Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bread and butter

"The Oligarch Stage of the American Disease: Bloomberg Edition" (Welsh).  For the combo "birth and gun control".  Trump would rip Bloomberg to pieces.  Bloomberg would have the Hillary disease - no Democrat turn-out where it counts, as he is obviously too much of a Republican to garner any enthusiasm (and blacks have particular reasons to hate him), and can't hide his distaste for the 'deplorables'.  He's basically a richer, shorter, less interesting, less articulate, much less entertaining, Trump.  Unlike Bernie, he won't be able to shrug off the level of taunting that Trump will apply.  As I've said, though, he's not in it to win, just to block Bernie.

"'Mossad Helped Boris Johnson'" (Aangirfan).  The best tweets are deleted tweets.

"Bernard Kerik, Police Response to 9 11" (Aangirfan), and its comments, linking to Reddit.  The technical term from conspiracy theory is cohencidence.

"Judge takes rare step to help serve elusive Ghislaine Maxwell with lawsuit" (Fonrouge).  It has been six months now and if Barr is doing any investigating of what happened, it is not apparent.

"Prosecutors Claim That Prince Andrew Openly Groped Girls On Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island" (Michael K). The only faith I have is in the Virgin Islands' investigation.

Trudeau is getting dangerously close to an emperor's new clothes situation, or, better, accepting the claims of one of those insane people who declare themselves as king, and even receive some recognition as such, like Emperor Norton (who surely had more claim to his title than Guido has to his!):  "Open Letter to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Lima Group Meeting" (Pagliccia). "Canada, Get Out of the Lima Group, Core Group and OAS" (Engler).  This is the PM of Canada behaving like a clown.

The OPCW is an international, intergovernmental organization set up to implement an international arms control treaty, acting like a petulant rock star who doesn't fancy complaints about the new hairdo:  "Scandal-Ridden OPCW Now Using Twitter’s “Hide Replies” Function" (Johnstone).


"Trump’s Vanished ‘Liberal Middles’" (Crooke).  AIPAC is the victim of its own success.  President Kushner, Bibi, and the lite Zionists - take a bow lite Zionists, for keeping the farm animals at bay long enough so the Khazars could steal all they wanted to steal! - have accomplished everything that AIPAC was set up to achieve (at least in the short term - they now start on the rest of Greater Israel).  The key point is that MEGA Group blackmail means that there is no opposition to the very worst that the Zionists could do, and the idea that there were atrocities that would not be tolerated was a bluff that the Zionists have now called.

"Escobar: It's Time To Reclaim Syria's Road To Recovery" (Escobar). "Erdoğan says Syria talks with Russia unsatisfactory, operation 'matter of time'". Once you've figured out, as the Russians have, that Erdoğan is all bluff, you just keep calling bluffs until he leaves.

Why aren't there more women in politics?

Because they are not the degenerate perverts that men are.  Therefore most of them can't be controlled through the use of MEGA-Group-style blackmail operations, which are the key to any kind of understanding of politics in the West (somebody like Killary is probably a degenerate pervert herself, and in any event is controlled through Bill).  Of course, they can by bribed - Pelosi didn't become a multi-millionaire on her diet of government cheese - but bribery by itself is tricky and dangerous.  Somebody might grow a conscience - unlikely, I know - and decide to stop taking the bribes, and thus stop the high treason that is supporting Wars For The Jews.  Even worse, they might report the identity of their briber.  Blackmail is necessary to ensure that the bribery is never reported, and that it continues to supply the otherwise astonishingly unlikely results.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A big price

"Trump goes on clemency spree, and the list is long":
""We have Bernie Kerik, we have Mike Milken, who's gone around and done an incredible job," Trump said, adding that Milken had "paid a big price"."
I winder what "a big price" is, in shekels.

Corridor wars

"Explaining Syria" (Giraldi).  Jeffrey isn't delusional.  It's shekels.  Knowing what we know about Washington, it is also possible probable almost certain he is being blackmailed.

You could make the case that our current awful slates of politicians in the West - it is striking, as you'd think just by chance there might be a few decent ones, but there are not! - is directly connected with the Khazar bribing and blackmailing campaign, as only the most degenerate people are now allowed to be politicians.  To qualify, you have to be bad enough to be bribed/blackmailed.  Anybody else either isn't allowed in, or flees from politics in disgust at the rest of them.

Why Beardboy just can't order the RCMP to start killing injuns, as Conservatives, and Albertans (but I repeat myself), would like:  tweet (Dr. Jennifer Robson):
"There’s been a lot of opinion flying about on whether the PM/Min. PSEP could/should order the RCMP to remove #Wetsuwenten protesters & supporters. I just stumbled across a paper by @UofT Kent Roach & found it really helpful :… 1/n"
"Why Coastal GasLink says it rejected a pipeline route endorsed by Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs"(Kurjata).  They refused to choose the acceptable route as it would have cost more, and endangered white people - aka 'urban areas' - rather than natives!  It has reached self-parody levels of Clarification.

We tend to forget that the RCMP is basically a paramilitary force, one that more recently has taken up police work, which earned its fame from 'managing' natives (which they were slightly better at than their American counterparts - unlike the Americans, they tended to chat before starting the shooting - but that is a very low standard to meet).

"Pipeline or a Pipe Dream: Israel, Turkey Hydrocarbon Conflict is Brewing in the Mediterranean" (Baroud).  "Gas Wars in the Mediterranean" (Whitney).  Turkey's 'corridor' blocks the Khazar khorridor, so the combined blackmailed/bribed political stooges of the West are going to be ordered to gang up on Turkey.  It wasn't that long ago that all the talk was about the Israelis building a pipeline up the coast of Lebanon to Turkey.

"Why Food Systems Are Breaking Down Across The World" (Todhunter).

