Saturday, October 21, 2017

Random crime dump

Random crime dump:
  1. "Amazon = cancer";
  2. "20,000 Nazis March in Kiev. The Western Media Somehow Fails to Notice";
  3. "Costly and Continuous Kars4Kids Ads Disguise Charity's Real Purpose";
  4. "The Mysterious Death of a Tantric Sex Guru";
  5. "Female comedy writer reveals harassment on set of Garry Shandling show where 'actor put his flaccid penis on her shoulder during a meeting and producer Brad Grey told her to quit'";
  6. "The Strange Zynchronicity of Dr Seuss.....".  Excellent podcast on the Zodiac Killer:  Criminology Podcast (heartfelt apologies about the indecency of a FB link);
  7. "A Portrait Of The Golden State Serial Killer, According To Two Of His Surviving Victims";
  8. "CIA says mistakenly 'shredded' Senate torture report then did not"  (Hersh in '74:  "Some sources also reported that there was widespread paper shredding at the agency shortly after Mr. Schlesinger began to crack down on the C.I.A.'s operations.");
  9. "Air Force veteran who vanished from North Dakota base while on active duty is finally found 40 years later living a DOUBLE LIFE in Florida with a false identity, wife and children";
  10. Where's Bradford Bishop?
  11. In case you were wondering why we have to pay for 6 million holocaust monuments, it is so porn stars have a place to flee to (amongst other things):  "Blind Item #10" and "The L.A. Jewelry Fraudster Who Lured Jenna Jameson to Judaism";
  12. "Russia Is Using Marxist Strategies, and So Is Trump" (Sunnstein), a crime in itself, but Bloomberg doesn't censor its stunningly 'woke' comments;
  13. Jews are exactly like a natural disaster:  "Colonialism links catastrophes in Puerto Rico and Gaza"; and
  14. "Donald Trump’s Likudist Campaign Against Iran" (Porter).

New lows

"Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?" (Johnson).  Answer:  (((media))).

"The conspiracy to censor the Internet".  On the consistently vile neofascist Anne Applebaum (out of the same eastern European irredentist fascist group that includes Christina Freeland).

"House (of Representatives) Negroes Rally Against Russia" (Ford).  "Freedom Rider: Russiagate Brings Black Caucus to a New Low" (Kinberley).  As Russiagate becomes more and more ridiculous, its proponents double down in their support for oppression based on what is left of it.

"Trump Dossier Creators 'Plead Da Fif' During House Intel Hearings" (Durden).  No immunity offered as they don't want to hear what they might say.

"FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions" and "FBI Informant "Threatened" After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case" (Durden).  The irony remains that the only proven successful Russian shenanigans that were covered up were covered up by Barry (and Comey) for the personal benefit of Killary.

"Putin on Catalonia: EU triggered rise of separatism by supporting Kosovo independence".  He's waited decades to rub their noses in it!

"Washington is Keen to Derail the Syrian Peace Process" (Kulikov).  Typical Trump though, keen to start to try to derail for the benefit of his (((pals))), but not keen to fully commit.

"Emma Sky - British 'Mother of Daesh' Wants To Reoccupy Iraq" (Moon).  Somewhere in here we can read the Israeli plans, which now appear to be more complex than a simple Greater Kurdistan.

"How a shocking reversal of fortunes unfolded in Kirkuk" (when Chatham House and the fucking Atlantic Council weigh in, so out of character, you have to be alert for a trick):
"Aaron Stein, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, told Al Jazeera that the Iranian role may have been overstated and that it primarily took advantage of Kurdish political divisions. The KDP has devoted much of its time to loudly blaming Iran for the current situation, a position that will appeal to US Republicans - but with independence now resolutely off the table, Iraq's Kurdish region's ruling party will have its own problems to deal with, Stein said.

"They are in a profoundly weak position; they have to compromise with Baghdad, but [Barzani] whipped up so much national sentiment that that will be difficult," Stein said. "It's a total debacle for the KDP, and it's a total debacle for the Barzani family."
Comment by Debsisdead to a Moon posting on the cushy life in the American army  (bearing in mind the fact that the families of American soldiers often have to use food banks) regarding the dead American marines in Niger, an issue that was supposed to be buried but came to light due to the Trump no-or-flippant-phone-call 'scandal':
"Aha! A hint of how the pampered rapists were left exposed in Niger. According to that bastion of oppression, truth and the amerikan way, Foreign Policy DOT com, the government of Chad is somewhat discomfited by the inclusion of Chad on the most recent iteration of Trump's 'Muslim Ban' list. Hah, Chad is pissed at the latest moronity from Agent Orange eh, at least they have a coupla followers of Islam there, imagine how the population of Venezuela feel since last time anyone looked those Venezuelans who still bought into old wives' tales were prostrating themselves in front of two chunks of wood attached in two dimensional perpendicularity I.E. a cruciform.

Still Chad is pissed and you can hardly blame 'em as for more than 60 years the Chad army has performed vital step & fetchit roles for advancing amerikan and french imperial interests - raping and looting villages from Maghreb to the Sahel, from Nigeria through to Mali whenever it seemed the innate right of amerika to plunder whatever pleases them was being questioned.

From assorted tidbits on offer from the usual corrupt sources, we are told that the band of butchers were visiting a village in Niger to provide a 'pep talk' on anti-terror. when they were attacked by as yet unnamed terrorists; apart from the notion that any group of indigenous persons who attack a gang of armed foreign invaders could ever be called terrorists there is a further irony - the pentagon also asserts that there was no indication of prior 'terrorist activity' in the area where the village was located. If that is correct WTF were amerikan troops going there to provide 'anti-terrorist' information for?

This previously pristine region suddenly filled with alleged 'terrorists' who then proceeded to lay waste to the squad of imperial invaders. Since we know now that this was right after Chad's government, pissed at their inclusion on 'The List', pulled its mercenary forces out of Niger, it would be fair to surmise that it was they, the Chad gang, who had been keeping the world safe for global exploitation in Niger, but that DC, not wishing to acknowledge the 'muslim ban' had caused such a major screw up, chose to ignore that reality and continued to send it's thugs out to 'disseminate information'.

"This wasn't in the brochure" whined one enabler of empire as he choked out his final words."
In light of the deaths of high-level Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah military commanders in Syria, when was the last time an American general died in combat?:  "Last US general killed in combat was in Vietnam in 1970".  Harold J. Greene doesn't count as you will see he was caught unawares in his cushy bolt-hole by a clever 'terrorist' who was disgruntled due to typical American cultural blockheadedness ('Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! this is the war room!').

