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"Israeli-Saudi Clash with Iran on Syrian Soil is Pretty Much Inevitable" (Orlov) (the Egyptian leaked documents don't make any sense and are probably Zionist mischief as they are predicated on the Saudis (!) capturing south Syria):
"It’s curious that the Egyptian newspaper Ash-Sharq released details about secret agreements between Israel and Saudi Arabia. According to these reports, Saudi Arabia offered to invade Syria and isolate its southern part, that is, the region of the Golan Heights. The Ash-Sharq notes that according to the documents it has at its disposal, Saudi Arabia also called on the “Israeli regime” to block the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, thus preventing Palestinians from any moves and stopping the support that some Arab countries have been providing to them.

As for Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, it is obvious that the pro-Saudi Egypt together with Riyadh play a double game on the side of the US and Israel. There’s been announcements that Saudi Arabia was prepared to sell its recognition of Israeli Jerusalem, conceding to the proposals put forward by Donald Trump. As the Egyptian press staged a diversion of Trump’s secret plan for resolving the Palestinian issue by redrawing the border territories of Israel and Egypt. According to these plans, the overpopulated sector of the Gaza was proposed to be increased at the expense of 450 miles of Egyptian territory being given to Palestinians, which in return must have received the Israeli Negev desert. As for the Palestinians, they must have surrendered 12% of their territories in the West Bank, a part of the so-called area C.

Thus, the outrage we’re seeing the Arab media over Trump’s decision is nothing but a smoke screen that must hide what is really happening in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement. In fact, by his recent “scandalous” statement, Donald Trump has addressed yet another problem created by America’s Deep State. By launching the ISIS project the globalists drew attention away from the Arab-Israeli issue, while Palestinians were still being squeezed out of Israel. Now, when ISIS is defeated in Syria, the problem of “two states for two peoples” has once again been brought to the front pages of the international media. Trump’s return to the Palestinian-Israeli settlement may provide a cure from jihadism, since it’s impossible to achieve regional piece without addressing this issue. It was the oppression of Palestinians in Israel that initially became a breeding ground for Islamic radicalism. To solve an issue that is more than half a century old, Trump tried to facilitate the deal of the Arab elites with Israel, proposing a compromise solution to the territorial dispute. But this solution cannot be finalized with Iranian preserving its presence in Syria and the Hezbollah remaining in southern Lebanon. That’s why there’s going to be war."
Remember the mysterious Israeli 'art students' connected with 9/11, and similar stories of Israeli spies in kiosks in shopping malls? Well, they're back, at least in Ottawa (and elsewhere; watch out, the links may disappear as Reddit moderators are very quick to suppress truth getting out):  "Rideau Centre store "Adore Organic Innovation"" (the Rideau Centre is almost next to Canada's Parliament).  Note:
  1. extremely aggressive sales techniques which don't fit staid Ottawa;
  2. selling of stolen vastly overpriced pollution scraped from the Dead Sea (though they now call it 'Deep Sea');
  3. intrusive questioning of customers.
The Mossad obviously has a business model of sending low-level spies everywhere and partly financing the operations by scamming people with the overpriced junk.  The young, fit men very aggressivly selling hair curlers to women from kiosks in shopping malls is probably a similar operation.

Tweet (Gary Lineker):
Note the unanimous Khazar response, the same response they have about the murder of the legless man in the wheelchair, is that this wouldn't happen if the victims stayed home and calmly accepted their fate.

"Newly-Declassified Documents Show Western Leaders Promised Gorbachev that NATO Would Not Move “One Inch Closer” to Russia" (WashingtonsBlog).  Nothing changes.

"Lavishing Money on the Pentagon" (Marshall).  $5 trillion since 9/11 on Wars For The Jews.

"Why Is Hillary Clinton Still Wearing Surgical Boot Two Months After Breaking Her Toe?" (ZeroPointNow).  Neurological damage has caused failure of the muscle so walking is aided with the support of the boot.  Watch the video for the odd chunk of falling metal as Hillary is thrown, like a spazzing sack of potatoes, into the van!

"It’s Personal: How Trump Betrayed Both Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan" (Hearst).  Excellent description of the panicky diplomatic machinations.  They could care less about Abbas but losing Jordan as a reliable ally is going to hurt at some point.  Turkey has become the keystone.

"Silk Road fever grips the Russian Far East and boosts economy" and "China and India sail into choppy waters in New Great Game" (Escobar).

"Saudi Arabia in the grip of Saturday night fever" (Bhadrakumar).  Mattis makes fun of Haley (and that doesn't look like Travolta!).  Also:  "Mattis emphasizes diplomacy in dealing with Iran".

"China Is Vacuuming Up DNA Samples From Xinjiang's Muslims".  "US military says collecting Russian DNA for ‘research purposes’".

"NYT Prints Government-Funded Propaganda About Government-Funded Propaganda" (Johnson).

Hello, Newman:  "Ken Marcus Will Save Israel Using the Full Power of the U.S. Government" (Van Buren) and "Israel lobby group trying to sue Steven Salaita" (Abunimah).

"Did Inflated Stories on Aid Theft Lead to Black Hawk Down?" (Vitarelli).

More on the Maiden false flag:  "The Kiev Maidan Massacre: “Gunfire Aimed at Protesters”, The Objective was to Sow Chaos, Reap the Fall of Yanukovych Government" (Black):
"On the 18th of February they were given weapons and two of them took up positions at the Hotel Ukraina overlooking Maidan Square while the third was positioned in the Conservatory. Other snipers were positioned in other buildings to fire into the square. Prior to that they met with, among other people, an American soldier in uniform, a claimed “former” member of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division, who gave them orders on what to do, which it turned out to be was to shoot into Maidan Square randomly targeting people, protestors and police alike, to create fear and confusion, to implicate the government forces as the shooters, to create the chaos necessary in order to undermine the government of President Yanukovych, who fled shortly after the event realising his own life was in danger. The name of the American soldier, or the alias he used, was Brian Christopher Boyenger. He showed up later as an adviser to the Ukrainian Georgian Legion. One of the snipers stated,

    “Once, I guess around February 15, Mamulashvili personally visited our tent. There was another guy with him wearing a uniform. Mamulashvili introduced him to us and told us he was an American military guy and will be our instructor.”

Another stated,

    “This American was Brian Christopher Boyenger, a “former” soldier, a sniper, from the 101st Airborne Division.”

    “He was the one who gave us orders.”

Questions naturally arise on how this “former” American soldier entered the country and took command of a murderous sniper unit and it is highly probable that the word “former” was used to give the Americans plausible deniability if their men were found out, as has now occurred. No one can seriously doubt that his presence was known to the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, who, according to then Vice President Joe Biden, was in hourly contact with Andriy Parubiy, the Ukrainian fascist who was in charge of “self defence units” made of heavily armed fascist thugs at Maidan. According to the Italian report, Parubiy was going in and out of the Hotel Ukraina from where many shots were fired and was aware of the presence of the American soldier so the American ambassador must have been aware and his government. The Americans have yet to explain Boyenger’s presence or what rank he held in the US Army. Parubiy’s role in the events has never been explained either but Poroshenko appointed this mass murderer as head of Ukraine security and intelligence forces after the coup and he now sits as President of Ukraine’s parliament since April 14, 2016, in which position he can use to give the Germans and Americans the cooperation they want.

The massacre at Maidan, therefore, is revealed to be a carefully planned military operation organised in detail, with teams of snipers brought in from various NATO allied countries, unknown to each other, but organised on arrival, given orders and assignments and each sniper team being assigned spotters to help in their deadly work. This is the tactic military sniper teams use so it has to be assumed that each of the sniper teams was controlled by the same people as the team the Italians talked to, that is by American soldiers trained in these techniques and who themselves operate in teams. This operation therefore had to be planned and organised on a high level by the American forces and allied NATO governments."

