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Not rocket scientist

"On Brink of Extinction? Time is running out for Israel and Saudi Arabia" (Pieraccini; my emphasis in red):
"Another important aspect of MBS’s strategy involves the listing of Aramco on the NYSE together with the switch to selling oil for yuan payments. Both decisions are fundamental to the United States and China, and both bring with them a lot of friction. MBS is at this moment weak and needs all the allies and support he can get. For this reason, a decision on Aramco or the petroyuan would probably create big problems with Beijing and Washington respectively. The reason why MBS is willing to sell a small stock of Aramco relates to his efforts to gin up some money. For this reason, thanks to the raids on the accounts and assets of the people arrested by MBS, Saudi Arabia has raised over $800 billion, certainly a higher figure than any sale of Aramco shares would have brought.

This move allows MBS to postpone a decision on listing Aramco on the NYSE as well as on whether to start accepting yuan for payment of oil. Holding back on the petroyuan and Aramco’s initial public offering is a way of holding off both Beijing and Washington but without at the same time favouring one over the other. Economically, Riyadh cannot choose between selling oil for dollars on the one hand and accepting payment in another currency on the other. It is a nightmare scenario; but some day down the road, the Saudi royals will have to make a choice."

"Trump’s approval of the arrests carried out by MBS is based on a number of factors. The first involves the investments in the economy that will be coming America’s way. The other, certainly less known, concerns the subterranean battle that has been occurring between the Western elites for months. Many of Clinton’s top money sources are billionaires arrested by MBS, with stock options in various major banks, insurance companies, publishing groups, and American television groups, all openly anti-Trump. In this sense, the continuation of Trump’s fight with a portion of the elite can be seen with the halting of the merger of AT&T and Time Warner involving CNN."
"Trump is playing a dangerous game; but there seems to be some degree of coordination with the other giants on the international scene. The main point is, it is impossible for Washington to be an active part in any conflict in the region, or to change the course of events in a meaningful way. The “End of History” ended years ago. US influence is on the decline, and Xi Jinping and Putin have shown great interest in the future of the region. In recent months, the Russian and Iranian militaries, together with the Chinese economic grip on the region, have shown a collective intention to replace years of war, death and chaos with peace, prosperity and wealth.

MBS and Netanyahu are having a hard time dealing with this new environment that will inevitably proclaim Iran the hegemon in the region. Time is running out for Israel and Saudi Arabia, and both countries are faced with enormous internal problems while being unable to change the course of events in the region without the full intervention of their American ally, something practically impossible nowadays.

The new course of the multipolar world, together with Trump’s America First policy, seems to have hit hardest those countries that placed all their bets on the continuing economic and military dominance of the United States in the region.
Other countries like Qatar, Lebanon and Turkey have started to understand the historical change that is going on, and have slowly been making the switch, realizing in the process the benefits of a multipolar world order, which is more conducive to mutually beneficial cooperation between countries. The more Saudi Arabia and Israel push for war against Iran, the more they will isolate themselves. This will serve to push their own existence to the brink of extinction."
"Here’s why Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are not going to invade Iran" (Garrie).  Worth a reread:  "The PowerPoint That Rocked the Pentagon".  The Power Point slide (Egypt has the only Middle Eastern Sunni coalition army that matters):
"Iraq is the tactical pivot
Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot
Egypt the prize"
Israeli PR:  "Israel Is Growing Increasingly Worried About the Trump Administration".

"#blamePutin continues to be the media’s dominant hashtag".  "New York Times publishes a fake quotation by Hassan Rouhani" (Angry Arab).

The single most striking thing in the world, the kind of thing that strikes you down dead with amazement, truth from the NYT! (parallel to the equally striking BBC account of American terrorist coddling in Raqqa):  "The Uncounted".

"Brennan and Clapper: Elder Statesmen or Serial Fabricators?" (Whitney).  Remember the overly-candid Hersh on Seth Rich and Brennan and Clapper (bold and italics removed; my emphasis in red):
"About the kid, I’ll tell you what I know. What I know comes off an FBI report. Don’t ask me how. You can figure it out, I’ve been around a long time. The kid, just, I don’t think he was murdered, I, I don’t think he was murdered because of what he knew. The kids a nice boy, 27, he was not IT expert, but he learned stuff. He was a data programmer, but he learned stuff. And so he’s living on one street, someone, in my eyes,- he’s living in a ruff neighborhood and in the exact where he’d been living, as I’m sure you know, there have been about 8 or 9 or 10 violent, uh not robberies, most of them with somebody brandishing a gun and it’s the kids hands, I’m telling you look, I’m sure you know what, his hands are marked up, the cops concluded he fought off the people, tried to run they shot him twice in the back with a 22 small caliper. And then, they, the kids that did it ran, they got scared, they didn’t take his wallet.

Ok. So what the cops do is this: And this is where nobody knows, what I’m telling you, and maybe you know something about it. When you have a death like that DC cops, if you’re dead, you don’t just generally go yep I know (unintelligible) you have to get in to the kids apartment and see what you can find. If he’s dead you don’t need a warrant but most cops get a warrant because they don’t know if they’ve guys has, has a, a roommate. You need a warrant. So they get a warrant. I’m just telling you, there is such a thing. They go in the house and they can’t do much with this computer. It’s (unintelligible) the cops don’t know much about it. So the DC cops they have a cyber unit in DC and they’re more sophisticated. They come and look at it. The idea is maybe he’s a series of exchanges with somebody who says I’m going to kill you motherfucker over a girl or… and they can’t get in. The cyber guys do a little better but they can’t make sense of it so they call the, they call the FBI cyber unit, the DC unit.

The Washington field office is a hot shit unit. The guy running the Washington field office he’s like, he’s like, you know, he’s like a three star at an army base he’s already looking for four, you know what I mean? He’s gonna go in a top job. There’s a cyber unit there that’s excellent, given. What you get in a warrant is, the public information you get in a warrant doesn’t include, uh, it does not include the affidavit underlying what, why you are you going in, what the reasons are that.. That’s almost never available, um, I, I can tell you that the existence of a warrant is a public document 99% of the time. So, um, on the same warrant, they call in the feds. The feds get through, and this is what they find. This is according to the FBI report. What they find is he makes cont- first of all this is what you have to know, you have to know some basic facts, one of the basic factors, in that there’s no DNC or Podesta emails that exist beyond May 22nd. May 21st, May 22nd is the last email from either one of those groups. And so what the reports says is that sometime in late spring, we’re talking June you know summers in June 21st, late spring would be after, I presume, I don’t know, I’d just say late spring, early summer and he makes contact with Wikileaks. That’s in his computer and he makes contact.

Now, I have to be careful because I, I’ve know, I, met Julian 10 or 12 years (ago?) I stay the fuck away from people like that, you know. He’s invited me, and when I’m in London I always get a message “Come see me at the Ecuadorian” but I say fuck no I’m not going there I’ve got enough trouble without getting photographed. And he’s under total surveillance by everybody but anyways. So, they found what he’d done. He had submitted a series of documents, of emails. Some juicy emails from the DNC, and you know, by the way all this shit about the DNC, um, you know, whether it was hacked or wasn’t hacked, whatever happened, the democrats themselves wrote this shit, you know what I mean? All I know is that he (Seth) offered a sample, an extensive sample, you know I’m sure dozens of email and said “I want money”. Then later Wikileaks did get the password, he had a Dropbox, a protected Dropbox, which isn’t hard to do, I mean you don’t have to be a wizard IT, you know, he was certainly not a dumb kid. They got access to the Dropbox. He also, and this is also in the FBI report, he also let people know, with whom he was dealing, and I don’t know how he dealt, I’ll tell you about Wikileaks in a second. I don’t know how he dealt with the Wikileaks and the mechanism but he also, the word was passed according to the NSA report, “I’ve also shared this box with a couple of friends so if anything happens to me it’s not going to solve your problem”. Ok. I don’t know what that means.