"How Washington “Liberates” Free Countries" (Vltchek). "The US’s Inalienable Right to Violence" (Shupak).

"Plain of Jars University" (Dinh):
"The horrors of war are often drowned out by heroic propaganda or rendered much less bloody through dry historical accounts, penned by academics, but there’s a slim book, Voices from the Plain of Jars, that allows suffering civilians to recount their terror filled existence under constant American bombs.
Edited by Frederic R. Branfman, it has a foreword (in the second edition) by Alfred W. McCoy, who notes, “Since there is no other book written by the villagers of Indochina, these ‘voices’ can, in a sense, speak for the countless Vietnamese and Cambodians who also suffered under the U.S. bombing. Not only does the 2.1 million tons of bombs dropped on Laos from 1965 to 1973 rank among the largest air wars of the twentieth century, exceeded only by the 2.7 million tons dropped on Cambodia, but it also was a precursor for the way wars would be fought in the twenty-first century and beyond […] this book recovers an obscure yet significant moment in military history and documents an air war so intense that it became a testing ground for a new form of global force projection.” The CIA’s Secret War in Laos reverberates into everyone’s life, in short, as long as the American Empire is extant."
"An interview with Lula. Part One" (important because we never get any insider reports of political shenanigans from honest, decent people; my emphasis in red; we start with the actual origins of Obama's Iran deal and the fact that, pre-Bolsonaro, Brazil was becoming a major diplomatic player, rather than the joke it is now):
"First of all it is important to look at that moment when Brazil, together with Turkey, made a deal with Iran on uranium enrichment. It was a different historic moment from that which Brazil is in today. Brazil was more respected in the World. Brazil was almost an international protagonist because we had removed the FTAA [Free Trade Agreement of the Americas] from the debate and had strengthened MercoSul. We had created UnaSul, which was the union of the countries of South America. We had created the BRICS, we had created IBAS, we had created a union between Africa and South America, we had created a union between countries in the Middle East and South America, we had created CELAC which was the only international encounter which included Cuba but did not include the United States and Canada. We had created the BRICS bank, and the Bank of the South here in South America. Brazil was transforming into a protagonist and it was a strong candidate to become part of the UN Security Council. We believed that Brazil should have joined it, along with India, Germany and Japan. What we did not factor in was Japan’s contentious relationship with China – it was very contentious and very strong. China, which was so favorable to the expansion of the UN Security Council, did not support our idea. But we had support from Russia, France and the UK. Bush seemed very favorable to the idea at first. Obama was less supportive. When we proposed to negotiate with Ahmadinejad, it was historically important because we were in the United States at the time. We were in a G20 meeting in Princeton. I had spoken with Ahmadinejad in the hotel but at this point I did not have a friendly relationship with him. So I arrived in the meeting and I asked Obama if he had spoken with Ahmadinejad and he said no. I asked Angela Merkel and she said no. I asked Gordon Brown and he said no. I spoke with Sarkozy and he said no. The fact was that nobody had spoken with Ahmadinejad. I thought, ‘how do these people want to make a deal without a conversation’? Because international politics is really outsourced, especially in Europe. There are employees who do the negotiations and this makes it hard. I remember that Hilary Clinton worked hard against my idea to go to Iran. She even called the Emir of Qatar and asked him to convince me not to go. When I arrived in Moscow and met with Medvedev, I found out Obama had called and asked him to help convince me not to go, because I would be tricked.
Michael: Why were they so concerned?
Lula: Obama didn’t want me to go to Iran, but he had written a letter saying that if Ahmadinejad agreed with such and such terms, he would be happy with it. So it was with this letter that I traveled to Iran. We got there and after two days of very tough talks I told Ahmadinejad that I would not return to Brazil without his signature. He said, “can’t it just be an oral agreement?”
I said, “It’s not enough, because nobody believes in you over there. They say that Iranians are liars and they don’t honor agreements. So I’ll only leave with something in writing.”
So he accepted our agreement. I was surprised because I imagined that Obama would be happy with the deal but he increased the sanctions against Iran. Then we discovered that Hilary Clinton didn’t know about the letter that Obama had sent me. She got angry when Celso Amorim and I told her about the letter. So I had no option but to publish Obama’s letter so people could see that we hadn’t done anything crazy. The deal that we brokered was more precise than that which was later signed by Europe and the United States. So it was a very disagreeable situation and my impression was that the rich countries – influenced by the thinking of the US State Department – did not accept a new protagonist in the area. In their minds Brazil was not big enough to get involved in an issue of that scale. It was easy for me to speak with Ahmadinejad because I told him that the only thing I wanted from them is what we have in Brazil. I wanted him to have the same rights as Brazil. Brazil’s constitution supports the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons but allows the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes – for the production of medicine and things like that. So, he and the President of Iran’s Congress agreed. I flew from Iran to Madrid for an EU meeting thinking that everyone would be happy because I had managed to broker a deal which they were unable to pull off and when I got there everyone was against it. Everyone was acting like Brazil had gotten into something that nobody had invited it to do – that Brazil was a personna non grata on the international political stage. It was unpleasant. I think as long as there are only conversations between the Israeli government and the US government we will not have peace in the Middle East, because they are responsible for the conflicts. If you don’t put all the people who are involved at the table and listen to everyone, you will not make a deal. Every once in a while they give a Noble Prize to some American or Israeli authority and peace, which is what the people really want, never arrives."
and (note that the 'science' of economics can't even comprehend this kind of talk):
". . . this intellectual theory here in Brazil that my government was successful because of the boom in agribusiness and that this is why things worked out. Think about the following: from 1950 to 1980, Brazil was one of the fastest growing economies in the World. On average, Brazil grew 7% per year from 1950-1980 – that’s 30 years of economic growth. Why weren’t any policies for income redistribution implemented? Why weren’t there any social inclusion policies? Why didn’t the growth of the Brazilian economy cause the people to grow together with it? Do you know why, Brian? Because the miracle of our government was not the commodities boom – it was the boom of social inclusion.
I was absolutely certain that the poor would not be a problem. The poor would be the solution in the sense that we could include them in the federal budget and guarantee that, if they had access to jobs and salaries, their income and credit would cause them to become consumers. There has never been, on the face of the earth – even to those people who think it’s flat – and in the history of humanity, a moment in which any economy grew without a strong internal demand or a strong external demand. We managed to increase the external demand and the internal demand. Brazil’s international trade increased from $117 Billion to $465 billion. Brazil’s internal credit, available from public and private banks, rose from R$360 billion to R$2.7 Trillion by 2010. We also generated 22 million formal sector jobs, with labor cards signed, with the right to vacation and retirement pensions, and we raised the minimum salary by 74%. So, the poorest 20% of the population’s income grew faster than that of the wealthiest 20%. It was the first time in our history that this happened, and Brazil was the only country in the World where the poor had proportionately higher income gains than the rich during the entire Lehman Brothers crisis. So the commodities boom was not the miracle. It was the miracle of the inclusion of the poor. It was the miracle of the social policies.
and (he's some kind of lunatic!):
"If you take $1 billion and give it to a rich man, he’ll deposit it in a bank account and use it for speculation. But if you take this $1 billion and divide it among 1 million people, giving each one $100, you will see that this dollar will start to work. It will circulate and make the markets work. People will buy food, they’ll buy shoes and socks and the economy will work. This was the PT’s miracle. This is why there is so much hatred of the PT."
"An interview with Lula. Part Two" (the CIA; lawfare):
"Brian Mier: When TeleSur’s Nacho Lemus interviewed you recently you said that you believe that foreign powers were involved in the June 2013 protests in Brazil. Immediately afterwards you were attacked by Brazilians from the vanguard left who accused you of reducing what had happened to a mere intervention by the CIA. I know that the PT historically takes a Gramscian view of the integral state – it is not just the government, it’s things like the corporations too. Could you explain exactly what you meant when you said there was external interference in 2013?
