Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today is September 10

"Xi reads the Multilateral Riot Act at Davos" (Escobar).  If these Davos Men had any shame they would never be able to show their faces in public, let alone tell us what our lives are all going to be like.  It's Xi versus the asshats who ran the western world into the ground pretending to fight the pandemic.  It is not a difficult choice.  

"Assassination Politics" (Bell).  More relevant than ever, especially in a blockchain world. Note what they did to Bell for this.

"The “Privacy Poor” vs. “Privacy Rich” in a “Digital Bastille”. The “Death of Privacy” under the Helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF)" (Willers)

"The Blob Is Addicted To Overseas Interventions" (Bandow).

"The Vicious Cycle Of Middle Eastern “Diplomacy”" (South Front):

"The situation in the Middle East is in a sort of vicious cycle. Israel targets reported Iranian positions throughout Syria. Tehran then responds by targeting Israel’s allies through its proxies.

Neither of the sides directly targets each other, at least not yet. Tel Aviv has even vowed to carry out a strike on Iran’s nuclear program if the Biden Administration rejoins the Iran Nuclear Deal. In own turn, Iran seems to be rock-solid to retaliate."

The false-flag casus belli for WWIII is being constructed by the (((usual suspects))) as I type, there will be no (or little) warning, and it will suddenly change everything.  It will need to be something shocking enough that the Euro-trash and the usual lackeys will be able, with a somewhat straight face, to participate in the illegal war, thus providing cover for the Assholian outrages. The (((media))) will be 100% War Talk, and the morans will chant 'USA USA USA'.  Shortly thereafter WWIII, a War For The Jews.

Reckless 'idea'

Keeping herself in the (((news))) and (((tabloids))):  "Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell claims HIS plea deal protects HER from prosecution on sex trafficking charges". 

"Why Apollo’s Palace Coup Against Leon Black and Further Disclosures on Jeffrey Epstein Are Not Reassuring" (Smith).  Of course, left out of the discussion, is the fact that (((Black))) was helping to fund almost entirely funding the (((Maxwell-Mossad))) blackmail operation fronted by (((Epstein))), and the 'tax advice' is a rather bad smoke screen.  Also:  "Leon Black Steps Down As Apollo CEO After Review Finds He Paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 Million" (Durden).

"The Political Immortality of Billionaires" (Pizzigati).

Discussion started by Anna Khachiyan on who is funding Navalny.

Tweet (John Pilger) (on famous immunologist/war criminal Tony Blair):

"What is Tony Blair's role in the govt's decision to ignore the science of vaccine trials and delay the second jab? Blair first floated this reckless 'idea' publicly in December. Why? /www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/23/doctors-call-shorter-gap-pfizer-covid-vaccine-doses-uk"

Tweet (Joe Concha):
"Like the campaign, Biden’s staff is choosing which reporters can ask questions instead of the president doing it himself. This continues to be profoundly odd and a painfully obvious attempt to protect him from those suspected of having the audacity to ask a challenging question."
On the coming horror show that is (((Blinken))):  "PATRICK LAWRENCE: Biden is Already Breaking Promises".  It is exactly as if the Fat Fuck went on a big diet and went to finishing school.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Keep in mind there is no war going on right now, just an ordinary day in Israel to call for genocide: Channel 20 anchor Hallel @/BittonRosen says that to prevent the death of 1 Israeli soldier, the # of enemy forces that should be killed is “10 million!”"
Minority Report:  Comedy Edition:  "Indian Muslim comic in jail for weeks for jokes he did not tell" (Ameen).

"Former casino CEO, actress identified as couple who flew to Yukon, got COVID-19 vaccines" (Hong).  Particularly awful when they are trying to keep the north isolated, as it has not been hit hard due to distance and relative lack of traffic in and out.

Sikh terrorism keeps popping up in Canadian politics:  "MP removed from Liberal caucus over allegedly 'dangerous' accusations about colleagues" (Aiello).

"Iraqi group claiming to be new militia says it was behind attack on Riyadh" (Tollast).  Strong anti-Iran slant from the Emirates.

"Trump's Unpardonable Pardons" (Giraldi).

"Dershowitz persuaded Trump to let the Israeli billionaire, Dan Gertler, loot DR Congo again" (North).  From his picture, I think Gertler might be the Missing Link.  Imagine him holding a banana.

"With Likely Victory of Andrés Arauz, Ecuador Will Join Latin America’s Anti-Imperialist Surge" (MacLeod).  Slowly but surely the world is straightening itself out.

"BP's oil exploration team swept aside in climate revolution" (Rothsheilds).  No need for new product as the old product sits in storage and electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy keep coming.

"Twitter Censors Anti-Murderist for Citing Science" (Sailer).  Actually, I'm astounded this is the first time this has happened.  Also:  tweet (Sean Davis):
"If you accurately note that Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos doesn’t want Amazon to be subject to a mail-in union election because of the likelihood of fraud and coercion, Twitter will censor you. Check out the warning on the below tweet. Completely insane."

Monday, January 25, 2021


"Internecine and Existential Struggles in a Transformed World" (Crooke) (a well put critique of the our-way-or-the-highway Dems; read the whole thing):

"The American polity has fractured. After thirty-years’ involvement in conflicts in polarised societies, I have witnessed directly that the condition, primus inter pares, for any political ‘coming together’, is the acknowledgement, on both sides, that whilst ‘one party’ may adamantly refuse the narrative of the ‘other’; may additionally view it as historically untrue; and reject it utterly as a vision for the future, that until both accept that the others’ narrative (whether ‘true’ or not) is authentic to their community, politics simply is not possible. There is no ‘coming together’. (It took four years to reach this point between the sides in Northern Ireland – when both could say, I disagree completely, but I now accept that constitutes ‘their truth’).

The Blue State is taking the opposite path: It wants to crush utterly the narratives of Libertarianism and of Red’s desire to recover the Republican ethos, by claiming that truth, facts and science itself belong to the Blues alone. Biden’s entry therefore, will likely be as disruptive as was the last era. This route will likely fracture the GOP, and possibly in due course, the Democrats too – as its ‘progressive wing’ deems the Trumpist ‘other’ to be so morally flawed, contemptible and illegitimate, that just picking-up where Obama left-off, constitutes a wholly inadequate response."

Wealth cap

"Open letter from Honduran activist to Biden" (Pagoada-Quesada).

Greenwald-Yglesias cancel-culture fistfight, somewhere randomly on Twitter.

