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Illegitimate usurper

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
continues to treat #JuanGuaido, an illegitimate usurper of Venezuela's constitution who was never elected as President and who exercises no real presidential powers, as #Venezuela's "Interim President."

How long will Trudeau's government continue this charade?"
This is even more hilarious when you consider Guido is more popular with Trudeau and The Nazi than he is with the deranged right-wingers in Venezuela he is supposed to represent, who have already decided he hasn't got what it takes.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Facebook and Instagram have suspended the accounts of the major Iranian scholar Mohammad Marandi, who is a prominent political analyst who regularly appears in the media as a rare voice of reason

Social media corporations continue acting as thought police for the US government"
This is interesting as it evidences a directing, informed mind behind the deplatforming. In other words, somebody who knows the politics is directing the Twitter drones to censor specific threats who reveal too much truth.

Lie down with snakes, you get, um, snake fleas:  "The Burgerim Disaster" (Maze).  The failure to collect royalty fees seems to be an attempt to keep the house of cards standing for as long as possible, to improve the chances of fleecing more suckers in the Ponzi scheme.  Note the inevitable fleeing to Israel, and the fact that the liquidator appears to be as shady as the promoter.

"Teenager in Cyprus rape case 'drugged and suffered nightmares' in prison" (Walker).  Women are going to have to seriously question whether it is prudent to vacation in a place where rape, at least by Jews, is legal, and where in fact rape victims are imprisoned and brutalized for daring to complain.

Picnics:  "Prince Andrew 'had visits from Ghislaine Maxwell 4 times a day' says ex-protection officer" (Hill). "Ghislaine Hacked: Jeffrey Epstein's Alleged Madam Claims Email Server 'Breached'" (Durden).

Tweet thread from Kevin Gosztola on various Democrat goons in official party policy positions:
"National Convention committees.

Let's examine some of the individuals. I'll initially focus on the nominees for the DNC Platform Committee.

"'The Only One I Didn't Want Her to Pick': In Secret Recording, Trump Admits Fear of Clinton Picking Sanders as VP in 2016" (Queally).

It never ends:  "Response to Chomsky et al." (Hoenig).

Tweet (John Clarke):
A shameful meeting with a discredited lackey who serves the interests of corrupt elites and brutal exploiters. Then again, #JuanGuaidó really isn't any better. #JustinTrudeau"

(((Coup))), (((Assassination))) and the (((Nut House)))

"The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites?" (MacDonald) (read the whole thing):
"The only surprise: that the Jewish role has been so public. In times past, Jews in many walks of life used WASP-sounding names to lessen public perceptions of their Jewishness, and non-Jews were often recruited to serve as window dressing in what were in fact Jewish-dominated movements, most notably the radical Left in pre-1960s America.
I believe this new blatant approach is a marker of Jewish power in 2020 America: Jews now feel confident enough that they can safely participate in such displays, knowing that their role will never be noted in public debate.
Indeed, it’s quite possible that the average white American watching the hearings genuinely sees the Jewish principals as nothing more than garden-variety white folks—they often seem to have no “Jewdar” at all.
This is no accident, since the percentage of Americans who think “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” in 2008 was 22%, compared to ~50% in 1964—despite Jewish dominance remaining obvious to anyone who bothers to seriously inquire. Being afraid to notice ethnic realities, or having been brainwashed into not noticing them, are major factors in the power of what has to be described as America’s new, Jewish-dominated, elite."
"So, given Trump’s lack of success in effecting fundamental change, why Schiff et al. expending so much energy in an impeachment scenario that has, by all accounts, no chance of actually removing Trump?

Because they can’t help themselves
. I suggest that that the “visceral animosity” that I noted above is motivated by the parallels between Trump’s white working-class base and working-class support for National Socialism in 1930s Germany. This phenomenon was traumatic for Jewish intellectuals, who at the time were deeply immersed in classical class-struggle Marxism. It was of critical importance in motivating the shift pioneered by Frankfurt School toward conceptualizing Jewish interests in terms of race—that the real problem Jews faced was white ethnocentrism, the latter solvable only by propaganda efforts aimed at vilifying white racial identity (which soon became mainstream in the educational efforts of the Jewish activist community) and by importing non-whites in order to diminish white political power.

And, as always, this Jewish effort to nip Trump-style populism in the bud has been carried out with the great psychological intensity that is a general trait of Jewish activism. My observation is that among Jews there is a critical mass that is intensely committed to Jewish causes—a sort of 24/7, “pull out all the stops” commitment that produces instant, massive responses on Jewish issues. Jewish activism has a relentless, never-say-die quality. This intensity goes hand in hand with the “slippery slope” style of arguing: even the most trivial manifestation of anti-Jewish attitudes or behavior is seen as inevitably leading to mass murder of Jews if allowed to continue. (I discuss this at greater length in Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits For Jewish Activism, The Occidental Quarterly, Summer 2003, pp 24-26.)".
"Fifteen Years Before Kennedy, Zionists Murdered Forrestal" (Guyénot).  This is extremely important, and there is a direct line from the assassinations of Northcliffe, Lord Moyne, Bernadotte and Forrestal up to the Khazar-ordered assassination of Soleimani.  Assassination of key opponents to Zionism is so common it is almost a joke.  Actually - and we've been so brainwashed to the contrary that it is quite sad - the Khazars have always been an extremely primitive and violent people, and violence is their predominant characteristic as a supremacist group.  See, for example, "How one hilltop became an incubator for Israeli settler violence" (Roth-Rowland).  'Muscular' Zionism, i.e., the application of psychopathic levels of violence to any goyim who are in their way, is the norm, not the exception, but the farm animals have been trained by the (((entertainment industry))) and (((media))) to believe all Jews are nice schmendricks like Woody Allen portrayed (of course, we now know a lot more about Woody).

"American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations" (Unz) (my emphasis in red; Unz notes a number of times that the entire book under review appears to be a limited hangout, with a lot that should be there missing):

"Although I had seen some discussions of the book when it appeared, I only got around to reading it a few months ago. And while I was deeply impressed by the thorough and meticulous journalism, I found the pages rather grim and depressing reading, with their endless accounts of Israeli agents killing their real or perceived enemies, with the operations sometimes involving kidnappings and brutal torture, or resulting in considerable loss of life to innocent bystanders. Although the overwhelming majority of the attacks described took place in the various countries of the Middle East or the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, others ranged across the world, including Europe. The narrative history began in the 1920s, decades before the actual creation of the Jewish Israel or its Mossad organization, and ranged up to the present day.

