Friday, December 13, 2019

We're all Palestinians

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Expect the creepy “political technologies” used to successfully destroy a near saint like Corbyn—the scariest disinformation campaign I’ve ever seen—to be applied here in the US, and soon. Not sure how you prepare for it, but better start figuring it out before it’s too late"
The only good thing about the British example is that it is utterly impossible for anyone to deny (((who))) is behind the attacks and why - literally so (((they))) can kill people and steal their land in the Middle East!!! - so I'm hoping for a huge upswing in the general state of wokenness in the victims of this fucking outrage. The phrase, 'We're all Palestinians' has never been more true.  I know the ((('lites'))) will come up with all kinds of bullshit to disguise (((their))) guilt, but given the sheer enormity of the crime - all just so (((they))) can continue to enjoy their fucking kleptomania! - and the amount of real suffering that will be caused, all I can say is Fuck You.  Fuck You (((All)))!

Tweet (Steven Salaita) (this tweet appears to have disappeared, which I guess shouldn't be a shock):
"And they used Zionism as a reliable bludgeon."
Can't we just stop listening to any more whines of 'anti-Semitism'?  Just stop!  We need to go forth with the stoniest of hearts, and not the tiniest delusions about the (((Pure Evil))) we're now dealing with!

This guy should be the next Labour leader, and nails it!  George Galloway has been saying stuff like this for weeks.  Selling out the people who would like to vote for you in favor of rich London remoaners was a stupid, stupid strategy.  To be fair to Corbyn, I imagine he had a crippling (((donor))) problem.

Tweet (David Sirota) (wonderful thread - you'll laugh out loud at the corruption and audacity of 'journalists'):
"A request: in the comments, can you please post examples of media outlets omitting or visually misplacing Bernie in reporting on poll numbers. I'm looking for stuff like this from this morning. I'd like examples from anytime during this campaign. Thanks for any help you can be."
Superb thread by The Red Kaveh on Bolivia, and the historical background of the people behind the coup. It is stunning that 'liberals' can support this shit, but that's the depraved state of the western world today.

Speaking of depraved, she honestly means 'respected', and is endorsing this outrage because of TDS:  tweet (Firedoglake):
"Respected Press Freedom Organization Excludes Assange From Annual List Of Jailed Journalists"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (the one good thing that might come out of this impeachment - besides removing Biden from the equation - is the end of the FISA courts, a system set up to be based entirely on the 'integrity' of the FBI and prosecutors, a laughable premise):
"The @lawfareblog crew - Comey friend @benjaminwittes & ex-NSA lawyer @Susan_Hennessey - became liberal heroes by spending 3 years telling you the FISA process was so rigorous & prevented abuse. They lied to you. Read @charlie_savage on the IG Report:"

Third world problems

"Twelve Million And A Tax Break: What The Globe And Mail Wanted From Justin Trudeau" (Brown).  Spectacular story which will no doubt be buried of how the owners of a prominent Canadian newspaper basically tried to blackmail the Trudeau government into giving them tax and 'charity' concessions with implicit threats of negative media coverage!  I don't see any explicit blackmail, but when a media outlet 'lobbies' the government, coupled with a negative opinion piece on the subject of the lobbying, the conclusion is clear.  It's the kind of corruption you'd expect to see from some shithole country.

First tweet says it all

Tweet (Benjamin Netanyahu):
"Congratulations my friend @BorisJohnson on your historic victory. This is a great day for the people of Great Britain and for the friendship between us."
Tweet (Ed Rooksby):
"But this can't go on can it? Zero hour contracts, young people not being able - ever - to be in a position to buy a house, lumbered with debt for the rest of their lives, paying 3 quarters of your income on rent? And these Tory fucks will ramp it up. Something *has* to snap."
Morales and Corbyn made the same mistake, of failing to grasp the severity of the problem facing them and their respective countries, and preparing for it (the Morales problem more specifically was in failing to deal with the military in the fashion that Venezuela has). Sad to see Corbyn go but his trying to be nice to everybody made him the author of his own misfortune, and sadly the tragedy of a whole country.  When the Khazars attacked him he needed to do two things:
  1. 'gas the kikes' (of course!);
  2. stand firmly and unequivocally behind Brexit and avoid the insulting (to the voters) second referendum.
A 1930s real progressive wouldn't have made these obvious mistakes as a 1930s progressive would have understood what the real (((problem))) was.  What is even more sad is that it is clear that Corbyn did understand the (((problem))), but just couldn't bring himself to deal with (((it))).  The real lesson is that real progressive leaders have to be a lot tougher, and a lot more proactive in facing the (((problem that we all face))).

There is something really weird going on in the world, with Israel becoming weaker with each passing day, yet the Khazars winning everywhere else in their various attempts to prop it up by suborning the governments of other western countries.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Scheered off

Tweet (Mercedes Stephenson):
"Global News has learned that Scheer is resigning after it was revealed he had been using Conservative Party money to pay for his children's private school education. #cdnpoli #CPC"
An excuse, the powers that be have been trying to get rid of him as they realize he can never win (too obvious a religious fruitcake).

As an aside, the Conservatives were sure they were going to win the last Canadian election but their winning models were based on underestimating voter turn-out (I wonder if this applies in Britain):  "How high voter turnout blew Conservative expectations 'out of the water'" (Grenier).

It makes no sense


The CON in this constituency is Boris himself.

