Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Tastemakers

Sometimes the corruption is so spectacular it takes your breath away:  "Nursing Home Owners Get a Free Pass on Pandemic Accountability".

The feds don't do a celebrity arrest without a full video production, so where's the Ghislaine one?  Answer - there isn't one as she turned herself in.  That's not going to stop Barr from making shit up.  "New Court Filing: Ghislaine Maxwell 'Fled' Across House During Raid; FBI Found Tin Foil-Wrapped Cell Phone" (Durden).  It's hilarious they added the detail about surveillance expert Ghislaine wrapping her phone in tin foil!

"Sovereignty plan talks frozen, PM won't take steps without US" (Rosenberg).  "Forging Greater Israel: The Annexation of Palestine isn’t one Event, it is Ongoing" (Loewenstein).  (((They))) are using the time while Ghislaine softens up the Assholes to conduct a pile of mini-thefts.  Khleptomaniacs!

In particular, watch for (((them))) to steal but ignore the quid pro quo of recognizing any kind of Palestinian 'state'.

"The Tastemakers" (Rothman).  "Judge Alison Nathan: Media not allowed to view Ghislaine Maxwell’s July 14th court date –  Reuters".  To 'optimize video quality', goyim.

Things have gotten so bad in Assholia that Trump may be reduced to relying on sanity in order to be reelected:  "Putin has a dream to reset the world order" (Bhadrakumar).  Don't fret, Assholes, (((they))) will make sure it never happens.

Monday, July 13, 2020


"In FP Biden is worse than Trump by Ted Rall" (Lang, on the real Biden):
"I do not know Trump, have never met him, and wouldn't cross the street to do so.  Actually, that takes some effort these days.
Biden is one of the most belligerent and nastily "pushy" people I have known in the Borg (foreign policy establishment).  He is a screamer who will get right up in your face to see if you will back away from him.  He will stab in the chest with a forefinger for the same purpose.  He will insult you or threaten to fight you in an attempt to intimidate.  He has a bully's personality, and he is not too bright.  Let us not forget his history of plagiarism."
"#JewishPrivilege Trends on Twitter as People Start to Notice a Pattern" (Anglin). Note the irony in the Jews crowing over having 'flipped' it, due entirely to their Jewish privilege in controlling Twitter censorship.

"“Secure Tolerance”: The Jewish Plan to Permanently Silence the West, Part 1" (Joyce).  Cancel culture didn't just happen, it has years of groundwork behind it, not to mention stinktank work.

A concrete example of terrorists using cancel culture:  "Israel Lobby Seeks to Bankrupt Progressive, Pro-Palestinian Restaurant" (Engler).

Barr has now fully prepared the PR groundwork for an assassination - or fake assassination - should he feel he needs it:  "Ghislaine Maxwell Keeps Getting Moved To Different Cells To “Avoid Assassins”" (Mieka).


"Is Jeffrey Epstein's Boss Ghislaine Maxwell Helping Mossad Run Pedophile Rings for Prince Andrew and the Ruling Elite" (de Wit).  Lots and lots of hasbara in the comments.

Cancel cancel

Tweet (Ishaq_Aslam):
"4 Year Old Rafif Qaraeen, a Palestinian girl who was hit in the head by an M-16 caliber bullet while having dinner at her home several days ago in Issawiya died today
She will not get the coverage she deserves. Share this so the world knows about Rafif because THIS MUST END!"
"‘Cancel Culture’ Letter Is About Stifling Free Speech, Not Protecting It" (Cook). As anodyne as the letter is, this is a horrible muddle, and Cook should withdraw it.  Btw, like Terrorism, Cancel Culture was invented by the Khazars in an attempt to stifle any interference with their Project, by bullying hero truth-tellers like David Irving (it is really often just a sub-case of lawfare).  The whole point of absolutist advocacy for free speech is meta epistemological, the concept that nobody can determine the truth in any field, or even what the truth might look like.  You have to allow all expressions as even those that seem crazy - or even evil - just might turn out to have validity, or at least inspire somebody else to new ideas.  You don't give yourself a proper chance to sieve out the truth if you cut off anything.

And yes, it is nothing short of obscene that Bari Weiss gets to sign this letter.

The Thing That's Changed is that anybody can publish and be read around the world.  That's brand new.  Then we got the brilliant idea that we should allow a handful of supremacist Khazars to be truth gatekeepers.  What could possibly go wrong?

And it is not just academics and 'journalists' who are in danger:  "Eagles 'penalize' DeSean Jackson, say receiver must take action 'in order to remain on the team'" (Benjamin).

Much as I despise that fucker Noam, this is interesting:  tweet (James Kennedy):
"Wrote email to Chomsky, asking him what he thought of the reaction to "the Letter". Here's what he had to say:"
To be fair to him, he's always been a free speech absolutist.  That may come out of science, where 'heretical' ideas - Copernicus, that Australian doctor and ulcers - have a certain notoriety at winning out against all odds.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cruella de Vil

Weiss:  'white supremacists sound like white supremacists':  "Liberal Zionists use arguments — ‘There is no equality between us and the Palestinians’ — that echo white nationalists".

At least her cat is safe:  "‘I’m no Cruella de Vil’: Ghislaine Maxwell insists she is not an ‘evil villain’, had not seen Jeffrey Epstein in 15 years, did not introduce Prince Andrew to him and is being moved from cell to cell in prison for her safety" (Graham).

One thing about Assholia, as bad as things are, they will certainly continue to get worse.  "“Pinning Down Putin” Biden, the Democrats and the Next War" (Leupp).  "The U.S. Doesn’t Need Another Cold War to Improve Itself" (Larison).

"‘Most Jordanians see annexation as a declaration of war’ –a view from Amman" (Senfft).  "Israel Annexation Plan: Jordan’s Existential Threat" (Badarin).

"Jews Demand “Holocaust Education in Every School in the World”" (Frei).  STEM is going to be completely replaced by the only thing you need to know, goyim, H!

"Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody After Being Seen At New York Restaurant" (Turley).

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rains of frogs

Oh, no!:  "Israel lobby’s Kenneth Marcus resigns as Trump’s civil rights enforcer" (Barrows-Friedman).  Goodbye, Newman!  I have to note that Marcus used to be a dead ringer for Wayne Knight, and now looks different. It is the end of an era for lovers of lawfare and the ridiculous stranglehold of Khazars over the American government (not that the ridiculous stranglehold is coming to any kind of end, and he will quickly be replaced by another champion farm animal herder, but nobody could do the job with the same amount of contagious glee as Newman).

"On Foreign Policy, Biden Is Worse Than Trump" (Rall).  Creepy Joe is just the more neurologically impaired version of Ol' Kil (isn't Assholian politics grand? - you're not going to have to fret about de-statueing any of these clowns, as nobody would ever consider putting them up), and Assholes are soon going to realize that the bullet that they dodged with Trump beating her has just been delayed.  It was Trump's unique saving grace that he had a problem with foreign entanglements.

"Travel Restrictions on Americans Erode a Sense of Passport Privilege" (Specia).  I like Assholia as a name - extremely appropriate for a nation filled to the brim with the worst assholes anyone has ever seen - but Cootiestan would also be appropriate.  Metaphors abound during periods of Imperial Decline.  I expect we'll soon see rains of frogs!

