Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cigars, again

"The OAS Lied about the Bolivian Election and Coup, Deliberately…" (Weisbrot).  When an official US stooge operation like the OAS or the OPCW sticks its head in you should immediately know we're in for a rough time of complete lying, yet the (((media))), of course, immediately jumps on the findings as incontrovertible facts.  HRW and other, Khazar fronts play a similar role, studiously ignoring or downplaying massive human rights violations by Israel and its stooge, but always ready to jump in to back up whatever the American imperial play is (btw, this is one of the few services the Khazars give back to the empire in return for all the aid and Wars For The Jews).

"EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico ranch: Jaw-dropping pictures show pedophile's eight person party shower, life-sized installation of a crucified Jesus and 'underground strip club where teens would entertain VIP guests'":
"'I had seen things in the house, on the computers, which made me evaluate whether I should be working for him or not. There was numerous photographs in frames, in his library, his office, on the walls, of young underage girls topless and him and various other powerful people.

'Celebrities, entertainment people, political people, Bill Clinton, he wasn't shy about having those in the house… I have seen a picture of him and Bill Clinton smoking cigars on pool lounge chairs with underage topless girls."
"Turkey And Europe On Collision Course Over Energy Agenda" (Meliksetian):
"It is unclear how Turkey will exploit potential gas discoveries when Western energy companies are not allowed to share technological know-how. Ankara could turn to Russia's state-owned energy companies who are under Western sanctions themselves and therefore would be willing to make a deal with Ankara. However, Moscow historically has enjoyed good relations with Cyprus due to their shared Orthodox religion. Consequentially, it remains uncertain how Russia will play this geopolitical conundrum.
Realistically, Turkey’s options here are limited. Despite the fraught relations, the country remains a member of NATO and its most important economic partners are Western countries. Therefore, Ankara will most likely choose to deescalate before matters go out-of-hand."
"Calgary rejects Israel lobby’s biased anti-Semitism definition" (Barrows-Friedman). More traditional shekeled voting at the end of the article.

We're all Palestinians now:  "Macron Unleashes Massacre On His Own People! Paris a War Zone Now!" (Batty).

"DNA Test Reveals Hunter Biden Fathered Arkansas Child" (Durden). US Presidents always have an embarrassing loser relative who tries to take advantage of the new notoriety and causes constant PR problems for the President, and we already know who the loser is in the unlikely event of President Biden.

Tweet (Maggie McNeary) (Russian quotation marks!):
"Yeah hi I am not a Russian troll, I just work at a paper in lil ole Arkansas Sorry to disappoint @juliaioffe"
Which leads us to notice the unnoticeable, which is that this sad attempt at 'impeachment' is an almost 100% Khazar production.  "They’re All JEWISH! Trump About to Be Done in By Cabal of Kikes at Impeachment Hearing!!" (Batty/Anglin).

"The Schiff Committee Finds No Impeachable Offense against Donald Trump" (Parsons).  "Impeachment Circus - Today's Bombshell Is Another Dud" (Moon).  What we're seeing is a bunch of swamp creatures, all of whom have a very militaristic view of facing off against Russia (hopefully using ginned up conflict with Ukraine to restart the Cold War and even start WWIII), and some of whom even have Ukrainian nationalist tendencies, having a big policy difference with the elected President, and Shifty trying to turn that into an impeachable offense by running through a list of people who heard the same call and disagreed with it (for a terrible Trump conspiracy, it appears that most of Washington was listening in!).  Trump's sin in their eyes is that he is too diplomatic, but I can't see any way to make that into an impeachable offense, unless you want the swamp to prevail over an elected President, a horrible precedent for the Democrats to set.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

An understanding

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"How many times now has it happened that people - with great preening & indignation - posted something online about the moral evils of Trump's immigration detention centers, only to slink away when it turned out it was from Obama years? My favorite example:"
Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):
"As the House holds hearings to impeach Trump for "abuse of power," Pelosi just rushed through an extension of the Patriot Act, giving that very same president vast, unchecked powers to spy on American citizens. This makes sense only in Washington..."
Tweet (Thomas Massie):
"Today, while everyone is distracted by impeachment drama, Congress will extend warrantless data collection provisions of the #PatriotAct, by hiding this language on page 25 of the CR that temporarily funds the Govt. To sneak this through, Democrats are suspending the 72 hour rule"
"Is the Middle East Beginning a Self-Correction?" (Crooke).  The end of sectarianism - out of sheer economic necessity - would be ruinous for the plans of the Khazars and their sad Assholian stooges.   Canada went through this same debate - interrupted by a terrorist assassination - in the 1860s (McGee was also profoundly anti-American).

"Chinese Rebels" (Dinh).

This is so dangerously stupid it is at a recent CounterPunch level of stupid, and puts Lindorff on the permanent blacklist:  "Student Protesters are Walking a Tightrope in Hong Kong":
"I don’t buy the claim being made by some in Hong Kong that the current student revolt — being conducted by young people most of whom were actually born since the handover of the city to China — is the work of outsiders and of outside funding by the likes of billionaire anti-communist George Soros. (Believe me, whether it’s a good strategy or not, the students barricaded inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University and under assault by police threatening to go after them using live gunfire are not doing what they’re doing for a check from Soros! They’re committed to an extent that few of us in the US have been committed to anything in our lives."
The fact that the many victims of globo-homo-Rothschildo have legitimate complaints is no reason to accept color revolutions - which will make things even worse -  as legitimate expressions of the will of the people.

"There Are Riots In Iran And The Usual Suspect Are On It" (Moon).  Much Clarification these days.

"Iran’s ‘Only Crime Is We Decided Not to Fold’" (Escobar).

"The Roger Stone – Wikileaks – Russia Hoax" (Murray).  This great 'victory' for the Clinonistas of the Stone conviction is actually a deep refutation of the entire mythology that Clinton lost due to Assange working with Putin to install Trump.

"Occupied Palestine: From BDS To ODS" (Zeese/Flowers).  "Finally the USA Supports the One State Solution" (Atzmon).  I detect a profound 'anti-Semitism' in Trump, with the idea being to grant the Khazars enough rope to hang themselves.

Classic Eurotrash, completely beneath contempt:  "How EU foreign policy chief spent 5 years pandering to Israel" (Cronin). I'll bet she has a marvellous shekel collection.

"Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Into Julian Assange" (Durden) (also, "Collapse of Swedish “sexual misconduct” frame-up exposes political conspiracy against Assange").  Before you go nuts and buy a massively over-priced Volvo or some junk furniture from Ikea, remember that this is probably just a CIA-ordered trick to block any possible defense argument - not that Assange's 'defense' would actually do anything to defend him - that Assange should be returned to Sweden before the Assholains get their crack at him.  Sweden seems to be having a remarkably bad time at integrating a relatively small number of 'refugees' (hyper-ironically, one of the results of all the Wars For The Jews), and I don't wish those Swedish bastards any luck in solving the problem.

