Monday, June 26, 2017


"Russia Hacking Allegations Driven By a Serial Liar".  The latest spin of the Clintonista story, the one involving Barry's supposed tribulations about what to do, what to do, with all this information - leading to the obvious question of why keeping silent ended up being the answer - was all driven by Brennan.  The further they go in trying to find some nuance that will resonate with Americans, the more they reveal their hand.

"CNN Executive Editor Demands To Review All Future Russia-Related Stories..."No Exceptions"".

"Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators".  The deep mystery of which 'donor' funded the nonsense.

"Assange Outlines The Six Reasons "Why The Democratic Party Is Doomed"".  As long as the 'donor' model is intact, who cares about ever winning anything again.  Shekels are the only winning they need.

"Locked Into Al-Tanf U.S. Military Concedes It Lost The Race To Occupy South-East Syria".  I wouldn't call it a loss - the American patriots in the Pentagon won out over the treasonous neocons.  That is the only plausible explanation for the bizarre American stalling.

"Fighting intensifies in Syrian Golan Heights".  Khonquest khontinues.  In its way, this is a good sign, indicating that the habitual thieves have resigned themselves to a post-Yinon Syria where their khleptomania has to be satisfied with another small piece.

"June Notes Week Four" (West).

"Nick Turse: The Special Ops Fallacy – Throwing Elite Resources at “Winless Wars”".  Ah, the great mystery of all the losing, part of the greater mystery of why American now always lose.

"Why The Transformers Movies Are Really Stories Of Jewish Resilience and Adaptability".  #3:
"Public showings of this movie, all 148 intolerable minutes of it, should be referred to as bludgeonings . . ."

Heavy virtue signalling using identity politics covers up a multitude of sins: "Justin Trudeau’s Liberals: Objectively pro-fascist?".  Also, pipelines.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


"Trump‘s Red Line" (Hersh)!  As good as you might expect, but it bears the signs of American IC spin, making the IC look better than it should (and putting all the blame on Trump, consistent with IC attitudes towards him).  That isn't a bad thing, as it betrays an awareness that the whole Khan Sheikhoun conspiracy was a big American IC fuckup.  Added, for comic relief (Higgins must get paid extra for such a rush job!):  "Will Get Fooled Again – Seymour Hersh, Welt, and the Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Attack".

"Angry Dems Turn On Obama, Pelosi, Schumer: "Talk Less About Russia"".  It should be completely clear by now that they intend to go down with the ship (of 'donors').  Whining about Russia provides an excuse for the Killary loss (keeping Clinton 'viable' for 2020), prevents the entrenched apparatchiks from being removed, preserves the lovely, shekel-y 'donor' model, and takes up all the rhetorical space that might have to be used to preserve health care and any other mildly progressive possibilities.  What's not to like?

"Our Grand American Delusion by Publius Tacitus".

"CNN Deletes 'Fake News' Story About Russian Investment Ties To Trump".  This kind of thing, if it existed (and it may), would be the Holy Grail, but making up shit doesn't help.

"Policing ‘Truth’ to Restore ‘Trust’" (Parry).  To be read with "The Blathering Superego at the End of History".  The idea is that politics should consist of a credentialed priesthood who deliver the tablets containing the empirical facts of what must be done to the lowly populace.  It is immoral/blasphemous for any deplorable to resist.  There is a very strong element of religious mysticism in this.

"Democrats in the Dead Zone" (St. Clair).  Inauthenticity.  The Dems doubled down on every single one of their standard mistakes in an almost robotic way.

"18 Israeli Fighter Jets Landed in Saudi Arabia to Prevent Coup".  Sounds very fake, but if there is some Jew/Crypto-Jew conspiracy going on - and there are signs - this is the kind of thing that a nervous Salman might request.  It would also explain why the other royals have accepted this massive shift in power, and makes it, yes, a Khoup d'etat.

"Tensions Mount as the New Saudi Prince Takes Charge" (Margolis).  "Crises over Qatar Reaches New Levels: Assessing Implications".  You could choose to see Salman's foolishness as a very, very good thing, forcing the Turks to choose sides, putting the whole dispute over the Muslim Brotherhood on the table, and, as with all the other 'strategic' moves of the Khazars, strengthening Iran.

Salman has too much credibility invested in the slaughter of Yemen for it to be over before Salman is over.  He made the most basic mistake of statesmanship - starting a war with no defined outcome that could be declared a win followed by the end of the war.  The Americans make the same mistake in fighting Wars For The Jews - because there is no American national interest in fighting these wars, they never end, as no politician can plausibly declare that an American national interest has been met and the war can be concluded.  Witness the laughter over Bush's 'Mission Accomplished', and the current situation in Afghanistan.

"Israel's Fire Support For Its Al-Qaeda Mercenaries Started Three Years Ago".  The one thing about kleptomaniacs - or rather, Khleptomaniacs - is that you can be ready for them.  Surveillance, security guards, ink tags on the merch, S-300s, you know.  "State Fair’s ‘Swindler’ Sandwich Renamed After Being Called Anti-Semitic".

"GRENFELL TOWER: Boris Johnson Gives Millions to Fake White Helmets in Syria, Makes Savage Cuts to London Fire Service".  "VICTORIOUS SYRIA: The Axis of Resistance Confounds the Forces of Empire" (both Beeley).

"Twelfth of July Orange walk to be televised live on BBC One in Northern Ireland".  The spoils of holding the balance of power.  What could possibly go wrong?

"Athens versus Jerusalem":
"Inside of 70 years, Jerusalemites, with feverish dedication have successfully installed their peculiar brand of anarchy through the aggressive spread of divisive Identitarian Politics, tyrannical Political Correctness, ruinous Predatory Economics, vampirical Controlled Opposition, as well as a most lethal form of warmongering Jewish Power – all simultaneously and insidiously injected into Western societies.  Jerusalem has evidently delivered us nothing but endless warfare overseas and palpable instability and dystopia in our Western societies.  It has brought us a non-humanistic world.  It has given us a lowering of citizen morale and an increase in barbaric immorality where might over right is normalized.  Jerusalem has steeped us in an absurd environment where decadent perversions are permitted, but freedom of speech is curtailed.  A world where freedom of thought is punished instead of promoted."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mind the gap

"Commentary: How Trump can show he’s tough on anti-Semitism".  "Reuter’s (finally) realize there are Nazis in Ukraine".  So a Jew working for the Rothschild house organ tries to Jewshame Trump into taking a hard line against the neo-Nazis installed by Khazar Nudelman-Kagan working for BigJew as part of the anti-Putin campaign to block Putin's actions against Zionist colonialism?  Surely we live in interesting times!