The sheer quantity of such foreign assassinations was really quite remarkable, with the knowledgeable reviewer in the New York Times suggesting that the Israeli total over the last half-century or so seemed far greater than that of any other country. I might even go farther, if we excluded domestic killings, I wouldn’t be surprised if the body-count exceeded the combined total for that of all other major countries in the world.
I think all the lurid revelations of lethal CIA or KGB Cold War assassination plots that I have seen discussed in newspaper stories might fit comfortably into just a chapter or two of Bergman’s extremely long book."
"Although much of Ostrovsky’s information was impossible to independently confirm, for more than a quarter-century his international bestseller and its 1994 sequel The Other Side of Deception have heavily shaped our understanding of Mossad and its activities, so I naturally expected to see a very detailed discussion, whether supportive or critical, in Bergman’s exhaustive parallel work. Instead, there was only a single reference to Ostrovsky buried in a footnote on p. 684. There we are told of Mossad’s utter horror at the numerous deep secrets that Ostrovsky was preparing to reveal, which led its top leadership to formulate a plan to assassinate him. Ostrovsky only survived because Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, who had formerly spent decades as the Mossad assassination chief, vetoed the proposal on the grounds that “We don’t kill Jews.” Although this reference is brief and almost hidden, I regard it as providing considerable support for Ostrovsky’s general credibility."
"As far as I know, the early Zionists had a record of political terrorism almost unmatched in world history, and in 1974 Prime Minister Menachem Begin once even boasted to a television interviewer of having been the founding father of terrorism across the world."
"In the aftermath of World War II, Zionists were bitterly hostile towards all Germans, and Bergman describes the campaign of kidnappings and murders they soon unleashed, both in parts of Europe and in Palestine, which claimed as many as two hundred lives. A small ethnic German community had lived peacefully in the Holy Land for many generations, but after some of its leading figures were killed, the rest permanently fled the country, and their abandoned property was seized by Zionist organizations, a pattern which would soon be replicated on a vastly larger scale with regard to the Palestinian Arabs.

 These facts were new to me, and Bergman seemingly treats this wave of vengeance-killings with considerable sympathy, noting that many of the victims had actively supported the German war effort. But oddly enough, he fails to mention that throughout the 1930s, the main Zionist movement had itself maintained a strong economic partnership with Hitler’s Germany, whose financial support was crucial to the establishment of the Jewish state. Moreover, after the war began a small right-wing Zionist faction led by a future prime minister of Israel attempted to enlist in the Axis military alliance, offering to undertake a campaign of espionage and terrorism against the British military in support of the Nazi war effort. These undeniable historical facts have obviously been a source of immense embarrassment to Zionist partisans, and over the last few decades they have done their utmost to expunge them from public awareness, so as a native-born Israeli now in his mid-40s, Bergman may simply be unaware of this reality."
"About seven months ago, my morning New York Times carried a glowing 1,500 word tribute to former U.S. ambassador John Gunther Dean, dead at age 93, giving that eminent diplomat the sort of lengthy obituary usually reserved these days for a rap-star slain in a gun-battle with his drug-dealer. Dean’s father had been a leader of his local Jewish community in Germany, and after the family left for America on the eve of World War II, Dean became a naturalized citizen in 1944. He went on to have a very distinguished diplomatic career, notably serving during the Fall of Cambodia, and under normal circumstances, the piece would have meant no more to me than it did to nearly all its other readers. But I had spent much of the first decade of the 2000s digitizing the complete archives of hundreds of our leading publications, and every now and a particularly intriguing title led me to read the article in question. Such was the case with “Who Killed Zia?” which appeared in 2005.

Throughout the 1980s, Pakistan had been the lynchpin of America’s opposition to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, with its military dictator Zia ul-Haq being one of our most important regional allies. Then in 1988, he and most of his top leadership died in a mysterious plane crash, which also claimed the lives of the U.S. ambassador and an American general.

Although the deaths might have been accidental, Zia’s wide assortment of bitter enemies led most observers to assume foul play, and there was some evidence that a nerve gas agent, possibly released from a crate of mangos, had been used to incapacitate the crew and thereby cause the crash.

At the time, Dean had reached the pinnacle of his career, serving as our ambassador in neighboring India, while the ambassador killed in the crash, Arnold Raphel, had been his closest personal friend, also Jewish. By 2005, Dean was elderly and long-retired, and he finally decided to break his seventeen years of silence and reveal the strange circumstances surrounding the events, saying that he was convinced that the Israeli Mossad had been responsible.

A few years before his death, Zia had boldly declared the production of an “Islamic atomic bomb” as a top Pakistani priority. Although his primary motive was the need to balance India’s small nuclear arsenal, he promised to share such powerful weapons with other Muslim countries, including those in the Middle East. Dean describes the tremendous alarm Israel expressed at this possibility, and how pro-Israel members of Congress began a fierce lobbying campaign to stop Zia’s efforts. According to longtime journalist Eric Margolis, a leading expert on South Asia, Israel repeatedly tried to enlist India in launching a joint all-out attack against Pakistan’s nuclear facilities, but after carefully considering the possibility, the Indian government declined.

This left Israel in a quandary. Zia was a proud and powerful military dictator and his very close ties with the U.S. greatly strengthened his diplomatic leverage. Moreover, Pakistan was 2,000 miles from Israel and possessed a strong military, so any sort of long-distance bombing raid similar to the one used against the Iraqi nuclear program was impossible. That left assassination as the remaining option.

Given Dean’s awareness of the diplomatic atmosphere prior to Zia’s death, he immediately suspected an Israeli hand, and his past personal experiences supported that possibility. Eight years earlier, while posted in Lebanon, the Israelis had sought to enlist his personal support in their local projects, drawing upon his sympathy as a fellow Jew. But when he rejected those overtures and declared that his primary loyalty was to America, an attempt was made to assassinate him, with the munitions used eventually traced back to Israel.

Although Dean was tempted to immediately disclose his strong suspicions regarding the annihilation of the Pakistani government to the international media, he decided instead to pursue proper diplomatic channels, and immediately departed for Washington to share his views with his State Department superiors and other top Administration officials. But upon reaching DC, he was quickly declared mentally incompetent, prevented from returning to his India posting, and soon forced to resign.
His four decade long career in government service ended summarily at that point. Meanwhile, the US government refused to assist Pakistan’s efforts to properly investigate the fatal crash and instead tried to convince a skeptical world that Pakistan’s entire top leadership had died due to a simple mechanical failure in their American aircraft."
"One of the leading Mossad figures in Bergman’s narrative is Mike Harari, who spent some fifteen years holding senior positions in its assassination division, and according to the index his name appears on more than 50 different pages. The author generally portrays Harari in a gauzy light, while admitting his central role in the infamous Lillehammer Affair, in which his agents killed a totally innocent Moroccan waiter living in a Norwegian town through a case of mistaken identity, a murder that resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of several Mossad agents and severe damage to Israel’s international reputation. By contrast, Ostrovsky portrays Harari as a deeply corrupt individual, who after his retirement became heavily involved in international drug-dealing and served as a top henchman of notorious Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. After Noriega fell, the new American-backed government gleefully announced Harari’s arrest, but the ex-Mossad officer somehow managed to escape back to Israel, while his former boss received a thirty year sentence in American federal prison."
and (on the 'canard' of 'dual' loyalty!):
""Ostrovsky emphasized the remarkable nature of Mossad as an organization, especially when compared to its late Cold War peers that served the two superpowers. The KGB had 250,000 worldwide employees and the CIA tens of thousands, but Mossad’s entire staff barely numbered 1,200, including secretaries and cleaning personnel. While the KGB deployed an army of 15,000 case officers, Mossad operated with merely 30 to 35.

