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"What Putin and Pompeo did not talk about" (Escobar):
"Moscow is extremely uneasy over the possibility of a destabilization of Iran that allows a free transit of jihadis from the Caspian to the Caucasus.
Which brings us to the heart of the matter. Diplomatic sources – from Russia and Iran – confirm, off the record, there have been secret talks among the three pillars of Eurasian integration – Russia, China and Iran – about Chinese and Russian guarantees in the event the Trump administration’s drive to strangle Tehran to death takes an ominous turn.
This is being discussed at the highest levels in Moscow and Beijing. The bottom line: Russia-China won’t allow Iran to be destroyed."
"The real deal was, in fact, not Putin-Pompeo or Pompeo-Lavrov in Sochi. It was actually Lavrov-Wang Yi (the Chinese Foreign Minister), the day before in Moscow.
A US investment banker doing business in Russia told me: “Note how Pompeo ran like mad to Sochi. We are frightened and overstretched.”
Diplomats later remarked: “Pompeo looked solemn afterwards. Lavrov sounded very diplomatic and calm.” It’s no secret in Moscow’s top diplomatic circles that the Chinese Politburo overruled President Xi Jinping’s effort to find an accommodation to Trump’s tariff offensive. The tension was visible in Pompeo’s demeanor.
In terms of substance, it’s remarkable how Lavrov and Wang Yi talked about, literally, everything: Syria, Iran, Venezuela, the Caspian, the Caucasus, New Silk Roads (BRI), Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), missiles, nuclear proliferation.
Or as Lavrov diplomatically put it: “In general, Russia-China cooperation is one of the key factors in maintaining the international security and stability, establishing a multipolar world order. . . . Our states cooperate closely in various multilateral organizations, including the UN, G20, SCO, BRICS and RIC [Russia, India, China trilateral forum], we are working on aligning the integration potential of the EAEU and the Belt and Road Initiative, with potentially establishing [a] larger Eurasian partnership.”
The strategic partnership is in sync on Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan – they want a solution brokered by the SCO. And on North Korea, the message could not have been more forceful.
After talking to Wang Yi, Lavrov stressed that contacts between Washington and North Korea “proceeded in conformity with the road map that we had drafted together with China, from confidence restoration measures to further direct contacts.”
This is a frank admission that Pyongyang gets top advice from the Russia-China strategic partnership. And there’s more: “We hope that at a certain point a comprehensive agreement will be achieved on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and on the creation of a system of peace and security in general in Northeast Asia, including concrete firm guarantees of North Korea’s security.”
Translation: Russia and China won’t back down on guaranteeing North Korea’s security. Lavrov said: “Such guarantees will be not easy to provide, but this is an absolutely mandatory part of a future agreement. Russia and China are prepared to work on such guarantees.”"
It is ironic that Russia's legitimate fears of terrorist spill-over from the planned destruction of Iran are putting a spanner in the plans of the Khazars and their stooges.  You will no doubt remember that it was the Khazars who 1) invented modern terrorism in Palestine in the 1930s to kill people and steal their lands, and 2) right after the end of the Cold War, used the fear of terrorism to start the Assholians off on their series of Wars For The Jews, one of which was supposed to be on Iran.

"Oman – Not Like the Rest of the Gulf" (Vltchek).  All the problems caused by 'Islam' - terrorism and the Sunni-Shi'ite tensions - are actually solely the product of a handful of illegitimate thieving rulers (Saudi and Emirates), fearful of losing their stolen monies and their heads, mostly crypto-Jews, working off a mostly Khazar script.

"The Yellow Vests of France: Six Months of Struggle" (Greeman).

Start of Lying Section (specifically, by 'journalists' and 'human rights' organizations).

Fresh nonsense directly from the horse's mouth (MI6):  "Skripal poisoning suspects received mystery phone call following attack" (Hopkins/Harding).  Tweet (Neil Clark):
"‘The bin where the bottle (supposedly containing Novichok) was found was regularly emptied, so it seems inconceivable that it had been there since March’. But if the bottle DID contain Novichok & the 2 Russian suspects didn’t put it there, who did?
More evidence of the sketchiness of The Intercept:  "The Hospital They Didn’t Bomb" (McIlwain). For all the hospitals Assad is supposed to have bombed, Syria must consist solely of hospitals.

"Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire" (Harris).  "SYRIA: Amnesty International bias provides cover for Al Qaeda crimes against the Syrian people in Idlib and Hama" (Beeley). "How Amnesty International is reinforcing Trump’s regime-change propaganda against Venezuela" and "Amnesty International still doesn’t recognise Chelsea Manning as a Prisoner of Conscience" (Emersberger).  Amnesty is just a branch of the US State Department, and has been since it was used to attempt to destabilize and delegitimize the Soviet Union.

"The Washington Post’s “Cartel of the Suns” Theory is the Latest Desperate Excuse for Why the Coup Attempt in Venezuela has Failed" (Bolton).  'Cartel of the Suns' and Hezbollah!

"More Than 36 Hours After Images of Elle Reeve’s Filipino B&E Emerge, Zero Media Covering It" (Anglin). B&E of 8chan owner not 'news'.

Tweet (Carlos Latuff):
"The Holocaust card, always at hand!"
End of Lying Section.

Tweet (Scott Hechinger):
"“One day, from his sniper nest, Chief Gallagher shot a girl in a flower-print hijab who was walking w/ other girls on the riverbank. She dropped, clutching her stomach, & the other girls dragged her away.” Trump is preparing to pardon this war criminal."
"It’s Even More Terrible Than You Thought" (Street) (odd to see this in Counterpunch, The Journal of Ridiculous and Counterproductive 'Russian' Attacks on Trump):
". . . establishment Democrats are working hard again, as in 2015-16, to undermine the presidential candidacy of the Democratic contender who is most able and ready to rally the disadvantaged constituencies who will have to turn out if the orange monster is going to be removed by ballot in 2020.
That candidate is the neo-New Deal progressive-populist Bernie Sanders. He is the target of a multi-pronged “Stop Sanders” movement within the Democratic Party and across its many establishment media and non-profit outposts. This reactionary operation includes at least ten related lines of attack:
+1. Flooding the primary campaign with such an absurdly large number of candidates that Sanders will likely be unable to garner the majority of primary delegates required for a first-ballot nomination at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.
+2. Coordination among the Democratic Convention superdelegates—the more than 350 county and state party bosses and elected officials who are granted delegate status without election—to vote as a bloc to stop Sanders on the convention’s second ballot. (These superdelegates exist precisely for the purpose of blocking challengers to the party’s corporate establishment.)
+3. Ongoing efforts to change state party elections from caucuses to primaries, as caucuses are friendlier to progressive challengers. (Sanders won 11 of the nation’s 18 caucus states three years ago.)
+4. The disingenuous theft of many of Sanders’ sincerely held progressive policies by corporate candidates who have no intention of fighting to implement them if they attain the presidency.
+5. Appealing to the name recognition of the right-wing corporatist-imperialist Joe Biden, along with the public’s misplaced nostalgia for Barack Obama’s Wall Street-captive presidency—both of which will be wielded as weapons against Sanders’ progressive populism.
+6. Repeated identity-wielding “gotchya” efforts to make Bernie seem indifferent to Black and female voters.
+7. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s sickening decision to block contracts with campaign consultants and other political vendors who agree to work for progressive challengers in the 2020 primaries. (Besides seeking to protect Congress itself as a corporate preserve, this move aims to deny Sanders congressional allies and undermine his ability to govern if elected.)
+8. Recurrent claims that Sanders “isn’t a Democrat” even though Bernie has long functioned essentially as one in Congress and Vermont politics (his “Independent” status is for show).
+9. Smearing Sanders’ popular social-democratic policy agenda as “fantastic,” “unaffordable,” “unrealistic” and too dangerously “socialist”—this while Democratic elites refuse to acknowledge the fascist tendencies of the president they helped elect in 2016.
+10. Branding the eminently electable Sanders “unelectable” on the grounds that he is an “extremist” who is “too far left” for the U.S. electorate generally and independent voters specifically. In reality, the opposite is true. Sanders appeals to independents (who are nowhere near as conservative as is commonly reported), people of color, infrequent voters and the white working-class that has largely abandoned the Democratic Party. His anti-establishment message, coupled with his long record of representing rural voters, makes him highly competitive with Trump, not only in the Rust Belts states where Hillary Clinton faltered but even in some dark red states like West Virginia. (Even Karl Rove believes Sanders could defeat Trump in 2020.)
It’s nasty stuff, but it’s nothing new and nobody should be surprised. The Democratic Party exists to serve its corporate clients. Consistent with their party’s Big Business bankrollers’ bottom line world view, establishment Democrats would rather lose to a fascistic white-Amerikaner right than to even the mildly social-democratic left within their own party. It’s why the late left-liberal political scientist Sheldon Wolin labeled them “the Inauthentic Opposition.”"
Direct descendant - well he can't be, as he isn't even in the same race as his mythological ancestor - of a mythological person!: "Should a Jewish Priest Be US Ambassador to Israel?" (Johnson).

