Wednesday, July 17, 2019

'The Limited' hangout

Tweets - "S-400s, a story" - by Ragıp Soylu on the psychology of the Turks and the S-400s.  The US lost Turkey through a series of diplomatic blunders, centered on the hegemon's tin ear at detecting the concerns of the Turks.

"Hassan Diab calls for release of report on extradition that sent him to French prison" (Cochrane).

"Hypocrisy Taints UK’s Media Freedom Conference" and "Newspeak at the Media Freedom Conference" (Knightly).  'Freedom of the press' under the rule of Banderites.  "UK government holds “media freedom” conference while imprisoning Assange" (Grenfell).

"Does the Oct. 21 federal election date trample on Orthodox Jewish rights? It’s now in a judge’s hands" (Potter). 

"Teaching Holocaust" (Giraldi).  Sorry, but in the game of life in America, the 'being right' card, and even the 'black' card, are always going to lose to the only Khard that counts.

"Gay, Black, HIV-Positive, And Lied About It: A Hero for Our Times" (Sailer):  "From the New York Times (and no, I’m not making this up, even though this article reads like a parody product of my analysis of where the conventional wisdom has been headed)".

Tweets by Mark Ames on the arming of the Italian neo-Nazis, and the 'journalism' that was committed, and then disappeared.

"Sic Transit Gloria Mueller" (McGovern).  Mueller's attempted frame-up of 'Russians' is facing problems in the courts.

"Former Ecuadorian President Correa Claims Assange Meddled in US Elections From London Embassy".  Didn't see that coming.  Assange would have a lot more friends if it wasn't Trump who benefited from his truths about Killary.

Bachelet is a real tool.  "Xinjiang Update" (Roberts). "Liberals Use ‘Human Rights’ to Push Coup in Venezuela" (Engler).  "Venezuela: The Bachelet Lie" (Koenig).  These South American 'socialists' who the Americans have systematically replaced aren't as great as we'd like to think they are.  Still better than the alternative, though.

It remains impossible to imagine how these 'nice people' keep finding themselves in such trouble:  "How the Goliath of the Jerusalem settler movement persuaded the world it’s really David" (Cook).

"Liberals Use ‘Human Rights’ to Push Coup in Venezuela" (Engler):
"Even those inclined to believe some of the more extreme criticisms leveled against the Venezuelan government should support the protesters, not our government. The likely result of Canada succeeding in its current path is a civil war in Venezuela. Moreover, it would set a bad precedent if Canada were to succeed in its brazen coup mongering. (In a further sign of the brashness of their campaign, the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers gave Patricia Atkinson, Head of the Venezuela Task Force at Global Affairs Canada, its Foreign Service Officers award last month. The write up explained, “Patricia, and the superb team she assembled and led, supported the Minister’s engagement and played key roles in the substance and organization of 11 meetings of the 13 country Lima group which coordinates action on Venezuela. She assisted in developing three rounds of sanctions against the regime.”)

Whatever one thinks of Maduro, Canada’s interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs and unilateral sanctions contravene the “rules-based international order” Trudeau, Freeland and Bachelet claim Ottawa upholds. But, Parliament and the media largely play along so it’s only through grassroots activism that we can hope to pry open the discussion and rein in our government."
"Alex Acosta let the cat out of the bag: the Justice Department knew all about the Jeffrey Epstein Florida plea deal" (Willmann).  'Hollywood' likes to make war movies about the extraction of 'left behind' soldiers.  I'd like to see 'Saving Mossad Asset Epstein', depicting the brave efforts of various 'justice' officials to protect Jeffrey and his johns, and further screw over the victims.

'The Limited' hangout:  "Victoria's Secret Boss Wexner Swears He Didn't Know About Epstein Penchant For Pedophilia" (Durden).  He 'searched his soul', which must not have taken long.
"Yet, Epstein portrayed himself as a way for young models to perform sexual favors in exchange for a backdoor into Victoria's Secret. According to a former Manhattan-based modeling agent cited by the New York Post, "Some of those girls got in.
"It was still significant cash for a young model doing the catalog," an agent told the Post. "They weren’t making hundreds of thousands but they could make about $5,000 a week modeling for the campaigns or the catalog. Not all the girls sent to him got jobs, but a lot of them did."
In short, Wexner had an extremely close business relationship with Epstein - who allegedly engaged in sexual favors with girls, some of whom later worked for Wexner, yet the 81-year-old knew nothing of Epstein's proclivities."
Tweets by Martin Varsavsky:
"Just landed in Madrid flying from San Francisco and traveling around the USA where I lived for 20 years and I frequently work. The San Francisco vs Madrid change makes me wonder."

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Fake news technique III

"To Attack Julian Assange, CNN Twists Embassy Surveillance Records That Were First Covered By Spanish Newspaper" (Gosztola).

We're seeing the use of every trick in the book, a fact that I feel has to do with a general mounting sense of panic, both among elites generally, and Khazars specifically.  If you read these stories carefully they are all rather sloppy - nobody said 'journalists' were any good at anything, including their usual lying - and only work as the basis of third parties picking up the stories and emphasizing the lies, all on the assumption that nobody will carefully examine the source (see, for example, on the latest Isikoff creation, immediate repeating by the Clintonistas: "Seth Rich Smear By Sean Hannity Was First A Russian Disinfo Campaign").  The intent is for the original confabulators - who protect themselves with all the usual qualifying language - to create a piece, and most importantly, a headline, which can then be used by others to create a general Original Story for their PR purposes.

So, goyim:
  1. Clinton didn't have Rich murdered (it was just one of those Washington muggings where no money is taken), and Rich, who was just the computer IT guy who thus had access to all Clinton's documents, couldn't possibly have has access to all Clinton's documents, and leaked the material to Assange (see Murray - see also from 3:00 on in this interview, particularly from 4:45), and the very idea of the Rich activities and subsequent murder was created by Russian social media, where it became so popular that it literally cost Clinton the election;
  2. the weapons found in the hands of an Italian neo-Nazi group were supplied by Ukrainian separatists, or maybe the people fighting the Ukrainian separatists, oh, who can keep such things straight? and does it really matter?; 
  3. Assange directed and completely determined the American election from his embassy bunker/'command center', where he (may have) received - gasp! - packages (one delivered by a masked man!), which (could possibly have) contained - yikes! - hacked materials related to the 2016 US election, and (could have) used his big computers to contact - the horror! - Russians with his 'beefed up' - OMG! - internet connection, and met with Russians about whom nothing is known and who can't be contacted (how suspicious is that!), during the few times he wasn't smearing embassy walls with feces;
  4. Epstein, who had no hedge fund or other investment facility, was somehow blackmailing a bunch of grifters, who were grifting just because they (as yet) had no money (like Randy Andy, they were all peddling their alleged 'influence' and 'contacts', but had no other large piles of money to invest), into investing into his hedge fund, which entirely explains how he appeared to be a billionaire, and Maxwell was just a friend/enabler/procurer/handler, and you shouldn't notice she was Robert Maxwell's ("The shrouded body of Robert Maxwell was lowered today into a rocky grave on the Mount of Olives, where Jews since biblical times have found permanent rest. . . . . Newspapers here reported over the weekend that when Mr. Maxwell was elected as a Labor Party member of the British Parliament in 1964, he objected to a mention of his Jewishness by The Jewish Chronicle of Britain. He belonged to the Church of England, he reportedly said then.") daughter, which is just a mere cohencidence (also a cohencidence - the American money taps turned on towards Israel in the billions and billions of dollars just when Epstein's operation was up and running).

Fake news technique II

Here's another example of 'technique':  "Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing" (Celarier) (I need hardly point out that NYMag is Khazar-owned).  There's a kernel of truth - Roberts Giuffre did depose that Epstein told her he was gathering material for blackmail - but completely added - not at all in the affidavit - was that the blackmail was for the purpose of forcing the johns to invest with him!  Sleazy 'journalism' in the finest Khazar style!  See also (((Marshall))), who is a little careful:  "Maybe It Is Extortion".