"Dominion Voting Sues Rudy Giuliani Over Election Claims" (Durden).  How could anyone defend themselves without seeing Dominion's source code?

Tweets by Mohamed Elmaazi on Joshua Schulte.

"New START Survives" (Larison).  Biden can do this without fear of being mocked as kissing his boyfriend Putin.

"Biden Administration Vows to Consult with Israel on ‘All’ Regional Issues".  'Consult' = 'obtain prior written permission for'.

"When police kill a settler, settlers rain terror on Palestinians" (Noy).  Tweets by David Sheen.

The loons who run Alberta - who are at the steal-everything-that-is-not-nailed-down-for-our-cronies stage of governing, after gambling big on a cancelled pipeline - have really fucked themselves, and the province (and the planet):  tweet (jann arden) (Arden):

"ALBERTANS need to realize- that they and every single one of their descendants— that will ever set foot on this planet, will gaze upon gaping holes and destroyed mountains and slag heaps and they will drink poisoned water and there is nothing that will ever repair the damage."

"Former Israeli army spy recruited by Labour should feel right at home" (Cook) (it is professional help for the 'cleansing', goyim!; note also the connections to Shai Masot, of the Al Jazeera movie fame):

"The revelation this week that the British Labour Party recently appointed a former Israeli military spy to work in its headquarters, reporting to the office of leader Keir Starmer, is truly extraordinary in many different regards.

It is hard to believe the Labour leadership did not know who Assaf Kaplan was or appreciate the likely backlash to placing someone with his background in charge the party’s social media work. That may explain the continuing reluctance from the Labour leadership to comment.

In his online CV, Kaplan had drawn attention to his years spent in the notorious Israeli military intelligence unit 8200, which has a long and ugly record of surveilling Palestinians.

One of the unit’s main tasks, highlighted by a group of whistleblowers in 2014 and widely publicised in the British media, is to gain damaging information to blackmail individual Palestinians. They are then threatened into collaborating with Israel’s military authorities against fellow Palestinians.

Unit 8200 is the lynchpin of Israel’s success in maintaining its 54-year occupation, by engineering a policy of divide-and-rule among Palestinians and foiling any efforts they make to liberate themselves from Israeli oppression.

If Labour officials did not know the significance of Unit 8200, or how the invitation of a former Israeli “military intelligence officer” into Labour headquarters would look to swaths of party members, that in itself is an indictment."

Tweet (Whitepilled Will) ("antisemitic conspiracy"):

"Virtually every country outside the West recognizes this reality. Even America admits to its truth by the fact that you cannot openly say it without incurring social, politcal, or financial retribution."

Mythological Biden-Zuck rift:  "Zuckerberg's Biden problem" (Clayton).

"Sen. Josh Hawley: It’s Time To Stand Up Against The Muzzling of America" ('Hunter Wallace') (the article):
"I don’t want to hear “repeal Section 230” anymore. That’s not an adequate response to the concentrated political, economic and cultural power wielded by the tech oligarchy. 

Confiscate their wealth.

Propose a wealth cap of $50 million to abolish oligarchs.

Nationalize, break up or regulate these corporations like AT&T."

Old Tweets

""Pravda-Level Propaganda" - WaPo Quietly Tries To Memory-Hole Kamala Harris' "Joke" About Starving Inmates" (Durden). Shouldn't the 'editor' who sanitized President Harris be fired on the same basis as whichever 'journalist' was fired by the JYT?

Tweet (Joe Meadors):

"2/3 Without fear of contradiction I can confidently say that every Member of Congress during and since the attack have held the position that @Israel is allowed to commit War Crimes against the United States with impunity and without remorse."

It is no wonder the Khazars ordered their lackey Trump to murder him:  "Nasrallah: ‘It was Iran’s Soleimani who convinced Putin to enter Syria war’":
". . . (the Russians) were concerned about this decision (intervention in Syria) as it could either be a risky step that was doomed to fail, or one that might achieve success. As a result, it was not a political discussion that would convince (Putin) but rather a military discussion.

At the time, after coordination between Iran and Russia, our brother Hajj Qassim (Soleimani) went to Moscow and met with President Putin for two hours – the length of the meeting is important. A number of relevant military, security and political officials were present (at the meeting as well). Hajj (Qassim) told me this (information) himself…(I heard this) directly from him, not through word of mouth. He said, “I spread the maps out on the table and (started talking about): the current situation, our location/positions (and by ‘our’ he means the Syrian army and all its allies), the location/positions of the armed groups, the opportunities for (military) action, and the chances of success”.

(In this meeting) he (Soleimani) presented a (comprehensive) strategic report to (Putin) on the situation in Syria and the region, (and explained) the proposed idea and the expected results. Of course, (in the meeting) he used a scientific, objective, military and battlefield language, (and based his statements) on maps, land areas, numbers and statistics. At this meeting, President Putin said to Hajj (Qassim): “I am convinced”, and the decision (for a Russian military effort in Syria) was made. This what I heard from Hajj Soleimani, and it is (now) well-known by everyone." 
I am afraid we're going to have to suffer through a period of Big Tech tyranny, as there is literally nobody to stop them:  "Facebook escalates attack on socialist left" (Statement of the Socialist Equality Party).

Seriously, stop!:  "Stop saying "it's not censorship if it's not the government"" (Doctorow).

"“Aid and Comfort” To the Enemy: Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsions" (Turley).  The original story that various Republicans were giving recon tours to the Capitol tourists/insurgents:  "Rep. Mikie Sherrill says Congress members gave 'reconnaissance' tours day before Capitol raid" (Katzban).  As far as I know, there is no evidence for this.  It makes no sense as the tourism was clearly unplanned, and depended on the police letting them in.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (related):
"The US government describing the pro-Alexey Navalny protestors in Russia on Saturday as its “allies,” displayed questionable judgment, at best. 
Imagine the US media reaction if Putin had said the Washington 'Capitol' rioters were Russia's allies, to get some idea of why."
"Foreign States Are "Clearly Behind" Pro-Navalny Rallies, Say Russian Lawmakers" (Durden).  A ridiculous attempt at a color revolution is still a color revolution.  One of the most interesting things in the dynamic, as we've seen clearly in recent days, is that Assholia is particularly subject to a similar reverse attack, and it won't need any outside 'help'.  

"A Classic Example of Biased Political Reporting" (O'Neill).  Whatever happens, 'journalists' are ready to explain it all for you.

