Friday, March 23, 2001

It is becoming scarily obvious that the psychopaths who run the biotech companies have decided that it will be too expensive to do proper tests on the safety of genetically-modified foods, or, even worse, that such tests will reveal that the genetically-modified foods are unsafe for human consumption. They therefore have decided to allow the genetically-modified foods to contaminate the natural strains. This will lead to one of three scenarios: 1) the contaminated strains will have no adverse effect on human health, and the biotech firms will argue that they should be allowed to continue to market the genetically-modified foods; or 2) many people will get sick or die and the biotech firms will claim that the contamination was an act of God and will seek protection in bankruptcy or from legislation; or 3) the contamination will become so common that it will be impossible to find a causal nexus between the particular contamination and the human health problems caused by it (chemical companies have for years been dining off a similar confusion caused by the massive number of man-made chemicals in the environment). The contamination has already begun, and we can't seem to do anything about it.