Sunday, October 14, 2018

Broad Benefits

"Citizen journalists – the fighters on the frontline against Russia’s attacks" (Cadwalladr). Even by the standards of the Guardian, this is beyond awful.  It is like what is going on in Brazil - things are so fucked up, the only people who can save us are fascist strong men connected to the military.  In this case, 'citizen' journalism is getting your news directly from NATO.  The Guardian is so bad these days it reads like a parody.

"Britain On The Leash With The United States... But At Which End?" (Jatras):
"In sum, we are seeing a massive, coordinated hybrid campaign of psy-ops and political warfare conducted not by Russia but against Russia, concocted by the UK and its Deep State collaborators in the United States. But it’s not only aimed at Russia, it’s an attack on the United States by the government of a foreign country that’s supposed to be one of our closest allies, a country with which we share many venerable traditions of language, law, and culture.
But for far too long, largely for reasons of historical inertia and elite corruption, we’ve allowed that government to exercise undue influence on our global policies in a manner not conducive to our own national interests. Now that government, employing every foul deception that earned it the moniker Perfidious Albion, seeks to embroil us in a quarrel with the only country on the planet that can destroy us if things get out of control.
This must stop. A thorough reappraisal of our “special relationship” with the United Kingdom and exposure of its activities to the detriment of the US is imperative."
"20 Questions You Have to Ask U.S. Political Candidates Because Nobody Else Will" (Swanson).

Developing the skills to be used everywhere:  "Google CEO Tells Senators That Censored Chinese Search Engine Could Provide “Broad Benefits”" (Gallagher).  "Google vs. Trump: “the Good Censor” On Collision Course with the Patriot President" (Washington Watcher).  Zuck just pulled another big coordinated de-platforming (based on PropOrNot!):  "Pages purged by Facebook were on blacklist promoted by Washington Post" (Damon).  It is amusing that the conservatives resist dealing with this problem due to their knee-jerk objection to regulation of big companies, yet the big companies behave with strikingly odd collusion which doesn't fit the accepted models of the healthy competition of the 'free market': "Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed" (Johnstone).

Hyperbole:  "Trump, Kavanaugh and the Path to Neoliberal Fascism" (Giroux).  Note how the natural consequences of various Clintonista wrongdoing which led directly to Trump's election (institutional crooked screwing over of Bernie, Clinton's lazy, feckless and stupid campaign decisions, Clinton's general ridiculousness as a candidate, superdelegates, etc) and the use of the usual rules which were established by Democrats for their own political gain, has led to 'neoliberal fascism'!  Note also the archetypal tell, the last refuge of scoundrels, the fall-back to 'anti-Semitism' (see this remarkably similar article, in particular, complaining about objections to obvious Soros wrongdoing as 'anti-Semitism':  "Tapping the 'hidden spring' of anti-Semitism in Orban's Hungary")!

Awful, as it just promulgates the lie of Saudi involvement:  "Did Saudis, CIA Fear Khashoggi 9/11 Bombshell?" (Cunningham).

"Trump Administration Urges Saudis To Stick To Killing Random Yemeni Civilians".

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Broken spearhead

The best thing I've read on the subject, putting the assassination in a wider context of a big battle of elites in various countries:  "The Killing Of Saudi Journalist Khashoggi Could Spell The End For Mohammad bin Salman" (Pieraccini):
"What happened to Khashoggi is the story not so much of a dissident as of a struggle within the highly complicated Zionist-Saudi-Neoconservative nexus that is intertwined with the struggle against the neoliberal component of US imperialism. It is a story that deserves to be fully explored to understand the behind-the-scenes struggles that afflict US politics, the hypocrisy of the media when it comes to the Saudi dictatorship, and the ambiguous role of Turkey.
Returning to Khashoggi, it was during the Obama presidency that the journalist played a primary role in encouraging important reforms in Saudi Arabia as being essential to the survival of the Kingdom. During this time, relations between Riyadh and Washington steadily worsened for many reasons, primarily in regard to diverging policies on Egypt and Syria as well as on human rights in Saudi Arabia.
Many in the Saudi royal family suspected that Obama was willing to use the Arab springs to get rid of the Al Saud family in Saudi Arabia. The relationship between Riyadh and Washington subsequently sunk to an all-time low. Khashoggi was the spearhead of this media and political strategy against Riyadh. An intimate friend of the royal family who ends up publicly criticizing them causes quite a stir, selling copies and drawing attention to what he writes.
Keep in mind that we are splitting the atom of the Saudi universe. But it should never be forgotten that we are talking about a regime that tortures and kills its fellow citizens as well foreigners. It is a regime that creates terrorism as a weapon used to further its own political goals. These are not people burdened by moral scruples.
Yet in spite of this, no country is monolithic in terms of those who hold the reigns of power, especially when it comes to foreign affairs. It is the competing views and internal struggles that determine the course of events, as with the case of Khashoggi's death.
During the Obama administration, the former Saudi intelligence man and intimate of the royals continued to work as a house organ linked to the US world of soft power (color revolutions, Arab Spring), the form of power that was particularly favored by the Obama administration as a new strategy to extend US imperialist domination following the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan. The criticism of the Saudi royal family was constant, even though the journalist appreciated the role Riyadh played in the region, especially with regard to the aggression against Syria.
In the following years, with the rise to power of King Salman, and especially after the victory of Donald Trump, everything changed for the worse in the region and for the “dissident” journalist. Bin Salman became the strongman holding power in Saudi Arabia, triggering, with a nod from Trump, a near war with Qatar, especially over the role of Al Jazeera, which often hosted Khashoggi and was increasingly critical of bin Salman and his vision for the Kingdom’s future (Vision 2030).
During bin Salman’s campaign of repression, the King's nephew took the opportunity to attack all his opponents, with many people close to Khashoggi being arrested, tortured and killed. His old acquaintance in particular, Al-Waleed bin Talal, was arrested and tortured, much to the displeasure of the West, given that he was one of the most famous Saudis abroad, being involved with companies like Twitter. In a climax of repression, even the Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri, was kidnapped and spirited to Riyadh to be re-educated over a number of days. Khashoggi sensed the looming danger, and in 2017 escaped from Saudi Arabia to settle in the United States.
Khashoggi continued with his columns criticizing the Saudi regime, attacking its campaign in Yemen on Al Jazeera, and accusing bin Salman of being anything but a positive revolutionary for the Kingdom. Khashoggi’s criticism pointed to the lack of democracy as well as the sclerosis at the top in the Saudi kingdom, accusations that bin Salman chafed at, finally deciding to be rid of the journalist.
The events in Istanbul are the culmination of a grotesque situation whereby Donald Trump has granted a free hand to his two close allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Analyzing the actions of these two countries over the last 24 months, the extent of Washington’s carte blanche has become clear."
Note that the bifurcation isn't over long-term goals, but over strategy, hard power  (e.g., Wars For The Jews, unilateral imposition of a deal on the Palestinians, Bandar Bush), versus soft power (negotiation and robust diplomacy, Prince Turki), though everybody agrees on the ultra-hard line against Iran.

Building the Official Story, which is going to be attempted detention gone bad, fitting the American concept of 'resisting arrest', and its sad but understandable consequences (like Eric Garner, the fault lies completely with the error in judgment made by the resister):  "US intelligence intercepts reportedly show Saudi crown prince ordered detention of journalist Khashoggi".

"End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia until Fate of Dissident Journalist is Known: Human Rights Watch".  The Khazar hordes (Abrams, HRW) seem to have decided they can use this assassination to pressure the King to reverse his decision not to back up MbS's support for President Jared's extermination plans for the Palestinians.

The simultaneous release of all the Turkish forensic examination (a big deal, as it revealed that the Turks are bugging embassies!), and the physical release of the American missionary/spy, can't be a coincidence, and seems to be a Turkish play to get back into the good graces of the Americans (while assisting its allies Iran and Qatar), looking for American help in its attempts to steal both eastern and western parts of northern Syria, plans so far stymied by Putin.

Meanwhile, the adults continue to get to work:  "Multi-Polar Political Project Pushed Forward By Putin In India" (Luongo).  This is interesting as the Russia-India-Pakistan (!) -Iran (!!) stuff is being done through an absence of press coverage.  It's Ninja Putin, you don't even see him coming!

"Soyuz was sabotaged?" (Greenhalgh).