"A massive scandal: how Assange, his doctors, lawyers and visitors were all spied on for the U.S." (Maurizi).  "Britain obstructs Spanish investigation into CIA spying on Julian Assange" (Grenfell).

Tweet (Hanna Jonasson):
"One week before Sweden opened its "preliminary investigation" in 2010: "US Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks - The Obama administration has asked UK, Germany, Australia and other allies to consider criminal charges against Assange for his Afghan war leaks" | @thedailybeast"
Apparently declaring International Law over and done with was one step too far for the dips in Ottawa, resulting in a rare moral vote (and rumor has it that The Nazi is about to be replaced as Minister of Foreign Affairs and shifted to some other portfolio, based on the need for Alberta representation in cabinet, and her origins in Alberta, as that's where her Nazi grandfather ended up, without mentioning the grandfather!):  "Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements" (Dyer).

"The Truth About World War II Is Beginning to Emerge 74 Years Later" (Roberts).  Despite all the Khazar thought police, Irving's history is just too good to be kept down.  WWI and WWII (and WWIII) are all Wars For The Jews, using their characteristic techniques at herding the farm animals by exploiting moral weaknesses in politicians.

"Holocaust Training for American Police" (Giraldi).  Perhaps the worst thing about the unbearable luxury of hosting parasitic Khazars is that the bribery and blackmail brings us all down to their moral level.

"Dear Friends: Tell Me How This Ends" (Van Buren).  Part of The Clarification.

"What Republicans Must Ask the Whistleblower" (Van Buren):
"Americans in government and military are mostly decent people. Unlike some who hold power in banana republics, they are unlikely to be convinced to undermine the president for personal gain. But give them a crusade, tell them they are heroes Mueller failed to be, and they will convince themselves anything is justified. Those impure motivations are what transformed the witnesses now driving impeachment from being dissenters to insubordinate into convincing themselves they needed to make a stand. Vindman gives it away, saying he twice “registered internal objections about how Mr. Trump and his inner circle were treating Ukraine,” out of what he called a “sense of duty.” Duty to what?
The not very anonymous whistleblower is only 33-years-old, but of the mold. Ivy League, CIA, language guy, a Ukraine specialist who found himself and his knowledge embraced by Obama and Biden — the right guy in the right place — until he was set aside by Trump with new policy. Taylor fancies himself the last honest man, shepherding U.S.-Ukrainian policy through rough waters, having been ambassador to Ukraine 2006-2009. Yovanovitch was a partisan, representing her own vision, not that of the elected leadership, because she was sure she knew better after her years at State. Best and the brightest. They were professional, seasoned dammit, look at their resumes! The uniform!
If they came to being whistleblowers and then players in politics honestly, then were simply side-slipped into becoming pawns, they should be quietly retired, this generation’s Colin Powell. But if they are agent provocateurs, they need to be fired. That’s why we need to talk to the whistleblower, to understand that difference.
That’s for them, now for us. If this all was just a hearing on bad policy planning and what happens when knuckleheads like Rudy Giuliani get involved, it would make interesting history. If this was a long-overdue review of U.S. relations with Ukraine, it would be welcome. But as an attempt to impeach the president, it is a sordid, empty, brazen, political tactic hardly worthy of the term coup. It sets a terrible example of what we will tolerate from the bureaucracy if we hate the incumbent president enough. It opens the door to political opportunism, and informs real would-be insubordinates how to proceed more effectively. It signals chaos to our allies and opens opportunity to our enemies.
There’s a fine line between necessary dissent and wicked insubordination, between conscience and disobedience, but there is a line and it appears to have been crossed here. The attack is no longer on policy, on which Taylor and Vindman may lay some claim, it is on the president and only the voters should have that say."
Tweet (Saagar Enjeti):
"More and more it seems that the real reason any of this is happening is that Trump almost messed with apparently sacrosanct military aid to Ukraine

Fundamentally a foreign policy disagreement"

Tweet (Camila):
"Incase it was missed: U.S. embassy vehicle licence plate 28-CD-17 participated in the police operation in which Cuban doctors in were unjustly detained in La Paz, Bolivia."
Tweet (Mark Ames) (note the reply from Marisol Nostromo:  "It seems very odd that you would want to besmirch the late Mr. LaRouche with some sort of obscure linkage to Fiona Hill."!):
"Fiona Hill’s LaRouche connection. A weird & degrading time this is, all around"
"With eye on India, Pakistan strengthens military ties with Iran" (Bhadrakumar):
"Zarif acknowledged at a recent meeting in Tehran with a group of visiting Indian writers and journalists that US economic and political actions had created “an understanding” between China, Russia and Iran “that we’re all (US) targets” and there was “a commonality being felt” by the leaderships of the three countries. Of course, Islamabad is well aware of it, having been a “target” itself. "

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

International Law

"Israeli settlements: Trump administration engages in mind-boggling legal acrobatics to justify the unjustifiable" (Ruebner):
"In addition to overturning a four-decade-old legal opinion on Israeli settlements, Pompeo's statement was also alarming for at least two further reasons.

First, it seeks to codify a deference to Israeli unilateralism on final status issues that all previous administrations agreed needed to be negotiated directly between Israel and the Palestinians.

Now, however, the Trump administration has made clear that the Israeli judicial system will be the only determinant of the scale of Israel's colonisation of Palestinian land. "The Israeli legal system affords an opportunity to challenge settlement activity and assess humanitarian considerations connected to it," Pompeo claimed. "Israeli courts have confirmed the legality of certain settlement activities and has concluded that others cannot be legally sustained.

True, in a few instances Israeli courts have ruled in favour of removing settlement outposts established without the government's authorisation and have rerouted segments of Israel's illegal West Bank wall. However, these are exceptions that prove the rule: Israeli courts have overwhelmingly supplied a judicial veneer of "legality" to Israel's illegal colonization of Palestinian land.

Second, and perhaps even more disturbing not only for Israeli-Palestinian issues but for US foreign policy in general, was Pompeo's wholesale disregard for and repudiation of international law as a paradigm for conflict resolution.

"Calling the establishment of civilian settlements inconsistent with international law hasn't worked. It hasn't advanced the cause of peace. The hard truth is there will never be a judicial resolution to the conflict, and arguments about who is right and wrong as a matter of international law will not bring peace," Pompeo argued.

