Friday, December 07, 2001

The idea that the war in Afghanistan has to do with oil and pipelines is starting to get enough currency that it was apparently thought necessary to attempt to refute it. Unfortunately, the attempt is rather pathetic, resting on a supposed contradiction between the idea that the Taliban was supported to get a pipeline pre-9-11 and attacked to get a pipeline post-9-11. There is no contradiction as that appears to be exactly what happened. U. S. oil interests were negotiating with both the Taliban and the 'Northern Alliance' in the first half of 2001. When the Taliban failed to be sufficiently malleable for the purposes of the oil interests, they decided to set Plan B in motion-bomb the Taliban to hell and negotiate with the 'Northern Alliance'. The big lie in the article is in the second-last sentence: "Terrorists headquartered in Afghanistan . . ." The fact that as yet no proof of this has been tendered, together with the fact that war in Afghanistan appears to have been planned pre-9-11, the fact that the Taliban were meeting with U. S. oil interests pre-9-11, the fact that we know that the Taliban were receiving U. S. government support in the spring of 2001, the fact that the Bush family and the bin Laden family do business together and that Bush called the FBI off of an investigation of members of the bin Laden family, and the fact that we know that U. S. oil interests have long had an interest in an Afghan oil pipeline, all prove that the oil thesis is the only one that makes sense.