Whoa!:  "Harvey Weinstein: Revenge and Domination as Jewish Motives" (MacDonald).  Roth was utterly explicit about this.  See also "Sailer in Taki's: "The Overlord of Oscar Bait"" and its exuberant comments (it remains to be considered just how truly and deeply terrible most of Weinstein's projects are, even - especially - the Oscar winners, something you'll never see due to the nature of the professional (((critics))) who judge such matters).  This kind of wokenness becomes problematic when we extend it to, say, the American forced support for Zionism.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Something - well, everything - about the Campos-Paddock story makes no sense.  Paddock is said to be setting up for his spree.  He's drilling away (?! - no explanation given for the drilling, but surely the authorities can see the drill holes at the scene), and is somehow all but ready - guns and cameras in place, windows prepped - without alerting anybody what he is up to.  He's just about ready to start, and a security guard allows a door to slam, making a noise.  Does he ignore it, or angrily tell Campos through the door to go away, thus buying himself valuable time to do the shooting?  No. He decides to pour 200 rounds through the door, thus ensuring that the whole hotel is aware that something is up.  Then he waits six minutes (according to the official story, the casino disagrees) before starting to shoot, and stops for some unknown reason well before the sloth-speed SWAT team arrives.  None of this makes even the slightest sense.

Hilarious faux-naïf 'book review':  "A Review of What Happened by an Author Who Insists He Has Never Heard of Hillary Clinton or the 2016 Election".  "Hillary Clinton Just Told Five Blatant Lies About WikiLeaks" (Johnstone).  Contrast a real conspiracy:  "Comey Drafted Statement Ending Clinton Email Investigation Months Before Interviewing Her, FBI Confirms".

"Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist".  "Argentina finds body thought to be Santiago Maldonado".  "Colombian Social Leader Assasinated Weeks After 7 Campesinos Were Killed".  It's a tribute - 99.9% of 'journalists' and activists aren't worth the bother of killing.

"Terrorism charges are only reserved for Muslims".  "What you need to know about Quebec's religious neutrality legislation".  What a mess!:  "Quebec bus drivers seek clarity on law that prohibits passengers from covering faces".  They'll no doubt have to fix the attack on police agents provocateurs (though the boots usually give them away)!:  "Quebec's 'religious neutrality' bill met with concern, confusion".

It is a sign of a quality military when generals die in action. "BREAKING! Prominent Syrian general martyred after his convoy struck an ISIS mine".  Both Syria and Russia have quality armies (you'll never, ever see a current American or Israeli general die in action!).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

666 Fifth

"Google's Sidewalk Labs signs deal for 'smart city' makeover of Toronto's waterfront".  If you read it carefully you'll see the City of Toronto has sold its residents into information slavery.  We're eventually going to need a lot of rope.

"Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay".  No surprise as all the Nazi leaders are both gay and Jewish.  The only one who is neither, Milo, makes a big deal about pretending to be both.

"Sir Edward Heath: Traitor and Pedophile" (Shrimpton).

"Iraqi seizure of oil-rich Kirkuk from Kurds risks broader war".  It is not typical for Israel to just give up and stop trying to provoke war (was the retaking of Kirkuk too easy?).  "America’s Predictable Betrayal of the Iran Deal" (Cartalucci):
"Key in Iraq’s initial success in retaking Kirkuk is not exclusively its support from Iranian-backed militias, but from Kurdish factions themselves – illustrating the lack of unity among Kurdish groups in fulfilling Washington’s ambitions – and perhaps an opportunity for both Baghdad and Damascus to strike a mutually beneficial deal that would maintain the territorial integrity of both states and provide peace and stability everyone in the region would benefit from, including the more realistic factions among the Kurds."
"Tehran has Struck a Crushing Blow to Washington’s Positions in Iraq" (Orlov).

"International Electoral Observers Validate Venezuela Regional Vote as US, France Reject Results". "Is It Time for “Food Diplomacy” in Venezuela?" (Korybko).

"Magnitsky Act Comes to Canada".

Interview with Wilkerson:  "On Iran, Trump Follows Iraq War Neocons".  The pressure point on Trump may well be the aptly-addressed 666 Fifth:  "Is Jared Kushner the World’s Worst Real-Estate Investor?"  "The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin".  The blood diamond guy is described as 'Soviet-born'!:  "Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case".  It is hilarious that Mueller's efforts are going to be blocked by the simple fact that pretending the pressure points are 'Russian' and not Israeli isn't going to stand up to any scrutiny, and Israeli pressure is a no-go area.  Jared's got it Cha-bad, and that ain't good.

"Israel Is Hiding the Fact that Its State of the Art F-35 Warplane Was Hit by Syrian S-200 Missile – Reports" (South Front).  "Bird collision".  Two storks. Another funny example of obsolete technology up against the American pilot-killer.

"The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco" (Cook).

Despite a massive and ongoing PR onslaught, it looks like the Muslims of Burma aren't going to be allowed to form a wedge between Burma and China.  Aung San Suu Kyi appears to be able to parry the attack by threatening to become more involved with China, and the Americans have to back down.

Various color revolutionaries:  "US Meddling Across Southeast Asia" (Thomas).

"Anne Frank, Harvey Weinstein Halloween costumes call for drastic measures: Teitel".  Cute idea for costumes for a couple!

Predictably wonderful!:  "Trump’s Call To Green Beret’s Widow Is Horrific: He ‘Knew What He Signed Up For’".

"Wounded casino security guard vanishes from Las Vegas — and surfaces on the set of 'Ellen'" (hard to dance with that leg injury):
"One female guest came out of her room, and Campos told her to take cover in her room."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


He's not 'missing', it is just that he failed to show up for a prominent scheduled interview, and nobody knows where he is.  A new low for Snopes.  It is not unusual that he might want to lay low. The problem is the cumulative effect of all the issues with this story, plus the fact that he is a pivotal part - not to mention a difficult-to-believe pivotal part - of one of the series of inconsistent Official Stories.  It seems likely that he does not want to be interviewed as he does not want to be asked questions he can't answer.

Toe or ankle?

"Kurdish Peshmerga flees Kirkuk after facing several casualties in clashes with Iraqi Forces".  Makes perfect sense in a world where perfect sense is so hard to find.  Iranian general goes to meet leader of Iraqi Kurds.  Then the Peshmerga, who fight famously hard, simply fade away when the Iraqi army comes to retake Kirkuk.  The real enemy of mankind are the Israeli, Saudi and American demons, so why are the good people allowing themselves into being tricked to killing each other?  Kirkuk is not a Kurdish city, and the problem of the Kurds is really Turkey, a problem Iran can help with, so there are common-sense deals to be made.

It is important for all players to put on the table, right at the beginning, that the Israeli plan is to promote Zionist interests by tricking everybody into killing each other.  There are other, wise, options.

It is a shame an Iranian general couldn't meet with Trump:  "How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings" (Parry).  Shekels.

"Iran: We will stick to nuclear deal if Europe does".  Smart.  Question: Why do the American keep shooting themselves in the foot by marginalizing themselves?  Answer:  See link above.

"An Al Jazeera Reporter Went Undercover with the Pro-Israel Lobby In Washington". This should be good, but, of course, Americans won't be permitted to see it, or even hear about it.

