery has restarted in Argentina: "Jewish prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered, Argentine federal judge rules".

With cases like Diab and Assange, we need a new underground railroad to move victims of injustice away from their oppressors.

Related:  "Sessions creates team to focus on Hezbollah financing and drugs".

"Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to ‘Israel’s might’– Roger Cohen" (Weiss).  It is just another manifestation of supremacism - to save a Khazar hangnail we're morally entitled to slaughter the rest of the world.

It seems like half of WSWS is now dedicated to outrage over #metoo, not a good look for them, and one which greatly diminishes their credibility on what is supposed to be their focus:  "Washington Post columnist goes after Woody Allen’s “lechery”".  Faced with the Great Shiksa Pogrom of 2017-18, I can only ask the obvious question, who funds WSWS?

Despite all the phony concerns about 'due process' - which doesn't even apply, as I see none of these guys in court - it is difficult not to notice that the three big fish, Allen, Geffen, and Spielberg, still walk free.  "Four For Friday - Someone Help Me" (CDaN).  Guesses:  "Ariana Richards (Lex/"Jurassic Park")/Steven Spielberg".

Trump is an insane, senile, monster and any power he has is a threat to human civilization, except when it is time to dole out more power:  "The Same Democrats Who Denounce Donald Trump as a Lawless, Treasonous Authoritarian Just Voted to Give Him Vast Warrantless Spying Powers" (Greenwald).

"Why ‘Coercive Diplomacy’ is a Dangerous Farce" (Porter).  Part of Imperial Decline is that you think you have to act like an asshole and get everything you want by obviously pushing people around, or everybody will think that you have lost your power and are weak.  The paradox is that consistent misfires of this strategy lead everybody to that conclusion anyway.

"North Korea Is Walking Back War – And Pundits Are Strangely Disappointed" (Feffer).  Disappointment background, Weiss, from 2007:  "30 Years Ago, Neocons Were More Candid About Their Israel-Centered Views".  The same small group from the stink-tanks are all in favor of American militarism, warmongering, and wars for the simple reason that these things are thought to be 'good for the Jews'.

"The Times discovers ‘the best interests of the American people’ in the Russia case" (Weiss/Johnson).

"‘Curricularizing Israel’– the Hebrew program in suburban Chicago schools".  Note that the underlying assumption is that American Jews, and only American Jews, are going to save the Israelis and the Palestinians and the world from the evils of Zionism, if only there wasn't some shekel push-back by the Jewish billionaires, the essential Weissian lite-Zionist lie which is intended to buy time for more killing and land theft.

"Meet Hen Mazzig, Israel’s “guru” of grotesque behavior" (Cronin).  Hasbara has been such an abject failure I'm inclined to let them have at it.  Supremacists are always their own worst enemies as their supremacism hides their own problems from them.

Friday, January 12, 2018


"Russia knows who staged attacks on Syrian base & it’s not Turkey – Putin".  Putin is saying these weapons were factory-made from an identified sophisticated country, but disguised to look like terrorist field-made weapons.  A false flag.

"Syria - Erdogan (Again) Switches Sides - Delivers New Supplies For Terrorist Attacks" (Moon).  Managing Erdoğan is like herding cats.  You basically have to stay on your line and ignore the provocations, believing that the realities of the geopolitics will eventually cause the Turks to fold their weak hand.  One of the reasons why Putin is so successful is that he uniquely always manages to keep emotions out of the calculations.

"Rikers Guards Are Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Visitors in the Bathrooms".  This sounds like something you might hear about rural Mexico.  Americans are somehow still convinced they live in a first world country.

"These are the Palestinian children Israel killed in 2017" (Angry Arab).  I'm trying to imagine what would happen if any other country went on a systematic intentional child murdering spree.

Defunding UNWRA - as opposed to defunding the PA, which would cost the Khazars money in replacing the self-brutalizing - is one of the holy grails of modern Zionism, and President Kushner is hard at work on it:  "Trump to punish Palestinians as example for rest of world" (Abunimah).

"No Jews, no 9/11, says leading US neo-Nazi".

"Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Jewish Neo-Con Wars" (Striker).  From 2014, a collection of illustrative cartoons.

Spousal privilege:  "Huma May Have Dropped Divorce To Keep Weiner Quiet Over Clinton Email Probe".  Sloppy headline - it doesn't keep him quiet, it just means he can't be compelled to testify against her (and, perhaps more importantly, she can't be compelled to testify against him).