I don’t know whether you- Anyways, Wikileaks got access, and before he was killed- I can tell you right now Brennan is an asshole. Uh, I’ve known all these people for years. Clapper is sort of a better guy but not rocket scientist, the NSA guy’s a fucking moron, and they don’t- you know the trouble with all of those guys is that the only way they’re going to make it to a board or two and get hired by (?) and get some fat cat contracts is if Hillary stayed in. With Trump they’re gone, they’re done, they’re going to live on their pension, they’re not going to make it. And I gotta tell you guys, they don’t want to live on their pension, they want to be on boards.

I have somebody on the inside, you know I’ve been around a long time, and I write a lot of stuff. I have somebody on the inside who will go and read a file for me. This person is unbelievably accurate and careful, he’s a very high-level guy and he’ll do a favor. You’re just going to have to trust me. I have what they call in my business a long-form journalism, I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began, it’s a Brennan operation, it was an American disinformation and fucking the fucking President, at one point when they, they even started telling the press, they were back briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, fucking cock-sucker Rogers, was telling the press that we even know who in the GRU, the Russian Military Intelligence Service, who leaked it. I mean all bullshit. They were telling the studp- I worked at the New York Times for fucking years, and the trouble with the fucking New York Times is they have smart guys, but they’re totally beholden on sources. If the president or the head of the (???) to actually believe it. I was actually hired at the time to write, to go after the war in Vietnam War in 72 because they were just locked in. So that’s what the Times did. These guys run the fucking Times, and Trump’s not wrong. But I mean I wish he would calm down and had a better a better press secretary, I mean you don’t have to be so. Trump’s not wrong to think they all fucking lie about him."

Hersh's instincts about Assange are spot on, as seen in Assange's grooming attempts with Trump Jr - completely misinterpreted by the Clintonista media to fit their narrative - to advance Assange's conspiracy-destroying anarchism.

"How Modern Empire Uses "Awards" to Keep Servants Loyal" (Thomas).

Bizarre!:  "Peter Dale Scott on Enlightenment Values in the Age of Trump".

"Jack Straw hints he was sacked for wanting Hamas talks".

"Anniversaries of major events promote political interests not the public spirit" (Felton):
"There is, though, one irony to the Declaration that is worthy of note. There was one lone voice against the Declaration in David Lloyd-George’s government. It belonged to Edwin Samuel Lord Montagu, who wrote to the British Cabinet on Aug. 23, 1917, one day after the Balfour Declaration was drafted. Here is a short excerpt:

[A] religious test of citizenship seems to me to be only admitted by those who take a bigoted and narrow view of one particular epoch of the history of Palestine, and claim for the Jews a position to which they are not entitled.

 If my memory serves me right, there are three times as many Jews in the world as could possible get into Palestine if you drove out all the population that remains there now. So that only one-third will get back at the most, and what will happen to the remainder?

 … I feel that the Government are asked to be the instrument for carrying out the wishes of a Zionist organisation largely run, as my information goes, at any rate in the past, by men of enemy descent or birth, and by this means have dealt a severe blow to the liberties, position and opportunities of service of their Jewish fellow-countrymen.

Montagu was also the government’s only Jew."

"The Balfour Declaration’s many questions" (Massad).  Very thoughtful and even mentions the Khazar issue (without using that word).  Note that the 'European Jews' could not possibly have had anything to do with the death of Christ!

"Leader of Barcelona terror attack was Spanish intelligence informant" (Lantier).  Like . . .  always!

"Coup in Zimbabwe: A win-win for China – for now".  Unnecessarily anti-Chinese.

"Oy vey! Now, seven flags over Texas?"  The power overreach, and its obviousness, is getting ridiculous.

Shit just got real:  "Today's Blind Items - Long Time Coming" (CDaN) (method acting molesting!):
"One thing he said resonated with me and I asked each of the others the same question. Most responded in the affirmative. Some said they wished they could remember but it had been x number of years or others said they really didn't want to think about it too much because it triggered them.

The query was whether the "back story" of the character they were playing had molested. Their answer was yes.

One actress who responded yes, said as an adult, when she looks back, she realizes how ludicrous it was that the back story of her character would involve being molested. It doesn't make sense in the story line sense."
 Guesses (note that the comments put doubt on MJ, as he is usually described as A+++ or A++, and I think MJ would be more likely to try to protect such victims):
"Permanent A+ director: Steven Spielberg
Permanent A+ list singer: Michael Jackson
Ranch: Neverland Ranch
Helicopter actress and actor: Ariana Richards/Joseph Mazzello (in film "Bohemian Rhapsody" directed by Bryan Singer)
Movie: "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"
Steven Spielberg’s Child Actors, Ranked From Very Good to All-Time Great
Steven Spielberg/Michael Jackson friendship
Indiana Jones: Child molester?"

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Helter Skelter

With the death of the greatest living American, and the CIA's most illustrious asset (I assume the flags are all at half-mast at Langley), who moves up to take his spot?:  "Charles Manson is rotting in hell".

More true crime:
  1. "DNA leads to cold case arrest in deadly stabbing of 19-year-old woman in 1976";
  2. This guy would enter into relationships with women so he could sexually attack their daughters, and then kill the whole family when they 'aged out':  "The True Identity Of Mysterious Serial Killer ‘Bob Evans’" and "Investigators release details about killer ‘Bob Evans,’ hope 1973 mugshot reveals more clues";
  3. There is a new TV series on the Zodiac, the first episode of which is promising:  "Who Is Ross Sullivan? 'The Hunt For the Zodiac Killer' Explores A Popular Theory".
"Blind Item #1 - Political Murder" (CDaN). The guesses, from the usual spot:
"Candidate: Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles 2005 - 2013) (a member of the Democratic Party, and was a national co-chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, a member of President Barack Obama's Transition Economic Advisory Board, and Chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September 2012. In November 2016, Villaraigosa announced his candidacy for Governor of California in 2018)
Murder: Ronni Chasen on November 16, 2010
Opponent: Husband of the 15 year old runaway in Don Henley blind item"
"What Really Happened the Night Hollywood Power Publicist Ronni Chasen Was Killed?" LAPD picked a patsy that nobody believes had anything to do with it, a patsy who is said to have killed himself, leading to a package so neat and tidy that a high-level conspiracy is the only possible explanation.  Tweet by Enty Lawyer, who writes CDaN.

"Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Sidelined by Military Coup" (Dixon). 'Sidelined'?

"Double-crossed Maidan snipers on TV in Italy: Paymaster -- head of Georgian Security; Orders -- cause chaos".

"Netanyahu: It Is Time To Deport African Migrants" (by Yonah Jeremy Bob, the finest name in journalism today).  Even bearing in mind that international law doesn't apply to Khazars (because of the Holocaust), this is hilarious throughout (my emphasis in red):
"Netanyahu said he has a three-pronged policy regarding getting migrants to leave the country, with the current focus being to encourage most of them to self-deport to a third country – which reports have identified as Rwanda.

. . .

Netanyahu said that the state had already carried out the first two prongs of its strategy: stopping the flow of new migrants by building a wall and through legislation, as well as getting more than 20,000 migrants to leave.

The third stage of deporting migrants at an increased pace, he said, “can be carried out thanks to an international agreement which I obtained which allows us to deport the 40,000 remaining infiltrators against their will.”

“This is very important. This will allow us to empty the Holot Detention Center in the future and to redirect portions of the large resources we are using there,” from guarding the migrants, to other needs of the state.

Netanyahu was discussing an initiative announced last week by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Minister Arye Deri to close Holot, an “open” detention center where a few thousand migrants have been sent to try to convince them to self-deport.

Erdan and Deri’s idea would be to offer migrants the choice of “voluntarily” deporting to a third country or being put in regular prison indefinitely.

. . .

“The Holot detention center, an isolated prison that was meant to make asylum seekers’ lives miserable, should have been forbidden in the first place. From the words of Minister Erdan it is clear that the government was lying to the High Court when they denied that the purpose of Holot was to make asylum seekers leave Israel,” they said.