This astonishing efficiency was made possible by Mossad’s heavy reliance on a huge network of loyal Jewish volunteer “helpers” or sayanim scattered all across the world, who could be called upon at a moment’s notice to assist in an espionage or assassination operation, immediately lend large sums of money, or provide safe houses, offices, or equipment. London alone contained some 7,000 of these individuals, with the worldwide total surely numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Only full-blooded Jews were considered eligible for this role, and Ostrovsky expresses considerable misgivings about a system that seemed so strongly to confirm every traditional accusation that Jews functioned as a “state within a state,” with many of them being disloyal to the country in which they held their citizenship.
Meanwhile, the term sayanim appears nowhere in Bergman’s 27 page index, and there is almost no mention of their use in his text, although Ostrovsky plausibly argues that the system was absolutely central to Mossad’s operational efficiency."
"Ostrovsky also starkly portrays the utter contempt that many Mossad officers expressed toward their purported allies in the other Western intelligence services, trying to cheat their supposed partners at every turn and taking as much as they could get while giving as little as possible. He describes what seems a remarkable degree of hatred, almost xenophobia, towards all non-Jews and their leaders, however friendly. For example, Margaret Thatcher was widely regarded as one of the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel prime ministers in British history, filling her cabinet with members of that tiny 0.5% minority and regularly praising plucky little Israel as a rare Middle Eastern democracy. Yet the Mossad members deeply hated her, usually referred to her as “the bitch,” and were convinced that she was an anti-Semite."
". . . an extreme faction in Mossad settled upon a much more direct means of solving Israel’s political problems, planning to assassinate President Bush at his international peace conference in Madrid while throwing the blame upon three Palestinian militants. On October 1, 1991, Ostrovsky received a frantic call from his leading Mossad collaborator informing him of the plot and desperately seeking his assistance in thwarting it. At first he was disbelieving, finding it difficult to accept that even Mossad hard-liners would consider such a reckless act, but he soon agreed to do whatever he could to publicize the plot and somehow bring it to the attention of the Bush Administration without being dismissed as a mere “conspiracy theorist.”

Since Ostrovsky was now a prominent author, he was frequently invited to speak on Middle East issues to elite groups, and at his next opportunity, he emphasized the intense hostility of Israeli right-wingers to Bush’s plans, and strongly suggested that the president’s life was in danger. As it happened, a member of the small audience brought those concerns to the attention of former Congressman Pete McCloskey, an old friend of the president, who soon discussed the situation with Ostrovsky by phone, then flew to Ottawa for a lengthy personal meeting to assess the credibility of the threat. Concluding that the danger was serious and real, McCloskey immediately began using his DC connections to approach members of the Secret Service, finally persuading them to contact Ostrovsky, who explained his inside sources of information. The story was soon leaked to the media, generating extensive coverage by influential columnist Jack Anderson and others, and the resulting publicity caused the assassination plot to be abandoned.

Once again I was quite skeptical after reading this account, so I decided to contacted a few people I knew, and they informed that the Bush Administration had indeed taken Ostrovsky’s warnings about the alleged Mossad assassination plot very seriously at the time, which seemingly confirmed most of the author’s story."
"Sirhan himself seemed dazed and confused, later claiming to have no memory of events, and Talbot mentions that various assassination researchers have long argued that he was merely a convenient patsy in the plot, perhaps acting under some form of hypnosis or conditioning. Nearly all these writers are usually reluctant to note that the selection of a Palestinian as scapegoat in the killing seems to point in a certain obvious direction, but Bergman’s recent book also includes a major new revelation. At exactly the same moment that Sirhan was being wrestled to the floor of the Ambassador Hotel ballroom in Los Angeles, another young Palestinian was undergoing intensive rounds of hypnotic conditioning at the hands of Mossad in Israel, being programmed to assassinate PLO leader Yasir Arafat; and although that effort ultimately failed, such a coincidence seems to stretch the bounds of plausibility."
"Former CIA Director William Colby had apparently long been regarded as highly skeptical of the nature of America’s relationship with Israel, and therefore was characterized by pro-Israel members of the media as a notorious “Arabist.” Indeed, while serving as director in 1974, he had finally ended the career of longtime CIA counter-intelligence chief James Angleton, whose extreme affinity with Israel and Mossad had sometimes raised doubts about his true loyalties. Piper says that by 1996 Colby had grown sufficiently concerned about Israel’s infiltration and manipulation of the US government and its intelligence community that he arranged a meeting with high-level Arab officials in DC, suggesting that they all work together to counter this disturbing situation. A few weeks later, Colby disappeared and his drowned body was eventually found, with the official conclusion being that he supposedly perished near his home in a canoeing accident, although his Arab interlocutors alleged foul play.

Piper goes on to also describe the earlier death of John Paisley, the former longtime deputy director of the CIA’s Office of Strategic Research, and also a strong critic of the influence of Israel and its close Neocon allies in American national security policy. In late 1978, Paisley’s body was found floating in the Chesapeake Bay with a bullet in the head, and although the death was officially ruled a suicide, Piper claims that few believed the story. According to him, Richard Clement, who had headed the Interagency Committee on Counterterrorism during the Reagan Administration, explained in 1996: 
The Israelis had no compunction about “terminating” key American intelligence officials who threatened to blow the whistle on them. Those of us familiar with the case of Paisley know that he was killed by Mossad. But no one, not even in Congress, wants to stand up and say so publicly."
Unz goes on and on and on, with examples, and I haven't even excerpted the material on JFK and 9/11!  He concludes with considering the fact that (((they))) have managed to get away with all this, so much so that it doesn't even make the official history books, leading (((them))), filled with a sense of impunity, to do worse and worse acts, and the fact that American military intelligence back in the day used to be very woke, now described as 'anti-Semitism'.

Commenter Alfred mentions the case of Palme, another obvious example.

Besides the massive number of assassinations, also note the strategy of having perceived enemies declared mentally ill, a particularly Khazar weapon given that the pseudoscience of psychology is entirely their own fabrication.

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Tweet (Maya Gebeily):
"#BREAKING: Of five rockets fired tonight, three rockets in direct hit on US embassy in Iraqi capital, including one on cafeteria: security source - via @AFP"
"Trump’s Katyusha Conundrum: Unguided Artillery Deployed by Iraqi Insurgents against US Occupation Forces" (Kay)

Mysterious financial entanglement

"Billionaire businessman Leslie Wexner refuses to reveal full scope of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged multimillion-dollar theft" (Remillard):
"But perhaps the most mysterious financial entanglement between Wexner and Epstein is scattered across thousands of pages of S.E.C. filings and other records identified by criminologist and ABC News contributor Tom Volscho and reviewed by financial investigative journalist and ABC News contributor Boyd.

Volscho and Boyd found nearly a dozen trusts -- with names like Health and Science Interests, Arts Interests and Community Interests -- connected to Wexner that listed Epstein as trustee and received large gifts of stock in Wexner’s company, The Limited. These trusts may help explain how Epstein’s wealth grew so quickly.

