Friday, January 17, 2020

Commemorative plaque

Tweet (The Good Liars):
"We made Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion a landmark to celebrate Alan Dershowitz and his accomplishments on his big day. Congrats Alan, keep those underwear on!"

Ligature mark

"More Reasons to Question the Jeffrey Epstein “Suicide”" (Who.What.Why.).  Common sense would tell you that the ligature mark couldn't possibly be where it was if Epstein hanged himself.  There's nothing on the neck to keep the rope so low, and the weight of the body would pull down until the rope was at the jaw-line.  On the other hand, the mark is in the perfect place for manual strangulation from behind using a rope or wire.

No 'dual' loyalty!

"Kahane the prophet" (Rabkin).  Farm animals, stop being fooled:  Ben-Gurion = Kahane = every Khazar today.

"Israel begins extending ‘silent annexation’ over the West Bank, with the blessings of the Trump administration" (Patel) (Khazar 'environmentalism' = naturally, theft).  "US Envoy: Next Plan Is to Let Israel Annex West Bank":
"He pointed out that the West Bank is the most complicated issue because of the large number of Palestinians living there, noting that the US would propose its vision for the solution, referring to the deal of the century.
“It does not obfuscate the very real issue that 2 million or more Palestinians reside in Judea and Samaria [the occupied West Bank], and we all wish that they live in dignity, in peace, and with independence, pride and opportunity. We are committed to find a way to make that happen.”
Friedman added that Israel “recovers” it from Jordan in 1967 after it had “occupied” it for 19 years.
“Jordan had occupied Judea and Samaria for only 19 years and almost no one recognised its rights to the territory,” he continued."
"Sealed Off and Forgotten: What You Should Know about Israel’s ‘Firing Zones’ in the West Bank" (Baroud). "UN’s Warning that Gaza Will Not Be a “Liveable Place” by 2020 Has Been Realised" (McCloskey).

"South Dakota Governor signs anti-BDS executive order" (Arria).  State #28 run by blackmailed and/or bribed traitors working for a foreign power.

Um, this is 'anti-Semitic', isn't it, pointed directly at the Khazar gangsters in Russia (would that every country had similar laws) (and more):  "TRANSCRIPT: Putin’s Address to the Federal Assembly" (as usual, it is literally impossible to imagine any western 'leader' giving such a speech):
"The goal and mission of state service is to serve the people, and those who enter this path must know that by doing this they inseparably connect their lives with Russia and the Russian people without any assumptions and allowances.

Requirements must be even stricter for presidential candidates. I suggest formalising a requirement under which presidential candidates must have had permanent residence in Russia for at least 25 years and no foreign citizenship or residence permit and not only during the election campaign but at any time before it too." 
The primitive Khazar victory dance - after they gloated about how they 'slaughtered' Corbyn - in Britain continues:  "The Labour Party" (Atzmon). "UK’s Lord Polak says new Tory government is opportunity for pro-Israel lobbyists".  It has gone beyond ridiculous:  "Labour’s fake anti-Semitism crisis outlives Corbyn" (Winstanley).  Sadly, and tragically for everybody except Khazars, Labour appear to be such a bunch of cucks that things are only going to become (much, much) worse:  "Lead Us Not Into Oblivion" (Gilbert).

46 47!  "King Tucker Goes OFF On Pharma-Jews For Poisoning Millions of Americans!" (Batty).  "CNN’s Brutal War Against Bernie Sanders Leads to Them Proving He is the Most Based Communist" (Anglin).  The growing ''Nazis' for Bernie' movement.

"US government uses Swiss diplomatic network to communicate with Iran" (Electrospaces).

"They like to get the landmarks" (Madsen).

"Hassan Diab and family suing federal government for $90 million over failed terrorism probe" (Cochrane).  After the Khazar whitewash of Khazar - and Khazar stooge - crimes was delivered.

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"Here’s Canada’s Ambassador of Apartheid @lyonsinisrael displaying the mug shots of Canadians who have gone to serve in Israel’s apartheid military. Thanks Ms. Lyons, one day soon, the International Criminal Court will have need of this evidence: #ICC #Palestine #warcrimes @IDF"
"4chan Haxxors Reveal Greta Thunberg’s Facebook Page is Run by Papa Thunberg and a Pajeet!" (Batty).

"Assange May Walk Free Thanks To CIA Bumbling: Former NYT General Counsel" (Goodale).  An excellent argument which will have no hope in the proudly corrupt British judicial system. Another spectacular - and completely unnecessary, driven by arrogance - fuck-up by the CIA.

"Hear no evil, see no evil, print no evil? MSM warn journalists away from Burisma/Biden info after ‘hack’ report" (Buyniski).  Hilarious instruction not to look at the substance of the 'hack', just accept our utterly unsubstantiated claims that it is part of the Russian efforts against Biden!

"Trump’s Latest Debacle: an Incompetent and Deceitful National Security Team" (Goodman).  It is difficult to imagine putting your foreign policy in the hands of a guy whose only plan is to manipulate it to get himself raptured into heaven.

"Murderous Influence – The Criminal Power Of The United States And Its Zionist Whisperers" (Hecht-Galinski).

"The Assassination Tapes" (Holland) (from 2004):
"In July of 1973, six months after the death of Lyndon Baines Johnson, The Atlantic published an article by a journalist and former Johnson speechwriter named Leo Janos. "The Last Days of the President," about LBJ in retirement, was elegiac in tone and fact, save for one dissonant paragraph—in which Johnson volunteered his opinion that President John F. Kennedy's assassination had been the result of a conspiracy organized from Cuba. "I never believed that [Lee Harvey] Oswald acted alone, although I can accept that he pulled the trigger," he explained to Janos. Johnson thought such a conspiracy had formed in retaliation for U.S. plots to assassinate Fidel Castro; he had found after taking office that the government "had been operating a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean.""
"The Pentagon’s and CIA’s Power to Assassinate Americans" (Hornberger):
"It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of the change that took place after World War II, when the federal government was converted from a limited-government republic to a national-security state form of governmental structure. A national-security state is a totalitarian form of governmental structure, one that wields totalitarian-like powers. North Korea is a national security state. So are China, Russia, Cuba, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. And post-World War II United States.