"Choices Made: From Zionist Settler Colonialism to Decolonization" (Halper).  I'm very nervous about basing this entire struggle on 'decolonialisation', which sounds like another Jewish/SJW/Khazar-controlled academia trick (like BDS), with the rug pulled out at the last minute based on some new sociological theory (Halper does make a passing reference to the essential ridiculousness of Khazar claims to the area).  "In the end, analysis matters.", but what happens when the thieves completely dominate the analysis?

Friday, October 12, 2018

That doesn't help us

"Khashoggi Burial Negotiations Commence - Saudis Will Cough Up Billions To Settle The Case" (Moon).

"Mohammed Bin Salman: The Character Behind the Caricatures" (Korybko).

"Turks Had Saudi Consulate Bugged With Audio: Khashoggi Death Chronology Details Leaked" (Durden).

"‘Sweep it under the rug’: Fears grow Trump won't confront Saudis over journalist's disappearance" (Toosi).

So Erdoğan and Trump are both using this as part of the usual grifting, probably both personally and on behalf of their respective military contractors.

Trump (part of The Clarification, the kind of standard operating procedure that other Presidents wouldn't say out loud):
"We’ll have to see what happens. A lot of work is being done on that, and we’re going to have to see what happens. I don’t like stopping massive amounts of money that’s being poured into our country on — I know they’re talking about different kinds of sanctions, but they’re spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs, like jobs and others, for this country.

I don’t like the concept of stopping an investment of $110 billion into the United States. Because you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to take that money and spend it in Russia or China, or someplace else. So I think there are other ways. If it turns out to be as bad as it might be, there are certainly other ways of handling the situation.

But I will tell you, upfront, right now, and I’ll say it in front of senators: They’re spending $110 billion purchasing military equipment and other things. If we don’t sell it to them, they’ll say, “Well, thank you very much. We’ll buy it from Russia.” Or “Thank you very much. We’ll buy it from China.” That doesn’t help us — not when it comes to jobs and not when it comes to our companies losing out on that work.

But there are other things we can do. Let’s find out what the problem is first. Okay?"
It is amusing that some Clintonistas are criticizing Trump's approach, based on vague allegations of personal corruption, when Killary has been much more obviously personally bribed by the Saudis, and certainly would have squashed even the slightest attempts at reining in MbS.  We seem to be in the process of being set up for a story that the murder was an accidental act by some 'rogue' Saudi intelligence officials.  That favor, one that could be reconsidered at any time based on 'new evidence', can then be used as an inducement for return favors from MbS.

MbS has an obvious and well documented propensity to make rash, momentous, and stupid decisions, and at some point the Saudi royals will have to decide whether they can afford to keep him in charge.  Unfortunately, in the short term, there is still so much money sloshing around that just about anything can be covered with a pile of it, and this very action demonstrates a ruthlessness which will keep most people cowed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Moderate, but doesn't smell right

"As Nikki Haley Resigns, Critics Forced to Clarify That “Pro-War, Pro-Imperialist” Sycophant for Trump Is No “Moderate”" (Queally).

"‘Something doesn’t smell right’: The curious timing of Nikki Haley’s exit" (Blake).

Some thought she was the anonymous 'senior administration official' who dissed Trump, but that doesn't make sense, given how Trump graciously treated her exit (he's not that good an actor).

Most likely:  "Israeli Government Encouraged Nikki Haley to Run for President in 2024" (Diversity Macht Frei).  This is ominous, as the Khazars seem to want to protect Haley as a viable future political stooge by extracting her and thus isolating her from the stench of whatever they shekel Trump to do in the next few months.  This is the Khazars playing the long game, as they won't be able to find any replacement who will be so willing to whore him- or herself out for shekels.  She has an irreplaceable combination of a complete lack of self-respect and an unwavering willingness, for the right price, to commit treason (although I think they are paying her more in current and future political support from the (((media))) than actual shekels).

"Turkish Officials Say Khashoggi Was Killed on Order of Saudi Leadership" (Kirkpatrick/Gall) (also):
"The security establishment concluded that Mr. Khashoggi’s killing was directed from the top because only the most senior Saudi leaders could order an operation of such scale and complexity, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to disclose confidential briefings.

Fifteen Saudi agents had arrived on two charter flights last Tuesday, the day Mr. Khashoggi disappeared, the official said.

All 15 left just a few hours later, and Turkey has now identified the roles that most or all of them held in the Saudi government or security services, the official said. One was an autopsy expert, presumably there to help dismember the body, the official said."
"How a Map of Palestine Drove the American Neocolonial Elite Mad" (Cole) (surely he means 'Khazar Neocolonial Elite').  The concentration camp guard has completely shed his skin, to become a 'fellow white person', who, of course, isn't obsessed with one issue:  "Goldberg, reinvented, asks Clinton zero questions about Israel" (Weiss).

"SWEIDA: A Bloody Massacre Barely Registered by Western Media as ISIS Slaughter Innocent Civilians in their Sleep" (Beeley).

"Future of Western Democracy Being Played Out in Brazil" (Escobar).

"India-Russia relations go way beyond defence deals" (Bhadrakumar).  Calling the American sanction bluff.

"International Team of Researchers Concerned Over US Efforts to Create Bio-Weapons" (Korzun).  "Scientists Raise Alarm Over U.S. Bio-Weapon Programs" (Moon).  "Russian Military: US Killed Dozens By Bioweapon Disguised As Drug Research" (Slavo).  Gilead (and Rumsfeld)!  "Gilead Sciences’s criminal drug testing: a cover for the Pentagon’s illegal arms testing?".  I still think it probable that somebody in Rumsfeld's circle was the showrunner/conspirator-in-chief behind 9/11

"The GRU close access operation against the OPCW in perspective" (

"Omidyar’s Intercept Teams Up with War-Propaganda Firm Bellingcat" (Webb).  The Intercept seems to have completely skated on ratting out Reality Winner after she attempted to rely on their whistle blower protection, although I guess we'll never know which whistle blowers looked at this honey trap and decided to go elsewhere.

Tweet (Trita Parsi):
"Very strange... Iran fired missiles at ISIS in Syria. Killed several ISIS leaders - almost killed Al-Baghdadi. US complained (!!) saying Iran was reckless, cuz the strike was within 3 miles of US troops. But why was ISIS leader Baghdadi feeling so safe so close to US troops????"

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Worst premise ever

"Kunstler: Civil War Two Looms As Deep State Circles The Wagons":
"It turns out that the Deep State is a small world.

Did you know that the lawyer sitting next to Dr. Ford in the Senate hearings, one Michael Bromwich, is also an attorney for Andrew McCabe, the former FBI Deputy Director fired for lying to investigators from his own agency and currently singing to a grand jury?

What a coincidence. Out of all the lawyers in the most lawyer-infested corner of the USA, she just happened to hook up with him.

It’s a matter of record that Dr. Ford traveled to Rehobeth Beach Delaware on July 26, where her Best Friend Forever and former room-mate, Monica McLean, lives, and that she spent the next four days there before sending a letter July 30 to Senator Diane Feinstein that kicked off the “sexual assault” circus. Did you know that Monica McClean was a retired FBI special agent, and that she worked in the US Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York under Preet Bharara, who had earlier worked for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer?

Could Dr. Ford have spent those four days in July helping Christine Blasey Ford compose her letter to Mrs. Feinstein? Did you know that Monica McClean’s lawyer, one David Laufman is a former DOJ top lawyer who assisted former FBI counter-intel chief Peter Strozk on both the Clinton and Russia investigations before resigning in February this year — in fact, he sat in on the notorious “unsworn” interview with Hillary in 2016. Wow! What a really small swamp Washington is!

Did you know that Ms. Leland Keyser, Dr. Ford’s previous BFF from back in the Holton Arms prep school, told the final round of FBI investigators in the Kavanaugh hearing last week — as reported by the The Wall Street Journal — that she “felt pressured” by Monica McLean and her representatives to change her story — that she knew nothing about the alleged sexual assault, or the alleged party where it allegedly happened, or that she ever knew Mr. Kavanaugh. I think that’s called suborning perjury."
The GOP theory that something bad happened but alcohol, time, and therapy washing caused her to misidentify the actual perp, is quite plausible, and forms the basis of innumerable alibi defenses raising the issue of reasonable doubt in criminal cases.  Of course, this isn't a criminal prosecution, and the standards are different (no prosecutor would have, or should have, taken on this as a criminal case, based on the sorry state of the evidence, and I say this as somebody who believes her), but the Clintonistas didn't even bother to hide the creaky mechanisms of the IC/Deep State in mounting this PR operation.  See also:  "Flyers Blaming Jews for Kavanaugh Allegations Found on UC Davis" (Bandler).

