Wednesday, February 13, 2002

The new Bush military budget is equal to the combined military budgets of the next 25 largest militaries (it's hard to type this without laughing). This is at a time when the cold war is over, and Russia and China seem to be more interested in making money than fighting anyone. The 'axis of evil' has been created to build some sort of pathetic military threat, consisting of : 1)North Korea, which the Clinton administration was on the verge of making peace with (it is too bad Clinton didn't visit there on his last trip - as soon as Bush got in, all hope of peace stopped and cold war rhetoric returned); 2) Iran, with a government becoming ever more moderate, a large population of young people who want peace with the West, and, unlike the U. S., a democratically elected president; and 3) Iraq, a former U. S. ally tricked by the U. S. into attacking Kuwait, and subjected to U. N. weapons inspections until it was shown that the U. S. was illegally using the inspections as a guise for spying while vehemently denying it was doing so (now, in a tremendous demonstration of nerve, the U. S. is using the absense of inspections as an excuse for war). The other reason for the military budget is to root out terrorism, when it is clear that war solutions to terrorism are ineffective (has the U. S. caught bin Laden?) and counter-productive (all the bombed, slaughtered, tortured and 'refugeed' civilians in Afghanistan will make a fine basis for more terrorism and a fine basis for justified anger in other countries that might produce terrorists). A police investigation would have been cheaper, more effective, less damaging to the lives of human beings, and less likely to create more terrorism (but wouldn't have secured Afghanistan for exploitation by U. S. oil companies).