“Holot needs to be shut down immediately,” they continued, “and instead of a policy of oppression, lies to the High Court, detention and deportation, the government should fulfill the moral and legal obligations of Israel to protect asylum seekers and ensure their right to live in dignity.”

Until now, Israel was only allowed to deport migrants to third countries if they agreed to self-deportation and were not viewed as being coerced.

However, in August, the High Court of Justice both struck down a tougher state policy against migrants and implied that if the state managed to get a third country to accept migrants and passed a new law to exploit such a deal, then deportation of migrants against their will could become legal.

The High Court distinguished between deporting migrants to a third country, such as Rwanda, and to the migrants’ country of origin.

Israel is a signatory to the Convention on Refugees which prevents it and other signatories from deporting illegal migrants back to their countries of origin if they would face persecution.

There is an ongoing debate about whether Eritreans, Israel’s largest group of migrants, fled Eritrea due to persecution or to improve their economic status.

Deporting to a third country sidesteps this legal debate.
. . .
Meanwhile, also on Sunday, the High Court ruled that the state’s policy restricting migrants from bringing most packaged food products into the Holot detention center was unconstitutional.

The High Court did however endorse the state’s policy of preventing migrants from cooking within the facility."

"Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Saudi Arabia".  "Israel Gives Official Confirmation Of Covert Ties With Saudi Arabia" (Durden).  "Is Saudi Arabia Zion?"

"Saudi Prisoners to be Freed in Exchange for 70% of Their Wealth. Reports".  "France’s Macron Covers for Saudi Aggression" (Cunningham).

"Israeli Tank Fires On Syrian Targets After "Violation Of 1974 Ceasefire"".  "SF Summary of Syria situation".

The commies are bros:  "Viciousness and ignorance: New York Times columnists on the rampage".

"Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal".

Sailer's on a roll:  "Jeffrey Tambor, Star of "Transparent," Fired for Not Being Transphobic Enough".  He committed the ultimate sin of not taking the God of identity politics seriously enough.

"Let’s just cancel the Oscars".  The host has to tell jokes, which creates a terrible problem!

"Al Franken cut from PBS special amid sexual misconduct allegations".  Like those famous old politburo photos

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Fireworks - wife on fire - 'journalism'

I'm warning you, this is a pretty good posting!

"Jack Ruby told FBI informant to "watch the fireworks" day JFK died: Documents".

Wow!, Weiss, who would know as it was his beat as a working journalist at the time, is a Vince Foster 'truther':  "The Clinton scandals entailed violent threats against people who knew about his sex life".

"The Danger of Knowing You’re on the ‘Right Side of History’" (Sullivan).

"Roundup: No maple death squads":
"A story that caught my eye yesterday was on the topic of foreign fighters who may return now that ISIS/Daesh has fallen. More particularly was the notion that the US, UK and France have all made it policy to try and target and kill their own home-grown fighters rather than risk them returning to their own countries."
"US "apologizes" to the victims of future chemical attacks in Syria".  "Fake diplomacy"!

"Top Israeli official admits that boycotting just the settlements is meaningless" (Ofir).  The ridiculousness of lite Zionism's emasculated BDS, as described in Mondoweiss, no less!

"Inside The Secret Facebook Group Of Quebec's Far-Right "Wolf Pack"":
". . . a bunch of disgruntled fiftysomethings trudging into a church basement to kvetch about Muslims for a few hours.  . . .   One woman told her boyfriend how she recently saw a Muslim family on the streets of Montreal. She was scared, and not only for herself. What if the husband sets his wife on fire?"
'Journalists' assist in the group's recruitment and supposed political power by vastly overstating its support.  Now, who would benefit from such a thing?

"Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike" {Porter).  Note how they take issues they want addressed, and craft the lie to provide the political support, in this case a two-sided lie to cover North Korea (and here we are today) and Syria (and here we are today).  See also: WMD, yellowcake, 'Atta' at the Iraqi embassy in Prague (oddly reminiscent of 'Oswald' in Mexico City - Schrödinger's Oswald, both in Mexico City and not in Mexico City, and if you look in the box Jack Ruby kills you!), alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian government, the supposed bin Laden-Iranian alliance in the CIA's document dump ('Long War', indeed!) etc., etc., etc.. Then they have the audacity to propose that something they want - in this case, no possible negotiation with North Korea - is impossible because of their previous, detected, trickery!:  "How We All Learned to Accept Bush’s Lies About Libya" (Davis).  The egregiousness of the lying, and the fact we keep falling for the same thing, pronounce ourselves 'woke', and then fall for it again, is something to think about.

"Revelations of a High-Profile Qatari Official Reveal a Wider anti-Syria Conspiracy" (Orlov):
"A few days ago, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar Hamad Bin Jassim in an interview with the BBC announced that his country had been providing all sorts of assistance to the armed opposition groups in Syria through Turkey for years. At the same time, Doha wasn’t alone to show its supports to anti-Assad forces, as it was joined by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE and Turkey itself. All this began back in 2007 after Israel suffered a humiliating defeat in South Lebanon, while being unable to overcome Hezbollah’s resistance in 2006. According to the former Qatari Prime Minister, Qatar was in charge of the so-called “Syrian Dossier” on behalf of the US and Saudi Arabia, adding that he had access to both American and Saudi paperwork on the staging of a so-called “Syrian civil war.”

Hamad Bin Jassim announced that weapons and equipment was distributed to all sorts of opposition groups via Turkey. This operations were a common routine of American, Turkish and Saudi military personnel in this country. At the same time, the Incirlik Air Force base would host a joint operational headquarters, where intelligence officers from the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco, Jordan, Israel, France and Great Britain would coordinate the course of proxy operations in Syria. Washington has gone as far as to dispatch 6 special reconnaissance satellites for those officers to observe the entire territory of Syria 24 hours a day non-stop. This operational command center was in charge of military operations in the north of Syria. As for the operations in southern parts Syria, to coordinate those Washington created a similar command center at the King Hussein Air Base in Jordan , where officers from Jordan, Israel, the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar would join their efforts in a bid to outsmart Syria’s government.

The former Prime Minister of Qatar announced that a total of 137 billion dollars was wasted on the attempts to topple Assad’s government since the beginning of the war, while some of these funds were stolen by various field commanders that became millionaires overnight. In addition, considerable resources were wasted on the attempts to bribe Syria’s military brass, in attempt to persuade them in betraying their country or desert their positions. On average, a Syrian officer would receive from 15 to 30 thousand dollars for betraying his country.

The former Qatari official would announce that the ex-Prime Minister of Syria Riyad Farid Hijab was persuaded in fleeing Syria by his cousin, who had been a Jordanian resided for a long while. For this betrayal, Riyadh would pay him a handsome sum of 50 million dollars. In addition, the former commander of the Republican Guard Manaf Tlass would trade his home state for a chance to seek support of the UAR due to his sister’s successful attempts to persuade him into leaving. The sister, Madihi Tlass enjoyed French citizenship ever since she became the widow of the Syrian-Saudi businessman Akram Aja. This fact allowed French intelligence services to approach her to carry out the above mentioned operation.

According to Hamad Bin Jassim, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri played a major role in fomenting the Syrian conflict with an extensive support of a number of pro-Saudi Lebanese officials. In addition, the former Qatari Prime Minister mentioned the role that Iraqi Kurds played in the formenting of the so-called Syrian “civil war”, especially Massoud Barzani. At the conclusion of the interview, he announced that his government played a big role in the destruction of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen, while acting on Washington’s behalf."
It is funny how much work and money is put into 'spontaneous' political uprisings. "War Crimes as Policy" (Taliano).

Speaking of Hariri, who is getting some of his own medicine:  "Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Germany over Gabriel comments" and "Hariri sought asylum in Jordan, according to the Times" (Angry Arab) and "Hariri in Paris" (Angry Arab) and "Hariri arrives in Paris".  Hariri is 'free' to go to Paris as Salman is holding two of his children hostage.