"'They all take Saudi money': Suspected murder of WaPo columnist by Saudi Arabia ignored by UK press".  On the other hand:  "Where is Jamal Khashoggi?" (Elliott Abrams!).  When MbS was unable to push through President Jared's ethnic cleansing plan for the Palestinians, you have to wonder if he lost his utility for the Zionists, who perhaps have another princeling in mind to run the Saudi show.

"Investigative Journalist Probing EU Corruption Found Brutally Raped And Murdered" (Durden).

"Google is Totally Not Politically Biased, And You Can Always Trust Them to Run the World Fairly" (Anglin).

"Few Admiring Words for “Crypto-Socialist” Singapore" (Vltchek).  "Singapore court convicts activist, politician over Facebook posts".  A lot of people think Singapore could still succeed with all the good things it accomplishes while laying off the Orwellian shit just a tad.

"Yemen’s Descent Into Hell" (Menon).  The comments try to steer it into war for oil and other suspicious places (though it seems clear that MbZ wants to steal some territory out of this war).  The sad fact is that all these people are dying in Yemen just to make the odd PR point that Iran is somehow bad, based on a semi-fictitious connection between the Houthis and Iran.  That is basically the whole point of the war, to give the idea that MbS and MbZ have good reason to attack the always vaguely bad Iran (at some future point).  It is the worst premise for a war, ever.

"Is The U.S. Using Force To Sell Its LNG To The World?" (Berke).  One of the striking things about Trump is his unabashed use of the entire resources and reputation of the American state for the benefit of particular friends of his.  Of course, this kind of corruption goes on all the time, but Presidents usually try to hide it.  Here he is boasting about sticking his nose into NAFTA negotiations for a very, very specific purpose to benefit NFL owners to the extent of a surprisingly small amount of money:  "Trump says he fixed an issue the NFL had with Canada when Obama didn’t".

"Roosevelt Wanted to Spread Jews Thinly Throughout the World So They Could Cause as Little Harm as Possible" (Diversity Macht Frei).  Quite reasonable, with no 'denying':  "An Apology for Adolf Hitler" (Klingenberg).

"Aux Barricades Mes Enfants!" (Giraldi).  Almost all of these efforts are phony PR stunts by the usual suspects, but this march looks legit.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Red Tuesday / Elevator Screamers

"Makow, Shamir and Unz – Judeo-Zionist disinfo stooges" (Greenhalgh).  There's a theory that Khazars who seem to turn against the supremacist group are just setting up their credibility for when they need to lie about the really serious stuff.

"Macabre Saudi Disappearance Shatters Western Media’s Illusion of ‘Reforming’ Crown Prince" (Cunnigham).  "Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, lionized by U.S. pundits and politicians, is a — suspected murderer" (North).

"For Zionists, the ‘two state solution’ has always meant more ethnic cleansing" (Ofir).  Good stuff, in particular demonstrating the ratcheting - using each concession as the basis for future concessions, and rejecting vehemently any real give-and-take negotiation - typical of Khazar thieving.

Thanks to recent comments, I now know without doubt that Trutherism is a new Assholian religion, explaining why facts have absolutely no effect on it (and no, I am not going to waste any time and dignify this foolishness by listing what parts of the obvious nonsense are nonsense, no matter how much Khazar-like wailing you do!) .  What is striking is that it is an exact parallel - a mirror image - to the Holocaust religion of the Khazars.  The entire concept of controlled demolition  - literally laughable on the face of it - is a necessary and key part of the religion, as that's how you tie this attack on the 'completely innocent' Assholians to 'Lucky' Larry, the only guy with the inside access to allow the planting of the explosives.  The religion then proceeds outward from there.  The parallels to the Holocaust religion are amazing, as the anti-Semitism of Trutherism is exactly the kind of irrational Jew-hatred that is the key tenet of Khazar justification for Khazar evils.  In each case, the supremacists are:
  1. completely innocent, subject to terrible unprovoked attacks;
  2. attacks based on irrational and inexplicable hatred;
  3. the attackers are ingrates ('we've done so much for them');
  4. the leaders of the group - whether Holocaust or 9/11 - have absolutely nothing to do with the attack, and there was no conspiracy within the group;
  5. facts, and basic logic, have absolutely no effect on the beliefs of the adherents of the religion;
  6. the religion is used for absolving the group for any responsibility for past crimes, or future crimes, which continue unabated, and any criticism of the group's actions is completely explained away as irrational hatred of the supremacist group; and
  7. each of the two parallel religions plays off the other, justifying actions by each of the respective supremacist groups.
I tire of your religious kookery. Assholians ought to reflect on how similar they are to the Khazars.  Maybe that explains the 'special relationship', just a commonality of self-worship coupled with a hint of paranoia.

Remember when the Israelis arranged for that Russian plane to be shot down, and the Russians complained about it?  Just more anti-Semitism, goyim!:  "Downing of Russian Plane Exposed Putin's Court Jew" (Shumsky).  It doesn't take much for these religions to turn into parodies of themselves.

More innocence:  "Soros color revolution in Syria?" (Kadi).  'Red Tuesday' versus secular reforms, on point with Soros.  "Trump accused of anti-Semitism over claim Soros funds ‘elevator screamers’".

"The Claim That CCTV Shows the Salisbury Poisoning Suspects in the Vicinity of Mr Skripal’s House is Deeply Misleading" (Slane).  A comment by Denise on the theory they were steroid smugglers.  That may explain why the Russians were able to identify and find them so quickly - they were on the Russian police radar.

"NATO Coordinates Information War on Russia".  "Bikini Girls and Cyberwars" (Murray):
"What kind of mindset do you need to have, automatically to equate opposition to Monsanto and to chlorinated chicken with being an agent of the Kremlin? Why is The Times publishing this absolute rubbish? It says something both about the quite hysterical Russophobia gripping the media and political class, and about the desire to delegitimise environmental activism, as witness the jailing of the anti-fracking protestors (against which jailing 1,000 academics have now signed a letter of protest)."
It is funny that they pick things like promoting BLM, or activism against Monsanto, as an attack on 'western values'.

"The mask slips off: Appointing judges is just as political as electing them" (Willmann):
  1. Kavanaugh could and should have been blocked for his Panopticon shenanigans;
  2. Where's Rand Paul? (a reoccurring question);
  3. the law clerk scam (having been a law clerk is very good for your future income stream, so there is a small industry in selecting and providing them).
"Pakistani Poker: Playing Saudi Arabia Against China" (Dorsey).  Pakistan is playing a (dangerous?) game of chicken in order to try to improve its rather sorry bargaining position with the Chinese.

"Is India on Its Way Out of Poverty?" (it is telling they seem to be going out of their way not to measure it):
"GREG WILPERT: I just want to turn now to the other point that I mentioned in my introduction, which is that the government of Narendra Modi has introduced this health care plan which is supposed to deal with poverty as well, of course. But some say that it is a scam and that it will line the pockets of private health insurance companies. What is your take on this plan, and who would benefit from it?
JAYATI GHOSH: I would definitely go with the second version, that this is a scam that is going to benefit private healthcare companies, because it doesn’t actually provide healthcare. It provides healthcare insurance, which is a completely different thing. In other words, it’s kind of based on the U.S. model, which we all know is a broken model because the U.S. has very, very extensive healthcare, but it doesn’t give you good health outcomes. You get good health outcomes when you have public spending from publicly provided healthcare. It’s much more inclusive, it’s much more accessible, it’s much more affordable and it reduces inequalities in health.
What this is doing is to say that the government will allow individual families to take on a health insurance which will provide them up to 500,000 rupees totally for the entire family in the course of a year. Now, that’s the maximum you could get, but it would depend on whether you have a particular illness. And different illnesses, different kinds of treatment have a maximum amount. So if you have a cesarean section delivery, you get 20,000 rupees. If you have to have a bypass operation for your heart, you get maybe 80,000 rupees. It’s all defined in those terms. But these are just the rates that are nominally proposed. It doesn’t mean that individuals will necessarily get them, because it’s all being run by private insurance companies.
And so far, we know that the payment rate of these private insurance companies is pretty bad. It’s about 73 percent of the are actually settled. So there’s a lot of concern, and we also know that a private health insurance model will only work if you have really strong regulation and monitoring. In India, regulation and monitoring are non-existent. We just do them very, very badly. And so what we’re doing is exposing the poor to, I would say, a potentially disastrous system of relying on private healthcare, instead of expanding a public health system which could actually provide this much more cheaply, much more equitably and much more efficiently."