To the extent that the Trump administration's erratic, Twitter-driven foreign policy can be said to have any coherence, this extraordinary statement by Pompeo may go down in history as the Trump Doctrine: international law is inimical to advancing peace and right and wrong is determined by power, not principle."

"Trump Goes to Israel: Another Settler from the United States?" (Giraldi):
"Also, in a statement that should offend and serve as a wake-up call for all of America’s remaining Arab friends, Trump described how he was able to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He claimed that when he received calls from Arab leaders objecting to the proposed shift, he refused to speak to them, saying to his aides “Just tell them I’m very busy, I’ll call them back. And then I did it, we got it done, it’s done. And then I announced it, and then I went into the office, I made about 25 calls…. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s done already; there’s nothing I could do about it.’ It’s much easier. I say, ‘I’m sorry, I wish I could have gotten back to you sooner.’”"

Monday, November 18, 2019

The jackboots have boot straps

"Gilets-Jaunes: The French Insurrection One Year On" (Myers).

"Washington Makes Endless War And Calls It Peace" (Larison).

"Despite a Jewish President, Ukraine keeps honoring Nazi collabos (with a bit of help from America)" (Levine). "Why Are We in Ukraine?" (Cohen).  ""...Tucker Carlson Criticized for Saying 'Russia Poses No Threat to the United States At All'"" (Lang).

"'The Real Ukraine Controversy': John Solomon Exposes How Rogue US Embassy Conducted Foreign Policy" (Solomon) (makes whatever Trump is alleged to have done look like standard American operating procedure):
"I learned that Ukrainian officials, particularly the country’s prosecutors, viewed Yovanovitch as the embodiment of an activist U.S. embassy in Kiev that ruffled feathers by meddling in internal law enforcement cases inside the country.
My sources told me specifically that the U.S. embassy had pressured the Ukraine prosecutors in 2016 to drop or avoid pursuing several cases, including one involving the Soros-backed AntiCorruption Action Centre and two cases involving Ukraine officials who criticized Donald Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort.
To back up their story, my sources provided me a letter then-embassy official George Kent wrote proving it happened. State officials authenticated the letter. And Kent recently acknowledged in this testimony he signed that letter. You can read the letter here.
With the help of a Ukrainian American intermediary and the Ukraine general prosecutor’s press office, I then secured an interview in mid-March 2016 with Ukraine’s then top prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko. In the interview that was videotaped and released for the whole world to see, Lutsenko alleged that in his first meeting in 2016 with Yovanovitch, the U.S. ambassador conveyed the names of several Ukrainians she did not want to see investigated and prosecuted. He called it, colloquially, a “do not prosecute list.”
The State Department denied such as list, calling it a fantasy, and I quoted that fair comment in my original stories. But before I published, I held the Lutsenko interview for a few days to do more reporting. State arranged for me to talk to a senior official about the Lutsenko-embassy relationship.
I provided the names that Lutsenko claimed had been cited by the embassy. That senior official said he couldn’t speak to what transpired in the specific meeting between Yovanovitch and Lutsenko. But that official then provided me this surprising confirmation: “I can confirm to you that at least some of those names are names that U.S. embassy Kiev raised with the General Prosecutor because we were concerned about retribution and unfair treatment of Ukrainians viewed as favorable to the United States.”
In other words, State was confirming its own embassy had engaged in pressure on Ukrainian prosecutors to drop certain law enforcement cases, just as Lutsenko and other Ukrainian officials had alleged.
When I asked that State official whether this was kosher with the Geneva Convention’s prohibition on internal interference, he answered: “Kiev in recent years has been a bit more activist and autonomous than other embassies.”"
"The Eighteenth Brumaire of Macho Camacho: Jeffery R. Webber and Forrest Hylton on the Coup in Bolivia" (Smith interview of Webber/Hylton, who I guess speak with one voice).

"Protestors Massacred in Post-Coup Bolivia" (Arigho-Stiles).

"Western Media Whitewash Bolivia’s Far-Right Coup" (Koerner/Vaz).

"Self-proclaimed Guaido Congratulates the New Self-proclaimed in Bolivia: Believe It or Not".  The jackboots have boot straps.

Tweet (Ben Norton) (part of the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights', thus wrecking the usefulness of concept for everyone):
"Neoliberal regime-change lobbyist Ken Roth, director of billionaire oligarch-funded HRW, is openly supporting the far-right military coup in Bolivia. He is spreading right-wing propaganda depicting elected president Evo as the aggressor The "Human Rights" industry in a nutshell"
"The Mapuche Resistance Is Central to Chile’s Political Change" (Wadi). "Race is Central to Both Revolution and Reaction in Latin American" (Ford).  The coup plotters don't even try to hide the racism.

"“Rising Tensions within OPCW”" (van de Beek).  "The OPCW and Douma: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors" (Steele).  "The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It." (Johnstone).  The internal dissent at the deep and essential crookedness of the OPCW continues.  Like the International Criminal Court, which obviously exists only to attempt to jail perceived enemies of Zionist expansion, the OPCW exists solely to produce fraudulent evidence for more Wars For The Jews.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Jose Bustani, the founding director of the OPCW, also met w/ the organization's whistleblowers & concluded the report on Douma was not credible. Back in 2002, John Bolton personally threatened Bustani & unlawfully orchestrated his firing from the OPCW:"
"Cyprus: Police Seize an Israeli Spy Van" (Rogers). But did they dance when caught?

"The Role of Russia’s Military Police in Syria. The Deal between Russia and Turkey?" (Sahiounie).

"Iran: Economic Blockade and Crowd Protests were also How the US made the 1953 Coup" (Cole).  Colored revolutions predate even Soros.

Tweet (Craig Murray):
"You really are not going to believe this but I am not making it up. The Pizza Express Wikipedia entry was this morning being edited to remove all references to Prince Andrew by - Philip Cross. Honestly"
Given the ongoing enthusiasm for Pizzagate in some circles, the choice by Randy Andy of a pizza restaurant to serve as his alibi seems a bit bold.

"Anti-Semitism Bandwagon Resumes Against Corbyn" (Cook).  "Jeremy’s Jackboots: Even More Jewish Hysteria about Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party" (Langdon).  (((They))) are so self-centered and so evil that (((they))) will subject the entire British people to years of Boris rather than see somebody with a humane approach to the Palestinians be elected.

Disgraced swamp creature on the prowl:  "Saudi Arabia is ‘gradually running out of money’ and needs IPO to fund reforms, ex-CIA chief says" (Ellyatt).