For a bracing dose of truth, here's the words from the actual affidavit:
"In addition to constantly finding underage girls to satisfy their personal desires,Epstein and Maxwell also got girls for Epstein’s friends and acquaintances. Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would “owe him,” they would “be in his pocket,” and he would “have something on them.” I understood him to mean that when someone was in his pocket, they owed him favors. I also understood that Epstein thought he could get leniency if he was ever caught doing anything illegal, or more so that he could escape trouble altogether."
"Epstein also trafficked me for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives. Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them."
No reference of what the blackmail was about, so (((they))) just make it up. This is starting to remind me of 'wars for oil', the infamous bogus explanation created to distract us from the fact that the (((parasites))) effectively ruined the US by bribing and blackmailing American politicians into fighting the series of Wars For The Jews. Anything to change the subject away from Khazar leeching techniques, in this case to distract us into thinking that the blackmail was intended to obtain investments in Epstein's mythological hedge fund (which all experts believe does not exist).

By the way, the whole affidavit is great - note how Super-Gay Maxwell is. It is no wonder the Mossad picked her to run the operation.

Fake news techniques

"“National Conservatism” Gatekeeper David Brog—Israeli Citizen, Link To Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein?" (Brimelow).  There's a bizarre campaign at the moment for 'nationalist' Zionists to take over American conservatism and rid it of its incipient wokenness.

"Ehud Barak: I Visited Epstein’s Island But Never Met Any Girls" (Tarnolpolsky) (my emphasis in red; another version of the Dersh story!):
"“The man who introduced me to Epstein about 17 years ago was Shimon Peres,” Barak said, uncertain if the event took place in New York or Washington, but recalling it was at an event where “there were many famous and important people, including, if I recall, both Clintons and hundreds of others.”

Since then, Barak says, he has met Epstein “more than 10 times and much less than a hundred times, but I can’t tell you exactly how many. I don’t keep count. Over the years, I’ve seen him on occasion.”

“I never attended a party with him,” Barak told The Daily Beast. “I never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls.”

Barak recalls having visited Epstein at two of his Manhattan residences and said he did visit Epstein’s private Caribbean island “once, for several hours—and years after the publications about sex parties or orgies there.” But, Barak says, “I've never been there at a party.”

“To the contrary,” Barak says, “at his home, I met many very respected people, scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and I met him also in Boston, at MIT or the Harvard labs he supports.”

At these events, Barak says, he “unequivocally” never met any women or girls.

Asked if any compromising pictures of him could yet surface, he responded “there is no chance whatsoever.”
“I never attended a party with him ... I never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls.”

Most Israelis first heard of Epstein in January 2016, when the British tabloid The Daily Mail published paparazzi-style pictures taken over an icy weekend stakeout headlined, “The busy life of Jeffrey Epstein: Group of gorgeous Manhattan 'it' girls in and out of the billionaire sex offender's mansion before Clinton pal flies off in private jet with comely brunette.”

Buried in the article was a picture of  Barak captioned “an unidentified man… with his own security detail at Jeffrey Epstein's New York Mansion.”

Israelis who saw the item laughed at the former prime minister, almost invisible in a large puffy coat and an oversized Russian-style fur hat.

“It is me in the picture,” he acknowledges. “It was so cold the Middle Easterner had to put on a hat. I was there, for lunch or chat, nothing else. So what?”"
"Last year, an Israeli investigative journalist revealed that in 2004 Barak received about $2.4 million earmarked “research” from the Wexner Foundation, an American philanthropy with which Epstein was long associated, that focuses on developing leadership skills among young Israeli and American Jewish citizens deemed to have potential. (Billionaire Les Wexner is Epstein’s only known client.)
Barak says he does not know if Epstein had any connection to the grant or payment he received, and in several past interviews has refused to explain what he was compensated for.

“I did what I committed to do,” he told The Daily Beast, adding that he does recall the details of the contract, but believes he “is not supposed to discuss it.”

“I perform research and geopolitical consulting for a lot of interested parties,” says the former prime minister and decorated former chief of staff of Israel’s army, who is now 77 years old. “It is up to them if they want to discuss it.”

The Wexner Foundation has declined numerous media requests to provide any explanation for the 2004 payment.

Last week, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed that Epstein was a principal investor in Carbyne, a video streaming and geolocation software start-up founded by Barak in 2015. The extent of Epstein’s financial involvement has not been made public, and Barak has since said he is exploring avenues to disassociate himself from Epstein completely."
It's funny how often the usual standard (((mainstream media))) fake news is based on a 'mistake' which just happens to turn the story around 180 degrees to one that suits the Official Story:  "Fact checking" (Robinson).

"Exclusive: Security reports reveal how Assange turned an embassy into a command post for election meddling" (my emphasis in red):
"New documents obtained exclusively by CNN reveal that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange received in-person deliveries, potentially of hacked materials related to the 2016 US election, during a series of suspicious meetings at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
The documents build on the possibility, raised by special counsel Robert Mueller in his report on Russian meddling, that couriers brought hacked files to Assange at the embassy."
Standard fake news technique of the greatest 'journalists' is to combine some stuff we know with some wild guesses and surmises to produce some variant on the Official Story.  So, basically, the story is that Assange had some meetings and received some deliveries at the embassy.  The rest of this just describes Assange's actions in continuing to participate in Wikileaks, and the wild guesses.  Combined with the bizarre Isikoff piece (with no new content, just a repeat of the Clintonista Official Story, essentially appearing out of the blue, and written by one of the guys most responsible for Russiagate in the first place, but immediately picked up by the Clintonistas, and containing the idea held still held by the Clintonistas that Trump won largely because of Russian 'fake news' promoted on social media that Clinton killed Rich!), we're seeing a post-Russiagate attempt to resuscitate the Clintonista narrative, particularly the key assertion that Assange received his election-shifting material from 'Russian hackers' and not, as Assange has come as close to saying as is possible without outing sources, from Seth Rich (see also "A Spy Coup in America?" by Robert Parry).

Tweet (the emperor has no coups):
"Nothing to see here, just an email leaked to Al-Akhbar showing YPG-linked Syrian Democratic Council give the "right to explore & develop oil that is located in areas we govern" to accused Mossad spy Moti Kahana, longtime Israeli conduit for "humanitarian aid" to "moderate rebels""

Monday, July 15, 2019

Everyone was mystified

"American Pravda: The Power of Organized Crime" (Unz).  The surprisingly hidden history of (((who))) was involved in American organized crime, and an anecdote on the beating up of James Garner (I still love The Rockford Files).  Sailer often refers to what he considers to be the ongoing damage done by Bazelon and his family.

"Jeffrey Epstein’s Fortune May Be More Illusion Than Fact" (lotsa brackets):
"In 1988, when Mr. Epstein was still working for Mr. Hoffenberg, he formed the investment firm that would be the nexus for his connections to powerful people: J. Epstein & Company. One of those people, Mr. Wexner, would become the apparent foundation of Mr. Epstein’s riches.

Mr. Epstein met — and evidently charmed — Robert Meister, the vice chairman of the insurance giant Aon, on a flight from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., according to an account by the novelist James Patterson in his nonfiction book “Filthy Rich.”

Mr. Meister, who could not be reached for comment, introduced Mr. Epstein to Mr. Wexner. There appears to have been a near instant rapport.

Robert Morosky, who had been the vice chairman of The Limited, was surprised Mr. Wexner took to Mr. Epstein so readily. “Everyone was mystified as to what his appeal was,” Mr. Morosky said. “I checked around and found out he was a private high school math teacher, and that was all I could find out. There was just nothing there.”"
There is literally no evidence, and a considerable degree of doubt (even scoffing), that Epstein has ever made one cent from what is supposed to be his hedge fund business, or any kind of investment business (it is possible he did some trading at Bear Stearns). The 'evidence' of his financial genius all comes from statements from other Khazars.

"Why Did Jeffrey Epstein Fly Back To The US?" (Meijer).  When it was decided to prosecute Epstein, I imagine dozens of calls were immediately made from (((employees))) of the Southern District of New York, following their inevitable real loyalties, to the head office in Tel Aviv, and to Epstein himself.  Dershowitz was, in part, behind the law suit that ended up with the order to unseal the court documents (Dersh implausibly said he was involved as the documents would 'exonerate' him!).  Epstein knew what he would face when he returned from Paris, but came anyway.  This return is part of the conspiracy.

