Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tell me another one, Schlomo

"The US political police and the 2016 elections" (Martin).  The investigations keep bumping up against wrongdoing, just not the wrongdoing they are supposed to find.  "Trump Tower transcripts show how one reckless meeting led to probe" (Turley):
"Many of the media continue to refuse to acknowledge the fact that both campaigns were actively seeking dirt on the other side, including information from Russian intelligence figures. While the Clinton campaign long denied the connection to the Steele dossier, including in meetings with investigators, Clinton and her top campaign officials belatedly admitted to funding the dossier after media found evidence linking it to Clinton’s top lawyer. It was buried as a campaign expenditure to a law firm. Clinton aides now express disbelief that anyone would question such “opposition research” on Trump, even from Russian sources."
"WSJ Asks "Was Trump's Campaign 'Set Up'?"" (Durden).  Comey and the FBI started the ball rolling by telling Barry's White House that they had concerns about Manafort and Page, then Killary picked up Jeb!'s dossier, feeding the British/Ukrainian intelligence fiction back to the American IC, who then started leaking it to the American (((media))).  It is quite a sordid story, and Trump is entirely the victim.  It remains to be seen if there were active steps, by the Barry/Killary conspirators and their IC, to trick Trump, though his less intelligent operatives/hangers-on, into trouble.

"The Philip Cross Affair" (Murray).  Looks to me like one of these hasbara farms, paid armies of computer jockeys spreading a certain kind of PR (Murray, to his great credit, 'names the Jew'; and note the connection of 'Philip Cross' to neo-con Murdoch writer/lackey Oliver Kamm).  This kind of systematic distortion is, of course, completely uninteresting to the (((media))) or Wales, but 'Russian bots' spending $100,000 looking for clicks on hot-button topics is the worst thing imaginable, a threat to democracy itself.

"Facebook partners with Atlantic Council to improve election security" (Breland).  This sounds like a joke, but is just shamelessness.

Shadow banning isn't new:  "Twitter Is Going To Limit The Visibility Of Tweets From People Behaving Badly" (Kantrowitz)

"Syria Notes - 18 May 2018" (Lang).  Assad is the latest pilgrim to Moscow, and at least pretends to be happy.  The de-terrorization of Syria continues, slowly and systematically, with Turkey still the wild card.

The Democrat/Settler Party:  "Deafening Democratic Silence on Gaza Is Because They Own It Too" (Dixon).

"Corbyn Backs Hard Brexit" (Smith).  Corbyn may very well be the perfect politician.

"Why Are Random Protests In Iran Suddenly Turning Deadly?" (Cicero).  MEK/Mossad regime change operations.  "Tell me another one, Schlomo."

"13 Inconvenient Truths About What Has Been Happening in Gaza" (Rosenberg).  Tell me another one, Schlomo.  The official anti-settler but lite-Zionist line amongst the 'left' is now that this kind of thing wouldn't be happening if Israel improved prison conditions for the Gazans.

"US Scrapped B-52 Military Drill With South Korea After Kim Jong Un Complained".  It was the South Koreans who scrapped it, but Trump did the right thing, and implicitly censored Bolton, by going along.  That Nobel peace Prize is still in play!

"Orban: Hungary ‘insulted’ by Lauder’s comments".  I think it odd that Lauder went out of his way to Judaize the desorosization.

"‘Extraordinary’ homicide cases push Toronto police budget into deficit".  The walking cliché of the gay serial killer, the Armenian terrorist van of peace, and the OJ-style enterprise of finding out who really killed Honey - it's all costing a fortune, with a lot of money wasted as wokenness is not permitted.

The latest familial DNA, using a DNA database, arrest:  "Arrest made in 30-year cold case of murdered B.C. couple" and "Washington police announce arrest in 1987 murder of Victoria couple":
"Talbott was identified after a company called Parabon Nanolabs was hired to assist investigators using new DNA technology.

Genetic genealogist CeCe Moore used a public databank to upload the suspect’s DNA and build a family tree from those with partial matches back to Talbott’s great-grandparents.

She then started building the tree forward until “two of the closest matches’ trees converged. They intersected into a marriage, and from that marriage there was only one son.”

“That led us to really only one person who could carry this mix of DNA,” said Moore, who offered her condolences to the families."
There's an active program of investigation using Parabon NanoLabs and GEDmatch: "DNA Data From 100 Crime Scenes Has Been Uploaded To A Genealogy Website — Just Like The Golden State Killer".  Note the idea of giving reward money to those who submit DNA which leads to a match.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The violence did it

"Canadian doctor: Israeli soldiers shot me in both legs as I was treating injured protesters in Gaza" (Loubani).  There is an obvious break within the Khazars, even up to ordering one of their more pitiful shabbos goyim to mutter some platitudes, albeit much less tepid, and more pointed, than I would have expected (he managed not to call it a 'clash', use the passive voice - you know 'Palestinians were mysteriously struck by bullets', though apparently the cause of the problem is the 'violence' - mention Hamas, or say it was 'complicated', but he failed to mention the obvious perpetrator):  "Canada’s Trudeau calls for inquiry into Israeli Killings in Gaza" and "'Appalled' Trudeau calls for inquiry after Canadian doctor wounded in Gaza ".  The Bronfman money that pulls all of Justin's strings is embarrassed by the fact Israel is run by the guys who swing live chickens above their heads.

"Palestine: “In half of the injured we received… the bone has literally been turned into dust.”".  One of the slimy tricks of these vile people is to blame the problem on untrained young soldiers making split-second bad decisions, but the choice of ammunition comes from the top.

The Land Day Massacres have been very clarifying, as not all the powerful Khazars have a problem with settler-run Israel:  "Exclusive: The Complete Moral Collapse of Labour Friends of Israel" (Wight).

"Supporters desert Labour Friends of Israel" (Winstanley).  The price in shekels of buying these people has just gone up.

Trash, there is simply no other word for them:  "Perverse lobby parties after Gaza massacre " (Cronin).

An old guy named Stefan Halper is in the conversation as the IC mole within the Trump camp.  He's got all the hinky connections, but I find it odd he hasn't already been revealed if he is indeed the guy.

"The Shocking Truth About Russia’s Troll Campaign" (Marcetic).

"Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung fuels the campaign against Julian Assange" (Schwarz).  A big part of The Clarification is stressors that force the worst to come up out of the weeds/swamp and publicly pick sides.

"The New York Times can’t even report on the Eurovision Song Contest without resorting to Israeli propaganda" (Rothchild).  The usual from the Jew York Times (or is it the Ew! York Times, still promoting the most famous typical Khazar proclivites), but don't you find it strikingly odd that this particular selection was made in this era of increasing Khazar skepticism, in a 'contest' with a history of fraud?

"Syria - Inconsistent, Incomplete And Implausible - The OPCW Report On Saraqib Is Another Disgrace" (Moon).  I guess we shouldn't be surprised that all the 'objective' investigators chosen by the Empire are frauds.

"Sergei Skripal discharged from hospital after being poisoned by ‘deadly’ agent".

