Wednesday, January 17, 2001

What are the chances that Michael Milken won't get a Clinton pardon and Leonard Peltier will? Where did the idea that Milken should get a pardon come from (let me guess - I bet he paid some of the big bucks he scammed and was allowed to keep to an expensive P. R. firm, who have created a 'grassroots campaign' for him)? One reason given for a pardon is that he has given a lot of money to charity. If you consider where this money came from, this is not unlike the guy who kills his parents and then seeks mercy because he is an orphan. Seeing as Milken is sort of the Robin Hood of predatory capitalism, stealing from everyone to give to himself, and seeing as he's already gotten away with his crimes to an outrageous degree, it seems a fitting coda to Clinton's greasy Presidency to pardon him.