Monday, February 25, 2002

One of the most absurd things I've read about the Daniel Pearl kidnapping/murder is that the culprits did themselves a disservice by silencing their only voice to get their truth out to the world. This is utter nonsense. The Wall Street Journal is as likely to publish an editorial extolling the virtues of a rise in the minimum wage as it is to publish an article written by Pearl or anybody else that challenges the American Empire or expresses any 'truth' that isn't approved by the Defence Department. One of the great wonders of the American media is the degree of uniformity in both the 'facts' it reports and the analysis of these facts. There is in fact less uniformity in the media in dictatorships, where the spirit of samizdat often means that dissident views are expressed in various covert ways. In the current American system, the members of the media appear genuinely not to be able to recognize the fact that there could be dissident views. The main method of self-censorship is simply not to mention the inconvenient facts, but there are a lot of techniques. There is so much media manipulation that studying it has become a small field of acadamic study in itself. The upshot is that the terrorists don't have to stay awake at night worrying that their story would have been honestly conveyed to the world, as there was absolutely no chance of that happening. In fact, by sending an Israeli citizen to report on the workings of an Islamic terrorist organization, the Wall Street Journal appears to have been doing a bit of in-your-face reporting, where they would publish an article embarrassing these incompetent rag-heads, fooled by a Jew. Sadly, they didn't account for the fact that these incompetent rag-heads are friends with the very competent Pakistani intelligence service, who no doubt told them all they needed to know about the Wall Street Journal and Daniel Pearl.