Sunday, February 16, 2020

Can barely recognise

"Alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Joshua Schulte on trial in New York" (Grenfell).  It is not clear to me whether he did it, which would make him one of the few moral employees in the history of the CIA (you can identify the moral ones by the fact they are, or have been, in jail), or whether he is just the scapegoat used to cover for the decision of CIA poobahs not to properly secure sensitive information.  In any event, special treatment of the CIA makes all the national security trials a joke, a parody of a 'fair trial'.

"Mistrial declared in case of anti-coup activists arrested in DC police raid on Venezuelan Embassy".  Basically, jury nullification of another travesty of a national security state show trial.

The Yankee Go Home section.

"The Philippines Are Choosing New Allies - Asia Is Watching" (Vltchek).  "The Philippines Want the U.S. Out and They Are Not Alone" (Kirby).  With some weird gratuitous American propaganda:
"In order for the U.S. to maintain its global military presence it needs to take a look at cases in which occupation has been seen as a positive by locals – South Korea. No matter what one’s personal feelings are about the North and South, the simple fact of the matter is that the Korean Peninsula is an all or nothing game. If the U.S. were to give up on Seoul then the North (with Chinese support) would come down and “unify” the nation. Many South Koreans are happy with the status quo and without the USA being around their lives are going to change quickly violently (and from their perspective) for the worse." 
"Leak Says U.S. Deal With The Taliban Will Allow For Permanent Troop Stay. But Is It True?" (Moon).

Linked only because Newsweek is breaking the iron-clad rule of American (((media))) of only presenting the Zionist/American perspective:  "U.S. Clash in Syria Was the Fault of Americans Deviating From Their Route, Russian Military Claims" (Brennan).  It is extremely bizarre to catch even a whiff of truth from (((these))) professional liars.

"One of the last tweets sent by Pauline Hammerton before she died following Labour suspension".  Once you let these monsters get their foot in the door, you are stuck with them forever, and your political party is completely destroyed:  "Even with Corbyn Gone, Antisemitism Threats Will Keep Destroying the UK Labour Party" (Cook).  The only proper and moral - yes, moral - response to any claim by these evil monsters of anti-Semitism is 1) you fucking murderers and land thieves aren't even Semites, so fuck off, and 2) gas the kikes!  (((They've))) ruined any hope for Britain, all because of their incessant kleptomania.

"American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?" (Giraldi).

More blackmail material for the MEGA Group, much more efficient than Epstein's messy and expensive pedo operation (which still has its place in the blackmail arsenal, directed particularly at a certain type of politician):  "NYC Taxpayers Spending Millions on Cyber Center with Controversial Ties to Israeli Intelligence" (Webb).

"UK Regulators Investigating Barclays CEO's Ties To Jeffrey Epstein" (Durden).

"Amazon Provides Free Shipping to Illegal Jewish Settlers, Charges Palestinians".

"Trudeau criticized for shaking hands with Iranian foreign minister after deadly plane crash" (Connolly).  Note the use of the stinktanks, and the quotes for the (((media))) from the stinkers who work there.

"Tweaking ‘Namaste Trump’ is still possible" (Bhadrakumar):
"Which other ruler but Modi would order 5-7 million citizens to come out and line up streets to wave national flags at someone they haven’t even heard of previously and can barely recognise?"

Saturday, February 15, 2020


"Oligarch Buys Political Party - Seeks to Become President" (Moon).

Some thoughts on Bloomberg:
  • he's not in it to win it
  • Bloomberg is a terrible speaker, and would be wrecked by Trump's jibes and tweets, and has an utterly amazing history of saying completely disqualifying things for anybody trying to run as a Democrat (and we haven't even seen all the shiksa humiliation come out yet, but you can bet Trump has people working on it)
  • unlike with Trump, who uses the Presidency to improve the value of his 'brand', being President would only be an inconvenience for Bloomberg
  • he's not spending his own money - I'm thinking a syndicate of American billionaires, each chipping in, say $50 million
  • the issue is Bernie, whose taxes would cost them billions and billions, making $50 million to save billions an excellent rate of return on investment
  • the billionaires looked at Biden, who has basically been running for President his whole life, and spectacularly poorly (he's just not good at it!), and realized he wasn't going to be able to handle Bernie, and the rest of the field are not serious, just angling for cabinet positions
  • the danger is that Bernie might build up so much momentum that he starts clearing the table, state by state
  • the trick all along, and the reason the convention was set up to allow the superdelegates to vote as they wish after the first ballot, is to get past the first ballot, thus making it necessary to ensure Bernie doesn't have enough pledged delegates to win it on the first ballot, a real danger
  • the job of getting enough delegates to block Bernie was Biden's, and he is blowing it, and Bloomberg has set himself up to be the new Biden, perhaps literally replacing him
  • Bloomberg doesn't care who ends up as the eventual nominee - Warren, Biden, Clinton, all equally good, and equally protective of billionaires - just as long as Bernie is blocked
  • sine he's a Republican, he may very well prefer to see Trump reelected, with the debacle of another Bernie shivving on the floor of a Democrat convention just making the Trump reelection all the more likely.

Mystery cults

Political manipulation is now such an industry they've got an annual award for the best liar (it is not clear that they know that Machiavellian isn't usually thought of as a positive trait, or maybe they are just reveling in the evil):  tweet (Peter Hitchens):
"My goodness. Do you think media studies dropout and former lingerie exec @eliothiggins knows who Niccolo Machiavelli was? I'm not sure the title 'Holder of the Machiavelli Award' would be one I'd necessarily boast about."
You'll soon be able to get a PhD in farm animal herding:  "Jerusalem's Hebrew U to Give Students Credit for Volunteering With Right-wing Group That Blacklists Academics" (Kadari-Ovadia).

"Fringe Candidates Are Integral to Election Manipulation" (Madsen).  Of course, almost all the big respectable parties now started as 'fringe', but there does seem to be much more contrivance in picking the candidates with the express purpose of drawing specific support from a feared candidate.  Vote splitting is all the rage.