"Syrian Forces discover dozens of Israeli-made weapons and equipment in ISIS dens".  "Neocon Max Boot: Legal and illegal aliens need to enlist in the US army and die for Israel" (Alexis).  Alexis starts with the supremely important Irving Kristol quote, the single most important factor in current American geopolitics.

Trump publicly met with Kissinger just before he 'decertified'.

"Austria’s neo-Nazis find friends in Israel" (Abunimah).

"Jews are Playing the “Antisemitism” Card to Defend Weinstein". Fair enough, all the perps are Jews, so what else can it be?!  "BIG H DELIVERS: Clinton Foundation Won’t Give Up Weinstein Money! HA!".  By the way, on a tour to pimp her book in Britain, Big H had another neurological incident (though they are having trouble with the cover story, but be clear it is as far as possible from the head!).  I was amused by the number of days it took her to denounce Weinstein, no doubt carefully using feminist supercomputers to calculate her net shekel position between denouncing and keeping quiet.

"Any chances for Mohammed bin Salman to retain power?"  Curious Russian warning to Salman to watch out for the Americans!

Laugh of the day:  "Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished".

"Why is he the ONLY one on that floor saying anything??"  "Probably the same reason there were only 30 people on each of the 9/11 planes that held 300. The whole floor was likely vacant."  "9/11 flight passenger numbers".

Monday, October 16, 2017

Big Bang, Big Prinz

"Trump Ignores Advisers on Iran Deal, Follows Money" (Clifton/Lobe).  Note the shekels for Cotton, to whom Trump has punted.  We talk a lot about Sheldon, but Singer may be the real problem.

"Trump puts Israel first with UNESCO withdrawal" (Abunimah).  "Donald Trump: My master, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells me to decertify the Iran deal" (Alexis).  The UNESCO-Iran one-two sends a clear message that shekels have replaced MAGA.  Sad!

Has anyone calculated the cumulative cost of all the sanctions on American businesses by sanction-mad Washington?  Remember that the sanctions turn American business opportunities into Chinese or Russian business opportunities.  It is madness.

"Israeli TV Shows Footage Of ISIS Training Camp On Israel's Border".  Israel plans to use it's headlopper pals to undo the unwanted Palestinian unity deal:  "Showdown looms between Hamas and Gaza Salafis".

"Iran's Top General Meets With Kurdish President Barzani As U.S. Neocons Push For War".  You don't send a general, even a famous one, to negotiate, you send him to lay down the facts of life.

"Casualties Reported After Iraqi Troops Enter Oil Rich Kurdish City Of Kirkuk; Oil Spikes".  Iran and Iraq appear to be resetting the boundaries of Kurdistan to the traditional Kurdish areas, a sensible precursor to federalism negotiations.

It is curious - or not - that the Turks are notably absent from the Greater Kurdistan issue and are instead fooling around in Syria:  "Turkish army expands deployment in Syria's northwest - rebels".  What we've seen of Erdoğan is that he is much like Trump - he does foolish, impetuous, stupid things based on the emotion of the moment, but lacks the heart to fully commit, and backs off at the slightest resistance.  I get the strong impression that the real players don't take Turkey seriously.

"How Moscow lost Riyadh in 1938".  Good reminder, in the middle of an obvious CIA campaign to slaughter Russian diplomats, of the importance and rarity of exceptional diplomats.

"Embroiled Israeli Spin Doctor Rocks Austria With 'anti-Semitic' Campaign Against Chancellor Candidate".  This is some sophisticated rat-fucking, and it worked!  The allies of Israel are the European extreme right.

For what it is worth: "UAE planned to invade Qatar with Blackwater-linked mercenaries: Report".

"Q&A with Mayim Bialik: An observant Jew in Hollywood".  "Harvey Weinstein: Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik accused of 'victim blaming' in New York Times op-ed".

"Israeli Child Abusers" (Aangirfan).

Assange tweet, tweet (!).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A very dynamic event

"The Middle East Pivot" (Petras).  Quite the list of iniquities.

"In schools and hospitals, Turkey carves north Syria role".

"Israeli occupation army apprehends most wanted Palestinian terrorists" (Angry Arab; see also).  I literally can't wait for this army of pussies to face the real men of Hezbollah. It is going to be glorious!

"Las Vegas Security Guard Shot by Vegas Killer is Not Registered as a Security Guard in the State of Nevada?"  "Union rep for Vegas security guard on ‘unusual’ disappearance".  "Hero security guard of Las Vegas massacre 'checked into a quick clinic' after vanishing minutes before he was due to speak to the media for first time since attack".  "Vegas Massacre Timeline Shifts Again - "This Is A Very Dynamic Event"".

Crime scene problems:  "Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass?".  The 'patsy nest'.

"Trump Goes Full Shabbos-Goy" (The Saker).  "Trump’s speech on Iran deal is an orgy for Israel and its US friends" (Weiss). "Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran" (Margolis):
"If the Iran nuclear deal is abrogated, America will have shot itself in the foot and shown the world it has fallen under the control of special interests for whom America’s national interests do not come first. Europe, already disgusted by the Trump carnival in Washington and its religious supporters, will pull further away from the US and closer to Russia and China. Who would trust America’s word after deal-break Trump?

Europe has lately signed billions in new trade accords with Iran, most notably and $18 billion deal with Airbus for the sale of commercial aircraft. Boeing wants to sell 80 aircraft to Iran worth $16 billion. Thus Trump’s jihad against Iran will likely deny high-paid jobs to tens of thousands of American workers. This from the president who was going to create jobs, jobs, jobs."

"Does Catalonia Have a Right to Secede?"  It is curious that European and American white nationalists make the same kind of arguments as the Catalonians make, and are backed by the same kind of fascist 0.1%-ers, but the white nationalists are 'Nazis', and the Catalonians are just fighting for their 'freedom'.  More, I guess, of The Clarification.

"Forget Catalonia, Flanders Is the Real Test Case of EU Separatism!" (Korybko).  Catalonia's real problem (Stupid Flanders!).  You'd think the independence leaders might have phoned Brussels up before the referendum, just to inquire about how this might be received.

"As Catalonia Plans Independence from Spain, Julian Assange Advises Organizers on Secure Messaging" (Assange, ever the shit-stirrer, wants the consequences that Europe fears):
"But I wanted to speak about significance, because most Americans will think, “Well, it’s Spain. It’s some regional issue involving Spain. Why does it matter?” This is the most significant change of relationship between population and state in Western Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. And its effects will spread all over Western Europe and into the United States and, because it’s Spain, also substantially into Latin America, Spanish-speaking Latin America."

"The House of Saud bows to the House of Putin" (Escobar).  "What Saudis Hope To Get Out Of Russia Ties" (Bhadrakumar).  The Saudis have painted themselves into a corner.  Putin just sits in his office, waiting for supplicants to arrive begging him to rescue them from the predictable results of their terrible decisions.