The conversion of the federal government to a national-security state automatically brought into existence the power of the federal government to assassinate American citizens. At the moment of the conversion, the freedom of the American people was destroyed because, again, it is impossible to reconcile the totalitarian power of assassination with the principles of a free society.

It doesn’t matter how much Americans are convinced that they are a free people. It doesn’t matter how many times they thank the troops for defending their freedom. The fact remains: A people whose government wields the power to assassinate its own people are not a free people.

It’s no different here in the United States. The power to assassinate, which is reserved to the Pentagon and the CIA, two of the principal components of the national-security establishment (the other is the NSA), is omnipotent and non-reviewable, so long as the Pentagon and the CIA say that the assassination relates to “national security.” Once they utter those two words, there isn’t a court in the land, including the U.S. Supreme Court, that will interfere with the Pentagon’s or CIA’s assassination of any American citizen or, for that matter, any other citizen.

An American citizen who learns that he has been targeted for assassination has no recourse to prevent his killing. If he kills the assassin or any other Pentagon or CIA official, they will arrest him, prosecute him, and execute him as a terrorist and murderer. If he seeks an injunction in U.S. District Court, they will assassinate him on his way to court. If a relative sues for an injunction on his behalf, the court will dismiss the suit for “lack of standing.” If relatives sue for wrongful death, their suit will be summarily dismissed. If a state grand jury returns an indictment for murder against the Pentagon or the CIA, a federal district court will enjoin the prosecution. If a federal grand jury returns a similar indictment, a federal district judge will summarily dismiss it.

In a national-security state, national security is everything. Once the Pentagon or the CIA utter those two words to justify their assassination of an American citizen, the other three branches of government, including the judiciary, immediately go silent, passive, and deferential.

Can Americans regain their freedom? Of course! But to do so requires a dismantling of the national-security state form of governmental structure and a restoration of a limited-government republic form of governmental structure."
"Tracked, Targeted, Killed: Qassem Soleimani’s Final Hours" (al-Salhy).

"German Parliament Office Reports No Russian Invasion of Donbass, Rejects Media and Government Propaganda" (Helmer).  This is just basic common sense.  You'd think the Ukrainians, or the Americans who tell the Ukrainians what to do, would be able to come up with one shred of evidence of direct Russian involvement, if such involvement was really happening.

"France at a Crossroads" (Greeman). The Rothschilds invested too much money in Macron to give up on him yet, and they've restarted the triangulation required to keep very woke Mélenchon out of power:  "Marine Le Pen to Run in 2022 French Presidential Election: Report" (Nussbaum).

"Hong Kong denies entry to Human Rights Watch director".

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fantastic communist

"Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? Iran Shot It Down But There May be More to the Story" (Giraldi).  Good treatment of the conventional story, though unconventional stories are picking up speed.

On the new ultra-mission-creep plan for the farm animals that NATO will be the guardians of Khazaria:  "What’s the Point of NATO If You Are Not Prepared to Use It Against Iran?" (Giraldi).

"The Real Reasons for the Israeli Race to Annex the Palestinian West Bank and Jordan Valley" (Nassar).  'Left' 'Ultra-right' and 'ultra-ultra-right' in Israel are in a kleptomania race.

Euro-trash using diplomatic trickery - not even hidden - to scupper the whole deal (and no doubt thereby get the big bags of shekels):  "How Europe betrayed Iran: By triggering JCPOA dispute mechanism, EU helps Trump finish job of killing the Iran nuclear deal" (Ritter):
"On January 5, 2020, Tehran announced that it would no longer comply with its obligations under the Iran nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA). Iran’s actions are in response to the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, and the re-imposition of economic sanctions by the US which had been lifted when the deal came into force.

In response to the Iranian actions, the governments of France, Germany, and the UK – all parties to the deal, along with the European Union (EU) – invoked provisions within the JCPOA, known as the Dispute Resolution Mechanism (DRM), in an effort to bring Iran back into compliance.

The triggering of the DRM by the European countries, however, is a disingenuous move designed to provide diplomatic cover for the EU’s own failures when it comes to JCPOA implementation.

Moreover, given the likely outcome of this process, a convening of the UN Security Council where economic sanctions will be re-imposed on Iran by default, the Europeans have all but assured the demise of the JCPOA, with their so-called diplomacy serving as little more than a facilitator of a larger crisis between Iran and the US that, given the heightened tensions between these two nations in the aftermath of the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, precipitously increases the prospects for war.

When the JCPOA was finalized in July 2015, the world was given hope that the crisis over Iran’s nuclear enrichment capability, which had been threatening to boil over into war, had been resolved, and diplomacy had prevailed over armed conflict.

The JCPOA codified a number of restrictions on Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, including the numbers and types of centrifuges that could be used, where enrichment could take place, what level of enrichment could occur, and how large of a stockpile of enriched nuclear material Iran was allowed to maintain, and an intrusive comprehensive inspection regime designed to verify Iran’s compliance.

These restrictions were designed to ease over time through a series of so-called “sunset clauses,” until all that remained was an enhanced inspection process. In short, the JCPOA legitimized Iran’s right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes while simultaneously recognizing the concerns of some within the international community regarding the potential for Iran to abuse this enrichment capability for military purposes.

The JCPOA was, in effect, a comprehensive confidence building mechanism intended to build trust between Iran and the international community over time, consistent with the agreement’s preamble, which declared “Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.”

Prior to the implementation of the JCPOA, Iran had been subjected to stringent economic sanctions levied under the authority of the UN Security Council. In exchange for entering into the agreement, these sanctions were lifted.

However, the deal recognized that disputes could emerge regarding the implementation of the agreement, and put in place a dispute resolution mechanism which, if no satisfactory solution was found to an identified problem, would result in these sanctions being automatically re-imposed.

A key aspect of this mechanism was that if any party to the agreement used its veto in the UN Security Council to block a vote related to nonperformance on the part of any party to the agreement, then the economic sanctions would automatically be reinstated.

For the first two-plus years of the deal’s existence, from July 2015 through to May 2018, Iran was found to be in full compliance with its commitments.