Details of the old trick of misuse of 'terrorism' labels for political purposes, and a pattern of siding with the professional 'anarchists':  "Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight Into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias, and the Erosion of Civil Liberties" (Striker).

"How The FBI “Toppled Presidents” In Brazil".  So the FBI appoints itself as some kind of Brazilian anti-corruption task force, and uses the fines it collects to help fund the Bolsonaro coup.  And Assholes wonder why everybody hates them!

"Bolivia’s Struggle to Restore Democracy after OAS Instigated Coup" (Mills/Clark-Gollub/Duarte).  "NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role" (Escalante).  The big problem with the coups is that the coup plotters can't hold elections, ever, as they know they will lose, and badly.

A solid - and weird - example of deep OPCW corruption:  "Wirecard executive Jan Marsalek touted Russian nerve gas documents" (Murphy/McCrum/Warrell ).

This is pretty good:  "Cold War with China and the Thucydides Trap: a Conversation with Richard Falk" (Falcone).

The, um, 'men' strike back (isn't it fun that most of the trans stuff just boils down to extreme anti-feminism?):  "Another Letter: the Canceled Had It Coming, Good and Hard, Especially That Transphobic Harry Potter Lady" (Sailer):
"I can remember ever hearing of only 4 of these folks: Karen Attiah, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Noah Berlatsky, and Ashley Feinberg, and only in comic circumstances. This is not a list of talented people."
Escobar, of course, on the Iran-China deal:  "Iran and China Turbo-Charge the New Silk Roads".  The US could have done this deal, but, you know, Khazars, MEGA Group blackmail operations, Epstein, Maxwell, pedo politicians, so let's throw away the Empire and side with the little shitstain called, for now, Israel.

Contrast constructive behavior by Assholes and their boss, the shitstain:  "Iran explosions: Did Israel and the US just start a cyber war?" (Ritter).  I thought it was old fashioned aerial bombardment.

The shitstain is poison:  "Mohammed bin Zayed's mission impossible" (Hearst).

In the pool for sure

"Democracy and the Illusion of Choice" (Urie).  Amongst many other things, note the Democrats as virulent anti-environmentalists.

"Pizzagate" (Smithee).  Some of the wording in these emails must be code for something, maybe just a private joke, but given what we know about how blackmail is systematically used by Khazars to control politicians, you have to wonder.

Can you even begin to imagine the uproar if somebody had pained 'Free Gaza' on a kosher restaurant?:  "Toronto leaders silent on JDL attacks on pro-Palestinian restaurant" (Engler).  We're so fucking Jewed up . . .

"Police chiefs call on Ottawa to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs for personal use" (Zimonjic).  This is something that might have already happened were it not for the vile Asshole influence.

"MP Pledge to Oppose Israeli Annexations".  No Conservatives, only four Liberals.  This is no doubt a big money maker for those members who are beneath contempt. Shekels for compliant goyim!

"U.S. & UK intensify campaign against Russia; UK harks back to first pillar of new Cold War, the Magnitsky hoax" (Komisar).  "Bill Browder, a Billionaire Accused of Being a Fraud and Liar" (Ryan).

This Iran-China deal, which seems to have been signed some time ago, appears to be a really big deal, with Iran the keystone of the Chinese reconfiguration of the world (you have to marvel at the sheer magnitude of the incompetence of the Assholes, of course, in this case, led to destruction of empire solely due to shekel bribery and blackmail!):  "How Trump lost Iran to China: 25-Year ‘Lion-Dragon Deal’ makes Iran part of One Belt, One Road" (Cole).  "US should know ‘Resistance’ now controls all of West Asia: Naqqash".  "Trump Reaps The Whirlwind With China/Iran Mega Deal" (Luongo).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Peak liberal imperialism. A "journalist" (who had a friendly meeting with Nazi Richard Spencer) complains about white men dominating imperial propaganda website Foreign Policy, but has no problem with it being hosted by the embassy of Qatar, a monarchy with modern-day slavery"
Tweet (Joe Emersberger):
"Is it “cancel culture” when you complain about journalist being given a “platform” to talk about his arrest on transparently bogus charges in Washington DC?"
"Four first hand reports from Real World, Covid19 edition. They do not fit any narrative very well."  Some comments get into the issue that mask wearing becomes an insufficient substitute for lockdown, with disastrous consequences.

On Uber.

Some abandoned tax scamming/astroturfing:  "Dan Snyder Started a Foundation to Support Native Americans. Has It Abandoned Its Mission?" (Vrentas/Rosenberg).  Peak Haim!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Unclear on the concept

"Colorado Government Dumps Qualified Immunity For Cops" (Cushing).  I've never understood qualified immunity.  I think police should be held to a higher standard of conduct, not no standard of conduct at all.  Police should be treated as having a fiduciary relationship to society, and should receive longer sentences for committing the same crimes as civilians.  When you pick up the gun, you assume added responsibility.

"Florida lawmakers are trying to oust FSU’s Palestinian student senate president over a post he made as a 12-year-old" (Arria).  After kleptomania, of course, the second defining characteristic of all Khazars is complete gracelessness.  Being a Khazar is simply embarrassing, but chutzpah protects them from any concern for their conduct.

"How many ways can Israel wage war on Iran before the media reports Israel is waging war on Iran?" (Snider).  The, ah, (((media))).  That's why (((they))) own it.

"Iran To Help Syria With Air Defense To Repel US, Israeli Attacks" (South Front).

"Black Lives Matter Official Organization is Run by Convicted Jewish-Communist Terrorist Susan Rosenberg" (Anglin).  The (((financing))).

"Biden’s vision for Venezuela is virtually indistinguishable from Trump’s" (Flores).  "Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico" (Norton).  The Bank of England and the British court system permanently set fire to their reputation for any integrity or trustworthiness just to steal this gold:  "UK Commits "Highway Robbery" Of Venezuelan Gold, Says Academic" (Ross).  With a picture illustrating 'avarice':  "The New Pirates of Ancient Albion" (Aharonian).  "India to buy Venezuela oil under swap deal amid US sanctions".

"This Is How Propaganda's Supposed To Work: 60% In US Believe Fake Russia Bounty Story" (Durden).  I'm pretty sure that well, well over 60% of Assholes would have never heard of this story.

"Advocates hopeful CERB will pave way for universal basic income".

"How the Law Killed Ahmaud Arbery" (Margulies).  'Right to carry' + citizen's arrest + 'stand your ground' self-defense legal protections (all three of which are outrageous notions in any civilized society, which Assholia assuredly is not) = legally sanctioned lynching.

"Old-Fashioned Liberals Finally Speak Out Against Cancel Culture" (Sailer).  Despite the noble sentiment, this is a spectacular list of really awful people (and of a certain type of awful).  To add to the merriment, one, a dress-wearing man, withdrew his signature when he found out that Rowling had signed, which, amongst other things, is a pure example of 'unclear on the concept', applying a kind of cancel culture to a weak complaint about cancel culture!

"The US Army is losing the war in Discord" (Hernandez).