"A Secret Summit" (Risen).  Crazy Pierre would like you to know that five years ago the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (minus Suleimani, who couldn't get a Turkish visa) met with the Muslim Brotherhood in what turned out to be a useless meeting.  Wow!  Also:  "A Spy Complex Revealed"  (Risen, etc), which makes the Iran-Iraq relationship look much more nuanced that the neocon position that Iran has full control over the government of Iraq.  Tweet (Occupy the democrats):
"Too bad the Intercept is now nothing more than a state propaganda outlet for regime change."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"So The Intercept (like the US/Israel) wants us to think Iran is the real imperialist power in Iraq, not the US which brutally bombed Iraq in '90, then imposed genocidal sanctions that killed 100,000s, then invaded in '03 and killed a million more while destroying state structures"
"No one in Israel knew they were committing a massacre, and they didn't care" (Levy):
"Reporter Yaniv Kubovich revealed the shocking truth on Friday on the Haaretz website : The target had not been re-examined for at least one year prior to the strike, the individual who was supposedly its target never existed and the intelligence was based on rumors. The bomb was dropped anyway. The result: eight bodies in colorful shrouds, some of them horrifically tiny, all in a row; members of a single extended family, the Asoarkas, five of them children — including two infants."
"Michael Lynk’s UN Report on Israeli Settlements Speaks the Truth, But the World Refuses to Listen" (Fisk).

"Israel has cracked down on Palestinian education, criminalising hundreds of students" (Giovannetti).

"Russia Says BRICS Seeking Common, Non-Dollar Payment System" (Durden).

"Fiona Hill Fails The Truth Test — Reveals Her Value As A Kremlin Asset" (Helmer).  These people believe their own Cold War bullshit so completely they come across as retarded.

"Permanence of Liberal Democracy 'Is an Illusion'" (Pfister interview with the Devil).  Note that the reason the US has to stay in Europe as otherwise the Germans will become Nazis again.

"Peter Handke Won the Nobel Prize After Two Jurors Fell for a Conspiracy Theory About the Bosnia War" (Maass).  Handke was a worthy winner - these days a very unusual thing - and it is fun to see another airing of 'conspiracy theory' in the post-Epstein-suicide world, especially as there were no saints in that conflict and the Serbs have been unfairly singled out as the only bad guys, for the usual imperialist reasons (too friendly with Russia).

"UN special rapporteur exposes Swedish sexual misconduct frame-up of Assange" (Grenfell).  The Swedish judicial/prosecutorial system is a joke, a branch office of the CIA.

So apparently there are judicial conflicts of interest so outrageous that the British establishment can be embarrassed into doing something about them (though it remains unclear if she has actually been removed or just shifted into a supervisory role, which doesn't fix the problem):  "Arbuthnot Out as Assange’s Judge, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer Jen Robinson".  If Assange's lawyers were interested in getting him freed - and I have to say I see no evidence that they want to do anything other than turn him over to the Americans asap - Arbuthnot's conflict would have been, and still is, an excellent grounds for appeal.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

A positive act

I rarely praise The Guardian, but kudos on the splendid headline (I wonder if the Queen gets a free pie for the product placement - 'Pizza Express, the pizza for when you're not raping children!'):  "Prince Andrew: I didn’t have sex with teenager, I was home after Pizza Express in Woking" (Doward).  Mangled excuse which is pretty close to a confession:
"In a sometimes rambling and contradictory account of their friendship, which drew accusations of arrogance from viewers, the prince insisted he had not had sex with any women trafficked by Epstein in any of his properties. He confirmed that he had flown on Epstein’s now notorious jet, nicknamed the Lolita Express, and stayed on his private island and at his home in Palm Beach, as well as at his New York mansion.

“If you’re a man it is a positive act to have sex with somebody,” the prince explained. “You have to … take some sort of positive action and so therefore if you try to forget it’s very difficult to try and forget a positive action and I do not remember anything.”"
"High-stakes gamble on TV interview over Epstein backfires on Duke of York" (Doward):
"Charlie Proctor, editor of the Royal Central website, said: “I expected a train wreck. That was a plane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, triggering a nuclear explosion level bad.”"
"“The Palace… Threatened Us a Million Different Ways”." (Murray).  Comment by Mary on remembering long ago meals at Pizza Express.  Philip Cross has taken an interest in the Pizza Express page.

Tweet (Ian Fraser) (and responses):
"Prince Andrew says he never went upstairs in Ghislaine Maxwell's London home."
"Prince Andrew says sex claims against him can’t be true as ‘he can’t sweat’" (Roberts).

"Pizza Express in Woking flooded with fake reviews after Prince Andrew interview" (Menendez):
"Google reviewers poked fun at the condition, with one saying he found it strange that a man next to him didn’t break into a sweat despite eating a spicy pizza. The reviewer wrote: ‘Love this place. I had a cracking pizza here in 2001. I remember it was 2001 because it was very strange the guy next to me had an American Hot pizza with extra chillies… not a drop of sweat came off him. Very odd.’"
"Another joked: ‘Thoroughly enjoyed my American pizza on a balmy Spring evening in 2001. Only negative was that the air con was broken and after a while it started to become very hot and stuffy. ‘There only seemed to be one man there not breaking out into a sweat, which he claimed was because of an overdose of adrenaline. ‘Overall, I had a fantastic meal and would recommend. Why go anywhere else (i.e. Tramps in London) when you could go here and be treated like Royalty by the fantastic staff?’".

$6.4 Trillion

"The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis" (Corbett).  Hosting and coddling Khazars by having your bribed and blackmailed politicians supply them with constant Wars For The Jews is a luxury that nobody can afford.  Btw, 801,000 is a massive under count, being far less that the number of victims of anti-gentilism in Iraq alone.

"How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Get away with Murder in Gaza" (Baroud). We seem to be in a particularly odious period of maximum (((media))) lying, on just about everything.

"Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent" (Muhawesh).  "YouTube To Delete All Accounts That Aren't "Commercially Viable" Starting Dec. 10th" (Huff).

Tweet (Jeb Sprague):
"Very important. In addition to the statistical analysis by @ceprdc undermining the #Bolivia "electoral fraud" claims by @OAS_official, here is a new study by Professor Walter R. Mebane,Jr., of the Department of Political Science & Dept of Statistics at the University of Michigan."
The quibbling of the 'left' in failing to support Morales, and even refusing to use the c-word, follows the pattern of similar behavior with respect to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, etc.  It's part of The Clarification.

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"In which the New York Times attempts to blame anti-indigenous racism in Bolivia on Evo Morales while also downplaying the fascism of the coup plotters who took over (racist police are “rebels”)"
Tweet (Atahualpa Quiroga):
"The Añez government in Bolivia has just emitted a decree exempting the military of any legal responsibility for abuses committed during repression. License to kill. #BoliviaEnDictadura"
"The Coup in Bolivia: Five Lessons" (Boron). Chavez made sure that the army was sufficiently stocked with officers from the poor and indigenous, and established a national militia of the people, and both steps have served Venezuela very well in the face of extreme outside pressure, and even some mini failed coups from the military.  Morales took no steps to protect against a future military coup against Bolivia, and we can all see the result.

