Sunday, February 17, 2002

Five months after September 11, what we don't know about 9-11: 1) we don't know what happened to cause the plane to crash in Pennsylvania; 2) we don't know what weapons the 9-11 terrorists used; 3) we don't know what organization was involved in planning 9-11 (we're supposed to believe it was al-Qaida); 4) we don't know whether bin Laden had any role in the planning, although he might have been generally aware of various plans; 5) we don't know what pilot training school or military trained the obviously skilled pilots; 6) despite the suspicious alacrity with which the FBI produced the names and photos of the terrorists, we don't know who they really were, except for Atta and a few others (and what on earth happened with the supposed terrorist arrested in England who has subsequently been released, a case where the U. S. government attempted to mislead the British court?); 7) we don't know why the U. S. military appeared to do nothing to stop the terrorist planes; 8) although we know there was an explosion and fire at the Pentagon, we don't know that it was caused by a plane crash; 9) we don't know what happened with the bomb reported in front of the State Department; and 10) we don't know if the terrorists had any help, whether criminal or governmental (assuming you make the distinction). I don't believe the planes were flown by remote control, and I don't believe that the WTC was pre-set with explosives, as both these theories are unnecessary to explain what happened. I also don't believe what I've been told and have been expected to believe on the say-so of some U. S. government muckety-mucks without the slightest shred of evidence and contrary to what I can see with my own 'lying eyes'. Is it too much to ask, when civil liberties are being decimated in the U. S. and in countries that follow it, and when we're about to embark on a world-wide unending war on terrorism costing trillions of dollars and completely destroying U. S. civil society as we know it, that some evidence is produced to justify all this? Given what we don't know, it is still possible that 9-11 and its aftermath constitutes the biggest fraud in the history of the world.