The predilections of the Swamp

Barr is setting the scene in case the negotiations over the theft/annexation don't go well:  "Clothes, bedsheets taken away from Ghislaine Maxwell due to suicide concerns: official" (Balsamo).

You'd think they would have to have a lot of nerve to pull the same stunt twice in a row, but, from their point of view, what choice do they have?  They can hardly let escape the details of the true nature of the predilections of the Swamp.

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Pot stirring

"Judgement Day for Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrives. or Maybe Not" (Giraldi).

Again, the only possible conclusion for why she put herself, completely unnecessarily (Barr would have been prepared to pretend to look for her until Trump was out of office, and she had plenty of safe places to hide), in the hands of American officials is that she is there to stir the American political pot, and make everybody very nervous, and the only conceivable reason for this extra stirring has to be something out of the ordinary, as Adelson and President Jared completely control Trump and give Bibi everything he could possibly want short of nuking Tehran.  The mysterious blockage of the annexation is the only possible issue which requires an American shake-up.  So we'll see lots of stories about Maxwell in the (((media))) until this mysterious blockage is resolved.

Even though Maxwell is obviously Mossad, an actual agent rather than just an asset, and the Mossad nominally works for Bibi, who is pretty much beholden to Adelson and the other 'American' Khazars, you'd think her motives would be to assist in the current big theft, but I note that part of the mysterious blockage seems to turn on the opposition of Globo-homo-Rothschild-o, the historical self-proclaimed guardian of the Jews, to the timing and nature of this particular theft, and the Mossad itself may have conflicting loyalties.  What I see are three inexplicable mysteries:

  1. why did she unnecessarily put herself in harm's way (she's got the original plea agreement to protect here from legal problems, and a friendly Khazar judge will no doubt be found to finesse any difficulties, but she is still at serious risk of assassination on behalf of some nervous Lolita Express/Orgy Island aficionado; if he's actually dead, Epstein made the same mistake, thinking the legal papers were all he needed)?;
  2. what is the actual nature of the blockage of the annexation (this is extremely bizarre, given what we know about the Khleptos)?; and
  3. what is the actual state of play between the 'American' Khazars and Globo-homo-Rothschild-o?


"National Justice: Leaked ADL Memo Exposes Elaborate Conspiracy To Enable Israeli Annexation of West Bank" (Jazzhands McFeels):
"One particular factor the ADL repeatedly notes is how awkward it is to explain to black and brown people why they support them against white people in America yet support ostensibly “white” Jews in the brutal repression of Palestinians. The West Bank already has racially segregated public facilities and transportation. Arabs must use a different colored license plate than Jews in order to allow the IDF to monitor and profile them. The full take over of the Palestinian territory will inevitably require mass killings as stateless Arabs resist.

As a hedge against this, the ADL lists a group of politicians — largely Democrats and minorities in the GOP — that can be instructed to “proactively anticipate flashpoints.” The goal is to create a hedge on the left against potential outcry from less predictable figures like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

The politicians named as reliable collaborators for creating controlled opposition are Chuck Schumer, Chris Van Hollen, Chris Murphy, Brian Schatz, Pramila Jayapal, Hakeem Jeffries, Mario Diaz Balart, Steny Hoyer, Karen Bass, Jamie Raskin, and Ted Deutch.

As an example of how this fake opposition will work, the ADL memo refers to a letter addressed to Benjamin Netanyahu and signed by Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Ted Deutsch tepidly criticizing “unilateral annexation” as an act that will harm Israel’s long-term security interests, while at the same time doubling down on the importance of US-Israel relations.

According to the ADL, letters like this — deliberately intended to be ineffectual and quickly end debate — will be used to collect signatures in order to “discourage the far left from signing something more extreme on the annexation issue.”

The ADL’s cynical ploy is already beginning to impact citizens. Earlier today, some of the last remaining “alt” libertarians, conservatives and nationalists were purged from Youtube.

On Reddit, the Trump supporter section, r_thedonald, and major left-wing outpost for fans of Chapo Trap House, along with thousands of others, were abruptly deleted. This is unique in that it is one of the first times leftists are subjected to tech censorship. The crackdown on the anti-Israel left, which Chapo belongs to, is not surprising in light of the ADL’s leaked plans for a pro-Israel public relations war.

The ADL has also been demanding that the already tightly censored Facebook platform to wring out whatever is left of political dissent, which includes anti-war left-wing and Muslim groups alongside nationalists. Last week, the ADL directed various corporations to completely boycott Facebook until they shut down every last direct and indirect critic of Jews and Zionism. The other tech companies — many run by Jews and eager to submit — have gotten the message. 
Black leaders who are not in the thralls of Jewish money are also being silenced. Prominent black community activist Louis Farrakhan, who is an ardent anti-Zionist Muslim, had his appearance on the Fox News channel canceled by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt."


You 'anti-Semites' can't accuse us of stealing what we've already stolen!:  "On Israel’s Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank is Already Annexed" (Baroud).  Note the thick layers of lawfare.  If you have trouble accepting their bizarre rationalizations of mass thievery, they will attribute it to either Jew-hatred, or the general intellectual slowness of farm animals, and will be happy to aggressively jewsplain it to you.

"I’m Black and Afraid of ‘White Fragility’" (Simmons). Assholes can turn everything into a self-help book, making even political issues entirely about themselves.  How they feel.  The book is so popular as it represents the emotional appropriation of the issue.  It's more colonization.  Racism can't be fixed by the Assholian ethos of self improvement, as it is not an individual issue.

"YouTube censors video about daily life for Palestinians" (If Americans Knew).  I can't remember when we all voted to allow the biggest group of khleptomaniacs in the world to have complete control over the information we have access to, including information on the extent and nature of their never ceasing thefts, but it must have happened, for we couldn't possibly be so stupid to allow such a thing to occur, could we?

"Freedom Rider: The police defunding con game" (Kimberley).  'Defunding' is the liberal trick to avoid doing the single thing that would fix most of the problems - to fix more, you'd have to introduce the professional standards and regulation which politicians don't want to do - end the War On Drugs and decriminalize all drug possession.  The War On Drugs funds the gangs which create the ridiculously high murder rates which causes the unease which allows police to continue to grab more public resources, while conducting the social control measures over the underclasses hidden behind the guise of fighting 'crime'.  The crime problem won't go away with defunding, and the 1% will then be happy to sell you some private security, if you can afford it.

"Police, Prisons, and the Pentagon: Defunding America’s Wars at Home and Abroad" (Hartung).  The seamless richness of Assholia - from Wars For The Jews, to Baseworld, to the use of police violence for social control, to the Prison-Industrial Complex, each part backing up the sheer Evil of the other parts, symbiotically working together to produce the worst fucking mess of a country imaginable.

"How the Pentagon failed to sell Afghan government’s bunk ‘Bountygate’ story to US intelligence agencies" (Porter).  "CENTCOM Chief Is Latest To Deny NY Times Russian Bounties "Bombshell"" (Durden).

"The Complicated Orbit of Jeffrey Epstein" (Metcalf).  (((Bloomberg)))'s not going to mention the elephant in the room, the Mossad.