In May 2018, however, the US precipitously withdrew from the agreement, claiming that the eventual expiration of the “sunset clauses” paved the way for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon, and as such the JCPOA was little more than a facilitator of Iranian nuclear malign intent.

The US began re-imposing economic sanctions on Iran, all of which included so-called secondary sanctions which applied to any nation that violated the US sanctions. Iran rightfully viewed the re-imposition of sanctions by the US as a violation of the deal.

Furthermore, when EU companies began balking on their willingness to do business with Iran out of fear of US secondary sanctions, Iran rightfully found the EU to be in violation of the JCPOA as well.

Iran gave the remaining parties to the JCPOA six months following the US withdrawal to develop the necessary mechanisms needed to sidestep the impact of the US economic sanctions.

By November 2018, however, no such mechanisms had been implemented, and when the US targeted Iran’s economic lifeblood by sanctioning oil sales, Iran responded by invoking its rights under Article 26 and Article 36 of the JCPOA, which allows Iran to “cease performing its commitments under the JCPOA, in whole or in part”, for either the re-imposition of new nuclear-related sanctions, or “significant nonperformance” of obligations under the JCPOA, or in this case, both.

Since that time, Iran has been gradually stepping away from the restrictions imposed on it, noting each time that its measures were immediately reversible should the underlying issues be resolved in a manner that complied with the letter and intent of the JCPOA.

In short, Iran demanded that the EU live up to its obligations to stand up to the US economic sanctions. The EU has consistently failed to do so, resulting in Iran’s gradual backing away from its obligations, leading to the current state of affairs where all of the restrictions imposed by the JCPOA, not including international inspections, which continue unabated, have ceased to be in operation.

When it comes to levying fault for the current state of affairs, there is no “chicken or egg” causality up for debate. Blame lies squarely on both the US for withdrawing from the deal, and the EU for failing to live up to its obligations under the JCPOA regarding economic engagement with Iran.

Iran has long warned the governments of France, Germany, and the UK not to invoke the DRM, noting that the JCPOA does not permit such a move if, as is the case today, Iran is exercising its legal right in response to the illegal and unilateral actions of the US.

There is no realistic expectation that Iran will change its position in this regard. Russia and China have already indicated that Iran is fully within its rights within the JCPOA to back off its obligations regarding restrictions imposed on its nuclear program, citing US and EU non-performance.

By invoking the DRM, the Europeans have, knowingly and wittingly, initiated a process that can only have one outcome, the termination of the JCPOA. In doing so, the EU has breathed life into unfounded US allegations of Iranian nuclear weapons intent, setting up an inevitable clash between the Washington and Tehran that has the real potential of dragging the whole world down with it."
"Much Ado About Nothing?" (Robinson).  Putin says some seemingly innocuous things, and then the whole government suddenly, and inexplicably, resigns.  Commentators are baffled.  Couldn't somebody just ask Putin or Medvedev or some other senior official what's going on?  It's not like it is  the old days of the Soviet Union, where every decision was made in secret?

Also, Robinson on Pelosi's comical PDS/TDS.

"Trump, the deal maker, blinks before China" (Bhadrakumar) (Xi had a mission to Burma, and chose that over Trump; my emphasis in red):
"What matters most to Trump is that that China could step up purchase of agricultural exports. Trump mentioned a figure of $50bn worth of imports of agricultural goods a year by China. But China has added the caveat that the purchases will depend on market demand.

Clearly, it was the Chinese retaliation by terminating agricultural imports from US that really hurt Trump politically, who won the White House in 2016 with strong backing from farming states. The US exported nearly $20bn worth of agricultural products to China in 2017. That figure fell to $9.1bn last year, after China imposed retaliatory tariffs of up to 25% on a range of US goods, including apples, soybeans, ginseng and cotton.

Farm bankruptcies have surged 24% across America since September 2018, a few months after US trade disputes with China led to higher tariffs on key farm goods including soyabeans, cotton and dairy. This has forced Trump to announce some $28bn in aid for farmers affected by the tariffs, leading to a ridiculous situation where 40% of farm profits this year are expected to come from federal assistance."
"Trump walking fine line in supporting Iran protesters" (Rothschilds).

"#Handshakegate: Vile Kike Sarah Silverman Shills for Injun Squaw Liz Against Fantastic Communist Bernie" (Anglin).  Fauxcahontas challenged him knowing the microphone would pick it up, but Bernie's been around too long to fall for that kind of trick.  Faux' seems to have decided that her only hope now is as Biden's VP, and wait for Creepy Joe to inevitably croak.  It's funny after Bill and Barry how geriatric Assholian politics has become.  Nobody under 70 wants to lower themselves to be President.

"CNN’s Debate Performance Was Villainous and Shameful" (Taibbi).  "The Big Loser in the Iowa Debate? CNN’s Reputation" (Naureckas/Hollar).  They are supposed to be a little more subtle about the desperation to block Saunders.

"Today's Blind Items - Tripping" (CDaN):  "More often than not, the band was this permanent A list band that had been formed specifically for these experiments."

Army of 'tists

Tweet (leftworks):
"Wikipedia editor Philip Cross removes all reference to award-winning international journalist Jonathan Steele's article on Douma (CounterPunch) from
@Wikipedia's Douma chemical attack page on the grounds that Bellingcat doesn't agree with it."
"Andrew Philip Cross: Wikipedia Editing Scandal Continues (But For How Much Longer?)" (Clark). The 'tist behind it (though I'm sure there is a British intelligence organizing mind directing him in the right directions).  Jimmy Wales is the Zionist thug behind this, as he refuses to remove this obvious problem as an editor.  An army of 'tists is a frightening thing, easily manipulated, smart enough and obsessive enough to do all the grunt work, but without a hint of morality to govern their actions.  The bad guys will direct them against us until the AI cyborg army is ready.

"Wikipedia vs. My Real Biography" (Shamir).