From the outside, the British election is insane.  How could anybody - well, any gentile who doesn't need to kill people and steal their land due to a crippling case of kleptomania - outside the 1% even dream of voting Conservative?  It makes no sense.

We're in an era of push polls, which explains all the recent surprises.  This follows the Standard Khazar Model of using the (((media))) to establish inevitability of the result (((they))) want.  I guess we'll see.



"See nothing, say nothing: Journalists who reported on Pensacola base Saudi shooter’s motives SUSPENDED on Twitter".

It's not going to be possible to continue to sell the Saudis billions worth of military equipment without providing training on how to use it, so the Americans have a problem.

Tweet (Undercover Huber):
"Bad news for Chris Steele, Kathy Kavalec and especially Victoria Nuland The IG report confirms at least one of you is lying about your meeting at the State Dept. in Oct 2016. THREAD"
He's just cleaning himself up -  a spray of eau de concentaraion camp guard - to be ready to shill for the next War For The Jews:  tweet (Lindsay Ballant):
"The thing about these mea culpas is 1) they still keep their jobs no matter what 2) their terrible stances on present-day issues won’t change despite “we should listen to the critics” and 3) the people that *were* right are never up for consideration for those same platforms."
 Context:  "The Great American Shakedown" (Hedges) (note that Hedges has his own, serious, issues):
"The liberal class and the Democratic Party leadership have failed, even after their defeat in the 2016 presidential election, to understand that they, along with the traditional Republican elites, have squandered their credibility. No one believes them. And no one should.

They squandered their credibility by promising that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would, as claimed by President Bill Clinton, create 200,000 new, well-paying jobs per year; instead, several million jobs were lost. They squandered it by allowing corporations to move production overseas and hire foreign workers at daily wages that did not equal what a U.S. unionized worker made in an hour, a situation that obliterated the bargaining power of the American working class. They squandered it by allowing corporations to use the threat of “offshoring” production to destroy unions, suppress wages, extract draconian concessions and push millions of workers into the temp and gig economies, where there are no benefits or job security and pay is 60% or less of what a full-time employee in the regular economy receives. They squandered it by forcing working men and women to take two or three jobs to support a family, jacking up household debt to $13.95 trillion. They squandered it by redirecting wealth upward, so that during the Clinton administration alone 45 percent of all income growth went to the wealthiest 1%. They squandered it by wiping out small farmers in Mexico, driving some 3 million of them off their lands and forcing many to migrate in desperation to the United States, a human tide that saw the U.S. right wing and President Trump direct mounting rage toward immigrants. They squandered it by turning our great cities into urban wastelands. They squandered it by slashing welfare and social service programs. They squandered it by supporting endless, futile wars that have an overall price tag of between $5 trillion and $7 trillion. They squandered it by setting up a surveillance system to spy on every American and then lying about it. They squandered it by catering to the big banks and gutting financial regulations, precipitating the 2008 economic meltdown. They squandered it by looting the U.S. Treasury to bail out banks and financial firms guilty of massive financial crimes, ordering the Federal Reserve to hand over an estimated $29 trillion to the global financiers responsible for the crash. They squandered it by not using this staggering sum instead to provide free college tuition to every student or universal health care, repair our crumbling infrastructure, transition to clean energy, forgive student debt, raise wages, bail out underwater homeowners, form public banks to foster investments in our communities at low interest rates, provide a guaranteed minimum income and organize a massive jobs program for the unemployed and underemployed, whose ranks are at least double official statistics. They squandered it by cutting child assistance programs—most drastically during the Clinton administration—resulting in 16 million children going to bed hungry every night. They squandered it by leaving over half a million Americans homeless and on the streets on any given day. They squandered it by passing laws that keep students burdened by massive college loan debt that has climbed to $1.4 trillion, debt they cannot free themselves from even if they declare bankruptcy. They squandered it by militarizing police and building the world’s largest system of mass incarceration, one with 25% of the world’s prison population. They squandered it by revoking due process and habeas corpus. They squandered it by passing massive tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, many of which—such as Amazon—pay no federal income tax, ballooning the federal deficit, now at $779 billion and climbing. They squandered it by privatizing everything from intelligence gathering to public education to swell corporate bank accounts at taxpayer expense. They squandered it by permitting corporate money—an estimated $9.9 billion will be spent this presidential election cycle on political advertising—to buy politicians in a form of legalized bribery that sees corporate lobbyists write legislation and create laws. They squandered it by doing nothing to halt the looming ecocide.

The problem is not messaging. The problem is the messenger. The mortal wounds inflicted on our democratic institutions are bipartisan. The traditional Republican elites are as hated as the Democratic elites. Trump is vile, imbecilic, corrupt and incompetent. But for a largely white working class cast aside by austerity and neoliberalism, he at least taunts the elites who destroyed their communities and their lives.

