Sunday, February 10, 2002

The FBI, knowing they had one of the most controversial prisoners in American history, interviewed John Walker Lindh for two days and now claim they neither taped nor transcribed his statements! This is one of those lies that is so outrageously transparent that you have to wonder how they state it without laughing. I imagine they don't want to release the recordings and transcripts because: 1) their account of his 'confession' is a lie; 2) any audio or video of his interrogation would clearly show how he was tortured, mistreated and threatened; 3) American authorities don't want to be embarassed about how easy it would have been to obtain the human intelligence on al-Qaeda that they apparently weren't up to obtaining; and/or 4) Lindh said things that make it clear that the American attack on Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9-11. Another fairly prominent prisoner who was interviewed for two days with no trace of interview notes or recordings: Lee Harvey Oswald.