"Virgin Islands allege Jeffrey Epstein trafficked girls as young as 12 as recently as 2018" (Chang/Hall):
"“The Epstein case highlights how sex traffickers — like all organized criminal enterprises — thrive on the secrecy provided by anonymous shell companies,” said Clark Gascoigne, executive director of the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition, a group calling for greater transparency about true owners of shell companies. “Opaque ownership structures make it difficult — if not impossible — for law enforcement to track individuals” behind human trafficking."
A nice way of saying the Mossad ownership is well hidden. Still, if they seize the islands to cover a small part of the damages, ownership will have to come out (which is why I'm sure this aspect of the proceedings will be allowed to die a quiet death).

Linking to an October article:  "For Jeffrey Epstein, one island hideaway wasn’t enough. How he stealthily acquired a second" (Hall/Brown).  The guy whose name they used to keep the unpopular Epstein off the legal documents is Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem (my emphasis in red):
"The seller of the Great St. James property was Christian Kjaer, one of Denmark’s richest men. Members of his wealthy family had owned the property for almost four decades. He did not want to sell it to Epstein because of the 2008 Palm Beach County conviction for solicitation and sordid accounts of sexual abuse related by his underage victims.

“He was not popular on the island,” Susan Astani-Kjaer, the seller’s wife, told the Danish publication B.T. two days after Epstein’s reported Aug. 10 suicide in a New York jail cell.

Locals in St. Thomas begged the couple not to sell the island because of the reports of Epstein’s deviant behavior, she said.

The fact that Epstein was the apparent buyer emerged only when his name appeared in local land-use permits as the sole member of the company that bought it.

Two outside attorneys for Epstein involved in the transaction — Kroblin and Kellerhals — did not return calls and emails requesting comment. Nor did Epstein’s longtime personal attorney, Darren Indyke. Kevin D’Amour, an attorney for the Kjaers in the Virgin Islands, declined to comment, and April Newland, the seller’s broker, did not return calls for comment. Maria Hodge, attorney for the Kjaers, did not answer detailed messages seeking comment, nor did Carrie De Leon of West Indies Title, LLC, the title agent on the deal.

The corporate vehicle for the 2016 purchase was an anonymous Virgin Islands corporation, Great St. Jim, LLC. In communications between lawyers, Bin Sulayem is repeatedly referenced as what in legal parlance is called the ultimate beneficial owner. The parties signed the contract on Jan. 8, 2016.

At least Erika Kellerhals signed it for Great St. Jim, LLC. The contract paperwork included Bin Sulayem’s name but the space above it — where the signature would normally be — is left unsigned. When the sale closed on Jan. 28, 2016, there was no apparent reference to Bin Sulayem anywhere in the subsequent documentation.

Bin Sulayem is a business mogul from Dubai with longstanding connections to the ruling Maktoum family. He has indirect connections to the Virgin Islands. He got his start developing and running Dubai’s port and tax-free zone in the mid-1980s, later expanding into government-tied real estate and port ventures. He is the CEO and chairman of the global ports operator DP World, and was a board member of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the sovereign wealth fund of Dubai.

He has business ties to an Epstein friend and co-investor named Andrew Farkas, a prominent New York developer. Farkas, who is friends with President Donald Trump, is an investor in buildings and an online real estate funding firm owned by Kushner Companies, belonging to the family of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner."
Hilariously, President Jared is tied into the MEGA Group blackmail operation against, amongst many others, his own father-in-law, an operation whose blackmail just led us to the brink of WWIII.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kòt kòb PetwoKaribe a?

Tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat) (more attempts to retroactively squirm to come up with good reasons for the assassination):
"See? See? And John Schindler who’s a model of judgment and probity and a professor at the U.S. Naval War College (or used to be until that Twitter dickpic incident, hey, who among us) can confirm"
Also: tweet (Omri Ceren):
"No. Stop it. Stop it right now. This nonsense has been causing panic across Eastern Europe since yesterday. It's based on misreading @SenTedCruz SRes 466 about Soleimani. That list is past known plots as outlined by the April 8 State Dept factsheet on the IRGC getting FTO'd."
Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"UPDATE: Joe Glasman of the CAA is trying to remove this embarrassing video of him from the internet by filing copyright claims. But you can watch this video, that the Israel lobby doesn't want you to see, here:"
Tweet (Bernie Sanders (Parody)):
"I was a feminist back when Warren was a Republican."
  • woman/woman
  • corporate lawyer/corporate lawyer
  • represented the interests of big corporations/represented the interests of big corporations
  • Republican switched to Democrat (as hitched horse to Bill's future electoral success)/Republican switched (in late 40s) to Democrat (as more chance to win as Democrat)
  • dedicated life in the 1990s to ensure Americans never have single payer health care/dedicated life in the 2010s (and on, if elected) to ensure Americans never have single payer health care 
  • psychopath/congenital liar.
"Where is the Reporting on PetroCaribe?" (Schuller):
"The meeting that concluded on June 19 with some Organization of American States (OAS) representatives highlighted that the dominant countries in the region, certainly the U.S., still support President Jovenel Moïse for the moment. Moïse was elected during a round of elections canceled because of corruption spanning 2015-17. OAS and Core Group rushed to accept the election results. In the second round, with a 21% voter turnout, Moïse was finally elected.

Moïse is the heir apparent to President Michel Martelly, who came to power in 2011 with the strong hand of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton was at the same time UN Special Envoy, President of the Clinton Foundation, and co-President of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC). Martelly, who was elected with a single Deputy (equivalent to U.S. Representative) from his party Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (Haitian Party of Baldheads, PHTK), consolidated his power thanks to the Clintons’ intervention. Martelly managed the large flows of money for Haiti reconstruction and humanitarian aid, under the control of the IHRC for a while and the UN mission, MINUSTAH.

This context is important to remember. Without this context, the PetroCaribe scandal plays into the hands of Trump, who called the country that did away with slavery a “shithole.” Most foreign capitalist media speak about “corruption in Haiti” as a product of the Haitian state and people on their own, wherein Haiti can’t manage or govern. It’s the same racist discourse Haiti has faced for a long time, which justified a “humanitarian occupation” or the “Republic of NGOs.”

