Saturday, April 20, 2019

The glamorization of socialism and communism

Quick Bellingcat mega-analysis which just reinforces the Official Story should lead one to think false-flag.  The British government has form for infiltrating murderers into Irish Republican groups.  The Brexit backstop problem has stirred up the hornet's nest, and May needs something fast to discredit any populist uprising.

We're hearing lots of talk about how we're all in grave danger due to 'vaxxers'.  Well, not exactly:  "Three Brooklyn parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids against measles are summoned to court where they could face a $1,000 fine or jail time for flouting the state of emergency":
"Three New York City parents who refuse to vaccinate their children have been summoned to court where they could face a $1,000 fine or jail time. 
They all live within the four Brooklyn ZIP codes that have been ordered in a 'state of emergency' to vaccinate everyone - children and adults - against measles to control a growing outbreak, which has spread quickly in the Orthodox Jewish community. 
Since the order was imposed last week, 1,000 children have received the MMR vaccine, but officials say many more are left. 
The summonses were issued on Thursday, moments after a court rejected a lawsuit from California anti-vaxxer attorney Robert F Kennedy, on behalf of five Brooklyn mothers, who branded the state of emergency anti-Semitic and unlawful."
"Trump declares economic war on Cuba" (LeoGrande ).  Note how it has been set up specifically to benefit only the Cuban exile 0.1%.

"Trump’s Sanctions Kill Iranian Reforms" (Larison).

"Ann Coulter: All The President's Bloodsucking Relatives". There is only one rule, Jared is wrong about everything.

More Gas-the-Kikes coded messaging from everybody's favorite politician.

Tweet (Mark Ames) (it is funny how deeply racist the virtue-signalling identity-politics Democrats always turn out to be):
"New York Times, 1918: "Kaiser's German agents inciting American Negroes!" New York Times, 2018: "Putin's Russian agents inciting African-Americans!" 100 years of America blaming structural racism on evil foreigners. This culture is too exhausted to invent new lies"

Friday, April 19, 2019

Crime/not a crime

The power of the ((('donor'))) model and the necessity of its preservation is amazing.  Even though the Mueller Report said exactly what Barr said it would - not really a shock, as Barr knew it would be released - the Democrats/Clintonistas are acting as if it confirmed all their wildest fantasies.

Assange's Vault 7 and the 'breadcrumbs' of Russian interference:  "New VIPS Memo" (my emphasis in red):
"These days sober minds seem few and far between and a great deal is at stake. On the intelligence/forensics side, we have proved that the evidence adduced to “prove” that the Russians hacked into the DNC and Podesta emails and gave them to WikiLeaks is spurious. For example, we have examined metadata from one key document attributed to Russian hacking and shown that it was synthetically tainted with “Russian fingerprints.”
Who Left the Bread Crumbs?
So, if it wasn’t the Russians, who left the “Russian” bread-crumb “fingerprints?” We do not know for sure; on this question we cannot draw a conclusion based on the principles of science — at least not yet. We suspect, however, that cyber warriors closer to home were responsible for inserting the “tell-tale signs” necessary to attribute “hacks” to Russia. We tacked on our more speculative views regarding this intriguing issue onto the end of our July 24, 2017 Memorandum to you entitled “Intelligence Veterans Challenge Russia Hack Evidence”
We recall that you were apprised of that Memorandum’s key findings because you ordered then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo to talk to William Binney, one of our two former NSA Technical Directors and one of the principal authors of that Memorandum. On October 24, 2017, Pompeo began an hour-long meeting with Binney by explaining the genesis of the odd invitation to CIA Headquarters: “You are here because the president told me that if I really wanted to know about Russian hacking I needed to talk to you.”
On the chance Pompeo has given you no report on his meeting with Binney, we can tell you that Binney, a plain-spoken, widely respected scientist, began by telling Pompeo that his (CIA) people were lying to him about Russian hacking and that he (Binney) could prove it. Pompeo reacted with disbelief, but then talked of following up with the FBI and NSA. We have no sign, though, that he followed through. And there is good reason to believe that Pompeo himself may have been reluctant to follow up with his subordinates in the Directorate of Digital Innovation created by CIA Director John Brennan in 2015. CIA malware and hacking tools are built by the Engineering Development Group, part of that relatively new Directorate.
A leak from within the CIA, published on March 31, 2017 by WikiLeaks as part of the so-called “Vault 7” disclosures, exposed a cyber tool called “Marble,” which was used during 2016 for“obfuscation” (CIA’s word). This tool can be used to conduct a forensic attribution double game (aka a false-flag operation); it included test samples in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, and Russian. Washington Post reporter Ellen Nakashima, to her credit, immediately penned an informative article on the Marble cyber-tool, under the catching (and accurate) headline “WikiLeaks’ latest release of CIA cyber-tools could blow the cover on agency hacking operations.” That was apparently before Nakashima “got the memo.” Mainstream media have otherwise avoided like the plague any mention of Marble.
Mr. President, we do not know if CIA’s Marble, or tools like it, played some kind of role in the campaign to blame Russia for hacking the DNC. Nor do we know how candid the denizens of CIA’s Directorate of Digital Innovation have been with the White House — or with former Director Pompeo — on this touchy issue. Since it is still quite relevant, we will repeat below a paragraph included in our July 2017 Memorandum to you under the sub-heading “Putin and the Technology:”
We also do not know if you have discussed cyber issues in any detail with President Putin. In his interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly, he seemed quite willing – perhaps even eager – to address issues related to the kind of cyber tools revealed in the Vault 7 disclosures, if only to indicate he has been briefed on them. Putin pointed out that today’s technology enables hacking to be “masked and camouflaged to an extent that no one can understand the origin” [of the hack] … And, vice versa, it is possible to set up any entity or any individual that everyone will think that they are the exact source of that attack. Hackers may be anywhere,” he said. “There may be hackers, by the way, in the United States who very craftily and professionally passed the buck to Russia. Can’t you imagine such a scenario? … I can.”
As we told Attorney General Barr five weeks ago, we consider Mueller’s findings fundamentally flawed on the forensics side and ipso factoincomplete. We also criticized Mueller for failing to interview willing witnesses with direct knowledge, like WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.
Political Enemies & Mainstream Media (Forgive the Redundancy)
You may be unaware that in March 2017 lawyers for Assange and the Justice Department (acting on behalf of the CIA) reportedly were very close to an agreement under which Assange would agree to discuss “technical evidence ruling out certain parties” in the leak of the DNC emails” and agree to redact some classified CIA information, in exchange for limited immunity. According to the investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill, Sen. Mark Warner, D,VA, Vice Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, learned of the incipient deal and told then-FBI Director Comey, who ordered an abrupt “stand down”and an end to the discussions with Assange.  
Why did Comey and Warner put the kibosh on receiving “technical evidence ruling out certain parties [read Russia]? We won’t insult you with the obvious answer. Assange is now in prison, to the delight of so many — including Mrs. Clinton who has said Assange must now “answer for what he has done.”"
Given the existence of Marble, it is now literally impossible for any cyber-forensic determination that any particular actor did something.  Any alleged actions could be CIA spoofed.  Obviously, the American IC did not want to hear that from Assange.

