Thursday, January 10, 2002

Zacarias Moussaoui is an unusual terrorist, if he is a terrorist at all. He came to the attention of the FBI when it was reported that he wanted to learn to fly a 747 but not learn to take off or land, and otherwise acted oddly and conspicuously. The FBI, of course, ignored the information until after 9-11. Why would he act to bring attention to himself when the whole point of the al-Qaeda organization appears to be to operate quietly and secretly in 'sleeper' cells until the moment of attack? Maybe he wanted to get out of the suicide mission and acted to get himself arrested in order to avoid suicide while not obviously chickening out (the fact that he was a very bad flying student and didn't actually end up on a terrorist plane may point to this as well). Maybe the person acting oddly and conspicuously was someone pretending to be him, setting him up as a suspect who was supposed to die on one of the terrorist planes but be identified after the fact as a terrorist bomber due to his easily remembered words and actions.