Secondly, most of the $4.2 billion in PetroCaribe funds was done under the control of the Clintons, the “King and Queen of Haiti.” The Clintons’ disaster capitalism in Haiti played a role in Trump’s election in Florida.[2]

Finally, Washington is attempting a coup d’état in Venezuela to replace President Nicolas Maduro with Juan Guaidó, close to right-wing networks. President Hugo Chavez created PetroCaribe in 2005. It is a project of solidarity between peoples, another alternative for development. Haiti received PetroCaribe funds in 2008, after 4 hurricanes had stricken. Haiti had tried to maintain the delicate balance of friendly relations with the U.S. and its allies on the one hand, Venezuela and its allies on the other.

The PetroCaribe scandal underscores not only the contradictions of the neocolonial PHTK state but the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy. At the same time that the U.S. is calling to respect Haiti’s presidential elections it is pushing the reverse in Venezuela. The two countries’ destinies are intertwined. Since 2017, the U.S. imposed an embargo on Venezuela, freezing assets. Consequently, PetroCaribe’s gas subsidies had to stop. Two serious impacts of the embargo were the rise in gas prices and the collapse of the value of Haiti’s currency, the gourde: on January 11, 2018, it was less than 65 gourdes to the dollar, but today it is more than 93.

Faced with U.S. maneuvering in Venezuela, President Jovenel Moïse was forced to pick a side. No surprise, the former director of Agritrans, who received funding from the U.S., chose to cut Haiti’s historic ties with Venezuela[3] in the OAS meeting on January 2019. June 27, right after the last OAS meeting, President Moïse gave a final gift to the Core Group, authorizing a new UN mission. A previous mission, MINUSTAH, lasted over 13 years and was responsible for bringing cholera and a wave of unpunished sexual assaults.

But in this game, President Moïse forgot the Haitian people. On July 6 of last year, during the Brazil match in the World Cup, he applied the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) policy to increase gas prices. The people barricaded the streets all over the country. Haiti was locked down for the following two days, which shocked and scared the bourgeoisie and imperialist powers.

But the people weren’t done speaking. In a campaign on Twitter, August 2018, a challenge was launched: “where is the money from PetroCaribe”? Kòt kòb PetwoKaribe a?"
Bolton, 'personal business', presumably picking up a bag of money, it's a wonder we didn't see him slinging it over his shoulder..

Tweet (Nicholas Danforth) (Haftar went to Moscow, where one goes these days to get stuff done, and then shocked everybody when he didn't sign anything!):
"The very fact Haftar is in Moscow embarrassing Putin is an embarrassment to Washington. In a post-American world, we’ve lost our seat at the failed negotiating table"
"Shock as Jew Spook Claiming New Russian Hacking has No Evidence for the Claim" (Anglin).

If you looked at the things Biden supported for the last 50 years, and the things he has achieved, without knowing who he was, you'd assume he was a far-right Republican.  "Biden’s Pack of Lies About the Iraq War" (Husseini).  "Biden Allegedly Told Bush He'd Get The Nobel Peace Prize If He Could Invade Iraq Quickly" (Terkel).

"Trump's EU Poodles - Germany, Britain And France - Obey His Order To Kill The Nuclear Deal With Iran" (Moon). Tweet (Rohollah Faghihi):
"Days before Europeans warned Iran of nuclear deal violations, Trump secretly threatened to impose 25% tariff on European autos if they didn’t…"
Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"This statement by @JustinTrudeau's government is a disgrace. The IAEA certified that Iran was complying with the nuclear deal but Trump pulled out of it and imposed crushing sanctions on Iran. How can Trudeau criticize Iran without even mentioning Trump's betrayal of the accord?"

The Bastard of Doha

Tweet (Haya Al-Thani) (there to rehearse his impeachment testimony?):
"You guys is this John Bolton spotted just casually walking around AlMessila area in Doha?😅"

Two videos

Now there's two videos.

"Iran Jet Disaster Setup" (Sepahpour-Ulrich/Cunningham):
"But the big question which many people on social media are asking is: why was this “videographer” standing in a derelict industrial area outside Tehran at around six o’clock in the morning with a mobile phone camera training on a fixed angle to the darkened sky? The airliner is barely visible, yet the sky-watching person has the camera pointed and ready to film a most dramatic event, seconds before it happened. That strongly suggests, foreknowledge.
Given that something awful has just been witnessed it is all the more strange that the person holding the camera remains calm and unshaken. There is no audible expression of shock or even the slightest disquiet.
Turns out that Nariman Gharib, the guy who received the video and credited by the NY Times for submitting it, is a vociferous anti-Iranian government dissident who does not live in Iran. He ardently promotes regime change in his social media posts.
Christiaan Triebert, the NY Times’ video expert, who collaborated closely with Gharib to get the story out within hours of the incident, previously worked as a senior investigator at Bellingcat. Bellingcat calls itself an independent online investigative journalism project, but numerous critics accuse it of being a media adjunct to Western military intelligence. Bellingcat has been a big proponent of media narratives smearing the Russian and Syrian governments over the MH17 shoot-down in Ukraine in 2014 and chemical weapons attacks.
In the latest shoot-down of the airliner above Tehran, the tight liaison between a suspiciously placed anonymous videographer on the ground and an expatriate Iranian dissident who then gets the prompt and generous technical attention of the NY Times suggests a level of orchestration, not, as we are led to believe, a random happenstance submission. More sinisterly, the fateful incident was a setup."
"New Video Shows 2 Iranian Missiles Striking Doomed Passenger Jet" (Durden).  Durden backs up the JYT analysis over and over, as if he was angling for some of that sweet Bellingcat money, and there is no way to know if the JTY is just making shit up, as is their usual practice.  The second video appears to be a cell phone capture of a CCTV video.

Two missiles would explain the first video, as the first hit might have alerted the video-taker to start his phone video.