Remind me again - why are the Assholians going against Julian (it appears the 'Harm to Ongoing Matter' redactions would be even more damaging if they popped up in a British extradition court)?:  tweet (Charlie Savage):
"Embedded in Barr remarks is an important qualifier: Trump campaign collusion with WikiLeaks could not be an illegal conspiracy because WL publication of the emails was not a crime since WL didn't help hack them."
"The FBI Tried and Failed to Entrap Trump by Larry C Johnson".  Using their CI, Sater.  Worth remembering the Chabad connection, which is also President Jared's nest of vipers (but note the artful use of the word 'Soviet' to lead you to think these 'happy-go-lucky' guys are all Russians, a truly filthy trick also employed by Marshall!):  "The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin" (Schreckinger).

And, speaking of foreign interference, Mueller did find one instance:  "Mueller Report says ‘multiple members’ of Trump transition approached foreign officials to stop UN resolution against Israeli settlements".

"The “Deal of the Century”: The US Wants To Enable Netanyahu to “Officially” Occupy the West Bank" (Magnier).

You may have noticed there is a theme today:  "Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Vision is Incoherent and Dangerous" (Rubenstein).

Trump went full MIGA just when the final drafts of the Mueller Report were being prepared.  Lo and behold, he's completely absolved, and as free as any President can be of any restraints, least of all by the embarrassed Democrats (who now face their own issues for covering up for Killary Korruption).  Just in time for President Jared's eliminationist plan for the Palestinian!  What luck!

I'll just put this here:  "Ivanka Trump: I declined father's suggestion of World Bank job" ("because she's very good with numbers").

"New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Steps Forward In Defamation Case Against Alan Dershowitz" (Durden):
"Another woman has come forward to accuse 'billionaire pedophile' Jeffrey Epstein and his companion, Ghislaine Maxwell, of molesting her and her then-15-year-old sister in 1996 at the Ohio mansion of billionaire "Limited Brands" CEO Les Wexner, according to court documents cited by the Miami Herald
The woman, Maria Farmer, says she was employed by Epstein in his Upper East Side New York mansion, where she frequently saw "school-age girls" wearing uniforms enter the residence and go upstairs. According to her affidavit, she was told the girls were auditioning for modeling work.
And who else did Farmer see going upstairs according to her affidavit? Epstein pal and attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has been accused of sexually assaulting Virginia Roberts Giuffre - an Epstein victim who is suing Dershowitz for defamation after she came forward with her claims.

Dershowitz claims he was never in Epstein's mansion at the same time as underage girls, but Farmer said that's not true, according to her affidavit in support of Giuffre's case. 
Dershowitz has said that he has never seen any underage girls when he visited Epstein at the financier’s various homes in Palm Beach, New Mexico and New York. But Farmer, who now lives in Kentucky, claims that one of her duties working for Epstein was to staff the front door to his New York estate and to keep track of visitors.
On a number of occasions I witnessed Dershowitz at the NY mansion going upstairs at the same time there were young girls under the age of 18 who were present upstairs in the house,’’ she said, asserting that Dershowitz was so comfortable he would walk into the mansion and go directly upstairs.
Giuffre claims in the lawsuit that Dershowitz, 80, knew about and participated in Epstein and Maxwell’s sex trafficking operation, and that she was forced to have sex with Dershowitz and other prominent, wealthy men, when she was underage.
Dershowitz has railed against the allegations for years, maintaining that he has never met Giuffre. He also says he has documents and other evidence that prove she is lying. -Miami Herald
Of note, Farmer does not say she ever saw Dershowitz with any young girls - however at least one witness, former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez, says he saw young girls in Dershowitz's presence at Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. Rodriguez was prosecuted by the FBI after he tried to sell Epstein's "black book" of friends, business associates, celebrity guests and female masseuses for $50,000. Rodriguez was fired by Epstein in 2005 and died in prison after his prosecution.
Another Epstein accuser, Sarah Ransome, claims that she was "lent out" by Epstein when she was 22-years-old and living in New York, and had a threesome with Dershowitz and Nadia Marcinkova who also worked for Epstein."

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dead ducks

"CIA Director Used Fake Skripal Incident Photos To Manipulate Trump" (Moon).

"Trump in Dumps as Spook Picks Sick Kids’n’Dead Duck Trick Pics" (Slane).

"New York Times Accidentally Unravels UK Government's Official Skripal Narrative" (Klarenberg). [Also from Klarenberg, early (2015) Integrity Initiative plans drawn up for the general attack on Russia, including mass expulsion of diplomats, plans which presumably would have to involve some reason based on alleged activity of Russia which had not yet occurred, and which could not be counted on, unless they made it up themselves, e.g., the attack on the Skripals.]

The Brits might have sent fake pictures to Bloody Gina, but that seems highly unlikely.  More likely is that she saw how fake photos of dead children from Syria tricked him into agreeing to the attack on Syria, and decided to pull the same stunt again.  The Trump White House is out of control.  Various officials see that he is completely out of it, and are taking advantage (God knows what Bolton is telling him!).  If things were working properly Bloody would be fired on the spot, but there is no indication that any semblance of real intelligence is getting through to Trump, so how will he even figure out what is going on?

The other aspect of this is noted in the PS to the Slane piece, the fact that 'journalists' know what is going on but retype the PR without comment (Klarenberg points out similar lying crap from Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Deborah Haynes):
"PS. An aside. The Independent, which is apparently a publisher of news, has picked up on this storyhere. In their piece, they basically repeat what was said in the New York Times about how Gina Haspel persuaded Mr Trump using the dead ducks and sick children pics. But here’s the thing. Whilst it doesn’t surprise me that writers in the likes of the Washington Post or New York Times might not know too many details regarding the Salisbury case, the Independent knows full well that there were no dead ducks and no sick children. And so since they are writing about it, they must know that either the CIA director or the British Government, or both, knowingly misled the US President. Yet they say nothing about this in their piece. Why? Simply because they are not journalists, but stenographers, and they have no intention of informing their readers of what is true and what is real. I’m not sure how they live with themselves, but somehow they manage."
If Trump is this cognitively impaired now, just wait and see how he'll be at the end of his (now inevitable, given the mess that is the Democrat nomination race) second term.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

For now

"Chelsea and Julian are in Jail. History Trembles." (Murray):
"One key fact gave away Snow’s enormous prejudice. Julian Assange said nothing during the whole brief proceedings, other than to say “Not guilty” twice, and to ask a one sentence question about why the charges were changed midway through this sham “trial”. Yet Judge Michael Snow condemned Assange as “narcissistic”. There was nothing that happened in Snow’s brief court hearing that could conceivably have given rise to that opinion. It was plainly something he brought with him into the courtroom, and had read or heard in the mainstream media or picked up in his club. It was in short the very definition of prejudice, and “Judge” Michael Snow and his summary judgement is a total disgrace."
Once he gets the full 'fairness' of the British legal system, Julian can expect the 'fairness' of the American hanging judge who somehow has a monopoly on serving as the tool of the American IC in this kind of stitch-up:  "EXTRADITION: ‘The Railroad That Awaits Julian Assange’" (Kiriakou) (my emphasis in red):
"No matter what happens, no matter what the charges, Julian cannot and will not get a fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia.
The Eastern District of Virginia is known as the “Espionage Court” for a reason. No national security defendant has ever won a case there. Never. And Judge Leonie Brinkema reserves all national security cases for herself. She has Julian’s case, she judged my case, as well as the case of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, and we know that she has also reserved what will be the Ed Snowden case for herself.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll tell you about what I went through in Judge Brinkema’s courtroom. None of it was good. And Julian should expect exactly the same.
When I was arrested after blowing the whistle on the CIA’s torture program, I was charged with five felonies – three counts of espionage, one count of violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1981, and one count of making a false statement. Of course, I hadn’t committed espionage, nor had I made any false statement. (I’m still not exactly sure what the false statement was supposed to have been.) But those charges were used as leverage to eventually force me to take a plea. When I said that I wasn’t interested in a plea and that I wanted to go to trial, the prosecutors threatened to add a second false statements charge and a charge of obstruction of justice – two throwaway felonies that could be used as additional leverage. I told them to bring it on, but they never did add those charges.
The government will invoke something in Julian’s case called CIPA – the Classified Information Protection Act. That means that the court must do everything possible to “protect” classified information from being revealed, even to the jury. The first thing that’s done in a CIPA trial is that the courtroom is sealed. The only people allowed inside are the defendant and the defendant’s attorneys, the prosecutors, the bailiff, the clerk, and the judge. The jury also would be there in the event of a jury trial, but it gets a little more complicated in that case. The bailiff will lock the courtroom doors and put tape around them, and he’ll cover the windows with plastic or canvas, all so that nobody outside can hear anything.