Sunday, October 07, 2018


Very woke:  "Syria: The New Terra Nullius" (Forte).  'We're here to help' carries with it the implication that the target state is incapable of fixing its problems - problems always caused by the Assholians, the Zionists, and their lackeys - due to the racial inferiority of the people running the target state (classic 'white man's burden').  This 'humanitarian' veneer of 'caring' is bullshit - we all know the politicians just want the shekels - but it is surprising how much of it is promoted by the virtue signalers, some of whom actually appear to believe it.  Gotta love the lists of academics who have permanently embarrassed themselves over this, some degrading themselves so far to sign Saudi propaganda letters!

"Kavanaugh Confirmation Deals Major Defeat to Subversive Anti-American Jews" (Rogers).  It's true (but officially invisible, as they are all 'fellow white people'), that all the major players - except for Avenatti, whose job seems to have been to undermine the case against Kavanaugh by pushing the allegations against him into reductio ad absurdum territory - were Le Merchant and La Merchantesse!  While Kavanaugh is indubitably an asshole - albeit an asshole with all the intellectual qualifications to sit on the Court, with the confirmation being no more than a relitigation of the results of the Presidential election - this entire production was really another example of anti-gentilism.

"Smear and Shekels" (Atzmon).  Another example - one of many - where what appears to be honest 'organic' criticism is actually part of an elaborate, and expensive, PR campaign.  We should be noticing that the over-the-top degree of invective directed at people like Atzmon is not natural.  He's just not enough of a sinner to be the new Hitler, so we have to ponder just what is going on.  Important!:
"This dynamic can be explained. My study of Jewish controlled opposition postulates that self-identified Jewish activists always attempt to dominate both poles of any debate that is relevant to Jewish interests. Once it was accepted that Palestine was becoming a ‘Jewish problem,’ a number of Jewish bodies became increasingly involved in steering the Palestinian solidarity movement. We then saw that they diluted the call for the Palestinian Right of Return and replaced it with watery notions that, de facto, legitimise Israel.
When it was evident that the Neocon school was, in practice, a Ziocon war machine, we saw bodies on the Jewish Left steer the anti-war call. When some British Jews realised that the Jewish campaign against Corbyn might backfire, they were astonishingly quick to form Jews for Jeremy that rapidly evolved into Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL). The battle over the next British PM became an internal Jewish debate. The rule is simple: every public dispute that is somehow relevant to Jewish interests will quickly become an exclusive internal Jewish debate."
"China’s Uyghur Problem — The Unmentioned Part" (Engdahl).  This is exceptionally good (note the reference to Fuller)!  The unmentioned/unmentionable abuse and manipulation of terrorism by the Turks and the Saudis. As with Rohingya, civilians end up paying the price for this.  The Saudis are involved in this for their usual reasons - terrorism is just a word for Saudi foreign relations! - but the Turks actually have irredentist goals for the Uyghurs, who they consider to be Turks.

Sailer continues his cynical examination of Barry:  "High School Never Ends (Part MCVII): NYT's "The Jocks Will Inherit the Earth"".

"The new Silk route on rails" (South).  Part of the staggering quantity of development that people not fighting Wars For The Jews can do.

"“World War III” and the American Switcheroo" (Richardson).  Pretty smart, but so are its comments.  Zuesse consistently gives me the creeps and I don't link to him.

I get uncharacteristically (?) furious about the 'truthers' as 9/11 was, at one point, a solvable conspiracy, with lots of weak points (the damage to the Pentagon, the work done by Hopsicker in Florida, Able Danger, etc), but has been completely ruined by free fall/controlled demolition/holograms/the Israelis did it, and equally ridiculous crap that immediately turns off anybody with an IQ over about 85.  I don't know if the 'truther' ringleaders are just stupid or paid off, but the CIA, whose job it is to manage US government conspiracies, must be thrilled with how they have managed to derail any proper investigation of the conspiracy.  Note also the sheer quantity of invective that pours out if you dare question any part of the 'truther' orthodoxy.  It has all the attributes of a religion, including being obvious nonsense (I'm still struck by the fact that I was assumed in the early days to be a 'truther' as I never explicitly countered their tall tales when they came out, when the reason I never mentioned them is that I literally thought them too comical to bother to mention!).

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Cut into pieces

""Preplanned Murder": Turkey Says 15-Member Saudi Hit Team Murdered Journalist Inside Consulate" (Durden).

"Saudi Arabia's Weakness Is Showing After a Week of Bad Publicity" (Cockburn).

As to 9/11, I not-so-regretfully decline to participate in your circle jerk, which, of course, is designed further to obfuscate as only phony Official Counter-Official Stories are meant to do  The CIA may not be paying for this shit, but they really should.  As to not being informed, have you actually fucking read the archives of this blog?  I've been at the top level of this stuff before some of you pissants were born.  Just how well is your 'truth' working out for you?  Excuse my anger, but the 'truthers' have totally ruined any possible chance at arriving at actual truth, something in which I've invested quite a bit of angst.


"Everything Is A Hoax" (Roberts) and its linked article:  "The Skripals Are an MI6 Hoax - 'Not Worthy of Ladies' Detective Novels' - Israeli Expert Demolishes UK Case".  The levels of ridiculousness of the story don't bother British intelligence.  They just want something that one of their controlled 'journalists' can fashion into a misleading front-page headline, to be seen by low-information commuters walking by the newsstand headed for the tube.  These layers of nonsense are intended to build a base of understanding - that the Russian government is recklessly evil - which will grease the skids for WWIII when the actual casus belli is created.  If you ignore a considerable amount of truther nonsense - which doesn't help his case or his credibility - Roberts is on the right track.

Friday, October 05, 2018


"Mattis Says Russian GRU Caught Red-Handed Hacking OPCW, Vows Cyber Support To Allies" (Durden).  If true, they parked a car near the office and listened in due to the essentially non-existent security of the OPCW.  It is like your neighbor stealing your wifi using your password (which is 'password'). Mattis should have been complaining that he pays these goofs all this money and they still can't manage even rudimentary security (it is possible they were instructed to have no security so Mattis could blame the Russians for breaking in).  Understandable spying, since the NATO-corrupted OPCW is clearly one of the sharp points being used in the PR battle against Russia.

"Bellingcat’s Very Obviously Fake Chepiga Photo" (Murray).

"MI6 Will Be So Proud: Urban & Harding Continue The Ludicrous Skripal Narrative" (Kurley).  Urban's curious, and unique, access.

Just four, and maybe obsolete versions, the classic Russian diplomatic caution, essentially a warning to Israel that more could be sent, if needed:  "S-300s and Other Military Hardware for Syria" (The Saker):
"During the past year the Israelis informed the Russians about their planned airstrikes in Syria via their deconfliction line only in 10% of the cases. For the remaining 90% they did not even bother, in spite of having promised to do so in their agreement with Russia. In sharp contrast, the Russians always informed the Israelis of their operations, as did the Americans towards the Russians. But the Israelis simply think that they don’t have to abide by any kind of norms of behavior. That kind of contempt for agreements (and for non-Jews in general) is typical of the Israeli mindset and it will eventually bring the downfall of the last openly racist regime on the planet."

"Tomgram: Ben Freeman, The Saudi Lobby Juggernaut".  Not losing sight of the fact that it is relatively wasted money, and the (((media))) has another master.  As stinktanks go, the Center for International Policy isn't obviously Evil.  Also:  "President Trump Exposes Truth of US Relationship with Saudi Arabia – Kevork Almassian Analysis".  Example of the messaging incompetence:  "Saudi Embassy Video Claims Al-Qaeda Likes Iran But Proves The Opposite" (Moon).

"Is Saudi Arabia the Middle East’s Next Failed State?" (Lazare).

Sometimes these big changes occur, the most interesting aspect of which is that nobody notices:  "BRIBERY (Patrick Armstrong)".  More to the point:  "Best government money can buy" (Giraldi).  Or, to summarize in one single word, shekels.  It is bad enough to be bribed by your own ruling elite, but what happens when your political leadership is bribed by the ruling elite of a foreign country?