"Poland to Jews: “We Owe Nothing”" (Anglin).  "Congress: No U.S. Military Base for Poland Until It Pays for Holocaust Victims" (Kredo).  I guess we'll find out what gives when a country so devoted to the Cold War that it will endanger its own citizens crosses the Khazar Shake-Down Unit.

"Why The Takedown Of Heinz-Christian Strache Will Strengthen The Right" (Moon).

"New Heinz condiment Mayochup has an unfortunate translation in Cree" (Dubé).

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Useful purpose on the ground

You know I'm always saying we have to examine these conspiracies from the point of view of the conspiracy planners, who have a goal, and a detailed script.  Sometimes things go sideways, and they have to improvise, which never goes well.

"The OPCW, Douma & The Skripals" (Catte, from 2018, before the latest revelations that the OPCW knew the Douma attack was faked) (my emphasis in red):
"If a false flag chemical attack had taken place in Syria at the time Russia predicted, just a week or two after the Skripal poisoning, a lot of the attention that’s been paid to the Skripals over the last month would likely have been diverted. Many of the questions being asked by Russia and in the alt media may never have been asked as the focus of the world turned to a possible superpower stand-off in the Middle East.

So, could it be the Skripal event was never intended to last so long in the public eye? Could it be that it was indeed a false flag, or a fake event, as many have alleged, planned as a sketchy prelude to, or warm up act for a bigger chemical attack in Syria, scheduled for a week or so later in mid-March – just around the time Russia was warning of such a possibility?

Could it be this planned event was unexpectedly canceled by the leading players in the drama (the US) when the Russians called them out and the rapid and unexpected fall of Ghouta meant any such intervention became pointless at least for the moment?

Did this cancelation leave the UK swinging in the wind, with a fantastical story that was never intended to withstand close scrutiny, and no second act for distraction?

So, did they push on with the now virtually useless “chemical attack”, botch it (again), leaving a clear evidence trail leading back to them? Did they then further insist on an allied “response” to their botched false flag in order to provide yet more distraction and hopefully destroy some of that evidence?

This would explain why the UK may have been pushing for the false flag to happen (as claimed by Russia) even after it could no longer serve much useful purpose on the ground, and why the Douma “attack” seems to have been so sketchily done by a gang on the run. The UK needed the second part to happen in order to distract from the first.

It would explain why the US has been less than enthused by the idea of reprisals. Because while killing Syrians to further geo-strategic interests is not a problem, killing Syrians (and risking escalation with Russia) in order to rescue an embarrassed UK government is less appealing.

And it would explain why the “reprisals” when they came were so half-hearted.

If this is true, Theresa May and her cabinet are currently way out on a limb even by cynical UK standards. Not only have they lied about the Skripal event, but in order to cover up that lie they have promoted a false flag in Syria, and “responded” to it by a flagrant breach of international and domestic law. Worst of all, if the Russians aren’t bluffing, they have some evidence to prove some of the most egregious parts of this.

This is very bad."
"James Le Mesurier: The Former British Mercenary Who Founded The White Helmets" (Webb):
"Though mainstream narratives have suggested that the White Helmets were trained by the Red Cross, the White Helmets were actually founded in March 2013 by Le Mesurier. He, like many officers in the British military, attended the Royal Military Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class, receiving the Queen’s Medal.
He later served in the British Army and operated in a variety of theaters. Most notably, Le Mesurier served as intelligence coordinator for Pristina City in Kosovo soon after the NATO intervention that led to NATO being accused of war crimes for its targeting of thousands of civilians and media.
By 2000, Le Mesurier left the army and went to work for the United Nations as he had “realized humanitarian aid was more effective” than an army in theaters of war during his time with the British military. He, again, served in a variety of locations, focusing on “delivering stabilization activities through security sector and democratization programs.” According to Le Mesurier, “stabilization activities” refers to the “framework for engagement in ‘fragile’ states” or, in other words, destabilized nations.
Prior to his founding of the White Helmets, Le Mesurier served as Vice President for Special Projects at the Olive Group, a private mercenary organization that has since merged with Blackwater-Academi into what is now known as Constellis Holdings. Then, in 2008, Le Mesurier left the Olive Group after he was appointed to the position of Principal at Good Harbor Consulting, chaired by Richard A. Clarke – a veteran of the U.S. national security establishment and the counter-terrorism “czar” under the Bush and Clinton administrations.
After joining Good Harbor, Le Mesurier became based in Abu Dhabi, where he specialized in risk management, emergency planning, and critical infrastructure protection. He trained a UAE gas field protection force and “ensured the safety” of the 2010 Gulf Cup in Yemen, a regional soccer tournament. But following this work, Le Mesurier claims to have become dissatisfied, wanting to have a more direct impact on the communities he worked in."
and (what better way to deliver your PR than through using the heroes, first responders?):
"As Le Mesurier noted in a speech delivered on June 2015, in “fragile” (i.e. destabilized) states, security actors – such as mercenaries or foreign armies – have the lowest level of public trust. However, Le Mesurier states that in contrast, those professions with the highest level of public trust in such situations are firefighters, paramedics, rescue workers and other similar types of first responders."
and (ha!):
"Other medical doctors have stated that other procedures conducted by the White Helmets as seen in the previously mentioned Netflix documentary were performed so poorly they would have killed the children, who were already deceased when the footage was taken."

Friday, May 17, 2019

No, they know that you are cowards and hypocrites

"The AngloZionist Empire: a Hyperpower with Microbrains and No Cred Left" (The Saker).  The time to worry about an attack is when the sitting duck American warships leave.  As long as they are hanging around all the Iran talk is just talk.

"The Trump Administration Has No Idea What It’s Doing With Iran" (Prothero):
"U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spent the last week engaged in a flurry of diplomatic meetings with Iraq, Russia, and Belgium, all meant to drum up support for the Trump administration’s increasingly hard-line stance toward Iran and its nuclear program.
The meetings did not go well.
A NATO military intelligence official who was briefed on Pompeo’s claims about increased Iranian aggression in the Middle East said the substance of the intelligence that the Americans briefed was utterly unconvincing — even insulting.
“Do they think that we are stupid?” asked the NATO official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
Tensions between Washington and Tehran have risen dramatically in recent weeks as some U.S. officials fear that Iran is preparing to attack several U.S. government facilities in the region. The U.S. has already preemptively deployed an aircraft carrier group to the area to “send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force,” in the words of the hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton.
NATO officials fear that even a small incident in the tense region could escalate into a protracted and enormously dangerous conflict, both militarily and economically. While containing Iran’s regional assertiveness was a key rationale behind the Trump administration’s rejection of the nuclear treaty negotiated with Tehran by the Obama Administration, the White House’s intransigent approach raises new risks: namely, the ease with which Iran could target American military bases and American ally oil operations throughout the region.
Pompeo himself has struggled to build a coalition of partners willing to break the nuclear agreement and back the U.S. position, and his sudden and unexpected arrival at a meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels did little to improve the situation. The NATO military intelligence official said Pompeo’s clumsy attempt to gin up support for the U.S.’s dealings with Iran fell on deaf ears.
“[The briefing] was a dog’s breakfast of things that happen every day, rumors, poorly-sourced things we suspect are [planted information], and of course, some pictures of boats that the Iranians have put some missiles on,” he said, referencing the photograph of an Iranian missile on a small boat in the Persian Gulf that was recently declassified, according to the New York Times, by U.S. intelligence agents who wanted to prove that Iran is indeed a threat. “Iranians have been putting missiles on boats in the Gulf since the 1980s. That’s what you do when you don’t have proper blue water navy.”"
Fine sentiments, but the world knows that when the time comes to fall in line, the cowardly Eurotrash will takes the shekels and send their soldiers off to die in yet another War For The Jews.

"Who’s behind the pro-Guaido mob that besieged Venezuela’s embassy in Washington?" (Sprague/Rubenstein).  All these thugs are at such a high level of asshole that they are not even capable of hiding it.

"Strange News from the OPCW in the Hague" (Hitchens).  Essentially confirming the story by confirming the existence of a whistle blower releasing an actual internal document, and thus confirming that the OPCW have no credibility whatsoever, and are just liars for the Empire.

"Downward Mobility Matters More Than Liberal-Conservative Labels" (Smith).  It is the hopelessness and helplessness to do anything about it, invisible to the elites - whose lives are defined (mostly) by getting and doing everything they had planned on - which leads to opiate deaths, suicides, 'wrong' voting, and terrorism.

"US-Israel relationship is ‘altar’ of ‘holiness,’ and Jerusalem embassy is ‘shrine’ — US ambassador" (Weiss).  We can be certain that Israel is doomed as crazies this crazy always get their comeuppance.

"CNN & MSNBC Caught Meddling In US Democracy" (Giambrone).  The polling 'data' went  crazy in favor of Creeper Joe the minute he entered the race, all at the expense of the consistently popular Bernie.  They usually pull this same stunt by pretending that telephone polls, which tend to reach only the elderly and invalids, reflect actual voting intentions.