"Trump the Schlump: Iran Nuclear Deal Is Bad; North Korean Nuclear Deal Is Good" (Madsen):
"Trump’s turning back the clock on Western relations with Iran plays directly into the hands of the Israelis. While Israel’s agents-of-influence in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) drew up primary and secondary sanctions lists against Iran, in violation of the JCPOA and, in the case of Iran’s other trading partners, the World Trade Organization, Israel continues to secretly import Iranian oil via Turkey and the Netherlands. These covert transactions are handled by the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC) and Trans-Asiatic Oil, Ltd., which have been buying oil from Iran since the days of the Shah. Iranian oil, refined at Israeli facilities in Haifa and Ashdod, makes its way into the vehicles driven by everyday Israelis. The Israelis hide their transactions with the state-owned National Iranian Oil Company via a series of shell corporations, including Eilat Corporation, based in Panama; a holding company called APC Holdings, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Fimarco Anstal, an Iranian front company based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. In a rather typical case of “do as we say and not as we do,” the Israeli government wants sanctions on Iran to apply to every country but Israel."
"Israel’s clandestine links with North Korea date back to the operations of the Israel Corporation, which controlled Israel Aircraft Industries and Zim Israel Navigation Shipping Company. Eisenberg was the first Israeli to establish trading links with the People’s Republic of China, which eventually extended to North Korea and Khmer Rouge-controlled Cambodia. Eisenberg’s chief exports to China and North Korea were weapons. In the latter part of his life, Eisenberg was found more often in Beijing, where he died in 1997, than in Tel Aviv. As with Israel’s covert oil business with Iran, Eisenberg’s weapons sales to China and North Korea were handled by a shell corporation in Panama called United Development, Inc.

On December 5, 2007, the Japanese paper “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported that Israel was conducting secret operations with North Korea in the early 1990s that involved proposed Israeli investments in a North Korean gold mine. The paper also reported, "a senior official of the Israeli Foreign Ministry received a phone call at home from a senior North Korean official, and was asked, 'Would you like to hold talks with the husband of Kim Il-sung's daughter, Kim Kyong-hui, as he is in charge of missile development?’" The son-in-law of North Korean founding father Kim Il-sung was Chang Song-taek, the first vice director of the Organization and Guidance Department of the governing Korean Worker's Party.

It was reported in 2004 by the New Zealand media that Mossad agent Zev William Barkan, alias Lev Bruckenstein, wanted by New Zealand for illegally attempting to obtain New Zealand passports, turned up in Pyongyang as a security adviser for the North Korean government. Barkan and other Mossad agents were in Pyongyang to negotiate a deal to build a West Bank-style security wall along the border with China, which was to be outfitted with Israeli-manufactured motion detectors and night vision equipment. The North Korean people, isolated for so long from other nations, are naturally suspicious of foreigners. For that reason, Mossad chose to rely on South Korean evangelical Christian agents working in the North, individuals who were better able to blend into North Korean society.

Several Israeli interlocutors in Pyongyang reportedly managed to convince Kim Jong-un’s government that Koreans, as a “Turkic people,” are one of the lost tribes of Israel."

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Exterminate the brutes!

"The Russian-Israeli-Iranian conundrum in Syria" (Bhadrakumar).  Putin's diplomatic juggling, clever enough so he remains pals with everybody - you don't get the Putin you want, just the Putin you need.

Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"amazing how the David Frum and Anne Applebaum and Evan McMullins of the world have a definition of "authoritarianism" that excludes every non-Trump specific transgression the US does, ignores Israel, exempts wars of aggression, overlooks CIA/FBI and only applies to enemy states."
We're in the tail end of the era where the US could use terms from human rights and political and democratic morality to describe itself and its enemies, without everybody laughing.

"Iran Deal Abandoned, INF Next. US Steadily Dismantling Arms Control" (Gorka).  With demonstrated massive superiority of the Russians in new weaponry, it is a particularly stupid time for the Americans to be picking an arm's race, so of course they are, in line with all other recent imperial decisions to do the stupidest thing.

"Inside Ecuador's Multi-Million Dollar Operation To Spy On Julian Assange" (Durden).  Most of this is from the previous regime, which was actually trying to be helpful.  There is a current high need for whistleblowers with very embarrassing information from within the government of Ecuador.

"Ecuador’s Ex-President Rafael Correa Denounces Treatment of Julian Assange as “Torture”" (Greenwald).  "The Guardian Rejoices in the Silencing of Assange" (Murray). "WikiLeaks and whistleblowers condemn new allegations against Julian Assange" (Cogan). Probably would have been wise for the Guardian to tamp down the gloating.  I assume there was some big conspiracy behind the instant 180 degree shift between the Guardian being on Assange's side, and a 'partner' in disseminating information (you know, like journalists are supposed to do), and turning into raving anti-Assange fanatics.  Of course, as important as Assange is personally in allowing us to know things we need to know, this is more important than Assange, as the Powers-That-Be and their 'journalist' allies want to establish the principle that dissent will not be tolerated, with consequent punishment so horrible that nobody will dare try it.

""Operation Crossfire Hurricane": FBI Sent Strzok On Secret Mission To London Before Election" (Durden).  Russiagate has still led to nothing incriminating against Trump - though that group with Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome whisper, with increasing desperation, that it is still early days, with the real dirt yet to come out - but (perhaps ironic) ugly evidence of abuse of power by the IC and Obama-Clinton partisans in their anti-Trump machinations.  If Mueller were an honest man - and there is not a shred of evidence during his entire career to suggest that he is -  he'd come out with a bunch of indictments against the Never-Trumpers, the real criminals here.  Of course, one thing he is proving is that everybody in Washington is on the grift, and it is not pretty.

"Missing Files Motivated the Leak of Michael Cohen’s Financial Records" (Farrow).  I have to say this is one of the least plausible whistleblower motivations I have ever heard.  The most interesting thing about Cohen is that Washington is so corrupt that big corporations would pay him - a guy expressly excluded from any position in the Administration, no doubt because he was perceived as a sleazebag - hundreds of thousands of dollars just on the hope that his iffy proximity to the Administration might bring some benefits.

"Initial Coin Scams" (Roubini).  It is rare to see scams on such a massive scale which are less plausible than, but essentially similar to, email offers from Nigerian princes. Who falls for this crap?

The huge advantage of the Khazars, and the cause of their imminent downfall, is that they are supremacists who don't realize that they are supremacists, or what supremacism sounds like to non-psychopaths:  tweet (Anderson Cooper 360°):
"Hamas is responsible for “human sacrifice” in Gaza, says @TomFriedman. “I am sorry, when you throw thousands… of the flower of your youth against an Israeli fence … it was inevitable that a lot of people were going to get killed … and Hamas knew that”"
It is particularly striking to hear a Khazar complain about 'human sacrifice' when it is apparent that part of the Khazar motivation for the massacres is shedding blood of the goyim to sanctify the new embassy and the Khazar land theft project (the blood 'libel').  Note the obvious, and consistent, hasbara talking point that this whole series of massacres is on Hamas, as if they had the power to force such huge crowds to throw themselves into Israeli bullets (and as if the poor Israelis had no choice but to shoot in the face of such tempting provocation from the PR masterminds at Hamas).  See also:  "GAG: NYT Publishes Major Human Interest Piece Saying Israelis Feel Bad About Opening Fire on Protesters" (Anglin).  You could write these articles before the atrocity, as the (((media))) will always do everything it can to protect its supremacists: "Passive media whitewash Israel’s massacre in Gaza" (Abunimah).

"Israel, Like the Nazis, Values "Postenpflicht" by Publius Tacitus".  I will always believe that Israel is the current vessel for the spirit of National Socialism, as if it flew out of the corpse of Germany in the mid-40s, and landed in the Middle East. People would say this is ironic, but it is not if you consider the crucial role in National Socialism in creating the 'refugee crisis' that stoked the stolen land with Khazars.  Every Israeli city and town should have a venerated statue of Adolf Hitler.