The shakedown that Trump clumsily attempted to orchestrate against the president of Ukraine in the hope of discrediting Joe Biden, a potential rival in the 2020 presidential election, pales beside the shakedown orchestrated by the elites who rule over America’s working men and women. This shakedown took from those workers their hope and, more ominously, their hope for their children. It took from them security and a sense of place and dignity. It took from them a voice in how they were governed. It took from them their country and handed it to a cabal of global corporatists who intend to turn them into serfs. This shakedown plunged millions into despair. It led many to self-destructive opioid, alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. It led to increases in suicide, mass shootings and hate crimes. This shakedown led to bizarre conspiracy theories and fabrications peddled by a neofascist right wing, deceptions bolstered by the lies told by those tasked with keeping the society rooted in truth and verifiable fact. This shakedown led to the end of the rule of law and the destruction of democratic institutions that, if they had continued to function, could have prevented the rise to power of a demagogue such as Trump."
"China Quietly Ramps Up Oil Production In Iran" (Watkins).  Trump's sanctions and the canceling of the Iran deal completely transformed China's lethargic attitude towards developing Iranian oil.  We know that Trump did this 100% due to Khazar blackmail/shekeling, but the effect is to revitalize the Iranian-Chinese relationship to make Iran a key part of the Chinese future development plans for the entire world.  Again (and again and again and again!), the Assholian hegemon collapses due to Khazar meddling in its politics.

Hello, Newman! news:  "Trump appeases Israel lobby with executive order" (Barrows-Friedman).  These lawfare plans have been in the works for years, waiting for the right blackmail/shekeling opportunity.

Tweet (Eli Valley):
""The redefinition of antisemitism into "anti-Likud" continues at a frenetic pace, transforming every Jew outside Israel into a pawn for colonialism and severely jeopardizing free speech on campus:
Let's look on the bright side - since the Jews are now officially and legally declared a separate 'nation' living within the confines of the US, the legal framework is now completely in place to declare them 'dual' loyalty foreigners - basically Israeli tourists - who can and must be completely expelled en masse.  The movies and media will instantly be miraculously improved (at the expense of the quality of the strategic reserves of lox)!  Since 'Israel' won't be around much longer, I don't know where they'll go, but that will be their problem to figure out.  Maybe Mars will take them (and immediately turn into a political dystopian hellhole).

This won't be 'sexy' enough to make the (((media))):  "Venezuela Oil Production Continues Slow Recovery" (Vaz).

"'Schiff Memo' Debunked By IG Report; Nunes Vindicated" (Durden).  The most outrageous story is that the FBI, in order to get the FISA warrant and start the coup, completely made up a corruption story concerning Carter Page getting millions in kickbacks from the Russians on an oil deal.

I'm reading the Clintonista coverage, and it bears literally no connection to the truth.  It's amazing!

"John Solomon Slams Adam Schiff's "Surveillance State" Abuse: "Chilling Effect On Press Freedom"".  Even by Washington standards, Shifty is an incredibly sleazy operator.

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"Open interference by a hostile foreign power in the UK election -- leading Israeli MP smears Corbyn as "antisemite". “You’re not supposed to interfere with the election in other countries, but in this case I’m going to make an exception" -- Yair Lapid"
"Unprecedented brazenness" (Robinson). "Lavrov Mocks Media Frenzy Over "Secrets" Exchanged During "Normal" Diplomatic Meeting With Trump" (Durden).  Great picture!  As bad as he may be, Americans really did dodge a bullet when they ended up with Trump.  Note the credentials of this assclown and his opinion of - yuck! - diplomacy!  Cos there is absolutely nothing the Americans have to talk to the Russians about!

Meanwhile (obviously, the Khazars ordered the Iran stuff out):  "Leadership Strips Approved Antiwar Measures From NDAA" (Ditz).

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Legal title to the air above the roofs