"Prince Andrew's Cousin Says Ghislaine Maxwell Has "Secret Video" Of Him" (Watson).  I don't believe Maxwell would actually release any information, as released compromising material loses its value.  She has obviously shown up, now, to upset the entire Assholian political class, and taking such a risk - she could easily be killed by somebody on Ol' Kil's speed dial - is intended to dislodge whatever the problem is with respect to the key theft for Khazars now in play, the annexation.  She's still got the old crooked plea agreement to rely on, so she doesn't need more leverage.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The hell we can

Good, detailed, CHOP vivisection:  "Gimme Shelter: the Brief And Strange History of CHOP (AKA CHAZ)" (Beaumont):
"In the meantime, Seattle City Council member Sawant, a socialist and member of the Seattle City Council had issued a new demand. Of the homicide she said, “Our movement should demand and insist that the Seattle Police fully investigate this attack and be held accountable to bring the killer(s) to justice.”[8] Since CHOP was a “police-free zone” the police would presumably in her view need to obtain a special dispensation from people in CHOP to conduct an investigation in it—and that might have to await the “organic” development of some organization. Once they have permission they will need to speed up their investigation before they are defunded. It begins look like “Duck Soup” with real bullets."
"Regarding all the chaos, the violence and deaths Kshama Sawant issued a Trump-like statement. She said the violence was due to capitalism. Therefore, she and the protesters at CHOP bore no responsibility."

Pinochet-level problems

"Prince Andrew agonising over whether to condemn Ghislaine Maxwell, says source" (Mendick):
"Prince Andrew has hired a team of lawyers led by Gary Bloxsome, a partner at Blackfords law firm, working alongside Clare Montgomery QC, who is widely regarded as Britain's leading expert on extradition law. 
Her clients have included former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who successfully resisted extradition to Spain 20 years ago."
"Sergio Moro’s Catch 22: Miami or the Presidency" (Mier).  Will the crook who got the first crook installed take over for the first crook when the first crook is just too crooked, or dead, to carry on?

"Stephen Jackson defends DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts, blasts Eagles" (Fischer):
"It was unclear whether DeSean Jackson will be disciplined for his actions. [Eagles owner] Lurie was born to Jewish parents, but does not practice the religion, while GM Howie Roseman is Jewish."
No so unclear:  "Report: Desean Jackson Meets With Rabbi, Commits to Educating Himself" (Gwinn).

Farrakhan is definitely my favorite American.

"A Brief Compendium of Nonsense About Putin" (Armstrong).

"Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign" (Rawnsley).  Absurdly easy.

"Settlers trespass on Palestinian land to build a pool for their children" (Al-Bazz).  The Khazar motto: 'what's yours is mine'.  "Why are you angry? It’s just a pool for our children."  The quintessence of being a Khazar is not the kleptomania, it is the assumption that no farm animal could possibly object to the kleptomania.

The Soros 'activism' is giving Americans a real education in what has been happening in the retarded world of 'liberal arts':  "Is Unschooling the Way to Decolonize Education?" (Panne).  See also tweets by Matt Walsh.  And Taibbi:  "Matt Taibbi On "White Fragility"":
"It takes a special kind of ignorant for an author to choose an example that illustrates the mathematical opposite of one’s intended point, but this isn’t uncommon in White Fragility, which may be the dumbest book ever written. It makes The Art of the Deal read like Anna Karenina."
Teh Stupid pops up out of academia from time to time, but not for long, and will be mostly gone by November, leaving just a few plinths in its wake.

"Finally: A Way Out of this Mess!" (Farruggio).  The tax suggestion is too light - we need to tax them at a rate that they cannot accumulate so much wealth that they can control politicians.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

‘One Palestine, Complete’

"On this Day in 1920, Receipt was Given to Colonial Britain for ‘One Palestine, Complete’; Jews were 11%" (Alfarra).

Monday, July 06, 2020

John Galt eats government cheese

Tweet (Pat Fitzgerald):
"The Ayn Rand Institute received a PPP loan of between $350K and $1 million"


"The first New York City court appearance for Ghislaine Maxwell may be Friday, July 10" (Willmann).

Everybody lists her multiple passports, but never a mention in the (((media))) of an Israeli one!

"Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Admits “We Knew” About Ghislaine Maxwell Sex Trafficking Underage Girls" (Watson).  It was all over the news - everybody knew.  Since it was so spectacularly obvious, I assume everybody also knew Epstein was a Mossad operation to blackmail politicians.

"FBI agents almost blew the $4.9million covert operation to storm Ghislaine Maxwell's New Hampshire home after a neighbor called cops about the sound of planes circling overhead".

The definitive obituary for the last sputterings of Russiagate, this one intended to prolong the War For The Jews in Afghanistan (hence the rabid participation of the (((media))) in what appears to be a giant nothingburger):  "BOUNTYGATE: Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan" (Ritter).

"Op-Ed: Anyone Who Claims Cancel Culture Is Real Is A Bigot Who Should Lose His Job".

Let's be smart

Don't think this isn't a trick cooked up with his pal Trump.  "Kanye's Presidential Ambitions Might Doom The Democrats' White House Plans" (Korybko).  Tweet (Rob DenBleyker #BlackLivesMatter):
"if you vote for Biden you are essentially splitting the Kanye vote and ensuring Trump wins, let's be smart this election please"
Tweet (Ollie Vargas):
"Bolivia's coup leaders are already planning their escape to the US, according to prominent Senator Omar Aguilar. Some have even begun looking for apartments.
They've realised that they can't win a free election + won't be able to contain the rebellion against a rigged election."
Tweet (Aaron Rupar) (also):
"Fox News cropped Donald Trump out of a photo it broadcast of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Melania. (Fox News screencap on left; original photo on right -- h/t to @ScottSCroker)"
"Frederick Douglass statue vandalized on anniversary of his famous Fourth of July Rochester speech" (Craig/Miller).  Soros is setting much of the agenda.

The roots of Khazar 'anarchism' (heavy duty contextualization; I wonder if it was the Khazars who convinced the Kurds to be 'anarchists'; also, more Noam skepticism):  "The Battle of Seattle Was Fought by the Pro-war “left” in Northern Syria" (Parry):
"While some activists have expressed concern that the protests have deviated from their original purpose, the right has fixated on the presence among the marches of “Antifa” which Trump wants to designate as a “terrorist organization”, a reckless idea given the completely decentralized nature of the group. The original Antifa movement in the 1930s had been part of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) in its effort to form a popular front against fascism, but the dilettantes in the modern incarnation are closely associated with black bloc anarchism and other amateurish orientations. Two decades ago, Seattle had been the site of the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO), often referred to as the ‘Battle of Seattle’, which saw 40,000 march against globalization. Some may recall this was where the black bloc first became notorious for injecting vandalism and senseless violence into peaceful demonstrations and were widely thought to have been infiltrated by law enforcement. In 2016, the current embodiment of Antifa first came to attention during protests on college campuses against speaking appearances by far right media personalities during the U.S. presidential election, including at the University of California at Berkeley which had ironically been the site of the Free Speech Movement in the 1960s.