Tweet (Mike Dudas) (also):
"BREAKING: John McAfee is currently either in the custody of US Federal Agents or on the run in or near the Bahamas. He was last seen leaving a prominent crypto persons home via boat. He is separated from his wife at the moment. Sources are claiming that he is in federal custody."
The Onion fell into a kind of funk when Haim, the 'one-issue guy', bought it, but it has come back strong since Haim started wring all the jokes himself:  "‘New York Times’ Rehires Judith Miller To Cover Escalating Iran Tensions".

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Innocence and self-pity

"Houthi drone attacks in Saudi 'show new level of sophistication'" (Gatopoulos).  "The New Drone Wars: Houthis hit Saudi Oil Pumping Stations, avenging Riyadh’s Strikes on Sana’a".  Note the possibility that the alleged attacks on the tankers in Fujairah was also a Houthi attack. That would make the attack on the pipeline - built to get oil out if the Strait Of Hormuz is blocked - and the attack on the tankers, part of a well thought out plan to get the attention of the people of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, even as their Crypto rulers continue to work solely for Zionist interests.

We've got a strange situation.  The alleged tanker attacks look like a false flag to start an Assholian war on Iran, yet the damage, if any, was minimal, and the whole operation, both the attack and the PR barrage after it, seems oddly half-assed.  Even with Trump in his current sad and shekeled situation, he would need a lot more than this to start a war which would immediately turn into a shambles for the Assholes, thus guaranteeing that Trump would lose in 2020, despite the fact the Democrats have obviously been told by their ((('donors'))) to throw the election.  The big problem for the ((('donors'))), who obviously couldn't care less about Assholians, is that any attack on Iran raises the obvious counterattack by Hezbollah on Israel, and no macher wants to be the 'one-issue guy' identified with the end of Israel.  On the other hand, both the Saudi Arabia and the UAE have a big interest in hiding the fact that the Houthis have the capability of attacking them where it hurts, so this kind of vagueness on the actual origins of the attack suits them just fine.

"Spanish Frigate Peels Off From US Carrier Group Over Iran Conflict Fears" (Durden).  Even the Eurotrash, the lowest and most embarrassing group of cowards to ever live, aren't going to help the Assholians in their shekeled War For The Jews on Iran, at least not directly.

Tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"Trump says he doesn't want war with Iran, but that's exactly what he wants, because that's exactly what Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu, al-Qaeda, Bolton, Haley, and other NeoCons/NeoLibs want. That’s what he put first--not America."
"Iran Squeezed Between Imperial Psychos and European Cowards" (Escobar):
"So what happens next? Professor Mohammad Marandi at the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran offers quite a sobering perspective: “After 60 days Iran will push things even further. I don’t think the Iranians are bluffing. They will also be pushing back at the Saudis and the Emiratis by different means.”
Marandi, ominously, sees “further escalation” ahead:
“Iranians have been preparing for war with the Unites States ever since the Iraq invasion in 2003. After what they’ve seen in Libya, in Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, they know that the Americans and Europeans are utterly brutal. The whole shore of the Persian Gulf on the Iranian side and the Gulf of Oman is full of tunnels and underground high-tech missiles. The Persian Gulf is full of ships equipped with highly developed sea-to-sea missiles. If there is real war, all the oil and gas facilities in the region will be destroyed, all the tankers will be destroyed.”
And if that show comes to pass, Marandi regards the Strait of Hormuz as the “sideshow”:
“The Americans will be driven out of Iraq. Iraq exports 4 million barrels of oil a day; that would probably come to an end, through strikes and other means. It would be catastrophic for the Americans. It would be catastrophic for the world – and for Iran as well. But the Americans would simply not win.”
So as Marandi explains it — and Iranian public opinion now largely agrees — the Islamic Republic has leverage because they know “the Americans can’t afford to go to war. Crazies like Pompeo and Bolton may want it, but many in the establishment don’t.”
Tehran may have developed a modified MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) framework as leverage, mostly to push Trump ally MbS to cool down. “Assuming,” adds Marandi, “the madmen don’t get the upper hand, and if they do, then it’s war. But for the time being, I thinks that’s highly unlikely.”"
The peculiar ambiguities of Trump have a purpose - as long as he doesn't call an end to the possibility of war, the shekels keep getting schlepped by Shlomo, and the Epstein-delivered blackmail stays safely hidden in the Mossad's drawer. He's stuck in the middle, as either a war, or a final admission that there will be no war, will be a disaster for him.

 "The Conspiracy Theory’s Four Monstrous Offspring" (Lazare):
"Assange languishing behind bars, war breaking out in Latin America or the Persian Gulf, Trump in the Oval Office for four years more – it’s the worst of all possible worlds, and the Democratic Party’s bizarre fixation with Vladimir Putin is what’s pushing it.

Ultimately, Russia-gate is yet a variation on the tired old theme of American innocence.  If something goes wrong, it can’t be the fault of decent Americans who, as we all know, are too good for our deeply flawed world.  Rather, it must be the fault of dastardly foreigners trying to hack our democracy.  It’s a deep-rooted form of xenophobia that has fueled everything from the criminalization of marijuana (smuggled in by evil Mexicans) to the 1950s Red Scare (a reaction to Communism smuggled in by evil Russians), and the war on terrorism (the work of evil Muslims).  The idea that America may in anyway be responsible for its own fate is of course unthinkable.

But Russia-gate may be the greatest delusion of all.  After decades of celebrating Donald Trump as the essence of American flash and hustle, the corporate media have decided that the only way he could have gotten into the White House is if Putin put him there.  The upshot is a giant conspiracy to force Americans to turn their back on reality, an effort that can only end in disaster for all concerned, Democrats first and foremost."
"Rashida Tlaib Angers Jews and Israel First Republicans With Holocaust Comments" (Rogers + Anglin).  We see the usual and expected lying about what she said from the (((media))) (even (((Marshall))) finds it a bit much!), but also a strange insight into the primitive thinking of the Khazars.  Like your typical bullies everywhere, they are filled with a combination of hidden self-loathing, and a remarkable degree of self-pity (and don't get me started on the arrogant Jewsplaining).  They really, really, really, really feel sorry for themselves, over real and imagined plights and slights they may have received over the millennia, and haven't forgotten one of them.

"Rashida Tlaib Has Her History Wrong" (Morris).  Note that the Palestinians are supposed to accept their dispossession by the 'refugees' - who were, as the woke know, created in a deal between the Nazis and the machers of the time, a deal now famously called the 'Holocaust' - because they 'immorally' resisted the colonial British (no doubt very well shekeled - see, for example, "The truth behind Churchill's debts and reckless gambling" and "Henry Strakosch") plans to ethnically cleanse them by moving Jews to Palestine in the 1930s.  Like all bullies, they consider the worst possible crime, worthy of the worst possible bullying as punishment, the resistance against their bullying.  The sheer chutzpah, not to mention Evil, of the Khazars is simply impossible for us lowly farm animals to grasp.  We shouldn't underestimate Tlaib, though, as her wording was the best possible Jew-trap, and they all fell right in.

"‘NY Times’ disgracefully joins the propaganda campaign to push for war against Iran" (North).  Can you believe it?  The JYT lying the Assholians into a War For The Jews?  Now I've seen everything!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Fat Slim

"Assessment by the engineering sub-team of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission investigating the alleged chemical attack in Douma in April 2018".  So:
  • the cylinders were placed, not dropped from an aircraft
  • the victims were killed elsewhere by the terrorists (and were probably gassed while being held captive), and arranged to form the tableau to blame the Syrian government
  • the White Helmets were complicit in this
  • the OPCW is incredibly crooked (although some OPCW whistle-blowing employees are not).
The latest trick is to tell you that 5G is healthy but Putin is trying to drain your precious bodily fluids by tricking you into thinking 5G will fry your brain:  tweet (Rania Khalek):
"This is INSANE anti-Russia hysteria from the New York Times. There are experts who have raised the alarm about the negative health impact of 5G. Journalists at RT covered it bc they’re journalists. NYT spins that journalism as Putin attacking America. Wow"
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"Another massive conflict of interest doesn’t acknowledge: NYT biggest shareholder is Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom billionaire who owns America Movil. He’s slated to make billions more off of 5G"
Tweet (Mark Ames):
 "According to this paranoid article, America's anti-fracking activists are as dangerous & unhinged as anti-vaxx conspiracists—and both are controlled by Putin to destroy America from within. Corporate propaganda at its sleaziest. "
The template is to claim that any story you don't like is a Putin trick.

Tweet (Ian56) (funny video; you'd think the Rothschilds could have hired a few more people!):
"Many French TV stations showed waving to "cheering crowds". There was only One Problem with this: As these pictures show - the crowds simply didn't exist. MSM is "
Omidyar's honeypot: tweet (Jordan):
"All you need to know about their owner"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"How do Adam Schiff and other Democrats get away with posturing like this without at least being asked about the DNC sending contractors in 2016 to work directly with the Ukrainian Govt to get dirt on Manafort & Trump (which they got)? "
 Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The corporate newspaper of record that is supposedly defending our fake capitalist "democracy" from Trump is openly taunting the far-right bigot-in-chief to pressure him to wage war on North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. This is the neoliberal "Resistance""
"Fat Bastard Pompeo Postpones Moscow Visit, Flies to Brussels to Warn of Looming Iranian Threat"(Anglin).  He gets nowhere with these visits, but the point seems to be to dis the countries he postpones visiting, Germany and Russia.  Bolton was kind enough to write up the 'diplomacy' back in 2017:  "How to Get Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal".