"“The Victory of Syria over Global Terrorism Will Benefit Humanity”: Vanessa Beeley on Syria War":
"Mark Taliano: Why is the truth about Syria important?
Vanessa Beeley: It is important because in Syria the “humanitarian” hybrid war strategy of the Globalist powers in the so-called civilised “global north” is being exposed real time as Syria sweeps to a military victory against the heavily financed proxy invasion of their country, orchestrated by the US alliance that includes aligned Gulf States, Turkey and Israel. By pushing back against the dominant establishment narrative on Syria, we, as journalists and activists, are effectively defending international law which is being violated by our own rogue states. We are standing in solidarity with an unprecedented resistance against global terrorism which has also enabled the  formation of an axis of resistance that has turned the tide of neoconservative hegemony in the region. We are defending the right of the Syrian people to decide their own future without foreign meddling. The precedents being set by this externally imposed conflict and its outcome will define the future of global security for all Humanity – what more important principle is there to defend?"
"MT: Should Canadians believe the White Helmets? Amnesty International? Human Rights Watch?
VB: Canadians should use international law as their yardstick to determine truth, the violators of international law are their own government which is a vassal state of the US and UK. The White Helmets, AI and HRW are all compromised organisations which are sponsored and were established by the same governments as part of their smart power complex – an integral and now crucial part of their hybrid war strategy which are established to infiltrate prey nation society, always on the side of the US Coalition foreign policy agenda – predominantly to ensure the vilification of the target government or leader in order to provide justification for proxy or direct military intervention or economic terrorism under the guise of sanctions."
This is incredible even by the standards of Pure Evil established by the Khazars:  "Hebron plan is Israel's reminder to Palestinians that settler-power knows no limits" (Cook):
"For decades, life for Hebron’s 230,000 Palestinians has been forced to a virtual standstill by a few hundred Jewish religious extremists who have taken over the city centre, backed by more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers. Their ultimate goal is to wrestle away the city’s Ibrahimi mosque, the reputed burial site of Abraham, father of the world’s three main monotheistic religions.
After Baruch Goldstein, a settler, shot dead and wounded some 150 Muslim worshippers in 1994, Israel rewarded the settlers twice over.
First, it segregated the mosque site, splitting it into two. Half is now the Jewish Tomb of the Patriarchs. But in practice the Israeli army enjoys absolute control over who can pray there. And next, Israel declared the surrounding area, including Hebron’s main commercial market, a closed military zone, thereby forcing the Palestinian merchants out. It has been a ghost town ever since, serving as a passageway between the settlement enclaves and the mosque.
For years, the closed market has stood as a potent, silent symbol of the way Israel has been tearing the city apart.
In February, Mr Netanyahu gave the settlers another boost. He shuttered the international observer mission in Hebron, there to witness and record the abuse of Palestinians, especially at the checkpoints that litter the city centre. But still the settlers were not satisfied. They have long wanted to take over the Hebron market for themselves, to expand their enclaves.
So last week, Mr Bennett granted their wish. He announced plans to destroy the market to make way for a settlement serving effectively as a bridge between the existing enclaves and the mosque site. The plan will double the number of settlers in Hebron and complete a wall of Jewish settlement dividing the city in two. This week Palestinian leaders called a citywide strike in protest.
As ever, the Israeli government has tried to put a surreal legal gloss on its criminality, apparently to spare the blushes of its US and European allies. Mr Bennett’s advisers have insisted that Israel has legal title to the air above the roofs of the empty shops. This is where the settlers will supposedly be housed, after the shops have been demolished and rebuilt to support the new apartment blocks. It emerged this week that Mr Bennett had threatened Hebron’s municipality, warning it would lose property rights to the shops area too if it did not consent to the settler homes above.
Israel is reminding Palestinians that there are now no limits – military, legal, moral or diplomatic – to the settlers’ power. Israel will annex land where it chooses and deceptively refashion the resulting apartheid system as the rule of law."
"Reddit Hiring NATO Shills to Control Narrative" (Knightly) (with further examples from other platforms):
"In 2017 Reddit hired Jessica Ashooh as their “Director of Policy”. Her LinkedIn page shows her previous employment was “Deputy Director, Middle East Strategy Task Force” at the Atlantic Council.
The report on which Reddit based their decision to ban users as part of a “Russian campaign” was written by Ben Nimmo, who also works for the Atlantic Council (and the Integrity Initiative).
Essentially, Reddit has a high-up employee who was previously in the pay of the US Department of State (and possibly still is)."
Kuenssberg is a straight-up, fucking liar!:  "Fake News and the “Punch” that never happened" (Knightly).

"‘Sexy tricks’: How journalists demonize Venezuela’s socialist government, in their own words" (MacLeod).

"Venezuela’s Civilian Militia Surpasses Target, Reaches 3.3 Million Members" (Dobson).  Important in the light of what has happened in Bolivia.

Apparently, the Khazar billionaires have decided the money wasted in the War For The Jews in Afghanistan must be wasted on the new War For The Jews against Iran, hence (I should note there's another view of some in the Pentagon that the money should be wasted in 'Asia', i.e., in WWIII against China):  "At War With The Truth" (Whitlock).  Trump's basic parsimony means that any new war needs funds to be freed up, and the War For The Jews against Afghanistan, which was the training wheels war for the farm animals to lead to the war (((they))) really wanted, the War For The Jews against Iraq, and also, of course, a War For The Jews directed at Pakistan, is no longer needed with a new, supremacist, Khazar-loving government in India (expressly following Israeli precedent in Kashmir), and a much more secular government in Pakistan (more interested in making money with China than fighting for fellow Muslims in Palestine).  Though the CIA will miss the heroin.

You seriously have to ponder whether Ellsberg was really about freeing up money wasted in Vietnam to fight Wars For The Jews.  It took a while (largely because the US was dead broke after Vietnam, requiring all of Nixon's cleverness with petrodollars to sort things out), but that is exactly what eventually happened.

Note how carefully the (((Horowitz))) report was crafted to scrupulously avoid the real issues:  "The Fabricated "Predicate" to Spy on the Trump Campaign by Larry C Johnson".

I'm reading the Lee Smith book, and it is clear that Trump would now be in real trouble were it not for the efforts of Nunes (who is thus consistently treated as the Devil Himself by the Clintonistas and the (((media)))):  "Horowitz Report Is "Triumph" For FISA Abuse 'Whistleblower' Devin Nunes: WSJ's Kim Strassel".

Khazar billionaire Dubin has mostly escaped notice in the Epstein blackmail operation:  "Blind Items Revealed #4" (CDaN) (see):
"While you celebrate Thanksgiving today, don't forget exactly a decade ago when the billionaire pedophile was hosted for the holiday and the companion he was given by his hosts for the night. It is a Thanksgiving she won't ever be able to erase from her mind.

Jeffrey Epstein/Glenn Dubin and Eva Andersson-Dubin"

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A clear abuse

It was understood from the beginning that (((Horowitz))) was going to do a whitewash job for the Deep State - it is part of the bigger relationship between the Assholian Deep State and the Khazars (one of the few things, apart form consistent lying (((media))) coverage, that the Khazars provide in return for all the help in killing people and stealing their land).  Still, a few things have slipped out:
  1. "Horowitz's Futile Attempt to Polish the FBI Turd by Larry C Johnson";
  2. "The Comey FBI’s 17 worst failures, inaccuracies and omissions flagged in the Russia FISA report" (Solomon);
  3. "FBI Didn't Tell Surveillance Court That Carter Page Was "Operational Contact" For CIA With "Positive Assessment"" (Ross);
  4. "IG Report Confirms Brennan Lied Through His Teeth About Steele Dossier" (Durden);
  5. "Report Says FBI Snooping on Trump Campaign Aide Was Justified but Badly Mishandled" (Shackford):  "What we don't know—and maybe will never know—is how frequently the FBI omits important information in other wiretap requests that involve Americans.";
  6. "'A Clear Abuse': Barr, Durham Object To IG FISA Probe Findings In Stunning Statements" (Durden).