If there’s a jury trial, the judge will insist that “classified” words or phrases not be uttered, but instead must be replaced by unclassified words. For example, “Did you hack into NSA’s computers and download documents from Operation Widget?” becomes “Did you hack into Castle’s computers and download documents from Operation Pilates?” It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, it is ridiculous. More importantly, it’s very confusing for jurors, many of whom may conclude, “Wow, there are so many classified words that are being discussed! He must be guilty!”
Julian’s attorneys also will make a number of motions, both for discovery and for the declassification of documents necessary for his defense. Judge Brinkema is unlikely to approve any of them. Again, in my case, my attorneys made 70 motions to declassify 70 separate classified documents necessary for my defense. We blocked off two full days for the hearings, as did the prosecutors. But when we got to the courtroom, Judge Brinkema began by saying, “I’m going to make this easy for everyone. I’m going to deny all 70 of these motions.” Her thinking was that I either did it (committed a crime) or I didn’t. There was no reason to “jeopardize national security” if she was going to eventually convict me anyway. So my attorneys had literally nothing to present in my defense.
We didn’t roll over, of course. My attorneys objected and were overruled. The prosecution then asked for an in-camera conversation with the judge. That’s a private conversation between the judge and the prosecutors without my attorneys present. My attorneys objected strenuously. The judge overruled them again and she went into chambers with prosecutors. As crazily unconstitutional as this may sound, it is permitted in a national security case. To this day I have no idea what was said in that room. But when she came out, the judge looked at my attorneys and reiterated her decision to overrule the objection. And then, much to my shock, she looked at me and said, “This case better not go to trial.” The hearing ended. It had begun only 15 minutes earlier.
As we walked out of the courtroom, I asked my attorneys, “What just happened in there?” “We just lost the case,” was the response. “What do we do now?” I asked. “Now we take a plea.” A week later I changed my plea to “guilty.” The government had come down from an offer of 10 years to one of two-and-a-half. I would do 23 months. My attorneys thought that if I had gone to trial, I would have lost and I would have realistically gotten 12-18 years. I had no choice.
At sentencing, the judge said that she was glad the case hadn’t gone to trial. She didn’t want “more classified information out there in the public domain.” But then she said, “I don’t like this deal. I don’t like it at all. If I could, Mr. Kiriakou, I would give you 10 years. But my hands are tied.” I left for federal prison six weeks later."

When you've lost Haim . . . :  "The U.S. Case Against Assange Is Looking Sort of Flimsy"(Cameron).  Of course, the terms of the indictment are just to get by the crooked British judiciary.  When the Assholians get custody of him the real, espionage, charges will suddenly appear.

"MIGA: Trump Vetoes Yemen Resolution" (Wallace). "Trump Issues His Second Veto, Blocking Congressional Resolution To End US Support For Saudi-Led War In Yemen" (Durden).  "Secret Report Reveals Saudi Incompetence and Widespread Use of U.S. Weapons in Yemen" (Emmons).

"Saudi Arabia Bankrolling Haftar's Bid To Seize All Of Libya" (Durden).  Diplomatic genius John Bolton has now lost Egypt, which you would think would be almost impossible to do:  "Is The US Losing Influence In The World's Biggest Oil Region?" (Copley).

"Israeli army destroys video after settlers execute Palestinian" (Murphy).  Remind me again why these wonderful and nice people keep getting into trouble.

"After Notre Dame fire, leading Israeli rabbi says ‘There is no mitzvah to [burn down] churches abroad. In our holy land, however, the issue is more complicated’" (Gurvitz):
"Today, after the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, Aviner was asked the following question:
“The great Christian Church in Paris is on fire. Should we feel sorry for that, or should we rejoice, as it [the cathedral] is idolatry, which is a mitzvah to burn?”
The questioner is here referring to the Halachic ruling that churches are considered idolatry, and should be destroyed.
Aviner replied as follows:
“This isn’t our job for now. There is no mitzvah to seek out churches abroad and burn them down. In our holy land, however, the issue is more complicated. Indeed, the Satmar Rabbi noted one of his arguments against immigrating to Israel, that here it is indeed a mitzvah to burn churches; and by not doing so, those [immigrating to Israel] are committing a sin. Yet Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kasher, in his book ‘The Great Period’, rejected the Satmar Rabbi’s words, citing a midrash, forbidding burning [churches], since if we burn, we’ll have to rebuild, and it’s a greater sin to rebuild [a church] than leave it standing. [Here Aviner cites his own book vs. the Satmar Rabbi] That church in Paris, too, will surely be rebuilt.”
(Oh, yes: American Jewish readers, I probably need to stress this – this is not a parody or a satire. This is actual rabbinical discourse in 2019 Israel.)"
Tweet (Barrett Brown) (Matthew Cole is the CHO, Chief Honeypot Officer):
"Tonight is holding a self-congratulatory party in Brooklyn to commemorate 5 years of whatever. Meanwhile I’ll burn the National Magazine Award I won for them and read excerpts from leaked correspondence on their recent closure of Snowden archive via livestream"
"Annexation of West Bank May Provide Key to Unlocking Netanyahu’s Legal Troubles" (Cook):
"The other option is to arm-twist his coalition partners into agreeing a retroactive immunity law making it impossible for prosecutors to indict the prime minister while in office. Some of his coalition partners are already on board.

How he might achieve this feat is through an “annexation for immunity” deal. In other words, Netanyahu gives the far-right and the settlers what they want – annexation of parts or all of the West Bank – and in return, they back immunity legislation.

That was why Netanyahu made an unexpected statement in favour of annexation shortly before polling.

Asked about the pressure for annexation from his coalition partners, he told the media: “We will move to the next stage. I am going to extend [Israeli] sovereignty and I don’t distinguish between settlement blocs and the isolated settlements.”"
"Arab Spring and geopolitics of Sudan" (Bhadrakumar):
"So far, things have gone relatively well in Sudan. However, make no mistake that the worst may be still to come . The fact of the matter is that the regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE genuinely fear that if the revolution succeeds in Sudan, there could be a domino effect, which may threaten their own autocratic regimes.

Equally, from the geopolitical perspective, the autocratic regimes in the southern tier (plus Israel and the US) would fear that Algeria and Sudan — especially the latter — might incrementally edge closer to the northern tier countries (read Turkey and Iran) in the current line-up in Muslim Middle East, which of course would impact the overall regional balance.