"Even Down Syndrome Sufferer Charlie Kirk is Telling Trump Not to Start a War" (Anglin).

"Viewing Venezuela through a Fairy Tale Lens" (Bonello).

"Jews Had to Overthrow Our Civilization Because It Couldn’t Accommodate Them as a “Superior Species”" (Diversity Macht Frei).  Everything becomes clear once you realize that everything they do comes out of a supremacist mindset.

"Eurovision fail: Israel takes heat for promo joking about occupation, greedy Jews & ‘lovely b*tches’".

"State reaches plea bargain with teen accomplice in Duma terror attack" (Magid). Burning Palestinians alive isn't a crime in Israel, although setting fire to things may be a minor issue.

"Major Terror Attack in UAE…Tanker Explosions".  "Saudi Arabia says 2 oil tankers attacked near UAE".  Provides a reminder in this Trump era of restricting oil supplies that these vessels are impossible to secure, and anybody who wanted to mess up oil transportation could easily do so.  It is interesting that the UAE initially tried to cover it up, then downplayed the importance, and isn't going full bore at blaming Iran.  The false-flag has already been set up:  "On Thursday, the US Maritime Administration issued an advisory warning that "Iran or its proxies" could be targeting commercial vessels and oil production infrastructure in the region."

"How the Venezuelan intelligence service defeated the CIA".

"Michael Oren accuses ‘New Yorker’ of anti-Semitism for questioning Jewish right to move from NY to West Bank" (North/Weiss).  Khazars really hate it when you stop their Jewsplaining with some facts/logic (Oren interviewed by Chotiner):
"It is definitely our right. I think it is our incontrovertible right as Jews to live anywhere in our ancestral homeland. . . Anywhere. And a member of the Sioux nation has a right to live on Sioux-nation territory. These are our tribal lands. The cradle of our civilization.
Q. Just to be clear: You were born in New York, correct?
Oren: I was.
Q. So you think that you, as a Jewish person born in New York, have a right to be anywhere in Israel —
Oren: Absolutely. . .
Q. Where did you get that right?
Oren: It’s my heritage for three thousand years. . . I live in Jaffa. The same right I have to live in Jaffa I have in [the settlement] Beit El or Efrat, or in Hebron. Exact same right. Take away one right, the other right makes no sense. By the way, P.S., most of the lands of pre-1967 Israel are not even in the Bible. Haifa is not in the Bible; Tel Aviv is not in the Bible . . .
Q. You are saying there are Palestinians living in various areas of the West Bank right now. . . which may or may not at some point become a state. But you are saying that, wherever they are living, they have less right to be there than you as a Jew born in New York.
Oren: I didn’t say that. Don’t impute words to me I didn’t say.
Q. I’m sorry, I thought you just said that.
Oren: No, I did not say that in any way. Listen, I don’t think I want to continue this interview. I don’t think this is a constructive interview. You can do with it — I would like to request you withdraw it. I don’t think you are actually interested in anything I have to say. And that’s been my experience with the New Yorker all the time. You guys are just into delegitimization. You are not really interested. Why don’t we call it quits right here, and I will pull this interview? I am relying on you to do that, as a journalist. . .
Q. I am not going to take anything out of context.
Oren: Sure you are. You already have in the questions. Your questions are hostile, but they are not even informed hostile. You are not that good. So let’s just pull it, and we will call it quits, and please don’t call me again. Take care. [Hangs up.]"
Big chunks of history simply disappear if they don't fit the Official Story, making history more of a PR exercise than any kind of attempt to document reality:  "American Pravda: How Hitler Saved the Allies" (Unz).  Examples:
  • ridiculously stupid Allied plans to attack Soviet oil, which would have driven an alliance between Germany and the Soviets and changed the entire course of the war
  • Turkey really wanted to ally with the Nazis, and Stalin was preparing to make them pay for it until he was deterred by the atomic bomb attacks on Japan (this was repressed when Turkey became an American minion)
  • Stalin had a plan to quickly attack and overwhelm the Nazis and then take over all of Europe, which plan was thwarted by Hitler's panicked and ultimately disastrous (for Germany) counterattack, which means that Hitler saved Europe from disaster (and really should be the face on all Euro banknotes)
  • 'Communism' = Khazars, with Bolshevism financed by Jewish bankers
  • David Irving's career was ruined as he consistently told the truth
  • Kaiser Wilhelm was a peacenik, and the Germans didn't want WWI, and tried to stop it.
And, needless to say:
". . . Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seem to loom far larger in our cultural and ideological landscape today than they even did in the immediate aftermath of the war, with their visibility growing even as they become more distant in time, a strange violation of the normal laws of perspective. I suspect that the casual dinner-table conversations on World War II issues that I used to enjoy with my Harvard College classmates during the early 1980s would be completely impossible today.
To some extent, the transformation of “the Good War” into a secular religion, with its designated monsters and martyrs may be analogous to what occurred during the final decay of the Soviet Union, when the obvious failure of its economic system forced the government to increasingly turn to endless celebrations of its victory in the Great Patriotic War as the primary source of its legitimacy. The real wages of ordinary American workers have been stagnant for fifty years and most adults have less than $500 in available savings, so this widespread impoverishment may be forcing our own leaders into adopting a similar strategy.
But I think that a far greater factor has been the astonishing growth of Jewish power in America, which was already quite substantial even four or five decades ago but has now become absolutely overwhelming, whether in foreign policy, finance, or the media, with our 2% minority exercising unprecedented control over most aspects of our society and political system. Only a fraction of American Jews hold traditional religious beliefs, so the twin worship of the State of Israel and the Holocaust has served to fill that void, with the individuals and events of World War II constituting many of the central elements of the mythos that serves to unify the Jewish community. And as an obvious consequence, no historical figure ranks higher in the demonology of this secular religion than the storied Fuhrer and his Nazi regime.
However, beliefs based upon religious dogma often sharply diverge from empirical reality. Pagan Druids may worship a particular sacred oak tree and claim that it contains the soul of their tutelary dryad; but if an arborist taps the tree, its sap may seem like that of any other.
Our current official doctrine portrays Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany as one of the cruelest and most relentlessly aggressive regimes in the history of the world, but at the time these salient facts apparently escaped the leaders of the nations with which it was at war. Operation Pike provides an enormous wealth of archival material regarding the secret internal discussions of the British and French governmental and military leadership, and all of it tends to suggest that they regarded their German adversary as a perfectly normal country, and perhaps occasionally regretted that they had somehow gotten themselves involved a major war over what amounted to a small Polish border dispute.
Although our standard histories would never admit this, the actual path toward war appears to have been quite different than most Americans believe. Extensive documentary evidence from knowledgeable Polish, American, and British officials demonstrates that pressure from Washington was the key factor behind the outbreak of the European conflict. Indeed, leading American journalists and public intellectuals of the day such as John T. Flynn and Harry Elmer Barnes had publicly declared that they feared Franklin Roosevelt was seeking to foment a major European war in hopes that it would rescue him from the apparent economic failure of his New Deal reforms and perhaps even provide him an excuse to run for an unprecedented third term. Since this is exactly what ultimately transpired, such accusations would hardly seem totally unreasonable.
And in an ironic contrast with FDR’s domestic failures, Hitler’s own economic successes had been enormous, a striking comparison since the two leaders had come to power within a few weeks of each other in early 1933. As iconoclastic leftist Alexander Cockburn once noted in a 2004 Counterpunch column:
When [Hitler] came to power in 1933 unemployment stood at 40 per cent. Economic recovery came without the stimulus of arms spending…There were vast public works such as the autobahns. He paid little attention to the deficit or to the protests of the bankers about his policies. Interest rates were kept low and though wages were pegged, family income increased by reason of full employment. By 1936 unemployment had sunk to one per cent. German military spending remained low until 1939.
Not just Bush but Howard Dean and the Democrats could learn a few lessons in economic policy from that early, Keynesian Hitler.

