Friday, November 10, 2000

Things are getting clearer on the American election. First, the networks declare Florida a win for Gore. This is based on exit polls and is supposedly foolproof. Bush vigorously disputes this declaration, and the networks eventually, and mysteriously, back off. They admit to making a terrible mistake, and have taken all sorts of criticism for sheer incompetence. In the middle of the night Bush is declared the winner, based on his winning Florida. Finally, as the count in Florida procedes, it turns out that no one knows who won. All sorts of irregularities start cropping up. Is it crazy to conclude that the original network declaration was right, based on exit polls actually reflecting how people voted, but Bush was confident of victory because his brother, Governor of Florida, could assure him that the fix was in? This may sound crazy, but it reconciles the mystery of the foolproof exit polls failing, the confident protestations by Bush that the early declaration was wrong, and the corrupt election problems that are now appearing in great profusion, in a state where brother Jeb has control.