The grim inevitability that Don Johnson and Alec Baldwin have made the current crop of gossip blinds.

Unusual to see any retribution for those, like the Not-So-Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, who promote climate-change denial and worsening income distribution.  "LA fire began in homeless community authorities reveal, sparking fears of backlash".  "Bel-Air fire displays L.A.'s extremes of wealth and misery".  "California fires: Rupert Murdoch's $30m vineyard damaged as blaze rips through exclusive Bel-Air neighbourhood".  "Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Have Set Our Future on Fire".

Not something you see every day:  "Apotex billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey found dead".  The donees line up to give their condolences.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Champion bootlegger - 'two-spirited' - not shy

"Appropriation of Jerusalem" (Ali Khan):
"In the 15th century, the Catholic Church used two distinct theological edicts to support conquests and colonization. The concept of “terra irredenta” empowered Christian rulers to take away the Iberian lands from the Muslims. The concept of “terra nullius” empowered the European colonizers to take away the land from the native owners in Americas and Africa.  In both cases, Christianity, presented as the one and the only one true religion, was invoked as the ultimate justification to legitimize the appropriation of land. Heathens, pagans, and the deniers of Jesus as God could be lawfully converted, enslaved, dispossessed, and even killed if they resisted the Christian Europeans, the true owners of God’s land.

In the 20th century, the European Jews invoked a complex fusion of the two edicts to lay claim to what has been Palestine for centuries under the Ottoman Empire and before. Invoking terra nullius, the Zionists argued that “a people without a land (Jews) are claiming a land without a people.” This argument derived from terra nullius denies the existence of local populations, be they Africans, Native Americans, or Palestinians.

The terra nullius concept, however, is less powerful than terra irredenta under which the land is restored to “legitimate owners.” The Right to Return is conceived in the womb of terra irredenta rather than terra nullius. Terra irredenta creates a mighty distinction between current and original owners. It reverses the logic of ownership. The current owners are deemed illegal intruders whereas the original owners are considered the lawful owners.  In the Iberian Peninsula, the Moors were the actual but illegal owners. The Spaniards and the Portuguese were the lawful owners. Therefore, the Moors must be dispossessed and expelled and the land restored to the original owners.

Invoking a similar logic, the European Jews claimed to be the original owners of Palestine since the Palestinians were the illegal occupiers of the sacred land that belonged only to the Jews. Accordingly, Zionist morality dictates that the Palestinians, particularly if they resist the Right to Return, be expelled, detained, killed, and their homes demolished.

Soon after Trump, the realtor, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu argued that it is “absurd” to deny the “millennial connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. You can read it in a very fine book – it’s called the Bible. The sooner the Palestinians come to grips with this reality, the sooner we will move towards peace.”"
I don't know if the 'settler colonialist' argument is wise. For one thing, it has absolutely no traction outside of the most snowflaked sociology departments of North American universities. More importantly, it grants the Khazars status they don't have by conceding that they have an historical claim to the land as being previous residents there, an outright lie propagated by the people who run Israel.  A lot of the thinking about Israel has to be de-Semitized to avoid falling into the traps set by the non-Semite Khazars.

"Saudi Arabia: The Coming Crisis in the Kingdom" (Gootee).  It would be some serious poetic justice if the threat of Houthi missiles getting by phony but expensive American 'missile defense' ended up causing the legitimacy crisis in Saudi Arabia that led to the separation of Salman's head from his body.  The removal of Salman, in one way or another, is the other big shoe in the Middle East that needs to drop.

"Stephen LeDrew calls reasons for his firing from CP24 ‘baloney’".  This guy lost his job for being interviewed by Tucker Carlson and failing to take the concept of 'two-spirited' seriously enough.

"New Russian Hacker Claims Putin Ordered Theft Of Clinton's Email, After First One Refused FBI Bribe To Lie" (Durden).  #Russiagate is in serious trouble, requiring a new wave of bribes!

"The Foundering Russia-gate ‘Scandal’" (Parry) (referring to the Kristol plan!):
"It’s unclear what strategy these FBI officials were contemplating to ensure Trump’s defeat, but the comments mesh with what an intelligence source told me after the 2016 election, that there was a plan among senior Obama administration officials to use the allegations about Russian meddling to block Trump’s momentum with the voters and — if elected — to persuade members of the Electoral College to deny Trump a majority of votes and thus throw the selection of a new president into the House of Representatives under the rules of the Twelfth Amendment.

The scheme involved having some Democratic electors vote for former Secretary of State Colin Powell (which did happen), making him the third-place vote-getter in the Electoral College and thus eligible for selection by the House. But the plan fizzled when enough of Trump’s electors stayed loyal to their candidate to officially make him President.

After that, Trump’s opponents turned to the Russia-gate investigation as the vehicle to create the conditions for somehow nullifying the election, impeaching Trump, or at least weakening him sufficiently so he could not take steps to improve relations with Russia.

In one of her text messages to Strzok, Page made reference to a possible Watergate-style ouster of Trump, writing: “Bought all the president’s men. Figure I needed to brush up on watergate.”"
"Turkey reclaims Muslim leadership" and "Turkey switches to full defiance of US, continues Putin courtship" (Bhadrakumar).  It is the resurrection of the Muslim Brotherhood, ironically traditionally a tool of the CIA.

"History Of Sexual Abuse By Us Politicians" (Aangirfan).

"Canadian arms makers get OK to sell to Ukraine".  To be used to slaughter civilians in eastern Ukraine under the guise of defending against an mythological attack from Russia.

"The ties that bind the Liberals and the Bronfmans":
"The first time the Bronfman name was uttered in Parliament was June 22, 1922, when senators were debating the Canada Temperance Bill, which would have banned the export of liquor to the United States.

Conservative Nova Scotia Senator Nathaniel Curry stood in the Senate to read a telegram from Abe Bronfman, asking that any such measure be delayed for nine months to give his family time to liquidate its “very large stocks” of alcohol.

“Who is he?” asked Conservative Alberta Senator James Lougheed.

“Abe,” said Curry.

“Champion bootlegger of Saskatchewan,” said Conservative Sen. George Fowler of New Brunswick."
Note that any complaints about the century of mass illegality and unceasing political corruption by this criminal family is described as 'anti-Semitism'. Were they Italian, they would be described, simply and accurately, as an organized crime gang.

Popbitch, on the role of American Media Inc. (National Enquirer, weirdly influential in establishing ideas in the entire American media) in the nomination and election of Trump (some serious conspiracy theory here!):
  1. "I/ The Tabloid Triangle";
  2.  "II/ Angels And UnAmerican Activity";
  3. "III/ Suburban Decay" (note how David Packer managed the Karen McDougal problem!); and
  4. "IV/ Electile Dysfunction".
Also:  "The Harder They Fall".

A lot of the #meetoo take-downs have been deflections, limited hangouts to protect the really big names, but the gossip hounds circle ever closer to the big-name prey.

First, some chum.  "Blind Item #1" (Spurlock).

"Money for old grope" (the link won't last).  The easy guess is Hoffman (also).

"Hauteur or Chutzpah?" (Sailer, with a snowflake warning).  Also "And Then They Came for Judge Kozinski":  "Not Shy and Not Exhausted from Emotional Labor".

Now, the big fish.

"Blind Item #6".  GuessesCalvin Klein (best friend David Geffen).  The Signorile link is interesting.