Following Trump’s election, the stage was set in Charlottesville during the Unite the Right rally and counter-protests over the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in August 2017 for ‘Antifa’ to be crowned as heroes shadowboxing the historical ghost of fascism. When the likes of The New York Times is suddenly promoting the black bloc, that’s your first clue something else is afoot. In order to prevent the emergence of a truly progressive movement in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, a false narrative was concocted by the political establishment about the significance of Trump’s victory, which we were told was the result of alleged Russian meddling and the racism of “deplorable” Trump voters. Instantly, any critique of the system which produced Trump disappeared and the establishment wing of the Democratic Party was able to neutralize the Bernie Sanders-led opposition in its ranks.

As a result, the vast majority of the left became convinced by the interpretation that Trump’s election was purely the outcome of a resurgence of “fascism”, thus making Trump the singular, most immediate danger — while U.S. imperialism and endless war continue unopposed, including the support for actual fascists in Ukraine. It should be understood that what Trump and the wave of pro-Zionist, Islamophobic right-wing populists in the EU represent is something qualitatively different. Still, anyone on the left who dares oppose U.S. imperialism today is risking being branded a ‘red-brown’ collaborator. The Democratic Party, which spearheaded the Orwellian idea of “humanitarian interventionism” used to justify the wholesale destruction of uncooperative nations by the American war machine in recent decades, has since tricked the majority of the left into unwittingly backing U.S. imperialism to unseat “dictators.” Even when the left today ostensibly opposes war, it is often forced to qualify its objections by repeating the same talking points about countries attacked by Washington used to justify it.

The U.S. foray in the Syrian war is a perfect example. Trump’s idea to designate Antifa as a terrorist group would be especially ironic considering that many American leftists who self-identify using the “Antifa” black and red standard have thrown their support behind the creation of another infamous “autonomous zone” in Northeast Syria established by mostly-Kurdish militias known as Rojava — with the help of none other than the U.S. military. There is even a self-proclaimed International Freedom Battalion of American and European volunteers fighting to defend the enclave that purports to be in the tradition of the International Brigades which defended the Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War. These “Antifa” conscripts fight alongside the YPG (People’s Protection Units), a Kurdish-majority militia which has been rebranded by the Pentagon as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). These leftists are apparently in serious need of a history lesson, considering it was the Soviet Union alone which intervened to defend the Spanish Republic from fascism, not the United States. From Washington’s perspective, CHOP/CHAZ should be considered blowback from this policy.

The U.S. creation of the SDF has not been without controversy, as the YPG is widely regarded as the Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Turkey which Washington’s NATO ally regards as a terrorist organization. While the Kurds and their Western volunteers may believe they are creating an anarchist utopia, in reality they are infantryman for the Zionist plan to balkanize Syria and prevent Damascus from accessing it own resources. So it makes perfect sense that they would try to replicate what they learned in Afrin in an American city using Rojava as a model. When Trump tried to follow through on his anti-interventionist pledges as a candidate and pull U.S. troops out of Syria, it sparked outrage from the pro-war “left” which glorifies Rojava as a ‘libertarian socialist’ and ‘direct democracy’ experiment, even though non-Kurds such as Arabs and Assyrian Christians face ethnic cleansing at hands of Kurdish nationalists in their efforts to create an ethno-state.

The ideological inspiration for the Rojava federation is the Jewish-American Zionist anarchist philosopher Murray Bookchin who was especially influential to PKK founder Abdullah Öcalan. Unbeknownst to many, Bookchin was also a noted Zionist — but this is not as unlikely a paradox as it may seem. After all, Israel itself was initially established with the settlement of communes and the Zionist form of “autonomous zones” known as kibbutz (“gathering” in Hebrew). Even prior to WWII, European Zionists and early kibbutniks came to Mandatory Palestine as illegal immigrants and began living in their communes while fusing Jewish nationalism and their own conception of socialism, an amalgamation not unlike what the Kurds are practicing in Syria today. One other highly influential thinker in the anarchist community who purports to be a ‘libertarian socialist’, Noam Chomsky, was himself part of the Zionist kibbutz movement in his youth. This explains why Chomsky would call for a continuation of the U.S. occupation of northern Syria on the basis of “protecting the Kurds“, who are trying to repeat the formula used to found Israel to create a Syrian Kurdistan as another U.S. protectorate in the Middle East.

It is no coincidence that in the manifesto listing the demands of the sit-in in Seattle, nowhere to be found is the defunding of the Pentagon — the primary supplier through the 1033 Program of the militarized police violence being protested. The same cognitively dissonant left calling to “defund the police”, which will almost certainly be used as a pretext to privatize them, completely ignores endless U.S. wars abroad and opposed efforts by the Trump administration to scale back expansionism in Syria. The focus on the tearing down of statues from America’s colonial ‘past’ has also coincided with Israel’s preparations in colonizing what remains of Palestinian territory with the annexation of the West Bank — where are the mass protests to stop that? If Black Lives Matter dared focus on AIPAC, it would be shut down very quickly. In 2016, when BLM endorsed the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to boycott Israel, their previously enjoyed benefits suddenly were in jeopardy and was revealed to be the direct result of sabotage by the Zionist lobby
In the last several decades, there has been a retreat of class conscious forces in U.S. political life, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union. The degenerate form of the left that exists today is an unfortunate result of the academization of social issues and the influence of the Frankfurt School critical theorists whose bourgeoisification of Marxism reduced it to a lens by which to critique culture and the arts while removing its class politics. The politically correct obsession with the policing of language by the postmodern cult of identity politics is excluding the working class from the conversation and counteracting its revolutionary potential. The CIA fronts in the Open Society, Ford, and Kellogg Foundations of the non-profit industrial complex have successfully corralled the protests while no substantial change has been made to the real ills in U.S. society where the 1% has made trillions during the pandemic and subsequent economic depression. While the masses are busy tipping over statues and monuments in a crusade to purify history, the ruling class is laughing all the way to the bank."
Ha ha ha ha ha!  "The ADL’s ‘Task Force on Middle East Minorities’: A con job?" (Boyajian).  They didn't even try to make it look legit!

This is the latest conspiracy on the far right (having said that, all details about Beyoncé and her background, real age, etc, are murky, to say the least):  tweet (KW Miller For Congress (FL-18)):
"Beyoncé is not even African American. She is faking this for exposure. Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian. This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement. BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!
#GreatAwakening #QAnon #WWG1GWA #Trump2020"
New story of Manson (almost sounding like revisionist OJ theories, emphasizing drugs and organized crime):  "Blind Item #2 - Reader Blind - The Book" (CDaN).  Pic Dawson

Sunday, July 05, 2020


"More Signs the Black-Jewish Coalition Is Fraying" (Derbyshire).  Derbyshire and Sailer give the same free advice to BLM.  Of course, both hate BLM, and this is just a coded way of attacking the Khazars and suggesting that racial protests are just a part of the anti-gentile war against Whites, er, whites.

"Some Conspiracy Theories Are for Real" (Giraldi).  Soros.

"BBC Orders Presenters Not to Wear Black Lives Matter Badges on Air After CAA Confronts Antisemitism in the Movement and Other Extreme Views Emerge".

"Pro-Israel racist group ADL moves to co-opt Black Lives Matter" (Abunimah).

"Exposing Israel’s Direct Role in US Violence" (Baroud).

