Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Francis Gary Powers and his U2 were downed in the Soviet Union in May 1960, thus conveniently (for those who make money from war) ending arms reduction negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union (Khrushchev angrily cancelled Eisenhower's planned trip to Moscow and the Paris Summit Conference was adjourned). Now a U. S. spy plane has apparently been forced to land in China at a time when the current President is clearly making every effort to damage relations with China with a view to reigniting the Cold War. This will allow him to claim that he needs to have a big increase in military spending, thus putting lots of money in the pockets of his friends in the military-industrial complex. It's ironic that Pa George has been lauded for his role in ending the Cold War, while Son George may go down in history as having started it up again!