Lula: This question is important because it enables me to clearly explain what I said during the other interview. I did not say that the CIA started the movement. The movement started in the protests by people who were fighting for the right to collective transportation in several Brazilian state capitals and this was a legitimate social movement. But after it started, after the black blocs appeared and started breaking a few things, the movement was taken over. It wasn’t the transportation movement that put 1 million people from the middle class onto the streets protesting against the government, against the World Cup and against just about everything that was happening in Brazil. Globo TV had never interrupted it’s telenovelas before to broadcast a protest against busfare hikes or any workers protest – never. Suddenly TV GloboSBTBandeirantes and Record were all inviting people to the streets at 7 AM, Noon, 3PM. They were inviting people as if they were advertising a party. The protest marches were broadcast on live TV, which is something that had never happened before in the history of Brazil. So if it is true that it started here in São Paulo as a movement to fight for a 20 cent bus fare reduction, this struggle was taken over and held up by other interests. Today things are clearer to me then they were back then but I don’t think we will find out exactly who was behind all of it very quickly.
I remember the Arab Spring. I remember the downfall of Mubarak. Mubarak really had to go down. He was a dictator who was in power for so many years. But then the people elected Morsi. And how long did it take to take out Morsi? And who is there now? If it is true that the people were fighting for democracy, what are they doing now with 3 generals running Egypt, with no more protests and no more marches? The same thing happened in Turkey. Erdogan called us up in 2013 and said “this isn’t a movement trying to improve a public square – they want to overthrow the government. So be careful in Brazil.”
Therefore, I have plenty of reasons to be suspicious about what happened here in Brazil, first of all because no labor unions were protesting against the government. We didn’t know what this movement was. It appeared to be against nearly everything and favorable to one segment of society. It seemed like it was anti-PT, anti Dilma, anti-World Cup and anti-Olympics, so I wrote an article for the New York Times in which I said “the people who have gotten used to eating sirloin want filet mignon”. This is what I thought at the time, but today I think there was a lot more to it than this. It was not just economic, it was political. So I have a lot of mistrust about what happened here, what happened recently in Ecuador, what happened in Argentina and what happened in Bolivia. What was the logic behind what they did to me in Operation Lava Jato? Any lawyer who looks at case can see the lies that are being told and the con they are pulling on me. This lawfare attack, which was uncovered by my lawyers, is one of the most commentated subject in legal circles around the World today. It is a more modern and efficient way to destroy a democracy and end the popular representation of the vote. This is what they did here. This is what they did in Bolivia and they tried to do it with Rafael Correa in Ecuador. So I have a deep mistrust about this legalization of world politics."
"I saw Trump complain the other day that Iran has won over Iraq now, that the majority of them are Shia and now they like Iran. But it was the US that started the war.  I met with Bush around the time when the US started the war, in 2003. Later I met with Clinton in Davos and he said, “Bush is going to do some research. If he sees it will help him in the elections he’s going to attack Iraq.”"
"I had a good and respectful relationship with Tony Blair and I had a good relationship with Gordon Brown. Those were the two governments with which I had contact. Tony Blair’s role in the decision to join the war in Iraq was unfortunate. He knows this. He is regularly accosted on the streets of London because of the war in Iraq. He knew there were no chemical weapons in Iraq. Do you know why we also knew about this? Because the Secretary who took care of the UN’s department of nuclear weapons was Brazilian. It was Ambassador Bustani. He was the Secretary who dealt with chemical weapons. And he wore himself out saying, “they don’t have them”. The Americans ordered Fernando Henrique Cardoso to remove Bustani because of this. So they appointed someone from Japan who said they did have them. How long has it been since they invaded Iraq? Where are the chemical weapons? The only chemical weapons they had there were Saddam Hussein himself, who lied to his people the whole time and Bush, who lied to the World the whole time."
"But the truth is that Evo Morales and I were always odd men out. Imagine Evo, an Indian coca farmer, as President of Bolivia. I met Gonzalo, the Bolivian President. who I believe resigned in 2003, and he didn’t even speak Spanish. He wanted to explain something to me in English because he had problems speaking Spanish and he was President of Bolivia. Evo Morales was a real President. He implemented social inclusion policies, reduced inflation, generated jobs and increased Bolivia’s foreign reserves, which are now larger than the value of the GDP. Now the elites have deposed him."
"I have not had the pleasure of ever meeting Sanders. I know about him from the press and through people who have met him and I know about him from the things he’s said in solidarity with me. He spoke with a comrade from PT, Fernando Haddad, and my impression of him is as high as can be. The impression I have from his last campaign is that, although he was unable to win the democratic primary, he had a very exciting campaign for the youth with a good discourse which, by US standards, was very leftist. For 20 years, whenever I visited the US I tried to see if I could find leftist in an American bar and I never met one. So when someone like Sanders comes up it’s extraordinary news. It is hopefull to know that you have someone in the Senate of a certain age – I think he is as old as me – who is strong willed. I think this is important because a country that has an economy the size of the US could really improve the quality of life for its people if it stopped worrying so much about wars and spending so much money on the armed forces and espionage. It could use some of this money to improve the quality of life of the poor people in the US who also don’t live well, who have health problems. I dream that if Sanders can win these elections we can dream, even though we know that an American President has an entire, powerful war machine behind him which can complicate democratic actions. I think that you can only govern well if you have made up your mind about what you want to govern for, who you want to govern for and what side you are on. There are sides we have to take during our time on planet Earth. The fact is that the rich do not need the State but they gain power from it. They often perform the role of the State itself. I have always said that if anyone wants to learn how to govern they should look at how mothers raise their children. If a mother has 10 children she will love them all equally but if there is one who is debilitated and weaker, that is the one who will get the second piece of meat. That is the one who will get a second bottle. That is the one who she will put on her lap to help fall asleep. This is the role of the State. This is governing for the people who need the State. Who needs the State? It is the working poor and people who want jobs. I am very sad now because I was proud when our social inclusion policies caused Brazil to exit the World Hunger Map. I am very proud that the UN had recognized that Brazil no longer needed to be on the map. Today Brazil has returned to the Hunger Map. There is a neighborhood in Pernambuco called Brasilia Teimosa where we got rid of the wooden stilt shacks and paved a nice road and the beach became beautiful. Stilt shacks have started popping up there again. And the number of people who sleep on the streets in this country has…. I never used see children begging on the streets of Brazil anymore. Now the children are back on the streets begging and living under the bridges. This doesn’t make sense in a rich country like Brazil. People say I am a radical. I am not a radical. I learned how to be more human in jail. I reflect more. I look at my 70 years of life and realize that I have to fight more and I have to argue more. You cannot accept the idea that the Brazilian elites don’t accept the economic growth of the poor. They don’t accept that the poor can have the right to healthcare, education, water, school- everything that can feed them. They don’t accept that the poor have these things. So I am not radical. I have a lot more political consciousness now. And for this reason I want to fight a lot more. “Oh, but Lula wants to come back,” they say. “Lula got out of jail angry and now he wants to polarize things.” I really want to polarize. I want to hold deep ideological debates. I want the people to know that there is no teaching anywhere that says a person has to go three days without food. There is no teaching that says that a person is supposed to wake up in the morning and not have a cup of milk or a piece of bread to give to their child. In a rich country like this one? So this is why it looks like I am more angry. It looks like I am a radical but I am not. I am a man who likes to talk and likes to negotiate. I learned how to do politics by negotiating. But I don’t want to be fooled again and I want to help the Brazilian people raise their heads up. A guy who is working for Uber has to know that he deserves something better than Uber. A man who is delivering Pizza by bicycle has to know that he deserves something better. Citizens who are sleeping on the sidewalk have to know that they don’t have to sleep on the sidewalk – the State has a responsibility to them. If not, what is the State for?"