Russia '96 wasn't a color revolution, from a dip who would know:  "1996 Election – the Americans Didn’t Elect Yeltsin" (Armstrong).  Part II, including the idea that Yeltsin was a necessary step in leading to today's Russian success.

"The Massive and Unseen Costs of America’s Post-9/11 Wars at Home and Abroad" (Mazzarino).

"Farmers’ Protests Reflect Existential Crisis of Indian Agriculture" (Todhunter).

"Mysterious Group Claims Responsibility for Recent Attack on Saudi Capital" (South Front).  I will not be surprised in the least if something happens in the next year or so in Saudi Arabia resulting in the sudden but peaceful replacement of MbS.

"Iran Will Reportedly Issue Seven Demands to President Biden Before Re-Entering Nuclear Deal Talks" (Dunn):
"Fifthly, concerns over other regional states must be discussed as a separate matter, and not included in the negotiations over nuclear enrichment. The next point is said to be that despite not being willing to discuss its missile system, Iran would find it acceptable to talk about arms control on a regional level with United Nations supervision, raising particular concern over Israel’s missiles and illegally-held nuclear stockpile. 
Finally, Iran will not allow a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, and instead demands a UN referendum that includes Jewish Israelis and Palestinians over the “land” issue. No further details on the content of the potential referendum were outlined, according to the report."
Research questions from Bronze Age Pervert (the replies to this, and the links in the replies, are worth reading):
"Research questions for antysemytysm "scholars":
1. Why did South Euro nations often have good relations with (often wealthy) Sephards/no property restrictions etc., but imposed these measures later only on Ashk?
2. Why did Sephards and Christians have same stereotypes about Ashk?
Bonus question: what was the cause of the original quarrel between the Ashk and their Roman co-religionists when Ashk communities started to move to Rome/Italy in 1400's? A quarrel that continues today."
The 'Rothschild' Khazars still look upon the 'American' Khazars as nouveau riche trash:  "Olmert: I hate everything Sheldon Adelson loved about Israel - opinion":
"Once, as he arrived at a reception in the White House, he introduced himself to the US president, saying, “I am Sheldon Adelson the Second.” The US president was confused. It is not a Jewish custom to give your son the same name as yourself and then add on “Junior.” 
The president at the time, who knew a little about Jewish tradition, told him, “But Sheldon, I know you. You’re Jewish. What do you mean by Sheldon Adelson the Second?”
According to the president, Adelson said, “I’m the second richest Jew in the world. Next year, I will be Sheldon Adelson the First as the richest Jew in the world.” Adelson never lived to achieve that title."
"Why Israel is a settler-colony" (Winstanley).  Tweet (Friends of Palestine):
"Today, the UAE cabinet has approved setting up an embassy in Tel Aviv.
It will be useful in giving asistance to the morons who come from the Gulf to “Israel” & take videos on how nice the occupation is going on! #Palestine #UAEIsrael #Zionism
The Boss Found Old Tweets

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Fiasco fall

"The Fiasco of James Le Mesurier’s Death" (Iskef). 

It is a damn shame that truly evil monsters almost never get their just deserts, so I have to applaud whoever did this, whatever the motive.  It seems most likely to have been a financial impropriety - dipping into the terrorist-aiding till - that got him killed.

"US, UK, Canada & Netherlands somehow find $1.2 million for terrorist-friendly ‘White Helmets’ in Syria… because coronavirus" (Malic).  PPE for ISIS.

Not so fun when they come for you

Long, irrelevant thread on the firing of Lauren Wolfe by the JYT.  I have to assume this tweet was their excuse, and they really wanted to get rid of her for some other reason, as this kind of Dem stanning is almost a job prerequisite at the JYT. 

They are actually blaming Greenwald for this, as if the JYT would listen to Greenwald!

Suddenly ironic tweet by the firee.

Tweet (Miss Jo):

"The Left wing media and journalists have encouraged, promoted and begged for cancel culture where people can get harassed and fired for their words. 

Now a Biden supporting journalist is fired for hers and she is having a meltdown. 
They made this bed..."
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"I'll defend her. NYT journalists should be able to publicly express their emotional exuberance over Democratic politicians and hatred of Republicans... feelings everyone already knows they harbor anyway"

I'm deeply sorry I wasted all these words on 'journalism' inside-baseball shit.

Storming and storming

"That’s All Folks!" (Hopkins).  I wonder if Berlin inspired the planners who created the MAGA trap at the Capitol.  The trickery is almost identical.


Clarification:  "Trump and His Greatest Contribution to America" (Allen). 


"Niggas got played."

Tweet (Branko Marcetic):
"Biden's going to preside over the deaths of half the total Trump's already responsible for, and neither he nor anyone in the Trump-hating, science-believing community seems too bothered. Pre-emptively ruled out a lockdown, now says nothing can be done. Astounding."
Not to mention filling the streets of Washington with an army during the 'peaceful transition' of government, just like a shithole country, while claiming Trump is the 'fascist'.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This is poisonous disinformation—naturally it comes from a Russiagate grifter. 1 in 1000 black men and boys die at the hands of US police; Russia, for all its problems, has nothing remotely close to this."
For some reason Soros had his antifa goons attack a Democrat office in Portland a couple days ago, but you are supposed to forget all the 'mostly peaceful' protests and focus on Putin and Navalny.

Personal dignity

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"If you're in the national press and will be on TV at any point today and being to feel the need to weep joyously, just hold it in until you find a private place. Nobody is expecting any adversarial coverage over the next 4 years, but it's just a matter of personal dignity." 

The standard reply.

How it's going:  "New York Times editor Lauren Wolfe dumped over Trump tweet" (Kelly).


It is instructive to contrast the mythological 'interference' of Russia in Assholian politics with the actual interference of Assholia in Russian politics:  ""Gross Interference": Russia Livid That US Embassy Posted Times & Locations Of Navalny Protests" (Durden).

The (((media))) is also greatly exaggerating the size of the protests.  They weren't nothing, but they also weren't substantial.  There were a lot of convenient camera angles with accompanying statements about how large the crowds were.  Bryan MacDonald thread on the numbers (Saint Petersburg was biggish, but not in comparison to the size of the city).  MacDonald's tweets cover violence from both sides.

There were probably Assholian assets serving as agents provocateurs.

Thread by Terrell Jermaine Starr on Navalny.  I am always going to be amazed at the sheer randomness about who is going to be picked as the next Imperial tool.