"Kill and Kill and Kill" (Makdisi):
"The Palestinians targeted and executed one-by-one by Israeli snipers had gathered to demand their right of return to their lands and homes inside the rest of Palestine, from the coastal plain up to and including Jerusalem.  They or their parents or grandparents were driven from their homes during the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 for the simple reason that they are not Jewish: too many non-Jews in the putative Jewish state would not make for much of a Jewish state after all.  (“There could be no Jewish state with a large and hostile Arab minority in its midst.  There would be no such state.  It would not be able to exist,” the Israeli historian Benny Morris bluntly pointed out in an interview justifying ethnic cleansing with the newspaper Ha’aretz in 2004; “a Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians . . . [therefore] it was necessary to uproot them”).  They have been denied the right to return to their homes ever since for the same reason: they are not Jewish, and their presence would upset the carefully-engineered demographic tables maintained by the state to preserve its tenuous claim to an exclusively Jewish identity.  The maintenance of that demographic balance and the suspension of their political and human rights are inseparable from one another: the one enables, produces and requires the other.

The demographer Arnon Sofer of Haifa University is the architect of the current isolation of Gaza.  In 2004, he advised the government of Ariel Sharon to withdraw Israeli forces from within Gaza, seal the territory off from the outside world, and simply shoot anyone who tries to break out.  “When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe,” Sofer told an interviewer in the Jerusalem Post (11 November 2004); “Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam.  The pressure at the border will be awful.  It’s going to be a terrible war.  So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill.  All day, every day.”  He added that “the only thing that concerns me is how to ensure that the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.”

This imperative to kill and kill and kill human “animals” explains the violence taking place at the gates of Gaza—which has been sealed off precisely according to Sofer’s prescription—for the past several weeks, most calamitously this Monday.  The killing now taking place is, in other words, exactly, to the letter, the “killing and killing and killing” he called for fourteen years ago.  Calmly premeditated and intentionally designed by its architect, it is equally calmly and intentionally being carried out by Israeli soldiers (about whose psychological traumas I, unlike Sofer, am not even remotely interested).  In response to the current killing and shooting, a senior member of the Israeli parliament, Avi Dichter, reassured his audience on live television on Monday that they need not be unduly concerned.  Their army, he told them, “has enough bullets for everyone.”  If every man, woman and child in Gaza gathers at the gate, in other words, there is a bullet for every one of them. They can all be killed, no problem.

Remember Kurtz in Heart of Darkness? “Exterminate the brutes!”  The genocidal intent expressed by the likes of Sofer and Dichter—mainstream and senior figures in Israeli politics—is so obvious as to make assiduous interpretation of their words unnecessary.  The people of Gaza are exterminable because they are not Jewish: that is what the situation amounts to, not according to critics of the siege of Gaza, but according to its architects, planners, enablers and supporters.  For that exterminability, and the ability to calmly and methodically transact it (“kill and kill and kill”) guarantees one thing, according to Sofer (in that same interview): “it guarantees a Zionist-Jewish state with an overwhelming majority of Jews.”  To be clear then: according to its own planners and architects—these are their words, not mine—the maintenance of a “Zionist-Jewish” state fundamentally requires the Israeli army to prepare itself with a bullet for every man, woman and child in Gaza, and to shoot them one by one if they approach the gates penning them in.  And if none of them are left after the smoke clears, well, so much the better; Israeli “boys and men” will return to their families and sleep better at night for not having to kill them any longer."

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The paradox is that MbS needs the higher oil prices to keep himself in power, but the higher oil prices effectively circumvent the American sanction war against Russia: "Commentary: Trump’s Iran decision gives unexpected gift to Putin" (Andelman).

I'm fall-on-the-floor-dead-with-shock that The Toronto Star dared mention this (taking away valuable space from their important coverage of who really killed Honey)!:  "Ontario doctor shot while aiding Palestinians in Gaza". Tweet (Mayne Gauche):
"Canada is silent on the shooting of Tarek Loubani for three main reasons: 1) Arabic name; not a "real" Canadian 2) Known humanitarian; expended all goodwill upon 2013 arrest in Egypt 3) Israel He won an OUSA "excellence in teaching" award this year: …"
"Defense Minister: Hamas is a group of cannibals that uses kids as weapons ".

"Conspiracy emerges to push Julian Assange into British and US hands" (Head):
"Ecuador’s government cut off Assange’s communications just one day after it welcomed a delegation from the US Southern Command (Southcom), the Pentagon’s arm in Latin America and the Caribbean, headed by General Joseph DiSalvo. Southcom said discussions were held to strengthen “security cooperation.”

There is no doubt that the US intelligence apparatus and political establishment are driving the conspiracy against Assange. Last year, WikiLeaks began publishing more incriminating files about the CIA’s global operations. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said putting Assange on trial for espionage was a “priority.” CIA director Mike Pompeo, now secretary of state, declared that WikiLeaks was a “non-state hostile intelligence service.”"
"One of the greatest Montreal Gazette corrections ever." (Reddit).  The original article:  "Alt-right in Montreal: How Charlottesville exposed the key players in the local white nationalist movement" (Curtis).

Tweet (aleesha) on Justin's obscene virtue-signaling and pandering:
"Ok. Please stop selling arms to Saudi now so that Yemenis can have a peaceful Ramadan without the fear of Canadian bombs being rained down on their country."
Note how (((Roth))) implicitly supports the land theft and the violence which supports it while ostensibly criticizing the massacre.

Tweet (Raphael Ahren):
"First row at the embassy opening, from left to right: David Friedman, Tammy Friedman, Sara Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Reuven Rivlin, Steven Mnuchin, Sheldon Adelson. Chief rabbis and cabinet ministers are seated in the row behind them."
"Top Three Ways Nikki Haley is like a Palestinian" (Cole).

"'Burn them, shoot them, kill them': Israelis cheer in Jerusalem as Palestinians shot in Gaza" (Khoudary/Masarwa/Benoist).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Fascist propagandist Laura Loomer tweeted "58-0" yesterday, gloating about the Israeli military's massacre of unarmed Palestinians protesting in the illegally Israeli-besieged Gaza prison camp. She later deleted this heinous tweet, but it's archived here:"
Loomer is such a fool she doesn't realize that 58-0 is the indictment.

"Mystery figure targets anti-war pundits and politicians by prolifically editing Wikipedia".

"The US And Europe To Go Separate Ways Pursuing Divergent Goals" (Korzun).  We'll see.  Over and over again the Euro-trash have sold the interests of their own peoples out, and I see no new reason why this would be any different.  Again, the paradox is that pressures placed at one point end up helping Russia (the pipelines keep going in despite American complaints)

"Brennan Was Feeding Obama Unverified Info From Steele Dossier, Contradicting 2017 Testimony" (Durden).  More important lying, on the most important issue, the direct use of the dossier to subvert American democracy.

The 'socialists' in Canada are completely fucked up/shekeled:  "NDP insiders suppressing Palestine resolution" (Engler) and "Palestine debate symbolizes weakness of NDP internal democracy." (Engler) and "Overcoming NDP’s shameful anti-Palestinian history" and "It is long past time to confront anti-Palestinianism in NDP" (Engler) and (I smell shekels; note there is no possible constitutional justification for this inquisition) "NDP MP wants National Gallery to answer questions about Chagall affair" (Turnbull).  It is funny there are very good and woke people in the party, but those people never have any say in anything.  They had two outstanding woke candidates in the last party leadership convention, so of course they pick the terrorist.