Tweet (Saagar Enjeti) (first crack in the Clintonista dam, or damn):
"This is actually very significant. When establishment figures start endorsing populists out of opportunism you know you’ve entered a new power dynamic"
"Syria Imposes the Astana Deal by Force as Turkish, Russian Tensions Rise" (Magnier).  "AP Explains: Why Syria’s M5 is Assad’s highway to victory" (Karam). "Syria: M5 highway secured, time for truce" (Bhadrakumar):
"Turkey’s border security is best addressed by fortifying the cardinal principle in inter-state relationships — non-interference in the internal affairs of neighbouring countries."
"Regime Change Wars Have No Basis in International Law" (Taliano). It is the first principle of international law, and has been almost entirely wrecked by the Khazars.

"Erdogan’s Long-Coming Reality Check" (Kadi).

This could get interesting as al-Qaeda is MB/CIA:  "The Houthis may Side with the Muslim Brotherhood against Saudi Arabia" (Shakdam).  Unity through a shared hatred of the Saudis can only be a good thing.

"North Macedonia Is Being Used by NATO to Target Serbia and Russia" (Antonopoulos).  Note the massive amount of effort taken to get to this anti-climactic point.

This takes the trick used to get Soleimani in Iraq and turns it into the real basis of the assassination, stopping Iranian reconciliation with the Gulf States.  Israel has spent a lot of shekels on keeping the Gulf States and Iran at loggerheads, and buying crooked princes into becoming Zionist allies, and wasn't going to allow bleeding heart peaceniks to wreck the whole thing by calling off WWIII.  Thus the American stooge was ordered to kill Soleimani (also explaining why the American government still can't come up with a rationale for the kill)  "US assassinated Suleimani to quash Iran’s talks with Gulf monarchies" (Van Auken).  I'm a little shocked, what with their obvious (((donor))) problem, that WSWS dares publish this (of course, all the blame is put on the Americans).

"Lima Group Meets in Canada: Trudeau Consolidates His Position as Main Trump Ally" (August).

"Trump’s Rocky Relationship with the Mormon Axis" (Maupin). Romney's impeachment vote as part of the religious conspiracy.

"Iranian Hackers Hacked Dutch Schools to Steal Books to Use in School" (Anglin):
"Why the Iranians would not simply download pirated copies of teaching material on Sci-Hub, get them from the Chinese, or buy one copy and then violate the copyright by making many copies of it and distributing it, is not asked."
He ran the flag up the flagpole but the potential uproar over closeted gay #metoo stuff scared him off:  "John Baird will not run for the Conservative leadership".  There is still not one credible non-joke person in the whole country who is willing to take on the debasement of being Conservative leader.

"American Oligarchs II: Glenn Dubin, Patron of Modern Art and Child Sex Slaves" (Striker).

"Bolivia: An Election in the Midst of an Ongoing Coup" (Prashad).  The general abuse of power isn't working, so how are the coup plotters going to win?

"Sinn Fein's Election Victory Is Ireland's 'Brexit Moment'" (Cockburn):
"A further cause of instability is the British government itself: the highly regarded Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith was summarily dismissed in the cabinet reshuffle this week, despite winning plaudits from all sides for brokering the power-sharing deal between Sinn Fein and the DUP that reopened the assembly at Stormont. Smith’s was reportedly sacked due to pledging to investigate alleged crimes committed by British soldiers during the Troubles.

Getting rid of Smith may be an early sign that, under Johnson, English nationalist sensitivities will get priority over keeping Northern Ireland stable. The arrogance and ignorance of Brexiteers when it comes to Ireland has infuriated Irish opinion over the last few years with the Home Secretary Priti Patel famously suggesting that the Irish, who have vivid memories of the Great Famine, could be starved into making concessions."
Cultural appropriation: "Black Woman Apologizes to the Gays After Telling Them to Stop Wearing Women’s Clothes" (Anglin).

Friday, February 14, 2020

Learning too much

Don't let it be said that Michael Bloomberg doesn't pull his weight as a Khazar, with award-winning numbers of #metoo sexually humiliated shiksas:  "Why Is Bloomberg's Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?" (Bassett).  Running as an identity-politics Democrat, and apparently doing very well!

Tweet (Yasha Levine) (we're almost getting too much of The Clarification):
"Imagine going to the top private schools in America and thinking that you're part of the smartest, most enlightened class in the world. And then pumping out this nativist garbage..."
Beardboy and The Nazi really, really want that Security Council seat - just for their own personal egos, it really makes no difference to real human beings - and it would be amazing - not to mention the sending of a wonderful message - if they lost it over a pipeline!:  "Canada does not deserve seat at UN Security Council: Opinion" (Palmater).

"More Lies on Iran: the White House Just Can’t Help Itself as New Facts Emerge" (Giraldi).

"Points for discussion: not necessarily my positions." (Lang).  2 and 5 are so stupid, it hurts (an ongoing problem is the basic stupidity of American 'conservatives').  3 is not true, although that's their job as opposition.  6, 8 and 9 are indubitable.  10 is ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure Bernie might (Secretary of Defense!).

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rule of law

"WATCH: US military convoy met with HAIL OF BULLETS in north Syria… and Russian convoy intervenes to break up the fight".  Metaphor for everything - Americans illegally occupying a foreign country violently overreact to local resistance to their presence, kill some civilians, and the Russians come along to calm everybody down.

Thread on 'Money Bags' Bloomberg by Blake Zeff.  Politics is the art of buying everybody off.

Thread on Trudeau and 'rule of law' by Walking Eagle News.  We're also getting lots of unnecessary lessons on Canadian constitutional law from Trudeau.

Louis Allday on Sanders and socialism, Sanders and Palestine.  The American 'left' is so far right that there is enormous room to be well to the left of it without being anywhere near socialism.  We can't expect very much from a Khazar on Palestine, as the Palestinians are living on land the Khazars want to steal, and kleptomania rules.