From 'Nalvany' to 'Guido', it is difficult to keep the names of the lackeys straight, but it indicates how little the Assholian functionaries actually care about their assets.  Were I to give them more credit, it may be that they make these errors as a way of signaling to the lackeys just how unimportant to the Empire they really are, so they better keep performing.

"Was This Fakenews An Attempt To Get Khamenei Banned From Twitter?" (Moon) (Cole).  The tweet was so far out of Khamenei's usual careful style that it should have drawn some skepticism.  Note the amount of (((work))) put into this operation.

The orders are arriving!:  "Netanyahu to dispatch Mossad chief to meet Biden & outline Israel’s demands for Iran nuclear deal overhaul".

Trump was protecting MbS from the wrath of the CIA.  Those days are over.  "Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi, Will 'Embarrass' MbS" (Durden).

"Deir Ezzor is a Sign of Things to Come" (The Ister):

"The governorate of Deir Ezzor in northeastern Syria splits evenly across the Euphrates River, and is the site of an emerging fault line between the Empire and Resistance Axis. On the West bank of the Euphrates, Bashar al-Assad’s government rules, while the East is occupied by Kurdish and American forces. Unable to achieve complete regime change, the Empire has shifted gears and now is waging a war primarily based on starvation. Limiting the flow of food and energy in the country may not even succeed in directly impeding military operations, but it can effectively turn Syria into a third world country by grinding civilian life to a halt and starving the population.

Syria’s occupied northeast produces 60% of the country’s wheat and 95% of the country’s oil: 400,000 barrels per day of oil production has been lost due to the Kurdish invasion. The formerly oil-rich nation now pumps a mere 20,000 bpd and relies on Iranian tankers to import energy. These tankers are increasingly intercepted by Western powers as part of this war of starvation. Additionally, in the last two years five separate sanctions bills have been passed in Washington, targeting the country’s oil and grain trade.

Energy is not just needed for the tanks and planes of Assad’s military, it is required to power the factories, agricultural operations, businesses, and homes of the Syrian people. Strangling the flow of energy and food into Syria has created spillover effects that have crippled the nation’s economy. With no power for tractors to cultivate wheat or trucks to ship food, the remaining agricultural resources have become severely underutilized and the nation is at risk of famine.

This is nothing new. Just recall what US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said when confronted with the fact that over half a million Iraqi children had died of starvation due to sanctions:

We think the price is worth it"

"Twitter rejected pleas to remove child porn from platform because it didn’t ‘violate policies,’ lawsuit claims".  "Twitter locks account of China's U.S. embassy over its defense of Xinjiang policy" (Goh) ('violated its stand against “dehumanizing” people.').  "Amid anti-AMLO social media purge, Twitter’s top Latin America lobbyist exposed as right-wing operative" (Norton).

"Biden to Retain Trump Envoy Who Tried to Guaido Himself into Power in Afghanistan" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):

"This City Journal article looks back at the incredible devotion of the New York Times to one story: https://city-journal.org/journalism-advocacy-over-reporting?s=09"

"Slouching Toward Post-Journalism" (Gurri, "a former CIA analyst"):

"Yet what looked like journalistic failure was, in fact, an astonishing post-journalistic success. The intent of post-journalism was never to represent reality or inform the public but to arouse enough political fervor in readers that they wished to enter the paywall in support of the cause. This was ideology by the numbers—and the numbers were striking. Digital subscriptions to the New York Times, which had been stagnant, nearly doubled in the first year of Trump’s presidency. By August 2020, the paper had 6 million digital subscribers—six times the number on Election Day 2016 and the most in the world for any newspaper. The Russian collusion story, though refuted objectively, had been validated subjectively, by the growth in the congregation of the paying faithful."

Tweet (Scott Ritter):

"All it took was 48 hours, and Trump is looking better already. More troops to Iraq, regime change in Syria, and an expansion of NATO that knowingly triggers conflict with Russia. Biden has been, is, and will always be a warmonger. Enjoy the ride, America!"

Tweet (Ian Goodrum):

"It's been one year since the lockdowns in Wuhan began, and one year since US media was trying to convince you it was bad because China was doing it."

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Meanwhile, the militarization of Washington continues, with 7000 troops set to remain in the city until mid-March, making mass protest virtually impossible on the grounds of protecting Biden-Harris from American extremists. 

Mayor Muriel Bowser calls it “the new normal.”"
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Last year, billionaire-funded @propublica ran a smear piece painting Larry King as a Chinese asset that included an evidence free non sequitur implying I am a CPC-Russian double agent. 
Larry’s gone now and this is the McCarthyite trash we’re left with. https://propublica.org/article/the-disinfomercial-how-larry-king-got-duped-into-starring-in-chinese-propaganda/amp"
"The Pentagon Speaks" (Hornberger).  Figureheads change, but the national-security state running everything is a constant.

"Jeff Bezos's Amazon Demands Its Mail-In Unionization Vote be Canceled Because COVID "Outbreak" Isn't So Bad" (Sailer).

Saturday, January 23, 2021

President Earpieceguy

"Hard Times" (Andrew Cockburn).  Solid evisceration of the Biden style of doing politics.  Of course, that 'Biden' no longer exists, except insofar as the guy in his earpiece mimics the old Biden.

Here's the official 'debunking' of the 'salute the marines' order to Biden from President Earpieceguy.  If you watch the embedded video you can see that Biden is clearly confused at 5:00 (although, to be fair, he seems not to be receiving much help from his aides), and does say 'salute the marines', without actually saluting, after 5:40.

Post-Trump populism

"The Echo Chamber Era" (Taibbi).  You're actually telling me that as much as 46% of Assholes trust 'journalists' and the (((media))) not to lie, constantly?  Well, there's your problem right there!

"The Cool Kids Are Back In Town!" (purple).  To show how bad it was, Trump didn't even have a Peloton!

"If You Miss Donald Trump, You'll Love Joe Biden" (Rall).  The (((media)))'s consistent complete whitewashing of Biden's entire career is quite something to see, even for professional liars.

"Biden administration to review US-Taliban deal".  Here we go again!

"Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War" (Erlich).  There are hints that the Harris Administration may pick Yemen as the War For The Jews to lay off on, just so they can go all in on WWIII.  Yemen is too geographically isolated to be a proper intro to a World War.

"Russiagate Ain’t Over" (Lauria).

"Why Donald Trump Had to Go" (Koenig).  Not a Davos Man.

An army of psychopaths to build a psychopath country:  "Foot soldiers of the colonizer state" (Murphy).