"How NBC 'Killed' Ronan Farrow's Weinstein Exposé".  Very instructive.  If not for brother Bob Weinstein's need to control the expenses caused by Harvey's Shiksa Humiliation Derangement Syndrome (SHDS) - all the profits of the company seem to have gone to pay off damage claims from rape victims! - and Rowan Farrow's own personal brush with the tragedy of SHDS, Harvey and his fellow Khazars would still be at it.

"How the Narrative Cake Is Baked" (Sailer).

"Austria: Jew Set Up Fake Pro-Jewish AND Anti-Jewish Websites to Discredit Right-Wing Candidate".

"Agent Angelina: Are CIA Using Hollywood’s Jolie as Soft Power Operative?" (Korybko).

"The Legacy of Reagan’s Civilian ‘Psyops’" (Parry).  "Exposing a Shoddy Sarin Attack Narrative" (Porter).  "The FBI Targets Black “Ideology”" (Ford).

"Las Vegas: How White Rights, Neoliberal Isolation and a Little Incompetence Killed 59 or 60 People This Week" (Dixon).  "Readers on Guns #2".  "Hey, where the white women at?" from the guy who will mock almost everything.  The striking thing about Americans and guns is that guns are a major fundraising issue for both political parties, meaning that a slow but steady increase in gun 'rights' suits everybody just fine.

Extremely woke:  "Antifa in Theory and in Practice" (Johnstone):
"As prime example, in late 2010, a young woman named Ornella Guyet appeared in Paris seeking work as a journalist in various leftist periodicals and blogs. She “tried to infiltrate everywhere”, according to the former director of Le Monde diplomatique, Maurice Lemoine, who “always intuitively distrusted her” when he hired her as an intern.

Viktor Dedaj, who manages one of the main leftist sites in France, Le Grand Soir, was among those who tried to help her, only to experience an unpleasant surprise a few months later.  Ornella had become a self-appointed inquisitor dedicated to denouncing “conspirationism, confusionism, anti-Semitism and red-brown” on Internet.  This took the form of personal attacks on individuals whom she judged to be guilty of those sins. What is significant is that all her targets were opposed to U.S. and NATO aggressive wars in the Middle East.

Indeed, the timing of her crusade coincided with the “regime change” wars that destroyed Libya and tore apart Syria.  The attacks singled out leading critics of those wars.

Viktor Dedaj was on her hit list.  So was Michel Collon, close to the Belgian Workers Party, author, activist and manager of the bilingual site Investig’action. So was François Ruffin, film-maker, editor of the leftist journal Fakir elected recently to the National Assembly on the list of Mélenchon’s party La France Insoumise. And so on. The list is long.

The targeted personalities are diverse, but all have one thing in common: opposition to aggressive wars.  What’s more, so far as I can tell, just about everyone opposed to those wars is on her list.

The main technique is guilt by association.  High on the list of mortal sins is criticism of the European Union, which is associated with “nationalism” which is associated with “fascism” which is associated with “anti-Semitism”, hinting at a penchant for genocide.  This coincides perfectly with the official policy of the EU and EU governments, but Antifa uses much harsher language.

In mid-June 2011, the anti-EU party Union Populaire Républicaine led by François Asselineau was the object of slanderous insinuations on Antifa internet sites signed by “Marie-Anne Boutoleau” (a pseudonym for Ornella Guyet).  Fearing violence, owners cancelled scheduled UPR meeting places in Lyon.  UPR did a little investigation, discovering that Ornella Guyet was on the speakers list at a March 2009 Seminar on International Media organized in Paris by the Center for the Study of International Communications and the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.  A surprising association for such a zealous crusader against “red-brown”.

In case anyone has doubts, “red-brown” is a term used to smear anyone with generally leftist views – that is, “red” – with the fascist color “brown”.  This smear can be based on having the same opinion as someone on the right, speaking on the same platform with someone on the right, being published alongside someone on the right, being seen at an anti-war demonstration also attended by someone on the right, and so on.  This is particularly useful for the War Party, since these days, many conservatives are more opposed to war than leftists who have bought into the “humanitarian war” mantra.

The government doesn’t need to repress anti-war gatherings.  Antifa does the job.

The Franco-African comedien Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, stigmatized for anti-Semitism since 2002 for his tv sketch lampooning an Israeli settler as part of George W. Bush’s “Axis of Good”, is not only a target, but serves as a guilty association for anyone who defends his right to free speech – such as Belgian professor Jean Bricmont, virtually blacklisted in France for trying to get in a word in favor of free speech during a TV talk show.  Dieudonné has been banned from the media, sued and fined countless times, even sentenced to jail in Belgium, but continues to enjoy a full house of enthusiastic supporters at his one-man shows, where the main political message is opposition to war.

Still, accusations of being soft on Dieudonné can have serious effects on individuals in more precarious positions, since the mere hint of “anti-Semitism” can be a career killer in France. Invitations are cancelled, publications refused, messages go unanswered.

In April 2016, Ornella Guyet dropped out of sight, amid strong suspicions about her own peculiar associations."

""They Won't Know What Hit Them" Shocking Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa's "Premeditated" Violence".  "New Undercover Video Exposes Antifa Distributing Weapons Before Ben Shapiro Speech".

"O'Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: "Targeting Trump's Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son"" (Durden).  "New York Times editor ‘buried’ negative Facebook story to protect friends – Project Veritas".  "NYT & YouTube collusion spawns fake news ‘bastard child’ – Project Veritas to RT".

"Sputnik and RT Under Investigation" (Giraldi).

"Data From Twitter And WordPress Is Giving Intelligence Committees The Opportunity To Gain Insights Into The Real "Guccifer 2.0"" (Adam Carter).  We seem to know more about his sleep patterns than who he is.

"After Nine Months, Only Stale Crumbs in Russia Inquiry" (Ritter). "Russia-gate Jumps the Shark" (Parry).  "The Russiagate Scandal Descends Into Total Absurdity" (Mercouris).

"German Spy Case Closes After Mystery Mossad Agent Fails To Show For Trial".  "U.S. Ambassador’s Adviser Ran 'Dark Money' Nonprofit That Donated $1m to Right-wing Israeli Group".

"Hundreds of Jewish Teens Run Riot in Muslim Part of Jerusalem's Old City".  "Israel: Hundreds of Jews Riot Against Palestinians in Modern Day Kristallnacht".

More proud members of the High Adventure Hiking Club.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Non Campos mentis

The 9%:  "Identity politics and the growth of inequality within racial minorities":
"Identity politics has become a key mechanism through which the next 9 percent situated below the top 1 percent advances its grievances within the political establishment, fighting for “space” in the universities, trade unions, political parties, state apparatus, and corporate media. This layer, which forms a principal social base for the Democratic Party, is generally pro-war and supportive of the right-wing policies that have produced a soaring stock market."

"Why Was Movie Business Less Sexist Back in the Griffith-Pickford Era?" (Sailer). The culture of shiksa humiliation is Khazar ("more patriarchal and ethnocentric"), and there were fewer Khazars back in the day.