"Saudi Arabia’s Incompetence Would Be Comical If It Weren’t Killing So Many People" (Hussain).  "Did Bill Gates actually thank the Saudi regime for its philanthropic work in Yemen?" (Angry Arab).  "Saudi Propaganda and the Starvation of Yemen" (Larison).

Rent-an-army:  "How deep ties with Pakistan’s military helped Saudi purge".  Complex politics here, as Pakistan really needs Iran in dealing with India, and seems to have tragically bet on the wrong horse.  "India's New Afghan Trade Route Via Iran, Bypasses Pakistan".  "At the heart of the Pakistan-Iran-India tango lies Chabahar".

This story, from the World's Worst Newspaper, is laugh-out-loud hilarious:  "Russian fake-news campaign against Canadian troops in Latvia includes propaganda about litter, luxury apartments".  "Russell Williams (criminal)".

"Ukrainian 'journalist' detained in Belarus is indeed an Intelligence officer".

"10 Trump Administration Atrocities Going Under-Reported Amid Russia Hysteria" (Johnstone).  And you know who you can thank for it:  "The Clintons held the Democratic Party hostage for 2 decades — and the sudden revisionism is inconveniently late".

Trump's sons remind me of Hank and Dean, with the orange one as 'Rusty'.  "Trump puts elephant trophies decision on hold following criticism".

"FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal". "The Democrats Used to Love Russian Oligarchs" (Ford).

Putin-Trump Derangement Syndrome still presents exactly like Alzheimers, turning an Assange joke into a blackmailing threat to take down the entire American intelligence apparatus!:  "The Implicit Threat in Julian Assange’s Ambassador Tweet" (emptywheel).

"The Rule of Power Over the Rule of Law" (Nader).  Almost all of the worst stuff consists of unpunished criminal acts.

How much would it cost if you were a Silicon Valley executive with a sexual harassment PR problem and you wanted to hire somebody to buy favorable media coverage!:  "Bezos, the WAPO, Edelman and Staying Out of Policy Matters" (Butler).  See also:  "Guardian, NYT Paint Power-Grabbing Saudi Dictator as Roguish, Visionary ‘Reformer’" (Johnson).

Our future:  "The colour-coded Israeli ID system for Palestinians".

"Is Satire "Fakenews"? - How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil" (Moon).  Is PolitiFact that comically incompetent, or are they actually attempting to deceive?

"The Story of a Scammer on Facebook Who Conned Me (and Many Others)".  I love these stories for the fine techniques of grifting, in this case playing on a vagueness in addresses recognized by USPS tracking, so you can 'prove' delivery to PayPal by sending an empty box to a nearby business (who will throw away the evidence).

"The TED talks empire has been grappling with sexual harassment, interviews and internal emails show".  The pony-tailed 'experts' are grappling, but not actually doing very much.

There is a lot wrong with this but the Saudi connection to Mandalay Bay (and the alleged role of Paddock in smuggling weapons to the Philippines, which of course has a Saudi-sponsored Muslim terrorism problem), together with the very convenient incompetence of the police in coming up with any kind of plausible motive, is worth pondering:  "Was Las Vegas a COUP Assassination Attempt Cover UP Gone Wrong?".

Saturday, November 18, 2017


"A ZioWahabi attack on Hezbollah and Iran?" (The Saker).  Solid analysis, both of the thwarted Zionist plans and the panicked attempt by Bibi to recover.  The (slight) push back is coming from within the Israeli leadership, fearing the severity of the Hezbollah counterattack, and within some parts of the US government, taking the view that Salman is moving too aggressively which will inevitably lead to a disastrous - for MIC interests - coup.

"Secretary Mattis Is Off Base: US Military Presence in Syria Has No Legal Grounds" (Korzun).  The Khazars have instructed their American stoogeslaves to hang around and continue to illegally occupy Syria.  The Americans aren't capable of doing anything serious, but will continue to be an irritation.

"Russia, Turkey, Iran meeting to discuss Syria strategy" (Bhadrakumar).  As usual, the real players act like adults and get shit done while the vermin just try to stick their legs in from time to time to trip things up.

"NATO apologizes for Turkey 'enemies' incident, blames civilian contractor"!

"A Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa: Priti Patel Shills for Israel" (Langdon).

"How America’s Deep State Operates to Control the Message" (Giraldi).

"Russia-gate Spreads to Europe" (Parry):
"Yet, another core problem with these “studies” is that they don’t come with any “controls,” i.e., what is used in science to test a hypothesis against some base line to determine if you are finding something unusual or just some normal occurrence.

In this case, for instance, it would be useful to find some other country that, like Russia, has a significant number of English speakers but where English is not the native language – and that has a significant interest in foreign affairs – and then see whether people from that country weigh in on social media with their opinions and perspectives about political events in the U.S., U.K., etc.

Perhaps, the U.S. government could devote some of that $160 million to, say, a study of the Twitter/Facebook behavior of Israelis and whether they jump in on U.S./U.K. controversies that might directly or indirectly affect Israel. We could see how many Twitter/Facebook accounts are “linked” to Israel; we could study whether any Israeli “trolls” harass journalists and news sites that oppose neoconservative policies and politicians in the West; we could check on whether Israel does anything to undermine candidates who are viewed as hostile to Israeli interests; if so, we could calculate how much money these “Israeli-linked” activists and bloggers invest in Facebook ads; and we could track any Twitter bots that might be reinforcing the Israeli-favored message."
"Shocking: Arch-Bugmen at Vice Accused of “Sexual Harassment” Culture" (Sol; this is typical analysis of the alt-right):
"#Jerkoffgate is collapsing the entire liberal establishment, one institution at a time. This isn’t surprising. Women accuse men of “sexual harassment” not based on any specific standard of behavior, but based on how it made them feel. If a strong, authoritative man comes on to them, they feel flattered. But if a beta-cuck bugman does the same, they’ll be grossed out and offended.

Since liberal men (not to mention Jews) are disproportionately effeminate and insecure, their creepy vibes freak women out way more than approaches by right-wing men."
Note how the liberal analysis is similar in posing the problem as being a lack of chivalry, with 'good' men just having to man up and protect women, thus effectively treating women as property without agency:  "Groping for Manhood".  Understanding that there is no difference between the liberals and the extreme right is part of The Clarification.

Also part of The Clarification is that the self-styled far left are also assholes:  "How Pseudo-leftists Explain the Failure of the ‘Syrian Revolution’".

"Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the ‘New York Times’".  Weiss is unable to effectively counter as he fundamentally shares the Khazar group supremacism of Stephens.

"Pepe Escobar Live From Baghdad: The Secret Of Iraq's Renaissance".  We're seeing a lot of words from the Evil Doers, with the response being to just get out and do whatever is necessary to stop them.  The Khazar plot against Iraq has completely backfired and the new militias are an effective method of creating a national sense of shared purpose leading to national unity.

"Another False Flag Terror ADMISSION: Snipers In the Ukraine “Protests”" (WashingtonsBlog).  You can see why it is so important for Pre-President Zuck to repress talk of false flags.

"The world's saints and sinners, according to Canada" (Mitrovica).  Thank G-d, one of our two national crises has been averted with taxpayer money:  "National Holocaust Monument to stay open all winter".  Canadians can now worship their Khazar overlords in February!  They are working on the other one!

"The New Republic Editor as Gap Model" (more bitchy, if accurate and amusing, Sailer).  A lot of people are now seeing that the business model of running your enterprise as a harem doesn't work well.

The intersectionality is strong with this one:  "Transparent Writer and GLAAD Support Jeffrey Tambor’s Exit From the Show". Note how he managed to blow off the first accuser but died with the second, spectacularly appropriate, one.

To be fair, you can see how he might want some things to stay hidden:  "The Internet Crackdown Begins: U.S. Senator Al Franken Wants Google, Facebook and Twitter to Censor Political Speech".