Monday, February 17, 2020


"Syrian forces seize most of Aleppo province, on eve of Turkey-Russia talks" (Rothschilds).  Erdoğan's bluffs, stunts, and games are coming to an end.  "Putin vs. Erdogan: Who's Going to Blink First?" (Whitney).  The way Erdoğan takes parts of an agreement he likes, and fails to do any of his obligations - you'd be forgiven for thinking he was a Khazar.

Requisite PR:  "In Idlib and Afrin’s Hell Toddler Dead for Bitter Cold… Or for Turkish big Fake-News?" (Carisio).  "On Syrian Hospitals Being Bombed…or Not…" (Bartlett).

"Judge Bazelon, The Mob, And Woody Allen As Investigative Movie-Maker" (Stix).  Amazing story, explains a (((lot))).

"Israel’s Netanyahu boasts of having Destroyed US 1st Amendment and Free Speech" (Cole).

"Democrats Team Up With Trump to Maintain Disastrous Healthcare System" (Pappas).  Bipartisan.  "“Shit-Life Syndrome,” Trump Voters, and Clueless Dems" (Levine).  A realistic assessment of the limited, but real, benefits of President Bernie:  "The Party’s Over: Bernie’s Last Dance With the Dems" (Kavanagh).

Kleptomaniac korner:  "How do settlers take over Palestinian land? One road gives the answer" (Etkes).  "Christian Zionist archaeology: A tool of Palestinian subjugation" (Kirk).

Good cartoon at the end:  "Important Country “Estonia” Warns of Imminent Russian Hacking of Elections" (Anglin).  Caption:  "Estonia: it’s like if the Amish discovered clothing dye.".