By resurrecting a prosperous Germany while nearly all other countries remained mired in the worldwide Great Depression, Hitler drew glowing accolades from individuals all across the ideological spectrum. After an extended 1936 visit, David Lloyd George, Britain’s former wartime prime minister, fulsomely praised the chancellor as “the George Washington of Germany,” a national hero of the greatest stature. Over the years, I’ve seen plausible claims here and there that during the 1930s Hitler was widely acknowledged as the world’s most popular and successful national leader, and the fact that he was selected as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938 tends to support this belief.
Only International Jewry had remained intensely hostile to Hitler, outraged over his successful efforts to dislodge Germany’s 1% Jewish population from the stranglehold they had gained over German media and finance, and instead run the country in the best interests of the 99% German majority. A striking recent parallel has been the enormous hostility that Vladimir Putin incurred after he ousted the handful of Jewish Oligarchs who had seized control of Russian society and impoverished the bulk of the population. Putin has attempted to mitigate this difficulty by allying himself with certain Jewish elements, and Hitler seems to have done the same by endorsing the Nazi-Zionist economic partnership, which lay the basis for the creation of the State of Israel and thereby brought on board the small, but growing Jewish Zionist faction.
In the wake of the 9/11 Attacks, the Jewish Neocons stampeded America towards the disastrous Iraq War and the resulting destruction of the Middle East, with the talking heads on our television sets endlessly claiming that “Saddam Hussein is another Hitler.” Since then, we have regularly heard the same tag-line repeated in various modified versions, being told that “Muammar Gaddafi is another Hitler” or “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is another Hitler” or “Vladimir Putin is another Hitler” or even “Hugo Chavez is another Hitler.” For the last couple of years, our American media has been relentlessly filled with the claim that “Donald Trump is another Hitler.”
During the early 2000s, I obviously recognized that Iraq’s ruler was a harsh tyrant, but snickered at the absurd media propaganda, knowing perfectly well that Saddam Hussein was no Adolf Hitler. But with the steady growth of the Internet and the availability of the millions of pages of periodicals provided by my digitization project, I’ve been quite surprised to gradually also discover that Adolf Hitler was no Adolf Hitler.
It might not be entirely correct to claim that the story of World War II was that Franklin Roosevelt sought to escape his domestic difficulties by orchestrating a major European war against the prosperous, peace-living Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. But I do think that picture is probably somewhat closer to the actual historical reality than the inverted image more commonly found in our textbooks."

Sunday, May 12, 2019

'Terrorists' and 'gunmen'

"Terrorist massacre of children in Syrian Christian town of Al Suqalibiyah on borders of North Hama and Idlib" (Beeley).

"Trump’s Trade War is Already Over" (Luongo).  The Chinese have plenty of tools and have only started to use some of them.

Tweet (Defend Assange Campaign):
"Stratfor email on Assange's arrest: "Pile on. Move him from country to country to face various charges for the next 25 years. But, seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki." "
It is still one of the great mysteries of the universe why people actually pay Stratfor for bad advice.

"Poles March on US Embassy to Protest Jewish Extortion Scheme" (Batty).

"FBI's Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA" (Solomon) (my emphasis in red):
"Newly unearthed memos show a high-ranking government official who met with Steele in October 2016 determined some of the Donald Trump dirt that Steele was simultaneously digging up for the FBI and for Hillary Clinton’s campaign was inaccurate, and likely leaked to the media.
The concerns were flagged in a typed memo and in handwritten notes taken by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec on Oct. 11, 2016.
Her observations were recorded exactly 10 days before the FBI used Steele and his infamous dossier to justify securing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and the campaign’s contacts with Russia in search of a now debunked collusion theory.
It is important to note that the FBI swore on Oct. 21, 2016, to the FISA judges that Steele’s “reporting has been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings” and the FBI has determined him to be “reliable” and was “unaware of any derogatory information pertaining” to their informant, who simultaneously worked for Fusion GPS, the firm paid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign to find Russian dirt on Trump.
That’s a pretty remarkable declaration in Footnote 5 on Page 15 of the FISA application, since Kavalec apparently needed just a single encounter with Steele at State to find one of his key claims about Trump-Russia collusion was blatantly false.
In her typed summary, Kavalec wrote that Steele told her the Russians had constructed a “technical/human operation run out of Moscow targeting the election” that recruited emigres in the United States to “do hacking and recruiting.”
She quoted Steele as saying, “Payments to those recruited are made out of the Russian Consulate in Miami,” according to a copy of her summary memo obtained under open records litigation by the conservative group Citizens United. Kavalec bluntly debunked that assertion in a bracketed comment: “It is important to note that there is no Russian consulate in Miami.”
Kavalec, two days later and well before the FISA warrant was issued, forwarded her typed summary to other government officials. The State Department has redacted the names and agencies of everyone she alerted. It is unlikely that her concerns failed to reach the FBI."
Tweet (Seth Mandel):
"NYT: Is your city at risk of a measles outbreak? That depends on the number of Christ-killers in your midst!"
He's trying to be sarcastic but it's true - a huge component of the communicable disease problem is Orthodox Jews, and the (((media))) has constructed a huge 'anti-vaxxer' conspiracy theory in order to cover it up.

Yet again, I am staggered by the fact that these 'nice' people - we're told the nicest people in the universe - constantly find themselves in such conflict with those around them:  "A checkpoint and a wine opener: Israeli soldiers turn couple’s road trip into a nightmare" (Patel).

"Rep. Tlaib: My ancestors ‘had been wiped out… in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews’":
"DK: So congresswoman, you’ve created something of a stir by coming out in favor of a one-state solution, Israel and Palestine, and I think you may be the only Democrat who’s publicly supported a one-state solution, what is your vision for a one-state solution that meets both Palestinian and Israeli-Jewish national aspirations.
RT: Absolutely. Let me tell you, I mean, for me, just two weeks ago or so, we celebrated, but just took a moment I think in our country to remember the Holocaust. There’s kind of a calming feeling, I always tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust and the tragedy of the Holocaust and the fact that it was my ancestors, Palestinians who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, the human dignity, their existence in some ways had been wiped out.., all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post the Holocaust, post the tragedy and horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And, I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right? In many ways. But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away, right? And it was forced on them. And so, when I think about a one-state, I think about the fact, why can’t we do it in a better way where — and I don’t want people to do it in the name of Judaism, just like I don’t want people to use Islam in that way — it has to be done in the way of values around equality and around the fact that you shouldn’t oppress others so that you can feel free and safe. Why can’t we all be free and safe together?
DK: But a one-state solution, with the right of return, just the math suggests that Jews would become a minority in that state…
RT: But Dan, it’s not up to us to decide what it looks like. Just like, when I have my African-American teachers taught me about neighborhoods they couldn’t live in, taught me about places they couldn’t work, but it’s important to understand that separate but equal didn’t work here, right, and then we have to allow the self-determination to happen there, but for me that’s the lens I bring to it, but I’m not a leader there.
DK: But isn’t it giving up, to say we’re just going to — the idea of two-state solution with two independent states that are sovereign and independent and free, aren’t you giving that up, that dream?
RT: But I didn’t give it up, I didn’t give it up. Netanyahu and his party gave it up and the Israeli government gave it up.
DK: It’s not worth fighting for anymore?
RT: It’s not for me to decide, it’s the will of the people. If Netanyahu got up tomorrow morning and decides, you know what I’m going to take down the walls. I’m not going to expand the settlements, enough is enough, I really want to push toward a two-state solution. He has every power, every power to do that. And then people might, like myself and others will truly believe in that. But uprooting people all over again, to say that that’s going to — because do you understand, when you look at the landscape, just map it out, it is almost, absolutely impossible with how he has proceeded to divide, how he’s proceeded to dissect and segregate communities — that is impossible for me to see a two-state solution without more people being hurt."
"Venezuela: President Maduro Reveals General Behind Coup Recruited by CIA". 

"Pompeo Suffers Meltdown over Venezuela’s Arrest of Coup-Backer, Zambrano" (Flores).  This is the guy who was towed to jail.

"Bolton Is Spinning Israeli ‘Intelligence’ to Push for War Against Iran" (Porter):
"Further underscoring the deceptive character of Bolton’s maneuver is evidence that senior Israeli national security officials played a key role in creating the alleged intelligence rationale for the case.
The new initiative follows an audacious ruse carried out last fall by Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, detailed in Truthdig in February, to cast the firing of a few mortar rounds in the vicinity of the U.S. embassy and a consulate in Iraq as evidence of an effort by Tehran to harm U.S. diplomats. Bolton exploited that opportunity to press Pentagon officials to provide retaliatory military options, which they did, reluctantly.
Bolton and Pompeo thus established a policy that the Trump administration would hold Iran responsible for any incident involving forces supported by Iran that could be portrayed as an attack on either U.S. personnel or “interests.”
Bolton’s one-paragraph statement on Sunday considerably broadened that policy. It repeated the previously stated principle that the United States will respond to any alleged attack, whether by Iranian forces or by what the administration calls “proxy” forces. But it added yet another major point to Trump administration policy: “a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force [emphasis added].”"
Bolton has clearly intentionally set up a scenario whereby he is inviting Israel or its agents to attack and kill Americans, all so he can have his War For The Jews. In other words, High Treason.

"Tucker Carlson Slams Usury" (Wallace).

"The Gwadar Terrorist Attack Exposed the International Media’s Double Standards" (Korybko):
"On the opposite side of the coin, “politically inconvenient” acts of resistance such as what the Kashmiris and Palestinians are doing against their Indian and “Israeli” occupiers (who not coincidentally have recently become military-strategic partners and are both allied with the US) are smeared as “terrorism” even if they only target soldiers and paramilitary units."
Better extremely late than never?:  "Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims" (Brown). Note that the prosecutor who appears to be doing his job is from Georgia, not (((Florida))).  Also note that the prosecutor in question was appointed by Trump, and there is a hint that this is a trick, a delaying tactic.

