Monday, January 14, 2002

The United States may be planning to pick on Somalia next, raising the obvious question: Does Somalia have oil? Some say no, others say yes. In any event it is clear that large oil companies had obtained concessions to look for oil in Somalia, which they were unable to do because of the warlordism that has plagued Somalia. The infamous 'Black Hawk Down' incident, which occured during Clinton's presidency, took place in the course of the operation that was planned in the administration of George H. W. Bush. Some feel that the reason for that operation was to stabilize the political situation in Somalia enough to allow the oil companies to explore and exploit their concessions. Somalia is another country where American oil companies have interests they cannot develop because of an unsatisfactory political situation, where it is thought that the country cannot defend itself against an American attack, where there are numerous tribes (not to mention the Ethiopians) who might be glad to do the American's ground war for them, and where a semi-plausible case can be made that terrorists have lived in the area. Is it any wonder that Somalia is nervous?