Paradoxically, from the perspective of the ‘triple containment’ strategy that is being pursued against Turkey, Iran and Qatar regionally by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt — and in the interests of Israel’s security — it is critically important that a strategically located southern tier country such as Sudan, which  sits astride the Red Sea connecting the Suez Canal  remains a protectorate under the rule of a dependable strongmen and stays that way for the foreseeable future."
Tweet (Matt Duss) (fair enough, but Duss is responsible for Bernie's appalling foreign policy positions):
"Imagine giving a shit what these two guys think Democrats should do."
Tweet (TheLastRefuge):
"Most of America have no idea how bad the Obama-era political surveillance and intelligence weaponization actually was. It is darn close to unfathomable political activity... Thank you to for doggedly keeping focus on origin. "
"Only a heckler can improve an evening with the money-grabbing Clintons" (Callahan):
"Coverage of this snoozefest was typically respectful and anodyne, yet the most exciting moment of the night made little if any news. Not quite halfway through the event, a man in the front row stood up and interrupted.

“Bill, this is boring!” he yelled. As he tried asking his question — “Why don’t you talk about — ” Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the “important political conversations” they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

Oh, the irony.

The heckler was, of course, swiftly hauled away, and the conversation returned to Bill talking about the good old days when he was president, telling such surely apocryphal tales as bringing together two veterans, each missing one leg, and a “formidable” overweight black lesbian activist — the veterans later telling Bill, with tears in their eyes, that they had more in common with this woman than they ever would have thought."
"Former AIPAC President Endorses Pete Buttigieg Read" (Kampeas). The (((media))) is giving this very unlikely candidate quite the push.

"Trump’s sister quietly retired in February, and it’s actually a really big deal" (Yglesias):
"The retirement of a federal appeals court judge is normally not a huge national news story, and while the fact that Maryanne Trump Barry is the sister of the president of the United States makes her decision a bit more noteworthy, on its face, you can still see why it’s been treated as relatively minor news.
But peer a little bit deeper and the reason Barry is stepping down makes it clear that the story is a very big deal indeed.
The key is that last fall, the New York Times published a bombshell investigation of Donald and Maryanne Trump’s father Fred Trump’s finances that appeared to reveal, among other things, that he illegally evaded taxes in transferring much of his wealth to his children — including both Donald and Maryanne.
All this happened a long time ago, and the statute of limitations would have expired on any possible crimes. But some shrewd people noted that there is no statute of limitations on judicial ethics investigations and filed a complaint against not Donald Trump but Maryanne. This would have launched an investigation of her that would, were she found guilty of wrongdoing, have implicated the president as well.
Now, according to Russ Buettner and Susan Craig of the New York Times, Barry has retired, which renders the investigation moot. Their reporting indicates that this all actually happened in February. The complaint was filed in October, and then on February 1, a court official notified the people who filed the complaint that it was “receiving the full attention” of investigators. Ten days later, Barry filed her paperwork to resign.
And it certainly raises questions of whether she and her brother might have something to hide.
A lot of what the Trump family did to pass on wealth tax-free to the next generations falls pretty clearly under the heading of “the real scandal is what’s legal.” But some of the Trump family shenanigans uncovered by the Times have a look of actual criminality to them.
The most striking of these, to my eye, began in 1992. The Trump kids, including Donald and Maryanne, were set up as the owners of a company called All County Building Supply & Maintenance. All County then sold boilers, refrigerators, cleaning supplies, and other equipment at unusually high prices to buildings owned by Fred Trump. On its face, this looks a lot like an illegal effort to evade gift and estate tax by masking it as a business transaction. What’s more, Fred Trump then compounded the offense because the buildings in question were rent-regulated and he cited the high prices paid as legal justification for rent increases.
This is one of several schemes the court ethics panel was in a position to look at, but now the investigation is off."
"VIDEO: How the Pentagon and CIA Push Venezuela Regime-Change Propaganda in Video Games" (Blumenthal/Norton).

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


"Trump Dances to Israel's Tune" (Giraldi):
"The nonsense going on in Las Vegas in front of a lot of fat cats who regard the United States as little more than a cash cow that they control as well as in the White House itself unfortunately has real world consequences. America is being led by the nose by a well-entrenched and powerful group of Israeli loyalists and this will not end well. The U.S. doesn’t even have a Middle Eastern foreign policy anymore – it has a “to do” list handed by Netanyahu to whomever is president. The fact that the current man in charge in Washington is either so ignorant or so deluded as to allow the process to escalate until the U.S. is drawn into yet more catastrophic wars is beyond regrettable. U.S. foreign policy should not depend on the perceptions of Kushner and company. It should be based on real, tangible American interests, not those of Israel. Someone should explain that to the president."
"Notre-Dame de Paris Fire and the War on Beauty" (Ó Colmáin).  Free Masons?  Tweet (The Jewish Worker). 

"Canada To Russia: 'Meddling' Is Okay If It Destabilizes You But Not The Other Way Around" (Ehret).  Immediately gets mired in some LaRouche stuff.  E.g., "House of Windsor's masonic cult scored".  Maybe Notre-Dame was The Queen's revenge for Macron's intransigence on Brexit!

Notre-Dame was almost certainly an accident involving roof renovations, with the real question being which French government bureaucrats are so incompetent as to allow open flames anywhere near a medieval wooden roof.  Of course, the (((usual suspects))) immediately jumped into the fray to blame Islamist terrorism.

By the way, all these tales from conspiracy theory - Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Illuminati, etc - were invented to disguise the relationship between Court Jews and the various courts, not to protect the Jews (Khazars), but to protect the Kings and Princes and nobility from justified allegations of treason.  Nothing changes - today we are instructed that Trump acts because of pressure from Evangelical Christians!

"Venezuela: Canada Imposes Fresh Sanctions as Pompeo Vows to ‘Tighten Noose’" (Vaz).  "As a government crackdown in Nicaragua got bloodier, Ottawa quietly cut off aid" (Dyer):
"The suspension of the electrification project ends an effort that stretches back to 2009 and has seen hundreds of rural communities in Nicaragua connected to the grid."
"Trump Says Israeli Jews Should be Immune from All Prosecution" (Anglin). Nothing new - this is already the case, and has been since the 1940s!  "International Criminal Lawyer: ICC Is Controlled by the US and EU" (Black/Qaddour).  If you look at what the ICC does, and doesn't do, it is clear it is controlled from Tel Aviv.

"Why the Gulf States Are So Edgy" (Crooke) (I like how this goes - Gulf Princelings worried about Arab Spring 2, with Haftar as their proxy as a warning to Algeria, Trump's turning to the Khazars as a counterbalance to his Deep State problems, the Turkey-Qatar-MB alliance playing out, and, of course, as always, Israel as a leech and huge real and dangerous problem for the hegemon, with Putin managing his juggling act in the background):
". . . the clue lies in Libya, and with General Haftar’s military thrust on the capital, Tripoli. At one level, evidently this push is a part of an internal Libyan struggle; but at another, Haftar’s unexpected and sudden exit from the political process (the UN Secretary General and Envoy were left gaping on their last visit to Libya), is revealed more as an expression of Gulf agitation. (Haftar’s push came on the heels of a round of consultations in certain Gulf capitals).