"Blind Items Revealed - Revisited".  "Stallone Sex Scandal" (Aangirfan).

"Four For Friday - Raped For A Part" (CDaN).  The guesses (shame about Caine; Donen is still alive):
"Movie: "Blame It On Rio" (filmed in Rio de Janeiro in 1984) (based on the 1977 French film "Un moment d'égarement")
Lisa: Michelle Johnson (17 at the time of filming, received permission from a judge to film her nude scenes) (from January 1999 through July 2002, Johnson was married to Major League Baseball player Matt Williams, of the Phoenix-based Arizona Diamondbacks)
Barely legal actress on television (A list): Demi Moore (18) ("General Hospital")
DRS A list actor: Michael Caine ("Dirty Rotten Scoundrels")
Director: Stanley Donen (born 1924)
The Big Cheese: Larry Gelbart
Last movie/producer/writer: "Mickey"/John Grisham"
"Blind Item #10 - The Cold Case Payouts"(CDaN).  The guesses (my view is that a lot of the chum, like Spacey, being thrown to the sharks is a limited hangout to protect Geffen)
"David Geffen/Tom King ("The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys and Sells the New Hollywood")"

Friday, November 17, 2017

The stinktank trick

This is classic - the Americans yell and scream and sanction and threaten war, and the Russians and Chinese step in to make money and friends:  "Venezuela wins Russia and China backing as it says it is honoring debt".  "Venezuela will finish paying its debt to Russia within 10 years after restructure".  "Venezuela Signs $3.2 Billion Debt Restructuring Deal With Russia" (Durden).

Interview regarding the 87% (!) increase in opium production in Afghanistan over the last year with a UN official, who sounds drunk or perhaps on an opium high:  "Who Promotes Afghan Farmers' Opium Cultivation and Production?":
"Q: Do you think that the powerful countries (without names) in Afghanistan, under security and military pretexts, are behind the increase of the cultivation, production and distribution of opium?

Answer: No, I don’t think so, no state in power is involved.

Q: What is your comment on the saying that the US military is behind the increase of production of opium?

Answer: I do not think so, we have no information directed against the US military in Afghanistan.

So where does the opium of Afghanistan go if America is not the beneficiary and who is responsible for producing opium?

Answer: Farmers are responsible, and a lot of opium production goes to Canada."
Meanwhile, the Canadian smuggling problem continues: "Colby Cosh: The egglegging party's over: Kinder Eggs are coming to America. Sort of".

"Different Hoax for Different Folks" (Sailer) (on the hoaxing outbreak due to the money and fame to be made from hoaxes, with no consequences if caught):
". . . higher-ups almost never suffer consequences for encouraging hate hoaxes by taking them seriously. Both Silveria of the Air Force Academy and Greenblatt of the ADL have fallen for hate hoaxes this year in what should have been a humiliating fashion. But instead, the two chumps/exploiters were honoring each other this week.

Last week, comedy legend Larry David shocked much of the country by devoting one joke in his Saturday Night Live monologue to noticing that his fellow Jews were overrepresented in the ongoing Harvey Weinstein-inspired sexual-harassment scandals.

Similarly, Jews tend to disproportionately figure in validating and promoting hate hoaxes. But few know this because David-style criticism of any Jewish tendencies toward self-indulgent behavior is punished in modern America.

Indeed, the ADL says it exists to “to put an end forever to…ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.” In essence, Jews are off-limits to satire. Yet being vulnerable to criticism encourages us to behave better, which is why people like Weinstein and Greenblatt are able to run amok for so long."
"Anti-Semites feted by Zionist Organization of America".

"AIPAC is grooming high school students" (Shihadah).

"Harper: A Reminder Of The Obscene Power Of The Israel Lobby".

"How Trump's CIA Used Bin Laden Files and a Neocon Think Tank to Escalate Tensions With Iran" (Norton).  Explaining the bizarre CIA dump of supposed bin Laden material.  Weiss from 2013:  "D.C. thinktank pushing Iran war got $19 million in one year from Israel supporters".  Marcus, Adelson, and Singer.  Judis from 2015:  "The Little Think Tank That Could".  They keep playing the same stinktank trick, and people keep falling for it.

"John Kerry and Prince Charles kill the Israeli project" (Alexis).  "Foreign, European Jews".  Chuck nails it - the problem isn't Jews, it is Khazars.  If you say that, you are labeled an anti-Semite, when the Khazars aren't even Semites (if you can get your head around that!).  In fact, the real Semites are mostly what we now call Palestinians, the descendants of the Jews to whom the mythological promise of land was given by the mythological deity to the mythological Abraham, the promise that is the stated basis today for the Khazar theft of Israel!  The truth is mind-blowing!  We've been manipulated so much we don't even have the vocabulary to discuss it.

They are usually at least a little more subtle than this!:  ""I've Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags"" (Johnstone). I've never understood the attraction of Facebook.  I find Twitter and (especially) Instagram very helpful, but avoid Facebook, and its awful, cluttered appearance (and what's with the having to scroll down to see more of the page?), as much as possible.

"America’s Righteous Russia-gate Censorship" (Parry). American elites have decided that knowledge of the truth is their real problem, and are suddenly acting on multiple fronts to suppress it.

Multiple layers of irony, starting with the fact that we're looking at the supposedly evil Kaspersky, and including the fact that the alleged nefarious Russian snooping may have just been routine efforts to find and block the kind of malware the NSA contractor installed with his pirated copy of Word!:  "Kaspersky claims at least one other entity in NSA contractor's computer".

Nice to see another (Khazar) warmonger called out for it:  "Monbiot, Syria and Universalism" (a very woke Roddis).  Note the Chomskyesque technique - you develop a 'progressive' reputation in one area, and then use that to further your real appalling goals.  It is especially ironic in this case as the main cause of world environmental degradation is the universal wars that these people keep whining for.

One good way to create such a reputation which you can then use for nefarious purposes is to put your name on somebody else's work:  "Thank You, Ed Herman, Tireless Champion of Peace" (Johnstone).

"Hamas: Mossad Agents Carrying Bosnian Passports Behind Tunisia Drone Expert Assassination".  But the professionalism of the hit strongly points against Mossad!

"Former Model Accuses Senator Al Franken Of "Kissing And Groping" Her Without Consent" (Durden). "Bill Clinton should have resigned" (Yglesias)!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Straight White Men

Hey, look who shows up smack dab in the middle of all the Saudi drama!:  "Saudi Crown Prince meets with Bill Gates to review joint development programs".

"The Machiavellian Prince: Welcome to Salman Arabia" (Bishara).

"'This Is Barbaric': Sen. Murphy Slams US for Contributing to Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis".

"On The Origins of Russia-gate" (Lauria),  Posted in the Huffington Post, and then, in the highest honor the Huffington Post can bestow for journalistic excellence, removed for being too incisive in wrecking all the Clintonista lies and actually turning the tables on Clinton.

The history:  "Fake News on Russia and Other Official Enemies:  The New York Times, 1917–2017" (Edward S. Herman, possibly his last published work, RIP).

"‘The Atlantic’ Commits Malpractice, Selectively Edits To Smear WikiLeaks" (Johnstone).  A fine reading of the lying technique used by Ioffe to make her case against WikiLeaks.  If The Atlantic were a real journalistic organization, and not just an ultra-Zionist front, Ioffe would be fired immediately, and a retraction and grovelling apology issued.  Instead, the lies are already being promulgated as part of the whole dangerous Russiagate smear.

"Mugabe: Between the wife and the loyal lieutenant".  "Mugabe clears way for 'Gucci Grace' in battle over Zimbabwe succession".  "Grace Mugabe 'flees Zimbabwe for Namibia' after military take over and reportedly put husband under house arrest".  "South African woman challenges Grace Mugabe's immunity over assault claim".  In this case, the country's military is acting as an immune system against a completely inappropriate leader.  Do you feel the strong Winnie Mandela vibe?