Records show that between 1991 and 2006, Epstein oversaw the sale, mostly through the New York Stock Exchange, of more than $1.3 billion of company stock held by these trusts, representing a vast pool of cash largely controlled by Epstein.

Much of the money was certainly used for charitable purposes, but according to Volscho and Boyd, a potential pattern appears to emerge, one in which Epstein liquidates large amount of stock on behalf of these trusts and then, shortly after, makes large purchases for himself, including homes, planes, even a private island."
Yep, that's how it's done. Wexner will be the beneficiary of these trusts, and will hoover up all the assets, leaving an empty shell for the victims to sue. Sorry, goyim!  Had Wexner given the money to Epstein, he would have no claim, and if he had loaned it, he would have to stand in line with other unsecured claimants, including the victims.

But (my emphasis in red):
"A pair of aspiring models have both publicly described disturbing encounters with Epstein, having being lured into a private meeting with him after he portrayed himself as a talent scout for Wexner’s flagship brand, Victoria’s Secret.

In an interview with ABC News, Alicia Arden said she met Epstein at a hotel in Santa Monica, California, in 1997, believing that Epstein could help get her photo in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. When she arrived at his hotel room, Arden said, Epstein groped her.

“He was putting his hands on my hips and my buttocks and saying, ‘Let me manhandle you,” Arden told ABC News. “So I got extremely terrified of that.”

Arden left the hotel room and later filed a report of sexual battery with the Santa Monica Police Department, one of the earliest known reports against Epstein for abusive behavior. The police, however, do not appear to have pursued the matter.

ABC News reached out to the Santa Monica Police Department about Arden’s case, but did not receive a response.

Elisabetta Tai told a similar story to New York Post last year. In 2004, she said, her booking agent set up a meeting with Epstein at his Upper East Side mansion, and she visited Epstein’s home under the impression that he was in “charge of Victoria’s Secret” and could get her into the company’s catalog.

While at Epstein’s home, Tai told the Post, Epstein stripped naked and handed her a vibrator. She threw it at his head, she said, and then left.

L Brands has since told Business Insider that it hired an outside law firm to review Epstein’s relationship with the company, but they do not believe he was ever an employee or authorized representative of the company.

But when ABC News reached out to L Brands, asking whether Epstein ever served as talent scout for Victoria’s Secret, the company did not respond to a request for comment."
I can see a good claim against Santa Monica - had the police not been bribed to fail to do their jobs, a lot of the attacks might have been averted - and a claim against Victoria’s Secret if they can show Epstein was its agent (which they probably can).  At the vary least, there was a sloppiness in allowing Wexner's interests to be mixed up with Epstein's.

"Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes":
"“Epstein was hiding in plain sight,” said Cindy McCain. “We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was – no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.”"

Cropped out

Pompeo is furious at the journalist he yelled and swore at.  There appears to be a tiny understanding at the base of his lizard brain that what he is doing is Pure Evil, and his outbursts are the evidence for it.

Obviously the Khazars are by far the biggest culprits in turning the United States into a shithole, but satanists like Pompeo and Pence also have a huge role:  "The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran" (Posner).

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Ken Roth is relentless"
Tweet (Art Nouveau w/ Brutalist Characteristics):
"Interesting that American (incl. AsAm) leftists have failed to dismantle capitalism, patriarchy, Islamophobia, etc and can't have proper conversations about labor, climate change, and socialism at home. But have energy to hold panels on how to tackle these issues in China. Ok."
Tweet (james_roe):
"Whenever Laurence Tribe pretends to be a good guy we should all collectively remember that he made his money helping coal companies commit EPA violations. He's a climate villain. To say nothing of blowing the Florida recount for Gore in 2000."
Tweet (Sultaan of Agrabah) (so, so true, as the Savvy and Responsible Democrats are always saying we'd like to do good things, but we won't get the independent voters if we do):
"Liberals: We should find ways to get socially conservative people to vote alongside us so we can win

Bernie Sanders: Hey look, I got Joe Rogan's vote, one of the most influential people in the country

Liberals: Unacceptable, he's held socially conservative views in the past."
"Joe Rogan Endorsed Bernie Sanders. But Joe Rogan is Pure Evil." (Anglin). It really gets to the nub of things when you consider the objection is that Rogan isn't a big tranny fan.

Tweet (Public Citizen) (ha!):
"Here's how much of their wealth the 10 richest Americans gave to charity in 2018:

Ellison: 0%

Page: 0%

Brin: 0%

Bezos: 0.1%

D. Koch: 0.1%

C. Koch: 0.5%

Zuckerberg: 0.7%

Bloomberg: 1.5%

Gates: 2.6%

Buffet: 3.9%

Billionaire philanthropy will not save us. Tax the rich."
"2007: Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney Deemed Soleimani “Untouchable” and were so right".  It is quite the deterioration when these guys seem to be the responsible ones.

Some dreck, for those with an air sickness bag handy:
  1. "‘And No One Will Make Them Afraid’" (French) - (((they))) just want a 'home', goyim, and, as the Palestinians would recognize, it is a shame it is on top of your home;
  2. "How Venezuela could help Iran mount an attack against America" (Avni)!;
  3. Hilarious Russian prescience to blame Ukraine for the Trump impeachment, even before Trump was elected!:  "How a Russian disinfo op got Trump impeached" (Bertrand);
  4. Korybko is turning has turned into a complete parody of himself:  "Putin’s Trip to ‘Israel’ Will be Remembered as an Important Part of His Legacy".
Ha!: "Anger as Ugandan activist cropped out of photo with white peers"

Saturday, January 25, 2020

When pigs fly

"Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men" (Green).  They're going to need to put in a big order for fruit machines (speaking of which, one of the weirdest monuments in the world).  I can just see the bros choosing straws to see which one gets to sashay around.  What if the entire board is transgender whites (female to male), who identify as straight?  Asia is exempt (but Asians aren't white, so I'm confused).  I don't think they've thought through the trouble they are making for themselves.

Greenwald tweets on pigs, and I look up in the sky only to see pigs flying past:  "Washington should stand up for US journalist Glenn Greenwald" (Rupert!).

Tweet (Saagar Enjeti):
"The Joe Rogan freakout is about power. He has a bigger more engaged platform than most of the people on MSM combined. The internet has shifted the power dynamics and he is now more kingmaker than they ever were"

Electoral poison

"Pompeo Won't Say Whether He Owes Yovanovitch An Apology. 'I've Done What's Right'" (Breslow):
"Immediately after the questions on Ukraine, the interview concluded. Pompeo stood, leaned in and silently glared at Kelly for several seconds before leaving the room.

A few moments later, an aide asked Kelly to follow her into Pompeo's private living room at the State Department without a recorder. The aide did not say the ensuing exchange would be off the record.

Inside the room, Pompeo shouted his displeasure at being questioned about Ukraine. He used repeated expletives, according to Kelly, and asked, "Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?" He then said, "People will hear about this."

The State Department did not immediately respond on the record to NPR's request for comment."
See also "Lunatic: Pompeo threatens Putin with Drone Assassination".