It is not so much agitation about Libya, but rather fears – real fears – about Algeria. Algeria is experiencing huge and repeated popular protests which have forced the President to stand down. The popular (peaceful, so far) uprising, however, continues – but with the security apparatus still hovering menacingly in the background. In Khartoum too, protests have been afoot, and now that President has been overthrown (in a military coup). Ghosts – old ghosts – from 2011 are affronting Gulf leaders.

The UAE-Saudi message from (Islamist-hater) Haftar’s getting the ‘green light’ to take Islamist controlled Tripoli is simply addressed to the people of Algeria: ‘If you rise up against your ruling-structures, be aware: ‘It will be repressed unhesitatingly’’. And, it is an absolute ‘red line’ that ‘Islamists will not be tolerated’. (The UAE has a past history of intervention in Algeria’s affairs through the Algerian military. Bouteflika was a ‘guest’ of the UAE, until he became President)."
". . . (Turkey and Qatar), are the main supporters of the Libyan Misrata militia, and the Islamists of Tripoli – which is to say, they are the facilitators and funders of those forces opposing General Haftar’s thrust to destroy the Islamist movements based in Tripoli (Libya). The present conflict in Libya therefore is also a Gulf proxy war waged against the Muslim Brotherhood, and its patrons (Turkey and Qatar). This constitutes a further, second, message to Algeria: Do not allow the Brotherhood a role in the popular unrest – or else!
And there is something else to keep the Gulf grandees awake at night: Turkey is gently slipping away from NATO towards Moscow (as best Erdogan can do, without as a result, completely losing the secular, Europe-leaning coastal constituencies). And, even if Turkey should remain in NATO in body – though not in spirit – this would represent a huge strategic shift, impacting on (substantively Turkic) Central Asia, and the Middle East.

In brief, a major US pillar is being uprooted from the region at a time when Gulf leaders are questioning US constancy, and are alarmed at the resurgence of popular protest. No wonder they are making overtures towards Israel. Where else can they turn for protection in a world becoming ever more hostile to their interests.

But even that is not without risk. Reports suggest that Trump is on the cusp of publishing his ‘Deal of the Century’. It is widely expected to be another Naqba (catastrophe) for the Palestinians. Gulf leaders (who guardedly support Kushner’s ‘deal’), will worry that its publication will provide fertile ground for Turkey and Qatar to instigate the Muslim Brotherhood against them on their own patch – on the Palestinian issue.
All in all, the Gulf grandees have a right to be edgy. They can see that Trump’s ‘war hawks’ are intent on cornering, pressurising and provoking Iran. After 3 May (when oil waivers expire), we may witness a major escalation by Bolton and Pompeo against Iran. How far might this be bluster and bluff in the lead up to crucial Presidential elections in the US? Or is Trump being quietly being manoeuvred into some ‘forever war’ with Iran, that John Bolton has long sought? Will Netanyahu play along? What then will become of the Gulf?"
"Does Moscow think Trump wants a war? It is doubtful; but Trump’s position – his very continuance in office, like that of previous US Presidents – inevitably is held ransom by the collegiate deep state which will not allow any existential threat to its inner circle, or to its hold on the levers of global power to develop. Trump undoubtedly is aware of his predecessors’ fates, and trades with them: i.e. pursuit of his own political necessities – against yielding to Sheldon Adelson’s two protégés (Bolton and Pompeo), the licence to do Israel’s will. Faustian perhaps, but maybe the only way to survive."
Conclusive take-down of the CIA-'feminists' involved in the Assange operation: "Why the Assange Allegation Is a Stitch-up" (Murray).

Brexit - is there nothing wonderful it can't do?:  "Brexit Heralds a Decline of Anglo-American Power" (Erickson).

"Iraq Wrecked Me for Nothing" (Van Buren).  It is tough to get between common sense and clear national interest, on the one hand, and Wars For The Jews, on the other.  Luckily for all Assholians (well, the 98%), Afghanistan is going real well and Trump is permanently embedded in Syria, with Algeria, Sudan, Libya (again), Lebanon, and, of course, Iran, to come!

"Who’s afraid of Afghan peace talks – Kabul and Delhi?" (Bhadrakumar). Note how Trump's shekeled designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization can be met with an immediate Iranian response of damaging the Afghanistan peace negotiations.

"(How) American Collapse Resembles Soviet Collapse" (haque).  I like that use of (How) in the title, and the piece is good too.

"Kim Jong-nam Murder Case is Closed, or More Precisely Falls Apart" (Asmolov).  An interesting multi-level false-flag against North Korea, where the victim was attacked with the actual poison, and then these women were tricked into performing a 'prank' to attempt to connect the whole thing to Kim.  The concept was brilliant but the execution was sloppy.  The Malaysian legal system eventually did a good job of sorting it out.  The woman in prison was punished for participating in what could have been a dangerous prank, which is fair enough.  Note:
"Considering the number of loose ends, the author thinks that the pieces of the puzzle may fit together to paint a completely different picture, which does not point to Pyongyang or intelligences services of the United States and South Korea. Instead the case involves people who had contacts with the previously mentioned agencies, i.e. anti-North Korean organizations that have enough support from odious Protestant Sects and capabilities to resort to murder."
This is worth considering in light of the attack in Spain, which seems to involve the same kind of Moonie-types (with the guidance of the CIA), extreme-right wing Protestant Koreans who don't want to see peace with the North.

On the (((publishing industry))) scam which is the JYT's Best Seller List: "Carlson: Valerie Jarrett’s Book Sold No Copies, Makes Best Seller List".

Monday, April 15, 2019

Just happens / questions like that / revolutionary act

""The Holocaust" Is a Myth That Conceals Our Shame" (Barrett).  A lot of people won't read this because of its title, but it is quite good:
"If it is partly true that some Holocaust revisionists spin their histories to conceal or absolve shame—and I personally believe that National Socialist Germany’s treatment of Jews among others was in fact shameful, regardless of the extent to which the conventional history of the Holocaust may be false or exaggerated—it is obvious that the conventional story is “institutionally involved in concealing our shame.” By focusing so relentlessly on the metaphysical evil of the big-H Holocaust, our cultural custodians conceal the at least equally shameful behavior of World War II’s victors.

The real Holocaust, of course, was the war itself. 70 million people were massacred, two thirds of them civilians. Those nearly 50 million civilians were singled out for extermination on the basis of their ethnicity, just as surely as a vastly smaller number of Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs may have been by the Reich. When the Allies firebombed Dresden, which was not a military target, more than 100,000 innocent civilians were deliberately burned to death for the crime of being German. Centuries of German cultural achievement, too, went up in flames. Now that is a real holocaust: a gratuitous burnt offering.

And Dresden is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Anyone who honestly explores the history of the deliberate Allied firebombings of civilians, the respective treatment of prisoners by both sides, the atrocities against Germans during the invasion and occupation of their homeland, the firebombings and nuclear bombings of Japanese civilians, the brutal torture that elicited false confessions from “Nazi war criminals,” and so much more, will inevitably conclude that, as Pogo might say, “We have met the Nazis and they are us.”"
"US Military Attack on Venezuela Mulled by Top Trump Advisors and Latin American Officials at Private DC Meeting" (Blumenthal).  Quite the list of thugs!

