Monday, February 04, 2002

The Bronfman family apparently wanted to remove $2 billion from Canada. Anyone else doing this would have had to pay taxes on this money, but the Bronfmans didn't get rich paying taxes (in fact, they got rich smuggling illegal alcohol from Canadian distilleries into the United States during prohibition) so they arranged to have a friendly chat with the Canadian revenuers, who applied the law fairly and said they'd have to pay taxes like everyone else. Eventually the notoriously corrupt Mulroney government was enlisted into the noble fray, and after some secret meetings between the Bronfman lawyers and the revenuers (in which the revenuers were no doubt well 'woodshedded'), the Bronfmans walked away with a 'tax ruling' allowing them to remove their dough and not pay the taxes that anyone else would have had to pay. A Canadian citizen, seeing cutbacks in social services and huge deficits, decided to try to challenge this 'tax ruling'. Proving that Bronfman money shines as brightly for the Liberals now in power as it did for the Mulroney Conservatives, the Liberals took up the torch of defending the Bronfmans against the greedy social programs of Canadians. Amazingly, a judge let the challenge proceed, but eventually the case reached a judge who could see insufficient bad faith on the part of ther government, and found against the citizen (but she did see sufficient government skulduggery that she did not make the citizen pay the full amount of the government's court costs, as a losing litigant would normally have to do, but made the government pay part of the citizen's costs, thus making the kind of fine distinction between degrees of skulduggery that only a court can perceive). Thus, justice has again been done. I hope the Bronfmans enjoy their money outside of Canada (the proper taxes due on it would have been squandered on the widows and orphans of Canada who would have just wasted it on food, medical care, and, no doubt, cheap liquor).