"Today's Blind Items - Young And Helpless".  Guesses (links removed) include Spielberg!:
"Actress: Judith Barsi
Mother/father: József Barsi/Maria Virovacz
A+ list director/upcoming television project: Steven Spielberg ("Twilight Zone: The Movie")
One of the actresses in the episode: Clare Torao (segment "A Little Peace and Quiet")
Other producer/movie: Joseph Sargent/"Jaws: The Revenge"
Actress on set who never worked again: Fritzi Jane Courtney"

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pathetic Loser

If something was coming down the pipe, this is exactly what I would do to inoculate against it: "Schumer calls cops after forged sex scandal charge" (Allen). It is so flimsy and easily discredited that it is difficult to imagine that any reporter would have tried to run with it (of course, O'Keefe, when inexperienced at ratfucking, tried stunts as weak as this).

"Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened Her Life: "I Will Kill You, Don't Think I Can't"" (ZeroPointNow).

"The Destruction of Matt Taibbi" (Bragman).  I don't think we should be throwing around free passes just because somebody self-servingly says the boasting of committing serial acts of criminality was satirical, but the fact that there appear to be no witnesses or complainants of bad behavior should be enough to give Taibbi the benefit of the doubt.  What Taibbi does is unique, and it would be a shame to lose him (having said that, I haven't seen any practical reforms as a result of his writing), but there seems to be a fear out there that there isn't a prominent man of the 'left' who isn't also a rapist.  Our 'culture' is pretty depraved.

"Debunking the Flagwaving Myths About an Attack on North Korea" (The Saker).  It is a completely convincing case.  I believe that Trump is aware of it, and the ridiculous things he says are, as usual, not a prelude to action but a placeholder in lieu of action.  Unfortunately, the raging dumbness of the Jerusalem cock-up means that Trump's judgment may not be as great as I have hoped. 

More of the good cop/insane cop routine that Tillerson and Trump are working (which explains why Trump is constantly chirping at Tillerson):  "Tillerson Says U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Unlikely During Trump's Current Term".  Also:  "White House reins in Tillerson's offer to start North Korea talks".

"Syrian War Report – December 13, 2017: Trump Declares Victory Over ISIS" (South Front).  It should be embarrassing to attempt to take credit for something that you not only had nothing to do with, but actively took steps to prevent.

This hasn't aged well at all:  "Donald Trump's Pants on Fire claim Russia story 'made-up' by Democrats".  They not only made up the story, they actually paid for the creation of the evidential basis for the story, and then worked within the FBI investigation to falsely promulgate the story!  It is all quite amazing. What's even more amazing is that I am positive there is all kinds of real dirt that could be found on Trump, but they don't want to look for it as it would implicate the kind of people that Trump, a life-long Democrat, would have dealt with.

""Trump Should Go F Himself" - Texts Leak From FBI Agents On Russia Probe, Hillary Emails Investigation" (Durden) (sounds like a conspiracy to subvert the course of the investigation):
"In another tweet posted by Bream, Peter Strzok says "I am riled up. Trump is a f*cking idiot, is unable to provide a coherrent answer," and "I CAN'T PULL AWAY, WHAY THE F*CK HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY (redacted)??!?!"

Page responds "I don't know, But we'll get it back. ...""
Another treatment of the CNN/MSNBC lie:  "CNN & MSNBC Attempt Coverup of Bogus Story They Started" (Mish). I'm going with aliens.

That rascal Putin again (or aliens)!: "CNN's Anderson Cooper Blames "Pathetic Loser Trump" Tweet On Hackers" (Durden). Are Americans going to put up with seven more years of this?

"Fusion GPS Tried And Failed To Link Trump To Jeffrey Epstein" (Durden).  Jezebel waded through the weeds - it is very weedy! - last year:  "Here's How That Wild Lawsuit Accusing Trump of Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl Hit The Headlines" (Merlan):  "On August 5 of last year, a Gawker Media employee received an unsolicited voicemail tip from someone identifying themselves as Al Taylor, “the PR person for the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.”"

The Democrat 'donor' model of politics:  "Anti-Trumpism Is Anti-Progressivism In Disguise" (Johnstone) and "Centrists are going to learn the wrong lessons from Doug Jones' win" (Beijer).

"What Should We Fight For?" (Buchanan):
 "“We will never accept Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea,” declaimed Rex Tillerson last week in Vienna.

“Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns full control of the peninsula to Ukraine.”

Tillerson’s principled rejection of the seizure of land by military force — “never accept” — came just one day after President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and pledged to move our embassy there.

How did Israel gain title to East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Golan Heights? Invasion, occupation, colonization, annexation.

Those lands are the spoils of victory from Israel’s 1967 Six-Day War.

Is Israel being severely sanctioned like Russia? Not quite.

Her yearly U.S. stipend is almost $4 billion, as she builds settlement after settlement on occupied land despite America’s feeble protests."
"Can Cambodia meet its target to remove landmines by 2025?"  ""US received assurances Serbia won't send deminers to Syria""!  "Russia sends group of military experts for demining in Syria".

"US sanctions expected against Iran for its destructive role in Yemen" and, of course, "United States Coordinated War in Yemen Intensifies After Saleh Assassination" (Azikiwe).

"Exclusive: After Grenfell fire, same builders rehired to replace dangerous cladding, Reuters finds".  To be fair, I assume that the contractors are not the ones who made the dangerous plans to shield the elites from having to look at the residences of the poors, or picked the deadly type of cladding.

"Toronto's Housing Bubble Is Crushing The Strip Club Industry" (Durden).

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Gentle Path - numpty - grabees

Reddit goes Facebook:  "your personalization preferences have been updated".  Discussion.

On the current/upcoming pogrom/holocaust:  "Threatening Jewish Prosperity" (Sailer).

"Records of Jerusalem Deeds Found in Ottoman Archives: The Deeds Prove that Palestine Belongs to Palestinians." (Safak).

"Advocating for Israel pays well: Salaries of nonprofit heads" (If Americans Knew).

"France’s Macron and Saudi Prince in Artful Deception" (Cunningham).

Jordan has supported the Zio-American imperialists in every possible way for decades, got an embarrassing bupkus for it, and now will be punished by Salman for not taking the ultra-Zionist line of the Saudis:  "Is Jordan paying the price for Jerusalem criticism?".

"A Wreck of a Week for Pro-US Allies, A Hell of a Week for Iran" (Anastasov).

"European Union Gives Benjamin Netanyahu the Finger" (Alexis).

Turns out the good people of Alabama aren't into the child sex stuff as much as we thought.  The creeper at the mall story was the most choice!

"Russia-gate’s Litany of Corrections" (Parry). The best part of all this is that if there is any wrongdoing it is all from Obama and Clinton.  I think they resurrected the 'grabees' partly to help in Alabama, but mostly because the #Russiagate line of attack is starting to backfire.

"Public Enemy No. 1: Walls Closing In On Peter Strzok As Questions Arise Over His Involvement In FISA Application" (Durden):
". . . that brings us back to the key question surrounding Peter Strzok...why exactly was he fired from the Trump investigation?

As it turns out, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) has an interesting theory on that question which he shared during his questioning of FBI Director Chris Wray last week.  To summarize, Jordan's theory is that Strzok received the controversial "Trump Dossier" from the Clinton campaign then went to the FISA courts where he passed it off as a legitimate piece of intelligence in an effort to obtain the warrants necessary to effectively spy on the Trump campaign."

"McCabe Cancels Testimony, Something "Far More Sinister" With Fusion GPS" (Durden).  Things are getting tight around the collar for the Clintonista conspirators.  McCabe - Ohr - Strzok.