Tweet (John Hudson):
"I asked Peru’s foreign minister what he might do if sanctions against Maduro start negatively impacting the humanitarian situation in Venezuela. Pompeo stepped in & said I “shouldn’t ask questions like that” & accused me of blaming the crisis on the US. I didn’t, but you decide:"
See Larison's tweet (this 'deep intent' crap extends all across the Assholian political spectrum, and ios the basis of R2P, which never dies despite consistently leaving humanitarian disasters in its bloody wake):
"Pompeo's whining is a useful window into the mindset of a certain kind of hawk. As long as he has the "deep intent" of making things better for people in Venezuela, he cannot be faulted for making things worse even if the policies he supports make things worse"
"Special Report: Massacres in Haiti – Pacifica’s Margaret Prescod".

"Roméo Dallaire and the Toronto Star’s distortion of Rwanda’s tragedy" (Engler).  Note the forged additions to the 'genocide fax'.  I can't determine if Dallaire is mentally ill (perhaps driven that way by what he did), or just your everyday monster.  The Star, though, is just your everyday monster.

"American values: Embassies are for chopping up journalists, not protecting them" (MacDonald).  Cat spy.

I'd read all of this spectacular piece (some say that the state is an entity with a monopoly on the exercise of violence, but the hegemon has a monopoly on being allowed to have secrets):  "Phoenix in Knightsbridge" (Wilkinson) (footnotes removed):
"Despite some whining about violation of “freedom of speech” or “of the Press” from all the compatible corners of the Mass Media, the actual reporting serves to distract from the key issue which made Mr Assange’s Wikileaks revolutionary (as opposed to some other apparent disclosures): namely, that unlike Edward Snowden, and more like Philip Agee, Mr Assange rejected the premise that the State has any right to secrecy at all."
"Julian Assange — by refusing to recognize State claims to secrecy — performed a revolutionary act. This is what made his work significant and why he ought to be praised and where possible defended. However, he cannot be defended by people who are not, in some serious sense, revolutionaries or sincere sympathisers. (That may even mean that Mr Assange’s defenders too become targets, if only in the “C” category.) The so-called Press or as the truly vain and vacuous are fond of calling it– the Fourth Estate– are merely calling attention to their role in upholding the regime they ostensibly would criticise. In the West the “journalist” has been marketed as a kind of holy person, when, in fact, the publishing journalist is often a “cleric”, or an advertising hack, or maybe someone who has to produce the “news product” with which the Fourth Estate (the propaganda industry) maintains the Establishment and its control over the system.

Gerald Horne’s suggestion that the Enlightenment “freedoms” were essentially articulated to create an ideology for white supremacy and private ownership of non-whites goes far toward explaining the contradiction in which these “lefties” find themselves. If one really treats information as public domain and denies the State’s right to secrecy (secrecy claimed to protect “interests”) then one strikes at one of the main pillars that supports the ideology of “freedom” for whites and slavery for the rest. The “interests” that the State ostensibly protects are the desire to retain and expand the private property owned by those who own the State. Today one State on this planet claims and defends its national sovereignty, denying all others, as an exclusive and globally enforceable prerogative—it is the sovereignty over the entire “owned” world and no one else has a right to property beyond the white elite by and for whom that State was constituted.

That State includes most of what is called the Press, concentrated as it is in some five global media corporations.

The fact that the Press is a business that trades in data, variously called information, advertising, etc., means that to publish beyond the Press — as Assange did — is to challenge the ownership of information, the propaganda of property, and the privilege of those who serve these institutions calling themselves “journalists”."
 "By suggesting that this is an attack on supposed “freedom of the Press” attention is being distracted (one of the jobs of the Press and its functionaries) from the crimes against humanity upon which the regime has always been based. Wikileaks breached the wall which had allowed “media courtiers” to hide their knowledge of State crimes. It validated the practice of viewing “state secrets” and deciding for oneself what the State was doing. The Press was created to praise and protect those crimes — crimes committed by Business and the State: by the ruling elite, both individually and collectively — through the manipulation of public consciousness.

The significance of Assange’s Wikileaks was that it opposed the prevailing control of information by the PRESS– through its cadres, often also known as “journalists”. Mr Assange’s release of documents and data produced by the State and the corporations for which it works has been an attempt to prove that there is evidence to discredit and condemn State/corporate action — that there is malice aforethought."
"Snowden archives memory-holed !! -- As alarming as Assange's arrest!! --Cat McGuire".  I'm almost certain that Anglin isn't part of the 'dialectic', but I am certain that Greenwald is.  Both Chomsky and Greenwald have done a lot of good work, establishing the credibility required for their real aims.  Greenwald's contradictions have reached absurdity levels:
"Since the very beginning, my sister Colleen and I have wondered what manner of subterfuge has been going on with Greenwald et al. For a long time now, a few brave critics have raised serious questions about Snowden, Poitras, Greenwald, Scahill, and Omidyar to the ire of indignant leftists who deem them all sacred cows immune to criticism. 

Over the years, a multitude of dubious actions surrounding Omidyar beg massive exposure. To wit:

  • His many connections to the NSA
  • Cutting WikiLeaks' PayPal account, and supporting the criminal prosecution of Anonymous when they hacked PayPal
  • Attempting to steal Craigslist for which in an unusual move against a corporate principle, a Delaware judge all but called Omidyar a thief
  • Helping fund the neo-nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine 
  • Detrimentally undermining women's microfinancing in India
  • After taking over Intercept and poaching star reporters, barely allowing anyone to publish their whistleblowing articles (e.g., Ken Silverstein, Matt Taibbi)
  • And much more

Past duplicity notwithstanding, this recent development of the shuttering of the Snowden docs is an unprecedented violation of the public trust. Those documents belong to the American people, no matter how deftly Omidyar purloined them -- or whatever deals-with-the-devil Greenwald et al signed on to.  As Greenwald purportedly said in December 2014 when asked why he joined forces with Omidyar, "What billionaire do you expect me to go with?" 

Why is the press silent on such a momentous issue? Why has Greenwald colluded in this outrageous new development, including the ousting of Poitras? 

With the arrest of Julian Assange, Greenwald has rightfully spoken out in strong opposition to the extradition. Nonetheless, it is the height of unseemly opportunism when Greenwald sent the attached email on April 11 to The Intercept's readers bemoaning Assage's arrest. . . and then asking readers to support free speech by donating -- not to Assange's legal defense! -- but rather to the already richly-endowed Intercept, the very organization that is abandoning the valuable assets entrusted to them by Edward Snowden, another besieged whistleblower."
Kevin Gosztola tweets on the indictment.

"Behind the Assange Saga: Radicalized by Frustration" (Arkin).  The Vault 7 stuff is the purest conspiracy theory - hacking tools to create information false flags by making it seem that cyber attacks come from the source the CIA was trying to attack (you can immediately see how this applies to various Russiagate claims of Russian involvement in 'hacking'):
"The CIA's hand crafted hacking techniques pose a problem for the agency. Each technique it has created forms a "fingerprint" that can be used by forensic investigators to attribute multiple different attacks to the same entity.
This is analogous to finding the same distinctive knife wound on multiple separate murder victims. The unique wounding style creates suspicion that a single murderer is responsible. As soon one murder in the set is solved then the other murders also find likely attribution.
The CIA's Remote Devices Branch's UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques 'stolen' from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.
With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the "fingerprints" of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.
UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques."
From 2010:  "Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group" (Murphy) (as usual, these obvious conspiracies are a tiny bit of an IQ test to see if your IQ is over 75):
"Small world, isn’t it?  Julian Assange is the human face of Wikileaks – the organization that’s enabled whistle-blowers to reveal hideous war crimes and expose much of America’s foreign policy to the world.