"Bolivian President Evo Morales Warns of Plan 'to Invade Venezuela' by US, OAS".

"Why a small Central American nation became a trailblazer on Jerusalem" (Ahren).  Textbook shithole diplomacy.

"Serbian President Slams NATO Yugoslavia Bombing as More Kids Get Cancer".  DU.

Classic 'dialectic':  "The Anti-Imperialism of Fools" (Steppling).  Is Pollard still in prison?  This might be the single worst thing ever published by Counterpunch.  With so, so many actions taken so obviously against the interests of the Empire, and Sheldon even flashing his shekels around Washington, it has become simply impossible to carry on with this noamian shit without making an utter fool of yourself, but I guess there are still good shekels in it.  Sometimes the obvious thing staring you in the face is exactly what is happening.

Tweet (Sal the Agorist).

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Consultancy

"Gaza killings: Names and faces of those killed by Israeli forces this week" (DesertPeace).

"The architects behind the ethnic cleansing of Palestine" (Al Saafin).  Like a PowerPoint of evil.

"The Coward’s Holocaust" (Taxi).

"Dublin mayor urges Eurovision boycott as Israel commits another massacre" (Abunimah).  Will the Euro-trash take the obvious step of not holding Eurovision in Jerusalem, or will they again take the shekels?  Note Mitt (!) on Jeffress, and the 'monkey' rabbi blessing of Javanka.

"Trump controlled by Mossad – Part IV:  How Trump fits in the global neocon-Likud-Chabad organized crime syndicate" (Fitzpatrick).  Very good, very specific.  The parallel to Chabad control of Putin.

Daddy's Little Ghoul

You'd think that any group of human beings would put a damper on the mass murdering of civilians while the whole world is watching them, but not this group of supremacists.  "The Stomach-Churning Victim Blaming by “Labour Friends of Israel”" (Murray).  "Israel Repurposes Old Nakba Myths to Justify the Massacre in Gaza" (Cook):
". . . Israel has been crafting a dishonest counter-narrative ever since the Nakba, myths that historians scouring the archives have slowly exploded.

One claim – that Arab leaders told the 750,000 Palestinian refugees to flee in 1948 – was in fact invented by Israel’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. He hoped it would deflect US pressure on Israel to honour its obligations to allow the refugees back.

Even had the refugees chosen to leave during the heat of battle, rather than wait to be expelled, it would not have justified denying them a right to return when the fighting finished. It was that refusal that transformed flight into ethnic cleansing.

In another myth unsupported by the records, Ben Gurion is said to have appealed to the refugees to come back.

In truth, Israel defined Palestinians who tried to return to their lands as “infiltrators”. That entitled Israeli security officials to shoot them on sight – in what was effectively execution as a deterrence policy.

Nothing much has changed seven decades on."
Note how the Jew York Times is still vaguely connected to journalism enough to have a real reporter on the ground in Gaza, whose real reporting completely contradicts the lies told in the same paper!:  "As Israel massacres more Gazans, ‘NY Times’ continues its distorted coverage — with one honorable exception" (North).

"With Monday’s Killcount Over 50, Jews Globally Condemned" (Anglin).  "Meet the First Women POTUS, Ivanka the Ghoul!" (Bacon).  The front page of a Hymietown newspaper!

"Here are the questions any journalist talking to the Israeli military should ask" (Gurvitz).  The clever science of distinguishing a war from a massacre.

"US opens embassy in Jerusalem: Which countries attended?"  "All the countries attending Israel’s gala for the new US embassy in Jerusalem" (Livni).  Austria stands out amongst a group of joke countries, lackeys, and shit-holes led by easily-bribed caudillos.  Of course, the neo-Nazis in the Austrian coalition government love their spiritual brothers in Israel.

"Let’s talk about the Golan Heights" (Roddis).

"Prediction of New False-Flag Gas Attack in Syria Seems to Fit US Escalation Plans" (Webb).  A false-flag in American-occupied territory to set up a joint Israeli/Israeli stooge attack.

"‘Independent’ Syrian Observatory for Human Rights receives nearly £200k from UK – Peter Hitchens" (Baggili).

"Russia’s Unspoken Relationship with Israel" (Korybko).  Useful reminder for those who hope Putin will save the world, but Korybko has been more than a bit off in his analysis recently (Korybko is another one of those bylines that seems to be used both by a genius and an idiot).

"Was There Ever an Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program?" (Porter).  MEK/Israeli-fabricated evidence.

"Playing at war" (Robinson).  The lack of commitment you get when you end up constantly fighting somebody else's wars.

"Soros foundation leaves Budapest".  "Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message– Settlers are never leaving" (Ashly).

Stormy's lawyer is as sleazy as you would expect him to be:  "Avenatti Sends "Insane" Email To The Daily Caller, Threatens To Sue".

Canadian bureaucrats - the international gold standard of plodding mediocrity - are bizarrely committed to Russiagate (pointing out its obvious flaws would not go over well with the Nazi foreign minister):  "Garbage in, garbage out" (Robinson).

"Welcome Home! Canada’s Trudeau Government Welcomes Confessed ISIS Terrorist back to Toronto" (Taliano):
"When any government, including Canada’s, supports terrorists, it is unreasonable to expect that such terrorists, on returning home,will be subject to public criminal trials, since such trials would necessarily reveal the government’s criminality."
EAR-ONS Down Under.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Blood libel

They are celebrating the embassy move as only they can, with a full-out Khazar massacre following their deepest and most profound ancient traditions as a supremacist group:  "Live Blog: Massacre in Gaza as US and Israel celebrate embassy move to Jerusalem".  Various aspects of this rite are called the 'blood libel', the Khazar requirement for the blood of the goyim, particularly the blood of children, to consecrate a monument or sacred event.

Hack Journalism

"Media Debate Best Way to Dominate Iran" (Shupak).   The American debate is over the best way to push Iran around, with the deal or without it.  Iran is situated in an inconveniently strategically important position, and will be a big part of China's New Silk Road, so pushing it away at this time is right in line with the pattern that Americans now have of always making the maximally weakening choice for the Empire, in this case forcing Iran into the arms of China.  Americans are now so consistent that you can predict what they are going to do based solely on what, for them, would be the stupidest choice.

"Syria Imposes New Rules of Engagement on Israel" (Hasan).  "Syrian Attack on Unit 9900 Weakens Tel Aviv Intelligence"  Skilled job by the (((media))) making it seem that Israel 'retaliated' while completely underplaying the serious results of the attack they claim started it. A real and damaging counter-attack is something completely new for Israel.  A big part of Israeli mythology is that it can do whatever it wants without consequences.  The 'Iron Dome' was yet again an utter failure, and the antiquated Syrian defenses acquitted themselves quite well.

"Netanyahu: “Let’s You and Him Fight”" (Reed):

Israel, Israel. Israel. Israel.

Always Israel."
"The New ‘Axis of Evil’ Forms Up Against Iran" (Madsen):
"There is informed speculation that the UAE is planning to annex Socotra to the UAE. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the UAE, Anwar Gargash, tipped his hand as to such a possibility in a Twitter message that referred to the UAE’s “family and historic relations” with Socotra and its people. Gargash was likely referring to the fact that Socotra was once part of the Mahra Sultanate of Qishn in Hadhramaut. If the UAE plans to annex Socotra, it might include inviting a restored Sultan of the Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra to join the UAE as the eighth member of the federation. The Mahra Sultanate would have to change to an emirate or the UAE would have to alter its name to the “United Arab Emirates and Sultanates,” especially if a restored Qua'iti State of Hadhramaut, Kathiri State of Seiyun, and Sultanate of Lahej also join the UAE or “UAES” as members, thus expanding the UAE to include what is now South Yemen. If that were to occur, the Sultanate of Oman, which would lie between the bifurcated federation, would feel threatened.