"Bolivia Does Not Exist" (Prashad).

The unabashedly anti-indigenous racist statements of the self-proclaimed caudillo of Bolivia have scared off Canada's virtue-signaller-in-chief:  "Canada hesitates to recognize Bolivia's new president" and "Canada will 'support' Bolivian opposition government"(Dyer).

Well, at least the ridiculous impeachment hearings are good for something: "Russia-Ukraine relations take leap of faith" (Bhadrakumar).

The Atlantic Council:  "David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 1" (Stockman).

"Why aren’t Americans rising up like the people of Chile and Lebanon?" (Benjamin/Davies).  The old joke is because they haven't got an American embassy to organize the protesting, but it is still a good question.  Of course, Putin was blamed for the last real uprising, BLM, which was suppressed by the (((media))), with Dersh even calling them 'anti-Semitic'!  Charlottesville turned out to be a planned and neatly executed suppression of any future mass protesting by the 'Deporables', and the extreme Israeli-trained policing takes care of any expressions of uppityness that might get out of hand.  To a large extent, the mass Assholian PR war against anything smacking of 'socialism' tends to remove the only organizing principle that has been useful for the oppressed in other places in the world.

Trump's pardonee:  tweet (Fred Wellman):
"Every one of his men testified against him. He’s not a hero. He’s not misunderstood. He wasn’t worn down by combat after only being there less than a week. He’s a war criminal."
"SPLC Hires Law Firm Specializing in "Union Avoidance"" (Sailer).  Like Walmart does!  Very 'progressive'.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Thea Riofrancos thread on the 'lithium coup'.  As we've seen so often with Wars For The Jews, stealing a specific resource is almost never the reason for attempts at regime change, although it is often used as the imaginary benefit the neocons hold out to fool the goyim.  See also Trump's insistence on stealing the oil from Syria - likely just repeating something that Sheldon said in his threatening phone call insisting on Yinon - a theft which is practically problematic.  We don't need any explanations other that Morales was the most successful progressive politician in the world today, and was setting a terrible example.

"AP sources: Epstein jail guards had been offered plea deal".  Which they refused.

'Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself':  Assad!  "Gentleman Assad Absolutely DUNKS On Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Story" (Batty).  "Assad Goes Red Pill In Interview: Epstein, Bin Laden & Baghdadi 'Liquidated' As "They Knew Vital Secrets"" (Durden).  Makes perfect sense to remove witnesses who might want to share stories inconsistent with the Official Story.

"Who Was the Founder of the White Helmets? Was He Killed by the Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh)?" (Sadiq). Though the theory that Le Mesurier  was killed by ISIS for revealing the location of Baghdadi is inconsistent with the theory that Turkey always knew where he was, and revealed his location in return for Trump's agreeing to the Turkish invasion of Syria.

Tweet (trapdinawrpool):
"Freeland drives this government's foreign policy which has seen it not only offer support for right wing coups but at times be an active participant instead of the media calling this out they call for her to become deputy PM and opine that she is Trudeau's natural replacement"
"Canada, under the heavy influence of Zionist interest groups, is known to regularly draft an anti-Iran resolution every year."

"As Lula Emerges From Prison, US Media Ignore How Washington Helped Put Him There" (Mier). It's hilarious - and baffling - that the (((media))) has any credibility at all.

"The Worst-case Scenario In Lebanon: Civil War" (Magnier).  The saving grace for Lebanon from a color revolution coup is that any such action promoted by outside Zionist forces would only strengthen Hezbollah, exactly the opposite of what (((they))) want.

"Fireworks Erupt As Schiff Shields Questions Over Biden And Burisma" (Durden).  Note Solomon's fifteen questions at the end.  More questions:  "Impeachment Witness Questions" (Van Buren).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (and Maté):
"It's complete bullshit to assert that the January, 2017 @politico article on DNC election cooperation/collusion with Ukraine is vague or poorly sourced. Everyone knows who the DNC agents were working with Ukrainian officials to get dirt on Trump and Manafort. And it worked:"
"The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate" (Maté).

"Trump Slams "Biggest Double Standard In History" After Roger Stone Found Guilty Of Lying" (Durden).  The convictions only work if you accept that Stone in fact had no privileged communication with WikiLeaks, and no access to the emails.  He was lying to give the Trump campaign some reason to pay for his services, and then, for reasons I don't understand (perhaps not willing to admit he lies to make himself more marketable), continued the lying when he was officially questioned.  I think that's why the usual gloating of the Clintonistas over his fate is a little muffled - his conviction is not consistent with the overarching Clintonista narrative of Russian meddling and that Assange stole the election from Killary for Trump.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Where's the gal?

"RAY McGOVERN: Ukraine For Dummies".  Remember all the hoopla about the last two impeachments?  This one, which started with ((('Shifty'))) outright lying about Putin's designs on a 'Russian empire', has already crash landed, and nobody outside of the Clintonista beltway gives a fuck.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Yovanovitch coming off far more of a doctrinaire Cold War hawk than I expected. Also, that family history she described...Ukrainian parents who fled Soviets to Nazi Germany, from Nazi Germany to Canada...has a very Chrystia Freeland/Grandpa Chomiak ring to it."
Remember when the Nazis used to pal around with Republicans like Reagan?  "The World Anti-Communist League: the Internationale of Crime" (Meyssan).  Now they tend to hang with, or be, 'liberals'!

"The CRA is going after the wealthy family behind the West Edmonton Mall. Here’s why" (McLean).  The (((Ghermezian family))).  You may remember the fall of the (((Reichmann family))).

"How Israeli spy tech reaches deep into our lives" (Cook).  The problem with letting the psychopathic Khazars have their way with the Palestinians is that we will all soon be Palestinians.

I first thought that this was some kind of parody account, or perhaps an art project, making fun of the protestors:  "Ted | Evolution of a protestor: resistance as an ‘occupation’ - "We must turn our grief into action."".  See.

(((Klein))) flamed out on Bolivia.  (((The Left))) seems, finally, to have met its Turing Test.

Added:  "The son of Julian Assange’s judge is linked to an anti-data leak company created by the UK intelligence establishment" (Kennard/Curtis).  The web of judicial criminality.

Tweet (Ben White):
"As Haaretz put it somewhat drily yesterday: "Palestinian authorities do not report psychological injuries.""
Tweet (Dan) ((((Lloyd Blankfein)))):
"Hey Lloyd, whos the gal?"

Bizarre viral craze



Tacky sweater.