Epstein probably didn't stop his blackmail business after he was prosecuted (why would he?), and seems to have continued until just recently.  That odd temple on Orgy Island was built around 2011.  There must be a whole new group of blackmailed johns in politics and business that we don't even know about!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

(((Secret decoder ring)))

Epstein may be the Rosetta Stone (found here): "The World v. Alan Dershowitz" (Van Zuylen-Wood) (my emphasis in red):
"Dershowitz, despite the megawatt career, has never been a glamorous figure. At the height of his fame, he looked most comfortable not at the side of his celebrity clients but in his cramped Harvard office, wearing oversize aviator eyeglasses and itchy-looking sweaters. His social profile began to improve in 1996 upon meeting the financier Jeffrey Epstein through Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a Martha’s Vineyard friend. She told him Epstein was a brilliant autodidact who loved meeting interesting people. Epstein visited Dershowitz in Cambridge, sent him a thank-you bottle of wine, and a week later called to invite him to the 59th birthday party of Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner. “I said, ‘Who’s going to be there?’” Dershowitz tells me. “[He said], ‘Shimon Peres is going to be there. Senator [John] Glenn, the astronaut. Alfred Taubman, the head of Sothebys.’” Dershowitz was in.
Dershowitz had represented the fabulously wealthy before, but had never been friends with anyone on Epstein’s level. There was a ranch in New Mexico, a mansion in Palm Beach, a private island in the Caribbean—plus Epstein’s primary residence, a 50,000-square-foot townhouse said to be the largest in Manhattan. Dershowitz was bowled over. “I met Prince Andrew through him. I mean, I’m a kid from Borough Park, an Orthodox, poor community, hanging around with a prince, and [scientists] who were going to win the Nobel Prize. That’s pretty thrilling.”
Epstein, who also became close with Harvard grandees such as Larry Summers, made a $30 million donation to the university. Dershowitz, in turn, began flying on Epstein’s jet and hanging out in Palm Beach. Dersh, like everyone else, didn’t necessarily understand how Epstein had become a billionaire. J. Epstein & Co. had only one known client: Wexner. But Epstein’s intellect was obvious, and he had a knack for gaining the trust of the cognoscenti. “I’m on my 20th book,” Dershowitz told Vanity Fair in 2003. “The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.”
Then, two years later, the Epstein fairy tale ended abruptly."

The ((())) and the )))(((

The (((players))):
  1. (((Epstein)))
  2. (((Maxwell))), daughter of a known Mossad operator, (((Robert Maxwell)))
  3. mentor (((Wexner))) (possibly Epstein's sole 'client' for years) ("It's a weird relationship")
  4. Florida non-prosecutor (((Krischer))) (recent winner of the ADLs 'Jurisprudence Award'!)
  5. old lawyer/pal (((Dershowitz)))
  6. hirer of an Epstein without a degree to teach at the Dalton School, (((Donald Barr))), a converso (!) (and Epstein, of course, immediately went after the female students: something known to science as the ‘Epstein-Barr’ Problem)
  7. hirer of Epstein, Bear Stearns chairman, (((Alan 'Ace' Greenberg)))
  8. mentor of Epstein post-Bear Sterns - which he seems to have left under a considerable, but mysterious, cloud - (((Steven Hoffenberg))), who operated "one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history"
  9. the socialite who introduced him around high-society in NYC, even post-conviction (((Peggy Siegal)))
  10. even (((scientists))) and (((Stephen Pinker)))
  11. "I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003" (Ward) - Vanity Fair was owned by (((S.I. Newhouse))).
Except for Dersh, who may have been there more as a handler, the invitees to Orgy Island were )))(((.

Epstein embodies Khazar criminality in America, and the weird pulling together for their supremacist goals.

Question:  “How could Epstein’s one-man show not fall apart while he was in jail during one of the most volatile years in history?”  Answer:  there was no 'show', just a Mossad legend.

Note the early shade cast on Epstein's operations! This was one hell of a legend, but just look at all the (((help))) he had (and has!).

When you've lost Moon, sheesh! (I'm seriously going to have to reconsider Moon's judgment): "A Plausible Theory Of What Jeffrey Epstein Was Actually Doing".  Completely wrong class of guys for this scam - even Bill and Tony only became super-rich enough to be useful 'investors' after Epstein, when their blackmailability made them bribeable (and just ponder how useful Tony has made himself to (((them))) in recent years!!!).

Trump immediately became more compliant on Iran after the Epstein arrest.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Epstein Plan

So after the 1967 and 1973 wars the Khazars were on top of the world, and starting to see themselves as inevitable winners of all the land they intended to steal (Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates), thus starting the overwhelming idea of messianic Khazarianism which we see dominating today amongst all Khazars (particularly obvious in the increasingly deranged plans to steal the Temple Mount).  The 1973 war was a clear example that Israel was the American block against Soviet domination of the Middle East, and this was the horse they intended to ride to obtain continued American support.

The problem the murderers and land thieves faced was twofold:
  1. the Soviet Union wasn't going to be around forever - this was known to planners in the 70s - and what would happen to Israel once the 'threat' of Soviet dominance ended (of course, we know they replaced it with the 'threat' of Islamist 'terror', easily manipulable with false flags)?; and
  2. stealing all the land they intended to steal would result in humanitarian atrocities impossible to comprehend, and would require leeched money from Americans at historically unprecedented levels that made no sense, and how could they expect American politicians to continue to support these levels of atrocities and parasitic thieving?
At the same time (heading towards the 80s), Wall Street was starting its progression towards the turbo-thieving we see today, and 'Hollywood' had started the idea that it was possible to make money based on algorithms.  Of course, we know that the big bucks were made the old fashioned way, by insider trading and market manipulation, but it was useful to provide the illusion that the traders 'earned' their money as they were so intelligent.

Combining all these factors, Khazar planners in the late 70s started to concoct the perfect plan. They would create an imaginary 'genius' trader, based in the new and poorly understood world of hedge funds (guys who make oodles of money, but nobody quite understands how), a self-made billionaire who would thus catapult himself into the highest reaches of society, hobnobbing with the most important world figures in politics and society.  They would combine this with another traditional Khazar specialty and area of expertise, white slavery (the most vile form, involving under-aged victims, abhorrent to everybody), and thus manipulate the powerful men into committing crimes with which they could easily be blackmailed.

Sometime in the late 70s, somebody (Wexner?) identified Epstein as the perfect front man for the conspiracy.  No 'genius', but trained in math and smart enough to be able to talk the quant talk.  He was pure alpha male, with at least a feigned interest in very young girls, and extremely affable, 'one of the boys', just the guy to make high-level male politicians comfortable.  He was given a Mossad handler/procurer, Maxwell, and sent out to prepare himself for the job.  They ran him through Bear Sterns (with a Khazar supervisor) for a few years to start to build the 'legend', then sent him out with his own firm to build his 'billions'.  While Wexner was apparently his only client, and he had much less money than he was said to have had, through the 80s they carefully assembled a collection of assets to make it seem that his abilities had made him a self-made billionaire.  They then used his social talents to work his way up the ladder to the point where he was pals with major political figures.  A lot of the technique involved philanthropy, with the parties the rich give to celebrate themselves being the perfect venues to make the connections he needed.

This was an enormously expensive plan, involving operating expenses, private jets, expensive houses, and an actual fucking Orgy Island (of course, a lot of this stuff can be leased, and real estate is a good investment anyway, and some of his claimed assets are probably imaginary).  Epstein needed to be able to throw enough money around to create the illusion that he actually was as rich as he said he was.  If he was just a pimp of under-aged hookers, the Randy Andys and and Randy Tonys and Randy Bills of the world would have stayed well away from him.  He needed to create the illusion that he was a very talented and very rich and very friendly guy who happened to host parties for his good friends on a secluded and private (but well filmed) island, and, oh look, a bunch of young girls were there too!  Who knows what might happen?!

Israel spent tens of millions of dollars setting up this conspiracy, but they got literally hundreds of billions of dollars (or more) in return.  It was just at the time that Epstein was in full operation that the massive American gifts to Israel started.  There are only two principles to contemporary political science (a proper political science textbook should contain these two principles, and only these two):
  1. "Fucking Jews... Jews are responsible for all wars in the world." (by the greatest of all political scientists, Mel Gibson); and
  2. "If you want to be powerful in the world of the Jews, you want Jews to have blackmail on you, because then they know they can trust you." (Anglin).
You need to be blackmailable in order to be bribeable (and get all the other political advantages, such as political donations and full support of the (((media))) and (((stinktanks))).  The sheer improbability/ridiculousness of the parasite-host relationship is papered over by nonsense assertions like 'Judeo-Christian' (a recent Khazar invention), and 'shared values'.  What really happened is that Epstein created a mass of blackmail material concerning activities of the worst kind (the kind that puts you in jail, with your life in constant danger, for decades), nailing the very people who make the decisions on financial gifts to Israel.  While the conspiracy was complex, the psychology behind it is remarkably simple.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Emboldened Sultan

"Sultan shines in the court of the Dragon King" (Escobar) (the big deal is Erdoğan effectively trading Turkish irredentism for being admitted into the China camp, which must have been a difficult choice for him to make):
"In conjunction with his success at the court of the Dragon King, Erdogan now feels emboldened enough to offer his services as mediator between Tehran and the Trump administration – picking up on a suggestion he made to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the G20.