"The Latest Escalation in Syria – What Is Really Going On?" (The Saker):
"The dynamic in Syria is not fundamentally different from the dynamic in the Ukraine: the Neocons know that they have failed to achieve their primary objective: to control the entire country. They also know that their various related financial schemes have collapsed. Finally, they are fully aware that they owe this defeat to Russia and, especially, to Vladimir Putin. So they fell back on plan B. Plan B is almost as good as Plan A (full control) because Plan B has much wider consequences. Plan B is also very simple: trigger a major crisis with Russia but stay short from a full-scale war. Ideally, Plan B should revolve around a “firm” “reaction” to the Russian “aggression” and a “defense” of the US “allies” in the region. In practical terms this simply means: get the Russians to openly send forces into Novorussia or get the Russians to take military actions against the US or its allies in Syria. Once you get this you can easily see that the latest us attacks in Syria have a minor local purpose – to scare or slow down the Syrians- and a major global purpose – to bait the Russians into using forces against the US or an ally. It bears repeating here that what the Neocons really want is what I call a “tepid” war with Russia: an escalation of tensions to levels not even seen during the Cold War, but not a full-scale “hot” WWIII either. A tepid war would finally re-grant NATO at least some kind of purpose (to protect “our European friends and allies” from the “Russian threat”): the already terminally spineless EU politicians would all be brought into an even more advanced state of subservience, the military budgets would go even higher and Trump would be able to say that he made “America” “great” again. And, who knows, maybe the Russian people would *finally* rise against Putin, you never know! (They wouldn’t – but the Neocons have never been deterred from their goofy theories by such minor and altogether irrelevant things as facts or logic)."

The reason the Jews won't get WWIII is that the Russians are pretty smart (and so is Trump in a deep way you can't always see!), and the smart includes installing a highly sophisticated missile defense system across all of Syria (not to mention Russia).

"The mukhtar DJT, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel".  Somebody has given Salman a can of gasoline and some matches.  Salman isn't smart.

Duh!:  "The US seems keener to strike at Syria's Assad than it does to destroy Isis" (Fisk).

The full story of the al Qaeda side of things:  "How America Armed Terrorists in Syria" (Porter).

"Shhhh! It’s TOP Secret: Fake News For Your Eyes Only".  The Golden Ticket keeps failing (the big test being that voters obviously aren't moved by it), but the IC, the Dems, and the media - all not smart - just can't help themselves.  Part of the problem with the latest salvo is that the blessed Barry must be blameless:  "Did Obama Choke On Russian Election Interference?"

"Johnny Depp Is Sorry For Making An Assassination Joke".  It is lucky Trump can afford his own security detail and doesn't have to rely on the bullet dodgers.

"You’ll Never Guess What Losing Democrats All Have in Common".  A hint for politicians - No More Wars For The Jews is a proven and guaranteed election winner.  That is, if you actually want to win rather than sit back and add to your shekel collection.

"Wasserman Schultz disputes homeland security claims about DNC hacking".  The first break in the Democrat wall of lies.  It is still utterly amazing, especially in the light of the fact that the President of the United States keeps harping on it, that the FBI has never examined those servers, and still relies on the hinky partisan Ukrainians at CrowdStrike!

"Ghost Candidates Are Not Acceptable".  "Democrats Won’t Moderate Message – Even to Win".

"Canadian Indian Gets Sentence for Torturing a Child Reduced by 70% Because His Grandparents Went to Boarding School".  This is Lamarckian Holocaust grifting applied for the benefit of goyim.  The judge?  Not smart.

"Quebec Premier Couillard, in change of tone, ties Michigan attack to Islam".  They do try.  In fact, in almost every case, multiple warnings are given by the community to officials, who ignore them (presumably so the attack can take place).  Where they don't try is the Saudi problem.  Until they reject all funding from Saudi Arabia, all extremist literature from Saudi Arabia, and unceremoniously turn away any imam funded by or trained in any way in Saudi Arabia, there will be problems.

"Some parliamentary stars shine as one loses glow: Hébert".  Note that the neo-Nazi shines.

"Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”" (Alexis).  "Jerusalem synagogue vandalized with swastikas, holy books burned".  'Mentally unstable', just like the bomb threat teen.  But that defense only applies to Jews:  "A French Jew’s killing provides a test for the new Macron administration".

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Smuggling eggs to get around an illegal, suffocating blockade that makes civilians go hungry is terrorism, basically"

"Creating Fake News through Omission" (Hoffman).

Some alt-right writers are quite smart:  "Architecture & Morality:  The Fall of Grenfell Tower".

"Fired WSJ Reporter Connected To Iran-Contra Arms Dealer".

"No, This Is Not A Headline From The Onion".  I think juries will continue to be disturbed by the fact that some of the victims seemed to actively pursue Cosby, in order to advance their careers, and, even more importantly, continued to pursue him after the attacks.  They are essentially victims of the patriarchy - the only way they could advance is through the sponsorship of a powerful man - but that is not Cosby's direct fault.

"Wikileaks Docs Show How the CIA Allegedly Infected Offline Computers".  "Brutal Kangaroo".

Friday, June 23, 2017

Unfairly unfair

Besides the fact that Salman is obviously a hot-headed moron with terrible judgment, who has spectacularly failed in every big decision he has made in a relatively short time, the change in the mechanics of Saudi succession is a huge deal.  As succession always went to a brother, or son of a brother, you could keep the fractious royals relatively happy as their turn could come with the next king.  Having a son succeed a father means that all the lines of the brothers are potentially now permanently squeezed out.  This kind of thing always leads to violence.

"Saudi king upends royal succession and names son Mohammed bin Salman as first heir to throne" (note that the problem is recognized, but there isn't really a Saudi constitution, just a basic law which can be altered by royal decree, so any quick 'constitutional' change could be as easily reversed):
"News of his promotion was accompanied by a constitutional change so that his son could not be king, a gesture intended to reassure other parts of Saudi Arabia’s vast royal family."

Note, from Februrary 2015:  "The frantic intrigue of Abdullah's final hours".

"Succession to the Saudi Arabian throne".  "Agnatic seniority".  Any decision might be thought to have been unfair, but at least it was fairly unfair.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm in tears

"Wall Street Journal fires correspondent over ethics conflict".  The documents are alleged to have been discovered by a hack, and the enterprises involved 'ex-CIA' types, and plans for "a $725 million air-operations, surveillance and reconnaissance support contract with the United Arab Emirates that would allow planes to spy on activity inside nearby Iran", and an attempt to replace the Kuwaiti government with "a dissident member of the Kuwaiti royal family".

"Israeli Spyware Firm Embroiled in Mexico Mobile Hacking Scandal. Flynn Was Its Adviser".  An 'everything' bagel of a story.

