Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Americans continue to gloat over the great 'victory' in Afghanistan. What kind of victory is it? Thousands of people, most of whom have never even heard of bin Laden, are dead, the victims of American bombs. Thousands more are going to starve to death because of the disruption caused by the war. Afghanistan is now run by a motley group of thugs, a group so bad that they will soon make the Taliban look good. War crimes have been committed by these thugs, in the name of the United States and sometimes with the aid of the United States. The horrors of the war will no doubt inspire more terrorism against the United States, and the disruption of civil society will lead to more deaths in Afghanistan. We know that opium poppy production, suppressed by the Taliban, is starting again. It appears that the real goal of the war, to obtain cheap rights to build oil pipelines through Afghanistan, may be complicated for the American companies by the fact that Russians are now more in control of the territory of Afghanistan than are Americans. If this is a victory, I'd hate to see a defeat.