This is quite something in terms of the communal organization and presentation of information, in this case about the largely hidden Awan scandal:  "Hillary's Hamlet".

Spectacular Sailer (Hall of Fame example!):  "Peter Beinart Exposes Marty Peretz's Bias at TNR for Grooming His Fellow Straight White Men".  If you multiply this kind of thing by a trillion you get the current state of the deception, but Beinart is a particularly striking - not to mention silly in the extent of his assumptions of the stupidity of his audience - example.  Note the Trump awareness at the end.  Generally, the decoder ring is 'straight' = 'gay' and, particularly, 'white' = 'Khazar'.

"How the Israel Lobby Works in Britain" (Cloughley).  They somehow make it look even more unseemly and obviously corrupt and just plain grubby than the American version.

"Satanist Netanyahu is mad, sad, and still wants to be bad" (Alexis).  A losing Israel is even more dangerous than a winning Israel.  One way or another, we need to terminate it.

Giving Black Cube some of its own medicine!  "Israeli intelligence firm apologises for working with Harvey Weinstein".  "Deception and Ruses Fill the Toolkit of Investigators Used by Weinstein".  Note the similar technique used in the Toronto case.  The entire monstrosity is pure Peak Khazar.  I can't wait for the 'Hollywood' movie!

"Lawyers representing Toronto actress suing Harvey Weinstein say they can’t find him".  I'd start by checking New Khazaria, but you'll never root him out of there (because of the Holocaust against rapists).

"The Pedobear Motion Practice You’ve Been Waiting For".  "Encyclopedia Dramatica Is Being Sued for $750K".  "Jon Monsarrat / Jonathan Graves Monsarrat / JonMon / mitcarpediemLawsuit Loving Sex Pest".

"One Tree Hill showrunner terrorized, assaulted cast and crew, 18 women confirm".  "George Takei Is Sorry For Sounding Like A Creepy Old Gay Grandpa On Howard Stern".

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dirty secrets

""Orgies with underage girls, heavy drug and alcohol abuse" - Saudi princess unveils the Kingdom's dark side".

The fine art of gentile management.  "Unable to oust Corbyn, Israel’s Labour allies shift strategy" (Winstanley).  "The ZOA rolled out the red carpet for Steve Bannon — and it backfired".  "‘Iraq didn’t work out, but at least it was a belief in progress’ — David Brooks reflects on a BIG mistake" (Weiss).  "New Bills in Congress Will Make Boycotting Israel a Criminal Offense" (Striker).

"Rose McGowan Speaks Out About Her Arrest on Drug Charges" (Farrow) (how did Weinstein know about the warrant?):
"In early September, before the existence of the warrant for McGowan was public, Weinstein held a meeting with his private investigators that was focussed on the efforts to arrest McGowan, according to a source who was at the Weinstein Company at the time. Weinstein suggested leaking the information to the New York Post. A reporter from the Post, who declined to comment and asked not to be named in this story, followed up with McGowan shortly thereafter to inquire about the warrant. Fearing that the Post reporter would publish a story, McGowan tweeted that she was facing charges in Virginia. “I beat him to it,” she said."
"The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel" (Weiss).  "The JFK Files: New Light on Oswald and Mexico City" (Russell):
"Clearly something very strange was going on in Mexico City in the months leading up to JFK’s assassination. A man claiming to be Lee Oswald, who apparently looked nothing like him and could barely speak Russian, was making what can only be described as attention-grabbing trips to the Soviet and Cuban consuls. Both the CIA and the FBI were well aware of this during the immediate aftermath of the assassination.

So ask yourself this question: Why would someone who wasn’t Oswald pretend to be Oswald and run around visiting Soviet and Cuban embassies? Could it be that someone was trying to set up Oswald to make it look like he was working with the “commies” to kill Kennedy? If anyone wanted an excuse to start a war with Cuba and the Soviets, this was an opportunity served on a silver platter.Clearly something very strange was going on in Mexico City in the months leading up to JFK’s assassination. A man claiming to be Lee Oswald, who apparently looked nothing like him and could barely speak Russian, was making what can only be described as attention-grabbing trips to the Soviet and Cuban consuls. Both the CIA and the FBI were well aware of this during the immediate aftermath of the assassination."
"John Kerry condemns Israel, hails ‘extraordinary’ restraint of Palestinians".

"Israeli-funded app “destroys” Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque" (Abunimah).

"Raqqa’s dirty secret".

The big Zionist PR offensive:  "Iran vs Israel: Things Went South" (Lvov).  The media consistently reports that everybody has agreed to Netanyahu's plans!

The big Saudi PR offensive:  "Yemen - Having Lost The War Saudis Try Genocide - Media Complicit" (Moon).

"Do You Have to be a Jew to Work @ NBC?" (Bacon).

"Israel's Money Machine" (Giraldi).  "Israel Lobby Is Slowly Being Dragged into the Light" (Cook).  It is funny how forthright they are about it!:  "Take it from the AIPAC’s Mouth (video)" (Atzmon).

Your friendly local Khazars:  "The Opioid Crisis: Media Complicity and Political Inaction" and "The Super Wealthy Oxycontin Family Supports School Privatization With Tactics Similar to Those That Fueled the Opioid Epidemic", taking the money they got from murdering you to ruin your educational system!

Just a bunch of thieves with a country:  "Corruption in Israel is not just an Israeli issue" (Baroud).

"How to Instantly Prove (Or Disprove) Russian Hacking of U.S. Election".  Binney has consistently said this throughout, but the Clintonistas/neocons/warmongers and their media don't want to hear it.

Added (it explains the oddly lax sentence for vehicular manslaughter): "Today's Blind Items - Sex, Drugs & Death - Hollywood, Politics & The Bohemian Grove".  Guesses at ACG Blind item Rehash (links removed):
"A list comedian: Sam Kinison
Wife: Malika Souri
A+ lister: Bill Clinton
Boyfriend of teen killed: Troy Pierson"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Interesting development

"I can confirm to you that Saad Hariri is indeed held against his will: although Western governments are covering it up" (Angry Arab).  What's important is that the Saudi kidnappers haven't fooled one person in Lebanon.  Also:  "The shoddy journalism of the Economist magazine: how I miss the old Economist and former correspondents".

"Saad Hariri gives awkward new interview that many believe was staged" (Garrie).

"Interview With Rania Masri On Saudi Arabia And Kidnapping Of Lebanese Prime Minister" (Gosztola).

"Algerian PM: $130 billion was spent to destroy Syria, Libya, Yemen by Arab states".

"Art of the Deal: Behind Saudi-Lebanon Crisis Is Trump’s Middle East ‘Peace Project’" (Henningsen).  I like how Israel is already trying to put all the blame on the Saudis.

"Trump holds the line on foreign policy" (Bhadrakumar).  MAGA except, of course, for the Middle East.

"Mocking Trump Doesn’t Prove Russia’s Guilt" (McGovern).  The whole unlikely scenario is entirely the creation of Brennan.

From the ultra-icky Ioffe:  "The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks".  Not much to the story but note all the spin.

"UK prosecutors admit destroying key emails in Julian Assange case" (I can't think of a non-criminal reason for them ever destroying any electronic material):
"Adding to the intrigue, it emerged the [Crown Prosecution Service] lawyer involved had, unaccountably, advised the Swedes in 2010 or 2011 not to visit London to interview Assange. An interview at that time could have prevented the long-running embassy standoff."

"Source Code For CIA’s Spying Tool Hive Released By Wikileaks: Vault 8" (topical as Kaspersky is being blamed for everything):
"In an interesting development, it was also found that CIA also wrote code to impersonate Kaspersky Labs antivirus company and build fake certificate."

"The reality of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is far from Kremlin propaganda".

"Priti Patel and Jewish Conspiracies" (Atzmon):
 "According to the [Campaign Against Anti-Semitism], X is not guilty of committing Y as long as X is stereotypically associated with committing Y. If X is guilty, for instance,  of shoving a banana into someone’s eye (Y), the  defence would be that shoving bananas into other people’s eyes (Y) is one of the stereotypes about X.