"Flashback: Barbara Walters Shames Pedo Victim Corey Feldman On National TV For ‘Damaging An Entire Industry’".  The pedophilia is important as the usual argument about the sexual assaults is that the actresses are just trading sex for roles, unpleasant, but their choice.  Obviously there is a power dynamic that makes that a lousy argument, but many people accept it as part of the lore of Hollywood (a lore developed by and for the benefit of the Khazars who took over Hollywood, and immediately turned it to their group supremacist purposes, including the promotion through movies of massive American militarism and an obvious coarsening of the culture).  You can't make that argument about victims too young to consent.  Frank's son Woody's son Ronan Farrow is finally seeing some justice.

You know that plot turn where the protagonist can't report a crime as to do so would reveal that the protagonist is committing a crime?  "Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy: Did Israel Use Russian Software to Spy on U.S.?" (Sailer).   Comment by Brabantian.

"Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews".  Ha!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Funnier and funnier

"Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's Reno home broken into, police say":
". . . police were called to the scene by a neighbor who noticed a light on inside the home."
Congratulations to the LVMPD for not wasting valuable public resources guarding a crime scene!  The light on suggests that the evidence clean-up team was completely, and correctly, unconcerned about being disturbed.

"Vegas Shooter Complained About Loud Country Music On Night Before Killing Rampage".  First comment:
"So a guy with a large arsenal in his room calls security?"
"Vegas Shooter Used Hotel Freight Elevator, His Reno Home Was Broken Into".  So, as the story stands, in its third iteration (each one one inconsistent with the previous version - I assume the police are simply retyping PR releases from the casino, as one does in Vegas) Paddock shoots the security guard through the door, waits six minutes, fires for eleven minutes straight, then stops for no reason (no reason as the police hadn't been notified by the casino after one of their security guards had been shot!).  The casino, no doubt aware of the liability implications, is rewriting the timeline again!

You'd think securing freight elevators would be a normal part of hotel operations, and if Paddock had access he improperly obtained a pass or key from an employee who can't explain where his pass or key went.

This is a conspiracy/crime where the entire line of evidence is being carefully crafted and re-crafted solely to meet the legal liability requirements of the casino (even to the extent of the police assuming the blame for the casino's wrongdoing!).  This is what you get when your entire local government is beholden to organized crime interests.

The bestest thing of all about this is that with all the Islamophobic concentration on the War On Terror, all the impositions and threats to civil liberties, and all the so, so many wars being fought on the excuse of making Americans safe, when faced with an actual terror attack the authorities are completely AWOL, and Americans are left to fend for themselves.  You'd think somebody would notice this!

Thursday, October 12, 2017


"Exclusive: Vegas killer described his unusual habits in 2013 testimony":
"He said he wandered about in black Nike sweat pants and had a favorite pair of size 13 black flip-flops -- the pair he was wearing on the night of his accident at the Cosmopolitan in October 2011. He was on his way to the high-limit room when he slipped on some liquid and fell. He testified that he hurt his hamstring, which he said resulted in a lingering injury. An arbitrator ultimately ruled in the Cosmopolitan's favor, according to two sources."
"At the height of his play in 2006, he testified, "I averaged 14 hours a day, 365 days a year.""

Suing the casino isn't the mark of some kind of intelligence asset, and everything else points to money laundering.  What is particularly striking is the complete absence of a plausible legend, the backstory that would be provided by any competent intelligence agency.  The sheer number of hours he spent losing money, something which would have been known to the casino, only leads to one conclusion.  He had worked for the IRS, a good place to run across the kind of people who need that kind of service.

"Ann Coulter: Las Vegas Massacre—The Story Is Coming Apart".

"Vegas Hotel Worker Warned Police Of Shooter Before Massacre Began".  The title is importantly misleading - he told hotel dispatchers to call the police, so it is the hotel's fault, and not the police's fault, that the police didn't arrive in time.  Since he was altered by the shooting of security guard Jesus Campos, you can see why the shooting had been kept hidden.  How does Paddock fire 200 shots into the hall without another hotel guest noticing and phoning the front desk?  The hotel had to have known something big and violent was going on for quite some time.

I think it is possible, even probable, that Paddock had nothing to do with the movement of the guns to his room.

"The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein" (shiksa humiliation is the kink, rather obvious).  Apology:  "An Apology".  Kudos to The Tablet for having the integrity to keep the original article up.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stereotypes have no basis in reality

"Anti-Defamation League, tech firms team to fight online hate".  "Congressman suggests Charlottesville was George Soros–backed conspiracy".  Nous sommes Elvira Bauer.  "a champion of Hillary Clinton" (Angry Arab).  Weinstein was a massive supporter of all the virtue-signalling identity politics you can possibly imagine, and then some (and, needless to say, a huge Killary supporter).  Also, Bill.  Why did the NYT suddenly stop covering up for Weinstein's life of crime after years of protecting him?  Conscience?  Wokenness?  A sudden understanding of sexual politics in the contemporary world?  Nope!  It was a fraternal power struggle:  "Harvey Weinstein's brother may have fed exposé to NY Times".  The conspiracy theory angle is that there is no goodness of heart or righteousness of purpose, especially in the media, and that good things, including the media doing its job, only occasionally happen as an unintended side effect of monsters fighting.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lee Harvey Paddock

Lee Harvey Oswald was eating his lunch on the ground floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  On the sixth floor, the conspirators had constructed a shooter's nest out of boxes, and were firing a rifle out the window (the shots that actually killed JFK came from snipers located elsewhere).  Oswald was supposed to finish his lunch and return to work on the sixth floor, at which point he would have been murdered with the rifle and the scene staged to look like the suicide of the lone JFK assassin.  Neat and tidy.  Unfortunately for the conspirators, Oswald was much smarter than they thought he was, realized immediately that he was being set up, and fled the building, causing many problems for the conspiracy.

Paddock was told to book rooms in hotels overlooking concert venues.  In Vegas, the conspirators arranged to stock the hotel room with an arsenal of weapons, no doubt with the help of casino management.  They knocked out the windows, fired a few rounds with the completely inappropriate bump stock (somebody must have owned shares in the bump stock companies!), and invited Paddock, who lacked Oswald's street smarts and experience, up to the room, where he was murdered.  Neat and tidy.  Meanwhile, the actual killing shots were coming from elsewhere.  Ballistics would prove this, but no outsider is going to be allowed to see the real ballistics.  It now appears that a security guard almost inadvertently interrupted the plot (or perhaps was shot accidentally as part of the plot).

