Monday, February 18, 2002

More on the inexplicable absence of any video of the alleged crash of a plane into the Pentagon. Note that there is a claim that there is such a video, something I find impossible to believe. If such a video exists, why has it not been shown to the public? It is looking more and more that the whole key to the mystery of 9-11 may lie in what happened, or didn't happen, at the Pentagon. Say that some group in the American government had infiltrated a terrorist operation and knew that a plane attack was going to take place against the WTC. There would be no way to know how damaging such an attack would be, and it may have been assumed that the attack would at most kill the people on a few floors, leaving the buildings structurally sound. The attack would thus be similar to the earlier WTC attack, and, while serious, might not generate enough fury in American popular opinion to back up an unlimited worldwide war against terrorism. However, if you were to stage a fake bomb in front of the State Department (which proved to be unneeded due to the severity of the WTC damage), and a fake attack on the Pentagon (which you could do by flying a plane low over the Pentagon being careful to alert anti-aircraft protection not to shoot it down - I don't buy the rather lame argument that the Pentagon wasn't protected by anti-aircraft protection on 9-11 - and immediately thereafter set off bombs in the Pentagon), and blamed all on the terrorists, then you would have enough of a threat to the United States that popular opinion would support just about any war you liked.