Tweet (Michael Tracey):

"Read these paragraphs in which the former acting Defense Secretary calls the entire department "rotten" because a Deep State is hiding its functions from civilian leadership https://vanityfair.com/news/2021/01/embedding-with-pentagon-leadership-in-trumps-chaotic-last-week"

"Comply or Die" (Audacious Epigone).

"AOC Tells CNN She Skipped Inauguration As She Doesn't "Feel Safe" Near GOP Members" (Durden).  At least we're getting to see the real AOC.  It is pretty bad when you make Cuomo sound like the sane one.

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"A few people on Twitter yesterday defended Labour's actions in hiring a former Israeli spy along the lines of: "he's not a spy! He put it on social media!" 
To those people I would ask what he's hiding by now scrubbing this from the social media. (Before and after below)"
A similar situation in Trump's version of Assholia - Q or E?  Cohen-Watnick was the Teflon Man of the Trump Administration.

Greenwald and Blumenthal on the most recent outrageous Facebook censoring, which is starting to hit the class war issue right on the nose.

Tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat):
"Post-Trump Populism Has More Room To Grow" ('Hunter Wallace') (also) (income redistribution and an end to the Trannycaust, a winning formula!):
"We need a Huey Long 2.0 to step up to the plate and run against Neoliberal Joe. 

By “Drain the Swamp,” we now mean draining the billionaires of the overwhelming majority of their money. Confiscate their wealth, give that shit away and impose a wealth cap on them. No one should be able to spend $900 million dollars on a vanity presidential campaign. The problem is this concentration of cultural, economic and political power. The job of the next president is to break that up. 
Some people will object that giving away the wealth of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg is anti-Semitic because of the disparate impact of redistributing the wealth of America’s billionaires. Forcing these people to live off only $50 million is the equivalent of Auschwitz. I think promoting the idea of a wealth cap will be a lot funnier than gas chambers memes. Just as Neoliberal Joe has what he calls “racial equality,” the Share Our Wealth program is the populist version of “equity.”"
"Google Threatens Shut Down In Australia Over Bill Designed To Better Compensate Content Providers" (Durden). This is a bluff by Google, a particularly arrogant one, and Australia should call them on it. A successful post-Google country would be a model for the world.  Canada is talking about this same issue.

Right out of 1984 and the totalitarian states which inspired it:  "The Enthronement of False Dimitry, and What Will Happen Next" (Karganovic).

Friday, January 22, 2021

Operation Peaceful Transition

A tour de force!:  "Despite What You Heard, There Was No Peaceful Transition" (Goldfield). I suppose that the calls for Biden to fix various injustices aren't getting very far because Biden played such a large roll in creating the injustices in the first place.

Symbolic!:  "Biden Inauguration Soundtrack Includes MF DOOM, an Immigrant Rapper Deported Under Obama" (MacLeod).

Added:  "Teachers Union Berated Trump for Reopening Schools, Now It’s Praising Biden For Doing the Same" (MacLeod).  So far, almost everything Biden has done or said points to him governing exactly as Trump did, or even, in some cases, to the right of Trump, yet everything is suddenly perfect.

"Ugandan President Museveni Wins Yet Another Re-Election Amid International Findings of Massive Fraud" (CovertAction Magazine).  Image search:  "bobi wine arrest"

Here Are the Superheroes To Come and Save Us

Tweet (Laiken Jordahl):

"ALERT: On day 2 of the Biden admin, crews are still building the #BorderWall through the Buenos Aires Natl. Wildlife Refuge in AZ. Every hour we don’t stop them more irreparable damage is done. 

Video taken last night by @PeccaryNotPig free for media use.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"While this may be true, it does not say anything about reversing the drawdown anywhere in this article (by a pro-Israel pundit). Seems like many shared this deceptive tweet without reading the article."

Making the tweet a classic example of the Zionist technique of making something wished for happen by claiming it has already happened, a fait accompli that the goyim just have to go along with.  On the other hand it is completely consistent with what Blinken has already said, and it would not surprise me in the least.  See:  "US military convoy enters northeast Syria: report".  Yinonizing Syria is still a huge priority for Khazaria and thus all Khazars.

"Michael McFaul’s Counterproductive Policy Proposals" (Robinson).  The proposals are very sensible if your only goal is to start WWIII.

Tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat):

"Wow, two rightwing Israelis do not want the U.S. to revive the Iran Deal. This point of view is very important for Americans to know about. Thank you Corporal @JeffreyGoldberg for publishing it! #savvy"

Tweet (Rupali Chadha, M.D.):

"Biden is now reversing the executive order put into place by President Trump to reduce pricing for insulin and epinephrine ... 

This is NOT a partisan issue and will harm Americans."

"Neoliberal Joe Is Focusing On Unpopular Policies" ('Hunter Wallace').  Red meat for the DILEs.  Moon on the Trannycaust:  "On Day 1 Joe Biden Destroyed Women's Sports".

"The Moronic Firing of Will Wilkinson Illustrates Why Fear and Bad Faith Mob Demands Reign Supreme" (Greenwald).  Let's all get along and just agree that Mike Pence is awful.

"“Here Are the Superheroes To Come and Save Us”: Media Waste No Time Fawning Over Biden" (MacLeod).  For Joe Fucking Biden, arguably consistently the worst Assholian politician in the last fifty years!

Greenwald thread on those who are now lecturing about 'disinformation'.

Greenwald thread on domestic militarization, and the not-so-curious disinterest in the subject by the (((media))).  Ashli Babbitt?  She Had It Coming™.

Canada has a new GG!  "Payette is the one resigning — but Justin Trudeau has to wear it" (Wherry).  She had an hilarious list of problems with her job, so just didn't do most of it, and treated all her staff with contempt.  She also hated bagpipe 'music', which for a Canadian GG is the equivalent of a sushi chef who is allergic to touching fish.  The vetters told Trudeau she would be toxic, but he was set on an astronaut GG, so picked her anyway.  Her predecessor was a superb GG.


"Donald Trump: Another False Messiah?" (Barrett).  From Zevi to Trump!

There is quite a bit of Killary in President Harris, requiring some sanitization:  "The Washington Post Memory-Holed Kamala Harris' Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water" (Boehm).