Erdogan would not have made that offer if it had not been discussed previously with Russia and China – which, crucially, are member signatories of the Iran nuclear deal, or Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA).

It’s easy to see how Russia and China should consider Turkey the perfect mediator: a neighbor of Iran, the proverbial bridge between East and West, and a NATO member. Turkey is certainly much more representative than the EU-3 (France, UK, Germany).

Trump seems to want – or at least gives the impression of imposing – a JCPOA 2.0, without an Obama signature. The Russia-China partnership could easily call his bluff, after clearing it with Tehran, by offering a new negotiating table including Turkey. Even if the ineffective – in every sense – EU-3 remained, there would be real counterbalance in the form of Russia, China and Turkey.

Out of all these important moves in the geopolitical chessboard, one motivation stands out among top players: Eurasian integration cannot significantly progress without challenging the Trumpian sanction obsession."
Erdoğan could negotiate a sanction-less deal with Iran, essentially exactly the same as the old deal with some meaningless changes to sell it as new, sidestepping the embarrassing and useless Eurotrash, and then offer it to Trump to sign on to.  Trump has just demonstrated at the G20 and NK that he can play gracious - not really gracious, but gracious by his standards, and in his own mind - if it makes him look Presidential (prepping for the election), so he could be allowed to sweep in and claim the 'new' deal as his yuge MAGA improvement over the awful Barry deal.  The really yuge problem, that Iran has no good reason to trust the Assholians - nobody has the slightest reason to trust them - could be finessed by having China and Russia and Turkey secretly backstop the agreement by offering private side-deal assurances of a solid predetermined program of sanction-busting should the Assholian politicians take the shekels and renege, again.  Everybody - except the Khazars (and even they avoid having to face Hezbollah's rockets) - wins.  The problem may come down to the new Epstein blackmail caper that is being pointed at Trump (the Clintonistas are gunning for this, while attempting to protect 'our fave', quite the maneuver!).


I'm going to write more on the big picture of Epstein (and it is very, very big), but here's a - (((cough))) - good story:  "NYPD let convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein skip judge-ordered check-ins" (tweets).  It's like (((they))) are laughing at )))Americans(((!  As we are seeing with the (((Weinstein))) case, Vance is almost comically corrupt.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mega Group

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, funny despite Watson:  "Ann Coulter Thinks Epstein Had A "State Sponsor" & Was Running A "Blackmailing" Operation" (Watson).  The comments are all woke, but we're still in a situation where 'naming the Jew' is impossible, even for Coulter.

"Snyder: Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In American History" and "Major Red Flags Are Causing Many To Doubt Whether Justice Will Be Done In The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal" (Snyder).

As is obvious, the point of this is to increase the pressure on Trump to agree to the demands of Bibi/Sheldon regarding Iran/Syria, and I very much doubt that anybody important will end up in trouble (maybe some lesser degenerate will have to take the fall, just for appearances sake, and Epstein will probably get a few years, maybe on the 'child porn' that was his blackmail stash).  The machers really have nobody better than Trump to replace him, so it will be interesting to see if Trump, still wanting to be reelected, calls their bluff, and continues to refuse (((them))) WWIII.

"Mobster? “The Wexner War”" (Fitrakis).  "The Wexner War" (Fitrakis), from 2013 (I'm detecting some kind of pattern here):
"Wexner’s philanthropic side is more public. In 1998, the Wall Street Journal reported that Wexner was part of the “‘Mega Group,’ a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen.” The Mega Group meets purportedly to discuss “philanthropy,” but others have speculated that their charitable interests are often a cover for lobbying activities on behalf of Israel. The Wall Street Journal identified Max Fisher, a Detroit financier and billionaire, as a member of the Mega Group. Fisher was used as a private Middle East diplomat by President Gerald Ford during the 1970s and is considered Wexner’s mentor.

So, when the Wexner Analysis report was leaked, it caused a stir but no questioning of Wexner’s little-explored relationships with Epstein and Fisher. Frank Lutz, the Republican Party pollster and spin doctor, prepared the Wexner Analysis. Lutz’s report essentially outlines a political PR campaign “as the post-war dust settles over the Iraqi desert.”

The Wexner Analysis points out that “. . . many sympathize with the plight of the Palestinian people, [but] there is no love lost for Yassir Arafat.” The report complains that, “the emergence of Mahmoud Abbas as the new Palestinian Prime Minister comes exactly at the wrong time.”

Why? “His ascent to power seems legitimate. He is a fresh face, and a clean-shaven one at that. He speaks well and dresses in Western garb,” the report states. Lutz’s assessment is that “the Palestinians throw us this curve ball.”

Still, the Wexner Analysis emphasizes that “now is the time to link American success in dealing with terrorism and dictators from a position of strength to Israel’s ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorism on and within its borders.”

Lutz, realizing the value of an Arab bogeymen, stresses that “‘Saddam Hussein’ are the two words that tie Israel to America and are most likely to deliver support in Congress. The day we allow Saddam to take his eventual place in the trash heap of history is the day we lose our strongest weapon in the linguistic defense of Israel.

In the “Essential Conclusion” section of the report, Lutz offers 10 recommendations. The first is: “Iraq colors all. Saddam is your best defense, even if he is dead. For a year – a SOLID YEAR – you should be invoking the name of Saddam Hussein and how Israel was always behind American efforts to rid the world of this ruthless dictator and liberate their people.”

Now, as the occupation of Iraq begins to look like the dreaded quagmire, and American troops are dying at the rate of almost one a day, more scrutiny should come to the role of those who pushed for the attack on Iraq, since Saddam Hussein neither had links to Al Qaeda nor posed a threat to the United States.

The Project for the New American Century, the major ideological force behind the illegal attack on Iraq, are generally more concerned with Hussein’s threat to Israel than to the United States. Recent reports that Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, advised President Bush to include the bogus reference to uranium from Niger in the State of the Union address demonstrates a much bigger problem.

Lobbying groups like the Mega Group and government insiders like Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle are engaged in a systematic campaign to identify Israeli national security interests with U.S. military and security interests. The Wexner Analysis merely documents this extensive, often covert campaign, that deserves public debate and democratic discourse, not secret PR campaigns. "
"A Secret Meeting to Plot War?" (Giraldi):
"On June 5, 16 heads of Jewish organizations joined 25 Democratic senators in a private meeting, which, according to the Times of Israel, is an annual event. All of the Jewish organizations but one were openly declared advocates for Israel and are supportive of its policies. Key groups present included the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the Anti-Defamation League, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. A number of the groups have lobbied Congress and the White House in support of the use of force against Iran, a position that is basically identical to the demands being made by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The senatorial delegation was headed by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), currently Senate minority leader who has described himself as the “shomer” or guardian of Israel in the Senate. The 25 senators in attendance constitute one-quarter of the entire deliberative body and more than half of all Democrats serving in it. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who has emphatically linked her campaign to become the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020 to Jewish and Israeli interests, chaired the gathering.
After the meeting, Jewish Insider provided a complete list of the participants and also a diagram of how they were positioned in the Capitol Hill conference room. The senators were placed on one side of a rectangle with the Jewish leaders in front of them filling the seats on the other three sides. Who exactly provided the agenda that Klobuchar was presumably following is not known, but one suspects that it may have been a joint effort by Schumer and several of the more prominent Jewish organization participants.
The meeting was by design not a public event, and, to a certain extent, it was a secret. Its time, place, and participants were not announced, and it was only reported at all in the Israeli and Jewish media. According to after-the-fact coverage of the event by Alison Weir of the “If Americans Knew” website, even staffers in the congressional offices were not aware that the meeting was taking place. No statement was issued afterwards, but it is believed that the principal topic under discussion was how to contain and reverse pro- Palestinian sentiment among progressive Democratic voters, who, to the horror of the participants, actually have been embracing the possibility that Palestinians are human beings with plausibly the same rights as Israelis. A particular focus would have been the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which has become a growing force on college campuses and in progressive circles.
. . . While other ethnic groups in the United States are protective of their respective cultures and languages, there is no sense that any of them actually seek to advocate policies damaging to the United States to benefit the foreign nations that they identify with. The Jewish advocacy for Israel is something quite different, costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars every year and involving Washington in a sequence of wars of choice driven by Israel itself aided by its powerful domestic lobby. Israel also comes with a price tag in terms of the constitutional rights enjoyed by Americans. Before too long, legislation currently working its way through Congress will criminalize any criticism of Israel. No other national or ethnic group in the United States seeks to dismantle the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in quite that fashion.
Israel is no friend and never has been. Recent media reports detail how Jewish-American oligarch Paul Singer has been working with the Israeli government to transfer thousands of high-paying American IT jobs to Israel. Is he guilty of dual loyalty? No, he is only really loyal to Israel, as are many of the Jewish leaders who met with Pompeo and the senators. It is a disgrace."
'Our faves' news: "Jeffrey Epstein's Wikipedia Page Stealth-Edited To Remove Ties To Democrats" and - Crooks and Liars trying to change the subject, but still interesting - "Jonathan Swan Incredulous At Dershowitz Massage Story: 'What's Going ON?'" (Kuns) and "Bill Clinton Tries to Distance Himself From His Close Friend, Jewish Crime Lord Epstein" (Anglin), but "Bill Clinton Lying About Epstein Relationship: Report" (Durden).