It is funny how stealing the pensions from people is now depicted by corporadoes shamelessly as a positive move, good for everybody.

"wealthy Jewish bankers and the wars they start"

Greenwald on Frum (also); it is always unclear if Chait is as dumb as he consistently appears to be; American exceptionalist responses mostly agree with Chait!

A thorn to the smug

State-backed media manipulator accuses non-state-backed journalism outlet of the unpardonable sin of being a state-backed media manipulator:  "State-backed Alliance for Securing Democracy disinfo shop falsely smears The Grayzone as ‘state-backed’" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Carlos Latuff) (another example of the new openness in Khazar boasting, in this case about the complete Khazar control of American politics):
"When someone tells you that it's "anti-Semitic" to say #Israel controls U.S. politics, show this tweet."
The AIPAC blood libel against Democrats: "Sanders campaign must not sugarcoat Israeli racism" (Brown).

The background on Bibi's protection of the Odeh murderers:  "Netanyahu has long run cover for Israel's biggest racists" (Sheen). When the Khazars are pushed into the sea, they will be able to blame it all on the promotion by Bibi of the worst settler policies for his short-term political gains.  To be fair, there's not a smidgen of real difference between the worst of the Kahanists and your average lite Zionist (that's why Bibi kept getting those short term political gains!).  Murdering and land theft is a universal Khazar characteristic, and the only difference is one of tone.

"Exclusive: Mysterious professor at heart of Trump-Russia scandal heard for the first time" (Riley-Smith).  If this is real Mifsud is still alive, and he directly contradicts the Papadopoulos account of the meeting with regard to whether he told Papadopoulos that saying Russia had dirt on Killary, which is, after all, the whole underlying basis of #Russiagate.

Gosztola thread on the latest attack on Sanders from John Ralston, the guy who fabricated the Nevada chair-throwing incident in 2016.

Really good news from Canada!  "Dead at 68: Christie Blatchford was a tenacious voice for victims, a thorn to the smug" (Humphreys) (from the world's worst newspaper).  "A thorn to the smug" - ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Tweet (William Owen):
"CBC is so dead"
"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Believer in Biological Sex?" (Lesnick).  Clown World sneaks in because normal well-meaning people can't imagine that anything as nuts as Clown World could possibly be taken seriously.  Btw, this is almost entirely a Khazar construct, and the same inability to recognize Pure Evil has allowed (((them))) to get away with, literally, murder.  We just can't comprehend how bad (((they))) are.

""Trump Gives Conditional Go Ahead on Peace Deal With Taliban" NY Times" (Lang).  The Taliban has to prove itself capable of peace.  To the Americans!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Democrat math

Tweet (Joshua Frank):
"So Mayo Pete leads Sanders by one delegate despite losing the popular vote in the first two states. Pretty rad, huh?"

What's missing from this picture?

Ha ha ha!: tweet (Savvy and Realistic Democrat):
"This is the proper way to report NH results"
If you'd told me a year ago that the default technique that the lying 'journalists' of the American (((media))) would use in dealing with Bernie's success would be the Full Stalin, I wouldn't have believed you.  Shows what I know about mendacity.


The evolutionary stage of having human rights

"Canada’s military top brass joins CSIS in demanding Huawei ban" (Jordan).  This is a pretty good example of what's wrong with WSWS.  We get it, the Canadian swamp follows the American swamp in using Huawei as a battering ram in the Empire's last gasps against the impressive Chinese technology and general overall massive superiority in, well, everything.  On the other hand, the big internet/phone companies, which usually  have much more sway, want the tech they can make the most money from, and that's Huawei.  So while Trudeau is certainly a whore for big capital, and a desperate vassal of the Empire, their interests don't coincide here (the one-track-mind analysis of WSWS can't handle this).  Actually, this is a pretty good example of how the swamp, and having politicians pay too much heed to the swamp, actually hurts big capital and the economy of the country generally.  We saw that clearly in the impeachment testimony, where the buffoons from the swamp couldn't see past their own careerism  to the bigger interests of the country.  This swampitis seems to be a feature of a dying Empire, and lackeys like Trudeau just act like the camp followers they are.  The constant attempts to shoe-horn everything into the standard WSWS analysis just sounds stupid, and detracts from the overall appearance of what should be a useful site (not to mention their massive (((donor))) problem, reflected in their refusing to give up treating Weinstein - seriously, Weinstein is the hill you choose to die on?! -  and other #metoo Khazars as victims, utterly decimating their credibility!).

"Anti pipeline blockades put Canada’s freight, passenger railways under stress". "Inside a protest movement: How climate activists are taking Wet’suwet’en fight from B.C. to Yonge Street" (McKeen/Chiu).  This fits nicely into general fury in the entire country over Canada's role in wrecking the world by constantly appeasing neanderthals in Alberta.

"Canadian Embassy: Militarily Supporting Israeli Apartheid" (Engler).  Extreme acceleration of moral deterioration into utter depravity.  Can Canada afford the luxury of hosting Khazar parasites?

Ah, supremacism!:  "‘Arab culture is the jungle’: Leader in Gantz’s Blue White party gives racist Haaretz interview" (Ofir) ("They haven’t reached the evolutionary stage of having human rights.").  Also.

"Why Both Republicans and Democrats Want Russia to Become the Enemy of Choice" (Giraldi):
"One of the more interesting aspects of the nauseating impeachment trial in the Senate was the repeated vilification of Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. To hate Russia has become dogma on both sides of the political aisle, in part because no politician has really wanted to confront the lesson of the 2016 election, which was that most Americans think that the federal government is basically incompetent and staffed by career politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell who should return back home and get real jobs. Worse still, it is useless, and much like the one trick pony the only thing it can do is steal money from the taxpayers and waste it on various types of self-gratification that only politicians can appreciate. That means that the United States is engaged is fighting multiple wars against make-believe enemies while the country’s infrastructure rots and a host of officially certified grievance groups control the public space. It sure doesn’t look like Kansas anymore."
I rarely have anything good to say about the Brits, but I have to say when they started to lose their Empire they made rational decisions about what they wanted to keep, and planned an orderly turn-over of the keys to the Americans. The way monsters like Schiffty are flailing away is extremely dangerous, and just accelerates imperial decline in unpredictable ways.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Elected President Maduro: "The US govt persecutes, attacks, and blockades Venezuela, affecting the economy, the importation of food, medicines, and supplies required by the people. They believe they are the owners of the world, but we continue on our feet, working and overcoming""
More of the usual:  "Right-wing Nicaraguan opposition boasts of support from US and EU in campaign to oust Sandinista gov’t" (Norton).