Change My Mind.


"'Epstein didn't kill himself' meme joins the mainstream as viral craze now infiltrates Congress" (Norman/Wulfsohn/Flood).  "Bizarre viral craze".

"Lawmaker posts cryptic Jeffrey Epstein message during impeachment hearing " (Cantor).

"Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t trafficking women — and he didn’t kill himself, brother says " (Brown):
"Baden and Wecht —professional friends who, at times, have been on opposing sides of a death investigation — agree that there are too many coincidences surrounding Epstein’s death that haven’t been examined.

“Epstein was accused of crimes of a heinous nature, that anyone — even the most hardened criminals — would be repulsed and angry about,’’ Wecht said.

Child predators are usually prime targets in prisons, just by the nature of their crimes, he said.

“So what do they do, they give him a cellmate who happens to be over 200 pounds, a former cop. Then we are led to believe that on July 23 he had a ‘suicide attempt,’ when he is found unconscious, and so they move him to suicide watch. Then they let him off the watch, then they move his cellmate, then the camera doesn’t work, then the guards fall asleep, then they cut him down and they move him before the medical examiner came, and they know full well not to do that.

“Remember this is not a one-cell cockamamie prison, this is a federal prison in downtown New York City that housed John Gotti and El Chapo [the drug Mexico lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman]. To accept all these as facts is unbelievable.’’

Baden said the only piece of evidence they have seen of the death scene is a photograph, presumably taken by prison officials, of the cell after Epstein was removed.

“Everything we have is from two guards, who immediately lawyered up and refused to say anything. We have one photograph that shows the ligature laid out on the ground, which, if that’s the way it was found, it looks like it was a planted kind of scene because that’s not the way it would have been found if the guards had cut it.’’

Wecht said the photo also shows that the top bunk was being used to store toiletries, and the items didn’t appear to be touched. If Epstein had tied the ligature to the top bunk and leaped or pulled himself with enough strength to break three bones in his neck, then the toiletries on the bunk would have been in disarray.

“I have never seen this kind of hanging scenario, this leaning forward, with three fractures. The bunk was three to four feet above, and there was not enough velocity there to produce three fractures,’’ Wecht said."

Thursday, November 14, 2019


"Epstein Story Killed by ABC in 2015: Was It Done to Protect the Clintons?" (Giraldi).  Probably, and also to protect the integrity of the ongoing Mega Group blackmail operation.  The (((media))) is a branch of the Mossad.

"Le Mesurier Gets Cross" (Murray). It's a PR spin emergency!

"Oppose the Military Coup in Bolivia. Spare Us Your “Critiques”" (Emersberger).  A big part of The Clarification is how quibbly the 'left' gets when it has a clear choice of which side to support.

"The phony Anti-Defamation League’s genocide legislation" (Boyajian).

"Joseph Mifsud May Have Finally Resurfaced" (Ross).  The man himself, or a very low effort fake.

Usefully read together - "Motivation to impeach Trump is about control of Democratic Party" (Salutin) and "Democratic pro-Israel group attacks Bernie Sanders" (Brown) and "The Jewish Progressive Agenda According to Bernie Sanders" (Atzmon).  As good as Bernie is - and he's clearly the second-best choice, after Tulsi - he's still, sadly, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Khazar supremacist, and it seems he felt he needed, at this time, to remind his fellow fangers of that fact.

Has anybody else noticed that Feedly for Android is broken - won't save to read later, won't mark as read as I scroll through.  The Windows version works, but I have tried multiple Android versions and all are broken.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Enormous pressure

Even by the standards of Christian fruitcake politics, the Bolivian 'Guido' is a real nut:  "Bolivia Coup Led by Christian Fascist Paramilitary Leader and Millionaire – with Foreign Support" (Blumenthal/Norton).

"VIVA EVO! Morales Overthrown, But Bolivian Socialism Will Endure" (Vltchek):
"There is absolutely no way to reason with these people. They cannot be appeased, only crushed; defeated. In Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador or in Bolivia. They are like rats, like disease, proverbial symbols of fascism as in the novel The Plague, written by Albert Camus. They can hide, but they never fully disappear. They are always ready to invade, with zero notice, some happy city.
They are always ready to join forces with the West, because their roots are in the West. They think precisely like the European conquerors, like North American imperialists. They have double nationalities and homes scattered all over the world. Latin America for them is just a place to live, and to plunder natural resources, exploit labor. They rob here, and spend money elsewhere; educate their children elsewhere, get their surgeries done (plastic and real) elsewhere. They go to opera houses in Paris but never mingle with indigenous people at home. Even if, by some miracle, they join the Left, it is the Western, anarcho-syndicalist Left of North America and Europe, never the real, anti-imperialist, revolutionary Left of non-European countries.
They don’t need the success of the nation. They don’t want a great, prosperous Bolivia; Bolivia for all of its citizens.
They only want prosperous corporations. They want money, profit; for themselves, for their families and clans, for their bandit group of people. They want to be revered, considered ‘exceptional’, superior. They cannot live without that gap – the great gap between them and those ‘dirty Indians’, as they call the indigenous people, when no one hears them!"
If the people of Bolivia can't clean this mess up quickly, they will suffer decades of unspeakable suffering.

"Bolivia: The OAS and US Help Overthrow Another Latin American Government" (Flores):
"It should be noted that the 2008 coup was neutralized in part because of the role played by UNASUR, the Union of South American Nations. This regional bloc has been severely debilitated in recent years as a direct result of State Department pressure and the willingness of right-wing Southern American presidents to give up on long-term regional integration plans for short-term political benefits. The decline of UNASUR and CELAC (the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States – another target of the State Department), coupled with the OAS’s bias, leaves the region with no credible multilateral organization.

This is important, because the only way forward for Bolivia is to hold new elections, which will require independent electoral observation. Given that the OAS is unfit for such a role, the region should insist that the United Nations send an electoral mission. It is the only body that can carry this role out in an impartial manner.

Bolivia is at a flash point and measures have to be taken to reduce tensions. Its legislature must be allowed to function normally, which in practical terms means that  the safety of MAS legislators and their families must be ensured. A gesture for MAS supporters would be to reinstate the president and vice president of the Senate and the president of the Chamber of Deputies (should they desire to be reinstated); all three resigned under duress during the weekend of the coup. Only then can the legislature decide whether to accept Morales’ resignation. Finally, the MAS presidential candidate, whoever that ends up being, needs to receive guarantees for their safety and assurances from the international community that a MAS victory will be respected."
 "With Just Weeks To Decide, Hillary Clinton Claims 'Enormous Pressure' To Run For President" (Durden). There is no hurry as the superdelegates are going to pay no attention to the primary voters, and the field will still be so crowded with losers that the first ballot won't matter.