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Little Israel

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha:  tweet (Jesse Eisinger) (note the reply by Koen on Browder) (Haim!):
"I had not realized until today how nothing about Jeffrey Epstein’s business or career makes any sense. For instance, there were only 13 billionaires in the US in 1982. "
Tragically, we all live in 'little Israel':  "Israeli who headed Colombia child prostitution ring arrested in Portugal".

Comment by Tired of Not Winning to an Atzmon piece.  I've been thinking of the NXIVM scandal as just another example of the general depravity of Khazars, but we really should be considering the political and blackmail implications of it. The Epstein operation is an example of a much wider problem.

Russian 'troubles'!: tweet (The War Nerd):
"Here we have the Russians creating "divisions" within Northern Ireland. Apparently it was a haven of unity before they got their dirty mitts into the mix... "
Lite Zionism is becoming trendy in certain Democrat circles: "US Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren Has Got a Problem. He’s Called Max Berger" (Aussie Dave).

A lot of people noticed this classic headline:  "Harris, Warren tie for third place in new 2020 Dem poll, but Biden still leads".

This kind of thing is why the Jews ensured they controlled all the (((media))):  tweet (Ben Norton):
"Almost all of these reports on Iran are misleading and irresponsible. If you don't stress in the title that it was the US that sabotaged the nuclear deal, destroying the entire purpose of it, then you're just making anti-Iran propaganda that helps to justify illegal US aggression"
MbZ, much smarter than MbS:  "Yemen: UAE to reduce troop presence after consulting with Riyadh".  Of course, MbZ just wants to steal half of Yemen, while MbS needs the whole thing.

"Without Reform, Trump’s Embrace of MBS Will Haunt the United States" (Askari).

((('Donor'))) problems plague 'socialism':  "DSA/Jacobin/Haymarket-sponsored ‘Socialism’ conference features US gov-funded regime-change activists" (Norton/Blumenthal).  With a huge list of examples of the problem, and really no attempt to hide it!

"Head of Israel lobby group exposed by undercover film resigns" (Winstanley).  Note he had to resign because he couldn't raise the shekels to fund his trickery, not because he was found out!

"Interesting Developments in the Russiagate Saga by Larry C Johnson" and its comments.  Setting up Russiagate by the American IC and its foreign friends was very tricky, operationally, and the operators struggled to stay in their lanes, particularly regarding both legal and traditional 'best practices' restraints on various institutions.

"Iran’s shock therapy breaks JCPOA stalemate" (Bhadrakumar). "The JCPOA Crisis Isn’t About Nukes at All. Embedding US Strategic Influence Worldwide" (Korybko).  "To Think Outside the Box, It Helps First to Understand What’s IN the Box" (Crooke).  "Russia, America, and Iran" (Shamir) (it is striking how the things that nobody can say, for example that Russiagate is run by Zionists for Zionist supremacist reasons, are actually discussed openly by the Israelis!; my emphasis in red; btw, this looks like a conclusive refutation of the Korybko thesis that Putin is just a cynical manipulator):
". . . the Jewish state proposed that Putin should give up his ties with Iran; in return, they promised to assist in general warming of Russo-American relations. Putin had a bigger counter-proposal: Let the US lift its Iran sanctions and withdraw its armed forces from Syria, and Russia will try to usher Iranian armed forces out of Syria, too. The ensuing negotiations around Iran-Syria deal would lead to recognition of the US and Israel interests in Syria, and further on it could lead to negotiations in other spheres.
This was a clear win-win proposal. Iran would emerge free of sanctions; Israel and the US would have their interests recognised in Syria; the much-needed dialogue between Russia and the US will get a jump-start. But Israel does not like win-win proposals. The Jewish state wants clear victories, preferably with their enemy defeated, humiliated, hanged. Israel rejected the proposal, for it wanted Iran to suffer under sanctions.
The Russian proposal had been first sounded in September last year, and it was discussed behind the closed doors in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament). Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “The Russians asked us to open the gates for them in Washington”. Netanyahu rejected the Russian proposals because he thought the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions on Iran could be used as leverage on the Iranians over Syria — not the other way around, wrote a knowledgeable Israeli journalist Barak Ravid of Channel 13. “Netanyahu refused to show any flexibility on the issue of U.S. sanctions,” – he quoted an Israeli official.
Russians agreed to the weird idea of Russian and American security advisers meeting in Jerusalem, hoping it would lead to a breakthrough. My readers remember that I was very worried about this trilateral meeting of a Russian representative with the notorious warmongers John Bolton and Netanyahu. Israeli media played the summit up as the pivotal point for the region. Russia would part with Iran and pivot to Israel and the US, they predicted. This will be a new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, of Russia coming to terms with the aggressor. Good-bye, Iran, welcome, Israel.
However the gift of prophecy had been taken away from the people of Israel and given to fools, said the ever-knowing Talmud (Baba Batra 12b). The Russian representative at the summit, Nikolai Patrushev, while being friendly to Israel, didn’t pivot away from Iran. He denied Tehran is the key threat to regional security. “In trilateral Jerusalem summit, Russia sides with Iran, against Israel and US. Senior Russian official stands by Tehran’s claim that US drone was shot down in Iranian airspace, defends rights of foreign troops to remain in Syria despite Israeli opposition” – concluded an Israeli newspaper.
Russia is friendly to Israel, as many Israelis are connected to Russia by their own, or their parents’ birth. An even stronger reason is that Jews are the top dog in the US, and the Jewish state can open many doors in Washington. Jews and the Jewish state would be as important as, say, the Kurds, if they did not have a hold on the US.
Russia certainly wants to live in peace with the US, but not at the price Mr Netanyahu suggested. Mr Patrushev condemned the US sanctions against Iran. He said that Iran shot down the giant American drone RQ-4A Global Hawk worth more than a hundred million dollars over Iranian territory, not in the international airspace as the Pentagon claimed. He stated that American “evidence” that Iran had sabotaged tankers in the Persian Gulf was inconclusive. Russia demanded that the United States stop its economic war against Iran, recognize the legitimate authorities of Syria, led by President Bashar Assad, and withdraw its troops from Syria. Russia expressed its support for the legitimate government in Venezuela. Thus, Russia showed itself at this difficult moment as a reliable ally and partner, and at the same time assured the staggering Israeli leadership of its friendship.
The problem is that the drive for war with Iran is not gone. A few days ago, the Brits seized an Iranian super-tanker in the Straits of Gibraltar. The tanker was on its way to deliver oil to Syria. Before that, the United States had almost launched a missile attack on Iran. At the last moment, when the planes were already in the air, Trump stopped the operation. It is particularly disturbing that he himself unambiguously hinted that the operation was launched without his knowledge. That is, the chain of commands in the US is now torn, and it is not clear who can start a war. This has to be taken into account both in Moscow and in Tehran.
The situation is daunting. President Trump may want to climb down from that tall tree he had driven himself into when he led his country out of a multilateral nuclear deal with Iran. But he is hampered by his “deep state”, by Pompeo and Bolton; about the latter, Trump himself said that he wants to fight with the whole world. Presidents can’t always remove the ministers from whom they want to get rid of – even the absolute monarchs of the past did not always succeed.
Let us hope that, given Trump’s unwillingness to go to war and the weak position of Premier Netanyahu himself, there will be progress in this matter. But meanwhile Trump introduced new sanctions against Iran; the Iranian leader called the American leadership “insane”; the Americans are again threatening to “completely destroy” Iran.
Russia wants to help Iran, not out of sheer love to the Islamic Republic, but as a part of its struggle for multi-polar world, where independent states carry on the way they like. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela – their fight for survival is a part and parcel of Russia’s struggle. If these states will be taken over, Russia can become the next victim, Putin feels."
""Pretty Please" - Trump Asked Iran To Allow Him To Bomb It" (Moon).  Overall very encouraging, and makes Trump look like a superior President, even as he hasn't got his ducks in order due to Zionist pressure (see Epstein).