Before it can expand to the south by annexing South Yemen and Socotra, the UAE had to deal with potential internal trouble at home. Sheikha Latifa, the daughter of UAE Vice President and Emir of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, was recently kidnapped from a yacht off the Indian state of Goa. Latifa has been a constant critic of her father’s rule and she has called for democratic reforms within the UAE. Since the age of 18, Latifa has reportedly been refused permission to leave the UAE. In February, Latifa tried to make a run for it. Sneaking into Oman, Latifa and a Finnish friend used jet skis to reach the yacht, The Nostromo, anchored in international waters and captained by Hervé Jaubert, a U.S. citizen and former French intelligence officer. Naval vessels of the UAE and India, as well as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft of both nations, reportedly intercepted the yacht and special forces of India and the UAE – possibly including Prince’s R2 mercenaries and “General Steve’s” aircraft – forcibly removed Latifa and her Finnish companion and repatriated them back to Dubai.

The kidnapping at sea scenario is similar to MBS’s purge of senior members of the House of Saud and prominent Saudi ministers and businessmen after Kushner shared with the crown prince transcripts of U.S. National Security Agency intercepts of the Saudis’ communications. Those who expressed opposition to MBS were detained and some were tortured. Some of those tortured reportedly died of heart attacks under the stress."
For a while there South America was the true progressive beacon of hope, and it has almost all been beaten back, in various ways, by the neolibs:  "In an ongoing operation, the US imperialist hawks seek to wipe out the last Leftist governments in Latin America".

"Is former chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne halachically Jewish?"  The crypto khonspiracy raises its ugly head again, and he is both shocked and delighted.

"What Would Sherlock Holmes Have Made of the Government’s Explanation of the Case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal?" (Slane).  It is not just lying, it is laughably incompetent lying, and Slane has reached the point where he really is beating a dead horse.

 Almost every word of this is a lie!:  "When Spies Hack Journalism".

"Brennan, Strzok And Kerry Allegedly Set "Spy Traps" For Trump Team; Hunt For FBI Mole Intensifies" (Durden).  Nunes is getting very close to uncovering a major constitutional scandal so, of course, they are fighting back by trying to remove him.  The craziest thing is that his supposed flaw is that the IC doesn't trust him, based on some obviously phony fear about endangering agents, with the information about the wrongdoing of the IC!  The traitors are screaming for the investigator to be removed because he is getting too close to identifying them.

"Guccifer 2.0's Final Messenger: Mainstream Media & Their "Russian Fingerprints"" (Vos).  "Did Guccifer 2 Plant his Russian Fingerprints?" and "Media Mishaps: Early Guccifer 2 Coverage" (The Forensicator).  The 'Russian fingerprints' in Guccifer 2.0 are an artifact produced by the document reader used.  From the second Forensicator link above:
". . . the DNC changed their story on how/where Guccifer 2 came by his copy of the original Trump opposition report.  In their first announcement (via WaPo) the DNC stated “Russian government hackers penetrated the computer network of the Democratic National Committee and gained access to the entire database of opposition research on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump“.  Yet in the November 2017 AP report, an anonymous ex-DNC official is cited: “The first document Guccifer 2.0 published on June 15 came not from the DNC as advertised but from Podesta’s inbox.”  That is a significant divergence, which has gone unnoticed and unreported on, by the media.  To place this in context, recall that Guccifer 2 was implicitly linked to the initial alleged hacking of the DNC and his widely publicized “Russian fingerprints” were important to making that connection."
Right at the end of the second piece you'll see some hints that Gawker, The Smoking Gun and Guccifer 2.0 may all have been involved in some kind of conspiracy based on finding 'Russian fingerprints' in documents sourced from the Podesta emails.

Two years at 89 for badspeech is quite amazing:  "German police officers. (File)Protest Erupts in Germany Calling for Release of 'Nazi Grandma'".

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Visitors from the mainland

You'd think, if nothing else, the possible shekelee Putin would have set up the timing to make the cucking seem a bit less obvious:  "Russia, after Netanyahu visit, backs off Syria S-300 missile supplies" (also) (also).  Part of the deal with the Khazars is that, once shekeled or blackmailed, you have to be seen as working for them (see also Sheldon's immediate visit to Trump after he got exactly what he wanted on the Iran deal).  I'll be interested to see if Bibi made a bigger deal with Putin, and Bibi's 'American' (((media))) dogs are pulled off of #Russiagate and various tensions towards the Europe-based WWIII against Russia.  Watch in particular what is going on in Ukraine, which seems to be the designated point of the Khazar spear (with the subsequent necessary utter ruination of Ukraine the Khazar 'revenge' on Ukraine).

"uncharacteristically, i am going to offer an opinion here" (Niqnaq).  The Chabad conspiracy (which also includes President Jared).

"Follow the Money: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal" (Clifton).  Sheldon takes all the flak, but he's not alone in the shekeling.

"The Skripals Will Most Likely Never be Allowed to Talk" (The Saker).

To be fair to Putin, there does seem to be an odd deal in place, where the parties pretend to be fighting all out - to appease various domestic populations - but pull back in various ways:  "Iran Breaks The Rules Of Engagement: Israel Takes Its Revenge, And Syria And Iran Impose The Golan Equation" (Magnier).  The Khazars are still preoccupied with regime change in Iran - the one thing they think is going to solve all their problems in killing people and stealing their land - and the route to that isn't minor forays into Syria, but a process built, not on a direct military war against Iran (don't get me wrong, Big Jew would like a war, up to and including WWIII, but they have to know it is unlikely given that the goyim know that Iran could instantly decimate the world economy merely by sinking a few oil tankers), but on causing massive economic distress to the people of Iran, based on the sanctions and secondary sanctions imposed as part of the break-down of the Iran nuclear deal.  Talk about war, sure, but the Israeli strategy, as paid for by Big Jew, is to lead to regime change through a strategy of tension based on economic factors, and, no doubt, terrorist acts in Iran coordinated with the MEK.

"Is Israel Readying for War?" (Crooke).  Probably not, but pretending to be readying for war is part of the big strategy (and certainly there will be another Israeli attack on Lebanon at some time - perhaps paradoxically delayed as such a war would interfere with bigger plans - as the Khazars covet the Litani River).

"some serious feuding between max blumenthal & ben norton at the nation, and idris ahmad at pulse" (Niqnaq compilation of tweets).  It is difficult not to be sympathetic to anybody fighting the Wahhabists at Pulse.

Sometimes the lock-step PR tactics of the (((media))) become a little too obvious:  "Who’s Reacting To Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women In Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural" (Naureckas).  The Iranians must wonder why there is always a big scrum of western photographers standing in one particular place, taking photos of a wall.  Perhaps it's all Photoshop.

"Time to break free from America" (Robinson).  The imperial tax levied on all the vassal states is becoming quite burdensome.

"Plans to move Jersey City monument to Polish massacre spark international row".  Inconvenient semi-covert reminder of a Khazar-led atrocity, an impossibility, goyim, as the Khazars can only be victims.