The 'loop'

"Syrian Army’s Creeping Offensive On Idlib. Neverending Ceasefires Explained" (Southfront):
"In general, the loop looked the next way:
  • Turkey, Russia, Damascus and the Turkish-backed ‘opposition’ agree on de-escalation efforts and the separation of “terrorists” and “moderate rebels”;
  • “Moderate rebels” do not separate from “terrorists”. Attacks on army positions across the contact line continue. Leaders of Idlib militant groups claim that the ‘bloody Assad regime’ is terrified and vow to crush the regime and its supporters;
  • The army and the Russian Reconciliation Center open humanitarian corridors allowing civilians to leave Greater Idlib. Militants try to prevent this sabotaging the effort. Despite this, some people leave;
  • Government forces launch an offensive delivering a blow to militants and liberating a notable chunk of territory;
  • The ‘international community’ and mainstream media report about numerous atrocities of the army against forces of the young Idlib democracy. Turkey and Russia agree on another ceasefire. The situation repeats.
At the first look this approach looks contrary to a straight logic. It is hard to imagine that somebody believes that the real ceasefire and political settlement is possible with al-Qaeda as one of the key powerbrokers on the ground. Nonetheless, it leads to apparent results: more and more civilians are being evacuated from Idlib and the Syrian Army liberates more and more areas. During the December offensive, even Hayat Tahrir al-Sham supporters had a suspicious that something was going wrong. In these conditions the main question is that how many such ceasefires will be needed to get rid of all radicals in the region?"
Comment by Larchmonter445:
"This is how the Russian General Staff has managed the entire war. Nothing new. Brilliant preservation of men and machines. Excellent use of reconciliation for true rebels vs the jihadis. Many rebels have sworn allegiance to Syria and joined the fight against AQ and ISIS. Also, the ceasefires allow humanitarian aid, so the civilians see Russian MPs and medical services, as well as get water and food to the people, and in many case escort them to safe zone where they get housing and other government services.

How long will it go on in Idlib? Consider the enormous underground networks build since 2011, not just bunkers but ten kilometer long tunnels wide enough for side-by-side Toyota pickups to drive jihadi fighters, guns and ammo. Idlib has been the locale where the French and Turks and Qataris spent billions to create a veritable fortress of the province.

It will take all of 2020 to destroy al Nusra and the Uyghurs. There are at least 50,000 fighters there.

The good thing about the “delays” is the Syrian Army grows stronger each day. The civilians see hope for themselves down the road a few kilometers. The Russian ground presence is Chechen MPs, elite Sunni soldiers who the average Syrian can trust. Every advantage is with the Russian-Syrian operational strategy.

Bear in mind that the US and NATO countries will do everything to disrupt the military operations and to preserve part of Idlib as a permanent cancerous sector within Syria."

Iranian limited hangout

"Very Deep Deception" (West).  There is a possibility that Iran did not shoot down the plane by accident, in circumstances of heightened tension dictated by Trump's illegal assassination, but that the plane was shot down by American agents acting in Iran (to further destabilize Iran), with Iran preferring to take the blame rather than admitting such agents were active in Iran. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Beard-boy Justin seems to be spending most of his time increasing his marvellous shekel collection while trying to keep Trump from nuking Ottawa, so this is an edgy stab at truth:  "Without recent escalations, Iran plane crash victims would be ‘home with their families’: Trudeau" (Connelly).

Iran is being extremely courteous to Canada regarding the investigation, and if Trudeau can pull away from the shekels for just a sec he might take this opportunity of cooperation to consider restoring the diplomatic relations that ultra-Zionist Harper broke off.  Probably too much to ask as shekel corruption is just too strong.

"Iran keeps openly blaming itself, yet there is a Ukraine Air cover-up?" (Mazaheri).  It's hilarious to watch Trudeau scarf down shekels demanding over and over again that Iran take the responsibility that Iran has already taken!

Whoa!:  "How And Why Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Boeing":
"Then, there is one more explanation: The plane was shot down deliberately to exert additional pressure on Iran from the United States during the alleged acute phase of the crisis between Iran and the United States, which had a chance to develop into an open regional war. In the framework of this version, it could be suspected that the operator may have been recruited by US intelligence or blackmailed, or the system was captured in an act of sabotage by the US or its affiliated forces."
"The Iranian Protests Are a Washington Orchestration" (Roberts).  The protests are very small - but videoed to make them look bigger - and the demands are much more nuanced than the (((media))) would have you believe.  Trump's stupidity has broken the back of Sorositis in both Iran and Iraq.

"Under US pressure, social media companies censor critical content and suspend Venezuelan, Iranian, and Syrian accounts" (Norton). I have to admit to being constantly shocked at the audacity of the censorship.

Tweet (Press TV UK):
"BREAKING: Our Press TV UK account has been permanently disabled by #YouTube without explanation, amid US-led anti-Iran sanctions and hostility.
The 'imminent threat' lie - along with the would-you-believe? 'four embassies' claim - has died an ignoble death (amidst all the incompetencies of the hegemon, we have to rank an inability even to come up with an implausible lie): "The Long Planned U.S. Assassinations In Iraq Will Increase Its Political Chaos" (Moon).

There always was an unwritten rule that you didn't intentionally take out 'leaders' - though Ol' Kil kinda ended that with her cackles of joy at what happened to Gaddafi - both because it rarely works - most can be replaced, with new enthusiasm caused by the outrage of the assassination - and there is the fear that your own leaders might end up dead through retaliation, but Pompeo has signaled an end to that rule:  "Pompeo: Killing Soleimani Part of a ‘Broader Strategy’ Applying to China, Russia" (Ditz) (also).  International law has been officially replaced by Assholian/Zionist gangsterism.  "As Israel’s role in Soleimani strike is revealed, Hezbollah’s Nasrallah warned he could be next" (Patel).

Bernie's inevitable grind to the nomination - assuming, against all evidence, a fair fight! - is causing enormous tensions within American politics (not only squeezing out Clinton through removing her proxies/stand-ins, but threatening Trump himself!), leading to a sudden outbreak of even more nonsense than usual.  See here, here, here, here, here, here, here.  Too tiresome to get into the details, but it is a combo of evidenceless revamped #Russiagate, and the standard 'Bernie Bro' stuff that Bernie is really a sexist pig in disguise.  The danger is that Bernie builds up so much momentum that Clinton's superdelegates don't even get a chance to do their corrupt thing.

To make any sense of this, you have to understand that the Khazars are an extremely primitive people who are all, genetically, kleptomaniacs, and for them, once they have decided to steal something from you, your continued holding of it is actually stealing from them:  "Israeli defence minister 'asks army to stop Palestinians spreading in Area C'".