Funny that the only guy they can't find is also the only terrorist:  tweet (FBI Washington Field):

"#ICYMI: @ATFWashington and #FBIWFO increased the reward to up to $75,000 for information about the person(s) responsible for placing suspected pipe bombs in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Call 1-800-CALL-FBI with info or submit to http://fbi.gov/USCapitol. https://fbi.gov/wanted/seeking-info/suspected-pipe-bombs-in-washington-dc"

"Anger grows within Labour over role of ex-Israeli military intelligence official" (Cobain/Rickett/Masarwa/Hooper).  A classic example of the problem of how you walk something back when you've already spent the shekels. At least every member of the Labour Party can now rest easy knowing that all their details are in a big file in Tel Aviv.  Now if you forget a password you can just retrieve it from the Mossad.

"We're Back Baby! Bomb'n Biden says "Come on Man" We're Off to War....... by Fred".  Even I am shocked by the speed and shamelessness.  It is going to be a rocky 4 years (if Assholia lasts that long).

"America's Real Unemployment Crisis" (Viable Opposition).  I think the real miracle is that, from reading the (((media))), you'd only get the vaguest notion that there was any kind of problem.

"The Making of US Empire at the Dawning of Its End" (Escobar) (Lindbergh didn't stand a chance) (comment on the missing piece of the analysis by sarz):
"Wertheim details the fascinating, evolving intellectual skirmishes along the first eight months of WWII, when the prevailing consensus among the planners was to concentrate on the Western Hemisphere only, and not indulge in “balance of power” overseas adventures. As in let the Europeans fight it out; meanwhile, we profit.

The fall of France in May-June 1940 – the world’s top army melting down in five weeks – was the game-changer, much more than Pearl Harbor 18 months later. This is how the planners interpreted it: if Britain were the next domino to fall, totalitarianism would control Eurasia.

Wertheim zeroes in on the defining “threat” for the planners: Axis dominance would prevent the United States “from driving world history. Such a threat proved unacceptable to U.S. elites”. That’s what led to an expanded definition of national security: the U.S. could not afford to be simply “isolated” within the Western Hemisphere. The path ahead was inevitable: to shape world order as the supreme military power.

So it was the prospect of a Nazi-shaped world order – and not U.S. security – that shook foreign policy elites in the summer of 1940 to build the intellectual foundations of global U.S. hegemony."

at least it's not trump

Tweet (Joe Catron).

Tweet (Dennis Anderson) (on the Bernie coat-mitts meme, which has been photoshopped by local businesses in front of their establishments all over my Instagram feed):

"We love that meme because we have some sick twisted unfounded belief that Bernie could have/ would have been able to turn this dying empire into a something more humane within the current system. 

If only he wasn’t so cheated and misunderstood."

The Dems are in a bit of a spot now, as Bernie actually has some power, making it much more difficult to hide the fact he makes a lot of noise but never really accomplishes anything.

"Israeli war crimes in Syria – the Trump/Biden strategy" (beeley):

"I will update with any new information as I receive it but it is clear that Biden has no intention of withdrawing from Syria or of lifting sanctions. The deluded “left” are celebrating Trump’s departure but with little appreciation of the Hell they have now unleashed upon this country. The old adage “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind, the Syrian people do not thank America for believing in the mirage of democracy and two party politics – I hope, with all my heart, they wake up to the psychopathic, sadistic, predator class that truly rules them before it is too late for all of us but most of all for the Syrian people who have already endured too much. "

Ha ha ha ha!!!: "If Joe Biden Moves Left, You Can Thank the Left" (Featherstone).  Classic Jacobin (why I almost never link to it).  Except for the completely expected performative identity politics bullshit, and the reversal of a few of the most ridiculous of Trump's last-minute moves (yes, the start of Pompeo's 2024 campaign), Biden has been remarkably unapologetic about how ultra-right-wing he is.  I thought he might throw in just one tiny bit of concrete material benefits to start his regime - that's what it is called when the election is stolen, right? - on the right foot, but no.  Not a sliver, and a repetition and reinforcement of all the worst aspects of Trump's Zionist foreign policies.  Watch for PR outfits like Jacobin to continue to distract from the upcoming Wars For The Jews with this kind of crap.

Tweet (@amuse) (the technical term is 'hitting the ground with a giant bag of shekels'):
"BREAKING: President Biden is considering reversing Trump's drawdown in Iraq by adding thousands of troops to combat growing terror threats in the region as evidenced by Thursday's attack near the US embassy."
Michael Tracey continues with his baffling faith in the integrity of the last election, and is easily shot down by King Baeksu and Bronze Age Kodkod. I am seriously going to have to reconsider Tracey as a reliable narrator, as this is simply ridiculous.

"Biden To Keep Up Trump's Venezuela Regime-Change Policy" (Durden).  There is not even the tiniest of justifications for this nonsense.  (((Blinken))) wants the people of Venezuela to 'really feel the pain', which apparently was the real problem with that softy Trump and his murderous sanctions.

"Biden’s secretary of state praises Trump’s achievements on Israel" (Weiss).

"About Suffering: A Massacre of the Innocents in Yemen" (Kelly).  Well written essay!

Silliness has been proven to never be a problem for warmongering propaganda.  I can't list all the times I have read some utterly ridiculous bilge, just when (((they))) run it up the flagpole, and thinking that it will never fly, and a few months later there's a new War For The Jews based on it.  "The Number Of Uyghurs Has Tripled - The U.S. Calls It A Genocide - Propaganda Fails To Explain It" (Moon).

"The ‘humanitarian’ left still ignores the lessons of Iraq, Libya and Syria to cheer on more war" (Cook).

“Thought leader” Henry Kissinger

"Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, and the SolarWinds Hack" (Webb). Khazar false-flag cyber-attack as part of the casus belli to start WWIII against Russia.  Reading all the ties to murderous, thieving Khazars, on multiple levels, you start to get a sense for how deeply dangerous it is for any society to allow this kind of systematic undermining.  Prepare for more of this.  Here's just the Bronfman/Maxwell infiltrations:

"At the time of its acquisition by SolarWinds, Samanage’s top investor was Viola Ventures, a major Israeli venture-capital firm. Viola’s investment in Samanage, until its acquisition, was managed by Ronen Nir, who was also on Samanage’s board before it became part of SolarWinds.

Prior to working at Viola, Ronen Nir was a vice president at Verint, formerly Converse Infosys. Verint, whose other alumni have gone on to found Israeli intelligence-front companies such as Cybereason. Verint has a history of aggressively spying on US government facilities, including the White House, and created the backdoors into all US telecommunications systems and major tech companies, including Microsoft, Google and Facebook, on behalf of the US’ NSA.