"Voices From Eastern Ghouta – Video Testimonies Part I" (Beeley).  It is just common sense that the vast majority of people would want to have their lives back from human organ eaters and head loppers.

"Book Review: Washington’s Long War on Syria, by Stephen Gowans" (Forte).  I just did a search in the pdf of the book on the word 'Yinon', found nothing, so see no need to waste my time reading it.  It isn't horrible, but appears to be just another 'dialectic' book blaming everything on 'American imperialism', so 1955 or 1973, and doesn't pass muster in this sophisticated era of the woke.

"Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus".

"Dawabsheh Family Survives Second Arson attack by Jewish Settlers".  Fully supported by the crime scene posing as a country.

Every once in a blue moon, the Israeli 'justice' system gets slightly in the way of the murdering and land theft, so that's gotta stop:  "Israeli Knesset debates legal framework for apartheid-style state" (Shaoul).

"Who Is Clare Bronfman? New Details On The Heiress And New Leader Of Sex Cult NXIVM".  The bootlegger doubles down on the sex cult (there may be squabbling within in the family).  No goy law applies to Khazars.

"Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance".  Zucked, leading to 'disruption strategy', which is unconstitutionally messing up your life to stop you from doing the thing they can't prove you are doing.

"Ecuador hints it may hand over Julian Assange to Britain and the US" (Cogan).

"Western Media Shorthand on Venezuela Conveys So Much" (Emerberger).  There are a surprisingly number of seemingly woke people who know the (((media))) does nothing but lie about everything, but who uncritically retype the lies spread about Venezuela.

"Anti-Semitism. Orchestrated Offensive against Jeremy Corbyn in the UK" (Cook).  Yet Corbyn continues to win, thanks to the biggest covert political movement ever, the 'gas the kikes' vote.  I hope the 'Blairites' - that's the trick term for it! - just keep doing what they are doing, and pester Corbyn straight towards becoming PM.

"Who Ordered Black Cube’s Dirty Tricks?" (Parsi):
"I had completely forgotten about the encounter until this past weekend. Then, The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow contacted me and, to my amazement, read back portions of my conversation with the fake journalist; Farrow had obtained a copy of Black Cube’s transcript from his sources. What I had thought was a misguided, conspiracy-minded reporter had been one of the firm’s operatives, Farrow explained."
Note that Farrow has at least one source within Black Cube, either a whistleblower (unlikely:  if we've learned anything, the Khazars stick together, though a big part of their trickery is convincing the goyim that they don't agree on anything), or an insider leaking as part of a plan by Black Cube or its employers.  We're supposed to find out what Black Cube was doing.  Since the attack was against functionaries who worked on and supported the Iran Deal, the obvious reason for the leak is as a warning to anybody else who dares defy the Khazar will.

"Zionism and Africa / Jews and Blacks" (Atzmon).  Khazar participation in the civil rights movement was just another part of the 'dialectic', in exactly the same way as Chomsky's 'activism' against American imperialism.  It should appear very odd to us that the same group supremacists who were killing people and stealing their land in the Middle East, and who now provide the training for population control by the police in the inner cities of the United States, were suddenly so interested in helping black people in America (and so typically boasting constantly about their critical role in saving black people!).  There's lots of evidence that the Zionist establishment is terrified of Black-Palestinian solidarity.

The Clarification continues:  "WHOOPS: Top Third World Child Aider Caught Raping Teen Boys! World Shocked!" (Anglin).  Also, Rosie the Riveter (of balls):  "WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism" (Krueger).

"Shining Light On Scurrilous Stories: Who Is Really Undermining Canadian Democracy?" (Cloughley).  A reminder of how Trudeau latched onto the false-flag Skripal poisoning to punish the outing of his Minister of External Affairs.  Trudeau is quite the little totalitarian!

"US Accused of Meddling in Upcoming Bosnia Election" (Pavic).  $100,000,000 worth.

"Police find large weapons cache in Waikiki raid prompted by disturbing online posts":
"But the man staying in the room wasn't arrested.

The FBI notified Honolulu police Thursday about a guest in room 803 at the Equus Hotel, saying he was claiming to be a federal agent in disturbing posts on social media. 

The 38-year old claimed his mission was to hunt terrorist cells. "
I like the two examples of when you might want to bring your arsenal to a hotel room:  "McCarthy noted it’s not uncommon for people to bring their guns to a hotel, as in the case of someone who goes to a hotel while their home is being fumigated or has visitors from the mainland."

"A Reply to Jordan Peterson"  (MacDonald).  The scientific racists like to tell us how brave their crackpot 'science' is, standing up to the orthodoxy, but what would really be brave is if some sociologist were to study the role of group cohesiveness and nepotism in social and economic success.  Describing success as due to intelligence is just a circular trick to hide what is really going on.

Interview with Tom Voigt (his discussion forum):  "The Golden State Killer Case Shows a 'Path' to Finally Catch the Zodiac" (Minsky).  "Yesterday’s Crimes: DNA Profiles and the Murderers Who Might Be Zodiac" (Calhoun).  "RIVERSIDE: Co-ed’s 1966 slaying still a mystery".  There are some striking unsolved serial killer cases in California:  "DNA research in Golden State Killer case spurs hope in unsolved killings" (Fagan/Sernoffsky).  The Doodler could probably have been caught but witnesses would have had to reveal that they were gay.

"Did the Golden State Killer Have An Accomplice?" (see here).  One thing that bothers me is that there was much evidence that EAR/ONS suffered from some unusual physical ailment, possibly genetic (remarkably small penis, strong and unusual body odor, need to eat ravenously, need to control the temperature), and I see no evidence that JJD was severely ill.

Back in the day, I bought all this stuff:  "‘Zine Master Adam: Remembering Adam Parfrey, April 12, 1957–May 10, 2018"

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Some history they somehow managed to miss teaching you amongst all the 'Holocaust' studies:  "Israel Uses Intelligence Cutouts To Target the US" (Smith).  The real all-kosher sausage-making (my emphasis in red; note that Stanley Fischer, the fox who was later invited into the Fed chicken coop to 'look after' the American economy, was involved in this!):
"In the mid-1980s Israel was in an economic crisis, begging the Reagan administration for billions in emergency aid. AIPAC and its economic gurus such as Stanley Fischer demanded that the US unilaterally lower all of its tariffs to Israeli exports, a program internally dubbed, "Duty Free Treatment for US Imports from Israel." Realizing that even this euphemistic framing was a bit of a giveaway, the lobby later redubbed it the "US Israel Free Trade Area," incorrectly implying that US producers would someday have improved Israeli market access (which they, for the most part, never gained).

There was only one problem. US industry, from chemical giants to agricultural and labor interests, were universally opposed to the "FTA", seeing it as a Trojan horse for future deals that would prioritize obscure foreign or special interests over domestic US industry. Their formal written opposition, lodged with the International Trade Commission, put Israel’s US lobbying entity, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in a bind. AIPAC needed to know the details of each industry’s secret submissions to ITC, in order to effectively lobby against them on Israel’s behalf. But AIPAC couldn’t just have friends inside the ITC hand them a copy of the classified industry report to study and circulate. AIPAC needed a cutout.

This was the role of Dan Halpern, Israeli Minister of Economics. Halpern obtained a copy of the classified ITC report – he would not tell the FBI how (PDF) – and passed it to AIPAC’s lobbyists to reproduce, circulate and begin their lobbying and PR campaign for the FTA. AIPAC defeated powerful US industry groups using their own data against them. When the FTA fully went into effect, it reversed a formerly balanced trading relationship with one producing an enormous trade surplus for Israel. By cumulative, inflation adjusted deficit, it is still America’s single worst performing bilateral FTA.