Yinon news:  "The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed" (Samo).

From 2016:  "Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis" (Soros).

Tweet (Aaron Maté):
"I look forward to reading. Hopefully the defenseless Europeans have figured out a proper defense by now to such nefarious Russian efforts as Operation 97 Cents. "
This is rather important:  "How Christine Lagarde, Clinton and Nuland Funded a Massive Ukrainian Ponzi Scheme" (Helmer) (and the comment by AM Hants).  For the (not so) curious Khazar-Banderist alliance (it is just a parallel to the Nazi-Zionist alliance of the 30s), see also:  "Is Israel trying to hide arms exports to neo-Nazi militias in Ukraine?" (Taussig).  It is amazing how much you can understand if you have a Secret Decoder Ring.

Tweet (Yasha Levine) (pikers:  Canada has a Banderist Minister of Foreign Affairs!):
"Yikes! A Ukrainian fascist recycling coordinator in Jersey. Only in America, folks!"
"NYT: "The Dominance of the White Male [NOT Jewish Male!!] Critic"" (Sailer).  The Khazars took full control of the apparatus of literary and art criticism in the 50s, promoting utterly incompetent painters - Rothko got to sell what look like samples from a paint store for many, many shekels, with 'abstract expressionism' for the most part being one of the biggest scams in the history of art - and novelists, all of whom happened to be Khazars!  Sadly, this criticism grift has had a terrible effect on output (it explains why the novel you are reading which you are told is really, really good, isn't).  I truly believe they are right to treat us like farm animals!

"Leak of British Diplomatic Messages is Cynical Plot to Install Farage as Ambassador" (Greenhalgh).

"Citizenship question causing an uproar in U.S. has been part of Canada's census since 1901" (Harris).

"The Arabian Cradle of Zion" (Guyénot).  Tweet (Dara de Brún):
"This guys family is from Poland."
Tweet (Glyphosate=Cancer) ("her life was in danger unless "she voted right""):
"Common Lee, you know it’s more sophisticated and insidious than just donations. Let’s be real. Zionist influencers threatened the lives of world leaders and the President of the USA to get the Partition of Palestine ‘47 boarders. Their tactics haven’t abated since... "
"Brainwashing for All: Holocaust Education to be Mandatory in American Schools" (Frei).  Do you notice the general intensification, in multiple areas - even more Hollow Cost 'education', the attacks on Corbyn (I'm surprised the Khazars haven't developed an app!), the anti-BDS legislation and similar outrageous over-extension of Zionist control, Iran Talk, Russiagate, book 'burning', bizarre new enforced definitions of 'anti-Semitism', the shuttering of social media outlets, etc, etc, etc - which seems to be a manifestation of panic, as if (((they))) fear that suddenly everything is going to explode?  We're getting closer to the abyss, seemingly incapable of doing anything about it.  Imagine how many, many, many problems will be simultaneously solved when the Khazars are finally 'forced into the sea'.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Our faves

"Dershowitz Wins Unsealing of Epstein-Related Defamation Case" (Leonard). Unsealed just before the new Epstein charges, which must have been in the works, but did this force their hand?  Dershowitz claims he was involved as the sealed documents would 'exonerate' him - yet I assume he had a large role in ensuring they were sealed! - but how does that make any sense?

Background:  "The byzantine Jeffrey Epstein criminal sex case breakout: a federal appeals court orders documents unsealed and Epstein is arrested in a new case" (Willmann).

Tweets (Ian Madrigal - The Monopoly Man):
"Now that billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news, it seems like a good time to take a closer look at allegations that Donald Trump raped a 13-year-old girl at Epstein's Manhattan home in 1994. Trump is more than overdue for his reckoning..."
Note that Dersh 'negotiated' with (i.e., instructed) Acosta to include this bizarre clause, which I assume isn't even binding (the deal is basically a contract, and could only bind the prosecution and Epstein), but had the wonderful effect of protecting . . . Dershowitz:  tweet (Elie Honig):
"Alex Acosta gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart non-prosecution deal that ALSO immunized Epstein's unnamed co-conspirators. I've done and seen countless plea, cooperation and non-pros deals. And I've never even heard of immunizing a defendant's unnamed co-conspirators. What's up?"
 "Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Suggests High-Profile People will be Implicated in Epstein Case" (Anglin) (all American political science textbooks should contain this paragraph, and only this paragraph, as it explains everything):
"And the fact that this is a blackmail program is so obvious that I assume everyone involved knew that it was a blackmail program. If you want to be powerful in the world of the Jews, you want Jews to have blackmail on you, because then they know they can trust you."
Being blackmailed is the entry fee to the club which allows you to be shekeled.

'Our faves' need to be sacrificed for the Zionist Empire, and WWIII.  Bill looks like he just caught a glimpse of her in the crowd!

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Treating me like a Palestinian

"Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking bust: Convicted pedophile arrested on the tarmac after he jets in from France as FBI agents break down the door of his NYC mansion to execute search warrant" (Spargo).  There's lots of things you can do in Paris, but one is to get instructions directly from the Rothschilds on your Last Mission.  I cannot believe, given the state of the (((law))), that Epstein didn't have a head's up from within the prosecutor's office, so he flew in his private jet back 'home' knowing he would be arrested when he landed.  This is all a staged trick.

"Iran nuclear deal: Macron and Rouhani agree to look at conditions for talks".  It looks like macher wars, Rothschilds (who own Macron) versus Sheldon (who owns Trump, more or less).

"Dark Days in France" (Durocher).  Life under a Khazarocracy/Rothschildocracy.

Epstein II: Return to Orgy Island

So, is the Epstein thing an attack on Trump, or, an attack on Trump?  Is it directly related to Khazar anger at Trump's failure to attack Iran, or is it directly related to Khazar anger at Trump's failure to attack Iran?  These are the difficult questions we face this morning.

Every Khazar in the world is fixated on the horror that Trump's desire to be reelected - and his need not to lose - will mean he forgets about the bribes and the blackmail long enough to interfere with the all-compelling universal Khazar need to kill people and steal their land.

Relevant tweet (Gareth Porter):
"Republican national security elite is said to be in a panic about possibility Trump would replace Bolton with anti-interventionist Col. Doug Macgregor, who would support Trump on withdrawal from Afghan and Syria wars and ending the state of war in Korea."
From February:  "Do New York prosecutors pose the greatest threat to Donald Trump? " (McCarthy).

Tweet (Mike):
"Sean Hannity to Trump : "Bill Clinton?" Trump : "Nice guy. Uhh. Got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island, with Jeffrey Epstein""
The complete control of Trump is of such vital importance that they'll sacrifice Bill, and even - gasp! - Dersh, in order to get Trump back on the Zionist path.

Are we now going to be subjected to hearing Dersh jewsplain double jeopardy for hours on end?

It is refreshing and new that even the Daily Beast can't hide the snark when discussing Epstein's Mossad legend (in the past, all (((media))) dutifully retyped that Epstein, a high school math teacher, was some kind of investing genius, even though it appeared he got all that reputation from macher Wexner, and the whole operation was the most obvious honeypot in recorded history): "Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors: Sources".

Imagine the arrogance that he did not move to his mansion in an illegal settlement in the Occupied Territories (probably next door to Pollard's place!), but thought he was so well protected he had nothing to worry about:  "Jeffrey Epstein arrested in New York, charged with sex trafficking" (Brown):
"“That bail hearing will be critical because if they grant him bail, he will disappear and they will never get him,’’ a source in New York told the Herald."
If they grant bail, they might as well save everybody the trouble and include a free one-way ticket to Israel. Of course, if the real scam is what I am sure it is, the Mossad wants him to be caught, so they can arrange things so he will threaten to take down everybody else with him, including the suddenly ultra-blackmailable Trump, and the Khazar joy at WWIII will be back!