"The Litvinenko inquiry – a legal critique and alternative view" (Mercouris).  I like when the institutional PR set-up lumbers on to its inevitable conclusion years after everybody has forgotten what the propaganda was for.

"What everybody got wrong about that viral video of a starving polar bear".  Headline is, of course, very misleading.

"The Nuke ‘Treaty That Ended the Cold War’ is Unraveling" (Ritter).

More anti-imperialist nuance noticing:  "Rohingya refugee crisis: It’s not Muslims versus Buddhists, says writer Bertil Lintner":
"Although Myanmar had fair elections in 2015, the military is still in the driving seat with three important ministries in its hands. What is happening is completely out of her hands. So, she really cannot do much in terms of ordering anyone. The military takes orders from its commander-in-chief, not from any elected leader.

She has to tread a really delicate balance. Let’s say she came out for the Rohingyas. It would be political suicide. It is clear where most of her electorate stands on the matter. If she came out in support of the hardline Arakan National Party, she would get flak from the Western press. If she does not do anything, she would get flak too, as she has. It is an extremely delicate situation for her.

The only thing she could have done but has not is that she could have gone to Sittwe [the capital of Rakhine state] and met some elected politicians. She does not like the leaders of the Arakan National Party, so she will not do that. But she had to just show that there is a civilian space in Rakhine too. She did not have to say anything, she could have gone to a hospital, met people from all communities. In the process, she could have widened a very limited civilian space."

RT, under great pressure, keeps upping its game:  "I spent a week reading the Guardian, so you didn’t have to" (MacDonald) (it pays to increase your word power: numpty):
"After a week, you quickly learn the Guardian’s worldview: Donald Trump, straight men, Christmas, and Brexit are all considered to be really bad. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin and Russia are opprobrious, malevolent and reprehensible. Good things include unfettered immigration, mixed-sex toilets, and Tony Blair."
"Dustin Hoffman assaulted a young actress on a nightly basis during a Broadway run".

The concept of sex addiction was invented so male celebrities could be 'cured' of it by having sex with children:  "Today's Blind Items - The Church" (CDaN).  Guesses (links removed, but they are referring to this):
"Church: Gentle Path at The Meadows, Wickenburg, AZ
Secretive religion: Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints (Warren Jeff's Church)
A+ mogul: David Geffen"
CDaN has been crazy lately, with long blinds on Old Hollywood, and a massive posting on Hugh Heffner's sex tape collection (here, nsfw, with guesses including Henry Kissinger and George Stephanopoulos)!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Honest mistakes!

"Russia-gate’s Litany of Corrections" (Parry). "CNN refuses to reveal names of “multiple sources” who spread Wikileaks-Trump fake news story" (Christoforou).  Even after The Clarification, the idea still exists that Fox News lies intentionally, but this constant stream of lies from the mainstream media is just well-meaning, overworked journalists making understandable and honest mistakes!

There is a conspiracy between the IC and the mainstream media to remove Trump.  Fortunately, both are as incompetent as you always supposed.  "Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump" (Durden).  "Senior DOJ Official's Wife Worked At Oppo Research Firm That Produced "Trump Dossier"" (Durden).

"Bad Moon Rising" (Giraldi).  Too pessimistic.  Do I need to reset my estimation of Trump's common sense based on one really stupid decision on Jerusalem that he was forced into making?

"Jerusalem" (West).  The bright side is that Trump has killed gradual, surreptitious, incrementalist Zionism, and ended any possible claim that the Americans are 'honest brokers'.

"Op-Ed: The pundits were wrong about Assad and the Islamic State. As usual, they're not willing to admit it".  Fairly amazing.  I guess Trump will be having Assad over for lunch at Mar-a-Lago soon.

"Russia's Military Withdrawal Will Prompt President Assad To "Compromise"" (Korybko) or "Why Assad Believes That Syria Would Not Survive a Transition to a Federal System" (Minin)?

"Riyadh advancing Israeli interests, Palestinian officials worry"!

"IsraelGate: The Arrogance of Jewish Power in the United States" (Giraldi).  "Should Jared Kushner be fired?" (Alexis).  But Weiss, who is full of shit, is still peddling his American-Khazar-protecting nonsense that the Jerusalem decision further separates American and Israeli Jews!

"Why Is There No “Saudi-Gate”?" (Marcetic).  Looks like an attempt to deflect attention from the real problem of foreign influence.

"WATCH as the Lebanese president says Israel will not attack Lebanon because of Hezbollah" (Antonopoulos).  Does he know something we don't?  Is it possible that the Jared/Bibi/Salman conspiracy plans for an attack on Lebanon have been postponed as the Israelis think they will have their hands full murdering uppity Palestinians?

"Venezuela, that "dictatorship" country that holds three elections in a year".  Orders of magnitude freer and fairer than, say, American elections.  No contest.  "Chavismo Triumphant in Municipal Elections: 15 Key Factors".

"Google hiring 10,000 reviewers to censor YouTube content". A hint at how seriously they take controlling what you might learn.

"Israel uses Palestinian land to illegally dump toxic waste" (Nassar).

"The massacre of children and others at El Mozote"

Monday, December 11, 2017

Darker things are to come

"The Hidden Hands Behind US Embassy Move to Jerusalem" (Madsen).  Read the whole thing.  Rabbis, organized crime, Irving Moskowitz, extreme right-wing Israeli politics, the 'Dwek clan', the Kushner family, it is about as bad as you can imagine.  Americans are apparently powerless to stop or even slow down all these criminal conspiracies.

"Dionne and Shields ignore the Adelson in the room" (Weiss).  Christian Zionists are the fall guy.  The general political positions of the Christian right have shifted considerably in the years since the Bush Administration, largely due to the fact that their communities have been greatly damaged by the various social consequences of the numerous Wars For The Jews.

"Dozens injured near U.S. Embassy in Lebanon protesting Trump’s decision on Jerusalem".  Note carefully how this conveys the Kushner narrative, that opponents to Zionism, and particularly the Palestinians, are completely impotent, and just have to meekly accept whatever crumbs the magnanimous Khazars decide to leave them.  This is the facts-on-the-ground premise of racist Zionism (aka 'muscle Zionism').

"The Delusions of Washington-Riyadh Ruling Elite and the Journalists Who Feed Them" (Silverstein).  The usual version of the same trick is to write as if a certain set of assumptions is an undeniable and unalterable truth.

"Do You Hold Dual Citizenship? You Can Serve in Congress–but not the Israeli Knesset!" (Edmondson).

"Behind Turkish Arrest Warrant for Ex CIA Graham Fuller" (Engdahl).  Fuller is connected to Iran-Contra (supposedly coming up with the daffy idea), the storage of Gülen by the CIA in the US (by arranging for Gülen's green card directly in the face of wise American government opposition), the Boston marathon bombing (his daughter at one time was married to 'Uncle Ruslan', the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers), and now the attempted Gülen coup (through alleged hand's-on participation in Turkey).  If he was any good at what he does, he wouldn't be leaving his fingerprints all over the place.

"Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world" (about the size of the entire Canadian military and civilian support staff). "U.S. Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World" (RAND).  The only problem facing Americans is the ridiculously low military budget of the USA.  Luckily this tragedy can be fixed with laughably small annual increases in spending:  "The nation could avoid major force cuts and achieve the objectives outlined above by increasing defense spending by $20 billion to $40 billion per year on a sustained basis."

"Decameron: Let The Building Begin -- In The USA".  Americans somehow continue to believe that there is no cost to being the international assholes.  MAGA would be listing all the military bases and Wars For The Jews, and their annual costs, terminating them, and using that money for the benefit of Americans.