"Bay Area Juneteenth Event Includes Protest Against Right Wing Billionaire Fisher Family: Taking Public Space from Minorities in SF and Oakland" (Hannessey).  Spell-check!:  (((Fisher))).

"Meet the Israeli Intelligence-Linked Firm Using AI to Profile Americans and Guide US Lockdown Policy" (Webb).  Considering there are free or cheap privacy-protecting alternatives, any politician who buys this Israeli spyware is a crook and a traitor.

An encyclopedia!:  "CIA Project MK-ULTRA" (Romanoff).

"The Fact That Trump Hired John Bolton to Torpedo the Korea Deal Shows That He has No Idea What’s Going On" (Anglin):
"This is the basic thing, in cozy bulletpoint format:
  • China is an open country and is no longer especially concerned about keeping a buffer with the US military installations.
  • Kim Jong-Un wants to be the hero of Korean history who reunites the people with their brothers and sisters.
  • This entire process is dependent on the United States government, given that the United States government maintains a military occupation in South Korea.
  • Trump had some back and forth with Kim early on, but things began to progress. There were two good meetings with Kim, where Trump did some great photo-ops, and it looked like he was going to actually pull it off.
  • The Jewish media was trying to botch the operation, demanding that Trump demand that Kim give up his entire nuclear weapons program before any negotiations.
  • Kim and Trump were exchanging gifts. Kim and the government of the South were experiencing brotherly love.
  • Kim made multiple good will gestures, including destroying some testing sites.
  • Kim repeatedly confirmed he was committed to denuclearization.
  • Everything was all set up for the big win.
  • The next step would have been to sign an agreement officially ending the war, and we were all set to see that signing ceremony at the third meeting in Vietnam.
  • Inexplicably and out of nowhere, Donald Trump hired John Bolton as his national security advisor, and allowed him to speak on behalf of the administration.
  • John Bolton went out and publicly stated that he wanted to do “the Libya model” on North Korea. Literally, he used those words.
  • This is the Libya model: use extreme sanctions to get a leader to give up their nuclear program (“no negotiations until there is full disarmament” is the mantra), and then bomb the country to depose the leader. The Libya model ends with the leader it is being done against being sodomized to death with a bayonet.
  • John Bolton attended the third meeting and just kept threatening Kim and telling him he had to give up his entire nuclear program before there would be any talks at all – the opposite of what Trump had been telling him, and telling the public.
  • Kim left the meeting, understandably disgusted, and there have been no negotiations since.
  • Trump eventually fired John Bolton.
  • John Bolton wrote a mean book attacking Donald Trump as incompetent and evil."
The star of the NSA is whoever makes up the program names:  "NSA documents and cover names from the book Dark Mirror" (electrospaces.net).

"The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation" (Palango/Maher/Gormley).  You think you've read every possible proof that this guy was an RCMP CI, and then they dump a whole lot more proof on you!  You can see why the RCMP might be inclined to deny it.

CDaN has been trying to connect Epstein-Maxwell to everything (Robert Maxwell and Lord Lucan!), and this is the Wirecard one.

Might seem confusing at first, but you get the hang of it

"Sputnik: Dershowitz Reveals Maxwell Was Epstein’s Co-Conspirator (What does it say about Dersho?)":
"Dershowitz concludes the article on a jolly note, suggesting Maxwell’s lawyers may argue the Statute of Limitations has expired on these 20-plus year allegations, and  Maxwell is protected by Epstein’s original plea deal, which “expressly included Maxwell as someone who received immunity” – so even if his good friend is indeed guilty of heinous crimes, she could cheerfully still get off scott free on a technicality or two.
Dershowitz is well-placed to know the extraordinary terms of Epstein’s original plea deal, due to the pivotal part he played in securing it – and in a perversely ironic twist, by acknowledging Maxwell was “expressly included” as receiving immunity therein, the attorney inadvertently confirms she was one of the known co-conspirators in Epstein’s international sexual trafficking and abuse intrigue, which has never hitherto been disclosed."
"Dershowitz’ role in the initial Epstein case didn’t end there – Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detective Joseph Recarey, who launched the original investigation into his activities in March 2005, have since claimed he helped wreck authorities’ appetite for properly prosecuting his client.
​Between the probe opening and October 2005, when police executed a search warrant at Epstein’s home, Recarey had identified 21 possible victims, and by the time police had enough evidence to finally arrest Epstein on sex abuse charges, they’d identified 35 potential underage victims and were in the process of tracking down at least a dozen more.
“I was surprised at how quickly it snowballed. I thought at some point there would be a last interview, but the next victim would supply me with three or four more names and the next one had three or four names and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,’’ Recarey told The Miami Herald in 2018.
Before he was arrested, Epstein learned some of the underage girls he’d abused had spoken to police, and immediately hired Dershowitz to represent him. Epstein also at this time hired private investigators attempted to conduct interviews while posing as cops; picked through Reiter’s trash in search of dirt to discredit him; and followed his accusers and their families. In one instance, the father of one girl was run off the road by one of Epstein’s PIs.
Several victims said they were intimidated and frightened by Epstein and Sarah Kellen, his assistant and alleged scheduler of massages, who warned them not to talk to police.
Dershowitz flew down to Florida to meet privately with then-Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer, which led to “shenanigans” Recarey had “never seen or heard of before”. He and Reiter claim Dershowitz went on to convince Krischer Epstein’s accusers wouldn’t be credible on the witness stand, providing the State Attorney with extensive dossiers on the girls in an effort to show they had troubled pasts.
​Recarey was present at some of the meetings, and recalls Dershowit showing him one of the victims’ MySpace profile, which featured a photo of her drinking a beer, while underage.
“Well, tell me what teenager doesn’t? Does that mean she isn’t a victim because she drank a beer? Basically, what you’re telling me is the only victim of a sexual battery could be a nun,” Recarey recalled.
These advances were nonetheless effective in respect of Krischer, and shortly thereafter “it became clear things had changed, from Krischer saying, ‘we’ll put this guy away for life,’ to ‘these are all the reasons why we aren’t going to prosecute this,’” Reiter alleges."
"Brutal Communist Chinks Have Officially Made Terrorism Illegal in Hong Kong" (Anglin):
"Not being allowed to protest in the street and throw bricks at cops is a totally valid reason to seek asylum. All Western nations allow Antifa to riot in the streets and smash people’s heads in without fear of any consequences at all.
And if they’re looking for freedom of speech, the UK, US and Australia are the place to find it. In these three countries, you can literally say absolutely anything you want. Literally, the only restrictions on speech in these countries is that you’re not allowed to criticize Jews, black people, homosexuals, women, gaming journalists, women in gaming, the corporate media, Israel, Islam, fat people, trannies, child trannies or abortion clinics. You also can’t say that there is any difference at all between the races or between men and women, but you also have to say that whites and men and especially white men are inferior. That might seem confusing at first, but you get the hang of it. You’re also not allowed to research the Holocaust or Sandy Hook, and you can’t hold any kind of political rally that isn’t leftist. You also can’t disagree with anything the media says about coronavirus – that one’s a little bit tricky, because what they’re saying is constantly changing, so you have to follow it very closely to make sure you don’t slip up and accidentally repeat something that the media was saying a few days or hours ago while thinking it is current information. Basically, you just need to check CNN before you say anything about coronavirus. Whenever you’re talking about coronavirus you want to have CNN loaded on your phone and just keep refreshing the page to make sure you are exactly in line with what the media is saying at any given moment.
In the UK and Britain, you can be criminally prosecuted for breaking these completely reasonable rules. But in America, all that happens is you get fired from your job, your bank account gets shut down, you get banned from using the internet to communicate, the media invents and prints vile slander about you and you get sued in civil court. You may also be attacked on the street by masked men, and the police won’t protect you. If you try to defend yourself, you will be sent to jail, but they might arrest you and prosecute you just for being attacked even if you don’t try to fight back.
But other than these very few and very reasonable restrictions (which aren’t speech restrictions, because saying any of that stuff is actually an act of violence), you’re literally just allowed to say whatever the hell you want in Anglo countries.
And again: unlike in Hong Kong, in the Anglosphere you are allowed to riot and start fires, break out windows and loot stores and the cops will never do anything to you, because while promoting the idea that biological sex has a relationship is literally an act of violence, burning down buildings and attacking random people in cars is free speech.
That’s democracy, baby – or as I like to call it, “freedom.”"
"Dawit Kelete, suspected CIA-USAID, ‘Playboy Assassin’ in Seattle high speed ramming (His social media)".  This seems much worse than Charlottesville, where the driver got life in prison with an additional 419 years, and then another life sentence for hate crimes for good measure.  The sentence this guy gets will be an excellent measure of who he was working for.