Germany, in a nutshell, in a caption by Anglin:
"Dog-faced pony soldier Angela Merkel explained she has a lot of respect for the human rights of the Arab gang-rapists in Germany, but believes Arab children in Palestine should be murdered by the Jews."
"Why Wasn't Andrew McCabe Charged?" (McCarthy). The lie in question was part of the FBI's consistent protection of the Clinton Foundation, which is the big underlying issue throughout.

"U.S. Says It Has Thwarted $6 Billion Russia-Germany Gas Pipeline" (Donahue/Miller).  This is just repetition of State Department PR, with no evidence that the Russians aren't proceeding to finish the almost completed pipeline.

"Our Fundamental Disagreement About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race" (The Saker).  "Fascism in Ukraine: the conspiracy of silence" (Altham).  From a comment by Francis Lee:
"Various other novel attractions in the capital of Banderestan – Lviv – include ‘Jewish themed restaurants’ one such is Kryivka (Hideout or Lurking Hole) where guests have a choice of dishes and whose dinning walls are decorated with larger than life portraits of Bandera, the toilet with Russian and Jewish anecdotes. At another Jewish themed restaurant guests are offered black hats of the sort worn by Hasidim. The menu lists no prices for the dishes; instead, one is required to haggle over highly inflated prices ‘’in the Jewish fashion’’."
"The Battle for Auschwitz – II" (Shamir).  "Ukraine’s Zelensky- Honoring Hitler at Israel’s Holocaust Commemoration" (Eliason):
"Wasyl Veryha was a Waffen SS officer in the Galician Division, premier Diaspora historian, and president of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, and had a senior position at the University of Toronto Libraries. According to Veryha in his Master’s Degree thesis, Ukrainian as a nationality was not accepted fully until the 1950s. Ukrainian was first formulated acceptably as a nationality in Canada in the 1930s."
Wow!: "On Fault Lines: The corruption of Buttigieg donors, the Ziff Brothers" (Komisar).  Along with (((Browder))), part of the story of the (((predators))) and the predation of post-Soviet Russia.

(((Our))) money

"It's Time To Ask Again What Really Happened To Ukraine's Missing Gold" (Durden) (of course, to grasp the story, Kolomoisky should be written (((Kolomoisky)))):
". . .  Both Biden and Kerry championed $1.8 billion in taxpayer-backed loans given to Ukraine in September 2014 courtesy of the IMF. That money would go directly through Kolomoisky's PrivatBank, and then it would disappear.  According to the Ukrainian anti-corruption watchdog Nashi Groshi, "This transaction of $1.8 billion ... with the help of fake contracts was simply an asset siphoning operation."
What is even more fascinating, is that in the chaos following the February 2014 revolution, Ukraine appears to have embezzled money from none other than the IMF (whose biggest source of funds is the US). As German newspaper Deutsche Wirtshafts Nachrichten reported in August 2015, a huge chunk of the $17 billion in bailout money the IMF granted to Ukraine in April 2014 was discovered in a bank account in Cyprus controlled by, who else, Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky. As the German publication went on to add, in April 2014, $3.2 billion was immediately disbursed to Ukraine, and over the following five months, another $4.5 billion was disbursed to the Ukrainian Central Bank in order to stabilize the country’s financial system. "The money should have been used to stabilize the country’s ailing banks, but $1.8 billion disappeared down murky channels,DWN wrote.
DWN also reported that according to the IMF, in January 2015 the equity ratio of Ukraine’s banking system had dropped to 13.8 percent, from 15.9 percent in late June 2014. By February 2015 even PrivatBank had to be saved from bankruptcy, and was given a 62 million Euro two-year loan from the Central Bank. "So where have the IMF’s billions gone?"
The racket executed by Kolomoiski’s PrivatBank was first uncovered by the Ukrainian anti-corruption initiative ‘Nashi Groshi,’ meaning ‘our money’ in Ukrainian.
According to Nashi Groshi’s investigations, PrivatBank has connections to 42 Ukrainian companies, which are owned by another 54 offshore companies based in the Caribbean, USA and Cyprus. These companies took out loans from PrivatBank totaling $1.8 billion.
These Ukrainian companies ordered investment products from six foreign suppliers based in the UK, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, and then transferred money to a branch of PrivatBank in Cyprus, ostensibly to pay for the products.The products were then used as collateral for the loans taken out from PrivatBank – however, the overseas suppliers never delivered the goods, and the 42 companies took legal action in court in Dnipropetrovsk, demanding reimbursement for payments made for the goods, and the termination of the loans from Privatbank. The court’s ruling was the same for all 42 companies; the foreign suppliers should return the money, but the credit agreement with Privatbank remains in place.
"Basically, this was a transaction of $1.8 billion abroad, with the help of fake contracts, the siphoning off of assets and violation of existing laws,” explained journalist Lesya Ivanovna of Nashi Groshi.
Then in March 2015, Kolomoiski, whom some have described as the Tony Soprano of Ukraine, and increasingly a pariah in the country that made him a billionaire was dismissed from his position as governor of Dnipropetrovsk after a power struggle with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; the fraud was carried out while he was governor of the region in East-Central Ukraine.
“The whole story with the court case was only necessary to make it look like the bank itself was not involved in the fraud scheme. Officially it now looks like as if the bank has the products, but in reality they were never delivered,” said Ivanovna.
Such business practices, which earned Kolomoskyi a fortune estimated by Forbes in March 2012 to be $3 billion, were known to investigators beyond Ukraine’s borders; Kolomoiski was once banned from entering the US due to suspicions of connections with international organized crime but then Biden's involvement quietly lifted the visa ban.
Despite these suspicions, Kolomoiski is unlikely to face justice, as he is currently living in exile in Switzerland , Israel and the US, after he fled Ukraine in early 2015. Not long after Kolomoiski fled Ukraine, in December 2016, Ukraine's government nationalize his Privatbank in order to shore up Ukrainians' savings. A Ukrainian lawmaker called it the "greatest robbery of Ukraine's state budget of the millennium." A few months earlier, in February 2016, the government seized Burisma founder Zlochevsky's assets and placed him on Ukraine's wanted list. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office seized Burisma's gas wells.
Which brings us to January 2017, and when Joe Biden infamous arrived for his "swan song" visit and demanded, before the entire world, that the criminal investigation into Burisma was dropped.
Devon Archer left the scandal-plagued company at the end of 2016, although a clueless Hunter Biden remained on the board through October 2019 - well after his presence there sparked the biggest political scandal since the Bill Clinton impeachment - providing "legal assistance" in exchange for millions of dollars received from the gas giant. Archer and Biden have not been required to disclose their compensation from Burisma, but Bowling Green State University professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett wrote, "Potentially, the Biden family could become billionaires."
So did Joe Biden get Burisma off the hook for $1.8 billion in lost aid funding? Did he or his son get Kolomoisky off the visa ban list? To be sure, many questions still remain and were all conveniently swept under the rug over the "faux outrage" over the Trump impeachment farce. But now that the great impeachment diversion is over, these all too pressing questions can and finally should be asked."
and (after some speculation on the physical movement of the gold reserves):
"Which brings us to the $1.8 billion question: what happened to Ukraine's gold, because if the now former central banker's story is accurate, that's roughly the amount of gold that quietly left the country just days after the US-backed presidential coup. And, it is also roughly how much taxpayer-funded Ukraine aid, procured by Joe Biden while his son was working at Burisma, is now missing.
At this point, there are certainly many pressing questions but one stands out: was the real "quid pro quo" not one of Trump holding up payments to Kiev in exchange for a probe of Biden - which after reading all of the above is more than warranted - but if the quo, namely US support for regime change in Ukraine and almost two billion in now missing taxpayer funds which ended up in an oligarch's bank and mysteriously "vaporized" but not before said oligarch hired the son of the US vice president, wasn't the quid to some 40 tons of Ukraine leaving forever to an unknown destination in the US.
We hope that Trump's second term will provide ample time and opportunity to answer this critical question, and just to set off investigators on the right track, we believe that any investigation should begin with the former central bank head, Gontareva, who he also fled to London where she now lives in self-appointed exile and where she now "fears for her life" after one of her homes near Kiev was badly damaged in an arson attack, and was also injured in August when she was knocked down by a car in London. Failing that, one can always check the flight manifests and the cargo contents of all planes that left the Ukraine and arrived in the US on March 7, 2014 with a cargo consisting of billions of dollars in gold..."
It is funny how we focus on relatively small thefts, but these massive thefts of gold reserves - see also, Libya/Sarko - go unnoticed.