Part of The Clarification is that the censorship now mostly comes from the 'left' (not that PEN's hands are clean either).

It appears that American liberals are never going to be able to assimilate the revelations of The Clarification:  "I Don't Think the Moral High Ground Exists Anymore" (Pierce).

"Epic Media Failure, but they blame Trump for calling them out" (The Daily Bell).  It's true!  Weigel straight-up lied, came up with an explanation involving someone who denies having had anything to do with it (or even any recent contact with Weigel), withdrew the lie, but somehow it is Trump's fault for noticing the pattern?!  Of course, the deep problem is they can't criticize Trump on the merits of his policies as the 'donors' like his policies, so they just keep making stuff up.

"The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened" (Greenwald).  Note Marshall's nuke!

"Mideast Peacemaking is No Longer Made-in-America" (Narwani).

"Does Trump Want a New Middle East War?"  No.  He let Kushner go off and do his settler thing as Trump was Ivanka-whipped, but once the shit hits the fan - and it will - he'll pull the classic Trumpian dick move and claim he had nothing to do with it and Jared was out on his own lark.

Quite powerful stuff:  "Strzok-Gate And The Mueller Cover-Up" (Mercouris).  The Mueller investigation is just a continuation of the Democrat Dossier machinations, and Strzok had to go as his participation was making that fact too obvious.

"Cognitive Rot and the Steele Dossier" (emptywheel). This starts off well enough, but ends with "Just as important, we need to retain the habit of facts and evidence." (I don't understand the italics), preceded, only two paragraphs before, by the comic Trump Derangement Syndrome of:
"As I’ve said repeatedly, we don’t need the dossier to believe dark things about Trump’s relations with Russians; public reports substantiate that darkness, and darker things are to come."
I'd like to grind the 'skeptics' and deniers up and use them for polar bear food:  "As World Warms, Heart-Breaking Video Shows What It Looks Like When a Polar Bear Starves".

"Erdogan Calls Israel "Terrorist State That Kills Children", An Angry Netanyahu Responds" (Durden).  Note that Bibi doesn't deny the charge, but just quibbles about whether Erdoğan has the right to make it. It will be interesting to see how the desire of the Turkish oligarchs to make money off deals with Israel and Levantine gas weighs against the fact that Turkey is the only truly Muslim state left standing in the area.

"Croughton Spies Caught" (Turnbull).  "Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases".

Stinktank news:  "State Department pays think tank nearly $1 million to work with Venezuelan opposition".  Note the underlying assumption that Maduro is not democratically elected (a recurring theme throughout mainstream journalism and State Department lies about Venezuela, going back to Hugo Chavez, who was, of course, a dictator just like Maduro, while the coup plotters were/are the paragons of democratic virtue)!

"The New Great Game moves from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific" (Escobar).  The use of Japan to attempt to counter Chinese success.

"Look Who's Interfering: Tillerson's Thai Election Comment" (Cartalucci).

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Salvator Mundi / Branding

"Jared Kushner is wreaking havoc in the Middle East" (Bayoumi).  Trump, totally Ivanka'd, can't get rid of him, so the only constitutional way to stop this rolling disaster of supremacism and stupidity is to get rid of Trump.

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"Sorry, Democratic Party: this is actual resistance."
But we all know the real #Resistance is retweeting snarky comments about Trump.

"Malaysian army "ready" to act in response to Trump's Jerusalem move".

"WaPo Reporter Tweets Picture Of Empty Trump Speech, Gets Called Out By Trump And Retracts" (Durden).  The cumulative effect of all these 'mistakes' is starting to add up.

"Secretive upstate group had Gillibrand’s dad on payroll". "Legendary columnist, Richard Johnson on Sen. Gillibrand & NXIVM in NY Post".  Another kind of branding:  "Gillibrand is subject of debate over Franken, Clinton".

Bill Binney interview by Jeff Schechtman (of course, Binney is still a True Believer, so we don't get into intentional malfeasance):
"For example, in terrorist attacks here in Europe or back in the United States, they basically come in after the fact and say, “Yeah, we knew this guy was a bad guy,” or “he had all these connections and we knew he was on our watch list or something and we were concerned about him,” but they weren’t following them close enough to be able to stop the attacks.
    The reasons they weren’t was of course because their policy of taking bulk acquisition of data on everybody on the planet, which meant you had to dive into this ocean to try to find the fish, you know? That’s the problem. That’s basically what they’re still doing today and that’s why they’re still having trouble stopping anything."
"The way we developed things, we did them very efficiently. That was one of our big mistakes. So It didn’t cost a lot of money. The major managers there at NSA didn’t really like that. It didn’t support a large organization. It didn’t support a big budget. Solving the problem was not their main issue. Also their concern was making sure that the agencies and all their contracts increased year-after-year so they had a bigger budget to manage. That was the big thing for them I think."
"Toronto Fears Assuaged: Putin Will Not Invade!"(Butler).  Sweet Jesus, Teh Stupid!  One of the greatest tragedies in Canadian history was accepting Munk as a refugee from Hungary back in the 50s.  Actually, that whole lot of refugees has been a horrible blight on Canada.

"Secret Buyer Of $450 Million Leonardo Da Vinci Painting Revealed" (Durden).  Salman's gift to MbZ, presumably for all his 'sage' advice on 'modernizing', diversification, Qatar, Yemen, etc (see also)!  "6 Questions for an Art Historian About Leonardo’s “Salvator Mundi”".  Odd choice of gift from one Muslim dauphin to another, unless it is a statement that the recipient is the savior of the world!

"Neocolonial Kleptocrats with Clinton Connections. Rwanda’s Links to Wall Street Billionaires" (Garrison).

"Four For Friday - Forget Me Not" (CDaN).  The guesses are either the greatest American political scientist Mel Gibson (always the guess for any blind involving a creepster ever since he accurately and incisively described world politics) and David Copperfield (although Copperfield has no known connection to an Asian island; the Canadian fashion entrepreneur Peter Nygard is intriguing, although, again, his island is Caribbean).

Saturday, December 09, 2017

The integrity of their feels

"Wedding Cakes & Freedom, Again",  I thought this was good common sense which most people would support, and a little bit Marxist in its concern for the product of your labor.

Also good common sense, the Pamela Anderson Law School definition of consent:  "Pamela Anderson says Harvey Weinstein victims should have 'known what they were getting into'".  Jurors are going to find this convincing too, which is why I doubt we'll see any successful prosecutions of most of these predators (of course the under-age predators, where consent isn't an issue, have bigger problems).

"Arizona Contractor Refuses To Certify He Won’t Boycott Israel, Sues Officials" (Gosztola).

"Arizona Congressman Resigns for — Wait, What Was That Again?"  The problem was he has something against turkey basters, the tools of the Devil.

"Dylan Farrow Slapped At Hollywood For Protecting Woody Allen From The #MeToo Movement".  The biggest names have still slipped the noose.

The UN actually had a special Security Council meeting on President Kushner's slouching towards Jerusalem, reported all over the world, but good luck finding any mention of it in the US mainstream media (though you will find lots of reports on what Nikki said there), except, bizarrely, at PBS, usually a barren desert of no-facts.

"Jared Kushner: Mr. 666" (Mantiq al-Tayr).  "Jared Kushner: “Peace Envoy” & Funder of Illegal Israeli Squatters in Palestine" (Elliott).  Have you noticed that Kushner and Bryan Singer have the same dead eyes?

"In a shock move, Brazil declares it will not follow Trump's move and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital".  "Florida rally cheers when Republican predicts Trump’s Jerusalem embassy decision may usher in Armageddon".  Always bearing in mind that Trump could care less about the Christian Zionists, and these stories are intended to protect the guilty.