He just happens to meet a Swedish woman who just happens to have been publishing her work in a well-funded anti-Castro group that just happens to have links with a group led by a man at least one journalist describes as an agent of the CIA: the violent secret arm of America’s foreign policy.

And she just happens to have been expelled from Cuba, which just happens to be the global symbol of successful defiance of American foreign policy.

And – despite her work in Sweden upholding the human right of gender equity – in Cuba she just happens to end up associating with a group openly supported by an admitted CIA agent who himself committed mass murder when he actively participated in the terrorist bombing of a jetliner carrying a Cuban sports team…an act that was of a piece with America’s secret foreign policy of violent attacks against Cuban state interests.

And now she just happens – after admittedly consensual sex – to have gone to Swedish authorities to report the sex ended without a condom…which just happens to be the pretext for Interpol to issue a “Red Notice” informing the world’s police forces of charges against Julian Assange.

Who just happens to be the man America’s political class – the people who run America’s foreign policy – have been trying to silence.  And who happens to be the man some of them have been calling to have murdered.

With a lust for vengeance like that, one could be forgiven for concluding they’ve just happened to have taken a page from Anna’s revenge manual."
"In his own words: Assange’s statement" (Roddis).  The CIA-'feminists' just ruin their own credibility, on all issues.

"Pro-Israel America - Influencing American Election Outcomes".  The non-billionaire, non-((())) way to financially support the monsters.

Sometimes I think they must just be pulling our legs:  tweet (Nancy Pelosi):
"Important discussion with former Labour Party MPs , & to hear their perspective on Brexit, why they left the Labour Party, and the importance of standing unequivocally against anti-Semitism wherever it is found."
Tweet (Max Bergmann).  You get a feel for how the Assholians can be such . . . assholes (Bergmann is good for it - Center for American Progress and The Moscow Project!).  Scroll down for the replies by Dan Henri.

"Wealthy Immigrants, Netanyahu and the Movie Tycoon" (Mykytyn):
"Ostensively to encourage immigration, during the 2008 global financial slowdown, Israel enacted Amendment 168 to its tax code exempting from both tax and reporting all foreign source income (income earned outside of Israel) of new or returning residents. By so exempting newcomers, Israel made itself into a tax haven.
Amendment 168 was called the Milchan Law in honor of the man who lobbied for the amendment and, in 2009, the Tablet announced that the “fertilizer company scion-turned-movie mogul Arnon Milchan is taking advantage of the generous benefits and moving back to Israel.”
In response to the law, in 2009-2010 many an expatriate Israeli billionaire decided to return to his homeland and in 2018 Russian Jewish billionaire Roman Abramovich became an Israeli citizen and instantly became the country’s wealthiest citizen with a net worth, according to Forbes, of $11.5 billion.
The provision may be a factor in the outsized number of millionaire immigrants to Israel In 2015 over 4000 millionaires moved to Israel, more than 10% of that year’s 31,013 immigrants. In fact, Israel was fourth in millionaire inflow — after Australia, the United States and Canada, in that order.
Haaretz called for a repeal to the exemption noting that it provides a “clear benefit to the billionaires who save on taxes for 10 years… [and] enjoy the fog of not having to report for 10 years – a fog that gives them time to conceal their assets and profits.” This benefit is paid for “by the citizens of countries where billionaires no longer have to pay taxes, and the citizens of Israel, who don’t benefit from a tax on the billionaires’ income.”
Israel’s Tax Authority Director, General Moshe Asher, said Milchan’s law made Israel into one of the world’s “most generous tax havens.” Asher defined a  tax haven as a place where a) one doesn’t pay taxes and b) there is an exemption from reporting one’s income. And, Asher pointed out: “In Israel we have something extra. We have an expansive network of tax treaties with developed countries that a typical offshore tax haven does not have. [This means that the immigrant] would pay no taxes abroad because of the tax treaty with Israel, and no taxes in Israel because of the law here.”
Israel’s state comptroller worried that the Amendment gave immigrants an incentive to launder money or to use money that was laundered abroad, “activities which may encourage crime and damage the integrity of Israeli society and the economy.” In 2014, an audit of 600 bank accounts belonging to recent immigrants found one hundred accounts to have irregular activity that caused the bank to flag them for suspected money laundering.
The reporting exemption also prevents Israel from honoring its 2013 commitment to follow OECD rules and share tax information with other countries. But each year since 2014, a provision canceling the reporting exemption has been included in legislation and each year it has been removed before the legislation was even voted on.
Despite these issues, Netanyahu attempted to increase the exemption period to 20 years in a move that would have helped Milchan but was rejected by the Finance Ministry. The Attorney General has accused Netanyahu of seeking the extension on Milchan’s behalf."
"The Betrayal Of Brexit Is A Mix Of Social Engineering And Mock Elections" (Korybko). The most obvious conspiracy around.  May is not even trying to hide it (though the (((media))) plays along by blaming everything on her 'incompetence').  Farange is attempting to save Britain (again) by threatening the Conservatives with splitting the right-wing vote if they don't stop the tricks:  "Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party ahead of European elections".

"Polls Show That Macron’s Great National Debate Flopped".  The Rothschild stunt didn't stop the goyim knowing.

"Thoughts on the Protected Race " (Joyce).  Things seem particularly grim right now, but 1000s of years of history show that the sun will, eventually, rise.

"Hague Court Caves To US Threats: Rejects Afghan War Crimes Case" (Durden).  The Zionist Criminal Court has reached Peak Joke.

"Malaysia to free Vietnamese woman accused of Kim Jong Nam murder on May 3: lawyer" (Rothchilds).

Gabbard is on another planet from all other American politicians (including Bernie) when it comes to boldly stating truths about American foreign policy:  "Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Potatus on Twitter, Only Matter of Time Until He Lashes Out!" (Batty). She's the only serious candidate.

"Democrats Pursue Hoax Scandals Against Trump While Ignoring Treasonous Activities Involving the Jew Jared Kushner and Israel" (Rogers):
"They are pushing this nonsense while intentionally ignoring the very real scandal involving Trump’s Jew son-in-law Jared Kushner. The fact that Trump ordered Kushner be given a high level security clearance, despite all sorts of reasonable objections from career professionals, is something that deserves a real investigation.
Washington Examiner:
A White House security specialist was suspended for two weeks without pay days after a report came out that said Jared Kushner’s security clearance had been approved despite objections of career staff.
Tricia Newbold, the suspended specialist, has a rare form of dwarfism and had accused her supervisor Carl Kline of moving files to a new location out of her reach in December 2017. She filed a discrimination complaint against her boss three months ago, according to NBC News. Newbold alleged Kline told her she could ask someone to get the files she needed as a solution.
Security office chief Crede Bailey proposed Newbold’s suspension on Dec. 3.
The complaint against Kline was mentioned in an NBC News report last week that revealed he approved Kushner’s top secret security clearance despite two unnamed career White House security specialists denying the president’s son-in-law and adviser the clearance over concerns about potential foreign influence on him.
So they were concerned about potential foreign influence on him. It’s obvious to see why. Having this Jew Kushner in such a high level position is no different than having an Israeli Mossad asset in the White House. The recently released book Kushner, Inc. by Vicky Ward documents Kushner’s extensive connections to Israel. Anglin has already written a series of articles summarizing some of the book’s more important content.
Of course you could theoretically accuse any Jew of being a foreign agent of Israel. The thing is, it is especially true with a Jew like Kushner. This is a Jew who has substantial wealth and political connections. He has been the main individual responsible for transforming Trump’s MAGA agenda into a MIGA agenda.
Let’s again review all the things Trump has done for Israel. It seems like every week we have to add a new item to the list.
  • Recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel.
  • Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the American embassy there.
  • Provided billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel.
  • Cut foreign aid to the Palestinians.
  • Completely cut all formal relations with Palestine.
  • Attacked Syria twice over fake gas attack footage.
  • Criticized Ilhan Omar as an anti-Semite for saying that the pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC exists.
  • Spent a good part of his recent State of the Union speech reminding people of the Jewish Holocaust hoax.
  • Established a major arms deal to Saudi Arabia to help counter Iran, Israel’s main regional enemy.
  • Implemented sanctions on Iran and pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal.
  • Consistently defended Israel at the United Nations.
  • Declared Iran’s military a terrorist organization at Benjamin Netanyahu’s request.
  • Supported Netanyahu’s annexation of West Bank settlements.
At this rate, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Trump send Israel billions of dollars so the Third Jewish Temple can be built. That’s how insane the shilling for Israel has become."