Monday, December 09, 2019

You're not nice people at all

Tweet (Aaron Rupar):
"Trump, speaking to the Israeli American Council: "You're not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice. You're not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that. You're not going to vote for the wealth tax!""
"Preparing the Stage: A Flawed Prospectus for War, This Time With Iran" (Crooke):
". . .what then, is the ‘false prospectus’?
It lies with the protests in Iran – and the ‘message’ being promoted by the main-stream media which has the “regime” teetering at the brink of collapse, and obliged to use unprecedented violence to quell mass unarmed protests, in the wake of an extraordinarily ineptly managed, fuel-price hike.
What is wrong with this version? Well, what is right is that the hike triggered protests across 100 cities on the Friday, 15 November. The protests were widespread, and the poorer segments of the population (traditional supporters of the state) were heavily represented. But they were not violent.
The rest of the narrative is wrong.
On the day of the truly mass protests against the fuel hike, no one was killed. And, on the following day, the protestors almost wholly vanished from the streets. Instead, small groups of pre-prepared, armed and violent activists – not protestors – attacked the strategic hubs of state infrastructure: banks, petro-chemical plants, the gas network, and fuel storage. These hubs were attacked using rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and sub-machine guns. Other groups took out banks (100s of them), armed with guns, swords and iron bars. (One of these latter groups attacked six banks in the space of just one hour.) Nothing here was spontaneous or ‘populist’.
The security forces reacted militarily – arresting and killing many insurgents. And yes – the internet was shut down. But, not the internal Iranian internet – only the global internet. So, the Iranian equivalent of WhatsApp and Telegraph, and Iranian news channels were still accessible – though the global internet was not. The overseas anger at the external internet shut-down possibly reflected surprise and irritation that Iran had this capability. Likely, it was not a capacity that Iran was thought to possess.
So what was going on? The Iranian government, it seems, had prior knowledge of plans to stage attacks by ‘activists’, as a part of an (externally formulated and resourced) disruption plan. But that original plan indicated that the start of these actions would take place early next year.
What seems to have happened is that when the fuel hike protests began, these ‘activists’ were given the go-ahead to ‘seize the moment’. In other words, they activated all their pre-prepared plans prematurely. This was exactly what the Iranian security forces wanted, and had sought. It enabled them to ‘smoke out’ the plot, and to arrest, or kill the ring-leaders.
In other words, the Iranian government is not teetering at any ‘brink’ – and later internal Iranian polling shows popular anger directed principally towards the violent gangs, and to a lesser extent, towards the Rouhani Administration, for its mis-handling of the fuel-price hike – but not against the state, per se. The latter result is not so surprising as older Iranians will remember how the CIA used similar tactics – violent attacks on shops – to escalate the protests in the 1953 overthrow of PM Mosaddegh, in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah.
Here is the question: Have the various instigators of these deliberate, violent attacks, ‘come clean’ about the failure of their plan – and of the unravelling (the arrests and disruption) of their Iranian ‘networks’ to President Trump? Or, is he being presented only with the Netanyahu ‘narrative’ of an Iran cornered ‘and at the brink’?"
 "Wiesenthal Center names UK’s Corbyn top anti-Semite of 2019". It's lucky that these murdering land thieves already had no credibility whatsoever, so they have no credibility to lose.

"The Failed Attempt at Regime Change in Venezuela" (Larison).

"How middle class Bolivia learned to stop worrying and love the coup" (Reed).  "EXCLUSIVE: Indigenous Bolivia Ready to Go to War Against Fascism" (Vltchek).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"By "self-exiled former president" the imperialist propagandists at the AP mean "democratically elected leftist president overthrown in a violent US-backed military coup and forced to flee or he would be murdered as the military junta massacred protesters""
"The Planned 1933 Fascist Coup in America" (Romanoff).  "Fascists, with Help from the US, Are Trying to Take Control of Latin America" (Zeese/Flowers interview Camacaro).

"In Wag the Dog Move, Indicted Israeli PM Netanyahu Moves to Annex 25% of Palestinian West Bank" (Cole).  If When this happens, and the rest of the world - other than the ZOG of Assholia, of course - doesn't immediately impose a 100% boycott on everything Israeli - no travel, no trade, no anything - that will be the end of international law, and it will be very Clarifying.

"New book claims Albert Camus was murdered by the KGB" (Flood).  You'll immediately see there are two inconsistent theories here - tire tampering, and staged scene - but it is the time to blame Russia for everything so we'll run with it anyway.

"US Marine Who Smuggled Guns To Haiti Wanted To Take Over Country, Become President" (Vibes).

"Zombie NATO Is Obsolete; Militarists Try To Revive It Through Expanded Targets" (Zeese/Flowers). There is no point to it now in Europe - the plan is obviously to turn it into an army to protect the murderers and land thieves in the Middle East.