"Reparations and Other Scams: Israeli Survivors Live in Poverty and Are Starving?" (Giraldi).    'Goyim, our poor 'surviviors' haven't got any money because we stole the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in 'reparations' you have already given, so you have to give more.'  But what would you expect from dealing with a group of people whose very essence is being thieves?


  1. "US Builds New Air Base in Syria" (they'll never have to change the name, Fort Yinon, as who could be more woke than Yinon?);
  2. "If US attempts to seize Iranian tankers carrying oil to Venezuela now, de-escalation will be more difficult than ever" (Ritter);
  3. "Spate Of 'Random' Explosions At Iranian Facilities Are Targeted Sabotage: Intel Sources" (Durden);

Saturday, July 04, 2020


"The Return of the Anti-Antiwar Left" (Carden).  Kudos to the author for being able to spew all these words without once mentioning Wars For The Jews, or the general malign influence of Khazars and their (((media))).  Take out Khazars, and the beshekeled shabbos goyim who serve them, and the 'Anti-Antiwar Left' disappears.

G Max

"The Ghislaine Maxwell I know" (Dersh).  Basically, a framework to re-air his protestations of innocence.

"Ghislaine Maxwell may be legally covered by Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal" (Hays/Sisak).  This is the argument Epstein was going to make before he committed 'suicide' and was whisked back to his grateful homeland, Israel.

"'PIMP'S' CASH STASH How Ghislaine Maxwell spread $20m over 15 bank accounts, used fake name ‘G-Max’, & bought homes in CASH to evade capture" (Beal).  Either the much vaunted post-9/11 security measures are terrible, or there was a lot of looking the other way.

Friday, July 03, 2020

None responded positively

"Reddit bans 2,000 communities in major censorship action" (Reed).  We keep passing through these 'the goyim know, shut it down' waves.

"UN Reporting on Torture of Assange Banned from Corporate Media" (McGovern):
"Nils Melzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture, belatedly learned that Julian Assange was being tortured.  Meltzer came to realize that he had been misled by the “news” about Assange in the Establishment media, so he did his own investigation.
With his findings and impressions in hand, Melzer thought that June 26, the International Day in Support of Torture Victims, would be a fitting occasion to publish an op-ed on the results of his investigation.  It turned out that his draft was as welcome as the proverbial skunk at a picnic.  Here is a note that Melzer appended to his op-ed once it was finally posted — in Medium:
“This Op-Ed has been offered for publication to the Guardian, The Times, the Financial Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Canberra Times, the Telegraph, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Thomson Reuters Foundation, and Newsweek. None responded positively.”"
"An Introduction to altCensored.com".  altCensored.com.

Tweet (Yasha Levine) (performative performance collapse):
Tweet (Richard M. Nixon):
"What the hell is this garbage?"
"Attorneys representing Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre must destroy evidence from her case against Ghislaine Maxwell after improperly gaining access to documents, court rules" (Tanno).  There comes a time when the need to cover things up is so important that all the norms of judicial discretion have to be chucked out the window, no matter how bad it looks.

"US support for Israel since 1940s has been unmitigated disaster" (Dankof).

"Scoop: Kushner changes top Trump campaign staff" (Swan).  Rumors abound that Trump is finally fed up being led around by President Jared, but all I see is President Jared growing stronger.

"Congo-linked Israeli billionaire said evading US sanctions by money-laundering".

"What makes a 'humanitarian crisis'?" (Gathara).

"The New York Times beats the drums for war" (Martin).  JYT.

"U.S. Prosecutor Calls on Prince Andrew to Speak With FBI After Ghislaine Maxwell's Arrest" (Gajanan).

"What Blocked Netanyahu from Beginning Planned Theft of Swathes of Palestinian West Bank on July 1?" (Cole).  Extremely underwhelming list as it misses the big issue, the battle between Bibi and his allies, the 'American' Khazars, in a hurry to steal as much as possible before the blessed day when Sheldon croaks, versus Globo-homo-Rothschild-o, who, as self-appointed guardians of the interests of all Khazars, think that Sheldon is in too much of a hurry for the theft, at this time, to be prudent.

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker #BlackLivesMatter):
"My I'm Not A Child Rapist book has a lot of people asking questions clearly answered by my book"
"Blind Items Revealed #5" (CDaN):
"This embattled lawyer feels confident he won't be exposed for trips because the company that owns a fleet of private jets the billionaire pedophile used, shredded every log of every flight that carried the pedophile.
Alan Dershowitz/L Brands/Jeffery Epstein"

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Slithered away to NH

"Why Did Ghislaine Maxwell Leave Safety of France for Arrest in US?",

If we believe the (((media))) (and I wouldn't), both Maxwell and Epstein were safely holed up in France, and individually came to the US to be arrested, in each case, presumably with a purpose.  Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire (I assume there is a tale there).

Tweet (Tara Palmeri) (also):
"According to Ghislaine Maxwell detention memo, she was hiding at a 156 acre property in Bradford, NH that she purchased in cash in December 2019"
Purchased recently in such a way that the authorities, even if motivated, would find it difficult to tie it to her.

I think we'll get a good idea of what is really going on if the blocked (?) Israeli theft takes place soon.

Added: Some are connecting this to Barr's forced removal of Berman and replacement with an unqualified fool who will presumably be completely controlled by Barr, especially in protecting the big names who fear the truth getting out.  "U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman’s Ouster: the Untold Story" (Martens/Martens).

'Suicides' associated with the operation - in a way, Ghislaine's father, Epstein himself, Bing ("“There will be some women who come forward who will say crazy shit,” predicts Anthony Pellicano. . . ").  I expect we'll now see more.

