Thursday, February 28, 2002

George Bush had an interesting morning on September 11, 2001. He was in Florida about to speak to some schoolchildren. He said: "I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on." The first crash was at 8:45 or 8:46 a. m. and Andrew Card whispered in Bush's ear, supposedly to inform him of the second crash, at 9:05. Sometime between 8:45 and around 9:00, when he entered the classroom, Bush claims to have seen a television program depicting the first hit on the WTC. Unfortunately, there was no video of the first crash broadcast until after the second crash, which didn't occur until 9:03. So was Bush lying? Not necessarily. If the government knew of an attack on the WTC to occur on September 11, but not when it would occur, they could have easily set up cameras to video it, then sent the video by satellite to Florida, where Bush could have seen it in his own private screening. When Card whispered in Bush's ear, Bush is supposed to have shown 'steely resolve', although it looks to me that he was trying very hard to stifle a laugh. Bush bizarrely continued to interact with the children as if nothing had happened before he gave a little speech at 9:28 or 9:29. Presumably the delay can be explained in that his handlers were terrified at what he might come up with in an extempore speech, so needed some time to craft some words he could mouth. Considering the speech that he gave they could have done this in five minutes, so why did they wait more than twenty (i. e., what happened during this period)? If they were setting up a fake Pentagon crash, but didn't know when the WTC would be hit, they would have had to have picked a Washington-Los Angeles flight that had taken off prior to the possible closing of the airports after the WTC was attacked. They wouldn't have known which flight this would be until after the WTC was attacked, but needed to ensure it was safely in the air before Bush gave his 'apparent terrorist attack' spin on the WTC situation. The operation had to be timed perfectly: they had to pick a plane flying from Washington to the west coast (so it could be shot down over unpopulated area), well in the air at the time of the WTC attack (so the Pentagon attack could be dramatically shortly after the WTC attack), and of course in the air before the airports were closed due to the WTC attack (the airports were closed at 9:49). Nobody knew at 9:28 that the WTC towers would fall, but sometime between 9:05 and 9:28 (the FAA supposedly and extraordinarily belatedly alerted NORAD at 9:25 that the plane had been hijacked), the powers that be had confirmed that there was a suitable plane in the air at approximately the right distance from Washington to serve as the perfect Pentagon patsy plane. They thus knew they could safely set up a fake attack on the Pentagon, creating outrage sufficient to be used for whatever military purposes they liked, both foreign and domestic. Without knowing that the WTC towers were going to fall, and before being sure that a suitable plane was available to be blamed for the Pentagon crash, they weren't ready to set the wheels in motion with Bush's 'apparent terrorist attack' speech (it's even possible they had yet another fake 'attack' in reserve, like the State Department bomb, if they were unable to properly set up the Pentagon attack). Of course, this whole scenario turns on my insane idea that no plane crashed into the Pentagon, based solely on the fact that neither the size of the hole nor the damage done matches the damage that would have been done by a real plane, the fact that I cannot believe that the Pentagon isn't protected against such an attack by anti-aircraft weapons, and the apparent absense, in broad daylight, of any real eyewitnesses to the crash or any videos of the crash (the witness who claims to have seen a low-flying plane headed towards the Pentagon may have seen the military plane supposedly sent at the last moment to stop the hijacked plane, a silly story anyway for what is an unarmed slow C130 plane supposed to do to stop the hijacked plane?).


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