Wednesday, July 04, 2001

For all intents and purposes, Serbia has sold Milosevic to NATO for the promise of future aid. Some find this to be a bad precedent, but given these days of turbo-capitalism where everything has a price, perhaps we should get with the program and establish an international market for politicians. Many countries sheltering nasty old rulers need money. and would probably be glad to trade the politicians for aid. The problem will be establishing a market for people living in rich countries. What would the United States get for Henry Kissinger? What would Saudi Arabia get for Idi Amin? What would Japan get for Fujimoro? Perhaps countries could get some form of credit at an international tribunal which could be used to pay for the nasty politicians that they wish to have tried. If the United States wanted to have bin Laden tried, they could work out a deal to trade him for Kissinger, or someone equally nasty (the United States has plenty of nasty politicians to trade). A 'free market' could determine how many of one country's nasty politicians would have to be traded in to get the particular one it wanted to have tried. Someone of Kissinger's ilk would be very valuable.