Similarly, the CAA claims it is anti-Semitic to refer to the Jewish Lobby as the strongest lobby in Westminster because the accusation is consistent with the Jewish stereotype of Jewish lobbies being influential. Likewise we should vindicate Harvey Weinstein of any wrong doing because Larry David admitted on Saturday Night Live that predatory behaviour has become a Jewish stereotype. I expect Bernie Madoff to capitalise on this line of defence and appeal for his immediate release. Alan Dershowitz can also come clean about his bad habits by blaming them on Jewish stereotypes.   

The paradox here is obvious, The CAA’s circular argument has nothing to do with any consideration of ethics, truthfulness or correspondence with reality. The ‘stereotype’ redeems the sin. By this logic the CAA itself is innocent of any wrong thinking because such a Jerusalemite anti-ethical intellectual pattern is also a Jerusalemite stereotype. "

"Blind Item #10 - Bohemian Grove Blind" (CDaN).  The guesses at AGC Blind Itam Rehash (links removed):
"John Clifton Hinson Republican U.S. Representative for Mississippi's 4th congressional district from 1979 to 1981; Stewart McKinney/Fourth congressional district of Connecticut in the House of Representatives from 1971 until his death from AIDS in Washington, D.C. in 1987"

"Today's Blind Items - Child Porn And Drugs - The Story Of Two A Listers" (CDaN).  The guesses at AGC Blind Itam Rehash (links removed):
"Show: "Kids Incorporated"
A lister #1: Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson (1984 - 1989)
Different corner of the entertainment world: Wild Orchid (band)
A lister #2: Jennifer Love Hewitt  (1989 - 1991) (at the age of 12, Meldac funded the recording of Hewitt's debut studio album, Love Songs (1992).[60] The album was released exclusively in Japan, where Hewitt became a pop star)
Producer: Tommy Lynch/"Tom Lynch Company" (previously Lynch Entertainment which is owned by Lynch Pictures"
"Blind Item #1 - He Made Millions From Raping Young Girls - Himmmm".  Himmmm is a big source of Hollywood blind items, rumored to be Hugh Jackman.  The guesses at AGC Blind Itam Rehash (links removed):
"#1 - Permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group: Don Henley ("Eagles")
#2 - The manager of #1 and many many many others: Irving Azoff
#3 - Top 3 entertainment mogul. You don't mess with him: David Geffen
#4 - A+ list singer back in the day. Probably permanent A- list singer: Stevie Nicks
#5 - Permanent A list celebrity: Jimmy Iovine
#6 - Celebrity madam who has passed/detective: Elizabeth Adams/Mike Brambles
#7 - Permanent A list actress who was murdered: Natalie Wood
#8 - Permanent A+ list celebrity: President Bill Clinton
#9 - Permanent A+ list celebrity and spouse of #8: First Lady Hillary Clinton
Song: "Dirty Laundry"
"Mean" reporter: Christine Lund"
"George Takei Thinks The Russians Are Responsible For The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him" (dlisted).

Monday, November 13, 2017

Surely some US president / at a woman

"Why Saudi Purge Signals War Footing" (Cunningham):
"Potentially most sinister is that on the day of the mass arrests, a contender for inheriting the Saudi throne was killed in a helicopter crash. Prince Mansour bin Muqrin (42) was among eight officials who died when their chopper went down in southern Asir Province near the border with Yemen. Saudi media have not given any details about the cause of the crash. One might have expected the Saudis to lay the blame on Houthi rebels and, by extension, Iran. But no. The House of Saud and its media outlets have said little about the death of this senior royal. Significantly, too, the Houthi rebels and their media have said little about the incident. If there was a chance of the rebels being involved, one might expect them to prompt a propaganda coup claiming a spectacular blow against the Saudis whom they have been fighting a war against since March 2015.

The chopper victim Prince Mansour was the son of 72-year-old Prince Muqrin, who is one of the last surviving sons of the Saudi kingdom’s founder Ibn Saud. (He is a half-brother to the sitting King Salman.)

Prince Muqrin was also former head of Saudi state intelligence (2005-2012) before he was made Crown Prince in January 2015 upon the death of his brother, the late King Abdullah. In the arcane world of Saudi power inheritance, the throne has always passed between Ibn Saud’s sons, or from brother to brother. When Abdullah died in January 2015, the next in line was their brother Salman (the present king). After Salman, according to traditional succession rules, the next heir to the throne should have been Muqrin, who indeed was made Crown Prince in January 2015. However, three months later, King Salman demoted Muqrin as heir apparent. He was sidelined to make way for the emergence of Mohammed bin Salman, the son of the king, as Crown Prince. That marked an unprecedented rupture in Saudi royal tradition, and no doubt has left a seething resentment among the clans comprising the House of Saud.

Prince Muqrin and his lineage of six sons therefore can be seen as a dangerous rival to the ambitions of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As his own father King Salman’s health declines, the next-in-line appears to be clearing the royal court of potential competition for the throne.

It is not yet known what actually happened to the helicopter ferrying Prince Mansour last weekend. But it seems more than a coincidence that the crash occurred on the same day as the arrest and round-up of several other senior royals. Two of those arrested were Prince Mataib bin Abdullah and Prince Turki bin Abdullah. They are the sons of the late King Abdullah, and like Prince Mansour, they are cousins of Crown Prince MbS, and therefore could potentially mount a challenge to his succession to the throne."
It appears that wars and the Iran obsession are going to be used to distract from Prince Salman's succession problem.  WWIII so one guy can jump the queue doesn't usually work out well.

Never let it be said that Saudis lack a sense of humor:  "Saudi Arabia alleges citizen kidnapped in Lebanon". They have also accomplished the impossible in making Saad Hariri a popular politician in Lebanon.  And congratulations to the entire population of Lebanon for being so extremely woke!

"War Clouds Beyond Lebanon" (Kapner).

Another example of the odd phenomenon of propaganda developing a (financial) life of its own, meaning that it continues for the grifting possibilities long after it makes sense as PR:  "Propaganda for Regime Change in Syria".  Given the users that surround her, I'm guessing that Bana has some tragic future ahead.

"Harper And Decameron: Controlling The Narrative".  Binney is a huge problem for the Clintonitas/warmongers, as his narrative is within the area of his acknowledged expertise, and is consistent with everything we know about the NSA.  They deal with this by simply ignoring him.

"Trump Points To Falsehoods In "Russian Hacking" Claims - Media Ignore What He Says" (Moon).  Trump's consistent ability to boil down issues to their key points, and stay on topic without bloviating, is strong evidence that he is much smarter than we give him credit for.

"Criminal War Propaganda" (Taliano).  Big numbers, for naught.

""This Is A Dangerous Iranian Escalation": Bahrain Blames Pipeline Explosion On Iran, Terrorists" (Durden).

Tremendous tale of a road trip!:  "Tillerson’s Trip & the new Great Game (FB Ali)". "China's global Silk Road revival hits obstacles".

"David Boies Accused Of Running Horrifying Spy Operation Against Harvey Weinstein's Accusers".  It is rare to see a conflict of interest so clumsily handled at that level of power.

"Baby Peter, Mary Jeffries, Jersey" (Aangirfan).  "Former Scotland Yard chief Sir Paul Stephenson reveals he KNEW about claims extreme porn had been found on Damian Green's office computer".

"US, Sweden, Finland Launch New Format Talks: Dancing to Washington’s Tune" (Korzun).  Americans have the excuse of being Exceptionalists and being bound to a rapidly failing empire, but others have no excuse for leaping on this sinking ship.

"Germany Clumsily Admits to Supporting Regime Change in Poland" (Korybko).  "Warsaw nationalist march draws tens of thousands".