  1. "Kushner, Inc. Book Review Part IV: The Kushner Crime Family Sinks Teeth Into Candidate Trump";
  2. "Kushner, Inc. Book Review Part V: The Kushner Crime Family on the Road to the White House" (see also "The Tautology of Jewing" by Tanstaafl); and
  3. "Michael Jackson Did Nothing Wrong" (Jackson's Khazar skepticism is the motive for why Geffen and his pedo crew decided to use Jackson as the distraction).

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Renewed sense of purpose

  1. "Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents" (Whittaker);
  2. "Hacktivists Team Up To Hack, Deface, Leak or Crash 39 Ecuadorian Websites Within First 24 Hours After Assange’s Arrest" (Dunn);
  3. "Facebook DOWN: MAJOR outage leaves social media users unable to login" (Martin) 'server issues'.
WikiLeaks is till plugging along, but with Assange effectively locked up, its glory days were long behind it. In fact, the CIA had Assange just where it wanted him, stagnating, completely cut off from the world except for personal meetings with a few people, all under the surveillance of Ecuador.  He might as well have been sending messages in bottles.  His full-time job was waiting for something to happen.

The glory days of hacking are also long gone.  It still exists, but it's almost all the work of criminal gangs for purely commercial purposes.  As the world gets worse and worse - look at how optimistic South America was only a few years ago, now a series of disasters, and all the horrible shekeled decisions of Trump for Sheldon, and so on and so on - there is still the hope that people are much more angry and aware than the authorities can comprehend (note how consistently shocked they are at the woke actions of various 'deplorables').

Perhaps this arrest is the clarion call to the hackers of the world to put their black hats back on - though any attacks against Assholia would involve, by definition, only the whitest of white hats in doling out some just desserts - and get back to work.  If people are no longer allowed to blow whistles, maybe some will feel that more direct action will get the attention of the bad guys.  The worst of the worst have been riding high recently, and that just ain't right.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

A man in chains knows he should have acted sooner

Essays by Assange at Cryptome (note: Young had a famous falling out with Assange). It's worth seeing what is going on within the context of Assange's own political philosophy of fighting the conspiracies of the powerful (see "Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government”" by zunguzungu).
"The more secretive or unjust an organization is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie. This must result in minimization of efficient internal communications mechanisms (an increase in cognitive "secrecy tax") and consequent system-wide cognitive decline resulting in decreased ability to hold onto power as the environment demands adaption. Hence in a world where leaking is easy, secretive or unjust systems are nonlinearly hit relative to open, just systems. Since unjust systems, by their nature induce opponents, and in many places barely have the upper hand, mass leaking leaves them exquisitely vulnerable to those who seek to replace them with more open forms of governance."
"A man in chains knows he should have acted sooner for his ability to influence the actions of the state is near its end. To deal with powerful conspiratorial actions we must think ahead and attack the process that leads to them since the actions themselves can not be dealt with.

We can deceive or blind a conspiracy by distorting or restricting the information available to it.

We can reduce total conspiratorial power via unstructured attacks on links or through throttling and separating.

A conspiracy sufficiently engaged in this manner is no longer able to comprehend its environment and plan robust action.

Traditional attacks on conspiratorial power groupings, such as assassination,cut many high weight links. The act of assassination — the targeting of visible individuals, is the result of mental inclinations honed for the pre-literate societies in which our species evolved.

Literacy and the communications revolution have empowered conspirators with new means to conspire, increasing the speed of accuracy of the their interactions and thereby the maximum size a conspiracy may achieve before it breaks down.

Conspirators who have this technology are able to out conspire conspirators without it. For the same costs they are able to achieve a higher total conspiratorial power. That is why they adopt it.

For example, remembering Lord Halifax’s words, let us consider two closely balanced and broadly conspiratorial power groupings, the US Democratic and Republican parties.

Consider what would happen if one of these parties gave up their mobile phones, fax and email correspondence — let alone the computer systems which manage their subscribes, donors, budgets, polling, call centres and direct mail campaigns?

They would immediately fall into an organizational stupor and lose to the other.

When we look at an authoritarian conspiracy as a whole, we see a system of interacting organs, a beast with arteries and veins whose blood may be thickened and slowed until it falls, stupefied; unable to sufficiently comprehend and control the forces in its environment. 

Later we will see how new technology and insights into the psychological motivations of conspirators can give us practical methods for preventing or reducing important communication between authoritarian conspirators, foment strong resistance to authoritarian planning and create powerful incentives for more humane forms of governance."
We can treat Assange as a religious figure, meaning that gospel writers and amanuenses can elucidate the master's words:
"A spokesperson for WikiLeaks says Assange's essay was a "thought experiment" that the organization still believes to be true. "Organizations have two choices (1) reduce their levels of abuse or dishonesty or (2) pay a heavy 'secrecy tax' in order to engage in inefficient but secretive processes," the spokesperson writes. "As organizations are usually in some form of competitive equilibrium this means that, in the face of WikiLeaks, organizations that are honest will, on average, grow, while those that are dishonest and unjust will decline.""
I'm not suggesting that Assange intended to spend years locked in an embassy and then be arrested just to weaken the empire, but this entire process may turn out to be part of the 'tax'.  I'm reminded of the phony mole that Angleton spent years trying to find, damaging the CIA in the process, a self-destructive process which only ended with the firing of Angleton.  The emotional irrationality provoked by Assange creates its own tax.

"Reporters Committee analysis of U.S. government indictment of Julian Assange" (Rottman).  The mystery of why they went further than they had to and trampled on the First Amendment is that while they really have it in for Assange, they are willing to take a risk of losing him in order to have a very conservative Supreme Court redefine the scope of the First Amendment and pull back from the Pentagon Papers case.  Of course, this means that they are making the Assange case a political issue, which would give an honest British judge - snicker - a clear path to deny the extradition (strangely similar to how the extreme politicization by the Trump administration of everything should give a Canadian judge a clear path to deny the extradition of the Huawei executive).

You can see why Counterpunch is such a mess.

"CIA's Vault 7 Files Launched New Case Against Assange - Attack Intends To Prevent Further Leaks" (Moon).

The complicated series of legal technicalities by which Assange was herded into a prison cell:  "The Legal Narrative Funnel That’s Being Used To Extradite Assange" (Johnstone).