"In Washington, Venezuela’s plan to create a ‘Bitcoin’ seen as a sign of desperation".  A bold backdoor to bringing MMT to Venezuela?

"US Officials Confirm Mysterious Cuba Attack Victims Suffered Brain Abnormalities" (Durden).  Not consistent with the weapons Cuba (and Russia!) are alleged to have used.

What a wonderful world we live in:  "Germany Receives New Refugees: Twitter Shitlibs Fleeing Groyper Persecution" (Sol).  Can you imagine trying to make sense of this twenty (or even ten, or even two) years ago?:
"Liberals have recently come up with a new, innovative jimmie protection technology in order to preserve the integrity of their feels.

Triggered to all hell by Twitter’s inability to stem the flood of Alt-Right groyper accounts, they’ve been forced to trudge through the Twitter-sphere neck deep in Nazi frogs, barely able to gasp for air.

How can they attain the sweet, sweet utopia of totalitarian thought control they so badly crave?

By moving their e-persona to Germany."
The latest #Russiagate fake news.  "CNN Botches "Bombshell" Report "Proving" Collusion Between Trump Jr And Wikileaks" (Durden).

"SEC Associate Director And Wife Of Fired Anti-Trump FBI Agent Appears To Scrub Facebook Page Of Obama-Clinton Likes" (ZeroPointNow). The extremely Democrat partisan nature of all of #Russiagate keeps popping up in different ways.

Now this is interesting:  "Obama Appointed Judge Mysteriously Recuses Himself From Michael Flynn Case" (Durden).  "THE BIG UGLY – Why U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras Recusal From Mike Flynn Case is a Big Deal…" (note the very detailed timeline following this excerpt):
"Judge Contreras was in the position of approving FISA warrants at the time when FBI Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was assembling the underlying information for the FISA warrant used against candidate Trump.

There is a very real possibility that Judge Contreras signed off on the FISA warrant in October 2016 that initiated the counterintelligence wiretapping and surveillance of the Trump campaign.  That wiretapping and surveillance ultimately led to the questioning of Michael Flynn; the consequence of which brings Flynn to Contreras courtroom."

We all sit around waiting for the latest Hopkins: "The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken":
"Now that Robert Mueller has proved that Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin by obstructing an investigation by Comey into Michael Flynn’s lying to the FBI about not colluding with the Russian ambassador on behalf of Israel at Kushner’s behest, the dominoes are surely about to fall."

"Police File Exposes Holes In The Investigation Into US Death Of Putin’s Media Czar" (Leopold, etc).  Who knows what happened, but this story reveals nothing of importance and is obviously just more piling on #Russiagate using the headline as a weapon.

"The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Plot Against Cuba" (Escalante). Isn't it interesting that they appear to have sent both Oswald and an unconvincing Oswald impersonator to Mexico City to set up the assassination-Cuba-Russia connection?

Friday, December 08, 2017


Buchanan on Saakashvili, recalling the recent history of neocon-proposed WWIIIs:  "The Nutball the Neocons Wanted in NATO":
"Do we really want to cede to folks of the temperament of Mikhail Saakashvili an ability to instigate a war with a nuclear-armed Russia, which every Cold War president was resolved to avoid, even if it meant accepting Moscow’s hegemony in Eastern Europe all the way to the Elbe?

Watching Saakashvili losing it in the streets of Kiev like some blitzed college student should cause us to reassess the stability of all these allies to whom we have ceded a capacity to drag us into war."
"Retired CIA Agent Working With Blackwater Founder Claims H.R. McMaster Approved NSA Spy Job On Trump Family" (Durden):
". . . Maguire told donors that Obama administration holdovers were withholding information from President Trump, and H.R. McMaster - a protégé of former CIA director David Petraeus - authorized a spying operation on members of the Trump family as well as Steve Bannon, and then sent the gathered intel to an international facility owned by George Soros."
This might be true, but it sounds like Prince PR promulgated by The Intercept - while appearing to be critical of Prince! - to justify the private Trump Intelligence/Assassination Agency Prince and Maguire want to set up.  Bannon and his crew have had it in for McMaster, connecting him to Soros (note the uncropped cartoon!).

There is actually a genre of apologias which insist that our neocolonial enterprise will work, as it is 'different' from all the other ones that have failed:  "Mali is France’s Afghanistan, But With a Difference".

The Helmer link from yesterday on the investigation of the possible Khazar ritual sacrifice of the Russian royal family (!) is working again.

"John Lehman: China, Russia, Iran threaten ‘New Pearl Harbor".  The United States isn't spending enough (!!!) on its military.

"Trump's Jerusalem own-goal is a victory for the world" (Flores).  Intellectually and morally solid.

Sounds like a conflict to me:  "Turkey links U.S. judge in sanctions case to wanted cleric".

"How Russia-gate Rationalizes Censorship" (Lauria).  HuffPost, FAIR, Gary Sick, and the ACLU are all in on the conspiracy to censor criticism of Russiagate.  Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome is a terrible disease.

More mischief from Sailer:
  1. "How Many Black Male Democrat Bigshots Will be Left When This Is Over?" (the Democrats are already having trouble finding a Conyers replacement as all the prospective candidates have the same, um, problem!);
  2. the modern classic piece on 'not shy' Toback, not to mention its rambunctious comments, referring to this bizarre quasi-celebration of sleaziness from not that long ago which might have well been the Middle Ages:  "The original pick-up artist";
  3. "There Is No Inner Party: Obama Had His 18-Year-Old Daughter Intern for Harvey Weinstein" (despite all the resources and insider information available to him, Barry was utterly clueless) and "Harvey, Barack, and Hillary" ("If Hillary had been elected, Weinstein would be at this moment chasing starlets around the Lincoln Bedroom."); and
  4. "And Then They Came for Two More Public Radio Oldsters" (we should be able to morally and legally distinguish between the outright rapists - Weinstein, Lauer, Singer - the sexual assaulters who probably don't reach the level of being charged with a crime even if their actions were criminal assault - Franken, who went down like the asshole captain of his asshole ship - and the persistent verbal pests who would normally be disciplined for creating a toxic work environment, but don't reach any level of criminality).
Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Totally doing this."

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Live in open sewage, with Whitefish and wigwams

I've been pondering Al Franken's SNL career.  I mainly remember him as Stuart Smalley, an extremely effeminate man with self-esteem issues couched in new-age jargon, and, well . . . that was the joke!  This wasn't that long ago (though the 'jokes' now sound ancient), and it seemed like he was featured constantly with minor variations on the same slim theme, and even a movie, but can you imagine him trying to construct an act like that today?!  He'd have more luck coming out in blackface.  The best part is that his party tried to hold on to him for dear life despite the allegations piling up, and that this party's sole remaining possible attraction to its supporters is that it is the virtue-signaling identity politics party!

The answers to this revealed gossip blind item from CDaN are Ashley Judd and Bill Clinton.

Comment by Katniss Everdeen at Naked Capitalism on Whitefish, Montana.

"It was not the US which defeated ISIS: foes of the US defeated ISIS" (Angry Arab).  Wow!

"This his how the New York Times described this racist Zionist" (Angry Arab).  How, exactly, do you live in open sewage?  Perhaps he's referring to 'skunk water'.

"Torquemada Makes A Comeback — The Spanish Inquisition Has Arrived In Moscow" (Helmer).  The title is weird - it has nothing to do with the content of the piece - and Helmer doesn't seem to approve, but this degree of 'blood libel' popping up at this time is an impressively crazed provocation.

"Useful Idiots Are Still Idiots" (West).  Short bio of Saakashvili, who I believe is still at large.