"Trump Drops Bomb, Media Ignores" (Stryker):
"As his impeachment moved forward, in a morning press conference in London this week, Donald Trump mentioned casually that he and Vladimir Putin are discussing the elimination of nuclear weapons. Although this should put a major crimp in the foreign policy establishment’s all-pervading Russophobia, the US media (including Fox News) went deaf at that moment."
"China Retaliates For Huawei: Beijing Orders All Government Offices And Public Companies To Replace Foreign PCs And Software" (Durden).  "‘5G now America-free’: China’s Huawei assembles latest phones without US parts". The Chinese have consistently tried to deescalate tensions caused by Assholia, but I guess they've finally had enough, and now it gets interesting.  A lot of the changes that Assholia is forcing won't be - or can't be - walked back, even if a more genial Assholian leader should emerge.

"Notorious Duct-Taped Banana Exhibit Vandalized With "Epstien Didn't Kill Himself" Sign" (Durden).

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Top-down anti-human model of society

"Pensacola Shooter was a Saudi Arabian at the Base for Training" (Anglin):
"Yeah, I’d say it raises a few questions about several things.
In particular:
  • Why are we training the Saudi military inside of America?
  • Why are we training the Saudi military at all?
  • Why are we allied with Saudi Arabia at all?
  • Why are we fighting wars in the Middle East?
It is in no way reductionist to answer all of those questions with “because the Jews.”
Literally, there is no other reason. No one thinks that this relationship makes any sense, no one thinks the wars make any sense, the only singular explanation for any of it is our “special relationship” with the State of Israel, which exists because our entire foreign policy is run by Jews.
Anyone who claims that the situation is “nuanced” or “complicated” is not insightful, they are simply lying.
The situation is neither nuanced nor complicated. Jews in our government use our military apparatus to push a Jewish agenda. That’s it."
"Was Pensacola Shooter part of a terrorist Cell inside Saudi Officer Corps?" (Cole). This shooting is potentially extremely good news if it is evidence of actual opposition in the Saudi military to MbS and the Saudi-Khazar-Assholian alliance.

"Pensacola shooter’s alleged manifesto slams ‘crimes against Muslims’ & US policies abroad – report".  It is going to be fun for US troops to hang around armed Saudi pilots, never knowing whether this is your day to die.

"Six Saudis Arrested For Questioning After Pensacola Shooting - Three Were Filming Attack" (Durden).  They should be fine unless they were laughing and dancing, in which case they might be quickly and quietly deported.

"Saudi Arabia Retreats From The Troubles Its Clown Prince Caused" (Moon).  Maybe, but the sham of the 'IPO' continues, and I see lots of talk but no real action on ending the attacks on civilians in Yemen.  However, Qatar may be rehabilitated, mostly as a result of its usefulness to Assholia (and Israel), and its very careful diplomacy/bribery around the Middle East.  I see no reason to believe the King has changed his mind in any respect over the wisdom of having MbS as leader.

"West Point Professor Builds a Case Against the U.S. Army" (Swanson).  While the writer of this book seems to be just another Washington Consensus Idiot,  the type we're getting an eyeful with all the impeachment witnesses, there are indications that West Point, uniquely amongst Assholian institutions, allows for some freedom of thinking.

Related:  "Napoleon, Kutuzov, and the changing international order" (Robinson). Of course, 'everything is going to shit and there is nothing anybody can do' is a necessary position to take if you want to preserve the status quo of power, and don't want to try to achieve any real progress.  There is a lot of laziness in the Washington Consensus.

"The Der Spiegel exposé of Bill Browder" (Komisar).  This shift is more important than it seems as Der Spiegel alwyas follows pure Washington Consensus.

"Reddit Bans Users for Telling the Truth" (Knightly).  Reddit is owned by the (((Newhouse))) family, 'nuff said.  Cancel culture is always (((very specific))).

"The Truth About Ukraine’s Civil War: Interview with filmmaker Maxim Fadeev in Donbass" (Bartlett).  In these perverted times of Assholia and its vassals, 'war' is defined as long-range shelling of civilians.  The Uke neo-Nazis don't dare get close enough to actually engage, as they always end up losing any fair fight!

"Ukraine Was The Origin Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax" (Sellin).  Washington Consensus Idiots persist in calling the Ukrainian involvement a 'conspiracy theory' in the face of an amazing pile of evidence.

"US government drops case against Max Blumenthal after jailing journalist on false charges" (Norton) (a trial would have brought up collusion with the Venezuelan opposition that would have been embarrassing to Abrams and the Trump Administration):
"The Grayzone has learned that Secret Service call logs recorded during the alleged incident were either not kept or destroyed. The mysteriously missing evidence included print documents and radio recordings that may have exposed collusion between Secret Service officers operating under the auspices of the US State Department and violent right-wing hooligans in an operation to besiege peace activists stationed inside Venezuela’s embassy in Washington, DC."
"For the Love of Jews" (Shamir).  Philo-Semitism isn't love of Jews - far from it, as the main proponents of philo-Semitism are virulent Jew haters (and, of course, needless to say, the Jews absolutely despise their gentile protectors) - but love of a certain top-down anti-human model of society.

"Tom Friedman condemns Iran for shooting protesters, but finds it ‘easy’ to defend Israel for doing same" (Weiss).

"As Winter Comes Pipeline Wars Heat Up" (Luongo).

"Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China" (Engdahl):
"Ironically, we can title this the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline.’ Had the Obama Administration not launched their coup d’etat in 2013 at Maidan Square in Kiev, with the subsequent ouster of the elected president in February 2014 in favor of literal neo-nazi parties and corrupt oligarchs under a US puppet regime, the completion of the Power of Siberia pipeline to China would likely not exist today. Negotiations with Beijing for the pipeline had been dragging on for more than ten years when the Ukraine coup took place. After that coup a final agreement was secured by Moscow with Beijing in a matter of weeks as Putin engineered a geopolitical pivot to the East away from NATO.
Vice President Joe Biden was named by Obama to oversee the Ukraine coup and its aftermath, which apparently included some corrupt sweetheart deals for Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden with Ukraine gas company Burisma.
The coup, carried out by then CIA head John Brennan, using sniper mercenaries from neighboring Georgia, together with neocon US State Department official Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, was one of the more foolish geopolitical blunders of Washington in recent decades. The pro-NATO coup was initiated when Viktor Yanukovich’s government had decided to accept generous Russian terms to join her Eurasian Economic Union rather than a vague promise of possible EU membership candidate status. Today Ukraine is treated with outcast status by the EU, and its economy is a shambles as a result of the break with Russia. In May, 2014, just weeks after the CIA toppled the duly elected government of Viktor Yanukovich in what Stratfor founder George Friedman called, “…the most blatant coup in (US) history,” Moscow signed the agreement with Beijing for the Gas Pipeline Deal of the Century, the Power of Siberia."
"Sociopaths On The Left & Sociopaths On The Right Work To Break Potential US-China Alliance" (Ehret).

"The WikiLeaks Conspiracy: The Government Prepares to Argue WikiLeaks Has Always Been an Organized Crime Syndicate" (emptywheel).  I no longer link to the deranged ravings of crazy people, but his makes clear the fact that Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome is connected directly to the non-coronation of Ol' Kil', and the idea that Assange got Trump elected at the behest of his pal Putin.

"Why world leaders seemingly joking about Donald Trump will drive the President crazy" (Cillizza).  Johnson would never have participated in this, nor would Trudeau (who is in the middle of tricky NAFTA negotiations), and it is obvious that this was political theater set up entirely at the behest of Trump, who could then use it as an excuse not to have to give a closing statement, a statement that would have been impossible to make given all the contradictions in NATO (and Trump's ambivalence towards NATO).  Trump's failure to strike back in any serious way reveals the real plot.

We seem to be in the middle of a series of tests about just how much people will put up with to continue to allow the 1% to profit off hydrocarbons - see also, California, with the most desirable places to live facing the worst hardships - and apparently the 1% is overjoyed that there is nothing so awful that we won't put up with it:  "From disbelief to dread: the dismal new routine of life in Sydney's smoke haze" (Wood).

"Is Criticism of Israel Already an Official Hate Crime in America?" (Giraldi).  Mass rioting in the streets, but you have to have your priorities, goyim!:  "French MPs pass pro-Zionism resolution, defy warnings by advocates of Palestine rights".

Related:  "“Zone of Uncertainty”: What to Expect From US Fuel at Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants" (Stalker Zone).  You can see lovers of Assholia in the dark, as they glow!

"Rare MSM Hate Hoax Mention: Gay Organist Wrote "Heil Trump" On His Own Church" (Sailer). There is obviously real terrorist violence from the American extreme right, but this kind of spray paint attack is 90-some percent phony.

"The AEI, a Major Neocon Thinktank, Implicated in the Sackler Family’s Opioid Crisis" (MacDonald).  Anti-gentilism is the most important danger of this or any other time.

"BEASTS AT BEA'S BALL Shocking photo shows paedo Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein & ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell at Beatrice’s 18th birthday bash" (Beal).

Saturday, December 07, 2019

God bless us, every one!

Time to kiss Tiny Tim goodbye, goyim, as (((cancel culture))) hits Dickens:  "Is ‘A Christmas Carol’ Anti-Semitic?" (Rogovoy).

Newsworthy revelations

Tweet (Tareq Haddad):
"Yesterday I resigned from Newsweek after my attempts to publish newsworthy revelations about the leaked OPCW letter were refused for no valid reason."

Friday, December 06, 2019

Poor resolution

This technique of hiding from media or voter questions was also tried by Sheer, the Conservative leader in Canada, and was a big disaster for him.