Higgins continues to dig unnecessary holes for himself: tweet (D'ARAMITZ):
"Mr Eliot Higgins has claimed to be collaborating with @OPCW
also doxxing OPCW staff or ex-staff. There's also a deleted tweet apparently when he was pressed about it. @MaxBlumenthal

Tweet (Within Syria):
"Haha the entier West is going crazy to rescue al-Julani and his al-Qaeda thugs in Idlib, this is byound surreal"
"Former US drone operator recalls dropping a missile on Afghanistan children and says military is ‘worse than the Nazis’" (Graziosi).

Headache #109:  "Pentagon Admit: Now 109 US Troops Suffered ‘Brain Injuries’ in Iran Missile Strike".

"Media darling Pete Buttigieg was in unit that worked with the CIA in Afghanistan" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) ("Succession and incapacity"):
"Brutal scenes in Saint Petersburg* today as Putin's thugs appear to grab a random peaceful protestor and beat him up for no obvious reason.

*only kidding, it's apparently in Bordeaux, France. Thus US/UK media will largely ignore it."
"Zelensky Toes the Line on Naziism" (Lazare).

"Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 2" (Connelly).  More examples of the bizarre (((Hollywood))) obsession of making Judenrein movies about massive Khazar criminal behavior.

The Canadian Conservatives are starting to pick a leader, or rather Harper is picking a leader for them, and the process is very bumpy as they don't seem to have anybody who is even remotely acceptable/electable.  Now Baird is putting out feelers, which will be hilarious as he has a big #metoo problem, a gay #metoo problem, a closeted-gay-in-a-nutty-Christian-party #metoo problem, and victims are lining up to talk. Get the popcorn.  Tweet (Brad Fraser):
"Interesting that someone has accused John Baird of sexual impropriety on Twitter repeatedly and not a single "reporter" has pursued it. I guess we're selective about the "me too" stuff."
Alt-journalism/analysis from Lebanon: The Public Source.

It is literally the exact opposite of what he said during campaigning, which got him elected:  "Will Trump Ride Pentagon Spending to Reelection?" (Hartung).

One of the things Khazar billionaires like to do with their pocket change left over after bribing politicians is to buy sports teams:  "Roger Waters ads banned by Major League Baseball after outcry from Jewish group".

I'm taking a wild guess that this is part of American 'diplomacy' in the region:  tweet (Mark Ames):
"Thread on history of Dungan (Hui) people, Chinese-speaking Muslims in C Asia on Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border area, scene of deadly pogrom by majority Kazakhs."

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Active conflict area

"CIA Spied Using Sabotaged Encryption Equipment It Sold to Foreign Governments Since the 1970s" (Novak).  The strong encryption purchasers thought they were buying was actually weak.  The CIA, which now blows up children with drones and supplies weapons to human organ eaters, used to have its moments . . . .

Lavrov had a very successful norm-affirming tour of Latin America:  "Mr Lavrov grabs the imperial tiger by the tail and announces his main task" (Faure).

"UK: Was the US Woman Who Hit a Kid with Her Car and Fled the Country a CIA Agent?" (Anglin).  It is also possible they are making this up to provide her with enough cover to explain not allowing her to be extradited, although there seems to be no particular exceptions for spies, who in fact generally have no protections.  The US is acting at the moral level of Saudi Arabia.  Of course, Johnson is so deferential to Trump that nothing will be done.

I thought India was doing quite well at blocking big-agra GMO crap, but you can pretty much count on everything going to shit under Modi:  "Bt Cotton: Cultivating Farmer Distress in India" (Todhunter).

Tweet (andrew kaczynski):
"Watching archival CNN footage and there's an Oct. 2002 clip of Bernie Sanders on Crossfire arguing against Iraq saying it will cause "chaos in the region" & create more recruits for Bin Laden.

Then mocks Sen. George Allen for noting Portugal & Bulgaria are allies for the war."
Czechs being assholes:  tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"Prague is the number one visited city by Russian tourists, incidentally. Not sure the point of this, given there's a large memorial to Nemtsov just outside the Kremlin, manned by volunteers. And nobody, remotely credible, in Russia believes it was a state hit."
Another tick on the Zionist lawfare list, yet the examination of Israeli conduct seems to have been pretty much canned:  tweet (anna holligan):
"ICC’s most wanted Omar al Bashir could soon be heading to The Hague - Sudan’s Transitional Military Council has said it’s agreed to surrender the former president who’s accused of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity v @annesoy #Bashir"
"Exclusive: new leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers" (Maté).  Contradictions in the OPCW's desperate cover-up of its wrongdoing by viciously attacking the whistle blowers make the OPCW look, if you can believe it, even more crooked.  This is the definitive filleting of the reputation of the OPCW (who would have been wise to leave well enough alone and not go after the whistle blowers).