Another country for Khazar ruination:  "Jerusalem, Nicosia and WW3" (Atxmon).

"CIA contractors busted for stealing snacks from vending machine".  This degree of expertise should have got them Contractor of the Year awards.

"Oversight Report Shows NSA Failed To Secure Its Systems Following The Snowden Leaks".  All the renting of garments over Snowden was just for show.

"Democrats, Stop With The Poll Rigging...It's Getting Embarrassing".  These are all bullshit push polls, meant to affect the result, but problems arise, as we've seen remarkably with Killary, when you believe your own lies.

"We Are Inches From A New World War, And Clintonists Are To Blame".

"The Blathering Superego at the End of History".  Another take on liberalism.

"Even Top Liberal Pundits Still Don’t Understand the Division in the Democratic Party".

You can't help but be reminded of philosophical debates over the paradoxes of utilitarianism.

"After a Dark Political Winter, Summer Is Finally Arriving" (Shamir).

"Watergate And The Downing Of Nixon, Part 2".  Dick's getting some sympathy in the era of Don.  There are obvious parallels in the IC attacks against each President.

"Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone: The Neocons Are Dangerous to the United States" (Alexis).  The exact same unnameable perps are behind the odd behavior of the Americans in Syria, and certainly are trying to start WWIII.  As usual, they get to do this because nobody of importance dares call them out on it.

Timing:  "Iran 1953: State Department Finally Releases Updated Official History of Mosaddeq Coup".

"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Cancel Israel Show Over 'Unexpected Change of Schedule'".  Shekelhead is still on.  The Jew-controlled media is noticeably piling on the general praise for Shekelhead.

"CNN Caught Faking News Again: Qatar Says News Agency Hacking Linked To Middle East, Not Russia".

BuzzFeed has now brought the self-sports-bagged spy into its all-encompassing Putin crime theory:  "The Secrets Of The Spy In The Bag".

BuzzFeed isn't entirely a joke.  This is something you don't see everyday (or ever) in the mainstream media:  "These Are The Civilian Victims Of The US-Led Campaign Against ISIS".

American weird unsolved crime classic:  "Half-century later, murder evidence still under wraps".

"Secret Service relaxes marijuana policy in bid to swell ranks".  Bonus:  bullet dodgers dodge even fewer bullets when they are high as a kite.  Harder to code, though.

Tweet (Gregg Carlstrom) (Jared's taking a few hours off from being investigated for high treason to solve the Israel-Palestinian crisis):
"An AP cameraman filming Kushner's arrival in Jerusalem was forced to delete the images on his memory card."


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Saudis double down on pure insanity:  "In Historic Shakeup Saudi King Removes Crown Prince, Names Son As First Heir".  What is the over-under in months before their heads are all on pikes (as they should be)?

"Thoughts on the Disappointing Result Out of Georgia 6."  Ha! Note the early, and utterly insane, victory lap! The Clintonistas picked a pure neoliberal asshole, and threw away an inconceivably large amount of money at getting him elected (of course, as we all know, no money was lost, as the shekels flow from 'donor' pockets to 'donor'-owned media companies, and thus, in the great Khazar Circle of Life, back to 'donor' pockets, with a small amount falling to the professional political hacks), all with the intent to prove that they, and not Bernie supporters, were on the winning track.  Do you think this telling set-back will cause them to change their ways?  No.  How can they be expected to afford multi-million dollar homes without the 'donor' model of financing elections?  The insane lack of connection to reality is based firmly in the greatest and most inspiring love of all, the love of shekels.

"Cristina Fernández de Kirchner".  Another peasant revolt in the offing.

This is funny:  "FOIA Request On Susan Rice's Unmaskings Rejected Because "Records Were Moved To Obama Library"".  It reminds me of how real terrorist groups can now disappear simply with a name change.  Form over substance.

"John Helmer: Chrystia Freeland’s Family Lie Grows Bigger And Blacker– Michael Chomiak Volunteered For Hitler Before Ukraine Was Invaded and Was Hunted by the Polish Police Until the 1980s".  Note the first paragraph of the introduction.  "How, when and where can Canada's digital spies hack? Government makes some suggestions in CSE Act" (the silly new wallpaper over the IC dictatorship:  "The roses and the thorns of Canada’s new national security bill").

"U of O Holocaust scholar says he's a target of Polish 'hate' campaign".  The fact he has utterly misdescribed the 'attack' on him - a letter! - should probably raise flags about his 'scholarship'.  Which isn't to say that some Poles weren't enthusiastic about the general dekhazarization project, for simply baffling reasons.

"Where is Israel’s anti-Palestinian dark money going?"  It looks like they've arranged some system where the 'donors' fund the skulduggery directly.

"Spoiling for a Wider War in Syria".  Wars For The Jews, yet again.  Signals from the American government are decidedly mixed.  Trump's hands-off approach means individual factions of warmongers can cause mischief.  We end up with a bizarre situation where the highest reaches of the US government have to create a complicated framework to get around and manage what parts of the American military/IC are doing to Russia, all within the constraints of the Clintonista Russia phobia:  "Tillerson has a new Russia plan: Less support to neighbors, work with Russia on cybersecurity".  Schizophrenocracy.

"Self-Defense Is No Defense for US Acts of War in Syria" (Cunningham).  As Americans do dirty work for the Khazars, it is no surprise they borrow Khazar rhetorical flourishes.

"Oliver Stone: Shocked at How the CIA is Treating Trump".

"Video: Expert Breaks Down As He Tells Of Warning Of ‘Totally Avoidable’ #Grenfell Fire".  It is a straightforward, obvious, and easily prosecutable case of manslaughter up to the highest levels of government.

"Photographer Khadija Saye Dies in London Grenfell Tower Fire".

"Awful Truth About Laurie Luhn and Roger Ailes" (Alexis).  "Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow: A Friendship Made in Heaven?" (Strether).

"Why Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig" (Ford).  To be fair, he's a Khazar, and thus can't help himself.

Oh fuck, we're screwed:  "Who serves as Trump-whisperer to Justin Trudeau? Brian Mulroney, of course!".

"Canada Passes Law Criminalizing Use Of Wrong Gender Pronouns".  The new normal of insisting that others bow down and worship the crazy notions in your head now has legal protection.  I regard it as the legal sanctioning of snowflake rudeness (the general snowflake belief is that they can insist on themselves, like five-year olds), and we're seeing it everywhere (and, of course, all this started with holocaust stuff, the template for the criminalization of thought crimes).  I await compulsory veganism and the death penalty for microaggressions and, of course, 'cultural appropriation' (the current fad in Canada, ironically, the ultimate 'white people problem', with 'white' almost always referring to a Khazar-fuelled issue).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Warm beer

"Israel Has Been Secretly Funding Syrian Rebels For Years".