"Sometimes You Just Have to Admire the Jews"  (Diversity Macht Frei):
"This is the Jew believed to been at the heart of the scam: Gilbert Chikli. Convicted of fraud in 2015 and sentenced to 10 years in prison, he fled France for Israel, which refuses to extradite its Chosen citizens to lowly goyim countries.

Chikli was arrested in 2018 when he visited the Ukraine, however. In the Ukraine, he was apparently able to corrupt the guards at the prison where he was held. There is video footage of him having a giant freezer delivered to the prison so he could have entrecôte steaks; and more footage of him laughing and swigging alcohol with his mates while saying “Fuck France” and boasting that French justice system would never get him.

He has now been extradited to France, however, and has been charged."
Nullification, in the face of direct orders from the judge:  "'Huge Moment for Justice': Landmark Verdict as UK Jury Acquits Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Who Argued Necessity Defense" (Corbett).

"Chicago man convicted of murder appeals after learning that eyewitness who said he saw him pull the trigger is blind" (Sunil).

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Bone Saw II, the Sequel

"The CIA Sent Warnings to at Least 3 Khashoggi Associates About New Threats From Saudi Arabia" (Meyer).

"'Never Seen So Many Weapons': LAPD Seize 1,000 Guns At Bel-Air Mansion" (Durden).  Minor missing detail - it is a Getty family house.  Why did Durden remove that particular detail?

"Eurovision protests grow in solidarity with Palestine" (Abunimah).  It is a travesty that the Eurotrash allowed the Khazars to rig the last contest so they could arrange to host this one,  On the other hand, this may turn into more of an embarrassment for the Khazars than the PR stunt they were planning.

"Misled again by the arbiters of anti-semitism" (Cook).  OK, but far better to simply completely ignore Jewsplaining directed to the stupid goyim (unless, of course, you are truly woke and do the opposite of what (((they))) order).

"Judgment Day for John Brennan" (Whitney).  I'm sure Brennan was the prime instigator of the coup d'etat conspiracy.  I'm also sure nothing will be done about it, as the Swamp protects its flanks.  I'm guessing Nellie Ohr and Peter Strozyk will take the fall, deservedly so, but in lieu of the really bad guys.

"Another Whistleblower Bites the Dust as The Intercept Adds a Third Notch to Its Burn Belt" (Webb):
"Another possibility is that someone else at the Intercept other than Scahill was made aware of Hale’s identity, a point raised years ago by CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou and recently pointed out by independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone. After it was revealed that the Intercept  had obtained information from a whistleblower on drone warfare, which turned out to be Daniel Hale, in 2015, Kiriakou tweeted: “New drone whistleblower at The Intercept. For God’s sake don’t let Matthew Cole learn his identity.”
Cole, as will be noted later on in this report, has been accused by Kiriakou for outing him as a journalistic source to the federal government and, two years after Kiriakou’s tweet, was believed to have helped lead federal investigators to Intercept source Reality Winner in 2017. Thus, it is possible that Cole or another employee of the online publication had learned of Hale’s identity from Scahill and then passed it along, either intentionally or inadvertently, to the government."
"Most concerning of all, the FBI warrant also notes that the reporter in question – who is unnamed in the document – contacted a government contractor with whom he had a prior relationship and revealed where the documents had been postmarked from – Winner’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia – along with Winner’s work location. He also sent unedited images of the documents that contained the tracking dot security markings that allowed the documents to be traced to Winner. Jesselyn Radack as well as whistleblower John Kiriakou, who served two and a half years in prison for exposing the CIA’s illegal torture program, have since asserted that Matthew Cole was the journalist mentioned in this warrant. Well prior to being hired by the Intercept, Cole’s behavior was known to have been a key factor that led to Kiriakou being outed as a confidential source, which led to his arrest. Upon learning of Hale’s arrest, Kiriakou openly speculated upon whether the outlet was incomptent or compromised.
Despite this track record, the Intercept hired Cole anyway. Cole continues to write for the Intercept and appears to have suffered no negative consequences for his alleged role in outing Winner. Intercept editor-in-chief Reed took responsibility for the acts on the part of the publication that led to Winner’s arrest and “for making sure that the internal newsroom issues that contributed to it are resolved.” Reed remains employed by the Intercept and continues to make a hefty six-figure salary. Winner is currently serving a five year and three month prison sentence for releasing a classified NSA document in relation to alleged Russian intrusion of a U.S. election software supplier.
Furthermore, journalist Barrett Brown — who served a lengthy 63-month prison sentence for linking to hacked material — has recently stated that Intercept journalist Sam Biddle played a role in his imprisonment, further worsening the optics of the publication’s track record. Brown originally faced a combined sentence of over 100 years in prison before negotiating a plea deal."
"The Green New Deal, Israel, and Mayor Pete" (Sniegoski).  Sniegoski is very good, so this is oddly off.  Obviously, a brokered convention is the trick to get Killary back in, or some Killary surrogate, and it is literally impossible to conceive of the Clintonista power brokers using their machinations for some white guy, albeit a gay one.  On top of all that, is it not obvious that Trump would tweet him to political death?

"Trudeau continues push to overthrow Venezuela’s government" (Engler).  I wonder what all these people think when they talk to Trudeau and realize that he is obsessed with Venezuela (wtf!?), and only wants to talk about pushing for a completely illegal, and completely Evil (not to mention, completely hopeless), coup!  If they assume that he has not completely lost his mind, they have to think he is angling to get something in return from the Assholians for cucking so hard on this issue.

The essential problem with dumping on Trudeau is that the Liberals are uniquely competent at governing, so you give up a grievous amount to send a message:  tweet (Tyler Meredith):
"These are the things that matter in people’s lives Since took office: — 1,043,000 more people working — unemployment near historic low — 825,000 fewer in poverty — child poverty ⬇️ by third — 90% of Canadians have more 💵 compared to 2015 tax system "

Friday, May 10, 2019

The cult of the exterminated

"Is Leaked Document Trump’s “Deal of the Century”?" (Cook).  Leaked by Sheldon!  Cook's point is good - why risk some huge backlash and the future of the entire stealing and murdering project in some Jared-ego-flattering mega-plan when the MIGAed Trump is giving the Khazars everything they could possibly dream of, bit by bit, leading to a stealthy cumulative win for all Khazars?  Also, of course, we have the macher issue, with Sheldon having every interest in letting his plans unfold, instead of losing all the glory to the criminal Kushners in their (((media))) 'deal of the century' stunt.

Greenwald's sad response to the outing of The Intercept as a proven honeypot is Peak Whataboutism, what about the NYT?:
"The NYT: 1) had a source imprisoned for leaking to it during Obama era (); 2) censored a Pulitzer-winning story on Bush's orders (); 3) helped lie the US into a war that killed 100,000s: the *last people* with credibility to moralize:"
Hale is a real American hero: tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"Hale appears to be one of the only conscientious objectors during Obama administration who was willing to take the risk to inform the public what the government was doing as it expanded drone warfare in total secrecy."
"US: Manning freed but ordered to appear before new grand jury":
"Earlier this week, Manning's lawyers filed court papers arguing that she should not be jailed for civil contempt because she has proven that she will stick to her principles and will not testify, no matter how long she is jailed.

Federal law only allows a recalcitrant witness to be jailed on civil contempt if there is a chance that the incarceration will coerce the witness into testifying. If a judge were to determine that incarcerating Manning were punitive rather than coercive, Manning would not be jailed."
At this point she is being punished for the crime of failing to respect the authority of the Swamp.

"Drone War Victims Deserve US Accountability, German Court Rules" (Gregston).

Life under a Rothschildocracy, the world's most evil form of government:  "Gilet Jaune SITREP for Labor Day and Acte 25" (Le Saker Francophone):
"In Paris, as soon as 1 p.m., even before the procession starts, the police officers started using tear gas to raise the tension. The police violence reached a new high.
“The demonstration had not yet begun that the first traps were set up, the first sequences of gassings. There are still dozens and dozens of astonished testimonies of this delirious outburst of blows. Those who demonstrated for the first time with this movement are amazed. Those who are used to union processions have never seen this”.
The police spend its time breaking the long procession, cornering small groups to gas and beat them. One of this sequence happened in front of hospital La Salpétrière’s entrance gate.
On May 1, the government demonstrated its ability as a manipulator. An intox on the attack on the Salpétrière hospital. Castaner, and the plutocratic media following him, publicly stated that “the hospital of La Pitié-salpêtrière was under attack by the “Gilets Jaunes” and saved by the intervention of the police”. In reality, CRSs encircled demonstrators, cornered them in the entrance of the hospital so that, under the effect of tear gas, they were just looking for shelter inside the hospital. Nurses confirm that not much has happened. Absolutely no attack. Even the newspaper Libération, then other mainstream media following, were forced to refute Castaner’s comments. Some people have however been arrested for “organized gang attacks”. Castaner is beginning to be seriously questioned, even in the mainstream press. The case turns into a public scandal. Macron did not react."
"The Real Muellergate Scandal" (Murray).  "Glaring Omissions and Misrepresentations in Mueller's Report by Larry C Johnson".  Mueller is a pretty standard Swamp-creature, so nothing really surprising.  There is an overarching standard Washington Official Story, and he sticks to it.