"RCMP: Exclusion zones necessary to protect Canadian public from dangers of rampant journalism" (Gillis) (satire, see also this spectacular example):
"Following a pre-dawn raid to remove Indigenous occupants from several camps in northern B.C. today, the is defending its practice of removing journalists from exclusion zones on the grounds that their reporting on the often violent specifics of enforcement actions constitutes a real and present danger to the public.
“The RCMP is dedicated to protecting the Canadian people from finding out what the RCMP is doing on behalf of the Canadian people,” the RCMP said in a statement about the raid. “There’s an old saying: ‘sunlight is bad so you should never disinfect with sunlight and also disinfecting is overrated.’”
The RCMP was at pains to stress that removing journalists to prevent them from creating third-party documentation of policing actions not only protects the Canadian public from being exposed to this documentation, but protects the journalists themselves from harm they could face in an “active conflict area,” a term the RCMP use to describe an area in which the RCMP have activated a conflict."
Added!: "GasLink claims many First Nations support the pipeline, just not the one whose land they’re putting the pipeline on" (Wratten):
"“It’s kind of like if you wanted to build something in Belgium but the government in Brussels wouldn’t give you permission. You would just get consent from the French,” said Minister of Crown– Relations Carolyn Bennet. “And then if Belgium objected you would get all mad and claim Europeans are impossible to negotiate with.”
Coastal Gaslink reassured Canadians that despite not getting the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs’ legal permission to build on their lands, they did obtain the approval of numerous First Nations tribes who live kind of near the pipeline, as well as a bunch who don’t, just for fun."


Tweet (Tamara Nassar) (Yang must have a (((donor))) problem - his health care stance is also pure shit):
"Imagine how outrageous it would be if Yang said this about any other group of people. It would sound like this:

I believe that indigenous people "should have a say in their future," but I don't believe that they have a right to claim that which is enshrined in international law."
"Russian-Belarusian energy talks fail as Minsk moves closer to the US, NATO" (Weiss). You'd think the cautionary tale of Ukraine, right next door, might scare anybody away from making the same mistake, but bribery is big in Belarus.

There's another 49 states to go, and all this Clintonista malarkey is going to be exhausting:  "Despite Iowa Caucus Fiasco, Nevada Democrats Plan to Use New Software “Tool”" (Webb).

An explanation of the layers of authority in the Wet'suwet'en that allows the Canadian government to get some kind of 'consent' without really getting agreement.

"Documents: Inside the Us Army’s Massive $2 Million Propaganda Campaign for ‘Independence Day’ Sequel" (Secker).  Just a small example of an ongoing program with (((Hollywood))).

"Netanyahu's Likud Leaks Names, Addresses & Other Private Info Of Nearly 7 Million Israeli Voters" (Durden).

Another example of the PR industry's attempts to portray the necessary de-terrorization - i.e., removal of Assholian-Zionist proxy armies of monsters so evil we can't even comprehend them - in Syria as somehow being the fault of the Syrian government:  "And the Oscar Goes to… A Simplified Story of Syria’s Civil War" (Worth) and "Oscar nominee 'For Sama' is a propagandumentary that pushes Al Qaeda's narrative in Aleppo" (Beeley).  By some miracle, this attempt didn't win one of the Jewish Film Awards given out on Sunday.  Also:  tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Production of #Oscars-nominated Syria regime change propaganda vehicle "The Cave" was backed by foreign ministries of Sweden, Denmark & Norway via International Media Support. These same govts gave $10s of millions to the White Helmets & opposition orgs."
"The “Low-yield” Nuclear Warhead: A Dangerous Weapon Based on Bad Strategic Thinking" (Facini). The pathetic Pentagon, unable to match the impressive technological advances of either China or Russia due to the staggering corruption in its procurement processes, tapes a couple of old weapons together and pretends it's got something special.

"US Deploys ‘Mini-Nukes’ in Deplorable Threat to World Peace" (my emphasis in red):
"The official US reassurance is not the view of the US-based Bulletin of Atomic Scientists who said the deployment of such weapons actually increases the risk of an eventual nuclear war. This is because the lower-yield W76-2 launched from US Ohio-class submarines will be indistinguishable from the existing Trident warheads. Therefore the danger of escalation to all-out nuclear war is increased."
An interesting question (there was a huge change when deliveries, which used to be rare for non-business consumers - well, before it was common to have milk and bread delivery - have become a daily occurrence for many people, including the delivery of those ridiculous boxes of food in enormous piles of plastic packaging):  "What’s more climate friendly, shopping online or in store?" (De Chant).

The ongoing problem of trying to analyze something when there is no reliable source of information, everyone has reasons to lie and manipulate, and the Americans are playing multiple levels of delegitimization strategies (and the complete collapse of journalism as a profession doesn't help):  "Coronavirus: finding the ambiguous reality behind the fear porn headlines" (Black).

"Irish Elections: Republicans Sinn Féin in Surprise Win, Edging Out Centre-Right Parties".  Three things:
  • 'terrorists' becoming responsible statesmen
  • people voting 'wrong' when given the chance (part of the trend)
  • heading towards Irish unification.
Another example of the Khazars being so full of themselves, so powerful, and so safe, that they now admit everything to get the group supremacist accolades, despite the fact that the admissions are utterly outrageous:  tweet (Lara Friedman) (also):
"This Lowey statement is remarkable for its honesty. And remarkable for fact that if a critic of Israeli policy or of US aid to Israel had alleged the exact same thing Lowey is stating with pride, they’d have been accused of being anti-Israel and antisemitic."
Except, needless to say, in matters involving Khazar supremacism, Bernie, like Corbyn, has been woke forever: tweet (Lily Lynch):
"in the aftermath of Sinn Féin's historic victory, a reminder that Bernie Sanders wrote Margaret Thatcher a letter demanding an end to the "humiliation and degrading treatment” of Irish prisoners on hunger strike in 1981"


"Is Pete Buttigieg the Israel Lobby Choice?" (Giraldi).

I'm sure all these incidents are scripted to make Biden look interesting: tweet (h. jon benjamin):
"Biden talking to new hampshire voter"

Monday, February 10, 2020

Great guesser!