After an initially robust counterintelligence and theft of government property investigation, the FBI realized that because Dan Halpern could claim diplomatic immunity, neither Halpern nor AIPAC could be successfully prosecuted.

The new revelations of Black Cube and the JCPOA present only a slightly new twist on an old cutout tactic Israel deploys when the stakes are high enough. Rather than claim diplomatic immunity like Halpern, Black Cube can simply slink away to whatever darkly lit cubicles at the Kidon or wherever it came from, to later reemerge for Israel’s next major initiative targeting America."
No doubt a Khazar traitor passed the material to cutout Halpern, protected by diplomatic immunity, and with single-minded supremacist determination and chutzpah, and the FBI, no doubt scared of political consequences, folded up and gave up.  This kind of thing keeps happening over and over again, as the Khazar supremacists walk over everybody.  Since they work in unison to defeat us, we have to start working in unison to defeat them.

Friday, May 11, 2018

What's not to like?

"Why Cry? It’s Great News that Trump Pulled Out of the Iran Deal!" (Korybko).  It's clarifying, and takes big steps to fully move Iran into the multi-polar world, end the US dollar as world reserve currency, and diminish the strength of the Empire.  It makes Israel act even stupider than usual.  What's not to like?

"US Pullout from Iran Nuclear Deal; Part of a Larger Strategy: Richard Becker".

"Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria" (North).  Eternal victims, with the help of the (((media))).

"Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag" (Durden).  First, the Israelis announce a big warning about an attack, replete with fulsome discussion of air raid shelters.  Then, some harmless rockets fall in the Golan, harming nothing.  Then, the Israelis, kings of the false-flag, do the big 'retaliatory' attack.  It is not hard to figure out.  You'll know the real attack is occurring when the Hezbollah missiles start landing on Tel Aviv. 

"Syrians and Israelis are shooting at each other - TTG".  The other side of it is that the (((media))) isn't disclosing that the Israeli attacks have been largely unsuccessful, fended off by the old Syrian equipment.   "Watch: Syria's Air Defenses Intercept "Dozens" Of Israeli Missiles" (Durden).

"Another Aptly Anti-Assange Article" (Floth).  "Julian Now has No Internet, No Phone and No Visitors Allowed" (Anglin).  "Blind Items Revealed #5" (CDaN):
"This former A- list mostly television actress who probably hasn't acted in a decade but is still A- list, maybe even higher as a celebrity honestly. Anyway, she didn't say this in a recent interview, but she has told those close to her that she fears for her own life and stays in different hotels or vacation rentals almost every night. She says where she lives it would be far too easy for her to have an "accident."

Pamela Anderson"
"Why Are They Still in Prison?" (Gerald).

"Unidentified 'generous donor' bails out National Gallery in its scuttled deal with Christie's to sell Chagall painting" (Hum). Always with the (((generous donors))), this time so the Canadian National Museum of Shtetl Illustration won't be out of pocket!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Macher Progress of History

"Has Europe Rebelled?"  Euro-trash cuck parade.  The funny thing is the states outside the Empire are perfectly capable of acting in their own best interests, but the vassal states remain prostrate in what should be an embarrassing spectacle of cravenness.  Iran has been pussy-footing around, but will now move decisively into the Russia-China orbit, with Europe to decide whether it is to be left behind.

"'Stubbornly fighting for life': how Arthur Koestler reported the birth of Israel".  Koestler discovered the Khazar issue.  Note he was an early settler, an early promoter of various Khazar lies about how happy and well treated the Palestinians were (though he developed a wokenness later), an early #metoo Weinstein/Schneiderman, and an early Sherman, with his wife doing what is now known as a 'honey'.  Police are still looking for the real murderers (with the kicker being that the Koestlers may actually have been murdered over his wokenness!!!).

None of the outraged comments from the usual quality commentators on Sheldon's decision to withdraw from the Iran deal are particularly enlightening.  Woke future historians will note that the most striking pattern is that the American Empire didn't just lose power, but actively ran from its power, wealth, and influence, led by the nose by a tiny group of murderers and land thieves.  It is amazing!

"Why even bother negotiating with the U.S. if agreements can just be canceled unilaterally with no evidence of wrongdoing?" Murray:  "In short, if the US fails to prevent Europe and Asia’s burgeoning trade with Iran – and I think they will fail – this moment will be seen by historians as a key marker in US decline as a world power."

"Here Are The Countries That Buy Iran's Oil, And What They May Do Next" (Durden):
". . . Asian buyers could also resort to using currencies other than the dollar to pay Iran for their oil purchases. Payments may be routed through either local or foreign banks that don’t have close ties to America."
The little sliver of unhappiness at the failure of the deal to materially benefit Iranians on the street, a sliver that the Jews used to attempt regime change in Iran, is now gone, with everybody in Iran, other than outright traitors like the MEK, motivated to pull together against the Zionist menace.

One of the things that is most striking about the Macher Progress of History is that Israel ends up less powerful with each step.  Big Jews pick big projects, mostly unlikely wars or war preparation, based not on thinking through what would be 'good for the Jews' or good for Israel, but what would be big and splashy and very bad for the host Americans, thus increasing the degree of difficulty in bribing and blackmailing the politicians to do it!  The idea is to demonstrate how personally powerful they are (the ridiculousness of the project, including the damage to real American national interests, increases the difficulty of the project, thus increasing the power displayed in pulling it off), without regard to what they are doing or its consequences, all to get the support of the Khazar supremacist group and the back slaps and cheers at synagogue (it is the group support which fuels this, which is why Weiss is such a dangerous ass in trying to convince Americans of the opposite).  Each win is solely for the self-aggrandizement of that particular macher, and all the machers are in a contest to decide who is the most powerful (and with a limited number of possible projects, the projects are picked only for the power they display in pulling them off and getting the all-important victory).  That's why each 'win' weakens the land theft project (while also killing millions of people and ruining the lives of millions of others, while wrecking the United States).

"Hold the Iran Deal–Killers Accountable" (Pillar):
" The dishonest nature of the main opposition to the JCPOA is apparent from the glaring illogic of the opposition’s principal arguments. Most of the attacks against the agreement concern matters that would be worse without the agreement. Alarm about a possible Iranian nuclear weapon, as Trump expressed today, makes no sense when coming from the lips of someone who is trying to kill an agreement that closed all possible paths to such a weapon. Fulmination about a possible Iranian “breakout” toward a bomb makes no sense when it is said in the same breath as castigation of an agreement that changed breakout time from a couple of months to more than a year. Perhaps the most supremely illogical of the opposition attacks has concerned the “sunset” clauses applicable to some of the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. Of course, without the JCPOA, Iran would be able to indulge in the restricted activities right away, which is obviously worse than a prohibition of those activities that lasts a decade or more.

Such opposition arguments would not come from someone honestly concerned with conducting diplomacy in the interests of U.S. and international security. They instead are illogical straws grasped by people who have had other reasons to try to kill the agreement.