Both Oswald and Paddock have weird resumes, with big lacunae, but with Paddock I am again reminded of Jeffrey Epstein.  Remember Epstein was a high-school math teacher until he ran into Leslie Wexner, owner of The Limited and a big ultra-Zionist macher, and suddenly was a math genius quant who made billions in his hedge fund (the concept of quants, math geniuses who use their math expertise to make money trading stocks, is a myth created by the hedge fund industry to cover for the fact that they really make their money from illegal insider trading).  Epstein's 'billions' made him one of the 0.1%, and thus a safe guy to people like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Prince Andy, and Donald Trump, who happily fell into the Mossad underaged-girls blackmail operation Epstein was running.  Paddock was a mid-level government accountant who mysteriously became a casino high roller, making millions playing video poker (with everything, of course, 'comped' as the casino was financing whatever it was he was doing).  Obviously, he was some kind of agent, working on operations based in and around casinos, typically places where a lot of the customers are the types who are subject to intelligence surveillance.

We'll soon see if the installation of the backscatter X-ray machines at casinos and elsewhere (everywhere) was the true goal of the conspiracy.

Monday, October 09, 2017

The Chertoff Connection

"The Chertoff Connection: Las Vegas | Jack Mullen".

"if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. osi systems and chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. mr chertoff has been in contact with sheldon adelson. mr adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes. this is my last message for now. don't expect me to return anytime soon

From /pol/.

Reddit:  "On 9/10, Anon predicted a shooting in Las Vegas and discussed the reasons behind it.".

"Fear Pays: Chertoff, Ex-Security Officials Slammed For Cashing In On Government Experience".  "Body Scanners Create Profits for Chertoff and Others".  "Guests Scanned at the Wynn in Glimpse of Las Vegas’s Future".

Backscatter X-ray security machines (dangerous for health and privacy, and thus a hard sell unless we think we're all going to die without them).  OSI Systems.  Michael Chertoff.  Sheldon Adelson.  "High incident project".

The gun nut screaming is a distraction - it had nothing to do with gun control.  The mystery of how he got all those guns into the hotel room is the biggest part of the story, the part you are supposed to remember and worry about.  But hey, it's lucky that somebody has a technological solution to the problem!

Note how Paddock came out of the blue, no 'radicalization', no hints of plans, nothing.  No way to profile or stop him with any kind of police work or counter-terrorism.  Note also the reports that he had booked rooms in other hotels overlooking large groups of people. There is literally no way to keep Americans safe unless all hotels have the type of scanning that would prevent large amounts of guns from being taken into buildings.  People are going to make billions off this.  Naturally, the hotel industry can't be expected to pay for this without government assistance.

Chertoff is up to his neck in so much of this stuff going back to the 90s, profiting all the way, that it is baffling that he is not on the radar with each 'terrorist' attack.

Saturday, October 07, 2017


"Vegas Shooter Investigators "Puzzled", Believe He Was Not Alone For Two Reasons".  You don't make $5 million a year playing slot machines, but it is a good way to launder money, and the rich-old-dude-who-likes-to-throw-his-money-away is a good cover.  The casinos aren't supposed to let you do this, but . . .

I am still quite taken with the idea that he was some sort of covert operator, using his mythological wealth as a cover.

/pol/ is surprisingly useless on this topic, but they are fascinated that the casino gave him free sushi ('comped').  I did find a meme.

"Las Vegas, Conspiracies and ISIS".  Maybe, but this conversion/violent religious mania is really a young man's game.  The typical European jihadi who ends up in Syria comes from a broken home with a history of drug abuse and a sad life, who is fooled into thinking Islam, a peculiarly violent Wahhabist devotion to Islam, will be the cure.

Rita Katz is pushing the Islamophobic angle.

The Valium he was apparently prescribed isn't the kind of drug that causes people to snap into a violent rage, and this attack was obviously long planned.

A Godlike Productions thread.

I am very curious about this bump stock story.  He was so far away from his target that he had an extremely narrow angle in which to shoot.  Any shots that hit the area would be deadly, as it was basically a tightly packed barrel of meat, but was he even capable of sustained targeting of the area, bouncing around with the recoil?  I am not saying it didn't happen - the crisis actor assholes have gone beyond lame - but a second or third shooter, who actually did most of the damage, makes a lot more sense. That makes Paddock the patsy, the loud target of law enforcement, behind the obvious broken window, who falsely believed he would be able to get away (and, I assume, flee to the Philippines).  I note that he appears to have used his own name, and made absolutely no effort to cover his identity.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Crack Bowl

"Israeli ambassador pushes potential war to elite U.S. powerbrokers" (at the end is a great list of, um, patriotic Americans who attended).  "National Holocaust Monument plaque pulled after panel omits mention of Jews" (spectacular title; there are still lots of woke people in the Canadian bureaucracy, so I doubt this is a mistake!; Linda is David's sister).

"Trump’s America is Not Just Losing, it has Already Lost to Iran".

"Syria - Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terrorists" (Moon).

"Kurdish Secession US Plot to Create New ‘Israel’: Leader Tells Erdogan".

The conspiracy view of Catalonian separation:  "The Catalan Chain Reaction" (Korybko).  The European Union seems quite aware of what is going on.  The bigger picture is obviously a series of more color revolutions by you-know-who to weaken Europe to prevent it from interfering in any Ziowahhabican projects, as if Europe could possibly be any weaker than it already is! Catalonia will be punished with economic ruin as a warning to to others by refusing to grant it automatic admission to the Union.

"The US-Based Armenian Lobby Is on a Mission to Provoke Azerbaijan and Russia" (Korybko).  For the love of God, don't notice a pattern!

"One of Puerto Rico’s biggest creditors is also big funder of Israeli propaganda" (Weiss).  "Billionaire Seth Klarman, donor to Israel causes, is one of the largest holders of Puerto Rican debt".  Avert your eyes, for as often as this kind of thing keeps popping up, it is 'anti-Semitic' to notice.  Weiss continues his schizophrenic role of dutifully criticizing noticers like Giraldi and Plame as 'anti-Semites', while being one of the major sources of information on the subject from which no conclusions dare be drawn.

"Russia threatens 'countermeasures' as Magnitsky law nears passage".  "Canada’s House of Commons Passes Magnitsky-Style Law" (277-0!).  All based on a discredited fairy tale:  "How my book unmasking Bill Browder was censored by Amazon by Alex Krainer".  A serious embarrassment for Canada, with the original movie now unviewable - as it doesn't show what it was paid to show! - and the formerly reliably anti-Putin documentarian thus a 'Kremlin Stooge'.

"Intercept Augments Its Anti-Syrian Stable" (Moon).  We still await with bated breath the resignation over the Reality Winner debacle of at least one of these vaunted progressive journalists in Crazy Pierre's extremely well-paid stable.

"The Mystery of the Russia-gate Puppies" (Parry).  As each salvo fizzles out they turn to a new one, the latest being doubling back to the Steele dossier (which had previously been discarded as a damp - so to speak - squib).

Tweets on the integrity of ISIS attribution claims!

Tragic decision by small-minded municipal politicians to stifle the sheer joy of local residents in referring to the stadium as the Crack Bowl.  Fifty years from now, children would ask 'Mommy, why is it called the Crack Bowl?', leading to an educational discussion of the perils of addiction (and general assholery) and the utter fecklessness of moron voters.