"US cancels 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran after UN court ruling".  "Iran Sanctions - U.S. Responds To Court Order By Canceling Treaty That Gave The Court Jurisdiction" (Moon).  It is actually shocking how much of the legal and institutional structure behind American hegemony is being suddenly, and irreversibly, dismantled, all for shekels.

"Wikileaks: To Weaken Iran, US Undermined Democratic Elements of Syrian Opposition to Empower Radical Groups" (Webb).

"France points finger at Iran over bomb plot, seizes assets" (The Rothschild Family).  Funny that nobody asks why France was hosting a conference on 'regime change'

"Imran Khan: “American Drone Strikes in Pakistan Must Stop. It’s Butchery, and the True Horror of It Is Hidden From the West”" (Drone Warfare).

"Netanyahu Bans Publication of Archive Materials on Deir Yassin Massacre".  Shut It Down.

"Russia Disrupted NATO’s Victory in Macedonia by Voter Apathy – We Are Waiting for New Sanctions" (Kornilov). Yet another example of wrongvoting, or rather in this case, wrongnotvoting.  There's a good reason why voting opportunities and systems are set up in such an elaborate manner to preclude the possibility of the people expressing an opinion on their oppression.

"Police Respond To Incident At Turkish Cleric Gulen's Poconos Compound" (Durden).  Whatever else you might say about Erdoğan, he's sure got some balls on him, testing the security of the CIA!

"Russia Says Space Station Hole Was Deliberate Sabotage After Formal Investigation" (Durden).  Shamir!

Tweet (alex thomson) (David Kelly?) (see various tweets assembled by niqnaq):
"A court in London was told today that MI5 agents are  authorised to commit serious crimes, on British soil, without informing prosecutors, under a secretive MI5 policy..."
"Jerusalem: Israel settlers occupy buildings near Al-Aqsa Mosque".  Typical Khazar ratcheting.  One day they'll just storm the place, and the Israeli government will claim they can't possibly be dislodged due to the danger of loss of human life.

"Canary Mission Blacklist Is Secretly Bankrolled By Major Jewish Federation".  Changing the subject?:  "Censored film names Adam Milstein as Canary Mission funder" (Winstanley/Abunimah).

"Trump's telephones in the Treaty Room" (Electrospaces).

"Robert Crowley; CIA Plots; Shastri Murder" (Aangirfan).

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Related to everybody

Thread.  Typical Snopes low-energy 'debunking'.  If this was an American IC operation I'd expect her story to be a little more rigorous and complete, but who knows, maybe this is a very sophisticated job.  Her story is, after all, extremely credible to its target audience.

One thing we should draw from this is how incestuous the whole coastal elite/IC nexus really is.  Pick any random one of these types and you'll find all manner of connections, family, school, church, club.  Just as the neocons are a closely-related group of Khazars, the American IC is a closely-related group of WASPs.  Drunk Irishman Kavanaugh must have been an exciting novelty for the coeds.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Take their potatoes away

Very woke:  "“Why I read Counterpunch less often than I used to”" (Church).  Cockburn and Counterpunch both give me the willies.  The editors of Counterpunch seemed to have lost their minds completely on encountering an alleged Russian troll named 'Alice Donovan' (to be fair, this meta-meta-analysis is very good).

"At Israel’s behest, we are blocking the Teheran-Baghdad-Damascus highway."  The Assholians are moving the 'enemies' they are 'fighting', ISIS, to Afghanistan, to help with killing American soldiers there (the wages of shekels is death).  "Our enduring presence” - TTG":
". . . Erdogan has announced that his forces are preparing to secure the YPG-held territories in the al Raqqa, al Hasaka and Deir Ezzor governorates. How does that square with the US-planned enduring presence in those areas? Are we gearing up for a US-Turkey war for eastern Syria? My second point is that the Rojava Kurds are about to receive a right royal screwing. They pulled out of the talks with Damascus, probably under pressure of the US. That was a supremely boneheaded move by the Kurds. All they have to do is look at the fate of those who chose to take part in the reconciliation process. Former jihadis are being welcomed back to the fold. The Kurds would do at least that well if they stayed the course with the Damascus talks. Now they stand to be kicked in the teeth by the Turks and stabbed in the back by the US. Such promise. Such waste.Their choices exasperate me."
My favorite politician in the world:  "Malaysian prime minister calls Jews 'hook-nosed'".  "Israeli left lawmaker says Corbyn is an ‘anti-Semite,’ but Netanyahu isn’t a racist cause ‘you can’t be an Israeli PM and be racist’" (Ofir).  "Colonialist Settlers Flood Al-Khan Al-Ahmar With Sewage".

"More Holes Appear As Records Raise Questions About Ford's Double-Door Story" (Lipscomb).  Clever analysis (note that her infamous therapist seems to live behind the door!).  I believed her story as it was too sloppy to have been made up (a real lie wouldn't have been full of so many holes, and certainly wouldn't have been so wispy and tentative and confused), but I'm starting to have doubts.  I'm sure Kavanaugh is an asshole, but he is exactly what the Clintonistas should get when they rolled Bernie and ran such an awful candidate.  The Republicans seem to think that this is a midterm winner for them, that independent voters will see the Democrats as not plying by the rules.

Banana-less republic news.  "As Saudis Defend Against War Crimes Allegations, Saudi Airstrike in Yemen Kills Entire Family" (Abdulkareem).  "Washington Post Columnist Kidnapped in Turkey by Saudi’s".  "Report: Saudi Arabia Used Israeli Cyberweapons to Target Dissident in Canada".  "Saudi economist who criticised Aramco IPO charged with treason".

"President Putin’s Visit to India Will be a Moment of Reckoning for Both Countries" (Korybko).

"New Shiite-led Gov’t in Baghdad: How Iran won the Iraqi Elections & Frustrated Trump" (Cole).

"Irish are whiny as all fuck talking about their potatoes, but at least someone actually did take their potatoes away."  Is 'heavy drinker' code for 'Irish'?

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Cucked in Canada

"Washington Pissed Off Enough States to Provoke a Joint Response to its Sanction War" (Mautner).  "Iran "Finalizing" Mechanism To Bypass SWIFT In Trade With Europe" (Durden). "Trump comes up empty at UN on Iran sanctions" (Madsen). Shekels are decimating the deepest bases of Assholian power.  It's a splendid sight to see, but I still can't help but find it remarkable how the ultra rich are letting all this power and wealth go without any kind of fight.

"Between Socialism and Barbarism" (Proyect).  Proyect's schtick is to hide the ultra-Zionism/Russophobia/general madness behind a veneer of advocacy for socialism (much as Noam uses anarchism for the same dialectic trick).  "First They Came for Our Democracy, Then They Came for Our S’Mores: Russophobia Has Jumped the Shark" (Buyniski)

"Red ZOG" (Shamir).  This is probably a trick, an invitation for somebody to conclusively muster the data about who did what to whom in Russia.  It is funny how often 'socialism' is used as a cover for Khazarism  Of course, supremacism is incompatible with socialism, and at the end of the day a whole lot of goys end up dead

"Saudi: The Banana Republic with very few Bananas" (Varisco).  Proclaiming you are not a Banana Republic is like answering the question 'when did you stop beating your wife?'.

Quebec elected an anti-immigrant party that has never held power before:  "Quebec elects CAQ majority government, Liberals see historic losses".  The 'separatists' were pretty much wiped out.

Although the new NAFTA deal is a nothing in terms of being not much different than the last horrible deal, there are a few really awful things in it.  'Hollywood' managed to slip in some more shekel stealing with even longer intellectual property rights, rights which were already obscenely long and far, far, far too long for their stated purpose, encouraging the creation of intellectual property, and the Canadian negotiators and the Trudeau government literally committed high treason by unconstitutionally allowing the Americans to have a veto over Canadian relations with any non-market economy, i.e., China (that's what Trump really wanted out of the deal, and is key, as Canada turning to China is the only possible way for Canada to find a way out of its subservience to the Assholian Empire).  Canada has always been a de facto American colony, but now it is legally so, ceding the most basic element of national sovereignty (Canadians are always proud of having broken away from similar constraints from Britain under the Statute of Westminister and some previous British decisions in the late 1920s, but I guess we won't be hearing much about that any longer, as having your foreign relations controlled by a foreign power is great!).  Canada also effectively turned over control of its monetary policy to an American committee, but that won't change much from what is already going on

"Father of World Wide Web Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook" (Agorist).