"Wieseltier and Weinstein Discuss “Should the Jews Leave Europe?”" (Sailer).  "After TWO (!) Hate Hoaxes, Kansas State Suspends Classes to Prove It Still Believes" (Sailer).

"Selfie With Hitler? Indonesia Museum Removes Nazi Waxwork After Backlash".  It is difficult to deny this strikingly odd pattern of behavior:  "Jewish Masturbater Louis CK and the Fundamentally Jewish Act of Jacking-Off at a Woman" (Anglin).

Khazar news:  "Outrage Follows "Jaw-Droppingly Shocking" 1986 Prince Charles Letter Blaming Mid-East Problems On "Foreign Jews"".  The shocking part is that Prince Charles is woke.  "Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in US?"

"Everyone In Hollywood Is (Allegedly) A Perv: George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss, And Benny Medina".  The Takei allegations are particularly sweet as he has made a post-acting career of being the arbiter of virtue for the cisgendered on all LGBT matters.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saudi hands

"Harvey Weinstein’s Israeli spy was music video vixen and Israeli air force officer, with Holocaust backstory" (Deger).  McGowan was very brave when she stuck her neck out, but she really had no idea of what she was dealing with.

The AIPAC of the 820s (Agobard was as shocked as Rose McGowan):  "Agobard of Lyon and The Origins of the Hostile Elite" (Joyce; footnotes removed):
"To date, our best understanding of modern Jewish political strategies in the context of the “taboo” can be found in Chapter 6 of Kevin MacDonald’s Separation and Its Discontent: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, titled “Jewish Strategies for Combatting Anti-Semitism.” One section deals with “Political Strategies for Minimizing Anti-Semitism.” MacDonald notes that Jews have been flexible strategizers in the political arena, buttressed by an IQ substantially above the Caucasian mean, and argues that the foundations for Jewish influence are wealth, education, and social status. Today, Jews apply this influence in order to stifle negative discussion of their group, and at times to stifle any discussion of Jews at all. MacDonald points out that this is normally done via extensive communal support for “self-defense committees,” which are a feature of every Diaspora population. These committees invariably lobby governments, utilize and influence legal systems, produce pro-Jewish and pro-multicultural propaganda, and fund pro-Jewish candidates or initiatives. Another of their vital functions has been to monitor and expose “anti-Semites,” and to use legal systems in order to exact individual punishments, thereby making an example of individuals and thereby imposing a deterrent atmosphere on the rest of the population.

It almost goes without saying that in the modern era Jews have been very successful in making anti-Semitism a disreputable and unsavory enterprise. Perhaps more than any other shaming device, accusations of anti-Semitism can be socially and professionally devastating. Academic studies which argue that anti-Semitism has a rational and understandable basis, such as MacDonald’s work, are monitored and excluded from scholarly discourse in an unceasing effort to maintain Jewish control over narratives concerning their group and deflecting antagonism to it. A foundational idea underpinning the creation of this most modern taboo is that anti-Semitism is a personal flaw indicative of psychiatric disorder and a social aberration, epitomized by the writing of the Frankfurt School of Social Research. Despite achieving an almost monolithic position in the public mind of most European populations, it is particularly noteworthy that such conceptualizations of anti-Semitism as an irrational and inexplicable form of psychosocial illness are extremely recent, having been developed only in the last sixty years by a cast of Jewish intellectuals—particularly those at the nexus of psychoanalysis and the Frankfurt School.

This reframing of European understandings of anti-Semitism has been due not only to Jewish influence in academia, the media, and the development of social policy, but also to a general ignorance among Europeans of the historical experiences of their ancestors. Europeans cannot come to terms with the issue of Jewish influence purely by confronting its contemporary manifestations – they must engage with the experiences of their forebears, and understand how and why they viewed Jews as a hostile elite.

All of these considerations led me to one question: when and how did this “hostile elite” begin? Although Jewish influence was noted during the life of the Roman Empire, I excluded this period from my deliberations for a number of reasons. The first was that I wanted a close contextual proximity to present conditions; in other words, as a bare minimum I felt it necessary that I should find an early example of Jewish influence that still mirrored enough features of the modern experience to be broadly valid in comparison. Despite a proliferation of expatriate communities, during the Roman Empire, or at least until the sack of Jerusalem by Titus in AD 70, Jews could be considered as predominantly a national people rather than a Diaspora. It could thus be argued that relations between the Roman Empire and Jewish populations could on some level be understood within the framework of traditional diplomacy and power relations.

It was only after Rome’s demolition of the Second Jewish Commonwealth in the first century that the Exilic period ushered in significantly novel forms of Jewish political activity. These political activities also became uniform, with Amichai Cohen and Stuart Cohen noting of the new Diaspora: “Notwithstanding variations dictated by vast differences of location and situation, all Jewish communities developed and refined a remarkably similar set of broad [political] strategies.” The second reason is related to the first in the sense that this set of Jewish political strategies had to be present in a broad geographical area of Europe. This breadth of geographical dispersion, and the subsequent extension of Jewish interactions with European populations, only occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire. A third and final reason for omitting the period of the Roman Empire was that my precondition of close contextual proximity required that the nation states of today, at least in their prototypical form, should be broadly recognizable. Finally, the Jews of Visigothic Spain, although wealthy, powerful, and incredibly hostile, have been discounted due to their failure to establish a relationship with Visigothic elites. This failure most notably resulted in the Jews providing assistance to a replacement elite — Muslim invaders.

The set of “broad political strategies” referred to above requires further elaboration. Lacking a state, and insistent on remaining apart from their host nations, Diaspora Jewish populations developed an indirect and at times highly abstract style of politics in order to advance their interests. In Jewish sources it became known as shtadtlanut (“intercession” or “petitioning”), and represented a personal and highly involved form of diplomacy or statecraft that, in the words of the Cohens, “prioritized persuasion.” In the modern era we are familiar with such shtadlans as the Anti-Defamation League, and AIPAC. These bodies claim to represent all Jews, and the interests of all Jews, and do so when interacting with, interceding with, or “persuading” host nation governments or other arms of the White elite. However, the shtadlan as a large formal body or committee is a relatively modern development, and was a necessary response to the end of absolute monarchy at the beginning of the nineteenth century (and the corresponding rise of parliamentary democracy and the modern state). Prior to c.1815, Jews often pursued their interests via a small number of very wealthy and “persuasive” individual shtadlans who would form personal relationships with a king, prince, or other powerful members of the European elite. This was most pronounced during the Early Modern period when Hofjuden, or Court Jews, negotiated privileges and protections for Jews with European monarchs. An excellent example is that of Daniel Itzig (1723–1799), the Court Jew of Kings Frederick II the Great and Frederick William II of Prussia, who used his wealth and influence to persuade these monarchs to abolish many restrictions on Prussian Jews and grant them a succession of privileges. Put simply, the concentration of power in individuals meant that Jewish interests could also be negotiated by individuals.

However, although we may still see echoes of the old shtadlans in individuals like George Soros or Sheldon Adelson, the dispersal of political power following the collapse of the absolute monarchies required a greater number of Jewish “persuaders,” thus necessitating the development of the modern Jewish “diplomatic” organization. Of course, the majority of these modern bodies vigorously deny their “diplomatic” or political function, preferring to style themselves as “self-defense” bodies or similar abstractions. Writing on the subject of shtadtlanut Samuel Freedman has argued that Jews have “become wedded to a “crisis model” in community-building, in which either Holocaust commemoration or opposition to anti-Semitism are the raison d’etre for the largest communal organizations, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to the American Jewish Committee.” This masking of deeper political interests should be seen as combining deception (of Europeans) and self-deception (among some Jews) in the broader Jewish strategy, or at least as a device designed to boost the recruitment of “persuaders.” Jews (at least those not consciously engaged in deception) and Europeans are thus led to believe that such bodies are necessary to defend and protect a vulnerable community in crisis, when in fact their primary function is to advance the interests of an extremely wealthy, culturally invulnerable, and politically powerful community — a hostile elite."

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