I can't even:  "Feinstein Makes Startling Admission: "I Got Pressured" To Release Fusion Transcripts" and "Feinstein Admits She Was Mentally Unstable When Releasing Fusion GPS Transcript" (Durden).  Released so the Republicans, some of whom demonstrate very keen prosecutorial expertise, couldn't cross examine subsequent witnesses on contradictions with the Simpson testimony.  Now everybody can bone up on the Official Story.

"The Trump Dossier Timeline, A Democrat Disaster Looming by Publius Tacitus" (with timeline and unanswered questions):
"When the entire episode about the creation of the Trump dossier (by former Brit spy, Christopher Steele) and its dissemination (by Steele and the Democrat hired contractor, FUSION GPS,) to the FBI and the press, is fully exposed, the American people will be confronted with the stark dilemma of how to deal with the fact that there was a failed domestic coup attempted by members of the U.S. intel and law enforcement community. The facts will show that the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of the CIA and the FBI conspired and meddled in the 2016 Presidential election. They lied to a Federal judge about the origins of the dossier and used those lies to get permission to spy on Trump and members of his campaign staff."
"The DOJ and FBI Worked With Fusion GPS on “Operation Trump”…." (sundance).  FISA queries used by a private contractor to establish the basis for a partisan FISA warrant to snoop on the Trump campaign.  Rogers continues to be the only non-traitor in the bunch.

"The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate" (McGovern):
"Despite his former job as chief of the FBI’s counterintelligence section, Strzok had the naive notion that texting on FBI phones could not be traced. Strzok must have slept through “Security 101.” Or perhaps he was busy texting during that class. Girlfriend Page cannot be happy at being misled by his assurance that using office phones would be a secure way to conduct their affair(s)."
"Ecuador and Assange" (Murray). The international law.

"Google's Fact-Check Feature Targets Conservative Sites" (Durden).  Oddly sloppy in making the proof so easy and obvious.

"Coverage Of Iran Protests Illustrated With Protests Not In Iran––organized By Fringe Cultists" (Johnson).  Shameless MSM lying, as always.

The video analyzed by Moon of Alabama (crediting M. H Arsalai for finding it):  "Military Investigates Leaked Afghan Combat Video" (Durden).  Classic reaction, concern about the information getting out, not the content of the video.

Thanks, Obama.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bounce the whiteman

"US Military Intelligence Has “Weaponized Democracy” Worldwide" (Korybko).

"NATO’s Fraudulent War on Behalf of Women" (Szamuely).  "Serbia’s Sovereignty as a Nation State: “A Policy of Complete Surrender”. Kosovo and EU Integration" (Trifkovic).

"Your King Husayn" (Angry Arab), linking to:  "JFK files: CIA lined up actress for date with Jordan's King Hussein during visit to United States" (read the whole thing):
"Eager to please the young leader of a promising potential ally in the Middle East, the CIA enlisted the help of billionaire Howard Hughes’s longtime fixer to find women for Jordan’s King Hussein, according to documents recently made public.

That help for Hussein during his spring 1959 trip to the United States, newly released documents from the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy show, likely turned into a relationship between Hussein and B-movie actress Susan Cabot that may have produced the son who eventually beat Cabot to death in 1986."
Is your child texting about decolonialization?

Asignmetrical warfare:  "DC Council renames street in front of Russian Embassy after Putin critic" and "Turkey-UAE Spat Escalates: Ankara Rename Abu Dhabi Embassy’s Street".

"Well, no one thought the Turks were subtle ... And I like Turks." (Lang).

"Ecuador Grants Citizenship To Julian Assange Amid "Threats To His Life"" (Durden).  It would not shock me if Trump quietly ordered the sniveling Brits to honor the passport by looking the wrong way at the appropriate time.

"Senate Democrats accuse Russia of ‘assault on democracy’ in conspiracy-laden report".

"Israeli think-tank: US-Israel should arm terrorists against Iran" (Angry Arab).  "War propaganda" (Robinson).

"Canadian Research Adds to Worry Over an Environmental Threat the Pentagon Has Downplayed for Decades". 

"“Dishonest” and “Disgraceful” – Monsanto Attempts to Gain Backdoor EU Entry for Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods" (Todhunter).  'Biofortified'.

"Saudi prince 'fired after audio tape contradicts state'".

"As ambitious as Lucifer" - Nimrata Randhawa, your next US President!

"SF cop who hunted Zodiac killer dies. Dave Toschi was 86".

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Maybe Gab was right:  "BREAKING NEWS: Ecuador 'gives Julian Assange a passport' – just a day after it threatened to kick him out of London embassy in row over tweets".