Thursday, October 05, 2017


"16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Talk About".  The key sign of conspiracy is the authorities purporting to be baffled by everything.

"How Kurdish Independence Underpins Israel’s Plan to Reshape the Middle East" (Cook).  Hardcore woke.

"War Clouds Gathering Over Israel" (Taxi).

"Israel calls for US to be more active in Syria".  "How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS" (Orlov):
". . . Washington has made it clear to the Kurds that it doesn’t simply want them to occupy oil fields, but also prevent Damascus from establishing control of the Syrian-Iraqi border and block the route along which Iran could send troops and equipment to Syria. This is by far the most important goal in Syria today from Washington’s point of view. Iranian Foreign Mohammad Javad Zarif wasn’t particularly picky with words when he stated that Washington is eager to cooperate with any force, including ISIS, in a bid to prevent the Syrian army from securing the border with Iraq, which would create a land supply bridge from Iran to Syria."

"That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right" (Walt in The Forward!).  Note that Walt and Mearsheimer received exactly the same kind of treatment that Giraldi and Plame are now receiving.

"Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi got fired for exposing warmongers and ethnic cleansers" (Alexis).

"Other than the need to memorialize, it serves no purpose."  Oh, there's a purpose. 

"Living Under the French Hate Speech Laws" (Proulx).  Scholarly!  It protects the usual Zionist murder and land theft project, plus the tender reputations of obviously guilty slimeballs.

"A Doctor’s Report from Yemen".

"This "Russian Influence" Campaign Is A Click-Bait Scheme".

"Russian-US Contacts Continue Against All The Odds" (Korzun).

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Quicker picker upper

"What Did He Do?"  Reminds me of Jeffrey Epstein, a guy who is staked by rich and powerful people to play a rich guy, in order to serve some intelligence- or other grift-related purpose.

"Was There A Second Shooter In Vegas?" (Durden).

"After Las Vegas shooting, Facebook and Google get the news wrong again".

On an unrelated (?) note, this is the single choicest thing I have ever seen, ranking with the best work of Marcel Duchamp.


"Massey College professor resigns over ‘master’ comment to Black student".  "CBS Fires Jewish VP for Anti-White Comments Follows Las Vegas Shooting".  "Toronto District School Board revises Islamic guide".

"Telling The Goyim How To Talk About Israel" (Mantiq al-Tayr).

"How I Got Fired" (Giraldi):
"When all is said and done the punishment that has been meted out to me and Valerie Plame proves my point. The friends of Israel rule by coercion, intimidation and through fear. If we suffer through a catastrophic war with Iran fought to placate Benjamin Netanyahu many people might begin to ask “Why?” But identifying the real cause would involve criticism of what some American Jews have been doing, which is not only fraught with consequences, but is something that also will possibly become illegal thanks to Congressional attempts to criminalize such activity. We Americans will stand by mutely as we begin to wonder what has happened to our country. And some who are more perceptive will even begin to ask why a tiny client state has been allowed to manipulate and bring ruin on the world’s only super power. Unfortunately, at that point, it will be too late to do anything about it."
The CIA weighs in to protect BigJew (note how clumsy and illogical the argument is!):  "Giraldi Controversy: No, US wars in Mideast are not for Israel Lobby".

Tweet (Julian Assange):
"Hillary Clinton & gun control."
The issue isn't gun control - though, obviously, getting the most ridiculous guns off the street would certainly help - but the general culture of American Exceptionalist violence, both inside and outside the country. It is the evil of the propensity to violence that allows BigJew to so easily manipulate the United States into war.  "What the mass shooting in Las Vegas should teach American politicians and warmongers" (Alexis).

"Catalonia: Folks Don’t Understand How Serious the Debate Over Sovereignty Is".  The real problem is finding yourself in this position due to years of intransigence in negotiating some devolution of federal powers to the restive territory.

The conspiracy theories:  "Maidan in Spain, and some new “dog whistles”".  Greater Catalonia!

You can see hints of the greater conspiracy to weaken Europe:  "The future of the EU at stake in Catalonia" (Escobar).

"Here’s Why Allowing Saudi Women To Drive Is Very Dangerous" (Korybko).  Super hardcore conspiracy theory - triggering the evil religious fuckers to lead to Yinon in Saudi Arabia!

"BREAKING THE GAG: Secret Israeli Supreme Court Ruling Approves Massive Arms Sale to Genocidal Burmese Junta" (Silverstein).

"Memento Mori: a Requiem for Puerto Rico".  FEMA has completely skated on its extreme inaction/incompetence.

"How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS".  A highly complicated, coordinated plan.  As usual, it will fail, and Trump will back off, but only after much damage has been done to the victims of unnecessary violence.

"The Unlikely Alliance That Could Stop Keystone and Transform the Democratic Party".  The key for progressives is to fit your advocacy within the psychic space created by the self-interest of the worst assholes.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Biro tweeting

"Bana’s Pro-War Tweets Hit by Vanishing Spell Leading up to Book Launch" (Jonhstone).  “This generation’s Anne Frank”.

"Google’s New Search Engine Bias is No Accident" (Cook). Optimists might note that the people have a great desire for, and can recognize, 'real news', and the Truly Evil are terrified of the consequences of the dissemination of Truth.

"Erasing academic freedom in America by Congressional legislation".

Some you aren't allowed to hear, but some you aren't allowed to not hear.  You get the gist of where the power is.  "UC Berkeley blocks pro-Israel talk by Dershowitz, citing rules on advance notice".  "Dershowitz talk back on at UC Berkeley with law school as sponsor".

"Safe-Zone Judo as Syrian Forces Cross the Euphrates" (Cartalucci).  Will the Syrian Kurds do the smart thing, or get themselves slaughtered?  Sadly, and despite the fact they have completely different leadership from the gangsters running the Iraqi Kurds, the answer isn't clear.

"Who Is Responsible for Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar?" (Ó Colmáin).

"Brazil's former president Lula ahead in polls despite corruption allegations".

"Catalan Independence: 5 Things to Think About" (Cartalucci).  Tweets by Nando.

"The Dishonest Career of the Remarkable Srđa Popović" (Engdahl).  On CANVAS, for all your color revolution needs.

"What Does the Sale of Venezuelan Oil in Currencies Other Than the US Dollar Mean?"

Tweet (Dan Cohen) (NYFD ♥ al Qaeda):
"9/11 first responders meet the “hidden warriors” of the largest al-Qaeda franchise in history"

"How to Preserve Fundamental Rights on the Internet: a Guide".  The key to preserving your 'fundamental rights' is to make sure you run all your sensitive information through the CIA.

"Roundup: A new GG and a new NDP leader".  Dominating first-round win for Singh with two old-fashioned real socialists left in the dust.