"Invincible folly? - US policy and mass delusion".  I've started thinking that the confusion in just what the Americans are up to is a direct result of Trump's abdication of any civilian leadership for the Pentagon, which is now running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  The only remaining plan is to build more bases.  On balance, given the horribly Jewed-up state of American politics, no civilian leadership is a bonus.

"Stunning Footage Of American's Crumbling Infrastructure" (why you can't be truly progressive unless you are a committed 'anti-Semite'):
"Even Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group says, “the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure”."
"America’s Real Loss of Prestige and Leadership Abroad".  You can see why WikiLeaks in unpopular in some high American circles.

You can skip over the Canadian stuff if you want.

"Report calls for revamping of whistleblower law".

The usual bribe cheques from big telecom to the most comically corrupt of Canadian regulators - well, maybe second to the pipeline regulators - must have bounced this month:  "CRTC bans locked phones and carrier unlocking fees".

"How rival parties got their act together on pharmacare: Cohn".

"Liberals’ massive increase in defence spending is a budgetary coup".  Canada's new neo-Nazi leadership.  It's supposed to show fealty to Trump to help with NAFTA negotiations.  The good thing is that almost none of this 'spending' will ever make it to a budget.

"Finsbury Park Cover-up? PM May says ‘Lone Wolf’ – But 4 separate witnesses say THREE men were in attack van".

They are building quite the elaborate back-story in order to cover up the Israeli spying:  tweet (Alex Griswold) (secret society initiation stunt!):
"Larry Wilmore: "It’s just tough for me to have much sympathy for this guy and his crocodile tears.""

Tweet (Red T Raccoon):
"Don't call #FinsburyPark a 'revenge' terrorist attack. It insinuates the victims were involved in a previous attack.

It's just terrorism."

"Four ministers were warned about tower block fire risks".  Looks like some lowly bureaucrats on the council will have to go to jail to distract from those who should also go to jail.

Tweet (Fatima) (missing victims?):
"She's speaking the truth #GrenfellTowerFire"

Tweet (John Band):
"Oh, this is quite good."

This sounds like a big 'narrative' problem:  "Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting"".  See also:  "George Washington: Special Prosecutor Mueller Is a Political Hack".  Mueller is not an 'above the fray' legal saint, as the Clintonistas now describe him.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Financial capital and means of communications

"Syrian Archives Add New Details To Henry Kissinger’s Disastrous Middle East Record" (ur-Lobby in red; love the censorship in the American archives!):
"Kissinger’s first meeting with Assad on December 15, 1973, lasted six and a half hours. Assad astounded his guest, the first U.S. secretary of state in his capital since 1953, by agreeing to exclude his Soviet patrons from the discussions on the understanding that the U.S. alone could influence Israel. Kissinger surprised Assad with the claim that his major obstacle emanated from those who control “the financial capital and means of communications” in the U.S., not so subtle code for the Zionist lobby that had yet to achieve the influence it would wield in later years. The Syrian transcripts contain Kissinger’s numerous disparaging remarks about the lobby, but, Shaaban writes, “The U.S. record makes no mention of him citing ‘financial capital’ or ‘means of communication.’”"

Airing of grievances

"The Audacity Of Silence On Possible Iran-North Korea Nuclear Ties".  Building nukes for Iran in North Korea is also a plot point in the most recent year of the Israeli propaganda TV show 'Homeland'.  "Student in coma released by N. Korea was active in his campus Jewish community".  "2009–11 detention of American hikers by Iran" (and note how the operation backfired!).  Btw, the coma is a nice touch if you really want to deter future supremacist heroes from repeating this sort of thing.

"Saudi foreign minister says working on list of Qatar 'grievances'".  'Airing of grievances'.

Comment by Terry Flynn at Naked Capitalism on May's health:
"re. Totally anecdotal evidence about May’s performance recently.

I had a random but very interesting conversation on the train to London the other day with a senior clinician whose sister works in a ‘sensitive area of government’ (revealed to be something in the security services). This clinician thinks Theresa May’s Type 1 diabetes has been causing problems. She thinks it isn’t very well controlled and that her advisers tried to minimise stressful encounters with voters in the election and after the fire in order that her blood sugar level is kept more stable and she is less likely to experience hypo episodes….ironically what Labour front-bencher Diane Abbott was experiencing, causing her usual ‘excellent memory for figures’ to falter (and which her brother reportedly spotted straightaway, warning her to step back from the campaign) but which earned her tabloid approbrium.

Now of course, we shouldn’t be letting leaders’ medical conditions influence views, but if true, might explain behaviour and expose the continuing hypocrisy surrounding why the PM is OK to carry on with diabetes whilst a senior, but not leader, of the opposition, is fair game for ongoing criticism."

"The Toxic Movement That Brought Terror To London Bridge".  Missing any mention of who pays for all this.  Note the parallels between al Qaeda human-organ-munching units changing their names to fall off terrorism lists, and these monstrous clowns avoiding British law by doing the same thing!  In each case, western 'anti-terrorism' authorities are protecting these groups.

"Saudi Arabia and Israel Setting up Economic Relations".

"The War Nerd: This Is How The Carriers Will Die (Updated Version)".

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mork & Mindy

"The “revolution” is being televised – & we should ask why".  "The Goyim Know" (Atzmon).  The Khazars have this 'comedy' bit involving an alien trying to pass as a human being (Mork & Mindy, etc., etc., etc.).  They find it hilarious, but it is a little too much on the money in a world where the Great Khazar Supreme Beings try to pass as lowly human beings, empathetic solely to general human plight.  Believe me, they don't give a shit about effects of austerity and other class warfare on the goy 99%, and their Kholumnists have just spent months calling Corbyn an unelectable devil Jew-hater, based mostly on his supposed 'anti-Semitism'.  They go so far over the top - due to their bizarre inability to pass as human beings or even to understand what they would have to do to be able to pass - that from time to time we have to enter a period of revisionism.  Despite reams of evidence to the contrary freely available with a quick web search, nobody ever wrote anything bad about that excellent fellow Corbyn, and austerity is (suddenly) really bad, isn't it?  (But just to be safe, let's just take a look at that anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.)