Hell just froze over and pigs can fly:  "UK minister on Ahed Tamimi: ‘Israeli soldiers should not have been there’".  He's not exactly a minister, but still  . . . :  "The truth is the soldiers shouldn’t have been there and the young woman shouldn’t have needed to do what she did.  We should be working hard to get a settlement for this issue so that these young people don’t have to continue to do what they’re doing."  May and the Israeli ambassador will take turns kicking him in the ribs tonight, and the sincere, heart-felt apology will come tomorrow.


"US, Israel step up hybrid war in Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Good stuff.  The proposed Yinon statelet of Syrian Kurdistan is landlocked and surrounded by very unfriendlies, and the good guys know they have only to block any possible passage to the Mediterranean, which is being done quickly, as I type, and the Khazar-stooge fuckwit Americans are fucked.  I'd almost suggest that the Pentagon should invest in some maps.


"I lost so much money, I’m doing shows in Israel."

"Are Israeli Jews the Most Sadistic Butchers in the World?" (Bacon).

"'God Help Us if This Gets Out': The Full Transcript of Yair Netanyahu's Wild Tel Aviv Night".

Posted already, but a working link:  "Ahed Tamimi’s arrest sheds a disturbing light on how children are targeted by Israel" (Cook).  It is obvious that Israeli snipers are focusing on targeting Palestinian children, and are working their way through the Tamimi family, but we're told the unforgivable outrage is returning a slap.

"Surrounded by Neocons" (Giraldi).  Giraldi wouldn't have to keep writing this same column if this same small group of supremacists didn't have this same media outlet to promote the same type of horrible wars for the same horrible supremacist reasons Americans have already seen too much of.

Just what we need, the Latin neocon!:  "D-Day Venezuela".

"Dylan Farrow Asks Why Hollywood Says It’s #TimesUp For Everyone But Woody Allen".  I used to really like 'Manhattan' but now its just a combination of cringe-inducing and hilarious-in-the-wrong-places.  To a large extent he got away with it as he has always, even today, looked much younger than he actually is.

"New Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community".  I never realized these annoying people were pervs as well.

"Highly Classified Spy Satellite Is A "Total Loss" After SpaceX Mission Fails" and "Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms" (Durden).  Too bad they can't ask that rapscallion Putin, who could reliably launch their spy satellites.  Note that the plan is to have Musk, in his never-ending grifting, murder astronauts to be sent to the space station.  We have to entertain the possibility that all the weird contradictory statements are actually hiding the fact that the satellite was launched successfully (but why, given that the big intelligence players should be able to identify it in the sky, unless of course it is up there to do something illegal under international law?).

The "technologically advanced state" referred to yesterday?:  ""A Strange Coincidence": US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack" (Durden).  Curiously, another example of asymmetrical warfare that is surely going to come around to bite the American Empire on the ass.

"Top 10 Revelations From Leaked Fusion GPS Testimony" (Durden):
"After Senator Dianne Feinstein leaked the transcripts of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's Congressional testimony - tainting every single witness from here on out who can now corroborate their testimony . . ."
Note point 6 - Simpson lied about Nellie Ohr.  Also, they also really don't want to release client list.

I'm sorry, but all these repeated efforts to bolster the Trump-Bannon/Trump-Mercer break just make the story look even less plausible.  They are doing all they can to put Bannon on the extreme outside, from whence he operates best.

"Voters Drafted a Reluctant Trump Because They Hated Hillary That Much" (Rall).  Trump reluctance is the new narrative from the Wolff book, but the facts don't match.  I'm sure he entered the race as a favor to golf buddy Bill to muck up the Republican nomination (and perhaps even serve as a phony nominee for Hillary to run over in a landslide), and I'm sure he had periods of lack of enthusiasm.  Having said that, when at the end Mercer's numbers guys pointed him to a narrow path to squeaking out a win, he went out and did the work in the Rust Belt states, work that Hillary wouldn't - or, likely, couldn't (fits!) - do.

Excellent internet sleuthing:  "Afghanistan - U.S. Special Forces Commit Drive-By Murder (Video)" (Moon).  As with police brutality directed at minorities, we're seeing stuff that has been going on for years, in this and other wars, due to the ubiquity of video cameras in phones and the ability to widely publish on the internet.

"The New Gilded Age: First Time Arrogance, the Second Time Vengeance" (Rosen).

"Trump Clears Path for Assange to Leave London" (Corsi).  A lot of posters at Gab are convinced Assange has already left the embassy.