Curious eruption of truth where you'd least expect to see it:  "Did American Missile Defense Fail in Saudi Arabia?".

The Khazar plan for decades was to steal a country house by house, and plot by plot, all the while buying time by pretending to be ready to negotiate with the Palestinians, with America as the 'honest broker'.  Nobody actually believed it, but this was the operative narrative for decades.  Kushner has now blown this carefully constructed scheme into tiny pieces, and caused all the rest of the world to loudly proclaim that the status of Jerusalem isn't final until negotiations with the Palestinians are concluded.  While the 'American' Khazars are patting themselves on the back for a politician well beshekeled, and another demand on their list checked off, they don't seem to have realized that their strategy is now gone, and all their stolen gains to date are back on the table.  The Clarification brought by Trump continues to work its magic.

"Toronto music teacher sues after principal, VP call folk song racist".  Triggered by 'wigwam'.   At one point, stamp-worthy:  "1961 E. Pauline Johnson".


"Status of women's testimony in Islam".  Still better than the Democratic Party, who require at least six additional witnesses to ensure that hysterical bitch isn't lying:  "Seventh woman accuses Al Franken of sexual misconduct" and "Full list: Schumer and majority of Democratic senators call for Franken to resign".

The End?

JFK could have fired his Attorney General,  RFK, if he wanted to, if he thought he had to.  It would not have been pleasant, it would have resulted in years of difficult family gatherings, but he could have done it.  Trump can't fire Kushner.  It doesn't matter what Kushner does, Trump can't fire him as it would hurt his precious daughter.  Trump can't even control Kushner, or limit his influence.  In fact, Kushner's massive financial problems are only being held in stay as along as he gets to swan around Washington, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.  The whole Kushner family would be ruined if he is forced out.  This situation is unique in American politics (though if you wanted to get deeper into the weeds you could argue that JFK should have fired RFK for the aggressive right-wing foreign policy RFK was scheming, possibly behind JFK's back).

Watergate was a conspiracy to remove a man that the highest American mucky-mucks felt was dangerous to the Republic (in retrospect, and given the following Presidents, that was terrible judgment of the mucky-mucks).  They used Nixon's innate paranoia to trick him into a cover-up (there are also sex blackmail aspects, and even JFK assassination aspects, that are still obscure as they are so dangerous), which was then manipulated by the media to remove him.

Although the Clintonistas have been floating the idea that Trump is too mentally unstable, even insane, to be President, nobody believes it.  In fact, Trump has been a rather cautious, bog-standard, American Republican President, with fewer wars than most Presidents.  Even the awful environmental and tax stuff is standard American politics (the environmental negligence is effectively just an extension of Barry's do-nothingness, and I can guarantee that as much as Democrats wail about the tax stuff, if they ever get their act together and find themselves in power, they will do nothing to undo the Trump damage).  If you ignore all the bloviation, Trump's actual record of action has done nothing to create fears that the country is in dangerous hands.  If anything, he is too sane (part of the larger theory that the Clintonista cries that Trump doesn't properly represent Americans is true only insofar as Trump is far too moral a man to represent the monsters that are Americans).

Until now.  Don't get me wrong, the Jerusalem decision is popular all across the swamp.  The hogs all eat from the same shekel-trough.  The problem for the mucky-mucks is structural.  In effect, the American Empire has again been forced into marginalizing itself - the entire rest of the world, and even members of Trump's own cabinet, recoiled in horror at the sheer stupidity of the decision (which already has substantial consequences) - all at the hands of a small number of Chabad extremists, 'European' Jewish slumlords who now exclusively run American foreign policy ("a bunch of Orthodox Jews who have no idea about anything"), fronted by the creepy Kushner, and operating solely on the basis of Khazar supremacism, looking for 'wins' for the settler movement.  It doesn't even matter if the 'wins' make any sense for Israel, it is just an exercise in asserting Khazar dominance over the American government, a process of working through a checklist of arbitrary demands, and congratulating each other at synagogue as each one is checked off.  So now American foreign policy is an international laughingstock run by a man who cannot possibly be removed, no matter how obviously stupid his decisions are.  This is obviously a recipe for disaster.  If the mucky-mucks are paying attention, Trump has now, for the first time, given them reason to act.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Well-oiled machines

"Weinstein’s Complicity Machine".  The 'well-oiled machine'.  Keeping Harvey out of jail and out of the mainstream media was a massive operation, the gossip equivalent of putting a man on the moon.

"Yemen's Saleh: A political murder mystery".  Big debate over where they capped him.

"Who Killed Yemen's Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh?"  The (Iranian) theory that he was killed to prevent revelation of the big UAE/Israeli coup conspiracy plan for Yemen!

The latest Ziowahhabican treachery:  "Changes in the Military Situation in Syria: the New Position" (Lvov):
"The Syrians have clearly decided not to attempt to liberate Abu Kamal and are now trying to form up together with the column that is extending from Mayadin and is unable to cross the Euphrates. There is some logic in this: Abu Kamal is considered to be liberated territory and so it is possible to focus on more pressing dangers. There are not many militants in the city and along the river, but it is also true that the Syrians and their Shi’ite allies do not have enough troops in this region.

ISIS’ strengthening of its position here is clearly connected with the fact that almost a thousand of its militants (and maybe more) who were engaged in fighting the SDF on the left bank of the Euphrates have now been freed up. And something entirely predictable has happened there. Now ISIS has entered into a “cease-fire” with the Kurds and it is now able to regroup its forces – something the ISIS terrorists can do better than anyone else in this war.

On 29 November ISIS and the Kurds from the SDF signed a cease-fire agreement for a month, renewable, and declared that they intend it to stay in effect for approximately six months. The text of the agreement is available, and it has been confirmed as accurate by the most neutral parties in the region. Under the agreement ISIS will receive a corridor through the Kurdish zone and the ability to regroup its forces and concentrate them against a smaller number of opponents: Shi’ites, the Free Syrian Army, and Russian forces. Half a year will be plenty of time for ISIS to get its breath back and complete its evacuation without rushing things. The cease-fire could not have been concluded without the USA, of course. Given the escalation of the power struggle within the White House, only the CIA are in a position to “look after” the agreement between the Kurds and ISIS. The goal of these ‘curators’ is to be able to exert more pressure on Iran, Turkey and, indirectly, on Russia.

It is entirely possible that the “curators” are among those who are preparing a future confrontation with Iran that Saudi Arabia, without even trying to hide the fact, is seeking. That is why it is impossible to exclude Saudi interests (and, thus, Israeli interests) when considering this “cease-fire”. The Turks also are losing out as a result of the cease-fire. The Kurds are being enabled to transfer their forces from the South to the North and make Turkish expansion into Kurdish regions practically impossible. The “cease-fire” is thus a blow against the interests of all the members of the “Astana” coalition."
and (fallout from, and payback for, Turkish irredentist - Greater Turkey! - operations in stirring up Muslim trouble in western China!):
"And on top of everything else, a new player has appeared in the Syrian theatre of war: China. ‘Night Tigers’- Chinese anti-terrorism divisions – have arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus, as the Turkish journalist Mete Sohtaoğlu informs us. According to him these Chinese troops are already in the Syrian port of Tartus. Earlier there were reports that the Chinese Minister of Defence plans to send Chinese special forces to Syria (two well-known forces- the “Siberian Tigers” and the “Night Tigers”) to fight against terrorists from the East Turkestan Islamist movement. If that is true then it is now clear who may get the lion’s share of contracts in connection with the rebuilding of Syria."
"The Tangled Threads of Russia-gate" (Parry).  The greater narrative of Trump as Putin's long-planned puppet sails through, untouched, despite the fact that each 'scoop' of minor functionaries arranging Russian contacts with Trump or his campaign undermines it.

