Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Do you think that Linda Chavez, who is famously against affirmative action, but who was picked to be secretary of labor because her sex and race disguised her conservative views, appreciates the irony that she was thrown over the side by the Son-Select as a form of reverse affirmative action in order to increase the confirmation chances of old white male Ashcroft (on the theory that the wimpy Democrats only have so much energy for challenging)? Probably not. Speaking of Chavez, who was the genius who thought that it would help her position to claim that the payments she made to the illegal alien were 'gifts' and the work done by the illegal alien was 'chores'? In the context of harboring an illegal alien this intentional confusion of roles means that the person appointed to be secretary of labor had not the slightest idea of what a labor relationship looks like.