Wednesday, February 13, 2002

How do we know that the 9-11 terrorists were armed only with little knives and boxcutters? Well, we don't. How could we know? The whole story seems to be based on these mysterious cellphone calls, the recordings of which have never been released (and which raise all manner of questions in the suspicious mind about how these particular calls were monitored and whether all cellphone calls are recorded). The terrorists could have walked onto the planes with just about anything. The boxcutter explanation seems to have been created to reassure people that aircraft security hadn't been compromised, and backfired very badly on the aircraft industry when everyone realized that the whole concept of aircraft security was flawed. Now the travelling public is subjected to delays and officious security, which has absolutely no effect on preventing a repeat of 9-11, but, in its very heavy-handedness, gives passengers the illusion of safety.