"Christopher Steele Made Damning Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively Classified" (Durden).  The lies in the affidavits for the FISA warrants are the obvious place to take down a few Clintonista bureaucrats.

"Deranged Zionist John Bolton Reportedly Participates in Unusual Meeting With the CIA on Iran" (Rogers). "Trump, hostage to Bolton and Pompeo, Pleads with Iran to call and Rescue Him" (Cole).  Trump's attempts to distance himself from shekelemployee Bolton is less than convincing.

"Mike Pence Claims Venezuela is Providing a Base for Iranian Terrorists" (Rogers).  One of the more obvious ways the (((conspiracy))) ties together.

"Trump’s Encircling of Venezuela: A Fool’s Errand" (Madsen):
"Trump and his team of incompetents are reinforcing Maduro’s support within Venezuela and around the Western Hemisphere. Trump announced that Philip Goldberg, formerly the US ambassador to Bolivia, will take up the same post in Bogota, Colombia. In 2008, Goldberg was expelled from Bolivia for trying to overthrow the progressive government of President Evo Morales. Goldberg also previously served in Bogota as the coordinator of Plan Colombia, a discredited State Department program that was, in reality, a US weapons-transfer and intelligence-sharing operation for Colombian paramilitary units to commit human rights abuses against Colombia’s indigenous population, farm workers, and Afro-Caribbean people along the northern coast.

Goldberg’s modus operandi in Latin America is well known. The Bolivian government said Goldberg conspired with the opposition to foment unrest in Bolivia’s natural gas-rich provinces. Goldberg has also allowed the US embassy in La Paz and the US Peace Corps and Fulbright scholars in the country to be used for espionage purposes. Goldberg was also adept at coordinating terrorist attacks on key infrastructure components. On September 11, 2008 – note the date – a gas pipeline from Bolivia to Sao Paulo, Brazil was blown up by US-supported forces. Goldberg also coordinated anti-Morales actions of the right-wing governors of Santa Cruz, Pando, Beni, and Tarija. Opposition groups funded by the United States took over government buildings in the four states. Expect Goldberg, in coordination with Duque’s government, and President Jair Bolsonaro’s neo-fascist government in Brazil to carry out similar actions targeting Venezuela."
"Thinking fast and slow in reporting Israel-Gaza fighting" (Cobban).  I think this gives the lying 'journalists' way too much credit.  They are instructed to outright lie.  If they don't, they will just be fired by the (((owners))), (((editors))) and (((publishers))) in the (((media))).  Of course, (((they))) never have to fire anybody as the 'journalists' consistently lie.

"Plenty of Benjamins here in Boston!" (Klein).

"Expose: The Labour Party Treats Palestinian Supporters as Mental Cases" and "Why Not Make Parliament Into a Holocaust Memorial?" (Atzmon).

"Increase in range of Palestinian rockets forced Israel to offer Gaza truce: Hamas".  Iron Dome was another big bust, (so you moron goyim who have already paid for it better hurry up and give us money for it):  "Hamas says newly-developed tactic behind ‘Iron Dome’ failure" (it seems that if you fire two rockets at once, one directed at an empty area and one directed at your real target, the Iron Dome will let both through).  "Will the U.S. And Israel Wage A "Summer War"?" (Moon).  Imagine the glorious thought of a two-front rocket attack on Khazaria, from both Hezbollah and Hamas, with only the Iron Dome for protection! 

"The Shale Boom Is About To Go Bust" (Cunningham).  It is an excellent example of the crapification of all politics that shale oil extraction wasn't immediately banned everywhere.  Despite Trump's destructive and dangerous efforts to keep the price of oil up with the sanction wars, there is still going to be a crash of the shale oil extractors, leaving behind their bankers who will need to be bailed out, a consequent recession that gaudy Wall Street fake numbers won't be able to hide, and permanent pollution left behind.

"Running for president is a cash bonanza" (Madsen). The crooks supposedly regulated by the FEC openly mock it, knowing that there will be no consequences:  "Fox News star Jeanine Pirro's old Senate campaign told to file reports" (Lungariello).

"Corporate Media Target Gabbard for Her Anti-Interventionism—a Word They Can Barely Pronounce" (Walsh):
"Colbert’s exceptionalism argument, in particular, is reminiscent of the centuries-old vision of the US as a “shining city upon a hill.” It’s also a frame historically employed by media to rationalize the country’s foreign policy. As communications scholar Andrew Rojecki wrote in his 2008 research article (Political Communication, 2/4/08) on elite commentary of George W. Bush’s military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, “Over the course of the two crises, American exceptionalist themes made up a constant background presence in elite commentary and opinion.”
In other words, the assurance that Colbert has that the US has been “a force for good in the world” has paved the way for some of the greatest disasters of the modern world, including the 17-year-old war in Afghanistan (or almost 40 years, if you date from the US deliberately provoking the 1979 Soviet intervention) and the half-million-plus killed in the Iraq War. Other difficult cases for proponents of intervention include Libya, where removing an authoritarian ruler devastated the nation and brought back slave markets, and Syria, where hawks evade responsibility for the hundreds of thousands killed in a US-backed effort to overthrow the government by pretending that the US has failed to intervene.
Currently, in Venezuela, where Navarro is “very supportive of what the United States is doing,” Washington has imposed sanctions that are blamed for killing 40,000 in the last two years (CEPR, 4/25/19). Meanwhile, the US offers as a publicity stunt a convoy with “humanitarian aid” valued at less than 1 percent of the assets it has blocked Venezuela from spending."
While almost the entire American 'left' or 'progressive' (((media))) is nothing short of appalling - I'm certain it is because of ((('donor'))) problems - FAIR is consistently excellent.