Opponents have tried to bridge the logic gap with the fantasy of a “better deal.” That fantasy never was applicable to a long and detailed agreement that was exhaustively, and exhaustingly, negotiated over a couple of years. Each party to those negotiations wrung as much out of those negotiations as it possibly could. Moreover, the principal opponents to the JCPOA, including most importantly the Trump administration, have neither shown a desire to negotiate any new agreement with Iran—on anything—nor explained where the bargaining strength to produce a “better deal” would come from. The fissures in the international community that Trump has done so much to promote mean less prospect for concerted international economic pressure on Iran than was the case when the JCPOA was negotiated. The administration has given no indication it would offer any incentives to Iran to motivate it to make any more concessions. Besides, Tehran would have no reason, no matter how much it was pressured, to reach any new agreement with a U.S. administration that had just reneged on an existing agreement on the same subject.

Lacking logic, the opponents have resorted to confusion. They have tried to sow misperceptions about the JCPOA. This has included outright lies, such as the one often heard, including from high levels of the Trump administration, that the United States had to meet commitments up front while Iran’s obligations were all to be fulfilled later. In fact, the opposite is true; Iran had to do nearly all the bomb-proofing steps the JCPOA required it to take—including dismantling centrifuges, disposing of most of its enriched uranium, and filling a reactor with cement—before it got an ounce of new sanctions relief.

In today’s statement, Trump continued the campaign of confusion. He included chestnuts such as the notion that Iran was given billions of dollars, contrary to the truth that unfrozen assets and returned funds were all Iran’s money in the first place. He said that the JCPOA “allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium and over time reach the brink of a nuclear breakout”—giving uninformed listeners the impression that the agreement had moved Iran closer to that brink rather than, as is actually the case, moving it substantially farther away from it."
Note how after Sheldon decided what his big ego project was it was Trump's shabbos goy job to convey the illogical (self-contradictory) reasons why.

 "IT BEGINS: Iran And Syria Pummeling Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights With Rocketry, Iron Dome Failing Miserably" (Cicero).

The miraculous win of one of the most profoundly woke men on the planet:  "Mahathir Mohamad: A stunning comeback for Malaysia's ex-leader".

"The Israeli Government Role in Promoting Islamophobia Internationally" (Larudee).  Worth reading as very specific.  One of the most amazing conspiracies is the systematic production behind Islamophobia, something we're supposed to believe just arises spontaneously as a populist expression, but which is highly organized around the world and costs hundreds of millions of dollars (more if you count the role of 'Hollywood').

Stormy's lawyer appears to have obtained, through what must be highly illegal breaches of privacy-protecting laws, information that Trump's lawyer Cohen was the very definition of a shyster (and a prolific peddler of his supposed influence with Trump, which turned out to be a bust), showing bad judgment by Trump in picking his lawyers but no other wrongdoing by Trump. Amusingly, they accidentally confused the shyster lawyers named Michael Cohen (a mistake that could happen to anybody!).

"A Primer on Israeli politics" (Eyal in Angry Arab).  The term for Israeli supremacist racism is 'refreshing honesty'.

"Canada’s Justin Trudeau Promotes “Anglosphere” Spying" (Engler).

"John Ivison: With another apology, Trudeau tries to right — and rewrite — the past".  Things are changing - Ivison would have been flayed alive for this blasphemy even a year ago.  Note how deeply woke Trudeau père was!  I'm still waiting for the apologies from the Big Jews of the time who instructed the Canadian government to turn the boat away so they could have their refugee crisis and stock the land in the Middle East they intended to steal with thieves and murderers.  The perfect start to a sentence:  "In a well-received speech to a sold-out Jewish fundraising event . . . " (also:  "The fundraiser raised more than $1.1 million.").

#Metoo in Canada has taken a turn (requisite Dimanno warning):  "Christine Moore has, it seems, been hoisted by her own lustful petard". Larry David will be thrilled that close talking is also now being policed:  "MP Erin Weir vows to keep fighting after Singh boots him from NDP caucus".

"Sexually touching a student will now cost Ontario teachers their jobs".  Now?

"Blumenthal, Norton, Khalek - The Turncoats Deliver A Poor Excuse - by Daniel".  The 'dialectic', or intellectual/spiritual progress towards wokenness?  I'm inclined to pick the good contributions even from people I think may be trying to trick me.

"Watch CIA Veteran, 78, Get Dragged Out Of Haspel Confirmation And Tackled By Capitol Police" (Durden).  Well, you have to admit it was on point to be tortured on the way out!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Thems the breaks

"Tuesday, 8 May 2018" (Tom Clark).  Note the first link!  Added;  sorry, the Clark link has apparently been shoahed - truth delivered in anger is often regretted - but here is the tweet referring to the Sheldon meeting.  Sheldon is actually coming to deliver the shekels in person and do a little primitive Khazar victory dance, not just over Iran, or over the prospect of war and its potential for more land theft, but over the fact he, amongst all the Big Jews, was the Big Jew that got the job done.

On good thing - this kind of outrage is remarkably clarifying for people who have up to now resisted certain basic truths.  It is impossible not to be fully woke with the facts in such exuberant display.

"Is Israel a psychopath?" (Guyénot).

The Khazars have gotten literally every single thing they've demanded since 9/11, and at each step eventually find Israel in a worse position.

Look for a lot of international sympathy to start to develop for Iran.  Also look for a lot of money to be made by those resisting Trump's anti-MAGA American Empire, and a lot of potential wealth to be lost to Americans.  Also look for Iran to pull closer to Russia, and particularly, China.  The Americans continue to operate as if they are the sole deciders, and everybody else must bend to their will, but recent events have proven that is not the case, and Russia and China continue on their necessary path swatting away the interference of the rapidly collapsing American empire like swatting away flies circling the pile of shit known as Israel.

"Maybe Israel is interfering in our politics over the Iran Deal? Naaah!" (Weiss/Johnson).  Noting that the (((media))) won't connect the dots, not exactly shocking.

Even many of the most woke are not prepared to accept just how radical the Khazar plans really are (the Iran deal is just a tiny step).  You can never forget that the real plan is to build a Khazar Empire from the Nile to the Euphrates, and a lot of breaking has to be done to get there.  "Clean Break II: Iran Hawks Decide to Burn it All Down" (Davison/Lobe).

I think the old term to fix this is a 'rope party': "Protecting Israel Is Their Full-Time Job" (Giraldi).  It is all shekels.

"The Mystery Deepens" (Marshall). As you might expect, Marshall is spinning the Black Cube story to turn it away from the Israelis and into part of his bigger Trump conspiracy theory, that Trump and his circle in recent years have been benefiting from massive inflows of corrupt Russian money which has made Trump the traitor he is today (much more accurate/woke approach from Anglin:  "BIG IF TRUE: Porn Lawyer Says Trump Jew Lawyer Paid by RUSSIAN JEW").  Needless to say, there is no evidence for any of this Clintonista fantasy, but this is interesting:
"One of the most interesting parts of the article for me isn’t even in the article. It’s the byline. The article is by Michael D. Shear and Ronen Bergman. Bergman doesn’t work for the Times. He’s a top Israeli investigative journalist for  Yedioth Ahronoth, one of Israel’s top dailies. Clearly, he’s the one who got hold of the report produced by Black Cube and he’s freelancing this piece with the Times."
Yedioth Ahronoth is deeply involved in the Netanyahu corruption scandal because of a deal Bibi made with it to give him more favorable news coverage (Sheldon owns the main competing newspaper, which was already rabidly pro-Bibi, but Yedioth Ahronoth was traditionally anti-Bibi). It thus appears that the whole Black Cube story was planted by Bibi, possibly as part of last-minute pressure on somebody, and the details of the story are less interesting than how and by whom it was leaked.