In addition to his background at Verint, Ronen Nir is an Israeli spy, having served for thirteen years in an elite IDF intelligence unit, and he remains a lieutenant colonel on reserve duty. His biography also notes that he worked for two years at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, which is fitting given his background in espionage and the major role that Israeli embassy has played in several major espionage scandals.

As an aside, Nir has stated that “thought leader” Henry Kissinger is his “favorite historical character.” Notably, Kissinger was instrumental in allowing Robert Maxwell, Israeli superspy and father of Ghislaine and Isabel Maxwell, to sell software with a back door for Israeli intelligence to US national laboratories, where it was used to spy on the US nuclear program. Kissinger had told Maxwell to connect with Senator John Tower in order to gain access to US national laboratories, which directly enabled this action, part of the larger PROMIS software scandal.

In addition, Viola’s stake was managed through a firm known as Carmel Ventures, which is part of the Viola Group. At the time, Carmel Ventures was advised by Isabel Maxwell, whose father had previously been directly involved in the operation of the front company used to sell bugged software to US national laboratories. As noted in a previous article at Unlimited Hangout, Isabel “inherited” her father’s circle of Israeli government and intelligence contacts after his death and has been instrumental in building the “bridge” between Israel’s intelligence and military-linked hi-tech sector to Silicon Valley.

Isabel also has ties to the Viola Group itself through Jonathan Kolber, a general partner at Viola. Kolber previously cofounded and led the Bronfman family’s private-equity fund, Claridge Israel (based in Israel). Kolber then led Koor Industries, which he had acquired alongside the Bronfmans via Claridge. Kolber is closely associated with Stephen Bronfman, the son of Charles Bronfman who created Claridge and also cofounded the Mega Group with Leslie Wexner in the early 1990s.

Kolber, like Isabel Maxwell, is a founding director of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. Maxwell, who used to chair the center’s board, stepped down following the Epstein scandal, though it’s not exactly clear when. Other directors of the center include Tamir Pardo, former head of Mossad. Kolber’s area of expertise, like that of Isabel Maxwell, is “structuring complex, cross-border and cross industry business and financial transactions,” that is, arranging acquisitions and partnerships of Israeli firms by US companies. Incidentally, this is also a major focus of the Peres Center.

Other connections to Isabel Maxwell, aside from her espionage ties, are worth noting, given that she is a “technology pioneer” of the World Economic Forum. As previously mentioned, Salesforce—a major investor in Samanage—is deeply involved with the WEF and its Great Reset.

The links of Israeli intelligence and Salesforce to Samanage, and thus to SolarWinds, is particularly relevant given the WEF’s “prediction” of a coming “pandemic” of cyberattacks and the early hints from former Unit 8200 officers that the SolarWinds hack is just the beginning. It is also worth mentioning the Israeli government’s considerable ties to the WEF over the years, particularly last year when it joined the Benioff-chaired C4IR and participated in the October 2020 WEF panel entitled “The Great Reset: Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Start Up Nation Central, an organization aimed at integrating Israeli start-ups with US firms set up by Netanyahu’s longtime economic adviser Eugene Kandel and American Zionist billionaire Paul Singer, have asserted that Israel will serve a “key role” globally in the 4th Industrial Revolution following the implementation of the Great Reset."
Read the whole thing.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sholom Sholam

Tweet (Tony Hovater):

"Trump's first pardon Sholom Rubashkin.

Trump's last pardon was Sholam Weiss.

Really make you think." 

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In his inauguration speech, Joe Biden didn't mention a single policy or concrete thing his government will do for people. It was just a bunch of vapid feel-good platitudes about "unity," civility, rebranding the empire as a benevolent force, and, well, making America great again."
"Joe Biden Signs 17 Executive Orders and Directives" ('Hunter Wallace').  Performance art.  The key will be what people think when they realize Joe isn't going to do any of the important things they thought he would (to be fair, he tamped down expectations at every possible opportunity, but people don't want to hear that, and so don't).

"Joe Biden, welfare king" (Cooper).  The scourge of means testing.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"The latest in hysterical fear mongering is that Russia or China are going to hack Biden’s Peloton bike. @nytimes has a whole article about it. Maybe Hillary Clinton can lead a 9/11-style commission into “exercise security”? https://nytimes.com/2021/01/19/us/politics/biden-peloton.html"
"Which nation will US Democrats try to destroy in the next 4 years?" (Mazaheri).  China is the safety school of Khazar targets.  (((They))) will take a war on China if they have to, as any insane Assholian militarism is 'Good for the Jews', but what (((they)))) really want is WWIII on Russia, to remove Putin.  (((They))) may use a War For The Jews on Iran as their back-door to WWIII against Russia, to be mainly fought in Europe ((((they))) all despise Europe, and want to see it turned into a nuclear wasteland, making the bribed Euro-trash kid-gloves approach to Israeli genocide even more hilarious).

Thread by Dan Kervick on Maga kooks and Resistance counter-kooks.

"Ironic" (Robinson).

Biden version Q (Added:  link has died, but it was a 4chan rant, probably from /pol).  QAnon wrecked MAGA as it induced passivity in the frogs, telling them to wait for the 'plan' and not challenge anything Trump did, so the rational approach is to consider it as a psych op, almost certainly by the Swamp.

The real Navalny thread by katya.  I don't ever remember Gessen being quite this stupid:  "Alexey Navalny’s Fearless Return to Russia".  The 'Novichok' was the standard Russian middle-aged male lunch of two bottles of vodka (with a cocktail of other drugs), which caused the coma due to his diabetes.  "Swedish Laboratory, Stockholm Court Confirm Alexei Navalny Prepared NATO Secrets, Adding Evidence for Treason Indictment in Russian Court" (Helmer).

"Wikipedia: The Overlooked Monopoly" (Olenick).  Doesn't even mention the extreme Zionist slant (to the extent I feel Wikipedia was set up to establish 'facts on the ground' to protect murder and land theft by Khazars, with the other stuff there to provide camouflage).  This sounds like a problem easily rectified by proper competition, so we have to wonder why nobody tries to set up an alternative with sensible editing procedures.

Although the (((social media))) censors ostensibly to combat 'hate', hate doesn't really bother them in the least:  "Twitter, Facebook And YouTube Allow Incendiary Anti-MAGA Video To Remain On Platforms" (Durden).

Same thing with 'feminism'.  The Dems could care less about the lives of women (or girls).  "Biden Abolishes Female Sports Champions" (Sailer).

