Wednesday, November 28, 2001

There's a 'Canada loves New York' promotion coming up where Canadians are supposed to spend a weekend as tourists in N. Y. C. Leaving aside the toxic air and the risk of terrorist attacks, as I understand it anyone who is not an American citizen is now subject to arrest and indeterminate detention at the discretion of any jack-booted thug official of the U. S. government. Your detention will be a secret, and you probably won't get a lawyer, but if you do John Ashcroft gets to hear all you have to say to him. At the end of your detention they can take you into a military hearing with no legal or human rights whatsoever, and summarily and secretly execute you. This sounds like a great holiday, literally the adventure of a lifetime. Do you think there are, say, German and Japanese tourists at this moment deciding to spend their holiday dollars elsewhere than in the United States?