"‘Targeted and governmental terrorism’: Iran slams US for threat against Soleimani successor".

That protest in Iraq might have been one of the largest demonstrations in world history, completely anti-Assholian, and disturbing to Assholes, even amongst those few who don't habitually lie:  "Harper: A Tale of Two Protests in Baghdad".  Note the need to compare the tiny inconsequential anti-government protest, and the m-a-s-s-i-v-e under counting - also, of course, throughout the entire lying (((media))) - perhaps by as much as ten or more times, of the number of protesters.  It was a thorough and complete repudiation of Assholia.

This is a key point in understanding how sick in the head the warmongering Democrats really are:  "Adam Schiff’s Very Scary Warmongering Speech" (Lazare).  If you'd told me five years ago that things were quite this bad with the Democrats and their supporters, including liberals who seem quite reasonable on the surface (who are saluting Shiffty as the oratorical reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln), I would not have believed you.  The apotheosis of The Clarification.

The quintessential, and bafflingly out of touch, Assholaian self-regard!: tweet (Alexey Kovalyov):
"No we don’t, you’re pretty screwed yourself guys, don’t drag us into your mess"
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"One more thing on Joe Rogan. Upsetting the professional "progressive activist" class is probably the best thing Bernie could do because those people are electoral poison"
Trump stumping on Biden's criminality would be something to see!  "Joe Biden’s ‘conspiracy theory’ memo to U.S. media doesn’t match the facts" (Solomon). "NYTimes Quashed Story About 2016 WH Meeting With 'Whistleblower' & Ukrainians On Burisma: Report" (Heine).  "Law School Memes for Edgy T14s Endorses Joseph “Sloppy Joe” Biden" (LSMFET14)!

"While Trump cuts food stamps, USAID bankrolls Venezuela regime change with half a billion in tax dollars" (Norton).  A lot of money going personally to Guido and his pals.

I can remember when you were called a 'Nazi Jew-hater' for even suggesting that the Khazars might be so utterly evil to do what they are openly doing and planning today:  "No opposition from the international community as Israel alters the two-state paradigm" (Wadi).  There is no opposition because of bribes and blackmail.  Again, like the persistence of the US National-Security State, I see no way out of this other than revolution.  Politicians simply can't let those videos get out.

If you want a short guide to distinguishing American politicians from the Euro-trash, the Americans go for young teenagers, while the more sophisticated Euro-trash likes babies and very young children.  And thus was Greater Israel created, goyim!  Appropriately - very, very appropriately - it will be the first modern state whose foundational documents are under-aged pornos.

Yikes, were you woke you might notice a pattern!: "Oligarch Overload".  It's based on a famous Assholian court case called, I think, Khazars United.

Higgins doesn't react well to being caught red-handed, perhaps concerned his paymasters might notice the incompetence:  tweet (Piers Robinson):
"What does this tweet tell us about Higgins? And would you like to address this evidence that he knew a crime scene had been manipulated but helped disguise that fact?"
"Canadian truck driver who shares last name with Iranian general says he can't cross U.S. border".

Friday, January 24, 2020

Fetishizing consistency

Tweet (Patrick Henningsen) (more examples in the replies, including Bloomberg claiming it was an anti-government demonstration!):
"1 million people were on the streets of #Iraq this morning. AP says "hundreds". So I think we can now rightly ask: Is AP's Iraqi desk controlled by CIA or State Department?"
Tweet (Media Lens):
"Literally millions of Iraqis are marching today, demanding that US forces 'Get Out'. The BBC's comment: 'Iranian-backed militias are among those protesting in the city.'"
"Immediate US Withdrawal Due to Its Violation of the Agreement and Iraq Sovereignty" (Magnier)

Tweet (Stephen Wertheim):
"“The Pentagon has increased its overall Middle East footprint by more than 20,000 troops since last spring.”"
This is the best! - consistency in being for the people all the time for decades is a troubling attribute as only straight white males have the 'privilege' to be able to be consistent:  tweet (Anne Helen Petersen):
"This is not for or against Bernie, but there is a certain kind of man who fetishizes consistency in this way. I don't know if consistency is something that's always available to people who aren't straight white men."

'Hundreds', dozens even

Tweet (NPR Politics - 2008):
"Clinton Adviser Says Obama Not Electable: Yesterday during a conference call with reporters, Sen. Hil.."
Some Colonel Cassad from Niqnaq: "iraq demos, mind-blowing photos". Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Western media are trying to portray this as a small demonstration of 'hundreds' of people or even openly lying and claiming it is an 'anti-govt protest', when it is in fact a HUGE protest of Iraqis demanding that America leave their country."
The Irony of the Year Award is already won: "Australia’s Largest Mining Company is Worried Bushfires are Affecting Coal Production" (Butler).


"Capitalism and the Gut-Wrenching Hijack of India" (Todhunter) (if you read on you'll see he means 'gut-wrenching' literally):
"In India, the ‘development’ paradigm is premised on moving farmers out of agriculture and into the cities to work in construction, manufacturing or the service sector, despite these sectors not creating anything like the number of jobs required. The aim is to displace the existing labour-intensive system of food and agriculture with one dominated by a few transnational corporate agri-food giants which will then control the sector. Agriculture is to be wholly commercialised with large-scale, mechanised (monocrop) enterprises replacing family-run farms that help sustain hundreds of millions of rural livelihoods while feeding the urban masses.

Renowned journalist P Sainath encapsulates what is taking place when he says that the agrarian crisis can be explained in just five words: hijack of agriculture by corporations. He notes the process by which it is being done in five words too: predatory commercialisation of the countryside. And he takes five works to describe the outcome: biggest displacement in our history.

Why would anyone sanction this and set out to run down what is effectively a productive system of agriculture that feeds people, sustains livelihoods and produces sufficient buffer stocks?

Part of the answer comes down to India being the largest recipient of World Bank loans in the history of that institution and acting on its directives. Part of it results from the corporate-driven US-Indo Knowledge Agreement on Agriculture. On both counts, it means India’s rulers are facilitating the needs of Western capital and all it entails: an inherently predatory economic model based on endless profit growth, crises of overproduction and overaccumulation and market saturation and a need to constantly seek out, create and expand into new, untapped (foreign) markets to maintain profitability."
The PR tactics and dirty tricks of the bee murderers (similar to how climate change is managed by the culprits):  "The Playbook for Poisoning the Earth" (Fang).

"What the Cyprus rape case tells us about justice in Europe" (Benevento).

"Remember When Obama and Biden Tried to Cut Social Security by $230 Billion?" (Studebaker).  This has been the Holy Grail for American politicians from both parties for decades, and if Trump is reelected he just might be able to pull it off.

"Health of poor British adults is now WORSE than it was for those who grew up in the Great Depression and WWII, finds study of 263,000 people" (Blanchard).

Tweet (Mark Ames) (I'm not going to defend capitalism, but surely it is the peculiar Ukrainian Khazar gangsterism that is the issue) (also):
"Capitalism has been catastrophic to Ukraine— a 30% population drop since the Soviet Union collapsed"
Using the Kurds to break up Iraq, a return of the (((dream))):  "US plotting return of ‘strongman’ in Iraq" (Bhadrakumar).