"Ignoring the Elephant at Gitmo: Yet Another 9/11 Crime" (Ryan):
"The suspects were brutally tortured and held without charges for up to 18 years. The alleged evidence obtained from the torture was made secret. Then the records of the secret torture evidence were illegally destroyed. Then the secret evidence simply turned out to be completely false. FBI and CIA officers then began to make a mockery of the whole thing, secretly bugging defense team discussion rooms and covertly inserting themselves as translators and defense team members.
This is not just a matter of an extreme violation of human rights and an utter disrespect for the law. Within this sequence of stupidity looms the mother of all oversights. That is, the secret evidence that turned out to be false was used as the basis for The 9/11 Commission Report.
At the center of the media’s willful ignorance is “forever prisoner” Abu Zubaydah, the first alleged al Qaeda leader captured and tortured. In 2009, the U.S. government began correcting the record by admitting, in habeus corpus proceedings, that Zubaydah was never associated with al Qaeda and that he had no role in, or knowledge of, the 9/11 attacks. That Zubaydah was never associated with al Qaeda is no longer challenged by anyone and is regularly repeated in the mainstream press. What is not mentioned is the astounding implication of that admission.
Abu Zubaydah’s “torture testimony” was used to construct the official narrative of 9/11 that is still accepted as fact today.
Check for yourself. Do a quick search for the word “Zubaydah” in The 9/11 Commission Report. You’ll find it 52 times. As you read these references and claims, ask yourself—how could a man who the government now says had nothing to do with al Qaeda have known any of these things? How could he be a key travel facilitator for al Qaeda operatives when he wasn’t associated in any way with al Qaeda? How could Zubaydah give detailed accounts of Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM)’s plans for 9/11 when he had no knowledge of those plans?
Disassociating Zubaydah from al Qaeda causes so many problems for the official narrative of al Qaeda and 9/11 that people like Lee Hamilton, the co-chairman of the 9/11 Commission, simply develop amnesia when asked about him.
As seen in the 9/11 Commission Report, the official account begins with linking “Mukhtar” (KSM) to “al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaydah,” who we now know was never associated with al Qaeda. Both FBI interrogator Ali Soufan, in a 2009 New York Times opinion piece, and Vice President Dick Cheney, in his 2011 book, claimed that Zubaydah (who never had any knowledge or connection to 9/11) identified KSM as the “mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.” The official account of 9/11, and the ongoing fake trial at Gitmo, all proceeded from there.
But none of it was true."
We're told that torture is necessary as there's a ticking time bomb somewhere and we have to get the torture victim to tell us where it is. Of course, that's not how it works. In the real world outside of (((television shows))), the torturer has a script in front of him. This script, The Narrative, or Official Story, has already been concocted by the authorities, and distributed to the public by the (((media))).  In the case of 9/11, of course, an American government operation, the script has been written to simultaneously cover up the role of the real perps, while leading to the desired series of infinite Wars For The Jews based on the imaginary perps in the script (note that Pence is now repurposing the script to rewrite the perps as Iranians directed by Soleimani!).

The job of the torturer is to get the victim to confirm the details of the script.  It becomes an elaborate game, with the victim trying to stop the torture by guessing the answer that is in the script, which he only gets bits of (in the absurd Code of the Torturer, giving him the whole script, or even asking too many leading questions, would be cheating).  In this case, strikingly, after the details were confirmed other information came in proving that the victim couldn't have possibly been in a position to know these details.  In other words, using hints from the torturer and general knowledge, he managed to guess the Official Story!  By that time, the Official Story had already been given the official blessing of the 9/11 Commission, largely on the basis that it had been confirmed by the victim.

Can't unsee

"Claim: ‘Epstein Worked for Israel’" (Giraldi).  Nothing new, just a summary of the facts.  The Mossad doesn't mind this kind of talk, as it knows the ongoing blackmail operations, and Ghislaine, are completely safe.  In fact, the more notoriety the Epstein/Maxwell operation has, the more successful the other blackmail operations will be.  The blackmailees will be especially nervous.

Warning, warning, warning!  There's a picture here you can't unsee:  "American Oligarchs I: the Pritzkers and Transgenderism" (Striker).

"Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 1" (Connelly).  I've noted that another example is the television show 'Billions'.  (((They))) are extremely proud of their anti-gentilism and boundless criminality, and want to celebrate it using their (((entertainment industry))), but don't want to give the goyim any bad ideas, so invariably hide their involvement in the crimes through casting and writing.

"A Reader Thinks Finding Alien Life in Space is Very Unlikely" (Anglin).

"By What Right Does Canada and Its Gendarmerie Invade Wet’suwet’en Territory?" (Petersen).  The standard Canadian operating procedure is to find some crooked chiefs, pay them off, get a 'deal' supposedly binding on the entire tribe, and then use that to push through whatever they want.  That's basically what they did here.  Not to be too cynical, but what's going to happen is that they will have to shell out more money to get the protests to go away (the entire project is awful, and has been finessed out of any proper environmental assessment, as that would have killed it).  "Rachel LaFortune: "Rule of law" is not a justification for colonial violence in Wet'suwet'en pipeline dispute":
". . . as has become common practice, the court’s decision focused almost exclusively on the financial risk posed by project delays. Accepting that construction delays “could jeopardize the entire project”, the B.C. Supreme Court found that the injunction was necessary to protect the project proponent, provincial utility B.C. Hydro, from significant financial losses."
"Bankers Shape Canadian Policy in Latin America. Juan Guaidó Fêted in Ottawa" (Engler).  This wouldn't have been any more embarrassing and outrageous if Trudeau had conducted the meeting in blackface.

American proxy army uses American weapons, supplied by the CIA:  "Syria & Russia Publish Evidence Of US Weapons Recovered In Idlib 'Terrorist Enclave'" (Durden).

"Why Fascism is the Wave of the Future" (Luttwak) (my emphasis in red; it's what Bannon, but almost nobody else, knows):
"It is only mildly amusing that nowadays the standard Republican/Tory after-dinner speech is a two-part affair, in which part one celebrates the virtues of unimpeded competition and dynamic structural change, while part two mourns the decline of the family and community ‘values’ that were eroded precisely by the forces commended in part one. Thus at the present time the core of Republican/Tory beliefs is a perfect non-sequitur. And what does the moderate Left have to offer? Only more redistribution, more public assistance, and particularist concern for particular groups that can claim victim status, from the sublime peak of elderly, handicapped, black lesbians down to the merely poor.