Saturday, July 06, 2019


The Clarification (in case you harbored any notions that Khazar control of basically all social media wouldn't leads to Khazar supremacist abuses):  "Zuckerberg’s attempts to boycott Ethiopian uprisings in occupied territories".

"CrowdStrikeOut: Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims" (Maté).  It is all amazing (note the time issues in the report with respect to Assange!), but continuing to rely on CrowdStrike, a private outfit with obvious anti-Russian and pro-Clintonista biases, remains the most amazing problem with the entire investigation.

"Why won’t the ‘NY Times’ do a profile of Israel’s most notorious general, Ofer Winter?" (North).  As we've seen with the Temple Mount crazies, there are a whole bunch of violent Khazar supremacists in very important positions in Israel, basing policy decisions on the self-worshiping that is characteristic of the Khazars, who are all invisible to the American (((mainstream media))).  The 'good' Khazars rely on the crazy Khazars to do the dirty work of killing people and stealing their land, and do their part by covering everything up.  Of course, Mondoweiss does the same thing, on a different level.

"The Burden of Jewing, Part 1" (Age of Treason).  Dönme, crypsis, Sabbateanism, messianism. "Jewishness and the Culture of Crypsis" (Guyénot).

"Missile-Phobia in Tel Aviv" (Taxi):
"If you thought Trump’s fisty sanctions on Iran are about their nuclear program, think again.  If you thought these sanctions have anything to do with Iran’s “mad Mullahs” desiring world domination through terrorism, think again.  And definitely redouble your thinking too if you believe that “they hate our freedoms”, or that it’s about Iranian street chants of “Death to America, Death to Israel”.  All media reasons given for our hostility towards Iran are but a cloak that conceals Israel’s current reality and state of mind:  missile-phobia in Tel Aviv.  A rampant and jittery phobia that has rendered the Jewish halls of power permanently gasping with anxiety and clasping at any thread of an idea that may reverse their fatal security malady: a geopolitical-military malady that appears to have absolutely no cure.  (Too late for the cure, as it happens).

Yes, the whole Iran shebang is about nothing but ballistic missiles in the hands of Israel’s enemies: the Axis of Resistance in the Levant.  It’s about the Jewish attempt to cut off the Iranian hands that supply these lethal missiles that will definitely be used against Israel in the next war.  No more dealing with homemade firecrackers from Hamas and Hezbollah.  This is a new era of war for the Jewish state: their enemies have manged to now acquire the wherewithal to actually destroy the klepto state of Israel in a handful of days.  And every day that passes, more Axis of Resistance missiles are manufactured and installed – every day, therefore, Israel’s existential crisis increases, with no sure way of stopping or reversing it without igniting a massive war and sacrificing Tel Aviv to the belly of these missiles."
If you couple the social media censorship outrages with the lawfare (many, many shekels spent bribing lawmakers across the country, with Florida just being the most ridiculous example), you can get an idea of the tip of the iceberg of the loss of free speech the Khazars think they need to continue to do what they do, kill people and steal their land:  tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"But “Russian interference”..."
"Debunking the Rumors About Russia Caving in to Israel" (The Saker).  Debunking Korybko's weird take that Putin must start WWIII or he's sold out all his allies to the Jews.

Bizarrely woke thread from Jews Sans Frontieres.  I wonder what the trick is.  Speaking of tricks:  "In an astonishing turn, George Soros and Charles Koch team up to end US ‘forever war’ policy" (Kinzer).

"As Sudan Crowds Demand Civilian Rule, Was Al-Bashir’s Overthrow just another Military Coup?" (Charles).

"Academic Buffoons are Public Enemy No. 1: The Worst Corruption of All" (Butler). Empires require an elaborate apparatus to produce disinformation.

"Were Adrian Hong’s Associates Responsible for Murder of Kim Jong-un’s Brother?" (Asmolov).

"US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries – shrinking this war machine is a must".

Tweet (Richard Woolley) (a good fit with the debacle of the Dutch MH17 report):
"More accurately has opened an office in The Hague. What.s worrying is that it received 500,000 Euros from Dutch postcode lottery to do so. Money meant for good causes, not crypto intel setups planning to train new Dutch Cold War Warriors online!"
"Sydney Ember’s Secret Sources" (Halper).  Also.  (((Needless to say . . . ))).

Some reveals of CDaN blind items:  Zero Dark Thirty,  Dorothy Kilgallen, Cyrus Vance, Mary Sherman.

"Beef Rules" (Foley).

Interestingly, almost none of the facts listed in this Craig Murray tweet are true, or even close to true.

Tweet (David Weiss) (the meeting of funny hashtags):
"Ivanka discussing maintaining control of the airports w our founding fathers "

Friday, July 05, 2019

Bowdlerizing Browder

"‘Canada Adopts America First Foreign Policy,’ US State Dept boasted in 2017, with appointment of FM Chrystia Freeland" (Norton).  Back in the days long past when Canada could make a plausible claim to being a slightly moral country, this kind of memo would have created a political scandal in Canada.  Note that the Nazi is a life-long Rothschild employee/propagandist.

Despite the silly virtue signalling and identity politics, the woke can clearly see that Trudeau and his cabinet are basically the Ku Klux Klan:  "Does Justin Trudeau hate Palestinians?" (Engler).

The Nazi and the Hunt: Tweet (Kim Dotcom) ("Here's why people can't stop calling Jeremy Hunt the C-word"):
"This is like a child rapist hosting a conference against pedophilia 🤯 If you’re serious about “protecting journalists so they can hold people in power to account” then you must release Julian Assange who has done exactly that. "
"Leftists Claim “Great Replacement” Is A “Conspiracy Theory” …Unless They’re Bragging About It" (Kirkpatrick).

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Like Benjamin Netanyahu — with whom he shares his #1 funder, the Falic Family — anti-miscegenation agitator and street gang leader Bentzi Gopstein has a long rap sheet that state prosecutors constantly claim they'll imminently indict him over, but never do"
I assume this is medium-term planning, requiring the Jews to have been previously pushed into the sea (otherwise they will just blow the rail line up): "Iran to Reach the Mediterranean Through the Proposed Iran-Iraq-Syria Railway Corridor" (Souri).

'Our national history'!:  "Why are there so many Zionist Jews on Trump’s Middle East team?" (Weiss).  Shekels and blackmail.

"Maybe, When It Comes to anti-Semitism, No 'Different Germany' Exists?" (Blatman). Good, but he backs away from the truth abyss of Zionist responsibility for the Holocaust.

Tweet (Matt Kennard) (everybody is suffering under the JQ):
"Owen Jones says Chris Williamson "causes relentless immense damage to the left" and should be expelled. When Corbyn was under concerted attack before 2017 election, this is what OJ and CW were saying. Is it any surprise the grassroots are behind CW as he endures smear campaign?"
"Trump is finished with the Afghan war" (Bhadrakumar):
"The Americans know that Iran can escalate in Afghanistan anytime it wishes. Afghanistan falls within the domain of the elite Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, commanded by the legendary general Qassem Soleimani who was the bête noire of the US and Israel in Iraq and Syria. Of course, if Soleimani creates a hopeless situation like in Vietnam (which forced the US into a humiliating retreat from the rooftop of the American embassy in Saigon), that will be highly damaging for Trump politically in the midst of his campaign for the 2020 election. And that is precisely why Trump is impatient to cut loose and get out from Afghanistan without even waiting for the implementation of any peace agreement with Taliban."
Various outright lies in the Mueller Report, intended to mischaracterize the Trump Tower Meeting, while de(((browder)))izing it to hide the actions of (((Browder))) and the (((Ziff brothers))):  "Mueller Report Gets the Trump Tower Meeting Wrong; Promotes Browder Hoax" (Komisar) (my emphasis in red - note that the (((Goldstone))) lies to entice the Trump campaign to the meeting are still one of the clearest examples of manipulation to create Russiagate, and stem from (((Browder)))'s extreme hatred of Russia, but the kicker is that Veselnitskaya didn't discuss the 'Hillary thing', but rather the (((Browder-Ziff))) breaching of American laws, all of which makes perfect sense if her goal was to remove the Magnitsky Act by pointing out that (((Browder))) is a crook):
". . . the report itself lies about the issue the meeting addressed.