"Wategate Deja Vu and Fake News by Publius Tacitus".

"Election Theft in Honduras" (Sterling).  "Is the Honduran Election Being Stolen Eight Years after U.S.-Backed Coup?" (Kolhatkar).  "Honduras police refuse crackdown on protesters".  Another case where the police refused orders:  "Carnation Revolution".

"WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela" (Johnson). "Corruption and sabotage in Venezuela's oil industry: substantive issues (special analysis)" (Antonopoulos).

"Slapstick In Kiev" (Moon)!  "Fly Face vs Mucous Face" (West).  "VIDEO: Saakashvili threatens to jump off roof in Kiev before being detained" (from the comments, 'sorostitutes').  No cookies this time, or, as yet, false flag sniper shots:  "Maidan 2.0: The slow moving and more authentic Ukrainian uprising" (Garrie).

"DOUBLE STANDARD: The Hill refuses to publish column about USS Liberty".

"Trump’s Biggest Donor Pushed For Jerusalem Embassy Move" (Clifton).  Adelson, but the guy who wrecks Trump's Presidency will probably be Kushner.

"The Dog That Did Bark, But Just Once (So Far)" (Sailer).  Sailer's point is that male homosexual sexual interest in teen-aged boys - the Mann/Visconti 'Death in Venice' stuff - is normal male homosexual behavior which has been whitewashed out by the PR campaign as it is unacceptable to the average person.  I have no idea whether this is true, but the conspiracy angle that the 'normalization' of homosexuality is part of an organized media/entertainment campaign is undeniable.  The 'liberal' shibboleth is that protecting an identifiable group from 'hate' and its perhaps violent repercussions is worth the risk to a group subject to possible predation.

"“Moneybull”: An Inquiry Into Media Manipulation" (Griffin).  Interesting case study of how 'Hollywood' fixes the facts of the story told in a movie - which is supposed to be based on what actually happened - to subtly mold public opinion along certain lines.

"Gizmodo Echoes Naked Capitalism: “Don’t Buy Anyone an Echo”" (Smith).  There is no chance - zero! - that all this recording isn't going directly to the NSA.

For those who say this Hollywood gossip doesn't apply to real-world victims:  "Today's Blind Items - The Boys Club" (CDaN).  Guesses (referring to "Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard Hit With New Sex Abuse Lawsuit"; see also the Travolta/Scientologist blind item and remember that Travolta has a spectacularly un-PC theory - almost mikepencean - of how, and by whom, he was 'turned'):
"BC: Gary Goddard
A list director: Bryan Singer
A list actor: Kevin Spacey"
One of Singer's parents is dying, presumably of mortification.

 "Jane Seymour claims 'she was sexually assaulted by Hollywood legend Ray Stark at his home before revealing her own son was recently roofied at a film premiere by a powerful male publicist'".

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

New glass ceiling

Tweets by Popehat on Polanski's enablers/apologists, and, given current circumstances, the twisty road they have to follow.  It is a huge puzzle what most of these people might have in common!  Also.

"MSNBC to Cut Ties With Sam Seder After Roman Polanski Rape Joke (Exclusive)".  This does seem like an excuse to get rid of somebody whose politics was a bit too far left for the network.

"Bryan Singer Fired From Queen Biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’".  The joke in the gossip comments was that his 'illness' was carpal tunnel syndrome from writing all the settlement checks to his victims.

If people continue to use this to air old imagined slights, or snowflake discomfort, the whole thing is going to fall apart (i.e., we've come a long way from Weinstein):  "And Then They Came for Some Paraplegic Public Radio SJW" (Sailer).

The talk from the big swinging dick guys is that the current atmosphere is dangerous for business, and women will simply have to be excluded from any positions where they can cause a problem by making an allegation.

"‘Who’s Next?’: The Mysterious Blind-Item King Who Exposed Weinstein, Spacey, and Lauer Before the Media".  Many doubt that Enty is a lawyer, given the fact that it is often difficult to find a coherent sentence in CDaN, and there seems to be more than one Enty, and even more than one at a time (varying standards on who is A-list, B-list, etc), but the track record in outing various reprobates is impressive, obviously orders of magnitude above the mainstream media, who cover up for these monsters.  There is a strong sympathy throughout CDaN for the actors who have to put up with the people who run 'Hollywood'.

"#Metoo is for Me, Too" (Van Buren).

"Prosecutors: Manafort wrote op-ed with colleague in Russia".  Don't get me wrong, I think Manafort's a crook.  But shouldn't he have the right to defend himself?  What's with a gag order?  Of course, he probably could have picked a non-Russian to assist!

"Was Russia Behind Cuba Sonic Attacks?"  The Putin/Trump Derangement Syndrome at this website is sad to see.

"Russiagaters Are The Very Worst Kind Of Conspiracy Theorists" (Johnstone).

"Book Review:  Collusion" (Robinson).

"Russiagate Becomes Israelgate" (Giraldi).  Trump's ace-in-the-hole is that the actual crime, if any, is the third rail of American politics.

Unnewsworthiness.  "Strong Evidence that U.S. Special Operations Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia". "Israel was planning assassinations in Lebanon: not in the Western press".

"India’s Secret Involvement in the War Against Yemen" (Korybko). "Yemen - UK Military Involvement " (Aangirfan).

"How ISIL changed the oil map of Iraq" (al-Nidwahi):
"For a month now there has been a standoff between pro-government Iraqi forces and Peshmerga forces at the Faysh Khabur border crossing, where the Kurdish export pipeline enters Turkey. Baghdad wants to assume control over all crossings to bring all northern exports, including from fields inside Kurdistan's uncontested border, under state control - and bring the KRG to its knees.

This would entail Baghdad agreeing in return to provide for the financial needs of the Kurdish provinces from federal coffers. In theory, an agreement is possible. But there's more at stake than just civil servants' salaries and funds for schools or roads.

For the KRG, to maintain a revenue stream independent of Baghdad's chokehold is an existential-level question. There is also the looming question of what happens to the KRG lenders, including Russia. Western companies may have little in the way of recourse, but there's no telling what tricks the Kremlin might have up its sleeve to collect on its awkwardly-timed investments in Kurdish black gold."

"D'OH! Mitch McConnell Killed All Corporate Tax Deductions In His Frenzy To Pass Tax Cuts".  Obviously one of the main problems facing the US (and elsewhere) is income distribution, so another big tax grab by the 0.1% is obscene, but I find it very odd that the 'left' fails to notice the interesting big tax policy wonk decisions being made in this tax bill, essentially trying to start to isolate revenue collection from using tax policy to achieve other social policy objectives.

"Israeli Attacks Reported Near Damascus, Israeli Media Removes Story" (Ditz).  The censorship of the story is interesting, as they are usually not shy about asserting the Khazar right to break international law with impunity.

"Ex-CIA analyst rejects Turkish claims of involvement in coup". Fuller was born in 1937.

There is only one tiny sliver of study where 'academic freedom' isn't protected, even by  its most self-righteous defenders, who don't seem to get that not protecting the tiny sliver wrecks the whole concept:  "Jackboots in The Canadian Academy. Freedom of Expression And Inquiry Under Threat … Again. University of Lethbridge, Alberta.".

Not The Onion:  "A naked game of tag was filmed at a Nazi gas chamber. Survivors’ groups demand to know who gave the OK."

The Onion:  "FCC Chair Unveils Premium Comment Line To Fast-Track Net Neutrality Complaints For $49.99 Per Month".