Sunday, October 01, 2017


"Catalan’s Decision".  Surprising amount of equivocation in the article, betraying doubts about what the 'left' should do.  Do you smell the stench of color revolution?  I wonder where George is.  In spite of the strange counterproductive Franco overreaction of the Spanish state, this looks like another group of racist northerners deciding they no longer want to support the lazy feckless south.  "In Catalonia’s ‘red belt’ leftwing veterans distrust the separatists".  "The Left-Wing Case Against Catalan Independence" (Studebaker).

Assange's recent tweets show he has completely thrown in with the Catalonian separatists (I don't know what his angle is).

"By The Grace Of Israel - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish "Independence"" (Moon).  I'm always disturbed at how easy it is for the troublemakers to cause people to act recklessly against their own self-interest and lives.

"Hezbollah has Launched the Initial Phase of the Next Israel-Hezbollah War" (Lamb).  This reads like a warmongering press release from the Israeli government (lots and lots of telling spin in the wording), but is encouraging - heartwarming, even - in the sheer varieties of extremely lethal force available to Hezbollah, sporting not only a heap of the best rockets but the most kick-ass well-trained and well-disciplined army in the world, now up against the IDF whose training consists entirely in slaughtering grandmothers and children.

"Israeli Jew Organ Thieves Descend on Puerto Rico" (Anglin).  Scoff if you will but there is lots of evidence of form for this.  This nonsense is just more of the Zionist PR campaign, but usually applied in shitholes who aren't supposed to be able to manage their own affairs, so a real insult, albeit justified, to Americans.  (Anglin is now on a Catalan url!)

"A Crash Course on the True Causes of “Anti-Semitism”" (The Saker) (many of the comments are . . . robust, hopefully reflecting a growing Enlightenment - what I like to call skepticism - among the general population, but it would be helpful to see less robust and more creative ways to counter this tragically destructive breakout of violent group supremacism among the members of an overly powerful group).  The problem with this kind of analysis is that you can find similar supremacist extremism in almost every religion, and it is difficult to ascribe much weight to its influence beyond a few nuts.  On the other hand, there is not the slightest doubt that the politicians and generals who run Israel for the settlers are firm adherents to the worst of it, and any support whatsoever for Israel among the wider Jewish collective is effectively support for extreme supremacist hatred and violence.

Basic stuff:  "The US Economy is Failing" (Roberts).

"One week in the media’s McCarthyite witch-hunt against Russia". It is difficult not to notice that the 'evidence' grows increasingly pathetic with each reiteration, and none of this PR campaign has any traction whatsoever outside of the media.

"Tony Blair’s Ghoulish Last Decade". The vileness takes your breath away!

"In another sign of closer ties with India, US eyes dropping Pakistan as ally".  Huge, if true.  The United States has always supported the ISI's wild high-wire act with extremist terrorist groups, all on the assumption that this manages the terrorism and keeps Pakistan functioning.

"I Almost Lost a Nikon D850 to a Scam on eBay".  You have to tip your hat to the cleverness of the scammers.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Do you feel the lash?

"Kurdistan Referendum: ‘Divide and Rule Policy’ against the Islamic Countries".

"The Kurdish independence genie is well and truly out of the bottle".  "US-Israeli Plot to Establish ‘Barzani State’ in Iraqi Kurdistan Doomed to Failure".  The mess this creates - many dead people, mostly Kurds, and decades of violent disruption - is yet another reason why the world simply can't afford to have a Jewish-controlled state in the Middle East.

"Breaking: Captured ISIS Fighters Admit Cooperation between ISIS and U.S".

"Labour Party Conference and the Great Antisemitism Stitch-Up" (Wight). "Israeli embassy accused of pressuring UK university to censor free speech".

"Jews do NOT control the media!" (Barrett). "I Believe Some of Your Best Friends Are Jewish" (Stephens)!  The nature of the attacks on Plame/Giraldi prove the Plame/Giraldi thesis.  The over-doing of the attack from positions of power is intended to discourage others.

"Three megadonors (who just happen to love Israel) are pushing Trump against Iran deal" (Weiss).  Note at the end the modified position of Weiss, essentially blaming the warmongering on the gentiles!  You have to laugh.

"Canadian FM Freeland Was Slated to Be George Soros’ Authorized Biographer" (Helmer).  On the Freeland/Soros connection, and the depth of connections between the Canadian government and 'respectable' European neo-fascism/irredentism.

"DailyStormer Likely Losing Its .IS Domain Today" (my emphasis in red):
"Daily Stormer is not hosted in Iceland, but in the US. It is for this reason that Iceland’s hate speech laws cannot be enforced to shut down the website. A registered domain can be likened to an address which merely points to a site’s IP. However, ISNIC does have terms of service, and it is through these terms that the site may lose its .is domain.

“Our terms of service are very clear,” Jens told us. “All registrants must provide proof of who they are, and where they are physically located. [Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin] doesn’t want to do that.”

Andrew reportedly told Jens that he would not provide this information as he is concerned that Jens would in turn give this information to the Icelandic police, who may then give it to law enforcement in the United States. Jens confirmed that he would in fact do exactly that."

"Five Things to Remember About Catalonia". "How to break a revolution".  "Short Cuts".

"Why Won't American Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?"  Application of the Haitian model.

"Russia and US will build a new space station".  Underlying this is the massive technical superiority of the Russians.

"Assange Reminds The World That Facebook Did Collude In 2016, But With Hillary" (Durden).  Enthusiastic and undeniable bias from the very top for the "first woman President of the United States".

"The Slimy Business of Russia-gate" (Parry):
"The neocons also have been targeting Russia for regime change for years because they see Russian President Vladimir Putin as the chief obstacle to their goal of helping Israel achieve its desire for “regime change” in Syria and a chance to bomb-bomb-bomb Iran. Russia-gate has served the neocons well as a very convenient way to pull Democrats, liberals and even progressives into the neocon agenda because Russia-gate is sold as a powerful weapon for the anti-Trump Resistance."

A particularly egregious example of the lying:  "Hello Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, Slate: Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart" (Mish).

Psychos of Silicon Valley:  "God Is a Bot, and Anthony Levandowski Is His Messenger".  You almost end up feeling sorry for Google!

Tweet (Stanley Cohen):
"If the governor of Puerto Rico had a lick of sense he would reach out to Iran for help."

"Firestorm over racially charged remark prompts Massey College to drop title of ‘master’ for head of school" (hilarious supremacist misidentification of the problem and solution!; my emphasis in red):
"An incident in which a professor used the term “master” in a remark directed at a Black student has prompted Massey College to change the title it gives its leader.

On Tuesday, Michael Marrus, an emeritus professor of history and scholar of the Holocaust, was sitting with three junior fellows — graduate students who earned residence at Massey College through academic and extracurricular achievements — when Hugh Segal, the head of the college (known as the master), arrived at their table.

When Segal asked to join them, Marrus allegedly said to a Black graduate student: “You know this is your master, eh? Do you feel the lash?”

According to media reports, Segal spoke to Marrus after the students left, telling him that his comment was inappropriate. The comment was widely viewed as a reference to slavery."