Oh, I forgot this gem:  "Ukraine's tycoon and governor Kolomoisky confesses to holding 3 passports":
"When asked how his holding three passports fitted Ukrainian laws, he said the constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden"

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Can barely recognise

"Alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Joshua Schulte on trial in New York" (Grenfell).  It is not clear to me whether he did it, which would make him one of the few moral employees in the history of the CIA (you can identify the moral ones by the fact they are, or have been, in jail), or whether he is just the scapegoat used to cover for the decision of CIA poobahs not to properly secure sensitive information.  In any event, special treatment of the CIA makes all the national security trials a joke, a parody of a 'fair trial'.

"Mistrial declared in case of anti-coup activists arrested in DC police raid on Venezuelan Embassy".  Basically, jury nullification of another travesty of a national security state show trial.

The Yankee Go Home section.

"The Philippines Are Choosing New Allies - Asia Is Watching" (Vltchek).  "The Philippines Want the U.S. Out and They Are Not Alone" (Kirby).  With some weird gratuitous American propaganda:
"In order for the U.S. to maintain its global military presence it needs to take a look at cases in which occupation has been seen as a positive by locals – South Korea. No matter what one’s personal feelings are about the North and South, the simple fact of the matter is that the Korean Peninsula is an all or nothing game. If the U.S. were to give up on Seoul then the North (with Chinese support) would come down and “unify” the nation. Many South Koreans are happy with the status quo and without the USA being around their lives are going to change quickly violently (and from their perspective) for the worse." 
"Leak Says U.S. Deal With The Taliban Will Allow For Permanent Troop Stay. But Is It True?" (Moon).

Linked only because Newsweek is breaking the iron-clad rule of American (((media))) of only presenting the Zionist/American perspective:  "U.S. Clash in Syria Was the Fault of Americans Deviating From Their Route, Russian Military Claims" (Brennan).  It is extremely bizarre to catch even a whiff of truth from (((these))) professional liars.

"One of the last tweets sent by Pauline Hammerton before she died following Labour suspension".  Once you let these monsters get their foot in the door, you are stuck with them forever, and your political party is completely destroyed:  "Even with Corbyn Gone, Antisemitism Threats Will Keep Destroying the UK Labour Party" (Cook).  The only proper and moral - yes, moral - response to any claim by these evil monsters of anti-Semitism is 1) you fucking murderers and land thieves aren't even Semites, so fuck off, and 2) gas the kikes!  (((They've))) ruined any hope for Britain, all because of their incessant kleptomania.

"American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?" (Giraldi).

More blackmail material for the MEGA Group, much more efficient than Epstein's messy and expensive pedo operation (which still has its place in the blackmail arsenal, directed particularly at a certain type of politician):  "NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence" (Webb).

"UK Regulators Investigating Barclays CEO's Ties To Jeffrey Epstein" (Durden).

"Amazon Provides Free Shipping to Illegal Jewish Settlers, Charges Palestinians".

