Saturday, January 19, 2002

The new American colonialism is probably being directed by Dick Cheney, holed up in his bunker with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a gaggle of oil geologists. Cheney is looking for the 'sweet spots', which have the following four characteristics: 1) a civilian population which can be bombed into the stone age (this is almost irrelevant to the war, but is great for the military contractors who sell the bombs); 2) a group of combatants who can be used as a proxy army directed by covert U. S. agents to fight the ground war and avoid politically unacceptable U. S. casualties; 3) some sort of semi-plausible connection to bin Laden to serve as an excuse; and 4) an area which is sitting on a lot of petrochemicals which aren't being exploited by U. S. oil companies either due to the unsettled political situation or due to the negotiating position of the current government.