Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Frank Carlucci is Chairman of the Carlyle Group, a defense contractor that has recently become famous because of the way it ties together the Bush family, members of the U. S. defense establishment, and members of the bin Laden family. Carlucci's story is so typical of all the players (and 'players' is the right word) in the Bush administration - men who move between the higher reaches of the government, the U. S. military, and the military-industrial complex with such an oily felicity that the essential corruption of the mixing of government and personal interests is almost completely obscured. The irony is that Bush is the type of politician who constantly calls for smaller government, when he and all those who surround him are on the make for wealth to be obtained from government supply contracts obtained through lifetimes of personal contacts in both big business and big government. The Enron debacle is just another example of this.