Friday, October 13, 2000

If you're lucky enough to be born a Palestinian, you have three choices: 1) you can be a second-class citizen in Israel, or 2) you can spend the next 50 years in a refugee camp, or 3) you can live in a few odds and ends places that Israel didn't want, governed by a bunch of organized criminals (who are at least Palestinian organized criminals). The liberal Israelis feel badly about this, so they negotiate with you to improve your plight. As they know that they'll have to give up something when the negotiations are over, they let them drag on and on for years. They know that the Palestinians have no bargaining position, and thus don't really know if Israel should give up anything at all. However, the Israelis feel themselves to be basically good well-meaning people, and the act of negotiating makes them feel generous. They actually feel like a 'normal' country, engaged in negotiations with their friends and neighbours. Imagine their shock and horror when you turn on them! How ungrateful can a people be? Said has a good article on what may be in store.