"GM Human® — Bill Gates’ Plan For Our Future" (Hugus):
"The thread running through Bill Gates’ history is that this man isn’t interested in feeding the poor or helping humanity through improvements in medicine and public health. His field is making computers perform tasks through software programs. He sees people as computers to be programmed to meet human behavioral and eugenic goals which he and the global elite find desirable. The software engineer has become a world-scale social engineer, but continues to use his original model. We should keep in mind, however, that within the larger program (post-MS-DOS), Gates has never been acting alone.

The use of  technology to manipulate the human genome could open what Bill Joy, writing twenty years ago, called “Pandora’s boxes of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics” which could irreversibly change what it means to be a human being.17 Even if its intentions were benevolent, science should know better than to meddle in something it knows so little about, including the human immune system. You can never change just one thing, as everything is connected.

But when it comes to the oligarchs now ruling much of the world, it is hard to escape a picture of not mistaken use of science but actually malevolent use of science, and excessive power reaching into madness. There are other examples of this in history, such as the development of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, but this time many diverse actors are using technology which could be even more harmful and difficult to control. No one should ever have been allowed to amass the power which people like Bill Gates hold, not to mention those who back him. Clearly and urgently, these people must be stopped."
"Israel Is Losing the Fight To Obscure Its Apartheid Character" (Cook).  This is a little weird, as it completely misses the trickery behind the 'apartheid' description, and asking B’Tselem to be anything other than it is, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs land theft and genocide promotion operation, is ridiculous.  We're just seeing more farm animal manipulation.  It is exactly the same thing that Weiss does.  'Look, goyim, we've got everything under control, and are moving swiftly to the blessed 'two-state solution', so don't interfere and fuck everything up, OK?'

Pure Evil.  "Revealed: Israeli Settler Groups With Ties To the US Are Evicting Palestinians in Mass" (Buxbaum).

"15 Ways To Cope When You Don't Like The President" (The Babylon Bee).

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Never known a love he had not paid for

Tweet (An0maly) (or been Jewish gangsters):

"Edward Snowden & Julian Assange should have dropped a fire mixtape then maybe they woulda got a pardon." 

It is too bad.  Trump could have found an unassailable place in the history books as a champion of freedom of speech, but he wasn't a big enough man to do it.

Brutal, if true, no-pardon tweets by Snowden.

"'Q-Anon' Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known as 'Operation Trust'" (Menahan).  Also.

We've just passed another uneventful burst of Iran Talk.  We now await the false-flag attack on Assholia that will serve as the casus belli for WWIII.  "How CENTCOM Chief McKenzie Manufactured an Iran Crisis to Increase His Power" (Porter).

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"I fully agree. We can relax now that we have a President committed to justice in Palestine, ending all the wars, canceling student debt, ending Trump’s war on immigrants, ending prosecutions of journalists and immediately expanding Medicare to everyone. #justKidding"
Added: Twitter seems to be struggling to load, perhaps under the weight of inauguration tweeting.

Just slightly more rude

"just slightly more rude" 

"Macron rules out official apology for colonial abuses in Algeria".  "The Paris massacre that time forgot, 51 years on" (Hani).  "Algeria to Protect its National Interests" (Odintsov).  "Déclaration de Georges Abdallah pour le meeting anti-impérialiste".

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"Twitter just suspended the account of Venezuela's new National Assembly, which was voted on in an election in December (which the USA refused to recognize), while Twitter verified puppet Guaidó's coup "gov't" 

These Silicon Valley free speech overlords are tools of US imperialism"
I just had a Bill Gates computer crash - it is such a splendid idea to let him own all the farm land and control everybody's health! -  and lost my most recent links, so that's it for now.

Absolutely outstanding

Tweet (How Upsetting):

"Absolutely outstanding"

 Lampert is hilarious!

Tweet (Michael Tracey):

"Have any journalists with a significant national platform raised even the slightest concerns about the propriety of the ongoing DC military occupation? Most appear to have accepted it as Sadly Necessary in light of the Threats they’ve heard rumors about"

By their own logic, the Dems are going to have to insist on a similar permanent military lockdown, as the 'threat' is never going away. Shithole totalitarian state.

"Escobar: Baghdad On The Potomac - Welcome To The Blue Zone".

"The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming" (Greenwald).  "Incitement to violence".

Tweet (Scott Heins):
"This video of the NYPD charging and arresting workers on strike for just a $1/hr raise is 10,000 times more politically relevant than any image or footage coming out of DC this week"
The Khazars have a Pardons For The Jews Office, and there are an awful lot of ((())) in the pardon list, including some of the most unseemly.  The Dems who tut tut about the corruption behind Shekels For Pardons should be reminded of Marc Rich, the proceeds of which Ol' Killary - who, btw, is insane - might have used to off Seth Rich.

"Biden will recognize Guaido as Venezuela's leader, top diplomat says" (Rothschilds).

"Blinken’s diplomatic cart will have a bumpy ride" (Bhadrakumar).  "Biden Administration's 'New' Foreign Policy Is The 'More Of The Same' Old One" (Moon).

"Biden Lifts Health Care Plan From Insurance Lobbyists" (Perez/Rock).

Tweet (Sarah Jackman):
"Hard to watch this bs. Hard to believe we are going to keep going down the same stupid path...
"There is a lot that Iran would need to do to come back into compliance" Antony Blinken on #JCPOA"

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):

"The difference between Blinken and Pompeo appears to be Blinken isn't rapture ready and he will wave an LGBTQIA flag when promoting military interventions. But they both love destructive regime change policies or "efforts to restore democracy" in the world."
Tweet (AFP News Agency):
"#BREAKING Biden State pick says US embassy will remain in Jerusalem"
Tweet (Daniel Chaitin):
"Tucker Carlson: Mitch McConnell "sent word over to the White House: if you pardon Julian Assange, we are much more likely to convict you in an impeachment trial.""
Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"A new study estimates that the pandemic’s total cost to the United States will be $16 trillion, or 90% of annual GDP, by the fall of 2021. 
Meanwhile, rigged U.S. stock markets are approaching yet another record high. 
https://theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/19/us-coronavirus-400000-deaths… #COVID19"

 Tweet (Daily Caller):

"CNN's David Chalian says that the side lights on the National Mall's reflecting pool are like "extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America.""

Just as an aside, the editing functions in the New Blogger are abysmal to the point it is actually unbelievable.