Thursday, December 27, 2001

A very interesting analysis has been done of the recently discovered al-Qaeda training manual. Some points raised by the analysis are: 1) the manual assumes that the main focus of al-Qaeda is the apostate Islamic states, and not the United States (and I might go further to draw the conclusion that the 9-11 attacks were meant to draw the United States into a vengeful war, thus putting the apostate Islamic states 'in play'); 2) the manual questions whether Ostrovsky's book is disinformation by the Mossad; 3) the distinction made between negative and positive control of cells, and the fact that the cells are organized on principles drawn from organizations involved in the sale of illegal drugs; 4) the al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan have trained many people who may have disappeared into the mobile labour pools of countries like Saudi Arabia, presumably to be 'sleeper' agents; and 5) it was very odd for the terrorists to go to Las Vegas, unless Las Vegas was seen as a possible ideal place from which to spread biological agents.