"New Democratic Bill to Establish a 'National Russian Threat Response Center', Thrusting America Deeper into Russophobia".  "Trump Cornered: White House Pushing To Weaken Russia Sanctions Bill".  If somebody had told you a year ago that the big political issue in Washington today would be evidence-less - utterly evidence-less - Russian tempering with American elections, and perhaps the human rights of a few thousand ethnic Ukrainians in Crimea, up to the point of infuriating Europe, would you have believed them?  Seriously?  It would sound like a mass attack of dementia, or perhaps mad cow disease.  The only explanation for all of this is ZOG.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Special effects

"UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report".  "Oliver Stone Calls Out Israeli Interference In American Presidential Election" (see also:  "Oliver Stone: Israel is more dangerous than Russia").  Note that the Jew-controlled media edited out the most interesting part of the interview.

See also:  "HuffPo Publishes Article Calling for Trump’s Execution, Pulls It After GOP Shooting".  "‘F*ck Steve Scalise’: HuffPost writer wishes ‘violent resistance’ were more ‘organized’".  "Joyce Carol Oates’s ‘A Book Of American Martyrs’ Captures The Full Devastation Of Gun Violence".

"Resistance In A Time Of Gunfire".

"The blockade of Qatar may have more to do with Palestine than we think".  The Saudi attacks parallel an anti-Qatar, anti-Hamas bill in Congress, one with Jewish fingerprints all over it.

"Real Talk on Reality".  Proposing that it wasn't the dots that caught her (but it still involved information obtained from The Intercept).

"What is the dirtiest, filthiest, and stinkiest airline in the world? Well, it is not difficult to guess".  "Adventures of riding on an Israeli occupation airline".

"Notorious Saudi Terrorist Gets Targeted by a Suicide Bomber in Idleb, Syria".

"Evidence of fakery in BBC “Saving Syria’s Children” is now undeniable".  Will they change the Oscar category to 'special effects'?

"The Forward publishes criticism of Alison Weir, but refuses to publish response".

"Labour’s Israel lobby plans to relaunch campaign against Corbyn".  Luckily for Corbyn, and Britain, and human civilization itself, the Khazars are always their own worst enemies.

Pierre is busy, what with Reality and all:  "OffG’s PayPal Account has been frozen – please cancel any recurring donations".

"Someone Is Trying to Discredit the Story of Peter Thiel’s Interest in Young Blood".  The clever Mike Judge comedy Silicon Valley recently mocked the idea.

"Leaked Files Show How the CIA Can Hack Your Router to Spy on You".  "The CIA has been rooting around in your WiFi router".  "Cherry Blossom".

Tweet (Jeffrey St. Clair):
"Trump slammed the door on US travel to & business deals with Cuba, which just might save the island from the neoliberal shock therapists"
Tweet (George Bell):
"Thom Yorke feeling awfully sorry for himself for being an imperialist scab and called out on it. Poor Thom. (No mention of Palestinians.)"
Tweet (Aaron Maté‏):
"At 7:55 of this interview, ex-Qatari PM says it was a mistake for Gulf-US to fund jihadist groups in Syria"
Tweet (Mirror Politics) (see here and here and here, with colorful comments, of course - what might have happened had the fire occurred before the election?):
"Here's the difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May's visits to Grenfell Tower …"

Friday, June 16, 2017

Period of mourning

"ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi Reportedly Killed in a Russia-led Airstrike".  If true, the entire CIA will be in black arm bands.  The greatest American military leader since Ulysses S. Grant.


"Syrian Army Boxing in US Forces in Southern Syria Came as a Shock — Defense Secretary Mattis".  Part of a pattern that has been building for some time of excuses made to the Zionist minders of the American government to explain the delays in creating Sunnistan.  The Americans have been patiently waiting for the Syrian army to reach the border.

There is, however, this: "Syria: From ‘no boots on the ground’ to (not so secret) forward operating bases".

It is as if the Americans have decided to give up on Sunnistan (based on complaints by non-Israeli neighbors), but still leave an American military presence through more bases (and, of course, whatever the Kurds manage to get).

Another pattern is that these decisions are not made by Trump, but by the Pentagon.  Trump appears to have decided that these big political decisions are actually technical decisions on how to fight wars.  He thus avoids having to deal with any Bannon-Kushner fights (btw, where's Jared?).  The upshot is an improvement in the actual decisions, as they are de-Zionized (at the expense of lack of political control, and the building of Pentagon strength through Baseworld).  "Trump gives away his most consequential decision to the Pentagon".  "Has Trump Lost Control Of The Pentagon?".

"Dylan, Homer, and Cliff".  When the acceptance speech finally came out, the fans all lauded it as further proof of Dylan's genius.  "Is Bob Dylan a Phony?"  "Bob Dylan’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ Revealed".

"From Russia With Blood".  A simpler, non-Clintonista, explanation is that gangsters tend to kill each other and die violently.  After all the froth over Litvinenko, not to mention the boot licking way they tend to try to anticipate American orders, the very idea that the Brits are covering up for Putin is simply hilarious.

Mixed signals.  "US envoy to Qatar to leave her position this month".  "Pentagon Agrees To Sell $12 Billion In F-15s To Qatar".  Another Pentagon decision?  Congress had approved it, but the timing is more than curious.

Two wise tweets by Trump.  The Clintonista hopes of Trump destruction went from the Comey testimony, which backfired, to Sessions - nothing there - and now rest entirely on what Mueller is said to be up to.  "Jared Kushner's family criticised for touting cash-for-visas scheme in China".  "Why Is Robert Mueller Probing Jared Kushner's Finances?".  They have to look to Russia (that's the 'donor' story, involving Putin's interference with Yinon), when the outrageous influence peddling to China will go unnoticed.  Mueller is the drunk looking for his wallet under the street lamp because the light is better there.

Bozo is an ass.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Despicable. Clintonites keep on implying that Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock protests are a Russian plot"
Tweet (Captain Kidd):
"There is so much going on here.

The name, the crimes, the mugshot."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Deals and trade-offs

Grim days. Lots of death.

"The Sessions hearing: Another anti-Russian diversion while the social counterrevolution in America deepens" (Martin):
"The former senator from Alabama came of age in the Deep South of the 1960s, where he was taught that the civil rights movement was a “communist conspiracy” directed by Moscow to promote “race-mixing.” The notion that this diehard reactionary has been seduced by the blandishments of Vladimir Putin would be laughable if it were not being promoted for such filthy political ends.
Democrat after Democrat sought to pin the Putin label on Sessions or his boss, President Trump, seeking to make Tuesday’s hearing the next step, following last week’s testimony by fired FBI Director James Comey, in a Watergate-style exposure of the Trump White House.
Unlike Watergate, however, there is no issue of democratic rights involved in the anti-Russia campaign. Two reactionary factions of big-business politicians and “deep state” operatives are fighting out issues of imperialist foreign policy—whether the US should continue the anti-Russian line adopted during Obama’s second term, confronting Russia over Syria, Ukraine, the Baltics and other issues, or whether the immediate focus of US military-diplomatic aggression should be China and its ally North Korea."
Or, carbonites versus non-carbonites, with the usual pervasive stinky overlay of ZOG.