Monday, October 01, 2018


"Dollar De-Weaponized?" (Escobar).  "Trump’s Middle East Policy Takes a Kicking at UN Assembly" (Reinl).  And the WASPs, who supposedly run things in the US, still allow themselves to be weakened by the sanctions which just deny them business opportunities being taken up by others, and are now allowing the destruction of the petro-dollar system which has made them trillions, all so a handful of crooked politicians and bureaucrats can add to their magnificent shekel collections.  It's quite something to watch!

"The US Military-Industrial Complex’s Worst Nightmare: The S-300 May Destroy and Expose the F-35" (Pieraccini):
"Given Tel Aviv’s tendency to place its own interests above all others, it would not be surprising to find them using the possibility of attacking the S-300 with their F-35s as a weapon to blackmail Washington into getting more involved in the conflict."
The Israelis can now blackmail Washington by threatening to demonstrate the issues with the F-35, revealing that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

"Buried in an Overloaded and Terrible News Cycle: The House of Representatives Just Voted to Expand the PATRIOT Act." (Cohn).  Remember that Americans still have that baffling mystery of the anthrax attacks to blame for the passing of the Patriot Act, you know the attack for which the FBI blamed one obviously completely innocent man, and then blamed another obviously completely innocent man, all the while the Camel Club laughed its way into the distance.

"To Russia With Love" (Levy):
"Russia has outlined for the world the way to treat Israel, using the only language Israel understands. Let those who truly care for Israel’s welfare, and for justice, learn how it’s done: Only by force. Only when Israel gets punished or is forced to pay a price does it do the right thing. The air force will think twice now and perhaps many times more before its next bombardment in Syria, whose importance, if indeed it has any, is unknown."
As part of The Clarification, it is striking, and sad, just how far Counterpunch has declined.  It is no longer even recognizable as the site run by Cockburn, while cranky St. Clair sports a pussy hat (although it appears he his too busy with other things now to be an editor, and has left that job to Frank and Proyect, who edit depending on whether you are an 'anti-Semite', or might have once associated with such types, thus turning it into Khounterpunch).  "How to Maliciously Smear Your Critics (And Not Get Away with It)" (Hopkins).

There's a conspiracy theory that once Kavanaugh loses on the basis that arrogant entitled frat boys can't be on the Supreme Court, Trump then pulls an even more conservative woman nominee out of his back pocket, who sails through the process without the slightest notice of politics but simply on the basis that she isn't an arrogant entitled frat boy.  Kavanaugh, literally a scapegoat, isn't lost - he goes back to his old position - and the principle is established, again, that irrelevancies trump over real-world consequences.

You have to give the State Department credit, as an autocephaly conspiracy is quite a step up from their usual brutality (though I'm guessing the idea came from Ukraine):  "For US, Meddling in Orthodox Church Affairs Is Just Another Tool Against Russia" (Jatras).

It remains unclear whether Blumenthal can redeem himself for various mortal sins, but he's trying:  "How an American Anthropologist Tied to US Regime-Change Proxies Became the MSM’s Man in Nicaragua".

Another potentially big thing - on the level of Weltgeist - that goes by unnoticed:  "Railroad link to connect Russia’s St. Petersburg with Germany’s Berlin".

Added:  "Russian-US tycoon boasted of ‘active’ involvement in Trump election campaign".  'Russian'.

Saturday, September 29, 2018


"US-Delisted MEK Terrorists Still Openly Committed to Violence" (Thomas).

"US Intel Officials Publicly Contradict Netanyahu's UN Speech On "New" Iran Atomic Facility" (Durden).  Note that the anonymous American official was revealed by the Rothschild house organ, indicating that Bibi's S-300/no fly zone shenanigans have angered the super-machers.

"Dina Porat, Netanyahu’s secret agent in his war on the ‘new anti-Semitism’" (Mack).  The Khazars are worried that they are giving up the old Holocaust-based 'anti-Semitism' - tried and true method of leading the goyim around by the nose - simply to get embassies moved to Jerusalem.

"The Facebook Security Meltdown Exposes Way More Sites Than Facebook".  Shut.  It.  Down.

"It’s time to end the charade and walk away from NAFTA"  (Walkom).  This is basic, and obvious.  Sadly, the traitors 'negotiating' for Canada work directly for American multinationals, so an agreement which binds Canada and Mexico but not the United States is exactly what they have been ordered to provide.

"Canada strips Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship".  This is hilarious.  Canada grants the honorary citizenship to promote the interests of the American Empire, who wanted to use her to open up Burma for colonialization, thought to be blocked by the evil generals.  Essentially, she didn't deliver fast enough, so though she hasn't changed, they are now using the effects of the Saudi campaign against the Rohingya as an excuse to dump the whole problem on her.  Just remember that Canadian 'honorary citizenship' is always a huge insult.

"“Chepiga” and “Boshirov” – what does Bellingcat actually tell us?" (Catte).  "British Intelligence Throws More Novi-Fog™ To Hide The Holes In Its Skripal File" (Moon).  As is so often the case, the comments are an order of magnitude smarter than the article:  "Peddling certainty" (Robinson).  Bellingcat isn't even really trying any longer (I get the impression that Bellingcat's particularly sloppy efforts here are embarrassing some of his usual high-level supporters/clients, but it doesn't matter as the material is intended for the lowest ranks of the (((media)))), and people are still pretending to be fooled:  "Take the Bellingcat Facial Recognition Quiz!" (McCarty).  See tweet by Murray.  NATO could have taken a photo of the patsy, reverse-aged it using proper crime victim aging software, planted it with a Russian source, and then provided that material to Bellingcat, but everybody is so lazy, and certain of the support of fools (or assets) like Robinson, that they don't even bother to put in the effort.

The underlying problem, that the British Official Story is ludicrous, remains:  "William of Ockham Lends His Razor to the Skripal Case" (Slane).

And what, do you ask, is George Soros up to?:  "Serbian President Accuses West Of "Brutal Meddling" In Bosnia-Herzegovina's Elections" (Pavic).

"Is Trump Eyeing A Coup In Venezuela?" (Cunningham).  There have been a series of spectacularly failed American coup attempts on Venezuela, with the general problem being that the CIA keeps falling for the statements of various ne'er-do-wells that they have enough general backing to pull the thing off.  Little 'foam party' Mario is hard at work:  "Apply Logan Act against South Florida, not John Kerry" (Madsen).

Friday, September 28, 2018


"Is Gene Editing Terrorism just a matter of time?" (Engdahl).  Not Engdahl's title, though it does raise an interesting question.

"Slovak Police Arrest Suspects In Mafia Hit That Nearly Brought Down Government" (Durden).

"Conspiracy Theories" (Sailer).  The current bizarre politics of Washington is rooted in the sexual politics of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, and much deeper political manipulation.  The funniest thing is that the best thing that could possibly happen for the Democrats, and the worst thing that could possibly happen for the Republicans (a dead party walking without the social triggers), is for Kavanaugh to be seated and overturn Roe v. Wade.  Roe v. Wade is a bizarre and technically terrible and legally strained - privacy rights, really? - decision which has given the Republicans a hammer to hit the Democrats with, and is basically the only thing keeping them alive as a party.  Let the hillbilly states regulate the issue and, if you actually care about health care for women, set up a system to arrange and pay for women to be treated in non-hillbilly states.  Eventually, the hillbilly states will mostly come around as the majority non-hillbillies will just get tired of all the religious nonsense, and once the issue loses its partisan political significance, it will just fade away.  See:
  1. "The Real Origins of the Religious Right" (Balmer) (as usual always with Assholians, it's all about the right to be racist, hidden behind a battle of the sexes, as that is safer);
  2. "How birth control became part of the evangelical agenda" (Burton);
  3. "The Truth About Christianity And Abortion" (Forrester).
Kick in the teeth:  "The Spectacular Zionist Boomerang" (Atzmon).

"The Real Reasons behind Washington’s War on UNRWA" (Baroud). De-refugeeing the Palestinians, thus removing any legal rights that are associated with being refugees.

'Fellow white people' news:  "Ben Dreyfuss: "People Hate the Mouthy Bro Who Forces You to Listen About How Great They Were at Sports at Their Sad Little Lily White Prep School."" (Sailer).