It's complicated:  "Anti-Semitic Attacks Shine Spotlight on Long-Simmering Tri-State Tensions " (Evans).  Shockingly honest, and from the National Review!

Monday, January 13, 2020


"World War III" (Hopkins) (or here, with different comments).  Funny on the American use of the word 'terrorists', but fundamentally backasswards.  Explain to me how 'the global capitalist empire' (or whatever you want to call it) is stronger because of this?  We're seeing huge mistakes made by the hegemon, obvious mistakes with immediate negative consequences (all opening various easy doors for Russia/China), all due to the MEGA Group's hold over American politicians.  The only good thing about it is that it is now impossible for anybody to read this kind of thing with a straight face, as the mistakes are just too obvious.  Perhaps the oddest thing is that Israel is also worse off.  Watching all the Gulf States, and Israel, try to distance themselves from Trump, cowering in fear at Iranian retaliation, was almost worth the stupidity, and is certainly part of The Clarification.

It's possible that the 'peace initiative' that was used to trick Soleimani to Iraq was a real peace initiative:  "The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani. Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings. Iraq Prime Minister" (Pieraccini).  Is it possible that the assassination was meant to stop the peace initiative?

""If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" - Trump Threatened To Cut Off Baghdad's Access To Its NY Fed Cash" (Durden).  Trump's been told that Epstein's video hits the internet the minute American troops start leaving Iraq, and he's growing increasingly desperate, leading to his fall-back position of thuggery.  Note that Iraq is already moving to gold, realizing that the Americans are crooked.

"Labour Group Blames Election Loss on Jewish Conspiracy" (Anglin).  Although great efforts were made to suppress it, Al Jazeera actually has the (((conspirators))) scheming on video, like something out of a Nazi propaganda film, but something that actually happened.  The 'anti-Semitism' issue has completely disappeared in the British media after the election.

"New British Documents About Srebrenica: Not Exactly Sensational, but Useful Nevertheless" (Karganovic).  The requisite genocidal intent is lacking, and the Serbs may even have been led into a trap to allow for the Americans to show up.

"Morning in America Again, or Kristallnacht? The Answer Wins the Election" (Van Buren):
"The great campaigners — Reagan, 2008 Obama, first-gen Bill Clinton — had a vision of Morning in America, of Hope, and, of well, also Hope. People vote their pocketbook, but they also vote on that vision of who they are and who they think they want to be. Aspiration is an economic driver same as wages and in America may be more powerful. Trump is good enough at this. He tells people he’s rich, he’s powerful, he can do anything he wants, and what he chooses to do is work for them for free. Look at the faces at a Trump rally. You saw the same in 2008 with Obama, with Reagan in 1984, and it becomes a conversation that ends almost organically with a vote, like a perfect date that slides buttery into breakfast. They don’t really want to stand up and complain at a town hall, they want to see their future. Save the arguments about what is real and what is guff because they don’t matter when you’re telling a good story to an audience that wants to think they’re better people than they’ve been forced to become.
Meanwhile, the story Democrats are telling is of a crappy place buried in racism and homophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments. It’s not Morning in America in 2020, it’s Kristallnacht. We’re not people of hope and aspiration, we’re bitter and hateful, despised not just for holding a political opinion, but for being the kind of person who holds such an opinion. Nobody takes Michael Moore seriously in a literal way anymore, but he spoke out loud what many Dems think when he said “Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street towards you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them.”
We’re not even really worthy of our vote — the popular vote, as expressed by New York and California, will allow a more righteous country to emerge over bodies of the rednecks the Russians told to vote Trump.
The only real vision the Dems offer is whichever one of them limps out of the primaries, they are not Trump. They want everyone to forget the three years of lies and conspiracy theories that Trump was working for the Russians. They want everyone to ignore the FBI campaign to overturn the last election, the last gasping efforts of which are an impeachment process even the Democrats seem to wish would just go away now. They want everyone to forget the fear mongering saying Trump would start a war with China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea or just nuke somewhere in a fit of rage when Melania had a headache again. They want everyone to forget the three years of claims Trump is incestous, is mentally ill, subject to the 25th Amendment, a danger to us all, bonkers, unhinged. They don’t know the more they rage about Trump and predict catastrophe the more out of touch it seems when the catastrophes don’t happen. Pssst, people have noticed the pattern, Rachel.
Dems also want everyone to forget how those actions, consistent and over time, might be a better indication of how they would govern than any “plan” posted on line. So much fuel has been burned pointing out Trump’s ugliness that the Dems think voters won’t notice the party’s own self-righteousness. Everyone has had their good will tested by years worth of movies and TV which eschews plot to shove simplistic versions of wokeness and feminism down everyone’s throat. We get it — commercials feature disproportionate levels of same-sex and mixed race couples, and the moral of the story is the old white guy is wrong. The absurdity of a man with long hair identifying as a woman and setting local high school track records is now drilled in. That is part of the vision ascribed to Democrats, and it is not worth many votes."
"What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies?" (Rich). The Clintonistas are preparing the firing squads.

The Russians prefer fellow traveler Bernie!:  "U.S. Probes If Russia Is Targeting Biden in 2020 Election Meddling" (Strohm).

"Maple Leaf Foods CEO takes aim at U.S. government over downing of PS752 by Iran".  I'm shocked this wasn't completely ignored.

Head-fake by Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, but it demonstrates that the protests are being noticed:  "Macron Abandons Plan To Raise Retirement Age As Rock-Throwing Protesters Get Tear-Gassed" (Durden).