"Big Nibba Harvard Jew Professor Admits the Alt-Right is Right About Everything" (Batty).  Watch the video!  His certainty in his counter-examples is bizarre.  The fact that groups that are poorer - because they are systematically discriminated against - commit more crimes isn't interesting, nor is it at all clear that, absent the actual starvation in NK caused by factors other than communism, the places he is so sure are better to live in are/were better to live in.  Of course, his lousy opinions are less interesting than the fact he apparently considers it now chic to say them out loud.


"A tribute to James Dolan, co-creator of SecureDrop, who has tragically passed away at age 36" (Timm).  With Crazy Pierre and his well-paid stooges mounting yet another attack on WikiLeaks funding (Timm is also part of the hilariously monikered Freedom of the Press Foundation, whose board of directors, except for Barlow, is suspicious as heck, kind of the all-stars of the phony opposition), and another 'suicide' of a perceived enemy of the IC - and we might want to reexamine whether the Swartz suicide was actually a suicide - we are clearly in the middle of a new program of dissent clean-up by the swamp and its minions.

It is telling that in any one day Assange does more real damage to IC power than these phony opposition characters will do collectively in their lifetimes, with most of them spending their time trying to curtail/derail the damage to the Empire done by Assange.

Related:  "How The FBI and DOJ Intelligence Units Were Weaponized Around Congressional Oversight…".  Rogers was the one guy who wouldn't go along with the Barry/IC plotting.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Not remotely credible

"Russian army repels attack by 13 militant drones on its Syrian compounds - MoD":
"Russian military have repelled a massive drone attack on its bases in Syria, which was carried out by militants, Moscow said. The extremists may have been aided by a “technologically advanced state,” it added."
Added:  "Israel attacks Syria with jets and ground-to-ground missiles, claims Syrian army".

Marshall, unsuccessfully and comically trying to handle the paradox of why Trump, who supposedly had all these high-level crooked and treasonous contacts with Russia, ended up having to use ridiculous staff members to make ridiculous contacts with ridiculous Russians:
"To me the sheer ubiquity of approaches to the Trump campaign – the significance of which the Trumpers constantly deny – actually tells us this. (I’m actually surprised the smarter ones haven’t made this point. It’s not exonerating. But it is complicating.) If Trump and Putin had an understanding going in – you do this and I’ll do that in return – do you really need operatives courting Trump’s doofus foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos in London. Or having Trump’s oligarch friend’s publicist setting up a meeting with Don Jr. and a lawyer most known for working to overturn the sanctions tied to the Magnitskey Act? These are clearly overtures, dangles as intelligence professionals call them – almost all of which got a positive response. If the plan is set, you shouldn’t need so many of what amount to cold approaches like this.

On the other hand, Trump’s connections to Russia, Russian money and the machinations of Putin-aligned oligarchs runs so deep, it is simply not credible to imagine that these pre-existing relationships with Russia and Russian money is unrelated to what happened in 2016. Not remotely credible."
"Russiagate Turns On Its Originators" (Roberts).

"Ahed Tamimi’s Arrest Sheds a Disturbing Light on How Children are Targeted By Israel" (Cook).

"Let the two-state solution die a natural death" (Falk).

"Breaking Down Bannon's Betrayal Of Trump".  Korybko accepts the entire Trump/Bannon/Wolff story at face value.  Note that Bannon has apologized for his attack on Don Jr. (or rather claims he was misquoted), but not for his attack on Javanka.  I seriously doubt that there has actually been a falling out between Bannon and Mercer, but letting that be the story allows Mercer to avoid taking blame for any fallout of the kayfabe.

"Kushner family’s extensive business ties with Israel deepen: Report".

"IN DEPTH: Haley's massive UN fail over imaginary Iran crisis" (Flores):
"The optimal script was that the US was supposed to have some sort of false flag successfully executed, snipers on roof tops, something that would produce protester fatalities. But as it's been demonstrated historically, the US generally goes on ahead with the various moving parts of its plans even though critical pieces failed to fall into place. So they roll these out in a hedged form."
With all the virtue signalling at the Golden Globes, they hilariously gave a major award to the notorious James Franco, and, even more spectacularly, honored Kirk Douglas!!! It would have been less offensive to honor Weinstein, who may be a terrible rapist, but at least, as far as we know, hasn't actually murdered any of his victims.  The people who run 'Hollywood' just sent an unambiguous message that no amount of slogans, pins, and black dresses is going to change the fact that the power over careers still rests with the same small group who are going to continue to humiliate, rape and, yes, murder, with impunity.