"How Rich Neighbors May Have Factored Into London's Deadly Tower Fire".  This is some solid class warfare, cheaping out on the cladding that was intended to hide the slum from the tender eyes of the rich.  There are also suspicions that the convenient removal of this building will allow for the building of luxury condos more in line with the neighborhood.

"Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Fighters To Escape Safely In Syria".  There is an enormous amount of American rationalizations/justifications/lies about how they allowed bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora, but the bottom line is that they always allow their assets to escape, whether it be in Syria or Afghanistan.

"A lousy article in the Guardian about the Wonder Woman movie: I don't recognize the Guardian anymore".  The finest Jewish minds of our generation have finally cracked the greatest problem facing humanity - how to get a Jewish actress who was in the IDF and a vicious supremacist monster into a starring role in a big money-making Hollywood movie.  A female superhero gives you the requisite intersectionality.

"Ann Coulter: The “Resistance” Goes Live-Fire".

"How Did Reality Winner Know To Look For The Russian Hack Document?".  She found the needle in the haystack.  Somebody told her where to look.  Then a 'journalist' at The Intercept with form for this sort of thing instantly managed to effectively turn her in.  Feels like a . . . conspiracy.  Comment from Bob in Portland:
"More propaganda to reinforce the Russian hack scam.

I also see a propaganda move to paint Sanders revolutionary red. The baseball shooting is at least the second incident of a “Sanders supporter” using deadly force. Right-wingers linked the Nazi throat-slasher in Portland to Sanders. It seems to be a happening thing."
Speaking of the Russian scam, the Democrats have decided to let the Koch-sucking Republicans un-insure millions of Americans in return for more Russian sanctions!  People will die in the United States - victims of some form of lack of access to health care -   because of the weirdly extended effects - through Putin, and Syria, and Yinon, and 'donors', and Hillary's psychological inability to deal with her loss - of Jewish imperialism.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Reputable journalists

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Celebrities demand they be held unaccountable"
This is amazing. Note the very Greenwaldian feel to the statement - big aggressive counterattack, with beaucoup self-centered, self-aggrandizing, moral outrage, and some distracting straw men thrown in for good measure.

It remains the fact that The Intercept, out of incompetence (unlikely), or by being compromised by the IC (much more likely, especially given John Kiriakou's experience, and the Cole involvement, a striking coincidence), blew the identity of a whistle blower, the most basic and fundamental job it has, and I cannot see how any reputable journalist can continue to work there, regardless of who actually wrote this particular story.  They can try to hide behind claims that we don't really know the details, or that it is really all Trump's fault, but the bottom line is she went to them, relying on their protection, and was immediately caught.

Historical revisionism

"How Labour Friends of Israel tried to undermine Jeremy Corbyn".  I know they will try to hide behind the Bliar/globalist/neoliberal explanation, but it cannot be emphasized strongly enough who is really behind the attacks against Corbyn.  This isn't just 'donors' and the Jew-controlled media (i.e., BigJew), as heavily Jewish areas also failed to vote Labour, and this despite the fact we are constantly bombarded with the myth that the Jews are progressive.

And so it begins again:  "Hampstead MP to push for ‘truly independent’ review of Labour anti-Semitism".  Are you fucking kidding me?

'Donor' historical revisionism, similar to the revisionism taking place amongst the monsters of the Jew-controlled media (who all really admired Corbyn all along, despite what you think you might have read!):  "Is Michael Foster a Chameleon?" (Atzmon).

"The only real way to stop atrocities like the Manchester attack is to end the wars which allow extremism to grow" (Cockburn). Wars For The Jews, suckers!

"Tulsi Gabbard introduces “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”".  The deep basis of the oddly emotional attacks on her is that her political instincts are fundamentally sound.

Hilarious!:  "Sadiq Khan sought Israel’s advice on fighting terror after spate of UK attacks".  The mouse asks the cat for advice on how not to be eaten by cats.

"Why Americans Don’t Understand Terrorism, At All".  After a while you might notice a pattern . . .

Wow, people are getting angry:  "Taboos And Booze For The Masses".

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


"Emails Expose How Saudi Arabia And UAE Work The U.S. Media To Push For War".  I thought everyone just assumed that Ignatius and his ilk were on the Saudi payroll.

"Poison in the System".  Part of the endless series of anti-Russian drivel.  The very idea that the British government is suppressing a proper investigation in order to protect Putin as it is "anxious not to inflame diplomatic tensions with Russia" (!) is fall-down-dead-with-laughter ridiculous.  Note that Perepilichnyy falls into the usual pattern of a crook who flees justified prosecution and then attempts to curry favor with the new host country by trying to rat out his former associates as part of the general anti-Putin PR campaign.  The only striking thing about this particular crook - sit down, it is really, really, really shocking - is that he appears not to have been Jewish.  Amazing!

In order to get around the major problem of revelations about  Israel's oddly close connections to ISIS involving research in terrorist technology conducted at the Islamic State/Israeli Advanced Terrorism Research Institute at the University of Mosul - ok, I just made that name, if not the reality, up - an entirely new computer hacking mythology has just been created.  It's all great, Israel isn't working with ISIS after all, and you can forget all that Jewish whining about how Trump accidentally outed Israeli spies and risked their lives.  It is tough trying to keep all the lies straight.

"Iran Claims Proof Of 'Direct US Support" For ISIS Days After Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Floats The Idea".  Send ISIS in, and then send unsolicited help to fight ISIS!:  "Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte 'not aware' of US forces joining battle in besieged city of Marawi".

"Trump's Darling".  "Hiding the Ugly Business of Torture".

Change your name, and poof, you just disappear.  "The US takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda off Terror Watch-lists".  "Al-Nusra’s Name has been Removed from Terror List after Rebranding".  The chemistry of the War On Terror is that if you combine a terrorist group with a terrorist group armed by the Americans, and the new group continues to commit terror, it is no longer a 'terrorist' group as long as the new group renames itself.  Experts keeping the world safe!

More odd Kinzer at the Boston Globe:  "Saudi Arabia is destabilizing the world".  They seem to have decided that one morsel of truth every year or so won't be noticed.  Having said that, we also have to remember that there is still a strong current of anti-Saudi feeling - butt hurt about old pro-Palestinian rhetoric from some Saudi princes - amongst BigJew, possibly explaining the massive anomaly of truth appearing in a mainstream media source.

"Hillary Clinton Explains The Way To Stop Terrorism Is To "Understand" Other Cultures & Their Food".  "Twitter mocks Saudi editor over #Qataristomach remarks".