"The US-Mexico Trade Deal Dies" (Rosser).  Trump's 'art of the deal' gambit of isolating Canada by getting Mexico to betray Mexican-Canadian solidarity - a betrayal which Canada has publicly stated it will not forget - and imposing ridiculous deadlines on NAFTA negotiations, has completely failed (though to be fair, and conspiratorial, the Canadians seem to have convinced the Americans that they are domestically constrained with selling out Canadian dairy farmers until after the Quebec elections on October 1).  There is a lesson to be learned in standing up to seemingly self-assured bullies (see Atzmon above).

"The Abomination of Desolation Standing in the Holy Place" (The Saker).

"Germany Rises as ‘Eurostan’ Looms Closer" (Darkmoon).  It is instructive to note that the Muslims in question aren't your typical cross-section of the population, but a unusually messed up subsection of young men ruined by Wars For The Jews who seem to have been hand-selected to cause the most trouble possible, usually based on some addled political-religious justification.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


"Russia and the Taming of the Israelis" (Shamir).  I doubt that we've seen the full force of the Khazars and their paid-off American shabbos goyim.

There is only one way to deal with supremacists.  You can't coddle them, let them talk their way around the problems they cause, or in any way show what they would consider weakness.  You most certainly can never allow them to convince you they have their own problems well in hand and will fix things, as the lite Zionists constantly do.  Their main ploy is 'the ratchet' - they take each rationalization and acceptance of their bad behavior as the new baseline for increased bad behavior in the future.  The only thing they understand is pure power, and you have to demonstrate that by putting a 'price tag' - their word, from the settlers - on their vile actions.  You knock them down, and kick them in the teeth, hard, and make it clear there is much more where that came from.  They are completely insane - it remains impossible to distinguish any supremacist from a psychopath - but they have a degree of rationality which enables them to engage in self-preservation and back off if you push hard enough.  You have to set them backwards each time they do something horrible (which is always, as that is what they do).  The Russian no fly zone is an excellent start, and Corbyn is also dealing with his Khazar problem in a similar way. "UK’s Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will ‘Recognize a Palestinian State When We Take Office’".  "Defying Israel lobby, Labour votes for arms freeze" (Winstanley). More of this, please.

"Bret Stephens’ neocon vision" (Giraldi). 

'Kangaroo court' seems appropriate for more than one reason.  "MH17: Some Truth Emerging at Last" (ONeill).  "The Highest Degree Of Certainty: The New Evidence In The Downing Of Flight MH17" (Fomine).  They have made a critical error in allowing the Malaysians, who seem to want to find out what happened rather than just frame the Russians, on the tribunal.

Bolton:  "CIA, State Dept. hemorrhaging expertise" (Madsen).

"An Ever Increasing Number of Military Ships Arrives to the Eastern Mediterranean" (Berger).

"Operation Nina – the Novichok Hoax" (Macilwain).  It is funny that competent British intelligence could have manufactured a credible framing up of the Russians, but actual British intelligence wasn't up to the job.

"The Skripal incident and Bellingcat" (Bell).  The Atlantic Council and NATO could easily hire somebody in Russia to fake any documents they needed, then point Bellingcat in the direction of the fakes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Billions in our community

"Pro-Israeli Terror Threat at Labour Conference Covered Up By MSM" (Murray).  The typical extreme violence, and the cover-up by their (((media))).  It is also typical, in the finest false-flag style, to write it up backwards, as if a Khazar attack on Corbyn and his woke followers is actually an attack on Jews!

(((Stinktank))) news:  "Pompeo, Bolton To Headline Shady Anti-Iran Event During UNGA" (Clifton).

I guarantee that the minute the news came out on the downing of the Russian plane, Bolton headed to the yacht sites to see what the anticipated bags of Sheldon's shekels from railing against the S-300s would buy him.  What some may call the tragic death of Russians, or even the usual Khazar warmongering machinations, Bolton calls 'payday'.  Also:  "US Vows to “Overthrow” Iran as Terrorists Target Iranians" (Cartalucci).  Sometimes the unabashed American support of terrorism by actual terrorists is strikingly revealing.

Part Two:  "“Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part Two of Two " (Joyce) (see also!:  "‘Billions in our community’ — Israel supporters make frank appeals to Jewish wealth and influence" (Weiss) - of course, you are an 'anti-Semite' if you notice):
"Developed alongside his colleagues in the Institute for Social Research and the mass communications clique, these, then, are Flowerman’s six conditions for a radical transformation of values in the White American demographic majority:
1) Control of the channels of mass communications;
2) Saturation with Pro-tolerance messages;
3) Crisis, designed or accidental;
4) Diminishment of Cultural Pride and Self-esteem;
5) Cultivation of Self-Punishment and Group Self-Sanctioning;
6) Sponsorship of willing dupes or traitors.
"We now find ourselves returning to our point of departure. “The whole story is transparently barmy,” said the Guardian’s Jason Wilson when discussing “conspiracy theories” about Cultural Marxism. Consider again what he says this “conspiracy theory” amounts to:
The vogue for the ideas of theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Theodor Adorno in the 1960s counterculture culminated with their acolytes’ occupation of the commanding heights of the most important cultural institutions, from universities to Hollywood studios. There, the conspiracy says, they promoted and even enforced ideas which were intended to destroy traditional Christian values and overthrow free enterprise: feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and atheism. And this, apparently, is where political correctness came from. I promise you: this is what they really think … The theory of cultural Marxism is also blatantly antisemitic, drawing on the idea of Jews as a fifth column bringing down western civilisation from within, a racist trope that has a longer history than Marxism.
In light of the facts addressed in this essay, such a theory would seem thoroughly borne out, with the only required alterations being that the process started before the 1960s and involved many more figures than the staff of the Institute for Social Research. The problem with people like Wilson is that they are proof of the very ‘conspiracy theory’ they refute. Raised in a controlled media, saturated with pro-tolerance propaganda, psychologically blasted with crisis after crisis, stripped of cultural pride, consumed by White guilt, and influenced by purchased “sponsors,” he is the perfectly gullible product of the protocols of Samuel H. Flowerman and the mass communications clique."
"Living in wacko-land"(Robinson).  Canadians of Eastern European background seem to be always surprisingly disturbing/disturbed.

Khazar geopolitical thinking involves a lot of projection:  "Israeli Treason in America: Iran’s “A2/AD” Saudi Plan is Scott’s “Anaconda Plan”".

"Turkish media: Erdogan Involved in Ukrainian Church Issue" (Yesiltas).  I wonder if he gets to keep the 'missionary' while losing the sanctions if he does the church thing for the Americans:
". . . the leader of Crimean Tatars and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Dzhemilev said that President Erdogan had confirmed his support in the process of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. “I told him that today Moscow is like a Mecca for the Orthodox but after the UOC becomes independent Istanbul will take the place of Moscow,” Dzhemilev noticed. According to him, when he and Ukrainian president Poroshenko met with Erdogan on July 12, the Turkish leader assured that he would do “everything possible” for the Ukrainian autocephaly and said that he understood the importance of this issue for the Crimean Tatars.

Mustafa Dzhemilev’s words mean that Ankara and personally President Erdogan, who can influence the Ecumenical Patriarchate, are involved in the Ukrainian problem. But what’s the benefit of such an involvement? It’s obvious that Istanbul won’t become a Mecca for the Orthodox. Ukraine with it’s poor economic situation also can hardly make a decent proposal to Turkey. It seems then that Ankara has reached an agreement with the White House.

An independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church is not the goal of only Kyiv, the Ecumenical Patriarchate or Ankara. It is of great importance for Washington, which intends to restrain Moscow’s influence in the region."
"The Magnitsky Affair: Confessions Of A Hustled Hack" (Hazou).  Browder pops up almost everywhere you look in Russiagate.

You'd like to think that the Assholians, at the very least, could be reliably selfish, and look after their own lives, but no, they've committed to remaining assholes to the bitter end:  "US to be hit worse than almost any other country by climate change, report says" (Griffin).  Being an Assholian is a calling that transcends petty issues like self-interest.  Of course, as we've seen with Wars For The Jews, taking positions diametrically opposed to national self-interest is the American Way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

One-ten and never again

"Confirming Assange's Assertion That WikiLeaks' Source Was The DNC Itself" (Vos) ('pristine emails').  See also:  "Extraordinary and Deliberate Lies from the Guardian" (Murray) and "This Is The "Last Free Generation" Says Julian Assange In Last Pre-Blackout Interview" (Durden).