'Hijacking' George Floyd’s death for political reasons

"BLM in Trouble with BBC Over Anti-Israel Stance" (Sailer):
"Two previous eras of black supremacist ideology—the late 1960s and the early 1990s—both came a-cropper when they got too many Jews peeved at black anti-Semitism. For example, Spike Lee’s soaring movie career got shot down when he satirized Jewish music industry businessmen exploiting black musicians in his 1990 movie Mo’ Better Blues. Spike never got an Oscar until his lame BlacKkKlansman in 2018 added a made-up Jewish hero. 
We’ll see whether the pattern repeats a third time."

The whip

Whitney Webb thread on the arrest.

One thought - something has been gumming up the Sheldon-Bibi-Jared big theft.  I know (((they've))) been keeping Epstein in the media to keep the blackmail victims frosty, but could this be the additional push that Adelson and Israel feel is necessary to clear whatever the blockage is?  Sometimes the farm animals need to see the whip to behave.


"Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire" (Durden) (good write up of the background, the kind of thing you never, ever see, for some (((reason)))).  So what's the trick?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


"Reflexive support for Israel is a vital part of John Bolton’s world view" (North):
"One revealing fact is that John Bolton’s account almost entirely leaves out Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Israel gambling magnate and the Republican Party’s biggest campaign donor, even though it was Adelson who got him his job in the White House. It was not only the critics at Lobelog who noted the Adelson-Bolton connection (“Trump’s Choice Of Bolton Satisfies His Biggest Donor”). Even the more cautious New York Times reported in a 2018 profile of the billionaire that Trump “installed a longtime Adelson ally and Iran hard-liner, John Bolton, as his national security adviser.”
Bolton’s book describes in some detail his maneuverings to get a high foreign policy post, only rewarded after Trump had been in office for more than a year, but he just mentions Adelson once — to note that at the first (failed) summit conference between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, in Singapore in 2018, Kim talked about visiting one of Adelson’s casinos there. Maybe Bolton just name-checked Adelson to send him a coded thanks?"
As expected, phony Jewish opposition to the upcoming big theft is a (((trick))):  "Leaked Anti-Defamation League Memo Exposes Elaborate Conspiracy to Enable Israeli Annexation of West Bank" (Striker):
"An Anti-Defamation League memo obtained by Jewish Currents exposes an elaborate plot by the Zionist organization to enable Israel’s coming illegal annexation of the West Bank. The main agenda is to snuff the opposition by controlling it.

The ADL’s public position on the annexation is to affirm support for a two-state solution and oppose the take over as an abusive policy invented by Donald Trump and fringe extremists in Israel.

Yet, in the secret document authored by the ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement, there are specific directives to join with other left-liberal presenting Jewish groups (J Street, Bend the Arc, and NY Jewish Agenda) in publicly feigning opposition to the act of racial violence against Palestinians while privately working with “right-wing” AIPAC to ensure that Israel can smoothly achieve its goals in the West Bank without congressional opposition.

Of special concern to the ADL is members of the anti-white coalition of minority groups it oversees, who they fear may be compelled to speak out and push punitive measures against Israel. The ADL is currently working to consolidate its powerover the Black Lives Matter movement. Israel’s decision could not have come at a worse time.

A number of scenarios featuring “eight top political and community engagement implications” are anticipated, such as the Tri-Caucus (Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus) condemning Israel for its ethnic cleansing and apartheid. Of special note for the memo’s authors is fear that the coming invasion will “pit ADL on the wrong side of the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

One particular factor the ADL repeatedly notes is how awkward it is to explain to black and brown people why they support them against white people in America yet support ostensibly “white” Jews in the brutal repression of Palestinians. The West Bank already has racially segregated public facilities and transportation. Arabs must use a different colored license plate than Jews in order to allow the IDF to monitor and profile them. The full take over of the Palestinian territory will inevitably require mass killings as stateless Arabs resist.

As a hedge against this, the ADL lists a group of politicians — largely Democrats and minorities in the GOP — that can be instructed to “proactively anticipate flashpoints.” The goal is to create a hedge on the left against potential outcry from less predictable figures like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

The politicians named as reliable collaborators for creating controlled opposition are Chuck Schumer, Chris Van Hollen, Chris Murphy, Brian Schatz, Pramila Jayapal, Hakeem Jeffries, Mario Diaz Balart, Steny Hoyer, Karen Bass, Jamie Raskin, and Ted Deutch.

As an example of how this fake opposition will work, the ADL memo refers to a letteraddressed to Benjamin Netanyahu and signed by Representatives Jan Schakowsky and Ted Deutsch tepidly criticizing “unilateral annexation” as an act that will harm Israel’s long-term security interests, while at the same time doubling down on the importance of US-Israel relations.

According to the ADL, letters like this — deliberately intended to be ineffectual and quickly end debate — will be used to collect signatures in order to “discourage the far left from signing something more extreme on the annexation issue.”

The ADL’s cynical ploy is already beginning to impact citizens. Earlier today, some of the last remaining “alt” libertarians, conservatives and nationalists were purged from Youtube.

On Reddit, the Trump supporter section, r_thedonald, and major left-wing outpost for fans of Chapo Trap House, along with thousands of others, were abruptly deleted. This is unique in that it is one of the first times leftists are subjected to tech censorship. The crackdown on the anti-Israel left, which Chapo belongs to, is not surprising in light of the ADL’s leaked plans for a pro-Israel public relations war.

The ADL has also been demanding that the already tightly censored Facebook platform to wring out whatever is left of political dissent, which includes anti-war left-wing and Muslim groups alongside nationalists. Last week, the ADL directed various corporations to completely boycott Facebook until they shut down every last direct and indirect critic of Jews and Zionism. The other tech companies — many run by Jews and eager to submit — have gotten the message. 
Black leaders who are not in the thralls of Jewish money are also being silenced. Prominent black community activist Louis Farrakhan, who is an ardent anti-Zionist Muslim, had his appearance on the Fox News channel canceled by ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt."
"Pro-Israel racist group ADL moves to co-opt Black Lives Matter" (Abunimah).

"The Memorials to Judah Benjamin" (Giraldi):
"So, the question becomes, with BLM and other wreckers trying to destroy America’s historical monuments, to include those commemorating the Founding Fathers, Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Catholic saint Junipero Serra and even abolitionist Hans Christian Heg, why is it that Judah Benjamin has somehow been missed? He was a slave owner and worked as a lawyer in New Orleans where there was a thriving slave market as well as an economy built around cotton exports, which were driven by slave labor. He eventually became the number two man in the southern Confederacy, which is being regularly denounced as fighting a war to maintain slavery.
Well, of course the answer is quite simple. No politician or journalist who wants to stay employed would dare to publicly link Jews and slavery. BLM is also extravagantly funded by various guilt ridden foundations and other folks who are no doubt sensitive to the fact that there are certain issues that cannot be raised, and the people with their hands out know perfectly well what they can and cannot do or say to keep the money flowing."
"Uncovering Canadian Media’s Devastating Pro-Israel Bias" (Mastracci).

"Central Mueller Witness, A Child-Trafficking Pedophile, Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison" (Durden).

"Truly Shameful BBC Israeli Propaganda" (Murray).

"Defunded police officer forced to buy own cocaine to plant on people" (Field).