"The Holy Hook" (Guyénot):
"Calvin himself had learned Hebrew from rabbis and heaped praise on the Jewish people. He wrote in his commentary on Psalm 119: “Where did Our Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles draw their doctrine, if not Moses? And when we peel off all the layers, we find that the Gospel is simply an exhibition of what Moses had already said.” The Covenant of God with the Jewish people is irrevocable because “no promise of God can be undone.” That Covenant, “in its substance and truth, is so similar to ours, that we can call them one. The only difference is the order in which they were given.”[7]
Within one century, Calvinism, or Puritanism, became a dominant cultural and political force in England. Jewish historian Cecil Roth explains:
“The religious developments of the seventeenth century brought to its climax an unmistakable philo-semitic tendency in certain English circles. Puritanism represented above all a return to the Bible, and this automatically fostered a more favourable frame of mind towards the people of the Old Testament.”[8]
Some British Puritans went so far as to consider the Leviticus as still in force; they circumcised their children and scrupulously respected the Sabbath. Under Charles I (1625–1649), wrote Isaac d’Israeli (father of Benjamin Disraeli), “it seemed that religion chiefly consisted of Sabbatarian rigours; and that a British senate had been transformed into a company of Hebrew Rabbis.”[9] Wealthy Jews started to marry their daughters into the British aristocracy, to the extent that, according to Hilaire Belloc’s estimate, “with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception.”[10]
The influence of Puritanism on many aspects of British society naturally extended to the United States. The national mythology of the “Pilgrim Fathers” fleeing Egypt (Anglican England) and settling into the Promised Land as the new chosen people, sets the tone. However, the Judaization of American Christianity has not been a spontaneous process from within, but rather one controlled by skillful manipulations from outside. For the 19th century, a good example is the Scofield Reference Bible, published in 1909 by Oxford University Press, under the sponsorship of Samuel Untermeyer, a Wall Street lawyer, Federal Reserve co-founder, and devoted Zionist, who would become the herald of the “holy war” against Germany in 1933. The Scofield Bible is loaded with highly tendentious footnotes. For example, Yahweh’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3 gets a two-thirds-page footnote explaining that “God made an unconditional promise of blessings through Abram’s seed to the nation of Israel to inherit a specific territory forever” (although Jacob, who first received the name Israel, was not yet born”. The same note explains that “Both O.T. and N.T. are full of post-Sinaitic promises concerning Israel and the land which is to be Israel’s everlasting possession,” accompanied by “a curse laid upon those who persecute the Jews,” or “commit the sin of anti-Semitism.”[11]
As a result of this kind of gross propaganda, most American Evangelicals regard the creation of Israel in 1948 and its military victory in 1967 as miracles fulfilling biblical prophecies and heralding the second coming of Christ. Jerry Falwell declared, “Right at the very top of our priorities must be an unswerving commitment and devotion to the state of Israel,” while Pat Robertson said “The future of this Nation [America] may be at stake, because God will bless those that bless Israel.” As for John Hagee, chairman of Christians United for Israel, he once declared: “The United States must join Israel in a pre-emptive military strike against Iran to fulfill God’s plan for both Israel and the West.”[12]
Gullible Christians not only see God’s hand whenever Israel advances in its self-prophesized destiny of world domination, but are ready to see Israeli leaders themselves as prophets when they announce their own false-flag crimes: Michael Evans, author of American Prophecies, believes that Isser Harel, founder of Israeli secret services, had a prophetic inspiration when, in 1980, he predicted that Islamic terrorists would hit the Twin Towers.[13] Benjamin Netanyahu also boasted on CNN in 2006 to have prophesized 9/11 in 1995. To the less gullible, this tells a lot about the Jewish gift of prophecy."
and (you can see why the Jewish controlled opposition to Zionism hates Atzmon so much):
"Through Christianity, Roman Judeophobia became Judaized. The Gospel narrative makes the Jews the plotters against the Son of God, but this Son of God is a Jew, and soon the “Mother of God”—as Isis, Ishtar or Artemis were called—would be turned into a Jewess too. Most importantly, Judeophobic Christians will adopt the Tanakh and the bizarre Jewish paradigm of the “jealous god” with his “chosen people”. From that point of view, it is as if Christ nailed on the Cross had been used as a bait to pull anti-Jewish Gentiles, by the line of the Old Testament, into worshipping Jewishness.
This process fits the concept of Jewish controlled opposition conceptualized by Gilad Atzmon in his book Being in Time and in a recent video. Whenever Jewish power becomes threatened by the Gentiles’ resentment against it, it produces “a satellite Jewish dissent” designed to control and stir Gentile opposition. This Jewish dissent monopolizes the protest and keeps non-Jewish dissenters in line. According to a parable proposed by Atzmon, the purpose is to make sure that any Jewish problem suffered by the Gentiles is treated by Jewish doctors, whose fundamental interest is that the problem is not solved. By claiming to have the solution to the problem, dissident Jews deceive Gentiles on the nature of the problem, and ultimately aggravate the problem.
As Atzmon sees it, the process does not necessarily result from a secret agreement between Jewish power and Jewish dissent. The Jewish opposition intellectuals
“are not necessarily consciously deceiving us; indeed, they may well be doing their best, within the context of a limited tribal mindset. The truth is, they cannot think out of the box, they cannot climb over the ghetto walls that enclose their own tribal beings.”[21]
We can see this tribal mindset as a collective instinct of conservation that is part of the essence of Jewishness. Ideological quarrels between Jews are sincere, but they remain quarrels between Jews, who tacitly agree to speak louder than Gentiles and exclude from the discussion any radical criticism of Jewishness.
In the light of Atzmon’s analysis, it is conceivable that Christianity’s primary function was to absorb Greco-Roman Judeophobia into a movement that would ultimately reinforce the symbolic status of the Jews, by spreading the “chosen people” propaganda myth fabricated five centuries earlier. Ezra had convinced the Persians that the Jews worshipped the God of Heaven like them; the Church went on convincing the Romans that, before Jesus, the Jews had been the only people worshipping the true God and loved by Him. Such creed from the Gentiles is worth a thousand Balfour declarations, in the march toward world domination by way of deception. In the Christian narrative that says, “God chose the Jewish people, but then rejected them,” the benefit from the first part is much higher than the cost of the second, which hardly makes sense anyway.
If the Italian rabbi Elijah Benamozegh is right in saying that “The constitution of a universal religion is the ultimate goal of Judaism,” then Christianity is a great step toward that glorious future: “In Heaven, one God of all men, and on earth a single family of peoples, among whom Israel is the eldest, responsible for the priestly function of teaching and the administration of the true religion of humanity.”[22] Christianity has prepared the way for the next stage: the cult of the crucified Jew is now being superseded by the cult of the exterminated Jews."
"Jews and the Left by Philip Mendes: A Review" (Sanderson), and the two comments by Anonymous[418].  It is a fair point to make that the atrocities performed and supported by Khazars aren't accurately described as 'left', and doing so seems motivated by a hatred of progressive politics, which muddles the real anti-gentilist crimes committed by Khazars.  Everything (((they))) do is an attempt to improve their group supremacist position, and neither 'left' nor 'right' has any importance to (((them))).  As we're seeing now in France, what really interests (((them))) is violent authoritarianism.  We're actually giving them too much credit if go along with identifying them as 'left' in the attempts by the authoritarian personalities to blacken both progressive politics and the Khazars at once.  See also the comment by Curmudgeon at The Occidental Observer:
"As I have often said, capitalism and communism are the two sides of the Jewish control coin. Both seek to concentrate wealth in the hands of the few, and each determines who is in the commune’s politburo that controls the commune. Once the politburo defines the commune and who benefits, everyone else is chattel of the commune.

Real socialism derived from the Trade Guilds that were systemically dismantled by governments while leaving the Merchant Guilds relatively untouched. The local branches of Trade Guilds were essentially cooperatives. They controlled the numbers of craftsmen and apprentices, production and quality of the product as well as the price. Inflation was virtually unknown. The system had flaws, but worked for hundreds of years. It was the Merchant Guilds that were infiltrated by Jews and eventually controlled. Merchant Guilds were always internationalists. While they depended on Trade Guilds for products for export, their real profit came in selling products, such as spices and tobacco, that were not available in their country.
As has been noted on this site, early socialists were anti-government. French socialist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon referred to Marx as the tapeworm in socialism. Marxism is communism, centralized control of government where the workers owning the means of production means the commne (and by extension what is defined as the commune) owns the means of. Real socialism is the locals who produce the product own the control of production. Real socialism is anti-government and anti-communist. Real socialism would never support an unending line of freeloaders into their collective draining their resources.
Real socialism died decades ago, and the closest models in Scandinavia committed suicide when Denmark joined the EEC and the others went multicultural through the tribe’s lobbying.
There is no perfect system, only systems that would be better without tribal influence."
"Chicago Cubs Ban Fan Who Flashed 4chan-Memed "OK" Hand Gesture Behind Black Reporter" (Durden).  The virtue signalers take themselves extremely seriously, and you must take them extremely seriously too.  Jokes involving hoax hand signals will not be tolerated!

"Facebook says far-right, anti-Muslim content doesn’t violate its standards" (to be read in light of all the banning that has been goping on, you foolish goyim):
"A recent report by the Toronto Star and BuzzFeed News showed Never Again Canada, which has nearly 235,000 followers, spread misleading content and used a URL-masking technique to deceive its audience for months. The page also promotes and has ties to the Canadian chapter of the Jewish Defense League, an offshoot of a U.S. organization which the FBI has deemed a “right-wing terrorist group.”"
"Previously, Avi Shomer, Never Again Canada’s founder, said in an email that he can’t be held responsible for all the content on the page because he is simply one of 34 administrators and doesn’t know all of the others.
“I was the guy who got it started, that does not mean that I now own or control it. Since it has grown, it has spiralled out of my hands,” Shomer’s statement read."
"Inside the Falwell, Cohen, Granda ‘Totally Normal Nothing to See Here’ Den of Iniquity" (Marshall):
"In 2012 the Falwells travel to the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. There they strike up a “friendly relationship” with a 21 year old pool boy on staff named Giancarlo Granda. The couple is apparently very taken with Giancarlo and soon they’re flying him on private jets up to Virginia, providing him with financial assistance and eventually deciding to set him as a business partner in the new Alton Hostel business venture. Falwell, or technically his wife and son, put up a million dollars for a downpayment on the property and then almost a million more on renovations. This was all because they “wanted to help Granda establish a new career and build a business.” They gave him an equity stake in the business in exchange for him managing the property even though he had no experience managing anything.
In other words, their staunch conservatism notwithstanding, the Falwells put together a kind of bespoke one-man social democracy on before of Miami millennial Giancarlo Granda for reasons that are less than clear.
Now, this all sent tongues a’wagging: morally censorious Liberty University chief poobah and his wife suddenly strike up a friendship with a pool boy on a trip to Miami and decide they like him so much that they were flying him on private jets and investing almost $2 million in giving him a start at life.
Now, the other thing Roston got into was Michael Cohen’s role. It turns out he’s the one who engineered Falwell’s endorsement of Trump in January 2016. The relationship goes all the way back to 2012, the same year Jerry and his wife met Giancarlo. In fact, not too long after the three of them meet in Miami, Trump was invited to deliver the 2012 convocation speech at Liberty University. Trump was there. Cohen was there. And Giancarlo was flown up for the event from Florida on the private jet. Giancarlo was actually introduced to Trump. Falwell and Cohen apparently stayed in touch going forward, usually checking in with Michael at Trump Tower when he was in New York.
Clearly there was a lot here already to get people wondering what was going on. But it was only in this new piece today where we got some critical new information, the first direct reference to possible extortion. In a call surreptitiously recorded by Tom Arnold, Cohen admitted that he’d helped the Falwells deal with an extortion scam. Someone was threatening to release compromising photos and Cohen made the problem go away.
The Reuters article describes the photos like this …
Falwell, president of Liberty University, one of the world’s largest Christian universities, said someone had come into possession of what Cohen described as racy “personal” photographs — the sort that would typically be kept “between husband and wife,” Cohen said in the taped conversation.

The Falwells wanted to keep “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” from becoming public, Cohen told Arnold. “I actually have one of the photos,” he said, without going into specifics. “It’s terrible.”
The new article doesn’t say who was making the threats or where they were from. But it does say the lawyers representing the person were in Florida, a possible clue."