Thus neither the moderate Right nor the moderate Left even recognises, let alone offers any solution for, the central problem of our days: the completely unprecedented personal economic insecurity of working people, from industrial workers and white-collar clerks to medium-high managers. None of them are poor and they therefore cannot benefit from the more generous welfare payments that the moderate Left is inclined to offer. Nor are they particularly envious of the rich, and they therefore tend to be uninterested in redistribution. Few of them are actually unemployed, and they are therefore unmoved by Republican/Tory promises of more growth and more jobs through the magic of the unfettered market: what they want is security in the jobs they already have – i.e. precisely what unfettered markets threaten.

A vast political space is thus left vacant by the Republican/Tory non-sequitur, on the one hand, and moderate Left particularism and assistentialism, on the other. That was the space briefly occupied in the USA by the 1992 election-year caprices of Ross Perot, and which Zhirinovsky’s bizarre excesses are now occupying in the peculiar conditions of Russia, where personal economic insecurity is the only problem that counts for most people (former professors of Marxism-Leninism residing in Latvia who have simultaneously lost their jobs, professions and nationalities may be rare, but most Russians still working now face at least the imminent loss of their jobs). And that is the space that remains wide open for a product-improved Fascist party, dedicated to the enhancement of the personal economic security of the broad masses of (mainly) white-collar working people. Such a party could even be as free of racism as Mussolini’s original was until the alliance with Hitler, because its real stock in trade would be corporativist restraints on corporate Darwinism, and delaying if not blocking barriers against globalisation. It is not necessary to know how to spell Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft to recognise the Fascist predisposition engendered by today’s turbocharged capitalism."

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Pigs soaring

You know the expression, 'when pigs fly'?  They are soaring today!

It is not a Bugs, it is a feature

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):
"“Bernie was going to have that press conference and explain that he won Iowa. And [Tom Perez] did that [his call for recanvass] to sandbag him.”"
Exactly at the time Iowa was going to figure its own numbers out, and award Sanders the win, Perez suddenly shows up, and throws another spanner in the works. They are shameless.  I know they might miss the 'alt' journalists covering this debacle, but they wouldn't miss Michael Moore, so they are pulling all these outrageous stunts knowing that people know what they are doing and why.

Gosztola's very big thread on the billionaires for Mayor Cheat. You could add your own ((())).

This is the same thing the oligarchs do with any identity politics (e.g., Barry), promote one of their agents solely on the basis that he or she ticks a box:  tweet (Petro Populist, The Uncancellable):
"Yeah if a gay man is white enough, has worked for the CIA enough, has done at least a cameo in the military occupation of a gutted country, has demonstrated himself pro-business enough, and acts straight enough he can almost be nominated to lose the presidency to a TV clown"
Tweet (jordan):
"this might be the worst thing I've ever seen"

Saturday, February 08, 2020

An unwavering commitment to manufacturing

People all over the world are getting uppity.

Tweet (Pablo Navarrete):
"Was beautiful to be in Plaza Dignidad last night seeing so many Chileans demanding a new society. Despite the tear gas and water cannons it felt like a carnival against oppression.

#chiledesperto #hastaqueladignidadsehagacostumbre"
Tweet (Ben):
"Day 63 of the protests against neoliberalism & the people of France are still standing tall in their thousands together, shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.

Year 10 of austerity & the UK, institutionalised in neoliberalism jail, have given us another 5."
Tweet (Alicia Elliott):
"That's right: the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs gave *an alternate route* to Coastal GasLink. One they were okay with because it avoided ecologically pristine and culturally important areas.

And Coastal GasLink refused.

DO NOT let this info get lost in misleading rhetoric."
"Wet’suwet’en Raids: Canada Chooses Colonialism Again" (Nikiforuk).

"Israeli troops ambushed in West Bank street battle as Intifada looms".

Tweet (Sheila Coombes):
"Since start of Syrian conflict 'liberal' @GeorgeMonbiot has apologised for terrorists as 'rebel opposition' & now attacks OPCW scientists whose on ground analysis refutes claims of chem. weapons attack in Syria. @OffGuardian0 puts it right."
Tweet (Brazil Wire):
"Chillingly, journalists from news agencies such as @AP and @Reuters were forbidden by editors (such as @bradleybrooks) from using the word “coup/golpe” to describe Brazil’s situation in 2016, even on their own social media accounts. #TheEdgeofDemocracy"
Tweet (Smile, and Nod Politely) (also):
"A reminder that "IDU" stands for "International Democrat Union".

Also a reminder that the IDU is about democracy the way National Socialists were about socialism.

Scathing, and also somehow way too easy on them:  "Yesterday’s Gone: Iowa Was Waterloo for Democrats" (Taibbi).

Tweet (im nice) (the whole thread is hilarious):
"jordan petersons method for living the perfect life works great unless anything bad ever happens to you at which point you develop the worst benzo habit of all time and end up being kidnapped by your daughter and experimented on in a russian prison"
Tweet (Ali Ahmadi):
"Gingrich once claimed Obama's political views were an extension of the Maumau rebellion in Kenya."
Tweet (David Sheen):
"First death threat over my latest article exposing the current whereabouts of the FBI’s top suspects in the 1985 murder of Alex Odeh"
Tweet (Medea Benjamin):
"Re new state dept report, the US is responsible for 79% of the globe’s weapons trade, 4 times more than the next 9 countries combined! And we call ourselves the leader of the free world? Free to kill, I guess."
 Some fun with Trump's latest photo.

This is the era of comically undeserved awards, but Adelson's wife is still the champion: tweet (Edward Luce):
"This year's Order of Sycophancy goes to the National Association of Manufacturers which today chose Ivanka Trump for its Alexander Hamilton award: "Like no one in government has ever done, she has provided singular leadership and shown an unwavering commitment to manufacturing..""

It can't happen fast enough!