"Who Put Trump in the White House? Explaining the Contribution of Voting Blocs to Trump’s Victory" (Grimmer/Marble). Not racists, as the Clintonistas would have you believe, but poorer white independent voters:
"Rather than voting blocs defined by racial attitudes or prior votes shifting the most support to Trump, we show that Trump increased his net vote total the most among independent, ideologically moderate, and lower socioeconomic status whites, both nationwide and in states decided by five percentage points or less."
"France apology after history textbook links CIA to 9/11".  They should apologize - 9/11 was obviously a Pentagon operation.

"How The Military-Industrial Complex Gets Away With Murder In Contract After Contract" (Smithberger). The most curious thing is that this is not a political issue.  Years of total corruption has resulted in the US in a disadvantaged position against its rivals in the overall state of military technology, despite the fact that the Americans have essentially unlimited procurement budgets.

"An Army for Hire: Trump Wants to Make Money by Renting Out American Soldiers" (Giraldi).  The corruption is now so extreme that the Assholes now need other countries to help pay for it.  You have to love the renting of American soldiers to the Saudis for the purpose of serving as human shields.

"Thailand: The Lingering Spectre of US Colour Revolutions" (Thomas).

"The prosecution of Glenn Greenwald and the global war on free speech" (Cogan).  Unclear if this is just Bolsonaro having a snit, or the darker prospect of the US trying to assange him.  I assume Crazy Pierre can fix this, though it might be good for circulation to keep it running for a bit.

Just a good short summary:  "The FBI Scandal" (Lake).

Goodbye, Newman!:  "How can colleges fight Israel lobby’s threats?" (Barrows-Friedman).  The serious issue is that university presidents and senior administrators are either Khazars or completely shekeled, and thus don't put up any fight when Newman comes along.

No free speech for farm animals if it could possibly interfere with killing people and stealing their land:  "In Zeal to Cover up Crimes against Palestinians, are Israel Lobbies determined to End Free Speech in the West?" (Winstanley).

Ha!  The Euro-trash bowed to Trump on Iran in terror of sanctions, then got the sanctions anyway:  "Amid US Threats, Can Europe Take Back Its Iran Deal?" (Ditz).

"Bolivia: MAS Presidential Candidate Becomes Target of Lawfare".

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Reminder: The fascist military junta in Bolivia, which the US empire installed through a coup by paying off military and police, has no popular support This "rally" is a perfect symbol of how it's maintained in power through violence and a corporate media owned by the rich elite"
"Anniversary of La Matanza".

"Netflix, Iran and the Documentary as Geopolitical Weapon" (Mier). As usual always, this is certainly more Khazar propaganda than oil propaganda. The entire Nisman story is part of the Mossad operation to frame Hezbollah for the bombing.

"Jews’ Ten Pledges vs Palestinians’ Eleven Red Lines" (Littlewood).  The ease and speed with which these various rotten scoundrels bend the knee is the real lesson we need to take away from this travesty.

Tweet (Camila) (Rudy!:  "It was a confidential meeting - if it did happen."; note that this story might be entirely phony, as Betancourt is close to the Venezuelan government)
"Reuters exclusive says that businessman Alejandro Betancourt secretly bankrolled Guaido's coup efforts and hoped that his 'good work for the US' would enable his lawyer to persuade Trump's Justice Dept to drop its money laundering and bribery probe of him."
 Tweets by Ben Norton on the hilarious, not to mention Khazar, history of the 'human rights' grifters Amnesty International!

That crippling ((('donor'))) problem keeps cropping up at Jacobin, but I guess we should not be surprised that one of the few voices from the 'left' is phony:  tweet (Joe Catron):
"Jacobin was literally publishing propaganda against Soleimani less than two weeks ago, but okay."
"Theatrics aside, Macron supports Israeli apartheid" (Abunimah).  There is tension between Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, Macron's owners, and the Sheldon billionaires who own Trump, particularly over whether WWIII would be a good for the Jews or not, but they all agree, as do all Khazars, that killing people and stealing their land is simply wonderful.

Bibi took the occasion of Jewapalooza to advocate for WWIII, completely fitting:  "World leaders gather in Jerusalem for Holocaust memorial, but Poland absent after diplomatic spat" (Trew).  Whatever official reason they might give, the Poles weren't there in protest of the Khazars claiming all their stuff, and as we know, once the kleptos decide they want your stuff, there is really nothing to do but give it to them.

Shocking development in the wonderful world of shekels!:  "ICC judges dash hopes for swift probe of Israeli war crimes" (Murphy).

British Tinder.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Unambiguous:  tweet (RT):
"#UK's Prince Charles appeared to snub the offer of handshake from #US Vice President #MikePence as he arrived at Yad Vashem's 5th World #HolocaustForum"

'Economy of ethics'

"Ghislaine Maxwell's personal emails were HACKED sparking fears that damaging information about high-profile individuals linked to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking case, including Prince Andrew, could be leaked" (Boyle).

Nobody likes him

Tweet (jennifer):
"Jeffery David Cox the head of Federal Prison guards in Manhattan. Jeffery is the boss of the guards who were supposed to keep Jeffery Epstein alive while in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. He is friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton. You cant make this stuff up. #shocking"
Ol' Kil looks like she just put out a hit. To be fair, she always looks like she just put out a hit. To be fairest, she always has just put out a hit.

I know she had to put damper on Bernie's momentum, but did she have to show so much nastiness? "Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: "Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him"" (Ayesh).  Tweet (Biden's Hairy Leg):

Sponsored 9 amendments
Passed 0

Sponsored 419 Amendments
Passed 90

- Voted for Patriot act
- Voted for Iraq War
- Voted for Border "Fence"
- Voted against Gay Marriage
- Promised to bomb Iran
- Facilitated TPP

49% voted with REPUBLICANS."
Tweet (Lee Fang):
"Bruce Reed, the architect of welfare reform who led the push for cuts to Social Security/Medicare during the Obama and Clinton years, is one of Biden's top aides and is currently paid by the campaign to develop its policy ideas."
"Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton for Defamation". "Consortium News Sends Libel Notices to Canadian Signals Intelligence Agency and Major Television Network"(Lauria).  It is much easier to win a libel case in Canada.

Saudis are the worst

Tweet (Shashank Joshi):
"As with Khashoggi, the first Saudi response is: 'nonsense, that's untrue', and the second, shortly afterward, is 'maybe it's true, but it's not as bad as it looks'. In a day, you can expect 'it's true, it's bad, but it wasn't the crown prince's doing'."
Note that the attack on Bezos - which ended up costing him $38 billion! - is part of a pattern that has been going on for a while:  "Government agents likely affiliated with Saudi Arabia spying on dissident in Canada, Citizen Lab alleges" (Freeze).

"Saudi critics should revisit Sue Myrick's 'Wake Up America Agenda'" (Caschetta).  The consistent Saudi trick of using its diplomats to sneak out privileged and feckless Saudis who have committed a crime is starting to grate (see the Canadian case from a year ago).

