Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Did the oligarchs who run the U. S. let the terrorism happen so they could: 1) make huge amounts of money on the military contracts they will get; and 2) have the right to impose huge restrictions on civil liberties, at once both telling lots of people what to do and making more money supplying the various rent-a-cops and security devices that the restrictions will entail? While I wouldn't put anything beyond them, it is inconceivable that the oligarchs would countenance an attack on the WTC and the Pentagon, symbols of their power. Just the loss of computer and paper files in the WTC would drive them crazy. However, what if the terrorists told their infiltrators that they intended to attack a less important set of targets in less important cities? This would still cause the outrage that would lead to military and security contracts, without causing any great harm to the oligarchy. I can see the oligarchs, misled by the terrorists, letting the terror go ahead to make a little money.