It wasn’t to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton, which the Russian lawyer did not have and never produced. That was a ploy by Robert Goldstone, a British music publicist whose job is to get what his clients want, in this case, a meeting. So, recklessly, he invented the idea of Clinton dirt as a bait-and-switch to get Trump’s people to come to it. He got the lawyer the meeting for her to lobby a potentially incoming administration against the Magnitsky Act, which is why she was in the United States in the first place.

The Magnitsky Act is a 2012 U.S. law that was promoted by William Browder, an American-born British citizen and hedge fund investor, who claimed his “lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky had been imprisoned and murdered because he uncovered a scheme by Russian officials to steal $230 million from the Russian Treasury. It sanctioned Russians he said were involved or benefitted from Magnitsky’s death. It has since been used by the U.S. to put sanctions on other Russians and nationals from other countries.

The lawyer lobbying against the act, Natalia Veselnitskaya, told Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort that Browder’s story was fake, a smokescreen to block the Russians from going after him for multi-millions in tax evasion. She argued the Magnitsky Act was built on this fraud. Manafort’s notes, included in the Mueller Report, trace what she said.

The Trump people did nothing illegal to meet with her. Their problem was the exaggerating communications Goldstone sent them about Veselnitskaya having “dirt” on Clinton. (While U.S. election laws says it’s illegal for a campaign to receive “a thing of value” from a foreign source, it’s never been established by a court that opposition research fits that description, the Mueller Report admits.) Veselnitskaya testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in November 2017 that Browder’s major American client, the Ziff brothers, had cheated on American and Russian taxes and contributed the “dirty money” to the Democrats.
The Mueller investigators appear not to have looked into her charges. The report promotes Browder’s fabrications, citing “the Magnitsky Act, which imposed financial sanctions and travel restrictions on Russian officials and which was named for a Russian tax specialist who exposed a fraud and later died in a Russian prison.”

But instead of his “lawyer” Magnitsky exposing Russian fraud, for which he was jailed and killed in prison, Magnitsky was actually Browder’s accountant who was detained under investigation for his part in Browder’s tax evasion and died of natural causes in prison, as Magnitsky’s own mother admits to filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov in the film “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes.”

Mueller’s investigators might have started with documents filed in U.S. federal court in the case of Veselnitskaya’s client, Prevezon, a Russian holding company that settled a civil-forfeiture claim by the U.S. government that linked it, without proof, to the tax fraud.

The documents include a deposition where Browder admits that the alleged “lawyer” Magnitsky did not go to law school nor have a law degree. Magnitsky’s own testimony file identifies him as an “auditor.”

Why does that matter? Because it was Browder’s red herring. Magnitsky had worked as Browder’s accountant since 1997, fiddling on Browder’s taxes on profits from sales of shares held by Russian shell companies run by his Hermitage Fund. He was not an attorney hired in 2007 to investigate and then expose a tax fraud against the Russian Treasury.

That fraud was exposed by Rimma Starova, the Russian nominee director of a British Virgin Islands shell company that held Hermitage’s reregistered companies and who gave testimony to Russian police on April 9 and July 10, 2008. It was reported by The New York Times and  Vedomosti on July 24, 2008, months before Magnitsky mentioned it in an Oct. 7 interrogation.

The Mueller Report says Veselnitskaya promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as “part of Russia and its government support for Trump.”  Two days before the meeting, Goldstone emailed Trump Jr. and said “the Russian government attorney” was flying in from Moscow. She had not been a government attorney since 2001, 15 years earlier.

I interviewed Veselnitskaya in New York in November 2016. She explained what she later told the Trump group, that Browder’s clients the Ziff Brothers had invested in Russian shares in a way that routed the money through loans so that they could evade U.S. taxes. [“Not invest – loans” in Manafort’s notes.]

The report says, “Natalia Veselnitskaya had previously worked for the Russian government and maintained a relationship with that government throughout this period of time.” Later it says that from 1998 to 2001, she had worked as a prosecutor for the “Central Administrative District” of the Russian Prosecutor’s office. “And continued to perform government-related work and maintain ties to the Russian government following her departure.” We are meant to presume, with no evidence, as the media does – that means “a Kremlin-connected lawyer.”

When Trump Jr asked for evidence, how the payments could be tied to the Clinton campaign, she said she couldn’t trace them, according to the Mueller Report.

Then she turned to the Magnitsky Act. The report repeats earlier fakery: “She lobbied and testified about the Magnitsky Act, which imposed financial sanctions and travel restrictions on Russian officials and which was named for a Russian tax specialist who exposed a fraud and later died in a Russian prison.” Magnitsky did not expose a fraud. Rimma Starova did.

A footnote in the report said: “Browder hired Magnitsky to investigate tax fraud by Russian officials, and Magnitsky was charged with helping Browder embezzle money.” Browder did not hire Magnitsky to investigate the fraud. Magnitsky had been the accountant in charge of Hermitage since 1997, 10 years before the fraud.  Embezzlement refers to Browder shifting assets out of Russia without paying taxes.

But the investigation’s focus was not on Browder’s fakery — the substance of the Trump Tower meeting — but on the communications organizing the event. The section on obstruction says Trump became aware of “emails setting up the June 9, 2016 meeting between senior campaign officials and Russians who offered derogatory information on Hillary Clinton as ‘part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.’”
That would have been inflated Goldstone’s promises.
The report says “at the meeting the Russian attorney claimed that funds derived from illegal activities in Russia were provided to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.” Trump Jr. told a White House press officer that “they started with some Hillary thing, which was bs and some other nonsense, which we shot down fast.”
As Veselnitskaya told me, she knew the Ziffs made contributions to Democrats. She probably started with that. Manafort’s notes don’t report a “Hillary thing,” but are about Browder and the Ziffs.
On the issue of Browder, the Magnitsky story and the essence of the Trump Tower meeting, the Mueller Report is a deception intended to keep the myth of collusion in the air while dismissing that any collusion took place."
More Mueller deception: "Russian oligarch's story could spell trouble for Team Mueller" (Solomon):
"In a wide-ranging interview with me, Deripaska confirmed a story told to me more than a year ago by law enforcement sources: He was indeed interviewed by FBI agents in September 2016 during the early Russia probe, and he told them he strongly doubted the bureau’s theory that the Trump campaign, through Manafort, was colluding with Moscow to hijack the 2016 election.
“I told them straightforward, ‘Look, I am not a friend with him [Manafort]. Apparently not, because I started a court case [against him] six or nine months before … . But since I’m Russian I would be very surprised that anyone from Russia would try to approach him for any reason, and wouldn’t come and ask me my opinion,' ” he said, recounting exactly what he says he told the FBI agents that day.
“I told them straightforward, I just don’t believe that he would represent any Russian interest. And knowing what he’s doing on Ukraine for the last, what, seven or eight years.”
OK, so why should you care if a Russian denied Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the election?
First, Deripaska wasn’t just any Russian. He was closely aligned with Putin and had been helpful to the FBI as far back as 2009. So he had earned some trust with the agents.
Most importantly, Deripaska’s interview with the FBI reportedly was never provided by Team Mueller to Manafort’s lawyers, even though it was potential proof of innocence, according to Manafort defense lawyer Kevin Downing. Manafort, initially investigated for collusion, was convicted on tax and lobbying violations unrelated to the Russia case.
That omission opens a possible door for appeal for what is known as a Brady violation, for hiding exculpatory information from a defendant."
Tweets by Abby Martin on the Democrat candidates dancing for shekels.  Even Gabbard is an embarrassment.

"How the Third Temple Movement in Israel Rebranded Theocracy as “Civil Rights”" (Webb).  It should be no surprise, in a world of crooked organizations like HRW, Amnesty and Avaaz, that the Zionists have found yet another way to weaponize 'human rights', up to making it a Khazar human right to kill people and steal their land to build a temple to a religion that isn't even theirs, in a place that isn't even the historically correct place.  As usual, the Khazars have hidden this background very well, including hiding the fact that the 'extremists' are actually very mainstream, and supported at the highest levels in Israel.

"Daughter of Jewish Whoremaster Accuses Ann Widdecombe of “White Privilege” for Using Slave Metaphor" (Frei). Gets better the further you read.  (((White slavers))) are self-appointed experts on the fine nuances of farm animals discussing slavery.

"Missing Manic Street Preachers rock star Richey Edwards still alive, new book proposes" (Satherley).