Tweet (John Nichols):
"In the first round of #IowaCaucus voting (the rough equivalent of a primary), @BernieSanders is now at 43,671 votes, while Buttigieg has 37,557. Sanders is 6,000+ votes ahead of Buttigieg, 11,000+ votes ahead of Warren, and 17,000+ votes ahead of Biden."
Tweet (Jack Hatch):
"DNC Chair Tom Perez is sabotaging the #IowaCaucasDisaster. It was the DNC who rejected our caucus plan and forced the IDP to accept their app. I know because I assembled a team that received the IDP contract, then the DNC told the IDP to pull it and substituted their plan."
 Tweet (Jimmy Dore):
"Facebook=Fake News. They are is telling people that the accurate information in my news report about vote flipping in Iowa is false.

My news report was flagged by a guy name Ryan Cooper who works for CNN and supports Buttigieg.

This is how the Establishment rigs elections."
"Mayor Pete and Bill Maher" (Lang).

It can't happen fast enough!:  tweet (Samuel D. Finkelstein II) (you could/should even discern some 'anti-Semitism' in the way he pronounces 'Denmark'):
"Here’s Chris Matthews imagining a world in which “the reds won” and people—including himself—are being executed in Central Park.

He thinks that, in this imaginary scenario, Bernie would have been in the crowd, cheering.

Serious political analysis, folks!
Western societies still don't have an answer to these blood-pouring-from-the-fangs monsters who have weaponized our good natures against us, and we need to come up with something fast before they destroy the world with their kleptomania:  "UK Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism worse than ever since WWII yet we’re ignoring it" (Horovitz).

"Why I just quit the Labour Party" (Winstanley).  Any party that is really 'left' has to be essentially Judenfrei.  The reason is simple.  The Khazar kleptomania, and Putin's decision to block Yinon in Syria, means that any Jewed-up party will have to promote WWIII. There is no question about this.  WWIII is obviously profoundly anti-human, but it also will suck up all the resources that would be required for real material improvements to the quality of life for real human beings (President Sanders would have the same problem as the US literally spends all the money it might be spending on people and infrastructure on Wars For The Jews).  Jewish control of your party = guaranteed tragedy.

"Jewish Reactions to Black Anti-Semitism" (Joyce).  (((They))) don't care about the Hasids having their giant hats knocked off, what (((they))) do care about is the conceptual damage done to their main weapon for extorting what they want, 'anti-Semitism'.

Tweet (Laura Rozen) (first MAGA since Trump was elected - not nearly enough, but perhaps it will put some fear in the traitors, curbing their relentless treason a bit):
"Marie Yovanovitch retired last week, Kurt Volker turned over texts and quit, Sondland testified now fired, Taylor testified removed Jan 2., Morrison left week after testified, Vindman testified, escorted out today along w twin brother, Pence aide Williams left OVP for Centcom"
Tweet (Undercover Huber):
"If it’s going to be Firing Week (which beats infrastructure week) let’s remember that POTUS can remove the ICIG for any reason or no reason"
Extremely good:  "Beyond Ukraine: America's Coming (Losing) Battle For Eurasia" (Sjursen).

"What brought Iranian forces to Idlib front?" (Azizi).  More retribution for the illegal assassination.

"It’s Farmer v. Monsanto in Court Fight over Dicamba Herbicide" (Gillam).  Monsanto's criminal modus operandi is to screw over farmers too poor to have any clout, so this might be a welcome development.

Tweet (tzu öyster cult):
"huge Michael Meyers energy"

Friday, February 07, 2020

Who do we have?

Trump must impose full sanctions on Iowa, including depriving children of essential medicines, until Iowa restores democracy, because if there is one thing I know Americans insist on, it's democracy.

Psychopaths:  "Israel uses civilian flight as shield to raid Damascus after Syrian troops liberate Saraqib".  Tweet (Aron Lund):
"Rare, angry statement from the Russian Defense Ministry accuses Israel of systematically exploiting the presence of civilian airliners to block air defenses when firing into Syria. Recalls the ministry's explanation for the IL-20 shootdown in 2018."
Tweet (Canadian Association of Journalists):
"The CAJ has verified numerous reports that the #RCMP have threatened to arrest #cdnmedia journalists at #Wetsuweten Territory for taking photos. We remind @BCRCMPMedia that Canada is not a police state. Police do not have the right to control what is published."
"Is Biden Really Pro-Labor? Daniel Lazare Retorts to Wayne Madsen " (Lazare).  I'm sure Madsen writes some of his articles and tweets while tripping.

Chile's protests are considerable, but invisible to the (((media))), as they are for the 'wrong' reasons and goals (depinochetization):  "Uprising in Chile is the Legacy of Dashed Hopes and Bitter Defeat" (Whitney).  "The Dramatic Fall of Chile as Latin America’s Neoliberal Role Model" (Ruiz Caro).  "The U.S.’ Monroe Doctrine Against South America Is Still Alive in the 21th Century" (Leiroz de Almeida).

"The People of Colombia are Cracking the Walls of War and Authoritarianism" (Podur).

Sure, it makes perfect sense that the Chinese would be working on a bio-weapon that only kills Chinese people!:  "Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak" (Webb).  "Two Birds with One Flu: Coronavirus Weaponized Against China… and American Dissidents" (Buyniski).  Lyme disease (which appears to have been a mistaken release - who knew deer can swim?) and the anthrax attacks are the two big American government biowarfare attacks in recent years against its own people.

"Selecting an Ally from Oil Rich Countries" (Minor).  Old school Clinton corruption:  "Arkansas' Gray Money" (this kind of argument is still popular today, with, for example, Biden):
"Mark Swaney, the leader of the group, has vivid memories of being angrily accosted by the editor of a liberal newspaper, zealously defending Bill Clinton against these infidels. The veracity of the accusations, that Clinton may have had knowledge of CIA involvement with Mena was not the point, the editor insisted. If we don t have Clinton, who do we have?"
"“1917”: A Fateful Reference to the Scofield Reference Bible" (Brahmin).