"Trudeau criticized for shaking hands with Iranian foreign minister after deadly plane crash" (Connolly).  Note the use of the stinktanks, and the quotes for the (((media))) from the stinkers who work there.

"Tweaking ‘Namaste Trump’ is still possible" (Bhadrakumar):
"Which other ruler but Modi would order 5-7 million citizens to come out and line up streets to wave national flags at someone they haven’t even heard of previously and can barely recognise?"

Saturday, February 15, 2020


"Oligarch Buys Political Party - Seeks to Become President" (Moon).

Some thoughts on Bloomberg:
  • he's not in it to win it
  • Bloomberg is a terrible speaker, and would be wrecked by Trump's jibes and tweets, and has an utterly amazing history of saying completely disqualifying things for anybody trying to run as a Democrat (and we haven't even seen all the shiksa humiliation come out yet, but you can bet Trump has people working on it)
  • unlike with Trump, who uses the Presidency to improve the value of his 'brand', being President would only be an inconvenience for Bloomberg
  • he's not spending his own money - I'm thinking a syndicate of American billionaires, each chipping in, say $50 million
  • the issue is Bernie, whose taxes would cost them billions and billions, making $50 million to save billions an excellent rate of return on investment
  • the billionaires looked at Biden, who has basically been running for President his whole life, and spectacularly poorly (he's just not good at it!), and realized he wasn't going to be able to handle Bernie, and the rest of the field are not serious, just angling for cabinet positions
  • the danger is that Bernie might build up so much momentum that he starts clearing the table, state by state
  • the trick all along, and the reason the convention was set up to allow the superdelegates to vote as they wish after the first ballot, is to get past the first ballot, thus making it necessary to ensure Bernie doesn't have enough pledged delegates to win it on the first ballot, a real danger
  • the job of getting enough delegates to block Bernie was Biden's, and he is blowing it, and Bloomberg has set himself up to be the new Biden, perhaps literally replacing him
  • Bloomberg doesn't care who ends up as the eventual nominee - Warren, Biden, Clinton, all equally good, and equally protective of billionaires - just as long as Bernie is blocked
  • sine he's a Republican, he may very well prefer to see Trump reelected, with the debacle of another Bernie shivving on the floor of a Democrat convention just making the Trump reelection all the more likely.

Mystery cults

Political manipulation is now such an industry they've got an annual award for the best liar (it is not clear that they know that Machiavellian isn't usually thought of as a positive trait, or maybe they are just reveling in the evil):  tweet (Peter Hitchens):
"My goodness. Do you think media studies dropout and former lingerie exec @eliothiggins knows who Niccolo Machiavelli was? I'm not sure the title 'Holder of the Machiavelli Award' would be one I'd necessarily boast about."
You'll soon be able to get a PhD in farm animal herding:  "Jerusalem's Hebrew U to Give Students Credit for Volunteering With Right-wing Group That Blacklists Academics" (Kadari-Ovadia).

"Fringe Candidates Are Integral to Election Manipulation" (Madsen).  Of course, almost all the big respectable parties now started as 'fringe', but there does seem to be much more contrivance in picking the candidates with the express purpose of drawing specific support from a feared candidate.  Vote splitting is all the rage.

Tweet (Saagar Enjeti) (first crack in the Clintonista dam, or damn):
"This is actually very significant. When establishment figures start endorsing populists out of opportunism you know you’ve entered a new power dynamic"
"Syria Imposes the Astana Deal by Force as Turkish, Russian Tensions Rise" (Magnier).  "AP Explains: Why Syria’s M5 is Assad’s highway to victory" (Karam). "Syria: M5 highway secured, time for truce" (Bhadrakumar):
"Turkey’s border security is best addressed by fortifying the cardinal principle in inter-state relationships — non-interference in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries."
"Regime Change Wars Have No Basis in International Law" (Taliano). It is the first principle of international law, and has been almost entirely wrecked by the Khazars.

"Erdogan’s Long-Coming Reality Check" (Kadi).

This could get interesting as al-Qaeda is MB/CIA:  "The Houthis may Side with the Muslim Brotherhood against Saudi Arabia" (Shakdam).  Unity through a shared hatred of the Saudis can only be a good thing.

"North Macedonia Is Being Used by NATO to Target Serbia and Russia" (Antonopoulos).  Note the massive amount of effort taken to get to this anti-climactic point.

This takes the trick used to get Soleimani in Iraq and turns it into the real basis of the assassination, stopping Iranian reconciliation with the Gulf States.  Israel has spent a lot of shekels on keeping the Gulf States and Iran at loggerheads, and buying crooked princes into becoming Zionist allies, and wasn't going to allow bleeding heart peaceniks to wreck the whole thing by calling off WWIII.  Thus the American stooge was ordered to kill Soleimani (also explaining why the American government still can't come up with a rationale for the kill)  "US assassinated Suleimani to quash Iran’s talks with Gulf monarchies" (Van Auken).  I'm a little shocked, what with their obvious (((donor))) problem, that WSWS dares publish this (of course, all the blame is put on the Americans).

"Lima Group Meets in Canada: Trudeau Consolidates His Position as Main Trump Ally" (August).

"Trump’s Rocky Relationship with the Mormon Axis" (Maupin). Romney's impeachment vote as part of the religious conspiracy.

"Iranian Hackers Hacked Dutch Schools to Steal Books to Use in School" (Anglin):
"Why the Iranians would not simply download pirated copies of teaching material on Sci-Hub, get them from the Chinese, or buy one copy and then violate the copyright by making many copies of it and distributing it, is not asked."
He ran the flag up the flagpole but the potential uproar over closeted gay #metoo stuff scared him off:  "John Baird will not run for the Conservative leadership".  There is still not one credible non-joke person in the whole country who is willing to take on the debasement of being Conservative leader.

"American Oligarchs II: Glenn Dubin, Patron of Modern Art and Child Sex Slaves" (Striker).