All the stories on this incident are hilariously slanted to the Saudi perspective, but essentially the Houthis managed to take out another large group of Saudi-hired mercenaries:  "Iranian-backed Houthi rebels slaughter 116 Yemeni troops in weekend missile strike on barracks mosque before Saudi Arabia blows a rocket out of the sky over its airspace" (Ibbetson).  Just look at all the tendentious words in the headline!

The UN tried to pin the Houthi attack on Saudi oil installations on Iran, with strangely little spin from the neocons, presumably as the standing order is to downplay the vulnerabilities of all oil installations in the Gulf area, as such thoughts are not 'good for the Jews':  "UN monitors say Houthis not behind Saudi Aramco attacks: Report".

For a guy who is supposed to be stopping a war, he still manages to kill a lot of civilians:  "Saudi-led coalition resumes airstrikes near Yemeni capital" (al-Haj).

Added: "The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the F.B.I." (Golden/Rotella) (this kind of warning pops up whenever the American government is angry with the Saudis, and the real problem, prompting JYT involvement, is whenever the Saudis sanely contemplate better relations with Iran):
"What little they knew about life in the West came mostly from a crash course in Pakistan, in which Mohammed tried to teach them to read airline timetables and telephone books and showed old Hollywood movies with hijacking scenes."
Added:  "America Is Giving Saudi Arabia Cover for the Worst Human Rights Abuses in Decades, Watchdog Warns" (Brennan).  Again, bizarre sudden Assholian interest in 'human rights' is an indication that the Saudis are displeasing the Khazars.

Grim landscape

"Now Three Years into the Reign of Trump, What’s Left?" (Harris) (a disturbingly good point - Bernie prevents a real progressive alternative party, as he, an imported ringer for the left, keeps the Dems of the real left satisfied during nomination runs, up to the inevitable shivving by the Clintonistas, and he seems fine with it):
"Bernie Sanders had raised genuine issues regarding runaway income inequality and plutocratic politics. However, Sanders was suppressed by a hostile corporate press and an antagonistic Democratic Party establishment, which arguably preferred to risk a Republican victory in 2016 than support anyone who questioned neoliberal orthodoxy.

Sanders’ issues got asphyxiated in the juggernaut of Russiagate. His legacy – so far – has been to help contain a progressive insurgency within the Democratic Party, the perennial graveyard of social movements. Had Mr. Sanders not come along, the Democrats – now the full-throated party of neoliberal austerity at home and imperial war abroad – would have needed to invent a leftish Pied Piper to keep their base in the fold."
Need that 'wasted' money for something important, Wars For The Jews, etc. (and the sort of thing that has started to get Creepy Joe in trouble):  "Donald Trump Floats Cutting Medicare and Entitlements At Davos" ('Hunter Wallace').

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


The CIA 'whistleblower':  "Whistleblower Was Overheard in '17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump" (Sperry):
"The whistleblower’s candor is also being called into question.  It turns out that the CIA operative failed to report his contacts with Schiff’s office to the intelligence community’s inspector general who fielded his whistleblower complaint. He withheld the information both in interviews with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson, and in writing, according to impeachment committee investigators. The whistleblower form he filled out required him to disclose whether he had “contacted other entities” -- including “members of Congress.” But he left that section blank on the disclosure form he signed.
The investigators say that details about how the whistleblower consulted with Schiff’s staff and perhaps misled Atkinson about those interactions are contained in the transcript of a closed-door briefing Atkinson gave to the House Intelligence Committee last October. However, Schiff has sealed the transcript from public view. It is the only impeachment witness transcript out of 18 that he has not released.
Schiff has classified the document “Secret,” preventing Republicans who attended the Atkinson briefing from quoting from it. Even impeachment investigators cannot view it outside a highly secured room, known as a “SCIF," in the basement of the Capitol. Members must first get permission from Schiff, and they are forbidden from bringing phones into the SCIF or from taking notes from the document."
Trump caused a tsunami in Washington of people so upset at his stated policy positions that they were willing to subvert the entire democratic process in order to get him out, in any way possible.  This is even weirder as it becomes clear that Trump is no revolutionary, but just a standard Republican President.

Pegasus, etc

"Israeli Cyberattack Firm NSO May Have Helped Saudis Hack Jeff Bezos' Phone, UN Experts Say " (Rothschilds).  Tweets by Jacob Silverman (the actual blackmail threat).

"We can now apparently add that if NSO hadn’t sold Pegasus to the Saudis, Jeff Bezos would still be married to his first wife, MacKenzie." (Cole).

(((Somebody))) is getting ready to interfere in an election:  "Why a shadowy tech firm with ties to Israeli intelligence is running doomsday election simulations" (Webb).

No way out

"Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who Is Really in Charge of the U.S. Military?" (Chung) (my emphasis in red)):
"One could speculate that the President was set up, with the official designation of the IRGC as “terrorist” occurring in April 2019 by the US State Department, a decision that was strongly supported by both Bolton and Pompeo, who were both members of the NSC at the time. This made it legal for a US military drone strike to occur against Soleimani under the 2001 AUMF, where the US military can attack any armed group deemed to be a terrorist threat. Both Bolton and Pompeo made no secret that they were overjoyed by Soleimani’s assassination and Bolton went so far as to tweet “Hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran.” Bolton has also made it no secret that he is eager to testify against Trump in his possible impeachment trial.

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo was recorded at an unknown conference recently, but judging from the gross laughter of the audience it consists of wannabe CIA agents, where he admits that though West Points’ cadet motto is “You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.”, his training under the CIA was the very opposite, stating “I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It was like we had entire training courses. (long pause) It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

Thus, it should be no surprise to anyone in the world at this point in history, that the CIA holds no allegiance to any country. And it can be hardly expected that a President, who is actively under attack from all sides within his own country, is in a position to hold the CIA accountable for its past and future crimes."
Most of the article is on the immediate post-war creation of the National-Security State, and how the CIA's big fuck-up on the Bay of Pigs left it vulnerable to a JFK attack, thus leading inevitably to his assassination.

Without an actual revolution, it is difficult to see how to get out of this mess.  The National-Security State exists entirely for the benefit of itself, and increasing its power.  Complete surveillance and new technologies mean that the American IC has enormous blackmail material, and they are prepared to assassinate if blackmail doesn't work, thus making it impossible for politicians to put up any opposition.  The Khazars, with their total control of (((media))) and (((entertainment))), and their own blackmail and shekeling operations, have glommed on to the National-Security State for a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing a psycho like Wurmser to quietly hang around for years until the time is right to present another terrible idea, immediately taken up as it seems to help both the all-important settlers, and the self-aggrandizement of National-Security State operators.  Everything is set up in such a way that it can only get worse.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


"‘Once This Is Over, We’ll Be Kings’: How Lev Parnas Worked His Way Into Trump’s World" ('Hunter Wallace').  $50,000 to Trump and all his problems would be fixed!