"The Sad Death of James Le Mesurier" (Murray).  This is all a bit off.  The White Helmets are still very much in play, having been just recently re-funded, and Turkey - still a major supporter of Islamist nutjobs in Syria, and with the Erdogan family personally greatly enriched through oil deals with ISIS - would be the last place to want to reveal connections between the White Helmets and jihadists.  The wife popped up with an anti-depressant story to lead us to consider suicide rather than assassination, looking like she might have been prompted by somebody who wanted to hide the assassination (could be the assassinating country itself, or somebody wishing to make it seem that retired assets/agents don't just retire to inevitable assassination).  US, UK, Syria, Russia, Turkey - there are lots of groups either not a fan of his work, or fearing he might spill the beans about his work (as amazing as it might seem, he might have had a conscience, and his depression, if real, might have led him to think he would feel better if he confessed).  The bottom line is the world is a much, much, much, much . . . much, much, much better place in his absence.  Seeing these pure assholes go helps assuage the pain of Bolivia.

"Narrative Managers In Overdrive After Death Of White Helmets Founder" (Johnstone). "BBC backtrack on their own fake news as claims regarding Istanbul death of White Helmets co-founder are deleted".  After the 'overly-refreshed' Boris wreath-laying cover-up, the BBC is having a rough week.

I'm not going to let it be said that the 'journalists' in the (((media))) don't have mad skillz.  Synchronized lying should be in the Olympics.  "MSM Adamantly Avoids The Word “Coup” In Bolivia Reporting" (Johnstone),  "The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup—Because US Wanted It to Happen" (MacLeod).

Bibi, staying out of jail:  "To save himself, Netanyahu is going to war with Gaza" (Konrad).

"This Olive Tree in Bethlehem Has Stood for 5,000 Years – and this Man Is Defending It" (Hammad).  Trees so old that they were alive when the people we call Palestinians called themselves Jews, and there wasn't a fucking Khazar around for thousands of miles.  That's why these 'anti-Semitic' trees have to go!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fire magicians

"Cornering and Strangulating Iran Has Backfired on Israel" (Crooke).

"The Houthis Are Preparing for a Planned Israeli Attack on Yemen" (Abdulkareem).  Striking Yemen to make it look like they are doing something against the Iranian 'threat' without fear of reprisal is just the typical chickenshit Khazar move I would expect.

"Audios Containing Details of Alleged Coup Plan & US Involvement Emerge Amid Bolivian Crisis – Report".

Tweet (Jeb Sprague):
"The US coup connection Officials who forced #Evo to resign worked as #Bolivia's Mil.Attachés in DC. The CIA often seeks to recruit Attachés working in DC. 2013: Gen.Kaliman served as Mil.Attaché 2018: Police Com.Calderón Mariscal was Pres. of APALA in DC"
Tweet (Mark Ames) (that should be (((Aryreh Neier))), a big part of the Khazar weaponization of 'human rights'):
"Aryreh Neier, founder of Human Rights Watch @hrw “The concept of economic and social rights is profoundly undemocratic… Authoritarian power is probably a prerequisite for giving meaning to economic and social rights.” (Taking Liberties)"
Tweet (Adam H. Johnson):
"Literally every military coup in recent history had been said to be about “restoring democracy” and many of them were also proceeded by street protests. This is the narrative of every coup ever. It’s not an insightful take, it’s pro forma language and has been for over 70 years"
Remember that The Nazi is cheering on a Pinochet-style violent military coup to replace an elected leader, who also happens to be the most successful truly progressive politician in the world today, so she's topped even herself in utter venality:  "Canada welcomes results of OAS electoral audit mission to Bolivia" ('we note the resignation . . . '!!!). "Canada Backs Coup Against Bolivia’s President" (Engler).  The people of Bolivia people shutting down every foreign-owned mine in the country (permanently would be even better) - along with a general strike against capital generally - until this coup is fixed would be an good answer to The Nazi.

Morales tweet (it's hard to believe that The Nazi and Morales are both considered to be politicians, but then again I guess there are people who go so far as to consider The Nazi to be a human being).

Tweet (Sandra Cuffe):
"John Cobin got out of his vehicle and opened fire at a protest yesterday in Viña del Mar, #Chile. A protester was shot in the leg. Cobin, later arrested, is from the US, where he was a white supremacist group member. He's a fan of Pinochet. 2013 interview:"
Video of a CIA employee setting a man on fire (see also). "Hong Kong - "Marginal Violence" Fails To Win More Protest Support" (Moon) (and throw away the key):
"Taking a thousand or more of these misguided upper class students permanently off the street would dramatically decrease the violence."
Tweet (Matt Taibbi) ("Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire", from January 2017 (!), continues to plague the Clintonista/IC coup attempts):
 "The Buzzfeed piece @ChuckRossDC refers to here is trying to call conspiracy theory a Politico article that was sourced up and down (including named Ukrainian officials confirming key details). The technique I guess is to equate the word "viral" with fake or unreliable."
Boris was, as they say, 'unwell' - either still drunk or extremely hungover, not a good sign for a politician running for election trying to pretend to show 'respect' for the cannon fodder - so the BBC covered for him by using old footage of a time he was less 'unwell': tweet (Tory Fibs) (also):
"Today, the BBC used 3 year old footage of Boris Johnson laying a wreath in order to protect Boris Johnson from ridicule at yesterday's gaffes where he stepped out early, arrived disheveled and placed the wreath upside down."

Monday, November 11, 2019


This kind of thing is very rare:  "James Le Mesurier: British co-founder of White Helmets ‘found dead’ after Russian spy accusations" (Trew).  Debalconyization.  Note how the tendentious headline!

Every.  Single.  Time.  Tweet (Kenneth Roth):
"An important step against the disturbing tendency of leaders with diminishing popularity to steal elections to secure a new term: Bolivia's Pres Evo Morales promises new elections after "widespread irregularities" found in the just-concluded one."
Morales has massive popular support (for good reason, as he has advanced human development through concrete material advancements better than any living politician), so it's important he stays alive. This isn't over.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sad day

   "President Evo Morales Resigns Amid Right-wing Coup".  The military told him to.

Pin drop

Watch the video!  "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself", plus a stylish dropping of the Trump pin!

Added:  "Fringe Conspiracy Theorist Believes Epstein Just Killed Himself". I think instead of hello and goodbye we should use the all-purpose salutation 'Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself'.

Google 'Lavon Affair'.

The attempt at regime change in Bolivia doesn't rise to the status of color revolution, but is just the old fashioned thug violence.  Added (it is not clear how the obviously compromised OAS has any credibility, but maybe Morales thinks a big win would permanently deal with the coup plotters):  "Bolivia's Morales calls for new elections after OAS audit".