Khazars define the quintessence of treason in every country stupid enough to host them: "Chief Rabbi’s Pious Bid to Sabotage Corbyn" (Littlewood):
"The upsurge in carefully orchestrated allegations of anti-Semitism coincided with the arrival of Mark Regev as Israel’s new ambassador in London. Regev is big trouble – an ace propagandist, the mastermind of Israel’s hasbara Lie Machine and former spokesman for Israel’s extremist prime minister.  Shortly after he took up his post came revelations that a senior political officer at the embassy, Shai Masot, had been plotting with stooges among British MPs and other maggots in the political woodwork to “take down” senior government figures including Boris Johnson’s deputy at the Foreign Office, Sir Alan Duncan.
The Foreign Office and Johnson promptly dismissed the Shai Masot affair, saying: “The UK has a strong relationship with Israel and we consider the matter closed.” The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, who is Jewish, also declined to investigate.
But Masot was an employee of the Israeli embassy and probably a Mossad agent. His hostile scheming was captured and exposed by an Al Jazeera undercover investigation and not, as one would have hoped, by Britain’s own security services and press. And this is when the escalation to de-stabilize really began. Funny how the mainstream failed to connect Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in September 2015, Regev’s arrival in April 2016 and Masot’s activities later that year. Subversion peaked again at general election time in 2017 and raises its ugly head yet again at election time right now with Mirvis and the Jewish Labour Movement’s submission of 70 sworn statements by serving and ex-Labour officials to the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s inquiry. The JLM is urging the Commission to make Labour acknowledge that it is “institutionally anti-Semitic”."
Tweet (rob) (also:  "Hillary Casually Drops 'Russian Asset' Smear On Bernie Sanders In New Interview"):
"this makes me so angry. he did like forty rallies for you. i and almost every bernie supporter i know voted for you in the general. you didn't win because you're a loathsome human who treats the presidency like her birthright"
Tweet (Haden Ware):
 "She literally rigged the election against him and has the audacity to say *he* hurt her? That's like a thief calling you up to complain about the poor resolution on the TV he just stole from you."
Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"Thanks again for making explicit what I have long known: To America, Ukraine is nothing but a weapon against Russia. The whole point of support for Ukraine is to make Russia bleed—doesn’t matter how many people die or suffer in the process or how much of Ukraine is destroyed."
We're seeing a lot of this phenomenon - the whole line of impeachment 'witnesses' to the Trump phone call is another example - of well-educated people in positions of authority having the most insane beliefs, which they nevertheless hold whole-heartedly.  We have trouble with this as we can't accept that these people could possibly be that stupid/deranged/insane.

"The Lebanese Connection" (Lang).

"Israel-Based Group is Behind Bigoted Facebook Smear Campaign Aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar" (Higgins).

"Bolivia creates new anti-terrorist force to dismantle foreign groups threatening the country".  "Indians Shall Not Govern" (Paez Victor).  "Bolivia’s Coup Government: a Far-Right Horror Show" (Hylton).

"Venezuela: Guaido Embattled as Opposition Splits over New Corruption Scandal" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Biased Media Coverage of Iranian Unrest and Protest Movement" (Korybko).

"Who's laughing now, Macron? France is paralyzed by worst nationwide strike for decades, with schools shutting and public transport grinding to a halt, as furious public sector workers protest pension reforms" (Ridler).  Globo-Homo-Rothschildo has only one thing going for it, the Soros false-flag foot soldiers, and their obvious attempt to delegitimize the protests:  "French Black Bloc’s utter uselessness… except to the French government" (Mazaheri).

"Macron Says “Jews are France” After Totally Unsuspicious Grave Desecrations" (Anglin):
"You know, it almost seems like the neo-Nazi did this vandalism in order to influence this vote, ensuring that a resolution saying “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism” passed in the parliament.
But I wonder why a neo-Nazi would want to ensure the success of such a resolution…?
You almost end up wondering if the Jews might have done this themselves."
Related:  "Depraved Jew Harvey Weinstein Spread Fake Anti-Semitism Rumors to Help His Film Win an Oscar" (Frei).

Disappointing to see this Bellingcat level of nonsense from Morley:  "Why the Douma Chemical Attack Wasn’t a ‘Managed Massacre’".  How is managed massacre 'preposterous'? - al Qaeda killed some civilians, piled up their bodies, and moved a chlorine tank.  It was a sloppy job, but given the state of the (((media))) and the involvement of the British intelligence PR operation of the White Helmets, it didn't need to be any better than sloppy.  (((They))) just retype the lies handed to them.  This is so outrageous a piece that it taints my comfort in Morley's JFK work.

Note the CounterPunch problem:  "Increasingly, I have found myself out of step with most of what is written there, and the editor there has now determined that it would be best if I moved on." (Martin).  Read the whole thing.

"Questions Cloud Story Behind U.S. Sanctions" (Bidder).  Odd to see this kind of skepticism in Der Spiegel.

"‘Expulsion of Russian diplomats over Berlin murder case suits trend of blaming Moscow for everything, whether it’s true or not’"

Tweet (Dances_with_Bears):
"BREAKING NEWS – British Ministry of Defence document reveals it is missing chain of custody over Skripal blood samples which the ministry’s DSTL laboratory at Porton Down claims to prove a Russian Novichok attack.  Publishing shortly."
"Russia ready to extend New START arms control treaty without conditions and further discussions – Putin".

"Mike Pompeo’s quid pro quo for Sheldon Adelson" (Weiss).  Shekels explain everything.  "‘Shameless Racism’: 13 Countries Change Long-Standing Position on Palestine at UN".  "ICC prosecutor acts as Israel’s defense lawyer" (Abunimah).  "A letter to President Trump" (Salam).

No WWIII for 46!  Also.

"Borovski and the Haredim" (Lang).

"Rivlin will consider pardon if Netanyahu resigns, confesses" (Bob).  Watch Bibi take the deal and immediately reenter politics.

Tweet (Our Hidden History) ('human rights', goyim!) (see the whole thread, perhaps particularly Ruby; it is interesting how today's wokenness allows us to understand this old Khazar perfidy that wasn't understandable at the time):
"This would appear to be an FBI document showing the co-founder of Amnesty International ratting Black Panther leader Fred Hampton out to the FBI.

"Chinese ambassador warns Canada against adopting motion calling for sanctions" (Valiante).  The Nazi has been replaced by a sane person as Minister of Foreign Affairs, which may be cause for some optimism.

"Tarekh Rana is an acclaimed Ajax businessman. Is he also a fugitive crime boss?" (Bell/Russell).

Employing Trump's own technique of responding to an unwelcome question by purporting to straighten his hair or touch his face using his middle finger.