Parnas is a Khazar, another Orthodox Jew of the cluster of them around Trump (ninety some percent of the characters involving Trump in #Russiagate are Ukrainian Khazar gangsters, who the Clintonistas/Never Trumpers choose to call 'Russians' - Marshall does this repeatedly - as it fits their ridiculous narrative), who was born in the Ukraine.  Although he has lived in the US since he was three, the Clintonistas and Never Trumpers fit him into #Russiagate, as he was born in Ukraine when Ukraine was part of the old Soviet Union, which is enough for them to see him as best buds with that rascal Putin!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Parnas, like so many Khazars surrounding Trump, is a gangster, and is in heap big legal problems (although his current legal problems relate to #Russiagate-related election interference, allegedly on behalf of Russia).  For some reason, he decided that he could help himself by spilling his guts to the Clintonistas.  While the Clintonistas were thrilled to have more to throw at Trump, there is also a very strong feeling that this is some kind of trick (a Trojan Horse), and that Parnas is still working for Trump, perhaps hoping the Clintonistas/Jewish impeachers will rely on something he tells them which Trump can easily rebut.

"Lev Parnas Dishes on Kushner, Maduro, and Soros" (Swan):
"Parnas, Fruman, Giuliani, diGenova, and Toensing worked to push Ukrainian authorities to announce an investigation of a company linked to Vice President Joe Biden, and to oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. But that wasn’t all, according to Parnas. He said they also angled to get Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to force at least two people out of his own orbit: former journalist Serhiy Leshchenko and then-national security adviser Oleksandr Danylyuk. The reason? In Parnas’ words, they were “Soros people.”

George Soros, an American billionaire who has invested heavily in progressive political causes and philanthropies around the world, has long been a bête noire of conservatives and regularly vilified in Russian propaganda—the same kind that Trumpworld is accused of subscribing to in its Ukraine dealings. Giuliani, diGenova, and Toensing were particularly opposed to Soros’ work, Parnas said.

“Soros became Enemy Number One, and it was understood that Soros infiltrated the U.S. government and State Department over a certain period of time,” Parnas said.
“He employed different prosecutors in different states, different congressmen, and the biggest thing was they thought Victoria Nuland was his person in the State Department and then let him control Eastern Europe by naming ambassadors and stuff, and then opened up this anti-corruption-type of system to cover up, actually, his corruption. That’s what we were running with.
Parnas said he didn’t have any particular interest in Soros, but got pulled into the conservative lawyers’ allegations. Many of Trump’s thorniest problems, in their view, started with Soros. 
“The consensus was that the reason Trump had the Russiagate and everything that was happening was because Soros and the Democrats controlled certain U.S. embassies in Eastern Europe, particularly the Ukrainian one, and were able to help with the Manafort stuff and all other kinds of stuff that basically caused problems in the Trump World,” he said.

So the effort to influence Zelensky’s administration included machinations against Soros, he said—in particular, to push Zelensky to distance himself from people perceived to be close to billionaire. That push and the push for political favors for Trump were one and the same, he said. In retrospect, Parnas said, the Soros focus grew out of an atmosphere he described as cult-like. When asked if he believed his former allies’ claims about the billionaire, he said he got sucked in at the time.

“When you’ve got the president saying it, you’ve got his attorneys saying it, you’ve got all these congressmen saying it, you’ve got all these senators saying it—again, when I say Trumpworld, that small inner-whatever, everybody would talk about it: ‘This Soros guy.’ That’s why I look at it as a cult.”"
and (the failed attempt to buy off Maduro):
"The small group of Trump allies who worked on the Ukraine project also had visibility into other foreign policy efforts–namely, a push to moderate the Trump administration’s hawkish stance toward Venezuela. In April 2018, then-Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) traveled to Caracas and met with the embattled President Nicolás Maduro. Months later, in September, the congressman gathered with pals in a little-known VIP room at the Trump Hotel BLT Prime restaurant for a follow-up call. Parnas said he was there.

Giuliani and Sessions staffer Caroline Boothe were also present, Parnas said. (A spokesperson for Sessions declined to comment, a lawyer for Boothe did not respond to multiple requests for comment, and Maduro officials did not provide on-record comment). The call with Maduro came over Sessions’ cell phone, and the Congressman put him on speaker for the whole room to hear.

“Rudy didn’t want to be on the call because he felt that it might not be proper because he was the president’s attorney,” Parnas said.

Despite any misgivings, Giuliani was present when the call began. The group exchanged pleasantries, and several introductions were made, including with Giuliani. After a short time, Sessions took Maduro off speaker and chatted with him in the room as other attendees–including Parnas–listened in.

Parnas said he gleaned from their conversation that Maduro and Sessions had hashed out a tentative agreement to give him a way to step down from power. The plan would be for Maduro to announce free and fair elections, and then leave the country if he lost.

“I think the biggest part of the call was that Maduro was trying to be closer to the United States because he didn’t want to deal with Russia or China because he wanted to somehow move his family here,” Parnas said.

He noted that Maduro telegraphed interest in American sports, and there was some discussion of him potentially moving to Texas and watching the Dallas Cowboys.

A source with direct knowledge of the call confirmed several details of Parnas’ account to The Daily Beast, including that Sessions and Giuliani were in a restaurant, that Maduro was initially on speaker phone for a brief time, that Parnas was present, and that the topic of American professional sports came up.

The conversation, some of which the Washington Post has reported on, did not bear fruit. It came as then-National Security Adviser John Bolton worked to heighten the Trump administration’s bare-knuckled approach to the South American country. Instead of negotiating a soft exit for Maduro, the White House rolled out rounds of punishing sanctions and declared (along with other countries) that his presidency was illegitimate. Venezuela hawks in the administration had hoped Maduro would flee the country, but instead–with support from Russia and China–he has toughed out the United States’ pressure campaign. In the year since Washington recognized Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim head of state, Maduro has shored up his grip on power and drawn his country closer to Russia and China. "
and (OG Kush-ner):
"Parnas’ standing as a generous Trump ally also won him access to some memorable events. In October 2018, he attended a dinner in a private suite at Trump Hotel hosted by the pro-Trump super PAC America First Action. The dinner, with around a dozen people, connected Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump with leaders in the cannabis industry. Parnas said he was invited because he “was a Trump loyalist,” and because the super PAC’s Director of Development Joey Ahearn knew he was pro-cannabis.

The White House has claimed that a picture of Parnas with Kushner and Ivanka Trump was “taken at an event in a photo line.” Parnas, however, said it was taken at the intimate dinner with cannabis industry insiders. Two sources with knowledge of the dinner confirmed that it happened in October 2018 and that Parnas attended. The decor in the background of the picture–as Zack Everson, author of a newsletter on Trump properties noted–indicates the photo was taken in the pricey Trump Hotel suite where the dinner was hosted.

The cannabis entrepreneurs there hoped to shape the administration’s policy on pot, Parnas said.

“They wanted Jared to be more involved, maybe help push the agenda with the president because they felt that that was something he needed to be more lenient on,” Parnas said."
At the Javanka weed dinner:  tweet (Roughchop Ottawa #MMIWG):
"When everyone loved the cabbage rolls you brought to the potluck."