Monday, June 12, 2017


"Is Trump Launching a New World Order?"  This fits a lot of the facts, but why would you take the carbonite side when you have to know it is bound to lose?  It is already losing, so this strictly carbon partisan approach seems foolish when you could hedge your bets.  It is as if the 0.1% has decided to throw all caution to the winds in extracting the last possible maximized rents from a resource which will lose much of its value with new technology.  Trump's an old guy, and not personally an oil baron, so what's his angle in this?


"I would use the word superior, except people blanch when I use that word."

"Jonathan Freedland’s Corbyn Apology".  Outstanding comment by John (with link corrected):
"The Manchester Guardian was a key component of the Manchester School of Zionism [see, which played a key role – along with Chaim Weizmann – in procuring the Balfour Declaration.
Freedland is just the latest manifestation of this vile influence on UK political life.
He – and the rest of the parroting self-describing “journalists” at The Guardian – should be permanently ostracised for the lick spittle scum they are in the promotion of supremacist racist zionism."
There is a very unconvincing - amusing, really - march of the vile lickspittle Zionists, who viciously attacked Corbyn for pure Khazar supremacist motives, now attempting to get on the right side of what they suddenly now fear is the inevitable British leader.  A lot of history is suddenly being rewritten.  Also (see here)!

"Corbyn and the Jews" (Atzmon):
"Corbyn was supported last Thursday by more than 12 million Brits, in large part because he has a clear record of opposition to Anglo-American Zio-con immoral interventionist wars."

I really hope the British people who don't want to die of austerity, cruelty and wars know who is to blame.  "Did Jewish voters cost Jeremy Corbyn the election?"  "‘Corbyn surge’ in London faltered in ‘bagel belt’ suburbs with strong Jewish vote".  Lying about these issues in order to protect a nasty group of violent racist supremacists is literally killing people (speaking of racist, this ought to be fun, and some of the comments obliquely touch on the problem).  I am confident that things which can't be said out loud are being bitterly muttered in private.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


"How US groups spread hate via the Islamophobia industry".  The idea that sharia is taking over the United States still sounds like the premise a comedian might build a joke on, but if you throw enough money around, you can get people to do anything.  See also:  "Israel, Saudi, UAE team up in anti-Qatar lobbying move".  See also (but I don't think ISIS will survive a cut in outside funding as the sheer costs of the institutions and salaries require too much cash, and the loss of territory dries up other funding sources, with even the CIA unwilling to bear the whole load):  "The danger of ISIS will remain even after the liberation of Syria and Iraq: why?"

"How to Make Extremism Mainstream and Fake a Debate about Islamophobia".  And yet something, the really big factor, seems to be missing . . .

"Qatar’s Wait-and-See Strategy".  Qatar seems OK, with Salman's hot-headed stupidity pushing it ever closer to Iran, and the only proviso being whether the same hot-headed stupidity will lead to a sudden violent attack from the Saudis (the Saudis need to move quickly to replace Salman before his obvious mental problems lead to even more disaster).  It would be nice if this little shock scares the Qataris into stopping funding terrorism, but to be fair, all of this Evil comes out of the inherent contradictions in America fighting Wars For The Jews:.  tweet (Jamil Dakwar):
"Don't get me started talking about America's many dualities!"
"Dumb Donald Thinks He’s Pulled the Plug on ISIS and Al-Qaida (and the CIA?)" (Ford):
"Donald Trump seems honestly giddy, apparently believing he has forced the Saudis to reject jihadist terror and to punish Qatar for its support of ISIS and al-Qaida. Perhaps he truly does not know that the main actor in the proxy war is not Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, or Qatar –- it is the CIA, the other, and most important, godfather of Islamist jihad. (The CIA is not a friend of Trump, so maybe they are not talking to each other.) The United States has become dependent on al-Qaida and its cousins as foot soldiers of imperialism in southwest Asia. If the fighters are decommissioned, through the denial of arms, money and protection, then the war against Syria is lost, and the U.S. military offensive begun by President Obama in 2011, with the unprovoked attack on Libya, will have ended in defeat. Without the jihadists, the U.S. would have to resort to massive deployment of its own troops to the region -- a mission that the American people will not accept."

"What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince?"  High-level Saudi funding for massive pro-Brexit PR, skirting (or, rather, clumsily attempting to skirt) the British election funding legislation by using the now very topical DUP as a front.  This is particularly odd as Brexit leads directly the the 'hard' Irish border which DUP should be against, if they weren't so crooked and easily bribeable.

"Gulf Crisis leaves open big cracks in Saudia’s Islamic Military Alliance".  Arab NATO must be the shortest military alliance of all time, lasting a matter of a few days.  Salman believed his own expensive PR campaign.  "‘Shooting blanks’: Trump’s $110bn arms deal with Saudis mostly speculative – report".  The ZOGiest place in the universe is pushing back (there are always schisms in BigJew when it comes to arms for Saudis - hi Haim! - even with the current very, very crypto-Jew leadership in Saudi):  "Trump faces growing Senate resistance on Saudi arms deal".

"Tehran Was Always America's and Thus the Islamic State's Final Destination" (Cartalucci).  To be accurate, Bibi's Final Destination.  The nuclear deal means that the American Establishment accepts the realities of the Iranian place in the region.  The rhetorical mongering nonsense - i.e., the usual! - is all coming from Jews, and those bribed and blackmailed by Jews.

"Is the Israeli regime paying ISIS to attack Iran?" (Alexis).

"Why Is ISIS Attacking The Philippines?"

"The US Hand in the Libyan/Syrian Tragedies".  Failure to Name The Jew wrecks this kind of piece, however close it may come.

"Dispatch from ‘the most ****ed up place on Earth,’ Hebron’s H2 quarter" (and heart-warming reply by Emet).  The biggest mystery in history remains how these cuddly, lovable people keep finding themselves in trouble.  How can you not love them, when they love themselves so, so much?  It is truly baffling, and must have to do with medieval philosophizing of the Catholic Church!

"Venezuela – Confronting the Neoliberal Propaganda Media Machine".  Venezuela has become the hard test of whether you are reading a real progressive, or a phony one.  It is an interesting constitutional experiment to deal with problems caused by the heavy influence of the 1%, and its successful implementation is not a precedent the 1% wants to see.

"NATO Is a Large Chunk of Swiss Cheese" (Madsen).  As it gets wider it gets more shallow.  They are wearing out the script - allegations of Russian hacking of Maltese elections!  Also note the signs of actual bribing by NATO to keep its anachronistic self in business.  It is impossible to come up with any other explanation why politicians support this dangerous nonsense.

"Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes" (Rowley) (Americans are suckers for simplistic constitutional mythology):
"What’s not well understood is that Comey’s and Mueller’s joint intervention to stop Bush’s men from forcing the sick Attorney General to sign the certification that night was a short-lived moment. A few days later, they all simply went back to the drawing board to draft new legal loopholes to continue the same (unconstitutional) surveillance of Americans.

The mythology of this episode, repeated endlessly throughout the press, is that Comey and Mueller did something significant and lasting in that hospital room. They didn’t. Only the legal rationale for their unconstitutional actions was tweaked."

"Will the Mainstream Media Ever Report On the Numerous Admitted False Flag Terror Attacks?"  The master list needs constant updating, but I note that it is also a mistake to label everything a false flag, as there are awful things that fall under other categories.

"Archaeology, Biology, Appropriation, and Empire in Honduras".  Lee is always worth reading.  Note the comment by hyperbola!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Supply line

"BREAKING: Syrian Army, Hezbollah reaches border with Iraq for the first time in years" (my emphasis in red and green!):
"Late on Friday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah and allied Iraqi paramilitary contingents dashed through southeastern Homs and reached an Iraqi border point, thus slicing adrift the frontline between rebel forces based in the Al-Tanf region and ISIS militants in the neighboring Deir Ezzor governorate.

Unopposed by the US Airforce and its vetted Syrian proxies, the SAA and its allies drove through over 40 kilometers of abandoned desert territory and managed to link up with an Iraqi garrison across the border.

The advance was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and an Hezbollah-linked outlet moments ago.

Effectively, the SAA is now able to reopen trade between Damascus and Baghdad. Government forces have not controlled any parts of the largely ISIS-controlled border with Iraq since 2014.

In addition, Hezbollah is now able to be supplied with weapons from Tehran via an all-important land route. Previously, the Lebanese group relied on complicated airlifts for new armaments."
"Operation “Grand Dawn” Post 3 - TTG".

Are current US relations with its Khazar masters that bad?  What of all the talk that the Americans and its stooges were going to win this race?  Where is all the wailing from the you know whos over this Iran-Hezbollah Holocaust supply line?  There must be more to this story, as the Khazars are never this passive.

Like he's a Palestinian house

Every Khazar dark cloud has a silver lining:  "Theresa May to be propped up by Christian Zionists".  "7 nasty or awkward DUP beliefs that show their deal with Theresa May could be a coalition of chaos".  "The DUP is Not Okay".

Letter from Roger Barham to The Guardian:
"I should like to draw attention to the possible effect on the government of Northern Ireland arising from any alliance between the Conservative party and the DUP. The Northern Ireland assembly is currently in suspension because the two major Stormont parties, DUP and Sinn Féin, are unable to reach a power-sharing agreement. If, as seems probable, this remains the case, the administration of the province’s domestic affairs will be undertaken via direct rule from Westminster.

Direct rule by a non-partisan British government is one thing; rule by an administration heavily influenced by the DUP is quite another and would seem contrary to the spirit of power-sharing embodied in the Northern Ireland peace process. I should like to ask what provision might be put in place to safeguard the rights and interests of the nationalist community in Northern Ireland should a Conservative-DUP alliance emerge."
How to turn direct Israeli support for terrorism into a positive through the ubiquitous PR campaign of the Jew-controlled media:  "The Relentless Pulse of Pro-Israel Propaganda in Our Lives".

"New Video Destroys ‘Little Omran’ White Helmets Propaganda – Proves WH, Terrorists Used Boy As Propaganda".

"What Reality Winner Did Was Heroic" by John Kiriakou:
"Cole approached me in 2008 to say that he was writing a book on the CIA’s rendition program. He sent me a list of a dozen names and asked if I could introduce him to anybody on the list. I told him truthfully that I was not involved in renditions and that I did not know anybody on the list. He followed up with a second list, and then a third. I finally said that he obviously knew the issue far better than I did and that I just couldn’t be helpful. Finally, he said, “What about the guy you mentioned in your [first] book? I think his name was ‘John.’” I said, “You’re talking about John Doe. He must be retired by now and living somewhere in Virginia.” That conversation was a crime. I confirmed the name of a former colleague to Cole. Even though I had no idea that colleague was still undercover, it was still a felony.

But the story gets much worse. As it turned out, Cole was never working on any book. Instead, he was secretly acting as an investigator for the Guantanamo defense attorneys. He took John Doe’s name, sent it to a fellow investigator, John Sifton, and Sifton sent it to the attorneys. The attorneys then put the name in a sealed, classified motion asking the judge for permission to interview Doe. The Guantanamo judge immediately recognized that the name was classified and he called the FBI. The FBI subpoenaed the defense attorneys’ emails and traced one back to Sifton. Sifton either cooperated with the FBI (he later testified against me in the grand jury) or the FBI subpoenaed his emails, and traced the information back to Cole.

The next step is still a mystery. The FBI either subpoenaed Cole’s emails – those of a working journalist – or Cole ratted me out to the FBI. Neither Cole nor the FBI have ever said what happened.

And it wasn’t just me who Cole manipulated. In the course of my case, my investigators found ten pages of handwritten notes from Cole, provided to us by a friendly attorney, wherein Cole had spoken with a disgruntled former CIA employee who had eventually given him the names of ten different undercover CIA officers. Cole also passed these names to the Guantanamo defense attorneys, whose investigators then photographed these officers at a secret CIA site so that the Guantanamo detainees they represented could identify them. That’s not journalism. It’s activism. It’s also highly unethical."
The Intercept has employees with big, hard-earned, reputations.  How can they possibly continue to work for this honeypot?

"The Crisis in Qatar" (The Saker):
"The Three Rogue States have the same problem: their military capability to threaten, bully or punish is rapidly eroding and fewer and fewer countries out there fear them. Their biggest mistake is that instead of trying to adapt their policies to this new reality, they always chose to double-down over and over again even though they fail each time, making them look even weaker and their initial predicament even worse. This is a very dangerous downward spiral and yet the Three Rogue States seem unable to devise any other policy."

"The Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: Questions, Hints and Allegations".  Horribly marred by some fake news inserted about Nixon, part of the vast material being generated for the Clintonista attack on Trump (why do I see so much good stuff wrecked by the insertion of hobby-horse clunkers of PR?).  Ainsworth, an actual terrorist who died committing a terrorist act, is the girl in the polka-dot dress, while her fellow terrorist, Tarrants, is still alive.

The tweeters are on fire.  Tweet.  Tweet.  TweetTweets (lots of ((()))). TweetTweet.

It is just nice to hear somebody say out loud what most are thinking:  "Johnathan Pie on the UK General Election result".

"Hawaiian pizza inventor Sam Panopoulos dies aged 83".