"Trump Folds On Nordstream 2 Because... Logic" (Luongo):
"From the U.S. side of the equation there are few things in this life that Donald Trump and Barack Obama agree upon, and stopping Nordstream 2 was one of them.  This, of course, tells you that this opposition is coming from somewhere a lot higher than the Presidency.
U.S. and British foreign policy has been obsessed for more than a hundred years with stopping the natural alliance between Germany’s industrial base and Russia’s vast tracts of natural resources as well as Russia’s own science and engineering prowess.
These two countries cannot, in any version of a unipolar world dominated by The Davos Crowd, be allowed to form an economic no less political alliance because the level of coordination and economic prosperity works directly against their goals of lowering everyone’s expectations for what humans can accomplish.
That is their greatest source of power.  The complacency of our accepting low expectations.
So, Donald Trump finally folding on stopping Nordstream 2 is yet another example of the limits of what power the U.S. has and of its threats.  When he denounced the project he said,
“I never thought it was appropriate. I think it’s ridiculous. And I think it’s certainly a very bad thing for the people of Germany. And I’ve said it very loud and clear.”
But notice that he never said why.
Because there is no downside for Germany.  That’s the point.  Russian piped gas is simply cheaper and more reliable than LNG produced more than 3000 miles away.
The downside is for the U.S.
It begins the process of Germany and Russia re-establishing stronger economic ties cut in half by the 2014 sanctions over Crimea.  It keeps Merkel in power a little while longer having stood up to the bully Trump and showing some German independence.
This is something she sorely needs right now coming into regional elections in October.
Most importantly, this gas will be paid for in euros, not dollars.  And this further undermines the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions as Gazprom will have a steady supply of euros to pay back its investors and diversify Russia’s currency reserves."
Part of The Clarification is that Trump is doing no more than what Barry was doing, but what Barry got away with, Trump does not get away with.  Part of it is style (Barry was a 'graceful' motherfucker), but most of it is the fact that the cumulative effect of imperial overreach is finally catching up with the Americans and their Khazar overlords.

"US Isolated: Europe’s Big 3, plus China & Russia Outmaneuver Trump to keep Iran Deal at UN" (Cole):
"The meeting was attended by the European Union “Big Three,” i.e. Britain, France and Germany (the E3), plus Russia and China. So four of the five members of the UN Security Council participated. The US was conspicuous by its absence.

In my whole 65 years I have never heard about 4 members of the UN Security Council meeting without the US and with the express purpose of outflanking Washington Policy! This is both weird and ominous."
"Ahvaz Terrorist Attack Exposes US’s New Chapter of Regime Change Wars" (Osman).  "Western media mostly silent on Ahvaz terrorist attack". It a bit strange from a tactical point of view.  It did nothing to weaken the regime - just the opposite in fact - and provided the 'last straw' for the Iranians to finally say 'basta'.  We're seeing the same thing all over the place, in different contexts, with the rest of the world finally focusing on the outrageousness of Khazar-American behavior.  See:
  1. "Escobar: 'The West Against The Rest' Or 'The West Against Itself'?";
  2. "Iran Sanctions Are Damaging The Dollar" (Cunningham) (it remains amazing how much damage the empire will do to itself all solely so a few of its politicians can get shekels, and it all works on the basis that the cumulative effect of all the sanctioning is delayed enough for nobody to notice until it is too late!);
  3. "Venezuela’s Maduro Secures $5bn Chinese Loan & Joins Beijing’s New Silk Road Initiative" (Dobson) versus "U.S. preparing 'actions' in coming days against Venezuela: Pompeo to Fox News" (comical levels of swaggering American incompetence);
  4. "The Syrian Ceasefire Proves How Far Putin Has Come Out on Top" (Cockburn);
  5. "China and India to Iran and Korea, why Russia is the Asian player to watch" (Tselichtchev); 
  6. "China protests as US imposes sanctions over Russian arms deal";
  7. "Here comes the 30-year trade war" (Escobar) (it is nothing short of miraculous that the big gentile magnates, the WASPs who are supposed to rule the world, haven't yet summoned Trump to a meeting where they lay down the law to him);
  8. "Is Langley Unleashing Jihad Against China in Xinjiang?" (Jatras);
  9. "Greater Eurasia coming together in the Russian Far East" (Escobar).
"Iran slams Twitter for shutting down 'real Iranian' accounts".  "Faking The Online Debate On Iran - Inside The MEK".  "Iran Hawks in Washington" (Koenig):
". . . countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China and all those nations that resist the west’s attempts to conquer, command and subdue them have a strong so-called “Fifth Column”, open and covert infiltrated western or local and western-trained and funded ‘assets’. These people are usually embedded in the financial sector, especially the central banks and in trade related activities. They are the ‘recipients’ of the messages from the Hawks from Washington – they propagate them in Iran, bring people to the streets often by paying them – to make believe that there is a strong opposition to the government.

They control the local media, publish false economic information – unemployment, inflation – and seek tightening investment links with the west. The Fifth Columnists, or Atlantists, are helping to manipulate currency exchange rates, devaluations of their country’s – Iran – money; they are exaggerating the impact of sanctions at home to create fear and hostility against the government – in brief, they are weaponizing public opinion against their own government. They are collaborators with Iran’s enemies.

The Fifth Columnists are a dangerous, criminal and non-transparent alliance of opponents working for foreign interests in Iran, as well as in Russia, Venezuela, China, and wherever the Washington hegemon and its dark deep masters want to bring about regime change. Neutralizing them is a huge challenge, as their activities are deeply rooted in their countries financial system, private banking and international trade.

The best way of annihilating their nefarious impact is by applying the rules of Resistance Economy – breaking loose from the western dollar system, de-globalizing the economy, finding back to political and economic sovereignty – local production for local markets with local money and local public banking for the development of the local economy; and by trading with friendly, culturally and ideologically aligned countries. If the link to the globalized west is broken, their power is gone. Iran is on the right path – the future is in the East. The greed-driven aggressive west is committing economic and moral suicide. The west has become a sinking ship."
"All Wars Are Illegal, So What Do We Do About It?" (Flowers/Zeese).  You're not really supposed to notice that war has largely disappeared around the world, except of course for one particular kind of war fought for the imperial ambitions of one tiny group.  "Putting a dollar value on one of oil’s biggest subsidies: military protection" (Roberts).  Since the US is easily self-sufficient in hydrocarbons (largely through permanently ruining large parts of its ecology through fracking), 'protecting' oil is just an excuse to cover for Wars For The Jews.

"The Humanitarian-Interventionist Complex and Syria" (Cobban). The weaponization of 'humanitarian' charity.

The Flowerman smoking gun:  "“Modify the standards of the in-group”: On Jews and Mass Communications — Part One of Two" (Joyce).  I look forward to Part Two.

"SJWs Just Ruined Linux: Linus is Out" (Reznik).  "After SJWs Take Over Linux, Top Devs are Considering Burning It to the Ground" (Sol). Given the importance of the Linux kernel, this story is of vital importance, but is being hidden.  It looks like intentional vandalism/crapification.

"Was NYT Story About Rosenstein 'Coup Attempt' A Setup?" (Durden).  Indubitably, which means the NYT engaged in considerable lying - spreading disinfo from the notorious McCabe, no less - to attempt to trick Trump for partisan political purposes.  Rosenstein is a straight-laced life-long dedicated Republican operator in Washington.  The story is preposterous, but was crafted to appeal to Trump's worst instincts.  See also:  "Just Two NY Times Paragraphs On Russiagate - A Striking Admission" (Durden)

"I Don’t See How a Palestinian State Can Ever Happen" (Fisk)  The biggest mystery of the universe isn't Jew-hatred, but why there isn't more Jew-hatred.  I'm serious - I simply can't understand how the gentiles are so protective of a group that consistently does so much Pure Evil.  "Daily Reminder: Jews Expelled 359 Times – Not 109" (Anglin).  "One-ten and never again"!

"Down with the Working Classes!" (Hopkins).  Links to:  "Disobedient Hungary: From the Soviet to the European Union" (Johnstone), which, um, names the problem.  First comment, by Johnny Rottenborough (my emphasis in red):
"Orban’s reputation in the West as dictator is unquestionably linked to his intense conflict with Hungarian-born financier George Soros
And not only Soros, of course:
‘I know that this battle is difficult for everyone. I understand if some of us are also afraid. This is understandable, because we must fight against an opponent which is different from us. Their faces are not visible, but are hidden from view; they do not fight directly, but by stealth; they are not honourable, but unprincipled; they are not national, but international; they do not believe in work, but speculate with money; they have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.’—Viktor Orbán"