Sunday, April 15, 2001

I've been reading lots of American nonsense about how the Chinese 'lost' in their recent confrontation with the United States over the spy plane. Somehow the great genius Bush is supposed to have tricked the Chinese by giving what they thought was an apology when it actually was no apology at all. Thus American amour-propre has been saved. This analysis completely misses the point. The Chinese now know that the addled Bush is completely hamstrung in a crisis situation, as he doesn't know how to choose between the advice given to him by his extreme right-wing advisors and the advice given to him by his rabidly insane right-wing advisors. They also know that Americans are still mesmerized by the concept of American hostages. Therefore, all the Chinese have to do to deter future spy planes is merely give the impression that they could bring another one down. All they have to do to get their way with the Bush administration in the future is to put Bush under some pressure where he has to make a decision in a hurry. On top of that they have a nice spy plane to look at.