Wednesday, July 04, 2001

If the White House is writing the news and supplying it to the press in advance of the events described in the news, the independent press is nothing more than a PR firm acting for the White House. Obviously, the state of
Cheney's health makes everyone nervous, especially as he is thought of as the acting President (imagine what the stock markets would do if Cheney suddenly died, and how this would reflect on Bush). This nervousness is no excuse for a controlled press. This whole thing reminds me of the rumour that a New Zealand newspaper had published an edition containing details of Lee Harvey Oswald before he had been caught and identified in Dallas! (Speaking of Cheney, he's become so nonchalant about heart surgery that he'll probably end up getting a heart transplant on an out-patient basis - in for a change at 9 a. m., and back to work after lunch.)