"Russians are coming — to the Indian Ocean" (Bhadrakumar).  American troops in Iraq as a cautionary tale (in this case, for Sri Lanka), the old story of the last guy at the party who just won't go home, even as you turn out the lights:
"Above all, Lavrov himself is an old Sri Lanka hand, having begun his diplomatic career in Colombo in 1972. Both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa know him well. Above all, Lavrov’s words carry conviction, given the rock solid support Moscow extended during the LTTE war. 
In contrast, if Iraq’s current plight is anything to go by, once the Americans set up shop on Sri Lankan soil, it will be impossible for Colombo to ever evict them. Trump is now threatening Iraq that it risks losing access to a critical government bank account if Baghdad kicks out American forces. 
To quote from Wall Street Journal, “The State Department warned that the U.S. could shut down Iraq’s access to the country’s central bank account held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a move that could jolt Iraq’s already shaky economy, the officials said.”
“Iraq, like other countries, maintains government accounts at the New York Fed as an important part of managing the country’s finances, including revenue from oil sales. Loss of access to the accounts could restrict Iraq’s use of that revenue, creating a cash crunch in Iraq’s financial system and constricting a critical lubricant for the economy.” "
This is going to be a tricky election for the Bolivian coup plotters, with the OAS having to certify a complete travesty as 'fair':  "MAS Can Get Over 40 Percent of Vote Even Without Morales as Its Candidate – Bolivian Journalist" (Blinova).

"Rabbi Slammed for Calling Soviet Immigrants to Israel “Gentiles and Communists”". Sephardic chief rabbi Yitzhak Yosef.  It's true, of course, but I am sorry he didn't go on to point out that the Khazars who run Israel are also all gentiles.

"Jewish National Fund to host genocide promoter" (Brown).

"Chinese Viral Outbreak is a Version of the SARS Race-Specific Bioweapon" (Anglin).

"“Jeopardy!” Decides That Bethlehem is Israel Now" (Anglin).  Trebek is trying to score a stolen pancreas from the organ thieves.

Financial pogroms

Following generally my theory about lite Zionism, just another trick to fool the farm animals:  "Code-Panic: A Controlled Opposition Spectacle" (Atzmon).  People are still having difficulty getting their heads around the simple and indubitable fact that this outrageous and illegal attack was done solely to assist in keeping Bibi out of jail.  That's it!

CODEPINK's Judenfrei examination of the problems caused by Trump's blackmailed stupidity:  "Ten Ways Trump’s Actions Against Iran Hurt Americans, the Region and the World".

"Israeli Intelligence Was Instrumental In Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination" ('Hunter Wallace'). "CONFIRMED: Israeli Supplied the Key Intelligence for US Assassination of Iran’s Soleimani".

Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"No surprise here. An advisor of the neocon think tank FDD, which was revealed as an asset of Israeli intelligence, was appointed to Trump's NSC by John Bolton to push for attacking Iran. He kept his FDD salary the whole time. That's the tip of the iceberg."
"Rockets hit Iraq military base hosting US troops".  To be repeated over and over again until the Assholes leave.

"Secretary of Defense Says There was No Evidence Iran was Planning Attacks" (Anglin) (also):
"It was also possible that space aliens were planning an attack on US embassies.
We do not have any evidence that space aliens were or were not planning such attacks, just like we have no evidence that Soleimani was or was not planning such attacks.
That is to say: Donald Trump and his advisors had exactly the same amount of evidence that aliens were planning to attack US embassies as they had that Iran was planning to do that. I guess they chose to attack Iran instead of space aliens because they don’t know where the space aliens live or if they even exist."
The Trump technique of dealing with his own mistakes is to put all the blame on employees, and then cleanse himself by firing them.  An obvious out here would be to fire Pompeo for lying to him, but I don't think he can.  It would be funny if Bernie ends up in the White House all because Trump murdered Soleimani.

"Trunews: Paypal Punished Us With Financial Pogrom Hours After Our Jeffrey Epstein Report":
"The founder of TruNews accused PayPal of conducting a “financial pogrom” hours after the Florida-based Christian broadcaster published a hard-hitting news report that linked the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal to Israel’s Mossad spy agency.
PayPal abruptly terminated the account of TruNews without warning or explanation. The conservative Christian news program has received donations in its PayPal account for more than 16 years without any problems. TruNews is funded by donations from viewers. The weekday Christian news and commentary program started in 1999.
TruNews’ founder and host Rick Wiles accused PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman, a progressive leftwing Jewish business executive, of punishing the Christian broadcaster for its hard-hitting reports on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell:
“PayPal abruptly closed our account on the morning of January 3, 2020. TruNews’ report on January 2 was titled ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: Which spy agency is hiding her?’ Our newscast focused on her father’s longtime service to Israel’s intelligence agencies, how she was Jeffrey Epstein’s handler for Mossad, and how Epstein’s team video-recorded influential American men having sex with underage girls who had been recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell.”
Wiles said the swiftness of PayPal’s action hours after the release of TruNews’ report on the Epstein-Maxwell-Mossad child sex blackmail operation was not a coincidence:
“Any American citizen or entity that questions Israeli actions and its influence in America are now marked targets. Israel’s blackmail operation in America for over 30 years was so successful that it is now dangerous for any law-abiding American citizen to demand a real investigation into the biggest scandal in American history which resulted in much of America’s ruling class being caught in a child-sex blackmail trap.”
Wiles accused PayPal of conducting a financial pogrom against opponents of Israeli Zionism:
“TruNews is a victim of a PayPal pogrom. PayPal and the other Techno-Nazis like YouTube and Facebook are pushing American patriots into digital ghettos if they dare to act like free men and women.”"
I think we're going to have to pass the hat around to buy Glenn Greenwald one of those embarrassment brown paper bags with the eye holes cut out.

This isn't even coherent: "Instagram says it's removing posts supporting Soleimani to comply with US sanctions" (O'Sullivan/Moshtaghian).

"U.S. Media Outlets Fail to Disclose U.S. Government Ties of ‘Iranian Journalist’ Echoing Trump Talking Points" (Clifton).

It is starting to look like Putin want to Syria to personally apologize to Assad for having to delay the de-terrorization of Syria as Putin needed to do deals with Turkey, including in Libya:  "UN Security Council extends aid runs for Al Qaeda in Idlib" (Beeley).  It's been a good week for the terrorists, what with the Americans now dropping their pretend war against ISIS in Iraq.

"The Israeli Jew who Tried to Blow up Capitol Hill" (Bacon) (also).

'It's complicated':  "Jews Stay at #1 for 3 Years Running as the WORST NYC Landlords" (Bacon).