Wednesday, November 29, 2000

On Monday Canadians managed to avoid: 1) the return of the death penalty; 2) an American-style gun-addled society; 3) civil war with native peoples; 4) making abortion illegal; 5) the utter and complete destruction of the healthcare system; 5) the end of practically all government programs which don't involve armies or police; 6) a theocratic government where all decisions are made in the name of a strict evangelical protestant interpretation of the Bible; 7) the funding by the government of any and all religion-based schools, and the consequent starvation of the public school system; 8) a completely unjust tax system (not that the current one is so great); and 9) rule by an unholy combination of religious nuts and big corporations, with absolutely no say from any other voices. Whatever you may think of the arrogant, lying Liberals, Monday still wasn't a bad days work.