"Bolivia: An Election in the Midst of an Ongoing Coup" (Prashad).  The general abuse of power isn't working, so how are the coup plotters going to win?

"Sinn Fein's Election Victory Is Ireland's 'Brexit Moment'" (Cockburn):
"A further cause of instability is the British government itself: the highly regarded Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith was summarily dismissed in the cabinet reshuffle this week, despite winning plaudits from all sides for brokering the power-sharing deal between Sinn Fein and the DUP that reopened the assembly at Stormont. Smith’s was reportedly sacked due to pledging to investigate alleged crimes committed by British soldiers during the Troubles.

Getting rid of Smith may be an early sign that, under Johnson, English nationalist sensitivities will get priority over keeping Northern Ireland stable. The arrogance and ignorance of Brexiteers when it comes to Ireland has infuriated Irish opinion over the last few years with the Home Secretary Priti Patel famously suggesting that the Irish, who have vivid memories of the Great Famine, could be starved into making concessions."
Cultural appropriation: "Black Woman Apologizes to the Gays After Telling Them to Stop Wearing Women’s Clothes" (Anglin).

Friday, February 14, 2020

Learning too much

Don't let it be said that Michael Bloomberg doesn't pull his weight as a Khazar, with award-winning numbers of #metoo sexually humiliated shiksas:  "Why Is Bloomberg's Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?" (Bassett).  Running as an identity-politics Democrat, and apparently doing very well!

Tweet (Yasha Levine) (we're almost getting too much of The Clarification):
"Imagine going to the top private schools in America and thinking that you're part of the smartest, most enlightened class in the world. And then pumping out this nativist garbage..."
Beardboy and The Nazi really, really want that Security Council seat - just for their own personal egos, it really makes no difference to real human beings - and it would be amazing - not to mention the sending of a wonderful message - if they lost it over a pipeline!:  "Canada does not deserve seat at UN Security Council: Opinion" (Palmater).

"More Lies on Iran: the White House Just Can’t Help Itself as New Facts Emerge" (Giraldi).

"Points for discussion: not necessarily my positions." (Lang).  2 and 5 are so stupid, it hurts (an ongoing problem is the basic stupidity of American 'conservatives').  3 is not true, although that's their job as opposition.  6, 8 and 9 are indubitable.  10 is ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure Bernie might (Secretary of Defense!).

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rule of law

"WATCH: US military convoy met with HAIL OF BULLETS in north Syria… and Russian convoy intervenes to break up the fight".  Metaphor for everything - Americans illegally occupying a foreign country violently overreact to local resistance to their presence, kill some civilians, and the Russians come along to calm everybody down.

Thread on 'Money Bags' Bloomberg by Blake Zeff.  Politics is the art of buying everybody off.

Thread on Trudeau and 'rule of law' by Walking Eagle News.  We're also getting lots of unnecessary lessons on Canadian constitutional law from Trudeau.

Louis Allday on Sanders and socialism, Sanders and Palestine.  The American 'left' is so far right that there is enormous room to be well to the left of it without being anywhere near socialism.  We can't expect very much from a Khazar on Palestine, as the Palestinians are living on land the Khazars want to steal, and kleptomania rules.

It is funny how stealing the pensions from people is now depicted by corporadoes shamelessly as a positive move, good for everybody.

"wealthy Jewish bankers and the wars they start"

Greenwald on Frum (also); it is always unclear if Chait is as dumb as he consistently appears to be; American exceptionalist responses mostly agree with Chait!

A thorn to the smug

State-backed media manipulator accuses non-state-backed journalism outlet of the unpardonable sin of being a state-backed media manipulator:  "State-backed Alliance for Securing Democracy disinfo shop falsely smears The Grayzone as ‘state-backed’" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Carlos Latuff) (another example of the new openness in Khazar boasting, in this case about the complete Khazar control of American politics):
"When someone tells you that it's "anti-Semitic" to say #Israel controls U.S. politics, show this tweet."
The AIPAC blood libel against Democrats: "Sanders campaign must not sugarcoat Israeli racism" (Brown).

The background on Bibi's protection of the Odeh murderers:  "Netanyahu has long run cover for Israel's biggest racists" (Sheen). When the Khazars are pushed into the sea, they will be able to blame it all on the promotion by Bibi of the worst settler policies for his short-term political gains.  To be fair, there's not a smidgen of real difference between the worst of the Kahanists and your average lite Zionist (that's why Bibi kept getting those short term political gains!).  Murdering and land theft is a universal Khazar characteristic, and the only difference is one of tone.

"Exclusive: Mysterious professor at heart of Trump-Russia scandal heard for the first time" (Riley-Smith).  If this is real Mifsud is still alive, and he directly contradicts the Papadopoulos account of the meeting with regard to whether he told Papadopoulos that saying Russia had dirt on Killary, which is, after all, the whole underlying basis of #Russiagate.

Gosztola thread on the latest attack on Sanders from John Ralston, the guy who fabricated the Nevada chair-throwing incident in 2016.

Really good news from Canada!  "Dead at 68: Christie Blatchford was a tenacious voice for victims, a thorn to the smug" (Humphreys) (from the world's worst newspaper).  "A thorn to the smug" - ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tweet (William Owen):
"CBC is so dead"
"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Believer in Biological Sex?" (Lesnick).  Clown World sneaks in because normal well-meaning people can't imagine that anything as nuts as Clown World could possibly be taken seriously.  Btw, this is almost entirely a Khazar construct, and the same inability to recognize Pure Evil has allowed (((them))) to get away with, literally, murder.  We just can't comprehend how bad (((they))) are.

""Trump Gives Conditional Go Ahead on Peace Deal With Taliban" NY Times" (Lang).  The Taliban has to prove itself capable of peace.  To the Americans!