"'Sickening hypocrisy': Critics slam Israeli army Twitter post".  "Israeli Army slammed for Hypocrisy over Cancer Tweet, as Gaza Patients Denied Care" (Cole).  Such a nice people!  Why do 'haters' throughout the millennia and throughout time want to harm them?  It's baffling.  One of the things that makes people really mad is this maudlin, but insistent, self-regard.

"Report: Israel has ‘Stolen 90% of Jordan Valley’".

Tweet (Jonathan Cook):
"Eager to smear Corbyn's Labour party yet again, the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland threw aside journalistic caution and wrongly accused a Muslim candidate of antisemitism. He relied on a 'Labour source', 'reliable' only in the sense of sharing Freedland's antipathy for Corbyn"

Tweet (David Graeber):
"One reason I felt I could write the pro-Corbyn piece I did despite being Jewish is because being from NYC I don't have any family in the UK. That's literally how bad it is. People warned me: they come after your family."
Yinon news: "US Claims it Has Authority to Shoot Any Syrian Official Who Tries to Retake Control of Syrian Oil" (Germanos).  Also:  "Three Deep State Confessions On Syria" (Hoff).

"US increases funding to White Helmets who are persecuting Syrian Christians in Idlib" (Beeley).

"John Hannah is IMO a shill for Israel" (Lang).  And the first comment by catherine.

"Trump Declared Anti-Ukrainian Racist by Clownish Mainstream Media" (Kirby).

The details of the extreme wrongdoing by the same group of Democrat FBI agents involved in the anti-Trump coup attempts:  "Understanding What Sidney Powell is Doing to Kill the Case Against Michael Flynn by Larry C Johnson".

"Lebanon: Hariri Positioning Himself for a Comeback to Remove ‘New’ Hezbollah President?" (Jay).

PR news.  "CNN enlists help of fraudster Browder & Integrity Initiative ‘experts’ to fan Russia meddling claims in UK". "Integrity Initiative: Psywar Institute Defanged, But British Spies' Disinfo War Still Rages" (Klarenberg).

Nobody in the rest of the world is quite so stupid as to buy into the 'IPO' of Aramco, so MbS is just going to shake down some more Saudi princes to avoid the embarrassment of the whole thing failing:  "Aramco Taps Saudi Billionaires for Major IPO Orders" (Nair/Martin).

"Douglas Macgregor: America’s De Gaulle, Unheeded Prophet of Houthi Victory and Saudi Fall " (Sieff):
". . . writing in his book “Transformation Under Fire” published back in 2003, Macgregor had said: “The idea is to link maneuver and strike assets through a flatter operational architecture empowered by new terrestrial and space-based communications throughout the formation… Long-range, joint precision fires and C4ISR [Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance] offer the possibility to reach over enemy armies to directly strike at what they hope to defend or preserve. Precision strategic strikes closely coordinated and timed with converging Army combat forces would present a defending enemy with an insoluble dilemma.”
In an article in “Joint Force Quarterly” in 2011, Macgregor concluded that such “precision effects (kinetic and non-kinetic) using a vast array of strike forces enabled by the rapid and timely dissemination of information through net­worked ISR capabilities point the way to a fundamental paradigm shift in the character of warfare.”
Thanks to the lowly Houthis, supposedly reduced to the status of cannon fodder for Saudi Arabia’s hot shot F-15 pilots and the most expensive munitions the United States could sell to its Riyadh ally, that paradigm shift foreseen by Macgregor has arrived. Its effects will soon be felt all across Asia and Europe as well as in the more obscure corners of Arabia. We are about to enter dangerously interesting times."

Saturday, November 09, 2019


"Your Cartoon Special: #Epstein Didn't Kill Himself: Nov 8, 2019" (Snippits And Snappits).  "California Brewery Prints "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" On The Bottom Of Its Cans" (Fiala).

"Jeffrey Epstein's Brother Says There Were "Unexplained" Injuries On Shoulder, Wrist" (Phillips).  There is a bit of a rift between the Khazar security apparatus and the US Deep State, who broke the norms by offing a Mossad asset (assuming Epstein is actually dead!).

"Israel killed 222 Gaza protestors since 2018. Only one soldier has been indicted" (Sagiv).

Lite Zionism is probably the most hilarious movement of our time:  "The donor war inside the Jewish community (won’t end the occupation)" (Weiss).

"De Facto Collapse of Case Against Free Joseon?" (Asmolov).

"‘Reverse Pol Pot’: Berkeley philosophy lecturer slammed after saying rural Americans made ‘bad life decisions’ & should be SHAMED".  "UC Berkeley instructor calls rural Americans 'bad people who have made bad life decisions’" (Shiver).

"SAA/SDF cooperation against Turks is working" (Lang).

"Winter Is Coming: Castle Black, the Syrian Withdrawal, and the Battle of the Bases" (Turse).

"Former British Ambassador to Syria: UK complicit in Trump’s Syria Oil Grab" (Ford):
". . . if Trump puts into practice his promise to seize Syrian oil production, that will constitute, according to authoritative legal experts, a violation of international law against ‘pillaging’ enshrined in the Fourth Geneva Convention and thus constitute a war crime. Any party complicit in pillaging, and that would surely include other parties in the Joint Task Force, even if only headquarters staff and not boots on the ground, could also be culpable. The British government might find itself challenged in a UK court even if no international court could be found willing to act."
"Supreme Court renders Lula imprisonment illegal" (Mier). "Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva leaves jail after judge's decision" (ridiculous headline, as the judge in question, obviously corrupt, had no choice, and the AP is obviously trying to downplay the complete illegality of his incarceration).

The 'whistleblower'! "Facebook Scrubs All References To Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella" (Durden).  "Whistleblower Attorney Bragged About Getting Security Clearances For "Guys With Child Porn Issues" " (Durden).  "Ukrainians Pimped Hunter Biden's Seat For Leverage With Obama State Department" (Durden) (an example of why this 'harmless' 'everybody-does-it' personal corruption is so dangerous).

"Inconvenient Truths" (Cohen).

"US Authorizes Tax Payments to Maduro Gov’t, Sanctions Five More Venezuelan Officials" (Vaz/Koerner).  Curious.  We're finally seeing the faint outline of a revolt of the capitalists, who are belatedly realizing that all the Sanctions For The Jews are actually costing them the ability to do business where they want to do business.

"Is Russia Right About US Shale Energy?" (Engdahl).  Permanently wrecking the environment to create a financial/banking crisis - genius!  Trump's main job now is to drag out the inevitable collapse/'too big to fail' bankster bailout until after the next election.